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Reviewed: 10/26/02 | Updated: 10/26/02

A mixture of Max Payne and MGS2.

Intro: You play a man known as 47. He is a professional hitman who is well known in the underworld. Being the 2nd instalment of the series, 47 is back from retirement. 47 trying to live a peaceful and quiet life living in a church has a nasty surprise when his Priest friend is kidnapped and held up for ransom. Your role is to find out who is behind this and rescue your Priest friend!

Graphics: All in all, the Graphics are very detailed. The inside of buildings and houses etc. have good realism to them. So much so that when my Mother was looking while I was
playing this game, she was admiring the inside of the house I was in! The characters themselves are detailed and look smooth just like the background.

Sound: Good sound effects in the game. The guns sound perfect and what you'd expect. The speech from the characters within the game are particularly good. When doing a mission in different countries you will notice the dialect difference as well accents which have been recreated perfectly.

Gameplay: As stated, its a mixture of Max Payne and Metal Gear Solid 2. Its a 1st person shooter like Max Payne. If you want you can play total guns blazing and shoot everything in site, or you can take the MGS2 approach and use Stealth tactics to get by. The choice is yours, you can finish each level however you want which gives you freedom as to what you want to do. The clever thing about this game is the that you can dress up as one of the bad guys and blend in so that you can help complete your mission. Be warned though, the A.I. in this game is quite clever because if you start acting suspicious i.e. running or walk up and down etc. the enemy won't hesitate to shoot you so be careful!

The controls are easy to pick up and anyone who is familiar with Max Payne will be able to pick up the controls in no time. There are loads of guns to collect in the game including Machine guns, Sniper guns etc. all of which have their own uses in situations as well as handguns. The only thing that's missing which is a I think is a bit of a Major detail is the ability to actually punch and kick your enemy. I think its a shame you can't do that given the
amount of freedom that you have in this game.

Lifespan: Well this is a the crunch, has it got replay value? Well yes and no. I played this game on Normal when I first got it, and its quite challenging, although once you have mastered the controls, you can easily get through levels with no problem. The thing is, once you have played this game, you will most likely play it again on the harder level and then that’s about it. It didn’t take me that long to complete the game. Although as mentioned you can finish each mission either by Stealth or Guns Blazing this really doesn't add a lot to the game. Although I will say that this game has better replay value than Max Payne, you'll soon tire of it very easily.

Overall: Hitman 2 is one of those games that have a great thrill factor, but a short lifespan. It doesn't really offer any sort of promising replay value but however does offer a good gaming experience. Its better than Max Payne on counts of Graphics and Playability, and what’s more its that more challenging than Max Payne in the fact that you cannot recover your health and what’s more if you do receive a headshot, you will go down.

I think the game can't be faulted on anything else except the lifespan, and as far as it goes, this is a worthy purchase. Most importantly, its enjoyable. If you enjoyed games like Max Payne or MGS2, I would definitely recommend getting Hitman 2.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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