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Reviewed: 07/31/02 | Updated: 07/31/02

The freaks come out at night and fortunatly they come out all day on your PS2

This game is unbelievable. Notice the period. This game caught my eye when I saw that EA Big made it. EA Big has made one of the best PS2 sellers and that is SSX and SSX Tricky. Now they did it again. Think SSX on motor bikes. Incredible. We all know how fun these tricked out sports games can be and now they do it on the dirt bikes.
The gameplay of the game is great. There are tons of tricks, bikes, characters and a lot of goodies. You can look forward to unlocking new clothing styles for your character but that requires you to be number 1 on a certain amount of events. This is where the fun comes in. These races are extreme and tough. You'll find many secret passage ways that can lead to bonus areas and points. If you get to find every secret passage in that level it'll be put in your records to show off to your friends. Even more so the game is extremely addictive and fun especially when you play with your buddies. The only reason why I gave it a 9 is because of how the other characters reach up to you fast. There is a lot of back and forth action but its no big deal. It just adds up to the fun. You know what? This game does deserve a 10. I just changed it. And there are so many characters and bikes and costumes that you'd have to be insane not to have fun with. Each have 15 moves in their trick books. All of them are different. That may seem like a small number but you can always tweak them by pressing the square button while doing a trick. This will make the trick even more crazy. Make sure you have enough air to land it!! If you do land it you get boost which can be used to speed past your fellow racers. This boost usually determines who crosses the finish line first. If you do sick tricks and fill up the red bar, known as the Medley Bar, you can boost endlessly through the race. 8 stages and maybe secret ones will offer you the time of your life. Races maybe be frustrating but just try and savor the fun. Don't rush through this great game.
The graphics are amazing. EA knows how to suck the power out of the PS2. That's all there is to the graphics, amazing detail and everything. The sound is superior as well. There are a lot of rocking tracks in here to keep you going.
So there you go. If you still have second thoughts, pick up the demo in this month's Original Playstation Magazine. Other than that pick this one up now.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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