Review by Mike From Pittsburgh

Reviewed: 03/16/02 | Updated: 03/16/02

I should have rented PAC WORLD instead

EA, oh EA how you have stunk it up this year. Thank god MADDEN NFL and NHL 2002 haven't fallen prey to your lack luster production efforts. Perhaps all your talented employees are members of these two franchises and leave little talent left for the NBA Live, Triple Play and the Knockout Kings production teams.Who knows? Perhaps the soup has been stretched beyond it's limitations. I really have to fight myself to explain to you my displeasure with this game, and to tell you the truth it's a more exciting and involved fight than this game could ever give me. EA, here's a little hint from me to you.....((CONTROL SCHEMES)) Think about that one for awhile and perhaps you'll come up with a good one in the future, or go back to a solid and entertaining scheme of Knockout Kings past, cause this year's control scheme was mud. It humors me to think who your game testers are at times, who these people are that play these games for hours and approve this garbage that I rent and buy. But let's get down to Bizz-niss.


Yeah the graphics were above average, but still looked a little rushed to me. They looked a little more like PC graphics than Console graphics to me. And the collision detection for the majority of the punches was horrible, an absolute no-no for a boxing game.

There was sound on this game. I hadn't noticed. Oh you mean that low mumble, that was an announcer? I guess I'm losing my hearing.

If you if you like running around and punching wildly, than I suggest KUNG-FU for the 8-Bit Nintendo over this crappy slugfest. There is really no strategy involved and barely a body game. Punching to the body comes as luck if you by accident press the Left Analog Stick in the correct direction. The control scheme is horrible....too horrible to ever explain in words to you, my fellow gamers.

This game is really boring. After about 7 rounds you realize that it ain't gettin' no better. You realize that trimming you toe nails seems like a more exciting endeavor.

Avoid this game, it will only bring you sorrow. I'm actually contemplating writing EA demanding my $5.00 rental fee and 47 minutes of my life back. My suggestion is to put GRAND THEFT AUTO III in yer PS2, use the all weapons code available on this web site, choose the rocket launcher and blow people up. It's a much better alternative to wasting your time with this heap of doody-fied nonsense.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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