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Reviewed: 11/07/02 | Updated: 11/07/02

Hitman 2 is the ****, Man

You're a retired hitman, repenting for your past by working in the gardens of a church in Italy. When the padre is kidnapped, you have to return to your old form and save his life. The Agency whom you worked for in the previous Hitman game is here to help, but first you have to complete some missions for them. The story is good but not great. Its enough to justify you going around the world and performing hits.

It'll take about 15-20 minutes to become familiar with the controls, but with practice its easy and perfect for this game. You can run, walk, crawl, and silently sneak up on people. Aiming is easy to do using the right analog stick. In general, you can do everything you need to silently perform a clean hit.

In a word, awesome. You have to sneak around, find your target, and take him out. Its best to be stealthy, killing only when you need to. Your goal on every level should be to use 1 bullet, saving it for the target. This is often a lot harder than it looks, because even when 47 steals the clothes of his victims, he does not always blend in with the crowd. Many of the levels have unique objects, such as car bombs and poison, which can be used for a more creative hit. The strategy needed to beat each level is great. You need to have a plan, and you need to stay calm and execute it. IF you're not into the idea of being stealthy, you can get away with some killing sprees if you hide the bodies carefully and use a quiet gun.

Great sound, the guns all sound perfect. My mom has come into my room several times complaining that she actually thought someone was shooting. You can even hear 47 breath when he uses a sniper rifle.

Pretty damn good. Lots of details in the surroundings, the buildings, and the characters. The realism they put into the graphics is incredible.

There's several ways to do every mission, so you can play them many times to beat them a variety of ways. Going for the silent assassin rating, which is being as stealthy as possible, is always difficult. There's also the challenge of getting all of the weapons for your trophy room. To do this, you must have the weapon when you beat the level, which often requires more melee than you would usually use. Overall, the missions are very fun to play over and over again, and you can always try something different.

Rent or Buy
Buy! This game could probably be beaten in the time of a rental, but its so much fun to play over and over again. Your $50 will be well spent.

Final Thoughts
The timing for Hitman 2's release doomed it to be overshadowed by GTA:VC, but this game is the best shooter
I've played since Goldeneye on the N64. Snipe people from far away, sneak around in someone elses clothes, strangle guards from behind....This game has it all. There's no greater satisfaction than infiltrating a highly guarded building and knocking off the mafia boss, then walking away without anyone knowing you were there.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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