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Reviewed: 06/04/03 | Updated: 06/04/03

Agent 47 returns to the life he's tried so hard to leave.

If there was any single reason why Hitman 2 didn't get a perfect score, it would be from the control. It took me a couple runs through the first level to get even the remotest sense of control over my character. From his inventory, to targeting I had to make my hands , brain and instruction manual become one. But once I became sure of the controls the game was insane.
I really enjoyed the multiple paths to victory of the game.In one level you have to kill two different guys, with some 10 bodyguards protecting them. You can either blow them up with a car bomb, run in guns blazing (dressed as a bodyguard) or snipe them from nearby buildings.The best part is, I combined these methods like a true assassin.I'm telling you, I became totally immersed in the whole Hitman world.
But this isn't a game for any rookie to pick up and go to town with. With its multiple ways to win aspect, that led Eidos to amp up the difficulty to cover all bases. I figured they wanted to make it so there would be no ''back doors'' to avert the AI they carefully implemented. With a little patience (or a FAQ) most gamers should be able to get through Hitman 2.

As Agent 47 progresses through the story to find his padre, the game shows just how badly he doesn't want to do his deadly work. Along with 47's quest for his padre's freedom, you get a cast of pretty funny villains and ''friends''. From the German doctor to the dopey agent 47 is sent to rescue. Most importantly this story delves you deeply into Agent 47's fringe world. It may not be Shakespeare, but it gets the job done.

This is where the game starts to really earn its wings. The characters really look cool, as you play you can actually make out the barcode etched on the back of 47's head. The physics engine involved with the bodies of your enemies is pretty remarkable and laughable at times.For instance, I blasted a guy with a desert eagle about 15 across a pool. But when I went to drag his body away, his arms and legs dragged along the ground looked pretty realistic. As sick as some might think of it, when you blast someone with a sniper bullet, the blood that gets sprayed across the wall is also pretty well done.
The music fits the mood perfectly . With classical music that captivates Sicily. To sitars in India. There's so much music, a promotional 10+ song soundtrack was released with the game.

Play Time/Replayability
I'd give this game about 20-30 hours of play time. But the replayability could double that. After you beat each level, your shed at home becomes equipped with the weapons you left with in the previous mission. So in order to fill you entire shed inventory you're going to have to beat a few missions a few times over. To get some of the weapons you're also going to have to beat some of the missions with the perfect Silent Assassin rating. That's a pretty high goal to strive for in this game. You'll be coming back for hours to get the integrated-silenced .22 .

Final Recommendation
I bought the game and haven't regretted it a day. But I'm also not one to be afraid of a high level of difficulty. So if you're the type of person intimidated by tough games,give it a rent first. If you can cut it, buy it and realize you probably have the best game game of 2002.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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