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Guide and Walkthrough by Lord-me

Version: 1.04 | Updated: 08/29/2008

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Hitman 2-A complete guide
Copyright 2004-2008 Matthew Berryman(Lord me)

This FAQ has been written by Matthew Berryman and thus belongs
completely to him and may not be used by other websites
without his permission. It may not be used in an way which
profits anyone but Matthew Berryman. All ideas in this
FAQ also belong to Matthew Berryman .
This FAQ may not be reproduced as part
of a guide and may not be put on any website without his
explicit permission by continuing to read you have agreed
with the terms above and any breach  of this will be liable
for a £500,000 claim.
(and now its in writing that’s how much I'll sue for).
 All information has been collected. By me though testing

All other trademarks belong to their respective owners
Any other party who wishes to use this FAQ please contact
me at

Websites which can use this FAQ- if the want it:
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Version History:
0.25- 01.09.04 I am dead bored as such I am righting a FAQ
should be done in a month or two

 0.36- 07.06.06- Ha, well as you can see this FAQ was not
finished on time in fact although a major proportion
(about 60%) of it was done but I had some major distractions,
first their was a new computer and I tell you upgrading from
a 700 to a 2.8 means I had plenty of games
to play = - ),and buy : - ( .Then I had my GSCE and up until
now my first year of A-level. But now all of my exams are out
of the way I am going back and tying up all loose ends and
this includes my series of unfinished Hitman FAQS.

1.00 13.07.06 I have finished this FAQ in the early morning
just about 5 days from when I started. And when the sun rises
again- as I need some sleep- this will be on the net. So if
all goes well I hope you will be reading this Soon.

1.01 18.07.06 Gamefaqs decided it didn't want this due to
the spelling/grammar. So I corrected them. That is the only
difference from this and the previous version,

1.02 08.10.06 Neoseeker.com added to the list of authourised

1.03 4.11.07 I know i probably should have updated this earlier
but my internet as been playing uP. So i applogise inadvance
for anybody who has emailed me at Matt.berryman@ntlworld.com,
because for the last 7 months it has been down. And all attempts
to retrive any data have failed. So i have removed that
from the contact me list. From now on if you want to contact me
please do so at Pidgeonmaster@hotmail.co.uk. Thank you.

1.04 29/08/08
I just updated this with the information for Shogun showdown
so the guide now is 100% completed. I will be moving onto
posting my Hitman Contracts guide, which should be finished
by December and my Hitman: blood money which should be finished
by next year.

Right now that over lets get this train wreck moving
1.0 introduction
2.0 tips from the worst assassin in the world
3.0 weapons

-9mm pistol
-9mm pistol SD
-Ballers SD
-.54 pistol
-.22 pistol SD

-Custom rifle
-W2000 rifle
-SVD sniper
-R93 sniper
-Sawn off

3.4Autaomatic rifles

3.5Close Quarters
-Fire axe
-Katana sword
-Golf club
-Kitchen knife
-Combat knife
-Fibre wire

4.0 Walkthrough
4.1Gortano sanctuary
4.3St.Petersburg stakeout
4.4Kirov Park Meeting
4.5Tubeway Torpedo
4.6Invitation to a Party
4.7Tracking Hayamoto
4.8Hidden Valley
4.9At the Gates
4.10Shogun Showdown
4.11Basement Killing
4.12The Graveyard Shift
4.13Jacuzzi Job
4.14Murder at the Bazaar
4.15The Motorcade Interception
4.16Tunnel Rat
4.17Temple city ambush
4.18Death of Hannelore
4.19Terminal Hospitality
4.20St.Petersburg revisited
4.21-Redemption at Gontranno

5.0Email Do and Don'ts


1.0 Introduction
Welcome people I, Mat, am here to aid you in the completion
of this game. For all those who have suffered at the hands
of this game, I pledge my self to your cause and will do all
that is reasonable, i.e. am not going to do really stupid
stuff, to set you out on the right path-in the game not in
life, that your job. However I am under no bonds to perform
this duty think of it more as a promise that I will most
likely for fill.

 This guide is here to enable you to find out all you need
to know to beat the game. If you are having any further
problems you can contact me and I’ll help you.

But why waste your time doing this?

Well to start with I was very bored however as I have played
games for almost 10 years, since I was 7- gaming has been a
hobby. But recently owning games even on full skill levels
will not suffice my hunger or satisfaction and I decided how
to completely own a game is not for you alone to beat it but
to enable other to defeat it.

Thus the game loses its challenge and is entirely defeated.

But if you think this is a bit sad or crazy then never mind.
But, you know, you should never look a gift horse
in the mouth.

This guide has been written on the default difficulty- expert.
So that it helps the majority of those looking for help.

So now lets get our GM Hitman and put him through the game.
2. 0   Tips from the another assassin

Stealth tips:
2.1 Rules for SA
You are allowed the following requirements for SA
1 Close encounter
1 alert with no bullets fired
2 Bullets if nobody is killed or injured (other than target)
1 Bullet if it only one person is killed (other than target)
0 Bullets if 2 people are killed (other than target)

2.2 Do not run

When running your suspicion meter rises, reach a certain
point and you might as well have just gone in blasting
everybody in sight.

2.3. Doors are your friends
When you know there is a guard leaving a door- and there
is room- hide by the hinges of the door this will be a great
aid as when the guard comes through the door he can not see
you as the door blocks his line of sight and when he continues
away from the door it  becomes much easier to catch him and
slit his throat, or anything else that you have in mind. : - )

2.4 Windows is your enemy

Doors may be your friends but windows certainly aren’t. WTF
is my problem with windows. Well it is to do with their main
function- to see through. As such you must keep away from
windows as much as possible on pain of death.

2.5 Map problems

'WTF problems with maps too' is probably what most Newbies
are complaining about now but its true the map can be a bad
thing. As the game doesn't pause while you on it and
sometimes-about 75% of the time- 47 thinks it’s a good time
to stand up when the map is on. When this happens all the
guards can see this random slap head standing in the middle
of the room and that is bad. The likely outcome is to either
endure a rise in suspicion or death.

2.6 Surprise

You may have noticed that when you are in stealth mode you
move slower-duh. Well this means that when sneaking up to
some enemies they might out run you, thus it is important
to learn how to deal with this. So lets say that your
sneaking after a guard who when reaches the end of the
corridor will turn around and see you. And you are sneaking
after him. What you must do is when you feel that you can get
no further in stealth mode.  Is to turn stealth mode off and
rush at the opponent. Killing or knocking him out with what
ever is at hand. If this is preformed probably you can get
them before they turn around and notice you thus preventing
you from getting a close encounter.

2.7.Annesthic, the best weapon EVER

Unlike on my first play through learn how to use anaesthetic
properly as it can be held down to induce more ‘down time’
rather than the 2 seconds of drossiness I was able to create.
 Thus getting you a costume easily for a good
5 minuets, usually enough time to get the job done and out

2.8. Sniper rifles- BLAH

Anyone remember the sniper rifles in Hitman codename 47. How
although they were almost entirely useless but they could at
least be concealed in a suitcase so you could move them
about. Well they have been made even more useless in this
Hitman as although there are some nice sniper spots. The
chances are you aren’t ever going to get a nice sniper rifle
there are really reduced to a point where it is not worth the
2.9. Look at the hands, not around the hand at the hands

Well simply if you see a guard gesture at you with his hands
it either means he wants you dead or your not allowed in here.
Basically every command or thought the guard has can be seen
through his hands thus it will save you a lot of time if you
get really good at watching hands and interrupting what they are

But basically the hand out stretched out with the palm out,
in a kind of stop or halt way. Means you cannot go there.

