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Reviewed: 10/08/02 | Updated: 10/08/02

Great game. Definately play it.

This is a wonderful game. It has many different things that make it so good. I will tell you now.

First off is the game play. It is cool because you can either use 1st person, or 3rd person. This is good because it can let everyone enjoy it. The camera angles are great, and I have never seen a part where the camera messes up the gameplay. Overall the game play gets a 10/10.

The plot is awesome too. The story is you play a hitman that has to work for an agency. The story flows along good and it always makes sense. The length of the game is good too. Its not very long, so you can keep the whole plot. story in mind to make it make sense; but it's just long enough to make it a good game. For plot I give it a 10/10.

The graphics are awesome. All the characters and moving things move along smooth and fluid like. They are never blocky or flashy. The color is great too, and there is never fog or glitchyness in the background. It's smooth all around. Also the collision detection is perfect. In some games this is a problem, and it makes the game look bad. In the this however, it looks like people actually open doors or actually strangle people, and it looks smooth and perfect all the time. If I could would give graphics a 15/10, but since I can't, 10/10.

Sound is good too. I am not really big on sound, while I am playing a game, but I should rate it anyway just incase its really important to you. Sound is good. As far as music, its good because it sets them mood for every scene. It follows that action so it has a movie type feel, and it fits too. As for sound effects, they are great too. Doors opening and floors creaking sound like its really happening, so the sound effects are great too. As for voices, they are almost perfect. The voices and delivery of the characters are perfect, making it seem like these are real people. For sound, 10/10.

For control, I think its pretty highly rated too. The control really makes you feel like you have good control of your character. Instead of having to press multiple buttons and hold different things, its all smooth to help you in tight situations. It also provides enough options like crouch and sneak to make you feel like you are the character. For control I give it a 10/10.

Fun level: This is the best in the game. One of the best features I have ever had in a game is the way that there is one objective, and however you complete it is up to you. You can walk in guns blazing or you can snipe and run. It really adds to the feel that you make all the choices. As far as fun this game is awesome. The fun level is definitely 10/10.

Overall its a wonderful game. One of the better ones of the whole year. It has amazing stats in every category. However before you get it you have to decide if you like to beat games multiple times to have all the fun, or if once you beat it your done with it. Since the story isn't that long, if you will only play it once, you might want to rent it. But if you like to play games on every difficulty and beat everything 100% then I think you should buy it. Either way, however long you play it you will enjoy it the whole time, so I give the over all a 10/10.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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