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Reviewed: 03/19/02 | Updated: 03/19/02

Ea what were you thinking?

This game showed some much promise. I am a huge fan of boxing. I went to the local video store the day after the title was released. Wow was that a mistake. I feel cheated. But anyways on with the review.

Graphics 5

The fighters did not look too bad. But this is a next generation machine, use the power it has. Second complaint about the graphics is all the fighters look like muscle bound freaks. I have never seen a middle weight with that much bulk before. Did EA give Felix Trinadad steriods? I am not overly thrilled with bulky, blocky looking fighters.
And I have never seen so much blood during a fight. I would jab a fighter and blood would spurt everywhere. That is lame EA. Very lame.

Sound 1

A one is being kind. There is no fighter entrance music at all. The only sound is the punching which sounds more like gun shots then anything. The commentators are annoying and way off with the fight. This is a poor performance.

Control 2

This year EA took away the clutching ability of fighter. They replaced it with the idea of moving around the ring with the anolog stick. Well that was a horrible idea. It feels near impossible at times to hit someone in the body thanks to the anolog control scheme. You have to press the stick with right amount of pressure and direction.

Realism .5
This game is like the old Rocky movies. Beat on each other senseless and occasionly move your fighter. After a three round fight with the computer, the computer fighter threw 1,000 punches. That is out of control. I have never seen a fight where the two boxers combined threw 1,000 punches. Mike Tyson's punchout for the NES was more realistic. Even the career mode sucked. It was only 15 or so fights long. How many boxers retire after 15 fights? Most fighters do not even win a belt after 15 fightsOther than the real fighters, this game is horrible.


I would say avoid. I feel cheated out of my 6 bucks blockbuster charged me. I would feel extremely p.o. if I actually bought this game. How is it possible for EA to turn out such good products and such horribly bad products during the same year?

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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