The hands stroking the chin means that you you are under

2.10 Sometimes stealthy isn't always stealthy

Basically, don't be a fool with the stealth mode if you just
walk in front of a guard with stealth mode and then start
screaming expletives at the screen, when OMG he starts
shooting you. You brought it on yourself instead turn on
stealth mode when you are out of sight of the guards.
And don't get pawned so easily

2.11. Fibre wire

Version 1.02 has a significant bug, which can sometimes be
found. What happens is that if you aren’t stealthy enough
when using fibre wire to kill an opponent. The opponent can
 leave Hitman strangling thin air and just spend their time
 shooting him until he finishes strangling the thin air and
 the dude just drops dead. Strange huh.


Some times the situation calls for a loud gun and that is why
 I always take a deagle with you. Why? Because there are times
 when a good distraction will remove the guards and help you
 cross a very hostile area. And how do you pull this off
 simple aim of in a random direction- away from
everybody-and fire this will cause all the guards to run
in that direction, or if your unlucky your direction,
allowing you to hide the gun and using evasive tactics-
i.e. avoiding everybody who poses a threat- move through
the needed area.

2.13. Innocent until proven guilty, well most of the time

Let say for some reason you got a dead body in front of you
and you killed him cleanly enough that you weren't caught
but not to prevent it's discovery. Just chill, put the
weapon away and stand back from the body. In most cases
if you don't hover suspiciously around the corpse.
You will just be considered another guard/person who happens
to have found the corpse as well. But you do need some sort
of costume on!

2.14. Respect the Dead

So lets take the situation above here is something that you
must not do and that is to take the weapon or ammo from the
corpse as that gets you shot, pain is bad. And I hope I don't
have to remind you not to change costumes with the poor
victim in sight of the others.

2.15 Proper disposal of bodies.

So you killed some poor weird little man and now you've got
to get rid of the body. The first question is well where
should I hide it?

 Our survey says in an unoccupied room in which nobody
or few people ever enter and just for extra security bung
it behind something. I.e. drop it in a toilet cubical so the
door covers it.

SO what happens the corpse is found:
1.You lose all chance of getting SA- well almost all
2.Your disguise is seen through easier especially if your
Wearing his clothes.
3. Security is tightened and suspicion rises higher and faster

2.16 The Push through technique

This tactic is only for a very bad situation where you cannot
 get past a guard behind a door, any other way bar shooting

 Basically just walk past the people and continue walking
 without slowing or changing direction. This tactic work
 about 75% of the time. Just walk through the door and push
 past the guard and continue walking. It might just work!

Aggression tips:

2.16 So how many can I take

Well basically their are two types of weapons those that
 you can conceal, these include pistols and knives,
And those you can't. You may have as many concealable
 weapons on you.  However you can only hide one sub machine

The weapons you can't conceal you also may only have one off.

2.17 Stealthy mass murder

Stealth mass murder my favourite and this is what you do.
First you wipe out every one from a distance with a sniper
 rifle. You then pick a costume form the pile of corpses.
Then slowly pick off everyone in the rest of the place with
 knives and by shooting them in the back. If this is done
 correctly you can kill everyone and no one will have
 figured out it was you. A bit slow aren’t they.

2.18. Sniper rifles

Sniper rifles are very good for aggression as long as their
used only for long range take outs not the other side of a
corridor style fire fight. The sniper rifle is really good
for levels like Anthema where you start on a hill surveying
most of your victims.

2.19. Glass your friend

Glass is very good as it allows you to fire through it and
most guards do not fire through it until you do thus you can
 get the edge on your opponents by letting it rip through the

2.20.Doors your very best friend

Doors are lovely in this game not only are the brilliant for
 hiding behind but they also serve great barriers.

Why? You ask well mainly because most enemies in the game,
wield 9mm pistols, SMG an AKs. All of which cannot pass
 through a door. To use this to your advantage shoot at the
poor victims with a weapon which can pass through doors,
i.e. The ballers. Until you have almost no bullets left in
the clip. Then slam the door fire of your last remain bullets
 through the door which will hopefully hurt some of them,
At which point reload throw open the door and reins, wash
 and repeat.

2.21Heads up

Well most machine-guns recoil upwards and if you’re a lazy
 dude, like me, you’ll most likely love holding down the an
automatic until the clip is empty. Yeah its messy but it
 makes some cool noises just like carnage is meant to. I
 however do think it is only worth doing when facing four
 or more angry dudes.

 You probably will want to retain enough accuracy whilst
 empting the clip to kill all the opponents before you reload.

The best way to keep your accuracy and kill all the fools
- other than to fire in small burst- is to aim at the chest
 of the centre opponent and then spray the lot of them.

This is very effective, as the gun will slowly recoil upwards
 and as such you will not only nail the poor victim but also
shoot his mates in the head.

3.1 Pistols
Pistols are the best weapons in Hitman 2 all of them are
 concealable and they are all very accurate. Some mostly
 the ballers and the deagle have the firepower you need
 for them to pass through bodies

The reload time is just numeric form one to ten. Ten being
no reload time 1 meaning that it takes a good minute however
 there are no guns at these two extremes in Hitman 2.
The higher the number the fast the reload time basically.
9mm pistol

Description: a basic low calibre pistol
This weapon cannot pass through wooden doors
Clip size: 15
Noise: 4/10
Concealable: Yes
Reload time: 7/10
Aggression: 6/10 This weapon is not too bad as an aggression
 weapon, this is because you will almost always have enough
 ammo for it as most guards wield this weapon. It also has
 a very decent recoil and accuracy levels. However it lack
 of firepower, really takes a toll on its use.

Stealth:4/10 Without the silencer the weapons ability to
 perform silent hits is greatly reduced.
Where to find it: Gortano sanctuary, Anathema,
St.Petersburg stakeout, Invitation to a Party, Tracking Hayamoto,
Basement killing, The Graveyard shift Murder at the Bazaar,
Death of Hannalore, Terminal Hospility

9mm pistol SD

Description: a basic low calibre pistol with a silencer
This weapon may not pass though wooden doors
Clip size:15
Concealable yes
Reload time7/10
Aggression: 6/10 No real difference from that of the 9mm
pistol and the ammo for it is still the same so you’ll have
plenty of bullets. However it  lacks firepower, in my
opinion I feel that it has less firepower than the 9mm pistol.
Stealth: 10/10 This weapon is the best stealth weapon in the
game. Not only do the bullets seem not to deviate far from
 the cross hair but also the weapon makes no sound.
This is defiantly a professional tool.  ; - )
Where to find it: given to you at the start on normal and
 expert skill levels However it can be found on the following
 levels; Kirov Park Meeting, Tubeway Torpedo, Basement killing,
Temple city ambush


