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Reviewed: 10/14/02 | Updated: 10/14/02

There is no equal

This game is a phenomenal game and should be in everyones collection. I am hoping that the sequel will be this and so much more. This game definately beats out MGS2 and any other games in this genre. You are probaly saying how is this possible? Just read this review to find out.

Gameplay: 10
How can it be any less, this game had easy controls, incredibly smart AI and the levels were huge. The controls had a very easy learning curve. They make this game so fun its almost like you are not using a controller at all.

Sound: 10
The sound was amazing. Whether it was the voices, the gunshots, or the backround music. All of the sounds were so realistic I actually thought I was the hitman. The sounds the bullets made when they hit differant objects was very cool.

Graphics: 10
These graphics were totally awesome. I mean the movements were so fluid they made the characters seem alive. The way the characters reacted when shot was very realistic. The levels were huge and had no foggy effects, every level was crisp and clear.

Replay Value: 10
The replay value on this game is infinite. With so many ways to complete a mission and all the weapons that you can get. Will give you hours and hours of entertainment. The missions themselves are so fun you will have lots of fun doing them over and over, because each time you do it you will do it differantly.

Story: 10
The story was very important and the missions pertained to the story and the people you meet also tie in to the story. This story immerses the gamer into the life of the hitman.

Overall: 10
How can this game be any better? I have no idea, this game rocks. The graphics were superb, the sound was amazing, the gameplay is tremendous, the replay value is infinately enjoyable and the story is impeccabley done.

Final thought:
What can I say other than this game is the best ever. I would buy this game over any other any day. This game is going to be the grand slam of sleeper hits. The Hitman 2 is the next generation of action games. Hey, if you don't believe me, then read the rest of the reviews. I am sure that I am not the only one who feels this way.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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