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Reviewed: 10/13/02 | Updated: 10/13/02

The best stealth game I've played

This game is incredible. You must be patient and good at stealth games to like this one. The game gives you several options to play a mission or ''contract''. You can choose different ways to sneak up on guys. Take disguises or just sneak around them. It's great because you can set how hard your going to make the game. If you just don't care about stats then you can just go through and try to eliminate everyone, or you can try to be a ''silent assassin'' rating and try not to kill anyone.

The weapons also are incredible. I believe I counted about 30 different guns. The catch is you don't just start off with them you have to beat a mission or contract and just keep picking up as many weapons as you can then when your done you will see what weapons you walked away with and you can use them again in some other missions. You can choose so many different weapons. Even non lethal ones. One of my favorites is the sniper rifle. There's nothing like picking a guy off from 200 yards away.

you can just run in with guns blazing on some or be very careful on others. You can even go back and replay some missions if you didn't like the way you played it the first time. Also you can save a game right in the middle of a mission. That is good cause it gives you a good break from all the intense situations you go through.

The graphics are pretty good. I do like the environment graphics. There is a nice little blood splatter when someone gets shot. The bigger the gun the more the splatter. you can shoot out some lights to make it more dark in a room so enemies won't see you.

The sound effects are pretty good as well. When you hit a guy with a club you really hear some bones breaking. very well detailed in sound.

The control of your hitman is pretty good too. its pretty simple and basic you just use your left analog stick and your right one does the turning for you. You use your R1 button to shoot and you use up and down to zoom in and out if you use binoculars or a sniper rifle.

In my opinion this game is great and if you like stealth games then you will love Hitman 2. The next big thing to wait for is Hitman 3.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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