Description: Dual pistols
This weapon may pass through wooden doors.
Clip size: 7
Concealable: yes
Reload time: 3/10
Aggression:  This weapon is one of the best aggression
weapons. The weapon is able to pass through wooden doors,
 which as described above, gives you a tactical advantage.
 It also has the power to pass tough multiple targets thus
 reducing the amount of bullets needed to fell a group of
opponents. Not only this but it also really shows of the
 rag-doll effect. 9/10
Stealth: This weapon is far too loud for a silent killing
 and most guards will hear it plus it also counts as
 two bullets, which will really narrowing the chance
 of getting Silent Assassin (SA). 2/10

Where to find it:
Given to you at the start on all skill levels

Ballers SD

Description: Dual pistols with silencers
This weapon may pass though wooden doors
Clip size: 7
Concealable: Yes
Reload time: 3/10
Aggression: Same as above however I find it slightly less
Accurate 8/10
Stealth: This weapon is better than the ballers at a
stealthy killing. However it still counts, one shot as 2,
 making it harder get a Silent assassin. You’re also likely
to blast the target out a window, door, ect sending him
 in the path of the guards which again reduces the chance
 of Silent Assassin.  6/10

Where to find it: You get this for your one Silent Assassin
 in a row... so your first one then?


Description: a powerful version of the pistol
This weapon may pass though wood
Clip size: 8
Concealable: yes
Reload time: 4/10
Aggression: 7/10 Very good weapon as it can pass though
bodies and like the Ballers throw them across the room.
In my opinion this weapon is just like a single baller not
the two and although it is very cool, I think that the
Ballers are a much better choice.
Stealth: 2/10Terrible weapon as it loud and is usually used
by me only to distract guards.
Where to find it: Anthema, Tubeway Torpedo, Shogun Showdown,
Basement killing, Terminal Hospility, St.petersburg revisited

.54 pistol

Description: A small but loud gun
This weapon may not pass through wooden doors.
Clip size: 10
Noise: 6/10
Reload time: 5/10
Concealable: Yes
Aggression: This weapon is reasonably useful for an
aggressive approach to a level however its lack of firepower
stunts it somewhat. 5/10
Stealth: This weapon should not be used for a stealth mission
as it is far too loud and you will be unable to escape without
a large firefight. 3/10
Where to find it: Invitation to a Party(Russian agent)

.22 pistol SD

Description: A small pistol with an inbuilt silencer
This weapon may passes through wooden doors
Clip size: 12
Reload time: 6/10
Concealable: yes
Aggression: This weapons accuracy makes it a good choice for
a silent mass murdering spree however it has little use
beyond that. 6/10
Stealth: This weapon is very good for a use in a silent
 assassin however it lacks the accuracy of the
9mm Pistol SD 7/10
Where to find it: Shogun Showdown(in the trophy room)


Description: A classic revolver
This weapon passes though wooden doors
Clip size: 6
Reload time: 4/10
Concealable : Yes
Aggression: This weapon has a good accuracy and can easily
 pass through multiple enemies. The only problem is the
low clip size. 7/10
Stealth: This weapon really should be used as it is *very*
loud and this will increase the chance of your discovery.
Where to find it: Anthema, Jacuzzy job, Murder at the Bazaar,
Temple city ambush

3.2 Rifles
Rifles are long ranged weapons with scopes. They are
usually very powerful. Unfortunately they can't be hidden
at all making Silent assassin harder.

Description: An automated bow
This weapon cannot pass though wooden doors
Clip size: 1
Noise: 8/10
Reload: 2/10
Concealable: No
Aggression:  This weapon is useless as it has a clip of one
and to fire it you must be on the scope, which does reduce
rate of fire and you peripheral vision. However over range
this weapon is very effective, as it cannot be heard the
guards cannot find you and thus allowing you to plug more
arrows into them. 4/10
Stealth: For Silent Assassin this weapon fails significantly
as although it is silent it is near impossible to get it to a
place where you can get a good shoot. 5/10
Where to find it: Hidden valley

Custom rifle

Description: A customised W2000 rifle with a larger clip
This weapon can pass through wooden doors
Clip size: 10
Noise: 6/10
Reload time2/10
Concealable: No
Aggression: This weapon is bad for an aggression game as
although it has a larger clip than its counter part, the
W2000,  you must still use the scope to fire. Thus preventing
you moving and dodging.  5/10
Stealth: As good any other sniper rifle but it is still
impossible of getting to a place where it can be used to
its full effect. 5/10
Where to find it: Hidden valley, At The Gates,
Redemption at gontranno

W2000 rifle

Description: a sniper rifle with a single bullet in its clip
This weapon my pass though wooden doors
Clip size:1
reload time:3/10
Concealable: no
Aggression: This weapon is should not be used for an
aggressive approach as it cannot be used to take on more
than one opponent at a time. This is because of its high
reload time and low clip size.
Stealth: Although this weapon is highly accurate the weapon
is near impossible to move about without being discovered
and killed. So just don’t take it. 4/10
Where to find it: St.petersburg revisited


Description: a sniper rifle with 50 calibre bullets armour
piecing, anti-vehicle weapon
This weapon can pass through wooden doors, but not metal?
Clip size: 5
Noise: 8/10
Reload: 2/10
Concealable:  No
Aggression: This weapon is not bad for long range killings
as it is almost certainly instant death and it has a
reasonable sized clip 6/10
Stealth: This weapon is appalling as not only can it not
be concealed but it make on hell of a noise. 1/10
Where to find it: The Motorcade interception

SVD sniper

Description: A sniper rifle, which looks like an AK
This weapon can pass though wooden doors
Clip size: 10
Noise: 6/10
Reload: 2/10
Concealable: No however at distance it can be mistaken for
a AK
Aggression: This weapon has its uses in an aggressive
approach. It should be used for the removal of opponents
at a distance as it accuracy is very decent. The large clip
also furthers its use in an aggressive approach. 5/10
Stealth: This also can be used effectively for a stealthy
approach however it is own really of any use for
St. Petersburg stake out. One of the reasons for its
usefulness is that it can and will be mistaken as an AK
for the guards thus allowing you to move it about without
threat of detection.
Where to find it: St. Petersburg stakeout, Kirov Park Meeting,
Murder at the Bazaar, St. Petersburg revisited,
 Redemption at Gontranno

R93 sniper

Description: a basic sniper rifle
This weapon can pass though wooden doors
Clip size: 6
Noise: 5/10
Reload time: 3/10
Concealable: This weapon cannot be concealed however it can
be mistaken for a SMG
Aggression: For an aggressive approach this weapon is
reasonable good but again just don’t use sniper rifles
unless you need to. 5/10
Stealth: A good weapon for a stealth attack as it can be
 mistaken as an SMG however sniper points on this game are
 few and far between. 6/10
Where to find it: Anthema, Temple city ambush,
Terminal Hospitality

