Review by PS2GamerYagain

Reviewed: 07/29/02 | Updated: 07/29/02

No SSX on Wheels but still a good game!

Now we all know ssx the oh so popular snowboarding game and the oh so more popular ssx tricky.Both made by Ea.Now comes something different.Freekstyle! Thought not the best game out there it is still good.

Nice,awesome,wonderful graphics this game has! There is no glitches,no slowdowns nothing wrong here! The graphics are very smooth and solid.It looks beautiful racing down that dirt track 90 mph.Quite fun!

EA does not have any games with a bad control scheme.This game is no different.Though it seems that sometimes when you go for tricks it takes a second to respond you can still nail it.Once you get used to it you're fine! No worries at all.

Now if it wasn't for the sounds of the engine coming from the bike or the sounds of dirt you pick up I'd give this a 7 or six.Because this is no ssx tricky music.Though I have no problem with the soundtrack I think they could have made it better.We can't change the music we hear on the tracks and it seems repetitive.And it seems like it only has six songs because of the six levels.But it's still nice though.

Fun game! This is a great game to play! Because of having so many different bikes and having them have different tricks you'll be playing this game a lot!! Just soaring 50 feet into doing all sorts of tricks is an adrenaline rush.Though the tricks seem to be a little late to respond you can get used to it.And once you do you'll love it! Even though I don't like the fact that you crash when soaring 70 feet into the air and tap that billboard sign.But,I'll live.You can wipe out from hitting anything but once again.You'll live.But those are only minor stuff.The gameplay is great!

You may be replaying this game a lot.Maybe because of the multiplayer feature or maybe for other things.I'm still playing it because of all the tricks and combos.If you enjoy busting out cordovas 70 feet in the air you're going to be playing this game a lot.

Though it is not SSX on wheels this is still a great game.Though I thought it should have had more added to it I'm just fine with it.The soundtrack is nice.The overall sound is nice actually.Graphics are wonderful and the gameplay is amazing.It's time to get freeky!

I'd say rent this game before you buy it because you never might hate it.

This is my opinion and I'm sticking with it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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