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Reviewed: 10/07/02 | Updated: 10/07/02

Hitman 2 ....Need I say more?

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is, obviously, the sequel to the original Hitman for the PC. Never playing the first one, and only going by a short demo, I had virtually no expectations for this game other then it would be fun. It succeeds well with that. Hitman 2 is a captivating game that puts you in the role of 47, a retired killer who has gone back to work to save a close friend of his. That's all I am telling about the story, just play the game and you will see everything for yourself.....

Graphics 10/10

Leave it to Eidos to pump out the good graphics. There's lots of detail, and the characters are well done. 47 especially, like that bar code on the back of his head. The cutscenes are also well done.

Sound 10/10

Whoa. Not only is the voice acting thought out really well (47's voice suits him well), but the music, in gerneral is just grand. Sure, it can be repetitive through the levels, but I personally do not mind it at all. There is just a lot to hear and listen to in this game. Hey, if there was a soundtrack, i'd buy it.

Play Control 10/10

This game plays like your typical 3rd-person perspective game on the PS2...only flawlessly. The catch you ask? It's also a 1st-person shooter. Not only is it easy to move and shoot with 47 in both modes, but it's also easy to go and select weapons and what not from your invitory. Stuff like this really makes ya appriciate the work that was put into this game.

Gameplay 10/10

Dare I say it, but the enemies in this game are exceptionally smart, like Metal Gear Solid 2 smart. These guys don't play dumb, they KNOW if the jig is up. You mess up, and believe me, they are on your arse man. They will hunt you down if you hit and run any one of them.....and that is just on the normal difficulty! You really don't play dumb with these guys. If you are dressed as one of them (yes, you can change clothes and be one of the enemies or a civilan, including a pizza man of all things)they will search you, ask for ID, or just plain shoot you if you do something stupid. The enviroments are just amazing as well. All were well planned and administrated. The 'headquarters' of sort (a.k.a. your tool shed) is a fine example of that. Not only do you have a tool shed stacked with weapons you collect, but you just have fine scenery to look at, including a full interactive scarecrow. I haven't even come close to beating this game, so I still have a lot to see......which is fine with me.


Well, since I have not beat this game yet, I have no idea what your prize is for finishing it. I don't care though. There are quite a few ways to go about completing a mission, and I suggest trying to find them all. That is enough for the $50 price tag in my opinion. A two-player mode of some sorts would have been amazing, but hey, that's why there are sequels. I suggest you buy, or atleast rent this game. First chance I get, this game is going in my library. It's one of the best games I have ever played, so I suggest it to everyone.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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