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Reviewed: 12/29/02 | Updated: 12/29/02

The Metal Gear Solid of Contract Killing

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin could possibly be one of the many sleeper hits for the Playstation 2 this year.

Story: 8/10

You play as Agent 47, a retired Hitman. With an act of faith, you return into the world that you once thought you left forever. After a close friend of yours is kidnapped, the only way to find him and bring him back is to go to your former agency and ask for information. The catch is the agency has a list of other assignments for you to complete. For the most part, the story creates a setting for your assignments. It is not very unique; the story will mainly just give you a reason to assassinate your victims. There may be some surprises later on in the game, but the story does not compare to other games currently on the market. The story still sets the tone for a great action game, and it does this with ease.

Graphics and Sound: 9/10

Graphically, Hitman 2 is partially impressive. The frame rate is superb, and the attention to detail is excellent. It may not compare to other Playstation 2 titles, yet it still looks very good. The graphics still have the power to amaze the average player. The sound of the game also is filled with detail and will only enhance your experience. Characters will talk in their own language and the sound of the general environment, ranging from walking on wood to firing one of the many weapons in Agent 47’s arsenal as well as the very detailed graphics will make you feel as if you are a part of the world of the Hitman.

Controls: 8/10

The controls of Hitman 2 will probably take the average gamer a little getting used to. You can customize them, which is a plus since some players might not feel comfortable with the default controls. Also, using the analog sticks at first may feel a little awkward, but after awhile most gamers will get used to it. Once you start using the controls and get used to them, chances are you will grow to like them, since they really are good for the gameplay.

Artificial Intelligence: 9/10

This is how A.I is meant to be done! Enemies will always be on the lookout for anything or anyone acting suspicious. Most will even act totally paranoid. If they see you running, chances are they will open fire. If you look at them in their eyes for too long, they might also just decide to open fire. When in disguise, you must act your part, not stopping unless you must stop as a result of your disguise. Also, having a weapon out will also lure the attention of guards, and that is something you do not want. Overall, the A.I was very well done and I was very impressed by it. It really makes the game that much better, and much more challenging.

Gameplay: 9/10

This is one of the areas where the game really shines. This is not your typical shooter. It is also anything but linear in design. Players have the choice of executing their mission in many different ways, from total stealth to going in guns blazing. The choice is yours, and this really makes the gameplay of Hitman 2 very unique. Every mission will have you hunting down a target, and how you do it is what determines how easy it is. Just going into a mission shooting can beat every scenario, but it may not be the most logical thing to do, or the easiest way to eliminate your final target. A smart player will try to avoid confrontation no matter what. One way to do this is to steal the clothes off of one of your victims and posing as this person to walk past the guards without getting into a gunfight. This deadly game of disguise is very well done. If a guard gets a close look at you, he may see through the disguise. Also, if guards find dead guards, especially ones that are missing clothes, they will get very suspicious and start looking out for any suspicious personnel wearing the clothes of a victim. This means that it is always a good idea to hide the bodies of your victims before moving on. However, this is all optional, and you do not have to do it. Options are what make the gameplay so good. There is also an option to play in 1st person of 3rd person, letting you play through the perspective your preference. Also, if you choose to not go stealthy, gunfights will keep you on the edge of your seat. With the excellent level design, gunfights are a blast of pure entertainment. In the end, the gameply of Hitman 2 is excellent. It might be a little frustrating since it can get hard at times, but still manages to entertain the player.

Replay Value: 9/10

With countless ways to complete a given mission, you will be playing this game for quite some time. With the ability to play past levels that you have already completed with weaponry from recent levels, past levels can get very interesting after you replay them. The replay value is very high due to the amount of ways you can complete a given level. Unfortunately, the game lacks a multiplayer mode. Otherwise, the replay value would receive a 10/10.

Overall Score: 8/10

With countless replay value, excellent gameplay, a good story, good graphics, and good sound, Hitman 2 is good enough to keep you feeling as if you were a real hitman. It will keep you playing for hours in the role as Agent 47, and you will enjoy yourself. Definitely one of the many sleeper hits this year. The lack of multiplayer and the lack of an excellent story keep this game from getting a higher score.

To Buy or to Rent:

I recommend that you buy this game, however you might want to consider renting this first just to make sure you will enjoy it. Hitman 2 is not for everyone, and is not your traditional shooter.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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