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Reviewed: 10/07/02 | Updated: 10/07/02

A great game, sneaking up on PS2.

All I can say about Hitman 2 is that it is a great game. I bought it a few days for PS2 a few days ago, (so I haven’t completed it yet), but it still seems absolutely great to me!

Gameplay: This is a very good part of this game. The vast majority of ways you can kill your target is amazing. You can do stuff like poisoning your target’s wine glass, taking a postman’s clothes and getting into your target’s mansion, and sniping your target from afar (a personal favourite of mine). The gameplay is very open-ended, so it will keep you coming back for more.
In Hitman 1, you had to buy your weapons with the money you were given for your previous mission. In Hitman 2, it does away with that system. The weapons you collect are stored in the shed, and you can take them on any mission you like. There are many weapons, like knives, a fibre wire, anaesthetic, AK-47s, dual guns, revolvers, magnums, shotguns, sniper rifles and many more. All of them can be used to spectacular effect in getting and eliminating your ‘mark’.
The controls are quite well done, a little hard sometimes, but nothing major. It is quite a difficult game. Best for the thinking man, as it requires some planning to get to your mark.

Story: The game, of course, carries on after Hitman 1. Our old friend number 47 has hung up his guns and retired to a Sicilian monastery to confess his sins to Father Vittorio, the local priest. He has donated a large amount of his money to the church. However, his peace does not last long. Father Vittorio is kidnapped. 47 dials up his old employers, “The Agency”, and asks for info on the kidnapper. 47 agrees to kill the kidnapper on a mutual agreement, and rescue Father Vittorio. I can’t say any more or I’ll spoil the story for you, won’t I?

Graphics: The graphics are very nice, with lots of nice lighting effects. I love the way that the enemy’s corpses react. If you shoot them with, say, a revolver, the impact will send the flying back. If you drag a corpse down the stairs, the limbs will flail about. 47 has a very original character design. So do your targets. It all runs at a smooth 60fps. Perfect.

Sound: I think the sound is awesome. The music was composed by Jesper Kyd, (the people behind the music of Messiah, MDK2, Brute Force for the X-Box, and the original Hitman), and performed by the Budapest Orchestra. They couldn’t have chosen better people for the job. The sound compliments the action amazingly well, with slow, calm tracks for sneaking and fast, racy tracks for full-on action. The voice acting is done well, Diana from the agency sound very sexy, 47 sounds very strong and hard, and the Japanese and Russian guards speak Japanese and Russian to you.

Replayability: There is lots of it in this game. There are rewards for getting the highest ranking (Silent assassin), which will keep you going for a while. The many ways of killing your target will help you keep going for even longer, you can’t resist trying them all.

Buy or Rent: Buy. It is definitely worth it. You won’t regret it at all. This will be one of the best games ever, in my opinion.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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