3.3 Shotguns
 Shotguns are your basic aggression weapon. The weapon does
a lot of ‘Splash damage’

Description: Basic farmers rabbit shooting weapon
This weapon cannot pass through wooden doors
Clip size:2
Concealable: no
Reload: 3/10
Aggression: This weapon is not the greatest aggression weapon
nor the worst but it in my opinion the only shotgun you
should use is the SP12. This weapon it self just as a very
small clip and a long reload time so I thing it definitely
should not be used.
it only has a clip of 2 7/10
Stealth: This weapon is impossible to get close enough to
use it properly and even if you were by some Olympian feat
manage to get it close enough to the target without an
alert or close encounter then you will almost certainly
be discovered afterwards.  2/10
Where to find it: Anthema


Description: Military Shotgun
This weapon cannot pass through wooden doors
Clip size: 8
Noise: 7/10
Reload: 5/10
Concealable: No
Aggression: This is the best shotgun in killing power.
Not only does it have a large clip with a acceptable reload
time but it just looks so cool. 8/10
Stealth: This weapon should not be used to get
Silent Assassin as it cannot be concealed and it makes so
much noise that it is probably a good idea to leave it at
home. 1/10
Where to find it: Temple city ambush, St. Petersburg revisited,
Redemption at Gontranno

Sawn off

Description: a small pistol size shotgun
it can't pass though wooden doors
Clip size:2
Noise: 6/10
Concealable: yes
Aggression: This weapons primary advantage is the ability to
spring it on your opponent and to get deep into the base
before doing so. However firepower wise it has less than
the shotgun and it still as a fatally small sized clip. 6/10
Stealth: This weapon is concealable so now it is possible to
kill the target with one without killing everyone else.
Only problem is getting out.  ;  ) 4/10

Where to find it: Two SA in a row
3.4Autaomatic rifles great for aggressive entries just not
for stealth.

Description: a sub machine gun
This weapon cannot pass though door
Clip size: 30
Noise: 5/10
Reload: 6/10
Concealable: Yes
Aggression: Good in a firefight however you can find yourself
running out of bullets really fast. 6/10
Stealth: This weapon should not be used for stealth no rifle
should firstly they are easy to hear and secondly it is
difficult to fire one bullet as more than two loses any
chance of getting Silent Assassin. 3/10
Where to find it: Invitation to a Party, Tracking Hayamoto,
Jacuzzy job, Terminal Hospility, Redemption at Gontranno


Description: A SMG with a silencer
This weapon cannot pass through wooden doors
Clip size: 30
Noise: 0/10
Reload time: 6/10
Concealable: No
Aggression: This weapon is very cool for the silent mass
murder tactic described above. It also has a decent rate
of fire and a quick reload time making it a perfect choice
for Mass Murderers everywhere. 7/10
Stealth: This weapon should not be used for Silent Assassin
because it is too big to be concealed and fires of too many
unwanted bullets. 3/10

Where to find: Hidden Valley, At The Gates, Shogun Showdown,
Temple city ambush


Description: A sub machine gun
This weapon cannot pass through wooden doors
Noise: 6/10
Clip size: 30
Reload: 4/10
Concealable: Yes
Aggression: This weapon is very good for taking out many
opponents and has less of a recoil than the SMG however you
get it so late in the game that its usefulness drops. However
if you do take it back onto and older level you will see just
how much better it is than the SMG however it is not as cool
as the SMG SD6. 6/10
Stealth: This weapon should not be used in any attempt to get
Silent Assassin as with all of these weapons it fires of too
many bullets, with too much noise. 4/10
Where to find it: Terminal Hospility

Description: a assault rifle
Noise 6/10
Clip size: 30
Reload- 6/10
Concealable- No but luckily police use it so regularly that
as long as you are in one of their uniforms when carrying it
you will not get a second glance.
Aggression: Unfortunately this weapon is weaker and much less
fun than most rifles. It fires too slowly, in comparison
to the SMG, and the bullets seem to travel slower. Don’t use
one unless you must. 5/10
Stealth: Well if you’ve been reading this document properly
you, like me, are probably getting bored with this part
lets just say never use a rifle for a Silent Assassin
attempt. Not that you shouldn’t know it already 3/10
Where to find it: St.Petersburg stakeout, Tubeway Torpedo,
Murder at the Bazaar, The motorcade interception, Tunnel rat,
Death of Hannalore, Terminal Hospility


Description: Military class light machine gun
Noise: 8/10
Clip size: 100
Reload: 6/10 as you won’t reload much
Concealable- no
Aggression-The best weapon for aggression, you need a mere
hand full to take down an opponent. They are very long ranged
when you perform snap shot attacks. And the clip is large
enough to kill every body on the level without needing to
reload once. The mad man’s choice of weapon 10/10
Stealth: No rifle should be used for a Silent Assassin
attempt. 1/10
Where to find it: Tunnel rat


Description: standard American army assault rifle
Noise: 7/10
Clip size: 30
Reload: 5/10
Concealable: No
Aggression- This weapon is better than a SMG and should be
your choice weapon, for an aggressive attempt, until you get
the M60.  9/10
Stealth- No rifle should be used for a silent assassin
attempt 2/10
Where to find it: 4 SA in a row
3.5Close Quarters weapons
The numbers next to the 'to the front' and 'to the back'
display the amount of blows from the weapon it takes to fell
an opponent  from those directions

Fire axe

Description; Fireman’s axe
Average amount of damage:
To the front: 2 hits till the guy dies
To the back:2 hit till the guy dies
Where to find it: Basement killing

Katana sword

Description: Traditional Japanese blade
Average amount of damage:
To the front: 2
To the back: 2
Where to find it: Hidden Valley, At The Gates,
Shogun Showdown

Golf club

Description: Golf club used to play golf-duh!
Average amount of damage:
To the front: 3
To the back: 1
Where to find it: Anthema

Kitchen knife

Description: A basic chief’s knife
Note: All knives are concealable
Average amount of damage:
To the front: 2
Back: 1
Where to find it: You start with it- however
it is dotted throughout the game but their is no point
listing them as you will always have it.

Combat knife

Description: Army combat knife
Average amount of damage:
To the front: 2
Back: 1
Where to find it: Topedo tube way


Description: doctors knives used in operations
Average amount of damage:
To the front: 2
To the back; 1
Where to find it: Terminal hospitality

Fibre wire

Description: cord used to strangle an opponent
Sneak up on the target and attack to kill.
Bug alert
On version 1.02 some enemies continue to walk around and
shoot at 47 while he strangles thin air but when he is
done the guy drops dead

Where to find it: You start with it

Note fibre wire is not detected by frisk searches or metal


Description: anaesthetic used to knock people out
use the same drill as fibre wire except that the longer
you hold down attack the longer the opponent stays down.
Each bottle is about a minute. Max of 5
Where to find it: You start with it.
Note: It is not counted as harming the enemy
4. 0 Walkthrough
A few things you should know before reading the walk through.
When I say stealth I mean SA(silent assassin) and aggression
is the method which gets you up close and personal game.
Variants are different ways to complete the level.

Also note: When I refer to a location on the map I assume
the top is north when I refer to a location in the
main interface I refer to the compass POI stands for point
of Interest
The number next to the method is the difficulty out of ten
4.1Gortano Sanctuary

Diffuculty:0.1/10(in case you get lost)
Recommended equipment: N/A
Number of enemies:
A scarecrow
Several birds

Five pigs
And a series of melons (Scary huh)

You start in the shed, in which you will spend the majority
of the game in. Head to the door in from of you and open
 the door. You will now be greeted by Padre after a boring
chat. He will tell you to meet him at noon. Now move to the
Ruin in front of you.

