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Reviewed: 10/11/04

Meh........ It's okay I guess

The game Hit-man 2: Silent Assassin is a pretty good game. It has its good things and it has its abd things like any other video game for any other gaming console. This game can be a bit confusing and difficult to handle when you play it for the very first time but over the course of the game you will probably get used to to the controls and manage to do everything you want to do. So what makes this game an okay game? Let's take an in depth look at what makes Hit-man 2: Silent Assassin a game with its good sides and bad sides.

Game-play 7/10 - Well, for one thing, this game's game-play can get really confusing. The controls are a little tricky and can sometimes cost you a mission and get you killed because you have to hold certain buttons in order to do certain things, you know, stuff like that. The main character, the one you play as, runs extremely slow and that can be a real pain in the neck in levels that are rather large in size and having to get from point A to point B so to speak. But once you move on to different and further stages in the game the controls won't be as tricky but it will still be rather troublesome at certain times. The game-play in Hit-man 2: Silent Assassin gets a 7/10 from me, respectively.

Graphics 6/10 - The graphics in this game are not exactly what you would call superb. They are not that bad and definitely not that bad at the same time. During some of the cut-scenes you will encounter throughout the game, the graphics look astounding, which boosts the rating I will decide to give it. But during game-play the graphics are not so great and the surrounding environments you will encounter throughout the game don't exactly look like what they are supposed to look like. The character models in this game are pretty good but some other things aren't. Like when you kill an enemy, sometimes their arms and legs go flying places and look like they are made of rubber because they are so flexible, which definitely brings down the rating. So, because of all of these flaws I will give the graphics department in Hit-man 2: Silent Assassin a final rating of 6/10 respectively.

Sound 4/10 - The sound in Hit-man 2: Silent Assassin is definitely a disappointment. The gunshots don't sound like your average gunshot. Rather they sound like you're shooting into the sand. In other words, the gunshots sound rather weak and not realistic at all. The character voices in the game are also not that great but they are probably the best thing that the sound department has to offer which is definitely not a good thing at all. I can go into a lot further detail, but I'll be talking about it for hours. The sound department in Hit-man 2: Silent Assassin gets a final rating of 4/10 from me, respectively.

Replay value 3/10 - This game has close to no replay value. Sure it is a pretty good game when you first play it and get the hang of it so to speak but it gets pretty boring and loses virtually almost all of its entertainment value rather quickly. The game is just too slow paced and too unrealistic. I give kudos to the game developers for a hard effort as their very hard efforts clearly show in this game but if they worked a bit harder and delayed the release of this game for a few months, we would definitely have a winner in Hit-man 2: Silent Assassin. Replay value gets a 3/10 from me, respectively.

Rent or buy RENT - Hit-man 2: Silent Assassin is definitely not the type of game you would want to consider for purchase first. My brother brought it home one day after purchasing it and he stopped playing it a week later. I played it and I liked it but I stopped playing it about two weeks later. It is a very good game when you first play it but again it does get boring rather quickly, which is why I would recommend a rental of Hit-man 2:Silent Assassin first.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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