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Reviewed: 09/02/03

Are you ready for a new kind of gaming experience?

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

You are a special kind of man with a special kind of job. The only thing is this job is a secret that no one must no about until one day you have a confession to make. That’s right you control 47, a Hitman, an assassin to hire whose killing is needed more than ever, and when your friend Father Vittorio is kidnapped by a crime lord 47 is lured back into the web of deceit ready to put his life on the line to save his friend... and wipe out the world of crime.

Gameplay: 9/10
Nigh on perfect, the options are endless with how you can complete the game. The more you play through the game the stealthier you will be become. Ok so you may start out by shooting anything that moves but the game has a terrific learning curve for beginners and will not punish you for being seen, until the final verdict. It is also fun however to sneak through the level without being seen. Put on an array of various costumes to keep your cover and walk past the patrolling guards unnoticed to finally choke them and then deposit their body behind a bin or a tree. Great play. The thing which makes it great play is the innovative controls. Once you have learnt them through the tutorial and the helpful hints at the start of the game you can practice outside your tool shed and become the ultimate assassin. Only when you think you are ready, you can accept the challenge of a mission. Just walk into your shed and talk to the agency over the laptop. You then get sent to a various location. You are then teleported back to the monastery where you check up on the vast amount of weapons you can collect over the games period. Ok so the game does give a lot of leeway with the way 47 can stand up to a full clip of AK bullets but to be truthful the challenge is not at keeping your full health but blasting your way through a mission but at finally managing to sneak round every guard without emptying a single bullet at an enemy. That is a challenge.

Story: 9/10
Again this is an excellent and compelling story line dragging you and feeling real emotion when playing. You feel your heart beating when a guard closes in on you, joy when you complete the mission and actually watch and listen carefully to the instructions you are given by an agency girl called Diana. The story will keep you held in for weeks gasping to finish that hit so you can see what happens next. It really is a thrilling plot, and one of the main reasons to get the game apart from the genius Gameplay.

Graphics: 10/10
These are really some of the best graphics I have seen in a long time. Ok so they may not be as good as Final Fantasy 10 but they will live up to the standard you expect. The amount of detail that goes into the background and the way you can see the whites of the guards’ eyes before you kill them is something to be seen. The scenery is interactive so you can shoot out lights to conceal a body lying on a floor, or so you can get some extra protection from the dark. The game can be dark and dank or light and cheery all setting the mood for the mission.

Sound: 8/10
The sound really suits the game, and does add an extra edge to the Gameplay. The background music is gripping and sets the scene perfectly, and then all of a sudden it will go quiet leaving your footsteps echoing around the room. Each gun has a different sound and the sound really helps to identify when an enemy is walking towards you.

Play time: 7/10 Repeatability: 10/10
This game is a bit short compared to something like Vice City’s proportions but the repeatability of each mission is what gets me. You can run through each level at least 30 times without getting bored and before you know you’ll be sticking in that disk trying to get that one last stealth assassin ranking. Once you have completed a mission you can choose to go back and try find another way to complete the hit, another route to the target and numerous ways to escape. You could even get some of that anger out of your system and kill everyone you see. (It’s even more fun when you have all the weapons) the opportunities are endless and only stop at your imagination.

Overall: 9/10
This game is really for people who want a good challenge and providing you don’t read a walkthrough that’s what you will get. Hitman 2 has a certain class about it that will beat any other shooter. Maybe because it’s the only game that gives you so much freedom in the given area letting you hatch your own plan of how you will complete the mission. If you are stuck between buying and renting this game, I suggest renting the game a couple of times (because it will take a couple of times to truly get into it) and then if you think it is worthy enough to grace your gaming world buy it. I know I did. If you are one of very little brains I suggest you go back to playing grand Theft Auto, this game takes brains as well as cold blooded violence.

My verdict: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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