Open the door and crawl through the hole directly across
from you. You will now see a ladder climb it. Run around
the rim of the ruin and drop of onto the platform below
 climb down steps and leave the door you start this from.
 You should now hear a bell (even if you didn't) climb the
 spiral steps close by you and open the door.  This is the
 courtyard the door to the church is the only door you can
 open and that is to the right of you current position.
Now your in the church take the door to the left. The next
 door you need to take sits next to this door through it
 you will see the confession box to enter it just walk in
through the curtain/shroud thing with the crosses on.

This conversation is weird the priest doesn’t even sound
shocked that this person is a born and bred killer. Must be
all those mafia types. Moving swiftly along. Leave this room
 heading back the way you came back to the courtyard where
 you will find the package. Take the parcel under the arch.
 Proceed back  own the stair to the shed where you started.
 Before you reach the shed the intro will start and you can
 now continue to train or leave to the next level. I suggest
 just to move on as it is just very boring.


Kill the Don
Take the Key from the Don
Rescue Padre

Recommended equipment:

9mm pistol SD(on all levels other than professional)
Fibre wire

Items(these were found by me by killing and searching
everybody this was long and got boring so if I missed some
contact me:(

Flowers- in the hands of the postman
Delivery crate- back entrance (may be used to store guns)
9 mm Pistol- Guards
Kitchen knife - kitchen
Shotgun-guard at front entrance and guy on 2nd floor on the
guy in a green suit
Deagle- mafia leaders son(one wearing the yellow top),
Bodyguard and study
Car key- Bodyguard
sniper ammo- first room along from kitchen and
Third room along shotgun shells- 2nd room along from Kitchen,
.45 acp- room above (on the map) hall and garage
Mag-ammo- study
Pistol ammo- study and boss office
Golf club- boss bedroom or on him
Revolver- target
R93 sniper- garage
Key - don

Number of enemies
Target- 1
stealth: difficulty 5\10

First run down from the hill you on and to the door on the
wall in front of you. The one with three trees in front of
it. A guard will come out and have a slash by the trees.
Take out your anaesthetic and sneak up on him. Hit him with
it don't let go of attack till all 5 doses are used. Then
drag him in through the door and change into his clothes.
Yep its already time to play dress up.

Skirt around the edges until you reach a door on the northern
wall. Open it and sneak  around the edge of the swimming pool.
Climb the ladder and now move onto the balcony. When the body
 guard and the dons son moves to the opposite door. Wait for
 the don to come in and blast him quickly with one shot from
 the 9mm pistol SD or sneak up on him and use the fibre wire.

Pick up the key from his body and run out the opposite door.
You must do this fast or the maid will walk in on your
little games, always a bad thing. Continue running to the
right edge of the roof drop next to the steps into the
basement. This usual doesn't alarm the guards and it hasn’t
killed me yet so give it a go =-).

Now walk down into the basement the stairs should be right
in front of you. Proceed down. To the point of interest open
door. Step in step out.

Peg it down to where you got in by the knocked out guard and
if your fast enough the guard should still be asleep. Open the
door run to the entrance your should have seen the postman
enter from and their you go .If all went well you should
have got Silent Assassin and Double silenced ballers cool

Aggression: Difficulty5/10

Killing everyone who is trying to stop you. All right first
run to the door next to the 3 trees. wait out side until the
guard comes and dispose of him quietly take his gun and get
 into his clothes. Leave the body and go through the door.
 Go thought the basement and head up to the kitchen. Now
 take the stairs in the kitchen up to the 2nd floor. Take
the door into  corridor and head for his office.

Open the door and empty your clip on him if he is not there
move to his bedroom and do the same. Now head out the office
 door to the balcony and run of the right end of the roof.
 Then head down into the basement to the Point of interest
(POI). Just step in step out and head of to the garage. If
 you've got the car key- from the body guard go to the garage
 and 'use' the car. If not run out of the other exit point.

Game variant 1: difficulty 6\10

First knock out the post man by using all of your
Anaesthetic and drag his body out of site and play dress up.
Now go to where the delivery van is and deposit your weapons
in the creates the delivery boy with then carry your weapons
in. You can now enter via the front gates as they can't find
any weapons. After which move to the kitchens and get your
guns back. Now the rest should be played out either as
stated in the aggression or the stealth bit. Alternatively
you can take the create with your weapons in as long as you
drop them the second the guard says 'Hold it right there
then when the frisk search is over pick up the create and
walk in, isn't it stealthy.

Game variant 2: 5/10
Go over to where the delivery van is and take out both of
 the guard and the delivery boy fast before they can alarm
anyone. Dress as the delivery boy and pick up the groceries
and head towards the basement. Drop groceries and leave the
 basement up to kitchen. Now follow the aggression guide as
 it is highly unlikely that you can take out both the
 delivery boy, guard and the Mafia Don with Anaesthetic
 and fibre wire and keep them down.

Game variant 3:8/10

Kill/Knock out the guy who arrives through the doors to have
 a pee. Take his clothes and hide his body. Then move to the
 garage where there is a sniper rifle waiting for you.
Take it and head back up the hill. Bring it to bare and shoot
the Don while he does his golfing. With him dead then drop
the weapon and move through the basement up to the bosses
bedroom and through to the Dons body.

4.3St.Petersburg stakeout

kill the general at the meeting
Don't harm anyone else at the meeting
Escape to the metro

Recommended equipment:
Anaesthetic(once you've got a guards clothes on this level
 is too easy)
Baller SD or otherwise

SVD sniper- locker 137
Sniper ammo- locker 137
Night vision- locker 137
9mm pistol- locker 137 and the guards in the pushkin building
Ak- Police
Glass of water- the one your meant to kill
Cigar-general-ones your not meant to kill

Number of enemies
Targets: 4 but only one you've got to kill
Stealth: difficulty 4/10

When you start the level you start next to the train, the
only escape route. head up the stairs to the south west and
then continue past the escalator and once on top of the
escalator things. Take the first left. Go down the stairs
and open the door to the right. Take the next door you see.

Basically you have to reach the exit at the top right on
your map. To do  that you must proceed down the tunnels
when you reach the T section take right down and cross
the bridge now turn left.  Proceed till you reach another
corridor go down it and climb the ladder at the end. Now
out of the sewers you should see a lorry in front of you
with some clothes next to its tyres.  Why?  Anyhow, change
your clothes and head back to where you started.

Head down to where the lockers are. Pick the lock on number
137. Take the SVD and the sniper rounds. Hoister your weapons
and walk calmly out of the metro. If like me you are having
problems with the 'innocent'  then drop to the train tracks
and climb up back up on the little ladder thus avoiding them.
When your out on the street you'll quickly see that it is
under marshal law so you must keep at a good distance at all
times or they will see through your disguise. So once out
head around the left side of the building and this will lead
you past the roadblocks. Proceed further by going through the
little entrance in the wall on the right hand side. Continue
down to the end of the road. Cross over and head to the POI
building keeping far away from the guards. Due to the fact
at close range they realise your carrying an SVD rather than
an AK.

