Review by Jim Bob

Reviewed: 03/30/02 | Updated: 03/30/02

Fun, but not simulation material

First, EA makes good sports games, but I only know of one simulation they have made(Madden). All of their other sports games have been arcade games like Triple play and knockout kings. All games are fun, but only Madden is in-depth.

Graphics 8/10
Good graphics. The faces are realistic and things like hair, tattoos, and trunks look very life like but the overall body of the boxers look very fictional. All the boxers seem like body-builders with 0% body fat and pump themselves full of steroids. I created a boxer that was 5'5 140 pounds and looked like a midget Lyle Alzado

Gameplay 8/10
The game is fun overall. You can easily pick up the game and play without much fuss to learn the controls which makes the game fun for things like exhibition matches, but for hardcore boxing fans they expect more in the Career mode(Like me expect with football). The career mode is also fun but it isn't in-depth like most boxing fans want in their game.

Sound 6/10
Sound is bad. I like the commentary because in most of EA's sports games the commentary just repetitive(Especially Madden), but Knockout Kings is at least a little better. The hit sounds are terrible and unrealistic and sound like your fighter is getting shot in the face.

Control 3/10
The analog is pitiful. Hitting the body is virtually impossible with the analog but moving is smooth but I would rather move like a block and make successful body to head combos than being able to move like Roy Jones Jr. and just being able to hit the face. Hopefully EA gets this fixed next year.

Realism 6/10
Most or all of the boxers are real, but that is pretty much it. The career mode is shallow and I've never seen a fight having 1000+ punches in just 3 rounds. The faces are pretty real though. Boxing fans should feel cheated.

Rent/buy: Rent
I say if you want a fun arcade style boxing game, rent this but don't think about buying it. You only play a couple of matches before you retire(something around 15 matches) which is a total jip considering that Muhammad Ali retired after fighting 56 bouts plus you can win the weight division in a full day of playing since there is only 15 bouts. A very shallow game that could be beaten in a week and saves you about 44 clams.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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