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Reviewed: 04/11/04

Step Into the World of a Cold Blooded Killer.....

Story Summary:

A man with a disgraceful past. A man who's birth was very different. A man who has been trained to kill and faced many difficulties and hardships. A man who has killed for money, now wants to escape his past and lead a more faithful life. Of course, trying to repent for your past sins and escaping it, isn't as easy as it sounds, especially in this game.

It starts out as the Hitman, working in a church in Sicily. Later on, to discover that his friend and Priest, has been kidnapped and put for ransom due to the Hitman's ''Rumored'' wealth. Unable to pay, he has no choice but to run back to his past and find and hopefully, save his friend.

Story seems kinda corny a bit, but once you've experienced this game, you'll find out why this game has so much many great ratings from Gaming Magazines such as Electronic Gaming Monthly and Official U.S. Playstation Magazine.

Gameplay: 10/10

Out of all the Stealth Action games I've played, this is probably one of the best I've played and here's why.

Its very opened ended and very non linear. You can choose one path to complete a level, but then, go with another path to complete a level and it keeps on going. You can be stealthy and find many ways to complete a level stealthily, but then find many ways to go crazy and find multiple ways to finish that level and plan a hit.

The A.I. is in the middle since some are smart, but then, some are dumb. Put your difficulty to the highest and fire fights are very fun with the A.I.

As for luring and stuff related to that, this game seems like you can not do that, but you can very well do that by running around. Sound is a big factor in this game for making this game possible, otherwise, finding ways to complete a level with many paths, becomes impossible.

In short, this game is VERY non linear and you can plan many ways to complete a level and contemplate many ways to make a hit on your target.

Sound: 9/10

Classical Music is pretty much what this game has. Though I have a little dislike for Classical, the music they have in this game fits in the Hitman environment. It makes you feel as if you were actually in the game performing the hits yourself. The only thing that bothers me about the sound, is the way the guard's talk since sometimes it gets annoying hearing them scream out stuff like ''Assassin'' and stuff like that. Otherwise, in my personal opinion, its great.

Replay Value: 10/10

This will be short. With many ways to complete a level AND with a rating system, replaying this game is fun and is very high in this category. Plus with the difficulty options, the replay just keeps going up. Plus, if you're very imaginative and creative, you can do so many things just for fun, too see what happens.

Story: 8/10

The way IOI continued the story was fascinating. The way they had Codename: 47's story placed was fascinating also. I couldn't believe that I bought some random computer game and now, in the status of LOVING the Hitman series. The only reason why I gave it an 8, is because the story of the Hitman's past wasn't told much and I thought they COULD of expanded a bit more on it, but heh, what are you gonna do about really..

Comparing Hitman series and Metal Gear Series

I chose these 2 since they're the most compared.

Of course the plot is different, but in stealth and action, Hitman would win since he has many ways of killing stealthy, while in Metal Gear, Snake has a few, but the same old boring ways too silently kill.

As for Fighting Techniques and Firefights and such, I would give Snake the round since he displays many ways of fighting back in a fire fight and basic fighting, while the Hitman, doesn't display too much of the fire fighting techniques which you see a lot in the mission intervening pictures. Plus the Hitman doesn't seem like he was trained to fight either, but I guess its possible to find that out in the upcoming Hitman Release.

As Stealth in General, It would probably be tie since they both display many ways of Stealth. Snake uses objects and press against many walls to hide, while the Hitman, hides behind the shadows, uses walls for cover, and uses Disguises to remain in the shadows. What makes it a tie, is that Snake has a set environment that was given to him and a default Sneaking Suit, which perfectly blends in the environment.

Overall Rating: 9/10

One of the best stealth games released and very open ended. With a wide selection of weapons from an M60 Machine gun, to a Fibre Wire for stealth kills, this game has many surprises to fill with.

Rent or Buy?

Definitely Buy. Why? Well, I told ya why in my review. If you're a BIG fan of the Stealth Action genre, give this game a try. You shan't be disappointed :)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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