Once inside take up position either on second floor, third
and fourth each shown by the open non boarded up windows.

From the second floor you will have a poor shot. You will
only be able to see the top of his head which means that you
cannot hit the other generals.

From the third floor you get the best shot but if it hits
the generals neck it will pass through him and hit the
general opposite and if you don't wait for the VIP to move
his head you can hit him too.

From the fourth floor you get a poor shot but again the
chance of hitting the wrong opponent sharply drops.

Below is diagram showing the layout of the room

X= wrong target
O= right target
-= window
 x  x
vo  x
 -  -
When you've shoot the target and run out of the building
and head back to the train avoiding as much suspicion as
possible. You will have won.


First run up the stairs and continue until you reach
the top of the escalator. And turn left go down the stairs
and kill the guard. Take the clothes and hide the body.
You can hide it behind the lockers or through the door.
Enter the door and pick the lock into the sewers. Once out
of the corridor turn left and cross the first bridge.
Continue left and take the  corridor to the right.
Climb up the ladder and turn left. Head to the Pushkin
building and round to the back  behind the  dumpsters
their is the back entrance. Turn to the right find the
target. He will either be in the conference room up stairs
or running around the building. The target is the one with
a glass in his hand and with no smoke coming from his hand-
i.e no cigars on him. Leave back through the sewers to
train station to avoid extra fire fights.
Leave via the train.

4.4Kirov Park Meeting
Kill the general
Kill the mafia connection
Recommended equipment:

It is recommended you take all your concealable weapons
due to the fact the next 2 levels you won't be able to
change your gear.

9mm pistol-guards
Car bomb- drop off
SVD- drop off
Sniper ammo- drop off
9 mm silenced-drop off
Pistol ammo- drop off

Number of enemies

Stealth: Difficulty 3/10

First cross the road and get to the agency drop off.
Do this before the guard comes around the corner as he is
very protective of his bins. So take the 2 car bombs to reach
both you will have to crouch. After such enter the sewers in
the middle of the road just across from the drop of and head
to the exit which, on the map, is the exit closest to the
bottom. To do this follow the tunnel you enter and take it
to the T junction.  Isn't it strange that all the sewers
look the same.

Probably just lazy developers. Continuing left until you see
the next tunnel. Head down it and you'll reach the ladder.
The top of the sewer drain is block, but by what. Yeah you
guessed it the generals car. So anyhow climb up and attach
the bomb, well parking tickets just don't work I mean nobody
takes them serious what you really need is a 'bomb dude'
they'll listen to that. hehehe.

Anyway the drop down the next place you have to reach is the
exit leading behind the building which the mafia bloke parked
in front of. Which is, on your map, the sewer that juts out
the most. To get their head out back to the end of the tunnel
you first came down. Head across the bridge and through the
tunnel to the right. Take the next bridge and continue along
the passage way the turn off you want is the one the third
on the left(not that their is one on the right). Climb up
and wait for the driver to walk past when he goes for a
slash use your anaesthetic him, take his clothes.

With the drivers clothes head to his car and place the bomb
on it when this has happened. Leave as quickly as possible to
the exit point. I think it is easiest to do this by working
your way through the sewers. But your more than entitled to
finding your own way their. When their wait for both cars to
 go up and walk calmly to the boat.

Aggression: 4/10
Kill everybody ensuring nobody stops you by using the silent
mass murder tactic combined with the car bombs.

Game variant 1:5/10

First head off to the church and kill/knock out the guard.
Pick the lock and head of up the stairs. Kill/knock out the
guard at the top. Don't us the ballers as they will send him
out of the window. Yeah I think it's cool too but the targets
don't and they will flee. Head back to the drop off. And pick
up the SVD and ammo climb up the stairs in the church again
and take aim. I think it is impossible to hit them both with
a single bullet. But it is possible to hit them with 2 shots,
or one if you bomb the others car. Either way the escape is
hard as there is only one exit, out of the church but just
 get back to the boat and escape.

Game variant 2:6/10

When both targets have arrived kill/knock out the guard near
the drop off take his clothes. And the sniper rifle and ammo.
Climb into the sewers. Leave the corridor and head left.
Cross the bridge and head right. Go down the first corridor
you see. Once out of the corridor turn right until you reach
a bridge cross it. Turn left and the first corridor. Climb
the ladder and turn to the radio tower. Knockout/kill the
guard there and then pick the lock. Open the door and climb
to the top of the tower. With careful aim one bullet can
travel through the generals head and into the mafia dudes
neck. If so run. If not then try and kill him when he tries
to leave the park. This one is easier if you bomb the mafia
man's car.

Game variant 3: 3/10

Plant both bombs as described on the stealth guide. Shoot a
loud gun the general will run stand next to the boat and
shoot the SVD at him ; ) Not much of a variant.

4.6Tubeway Torpedo


Find your equipment in the army deport in crate FCK
Kill general
Free prisoner in 2nd basement

Number of enemies: 36
Targets: 1
Guards: 34
VIP: 1

Recommended equipment: You take what is left from the last
level unless you load this level from a level further on.

AK- guards, HQ, door west of the first set of creates
AK ammo- HQ
Pistol ammo-FCK
Night vision-FCK
Mini bomb-FCK
9 mm pistol SD-FCK
Bomb remote-FCK
Degale- desk in the HQ
Mag ammo- desk in the HQ
combat knife- general


Firstly work your way to the exit ladder next to the POI.
When you arrive head up the ladder and hide behind one of the
large green carte thingies. Then wait for the guard to stand
in front of the furthest to the left carte. Then enter
stealth mode and sneak up at him with the anaesthetic. Empty
the entire 'clip' on him and take his clothes and his
gun, 'you want to fit in, right'.  Now you've got 5 minutes,
give or take, to get into a new uniform or you will be
caught, but no hassle. So head straight across to that
elevated platform thing. Using the creates for cover move
-run- over to the far end without arousing any suspicion.
When you reach the end of the platform turn right and you
will see an agency drop of point box. Go there and take the
pager, the phone, the mini bomb and the bomb remote.

Then retrace your steps back to the rear of the truck and
climb in when nobody is looking. Head to the back of the
truck and duck just to make sure that nobody sees you on the
way out, When the truck stops get out and head down that
little side alley thing to where the door into the building
is, with the create next to it. Open the door and enter.
Don't bother with the stairs instead enter the elevator
and drop to the First basement. And OMG you got a bonus
save wow! This isn't really a bonus as you most likely will
have 2 saves anyway and I seriously doubt you've used them
all by now.

When the elevator stops head out and follow the corridor down
and left. The guard who follows you will get suspicious of
you but just continue walking and don't stop and you should
be all right. When at the bottom of this corridor take the
first door you see this will lead you into the control room
and their is nobody their to spot you, if done right. The
other agency drop off is of no help to you so don't even
bother going to see what is in it. Anyhow when in the
control room run directly diagonally across the room.
This will lead you into a little corridor take the door at
the end and continue through this room also until your back
in the corridor. Then take the first door on your right.
Shoot the little green box on the computer. Why do it this
way? Mainly because nobody saw you enter this way and thus
you get no increase in security. But you have to leave
swiftly anyway.

