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Reviewed: 08/31/03

Stealth in a new manner..

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin offers the nice stealth action players need to get the suspense out of their game. Not only are you able to gun in, but also go in undetected, and out undetected through a mission. After you complete a mission, you are graded on a rage, and stealth factor.

Graphics: Graphics look fine and pretty up to date just like all other games out there.

Story: You are a hitman retired from the way your life has been going and decide to change your ways. You live peacefully until a bunch of bad men come and kidnap someone from your Parish where you live peacefully. You then find out that the only way to rescue him is to go back to your old ways and become a hitman all over again. You have to complete missions from your ''business'' in order to track down the bad men.

Controls: The controls are of the new style First and Third Person Shooters of today. The controls are dual analogical which give the player full free roaming movement and looking views while playing the mission. Players new to this control will be able to get used to these controls during the beginning of the game while no action is going on. It takes getting used to, but afterwards, becomes very helpful playing the game in this manner. Once the player is used to this style, the game becomes very easy.

Sound: There are no problems with sound on this game. The sound is perfectly normal.

Gameplay: This is where it's really fun. You can treat this like a shooter, or treat this like a stealth mission. Each mission can be completed with 1 bullet and no detection. Each guard you kill or put to sleep can be moved out of detection and also, get their clothes stolen and used for your own purpose of stealth. Disguises are one of the many, many ways to get through a mission. The freedom of missions is pretty nice. The game offers many ways to complete missions. Back entrances sneaking in and front entrances barging in with blaring guns is allowed in completing missions within the mission objectives. All that is needed in making a good grade for the mission is being as stealthily as possible. After each mission you are calculated on a rage factor and a stealth factor. Having as much stealth in a mission offers a better performance in how well you do in each mission. Each mission in which you earn the title of ''Silent Assassin'' gives an in game bonus after each mission. This makes stealth a necessity for getting all the game has to offer the player.

Replay value: The replay value in this game is pretty good. Players are able to replay levels in order to get as much stealth in a walkthrough as possible. This then gives bonuses for the player to get and play with after getting ''Silent Assassin'' ranks after each mission. This gives the game a fairly good replay value for the player to enjoy.

Flaws: The game offers some annoying moments in the game which can be a hassle. Some levels end up becoming annoying with split second reaction moments in the level that make of break the playing experience to a game over. Players looking for realism as well will not find it in this game since this game has a simple health system and offers easy aiming in which the guns have little or no recoil as well. The sniper shaking is also very unrealistic as the scope just does an exact bobbing of up and down with no horizontal shaking. These little things can be bothersome.

Overall: Hitman 2: Silent Assassin offers a lot from its price. Stealth action gamers will definitely be able to enjoy this title. Rambo action players will be able to enjoy this game, however, stealth action players will be able to enjoy this a lot more though. Keeping a low profile in the missions is a lot more of a hassle, suspenseful, and enjoyable experience for those with patience. Also, with the many ways a player can walkthrough a level, the replay value becomes somewhat high. This game is not a severe classic must have, but is, however, a very good game which is why I gave it an 8/10.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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