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Game Files by ChandooG

Version: 0.0 | Updated: 10/03/04


 ____  _____ ____  _  ____  _____ _      _____    _____ _     _  _    
/  __\/  __// ___\/ \/  _ \/  __// \  /|/__ __\  /  __// \ |\/ \/ \   
|  \/||  \  |    \| || | \||  \  | |\ ||  / \    |  \  | | //| || |   
|    /|  /_ \___ || || |_/||  /_ | | \||  | |    |  /_ | \// | || |_/\
\_/\_\\____\\____/\_/\____/\____\\_/  \|  \_/    \____\\__/  \_/\____/
       ____  _     ____  _     _  _     ____  ____    ____ 
      / ___\/ \ /\/  __\/ \ |\/ \/ \ |\/  _ \/  __\  /_   \
      |    \| | |||  \/|| | //| || | //| / \||  \/|   /   /
      \___ || \_/||    /| \// | || \// | \_/||    /  /   /_
      \____/\____/\_/\_\\__/  \_/\__/  \____/\_/\_\  \____/
 ____  ____  ____  _____      _     _____ ____  ____  _      _  ____ ____ 
/   _\/  _ \/  _ \/  __/     / \ |\/  __//  __\/  _ \/ \  /|/ \/   _X  _ \
|  /  | / \|| | \||  \    #  | | //|  \  |  \/|| / \|| |\ ||| ||  / | / \|
|  \__| \_/|| |_/||  /_   #  | \// |  /_ |    /| \_/|| | \||| ||  \_| |-||
\____/\____/\____/\____\     \__/  \____\\_/\_\\____/\_/  \|\_/\____X_/ \|


Here is a list of all the FILES you can read in the game.

File 1

Only a few hours remain for me as a conscious human being. This will 
be the final entry in my diary. I won't waste precious moments whining 
about what could've been. Who dropped the ball this time? Ah well, 
what's done is done. In 48 hours the virus will contaminate this entire 
island and every life form will die out. Soon I will be nothing more 
than a soulless bag of meat controlled completely by the virus. 

She is my last hope. My invincible lover, Neticia. I first met you 
in an empty solitary cell. you has innocently chosen that spot to make 
your web, a place to all home, though there was no food for you to
catch. I wonder why I fell for you... Perhaps it was because I sensed 
we were kindred spirits, choosing to live our lives in some sheltered 
corner secluded from others... I diligently kept feeding you with moths 
and roaches. Watching you wrap their bodies and suck out their fluids 
relaxed me. I noticed how you had grown, but I wanted you to be bigger 
and stronger. That's why I started to steal bodies for you. There was 
no harm in it, after all they were the dead remnants from various 
experiments, no longer useful and left to be disposed of secretly. 

So I did just that, by feeding you. The effect of the virus on you 
was astounding, and in no time you had become as big as a man. Then, 
when I ran out of food, I sent a prisoner to the cell. They would be 
tortured to death by Alfred anyway. No one cared if a few went missing... 
At last you have grown too big to live in a cell. Now I let you crawl 
loose in the prison. The ceiling has become your nesting place and you've 
begun to devour prisoners and prison officers at random. No one will 
be able to destroy my lover. You are far more powerful than that 
annoying Alfred, your fangs are sharp enough to slice his empty little 
head off with one bite.All those memories... they'll be gone. My whole 
body has been infected with the virus. Now I'm hearing the noise you 
make when you crawl on the ceiling with your eight slender legs, Neticia. 
I guess you have eaten your food up. I guess the hunger is urging you.
My dear Netty... Kill everyone. Destroy everything. Devour all. The 
meaning of the world will be lost when I die. I know you are gazing at 
me with your eight eyes. Don't hesitate. Now, fulfill your urge, and let 
nature take its course as you sink your beautiful fangs into me...


Here is a brief report on what we have found so far:

Our undercover agents have yet to crack the identity of the spy working 
for H.C.F., however, based on the D-files obtained in Geneva, we are 
certain he is on Lock Fort Island and has gained full access to all 
areas of personnel. Our men have been on the case for three months now,
and I assure you this matter will be dealt with swiftly and quietly 
once we have identified our target. Our sources inform us that he has 
joined forces with our enemy, plotting some sort of offensive attack. 
Few details are known at this time, but we do know that they have 
succeeded in duplicating the prototype.

Given the new urgency of this situation. I have taken the liberty of 
sending you a special gift. Nemesis type T. the latest B.O.W., was 
created in the States and has set the world on fire with its 
performance in Raccoon City. Since everything about it is completely 
confidential including its budget and inventory controls, there will 
be no shipping record. The package is hidden in amongst other materials 
in a routine shipment. All evidence of this transaction must be 
destroyed with the utmost discretion, and any knowledge of it will 
die with you and me.

Nemesis T is programmed to set loose once an emergency is detected. 
There is no other way to activate it. Regard it as a talisman and use 
only as your last report. 


(The original message has missing words so I filled them in with 
gibberish)Dear Son,

T-Virus will soon destroy everything. Son, I was in *#$($) know how 
dreadful the virus is. Once the virus infects a certain percentage of 
the island, it cannot be reversed or stopped. Remember that once it 
enters into the body *(@@)#)#) virus controls it, and comes out to 
spread the virus (@)#)$( number will explode.

I can't ask you to forgive me, As you have said, your mother was killed 
because of me. This is a truth that I can't deny #*(#($)* I can only 
regret what I have done, I can't understand why things went in this 
way and what really went wrong.

I can admit that I was not a good father to you, but I've loved 
**#(#)!)@ I can't hide what I've been doing #($* I can't undo what 
I've done. All I can do is pray that you live.