Continue down the corridor until you reach the third door
on your left pick it and enter taking the officers uniform
on the bed. Now your disguise is not only more useful but
you won't be shot at when the solider wakes up. Oh the
privileges of rank.

Now that you have the officer uniform continue down the
corridor till you reach the next elevator. Take it down and
Head from here to the room with the VIP and the Target in it.
Stand close to the door but not to far with a trail and
improvement method find the best position to drop the pager
so that the general hears it and you can gut him.
Then hide and use the phone. The pager will then go off.
This causes general to leave pick it up. And enter again
and kill the agent.

So you've got to kill him first. Just get out any combat
weapon and sneak up on him and kill him with it. The downside
to this is that fibre wire on version 1.02 plays up sometimes
and I remember vividly the many times the general just
continued walking while Hitman strangled thin air. Of
course this left both the VIP dead and the target-Huh?
Use the kitchen knife- my substitute every time the
fibre wire lets me down, which it does a lot.

 P.S Anyone know of a version where this doesn't happen?

So after you kill him drag him into the room and talk to the
VIP you may recognise him from codename 47 as he is entirely
the same right down to his 'flag pants'- hehe. With the agent
free just follow him down to the elevator both then get
on- with him- and go up. Then proceed to the sewage station
marked on the map, making sure that he follows you all the
way there. Walk as close to the wall as possible and drop
the bomb. Then get you and the agent out into the corridor
before detonating it. Then rush in and quickly work your way
through to the exit. Do this by crossing the bridge, once
across the bridge turn left take the first tunnel on the
right and wait at the door for the agent to catch up. Not
too hard.

Aggression: 5/10(as always if you want to kill everyone then
do ;  )

Leave the sewers and dispose of the guard and into his
clothes. Take everything and get onto the truck. Wait in
truck until it stops. Climb out of the truck and head to the
door of your right. Enter and head to the south west elevator.
Go down to the first basement. Head up the corridor.
Continue down the corridor and turn left. Open the door.
Head straight through the room(don't go into the door with
the blue sign near it).Open the door and head through and
open the door in front of you.

Turn right and go through the 1st door on the right.
Take out the 9mm Pistol SD and shoot the green light bit not
the monitor to disable all cameras. Leave the way you came
and continue right. Take the right and take the 2nd door on
the left. The door is locked so pick the lock.

On the bed is an officers uniform change clothes and walk out
the door. Continue up the corridor. Go down the elevator then
take a right then a left. Continue on and get around to the
point of interest take out of your weapon of choice and shoot
him through the window. Climb through the window. Make your
way to the sewage station. Drop the bomb and  detonate it.
Run cross the bridge and turn left take the first corridor on
the right.

4.7Invitation to a Party

Kill the general
Secure the suitcase

Number of enemies: 39
Target: 2
Police: 19
Innocence: 17
VIP: 1

Recommended equipment: what you had on the last level

Items: Door key- waiter up the steps having a fag
Poison-pick up
Pistol ammo pick up
9mm pistol- Pick-up and guards
SMG-guards in the basement, 1st room of garage, 3rd room of
Chocolate- safe
Waiter out fit- second room of garage
Dust broom- maid
.54 pistol-agent
Brief case- agent, general, ambassador, safe
Kitchen knife-kitchen
Champagne glass- kitchen
Invite- dudes in suites


Firstly climb up the stairs. if you don't have any weapons
left over from the previous level go to the drop off if you
do have the combat knife and the 9mm pistol SD then you don't
need to go. Hint: if you have an un-concealable weapon drop
it now. Head straight forward towards the side gate and pick
the lock and walk inside the building.
You are now counted by the guards as a guest and thus they
won't touch you unless you go into the basement or get seen
doing a violent act. Head up the steps and through the front
entrance continue on straight forward till you reach the
room full of guests. Leave through the door on the left and
wait for the general to leave to see the maid alone, the
pervert. Anyway slit his throat. Drag his body into an unused
room and re-join the party guests. Wait by the KGB guy until
he holds up the ambassador being held up. Then follow KGB man
at a distance and when he enters the room with the safe. Open
the door and shoot the KGB man.

Now use the Anaesthetic on the Ambassador otherwise he will
snitch and pick up the combination open the safe take the
case. Then walk calmly out to the start of the level.

Aggression: 7/10(due to the fact it is almost impossible to
get up stairs)

First head up the stairs and knock out the waiter. Change
into his clothes and head off to the drop off. Take the
poison and the pistol if you don't have one already. Go
thought the front door and into the embassy and head down
into the kitchen. Get the champagne and then select poison
it will then be poisoned head up and find the general give
it to him. He will run off and die in a what I assume is a
toilet but suffices to say nobody finds him. Now hurry to
the ambassador and follow him to the safe. Shoot the KGB guy
and knock out the ambassador and pick up the combination open
 the safe and walk out with the case without stopping for
anyone telling you to. Head back to the boat and its over.

Game variant 7/10- You can sneak into the basement and get
the waiter suit that way if you prefer.
4.8 Tracking Hayamoto

Kill Hyamoto JR
Plant bug on his corpse

Recommended equipment:
9mm Pistol SD
Combat knife
AK(aggression only)


SMG- Guards, Room on the right of the POI
SMG- guards, garage, on the right of the POI
9mm pistol-cheif, Hayamot JR, fat body guard
Poisoned fish –POI just off to the left of the kitchen
Kitchen knife- room with fish

Number of eneimes:20


Stealth: 6/10

From where you are wait until the guard on the other side of
the stone and the one at the entrance have their back turned.
Then run to the next stone. From here sneak up and Kill the
guard. Drag him inside the garage. Put on his clothes and
sneak around the edge of the house and hide behind the wooden
gate until the cook comes out. Knock him out and take his
clothes. Drag him behind the gate.

Enter the kitchen go down the corridor on your left and enter
the room with the Point of interest. Go to the fish and cut
the fish. Now go back to the kitchen avoiding the guard who
comes back from talking to the guard out side. Place the t
ransmitter and the poisoned fish straight into the dish on
the left hand corner of the table. Leave.

Sneak back to the stone you were stand behind at the start
and then wait for the two messages informing you of the death
of your target and the transmitter being placed.
Crawl from here to the door.

There you go another one bites the dust.

Aggression: 4/10 Go in guns blazing kill the target and place
the transmitter and then shoot your way out.
4.9Hidden Valley


Find the secret passage

Recommended equipment:
What you had last as it is taken to this level


Custom Rifle-snipers in the tower
Katana sword- ninjas with swords in the underground roads
Crossbow- drop off
Crossbow bolts-drop off
SMG sd6-guards
SMG ammo-guards
Night vision-drop off
Number of enemies:66

Stealth: 9/10

This level and in fact the next are some of the most difficult
levels I have every done on any computer game . Why well super
ninja's that’s why. Ninja's which can see your ID card and
your face. In an extreme blizzard with a full face mask on
plus there is no ID card on you so how can they 'check your

So what how you do this is first to run around the rim of the
forest so that it acts as cover and when you reach the edge
of this run quickly to the building which hopefully prevent
the snipers shooting at you. Skirt around the edge of
buildings. Round the other end of the building there is a
guard patrolling then just attack him with the anaesthetic.
Knock him out and take his clothes. Then enter the shed thing
and go down into the tunnel and kill one of the guards in
black uniforms. Placing these clothes on head out down the
passage run along and don't look past your shoulder. But keep
them behind you at a good distance to prevent you getting a
close encounter. Keep doing this till you reach the ladder
exit on the far right of the map. Take this up and run again
to the large gate thing and there you go.

