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Reviewed: 03/02/04

Choking people to death has never been more fun.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is a tremendous game, one that allows you to explore both stealth skills, and acting “Rambo style” meaning that everyone in sight ends up in bloodstained clothes. That is, unless you steal them.

The story of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is simple. You start off as Agent 47 an ex-hitman who has decided to retire and do a spot of gardening on Sicily. Having time to read the papers will have to wait, and so will pruning the roses. 47 is back at work, still as calm and silent as ever, as your peaceful retirement is disturbed when your best friend, the vicar, is kidnapped. This game follows 47’s bid to rescue his friend and doing jobs for the agency he used to work for.

The gameplay of Hitman 2 is spot on. There are many ways to get through each mission, each of them as good as each other. There is no right or wrong way; the way you do the mission is down to you. You can use total stealth and become Silent Assassin or you can kill everyone you meet with a short burst of semi-automatic fire leaving no mercy. Oh yes. An example of becoming Silent Assassin is using your fibrewire to kill enemies that you have to or only killing your target without anyone getting knowledge of your presence. Alternatively, you can choose your gun, and announce the fact you have arrived with a short burst of fire leaving nothing but blood, empty bullet shells and dead bodies. Each way is fun, and both will leave you able to complete the level easily.

The enemy AI leaves them fairly intelligent, but when in stealth mode you need to be alert and keep a close eye out for them at all times, even if you are in disguise and may be safe. The actual AI means that they get suspicious very easily; so complete awareness is a must for stealth and you have to be ready to get your gun out quickly. Patience is also a key. After ‘removing’ an enemy that was needed other guards may spot you so dragging their bodies into a hiding place is vital, no matter how long it takes you and how tedious it may feel. If you get bored, rob them of their clothes and steal their weapons. That puts the fun back into it. This bit isn’t needed if the other guards won’t be alive by the time they reach the body, especially if you make sure there is either a minimum of 6 bullet holes in their body, or you break their neck.

The controls of the game are very good. They are easy to get used to, and will make the missions a lot easier. It becomes second nature to move into sneak mode when tightening the fibrewire, and there is no problems controlling the character. Controlling for stealth is a little bit trickier, because you have to go slowly and not make a sound. This takes a little bit of practice and is all part of the game.

The graphics are excellent. They use all the capabilities of the Playstation 2. It is also realistic as after a shoot-out you get blood on the walls behind the enemy you were shooting, and the locations you have to go to make it look fantastic. These range from the cold hills of Japan, to the damp, musty sewers of St. Petersburg. Insides of buildings really show the detail that the developers have put into the game, and reflect on the locations that it is in. An example here is in Japan, there are paper walls that show you are in Japan and the St Petersburg buildings has a Russian feel to it.
The music of Hitman 2 is superb. It fits in with what mission you are on, and what you are doing in that mission. It speeds up in times of high tension, and calms down during mundane bits like walking to and from places. This game has one of the best in game music scores and the composer should be fully credited for his/her work here. The voice acting is good. Agent 47’s voice matches the body, the personality of a hitman and a man who just wants his peace. The voice of the woman giving you missions is also what you expect of someone ordering deaths of certain targets.

This uses time well. Some missions are harder than others and will take longer to complete. There are 20 missions, and it can take anytime from 1 hour to 5 hours to get the Silent Assassin rating for each mission. There is also major Replayability, as you can re-do any mission you want to gain all the weapons that are found there, and to improve your ranking. This is especially useful if you want Silent Assassin rating for each mission.

Overall, you really should buy this game. You have no excuses; it is a fantastic game, with little flaws. The game isn’t buggy and has tremendous value for money, especially now that the price has fallen down. You are more than likely to enjoy it, and you can play it over and over until you get all the weapons found in every mission, and got the Silent Assassin rating.

I give this game 9/10.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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