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Reviewed: 03/13/02 | Updated: 03/13/02

It's Just Not A Good Game....

I was expecting so much more than a slugfest when I rented EA Sports Knockout Kings 2002. After a few frustrating nights, I very happily returned this game to the store and that left me time to let my fingers and mind rest from this awful game. Here we go.....

Graphics: 8. The only strong point of the game, and they are the best of any boxing game out right now. But how much is too much? I didn't know a human face could hold that much blood and sweat, every other punch force puddles of it to shoot out of my head, and that went on for several rounds :). The crowd doesn't look awful, and some of the extra detail like a ferris wheel in the back ground give it a nice touch.

Sounds: 6. Horrible. Announcers are totally off when announcing punches to body parts, and the crowd is rarely involved. Let's not leave out the ''gun sounds'' when somebody takes a punch to the head, again a little too much. Also, the ''theme song'' is really annoying, but that's a personal thing.

Gameplay: 6. This is supposed to be boxing right? This is like a bad rip off of a wrestling / fighting game, it's almost a button masher. When I'm fighting my friend, it's a little weird to see 200-300 punch counts in a 2 round fight, and in other areas - I can out-punch him by like 50, and not knock him down even once. The ''career mode'' isn't even great either. The ''Create A Boxer'' mode isn't too in depth. You can change the name, where they live, and the size and weight (or being a light weight, medium, or heavy) and set a nick name, but that's it. It just feels like this was a rushed game. I was expecting to put this game on my buy list after renting, but it goes on the waste of my time list.

Rent/Buy: Rent. This game doesn't stack up against Victorious Boxers in game play terms, and for that I say rent. Sure the graphics look good, and Ali is on the cover, but that can only carry EA's KK2002 so far, because the gameplay is a major let down. So after a week with each of the two boxing games, Victorious Boxers is well....Victorious.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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