I think you know better than to come back here. However, if you are 
reading this, it means that you are still here. You must leave as
soon as possible! This place will be wiped (#)@#@*@ your father will
be dead by then... I love you my son.


To Golden Sheep
Subject Encounter with the T-Veronica

Report 1st Encounter During our mission on Lock Fort Island, we have
encountered a carrier who was infected by the T-Veronica virus. It
seems that the Poisonous Mushroom has hidden the T-Veronica
on the island. Due to the third level of biohazard caused by our 
sabotage mission we have seized control of 90% of the establishment 
and the organization on the island. Any form of an organized effort 
of resistance has already been suppressed. Note that the T-Veronica 
carrier bore a close resemblance to Alexia daughter of Ashford Family.

22:40 Same Day - 2nd Encounter Our second encounter erupted into a 
close range combat with a unit of our agents and 2 units of Hunters. 
They ended up to be wiped out within three minutes.

In my opinion, the potential of the T-Veronica carrier is beyond 
comprehension. It has the ability to transform in order to accommodate 
a hostile element. For defensive purposes it transforms its skin into 
armor to protect its body against bullets. It is assumed that the 
T-Veronica carrier can evolve to accommodate any environmental change. 
The blood of the T-Veronica carrier seems to catch fire once it is 
aerated. When it attacks by spraying its blood, its more powerful 
than a flame-thrower Survival rate against this type of weapon is very 
low since the T-Veronica carrier pursues its victims with the 
intelligence of a human,

Summary Survival rate against an enemy of this potential is extremely 


I seem to have fallen asleep in spite of myself. The sound of the 
turbo engine of the V-Tol has woken me up. I was dreaming. No. I 
was having a terrible nightmare. I'm drenched in sweat, and my heart 
is thumping in my throat. The dream is fading away rapidly just like 
a dream always does. Then only the memory of fear and deep sorrow 
remain. To my surprise, I seem to have been crying. In the cockpit, 
Steve is controlling the plane. The nightmare has gone far behind. 
What do I have to fear? Why should I be sad? We're safe, for we got 
away from the cause of so much fear and sorrow. The island...

I can see the warm sunlight coming into the cockpit, as if it erases 
the darkness. There are dolphins jumping on the surface of the sea 
below. However, the fragments of the nightmare never leave my mind. 
The scenes I dreamed of are surfacing one by one. I was dreaming of 
the island. I was fighting just like I did a while ago, just like I 
did together with Steve. But the dream was about the unfold in a 
different way, in the worst way. My farewell to Steve... That is a
reality that could've happened... if anything had gone wrong... But 
it didn't. We won this future. We have escaped from the island of 
death. It's time I forgot the nightmare. It's time I talked with
 Steve. The sky is bright with sunlight.

It's becoming brighter and brighter. I wonder why he doesn't turn 
around? Now it's too bright as if I'm in a white blanket of fog.

Was it just a dream? I don't know.. I'm in a while blanket.

I wonder why he doesn't turn around. Is what I believe to be 
reality real? The steady sound of the engine of the V-Tol has 
become louder and louder like the noise from a swinging axe,
 and I realize that I'm waking up.



This guide was made only for the purpose of helping other people, 
and I dont intend to use it for profit, and I would really really 
appreciate it if no one else does it too. This guide is as free as 
everyone of us is. Use it nicely. The following sites have are the 
special sites who this guide belongs too in full right...  

( PS ... this doesnt mean that other sites cant use the guide, any site
which I want this guide to go to and any site which tells me before
using it shall be allowed )


On another note I dont think I need to mention that this guide is also
protected by the international copyright laws and that makes it about
as illegal as any bad thing for anyone to plagiarize it, I ask everyone
to keep there eyes open and if they ever see this guide being used for
the wrong reasons then please dont hesitate to contact me and I shall
see what I can do about it, dont think of this as a joke because
plagiarism is not that uncommon nowadays, several great authors works
are plagiarized for money and thats.. very VERY bad..

This guide was made by Adnan Javed , better known as ChandooG on the
Gamefaqs message boards, I made this guide just for the people for 
free to be used as a source of making your game easy and enjoyable... 
or if you dont understand in those words or you think of using this 
guide for profitable purposes then know this that I have a very 
qualified lawyer in my family :) get the picture.

Resident Evil all its characters and all the logo's are copyright of 
capcom co. I am in no associated with capcom and this guide is an 
un official work. Resident Evil is a registered trademark of capcom co. 


Want to drop an email to me ?! please make sure of the following things
before sending me an email

* look in the walkthrough for any puzzle or monster related questions
  first.. dont find it there.. mail me.

* Please DONT mail me about how good you are in the particular game
  and how bad i suck.. hehe those will go to the trash ASAP

God any question about the game ?

Use this address : Returnofthemaniac@hotmail.com
                 or adnanj@gmail.com


* God of course for making the whole world like it is today
  and a special thanks for making me lol ;-)

* My hands, i can say without a doubt that i may be one of
  the fastest typers alive.

* GameFaqs.com , for allowing people such as me to show off
  their writing skills, or even learn that common men can
  also make walkthrough's for games, I mean three years ago
  I didnt know what a FAQ was.

* All the people who use this walkthrough for making their
  game easy, not for their profitable gains, a special
  thanks to the web sites who use it by asking my permission
  first , and keeping it in its original unedited .txt format.

 ______,      ___    ___  , _      ____  
(_) | /|   | / (_)  / (_)/|/ \    (|   \ 
    |  |___| \__    \__   |   |    |    |
  _ |  |   |\/      /     |   |   _|    |
 (_/   |   |/\___/  \___/ |   |_/(/\___/ 

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