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Reviewed: 10/13/02 | Updated: 01/20/03

*Sneaks Up On Mob Boss And Chokes Him To Death*

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is the sequel to the PC game Hitman. Hitman 2 is a great game. It is the first game I've ever played like it and I am pretty pleased. It has a certain Metal Gear Solid feel to it. The stealthiness and the shooting just reminds me of Metal Gear. But, don't get me wrong, this game is nothing compared to Metal Gear Solid 2. I used MGS2 and Hitman 2 as a comparison because it is the game many compare Hitman 2 to. Now that that has been said, on with the review.

The gameplay is great. The controls are easy to learn and they are good. There are 22 levels in different locals including St. Petersburg and various parts of Italy. All of the missions differ in objectives but all have one thing in common, you are out to kill a certain person.

The ways to kill people and or do objectives is never-ending since the game is pretty open-ended and allows you to find your own way throughout a level to complete it. You can slice them with a knife from close up or shoot them from 100's of yards away. You can strangle them with a wire or hit them with a golf club. This game has very open-ended gameplay.

A cool thing about Hitman 2 is the ability to take a dead enemy's clothes to use as a disguise. You can drag dead bodies away from the scene of the crime like in Metal Gear Solid 2. The thing is though, if you are buy an enemy's shoulder, you will pull them by the arm, while if you are by their head, you will pull them by both arms. There is very smart a.i. (artificial intelligence).

There are a vast variety of weapons such as assault carbines, compact machine guns, and sub-machine guns. There are also a wide variety of melee weapons such as pepper spray, golf clubs, wire, and a katana (sword). My favorite weapons overall would have to be the melee weapons because of the close range combat. I really like sneaking up on people and strangling them with the wire. I just don't know why though. It just gives it a more stealthy feel to the game.

Overall, the gameplay is top notch. I really like the level designs in the game and they are pretty diverse between each other. Most of the weapons in the game are great so I love all of them too.

The story is about a hitman in retirement. His friend gets kidnapped and then he goes back on the job. The story pretty much revolves around that. The story is pretty good and gets more interesting as the story evolves. The story is actually pretty original, which is a pretty good accomplishment for most games these days.

The graphics are great. They are extremely detailed. The environments are absolutely huge and very beautiful at that. The character models look good, but there are probably less than 10 different models per level which kind of brings down the score a bit. Overall, the graphics are great and the FMV's look good too.

The sound is great. Guns sound like how a gun would in real life. Stuff just sounds like it should.

This game has average replayability. I guess it all matters on who you are and how much you like the game and this genre. If you like killing stuff and sneaking around, you will probably like to replay this again. After you do certain things in levels, you can obtain more weapons so if you have more weapons to play a level with, it can add to the replayability I guess.

I would say buy. This game is great and very long. As i said before, there are 22 levels and it is very hard. If you are good at a level, they usually take 10+ minutes to beat, keep in mind how I said good. This game is very tough.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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