Review by Douglas R007

Reviewed: 06/27/02 | Updated: 06/27/02

Welcome to Freekstyle!...

Freekstyle is a great game made by EA Sports BIG. Some say that it's SSX with wheels and that is true for some people that think that, but it's your decision.

Freekstyle is a game where you are a moto-X player and where you have to do tricks, boost, grab some big air, and maybe even ''Freekout'' with a 4 button combo.

Also, in Freekstyle you get to choose to do a Circuit, a Single Race, do tricks on trick courses in Freestyle mode, do as many laps as you want in a course in Freeride mode, check records in the Record Book, or change options in the Options menu.

If you have played the demo of it on the Jampack Summer 2002 edition then you have experienced some of the great things in Freekstyle and the great experience of it, too. Okay, now it's time for the review:

Fun Factor 9/10 : The good things in Freekstyle are the tricks that you do when you are in the air (ie ''No Footer'' ''No Hander'' ''Heartattack'' etc.) and the best thing in Freekstyle is when you do your ''Freekout'' 4 button combo.

Gameplay 9/10 : Every part of the game is good! While you're racing in ''Circuit'' the AI might trick you and pass you even when you're boosting! But that doesn't flaw the game.

Music 9/10 : The music when you're playing sounds great! Music from your favorite music artists are in Freekstyle! None of the music is bad and it doesn't repeat over and over again!

Features 9/10 : The features that are in Freekstyle are great! You can unlock characters and unlock suits or the characters via completeing the ''Trick Book'', completeing all Combos, or using Cheats if you really want them and you don't want to unlock them the hard way.

Best Part of Game: When you Freekout! The graphics and sound when you Freekout are awesome! And when you Freekout, you can feel your controller vibrate like crazy!

Worst Part of Game: The AI sure does some cheap tricks on you but you will mostly beat the AI in races so don't worry about it.

Overall: Freekstyle is a great game to get if you don't care about the AI being on your tail during a race. Even the graphics in Freekstyle are great! I suggust that you buy this game for either the PS2 or Gamecube, either version will be great and are worth the money to get them!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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