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Reviewed: 04/17/02 | Updated: 04/17/02

Bark worse than bite.

Well, I went to Blockbuster, just browsing for games..... Right, haven't played a boxing game in awhile, might as well, no? Ah well.

At first, the game appears really nice. It's even got a buildup mode. Yay! Just what I was hoping for. Alright, I'm not a boxer, but I have had experience in martial arts, and boxing does make it's appearance in this training, so of course, I expect at least a little bit of realism, especially for this eye candy... At a second glance...


Well, as I said. Eye-candy. The picture looks good, the boxers are.... interesting. They move around, do different things when you stick around, the punches look... okay, I guess. When you start to actually slug it out, though, it gets a little bad. The punches connect from about two or three inches away, for the biggest complaint... Everybody does the same thing. It's like the designers put all the characters on a wire frame doing one thing, and just layed the flesh over it for the different boxers. Buildup mode gives you a small amount of pictures, but that's only a small incident.


Slaps, popping paper bags, and gunshots. Punches to the face are slaps, gut is popping a paper bag, and knockouts are gunshots. No, really. I guess this is why they call fists/arms ''guns'', no? Music leaves a lot to be desired... it's okay, for rap, but not being a fan of it myself.... On the plus side, when they're announcing, it doesn't sound obvious that they're pasting different segments of speech together.


Jab, cross, left hook, right hook. R1 button puts you in uppercut mode, left analog stick does movement, from bobbing, weaving, crouching, to skipping and running. The control is rather good, you move quickly from one movement to another if you know what you're doing. No gripes against control.

Gameplay, gripes and comments

Well, they're not terribly realistic... As I said, the punches a few inches away causing damage, and such. Your stamina runs out as you fight. I guess that's a good idea. Back off awhile, regain stamina, and go in punching again. You can even lose recoverable stamina throughout the round. If you don't know how to knock the crap out of your opponent without getting resistance, it's easy to have 2000+ punches apiece for each fighter. If you know how to fight, you get these numbers against Ali anyway. Er... again, not a boxer, but I don't think that's a believable amount of punches. In buildup..... well, it's what you'd hope for. In the upper ends of the numbers, it costs more points to heighten a stat. Four counts against the buildup system. One is that stats have an inherent maximum. All stats top out at 100. Two is that you can only get so many points before you can't train the fighter anymore. Three is you can't fight a fighter more than once. Four is the biggest. You can't use the character outside of buildup mode.

All in all.... it was fun at first, and I could have overlooked everything there, if not for the fact that buildup became so dismal in the end. I'd say I didn't feel cheated of my money, but I forgot to bring the game back on time, so I was. Pluh. Rent it once, don't buy it. Don't even think of buying it.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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