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Reviewed: 07/20/04

Eidos, you make me proud.

STORY 6/10: The story is nothing special. All it is, is a bunch of random missions that have nothing to do with each other. At the beginning, your friend, the priest, gets kidnapped by mafia men. Now, you have to perform missions for the agency, so in exchange, they will help find the priest for you. Every little bunch of missions is connected somehow, but after your done with that little bunch, there's a whole new line of missions that are all for a completely different purpose. This game might have done a lot better than it already did if this little flaw was fixed.

GAME-PLAY 9/10: WOOOHOO! Wow! Some thrilling game. I've never had so much fun being stealthy in all my life. I mean, who would have thought that strangling, and slitting people's throats could be so fun. You get quite the variety of things you can do. You can sneak around and be stealthy, or you can run in and blow everyone away. You get a wide variety of ways to complete a mission when you choose to be stealthy. You can take people's clothes once they're dead and use them as a disguise, you can strangle, anesthetic, or slit someone's throat from behind, you can poison their food, you can snipe them, or you can just shoot them in the back of the head with a silenced pistol. When your playing Hitman 2, you lose the concept that you playing a game. You feel like your an actual assassin.

This game is set up pretty well. It's very realistic;When you run in disguise, guards will get suspicious of you. When you draw your weapon out in the open for everyone to see, in costume or not, your cover is blown. Speaking of weapons, it's good that you can only hold one rifle, and you can't hide it when you holster it. Your scope shakes when you look into it, and it has a realistic amount of recoil when it is fired. When you alert a civilian, the civilian will run to a guard and alert him. So, just because somebody isn't armed, doesn't mean you don't have to worry about them. One other thing that I think is really cool, is that you get to keep the weapons you find and use them for later missions. Bottom line: I'd say this is an assassin simulator. WOA!

GRAPHICS 6/10: Like the story, the graphics are nothing special. They're just average. The smoothness is OK but visual affects need quite a good amount of work done. I'm not crazy about the blood and gore affects at all. Nor, am I crazy about affects like the explosions or gun firing. The explosions don't even leave char marks and the smoke the gun shots leave stays the same shape when they rise. I'd say Goldeneye 007's had better affects. I should expect more from a game on one of the new systems.

MUSIC 8/10: The music isn't all that bad. It makes this seem like a good old classic game. When the music plays, it always happens at the right time and in the right place. The tunes don't sound all that cool and there aren't even that many tunes at all, but like I said, they happen just when they need to.

DIFFICULTY 10/10: This game is as challenging as any game should be. This even goes for normal. It is hard to not get your cover blown when your going covert, and if you DO get your cover blown, it's hard to survive. To get Silent Assassin (the highest rating) is extremely hard in all of the missions, and almost impossible in some. There is a special way to get it in every level, and it is really hard to find that special way.

LENGTH 9/10: This game is pretty long. The time period from beginning to end is about 10-15 hours. You go on 20 pulse-pounding missions, that each take about a half hour to complete. I usually don't expect this from a shooting game.

REPLAY 9/10: There are many reasons to replay this game. There are 20 missions you can replay after all. There are other difficulties to beat and there is the option of going back and trying to complete each level with a rating of silent assassin. Also, if you want to obtain every weapon, you can go back and collect them. What's really good about this game, is that you want to beat it just so you can replay it and do better. It's one of those games that motivates you to do so.

OVERALL 9/10: Thank you Eidos, for changing the way I look at stealth games. Who cares if the story and the graphics aren't that great. A game like this doesn't need those. I love how this game is so unpredictable. I've never seen any game like this before.

BUY, RENT, OR NEITHER: I wouldn't waste my time by renting it. Just buy it. I know you'll love it. Besides, you're wasting your time if you don't have it already. So if you don't have it, my advice is, GET OUT THERE AND GET IT!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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