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Reviewed: 06/09/03 | Updated: 06/09/03

The Angel of Death has a Barcode

This is a game that got loads of attention, but not as much as it deserved. While Metal Gear still owns and operates the stealth department, this kid ended up putting a whole new spin on it. It brought more innovation to the table then a lot of other games in the recent past, and turned a concept that could have ended up being rather tedious and hair-pullingly hard, into a fresh, fun, and all around enjoyable experience. So come with me now, as we take a trip to the world... of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

Agent 47: He's your main dude. The man with the plan, and who's life is in your hands. The controls you use to maneuver him are a bit complicated if you don't read an FAQ or the in game tips, or the instruction manual. But if you choose one of those three things, then you should be ok. He comes with the ability to crouch, sneak through area's without being seen, and take the clothes off of peoples back. You can't find your way into a place with the clothes you're wearing, so of course you're going to have to find a disguise. That's one of the more ingenious things in the game.

The Man Loves His Guns: He keeps and array of weapons in his tool shed where you go in between each level; from 2 kinds of knives, to a golf club, to shotguns, semi-automatic pistols, silenced and unsilenced, rifles, sniper and non sniper, handguns, a crossbow, anesthetic, and everyone's favorite... the fiber wire. There are 31 different kinds of weapons, and if you can't find a favorite in this game... you should stick to sports games.

47's World: The levels are spectacular. Each one has it's own vibe, and literally dozens of ways to go through it. That's one of the appealing things about this game, the fact that you can innovate to suit your style. The game takes you all over the world, and the culturally diverse area's are astonishing. They're done in such detail, and the structures and people match their real life counterparts. They all have one basic premise, eliminate your target. A few of them have extra objectives to complete, which is good because it keeps the premise fresh. And every target has set of ways to be 'disposed' of.

The Story: The story seems to take a back seat to the game play in this franchise. But when you step back and examine what's been going on, you'll find out that it's actually a damned good story. But if you do over look it because your having too much fun 'stealth killin' stuff' and ignore the story. Don't worry. I did it my first time, too.

But... is it Fun?: Hell yeah, it's fun. The game has loads of replay value. You can do each level over, trying to find new methods of completion, or you can try for the all important SA ranking, or even create your own mini-games. If you're in the mood, you can just go on a blood thirsty rampage, taking out anything that walks.

Buy or Rent: BUY!!! This game is an absolute must.It ranks with games like the FF series, GTA, and MGS in my book. It's really ingenious and I guarantee that you'll enjoy it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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