Review by M. Fletcher

Reviewed: 10/07/02 | Updated: 10/26/02

A decent game which is over too quickly. Thrilling while it lasts.

Hitman 2. The sequel to the game that never was on the Playstation 2. Murder. Corruption. Strong Sexual Content. Do you really dare step into the world of the professional killer?

Gameplay: 9/10
Except maybe GTA3, there is no other game that gives you such freedom in a level. Many options are open to you, you can stab them, shoot them, poison them, sniper them from hundreds of yards away, and you can do all this in one level. The sheer freedom of this game is what makes it fun. With weapons ranging from the Revolver to the Bow and Arrow, there is a weapon for execution to suit anyone. However, some weapons can only be used from certain distances providing frustrating challenges to utilise your favourite weapons.

Graphics: 9.5/10
The graphics are pretty good and the animation is also pretty fluent. No major gripes to contend with here and no major glitches that I've noticed.

Story: 7/10
The general story is that '47' a former contract killer has become holy and lives in a priests shed. When his mentor, the priest, gets kidnapped by his former employees he has to dig up the past and become a killer once again in his quest to find his missing mentor. He is, however, not averse from taking a few profitable contracts from former employees along the way. It has 6 'chapters' with 3 or 4 levels in each, so it keeps the interest up the first time through.

Sound: 9/10
Pretty solid. The gunshots realistic enough and thuds of bodies is always nice. Decent enough.

Replay: 7/10
If you're patient, you may not get bored with this game, but if you are impatient then you'll leave it alone once you've completed it. You think that when you get all the weapons and the unlock all the missions you'll try it again. But you won't. The missions are too familiar and although trying out new assassination methods may be fun, you have to get your way to the target each time, which just becomes annoying, repetitive and frustrating.

Overall: 8/10
A decent game. A thrilling experience while it lasts but it is all over too quickly. Still a worthy buy though. Buy it, complete it and take it back for another game whilst you can still get a direct exchange. A decent purchase for the patient gamer, but you may want to rent it if you're the impatient type.

Buy/Rent: Buy
If you see a game coming out that you want in about a week and you need a new game to keep your interest in the console up, buy this, complete it and take it back and get the game you want. Or you can rent, complete and take back, it's up to you.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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