If your very lucky you might just have achieved SA.

Aggression: 2/10 Take the crossbow at the drop off and snipe
your way down to the gates.

4.10At The Gates


Get to the castle undetected
Disable the generators
Recommended equipment:


SMG sd6-guards
SMG ammo-guards
Katana sword-guards
Custom rifle-snipers in the tower

Number of enemies: 35

Stealth: 8/10

Head up to that tree cover ridge and get as close to the rock
border of the map as possible. Then go in stealth mode. You
will notice that their is a guard wandering around doing his
rounds. What he does is walk down stop turn around and then
walk on rinse, wash repeat. What you have to do is use the
 trees as cover and tail him until you eventually catch up
 with him and then knife him. Then take his clothes and
weapon, haul his body away from the ridge edge. And there you
go a not much better than useless disguise.

Then run down to the castle along the road avoiding all the
guards. Do this by running along close to the right hand
ridge- however if this doesn't work use a trail and
improvement method. Go round the right hand side of the
castle. Dart behind the stones and then when the guard has
his back turned dive into fenced area in turn the unit of.
Then run back round to the front and through the front door.

Then stealth out and hide behind the next entrance. Wait for
the guard to leave on his patrol around the secret passages.
When he passes enter the passage and up the stairs into the
guard bunker. This again is hit and miss so you may have to
try it several times but what you have to do is run quickly
to the door open it and close it then head left down to where
the generator is and turn it off. From here turn around
directly and head up the stairs then through the door and to
the end of the corridor and at the end of this you should
find the generator switch Then head directly to the point
marked exit avoiding and keeping way from the guards.

Aggression: Shoot your way through turning of all the
generators. First the one on the outside.  Then the one on
the inside and finally the one up the stairs. Finally head
to the exit. Can't really give you a guide for random

4.11Shogun Showdown


Eliminate Hayamoto
Secure the guidance system

Recommended equipment:
What you had last level
SMG sd6-guards,poi
Katana-guards, museum, 2nd floor and Hayamoto
Key card- point of interest
Bomb remote-poi
.22 pistol SD- museum
Guidance system - museum
Special card-innocence

Number of enemies:40


Stealth: 5/10

First head to the secret door on the wooden part on the right.
Then head up and look through the door and when the guard you
should be able to see turns round stealth in to the follow
the thick beams as the floor boards squeak. And kill him I
prefer to use the 9mm SD for this job. Take his gun and drag
his body using the same boards as you used to  sneak up on
him take his body back then drag them through the door, take
his clothes and weapon. This level is very easy now as most
people don't get suspicious and no more Super Ninja.

Re-enter the room and drop down to the 'wings' and into the
secret' door and then drop run through corridor and then
through the door. And take the card on the shelf. Continue
down the hall and take the first door on your left. Then
continue down to the bottom of this room and take the door
on your left.  And then the next door you see this will
lead you to a room with two guards sitting watching
a table. Yeah fascinating. Anyhow approach the laser fence
thing and deactivate it and proceed. Take the bomb on the
boxes then using the same procedure leave the room and make
your way to the courtyard. Climb up slowly and place the bomb
on the helicopter. You may have to try this several times as
sometimes the guards get angry and sometimes they don't.
Beats me how they get from one extreme to the other.

Now go down the stairs back to where you dropped the body.
After which go to the door back into the 'creaky room'.
Then proceed to the laser fence open and head down  to the
basement and down again to the museum. Take the guidance
system. Also I would advice taking the .22 Sd, because its
cool. Then leave and continue upwards until you reach the
third floor. Then you need to access the computer at the POI.
 Just walk through the paper door things and through the left
door. Then head past the on the left (again) door and up and
round the wall to the computer. Press the button and get out
back to a safe corridor quickly-without rushing until your
on the next floor down - then find somewhere nobody will find
you, as the targets guards attack without provocation.
Anyhow I suggest that passage where you hid the first body.
Then watch the targets progress on the map and when he is
close to the helicopter detonate the bomb. As if he gets
in he escapes and there is no way to detonate it in time.
Then head for the exit.

Aggression : 9/10 Kill everybody whilst remain on the ground
Floor the target will attempt to escape however he will not
be  able to reach the helicopter as you are in his way.  I
am sure their is a way up to the top floor to meet the
target close and personal-like, but unfortunately I have
yet to perfect a method worth mentioning but if you got any
good solid ways to reach the top I’d be glad to here from you.

Update: Steven Orris emailed in with this:
Hello, first I want to thank you for the walkthrough it has been of great help.
Second you wanted to know a way to the top floor. on the third or fourth floor
you will see an innocent. it is a girl that 47 knows. She will give him the card
to get past the lasers to the top floor. Also if you go back to her after you
all you need, she will go with you to the helicopter. Talking to her also gives
you a bonus save.

A fellow gamer,

You should be able once there to move up towards the target. But you
may need to knock some people out. I personally don't like this
method, as is is slightly harder and slightly messier. But it is
do able/

Game variant 1: This is just a small change and if you follow
the stealth guide just without dropping the bomb on the
helicopter. Place it on the route down. Thus the explosion
catches the target and he dies. Just remember, with reasonable
accuracy where you dropped it and you should be fine. This
method increase the chance of an alert but however doesn't
kill any of the other guards. This also allows you to escape
in the helicopter.

Game variant 2: Same as above really just place the bomb by
the guidance thing- and leave it their as that makes him stay
a fraction of second longer- When he arrives detonate it.
Alerts are much rarer as he goes here alone.

Game variant 3: Alternatively you can hide in the room and
wait for him to enter and as he comes in blast him.

4.12Basement killing

Find and kill Charlie in the basement
Disable the surveillance system for the direct elevator

Recommended equipment:
9mm pistol SD


Fire axe- fire-men, fire department
9mm pistol- police
9mm pistol SD-drop off, and room with the computer you have to shoot
9mm ammo- drop off and first roof from stairs
Smoke bomb- drop off
Deagle- room opposite drop off
Mag ammo- room opposite drop off
9mm ammo- room off laundry

Recommended equipment:
9mm pistol SD

Number of enemies:53
Target: 1
Police: 18
Guards: 5
Innocence: 29

Stealth: 6/10

First leave the cubical thing your in. Make sure you take
Silenced pistol. Using the map watch the guards heading into
the laundry room. First head into the first empty room. Then
when the guard leaves again and it is clear again. Head to
the laundry room. Then take out you weapons and drop them
into the shute.

Then leave and cross the hall and into the men's toilets the
other side. Once their wait until the pizza dude enters. Then
enter his cubical, in stealth mode, and knock him out.
Take his clothes and head to the food room. From here collect
the pizza. Now leave and head to the area behind the metal
detectors. Once you pass them head down and slowly head to
the corridor leading to the laundry room. Then when it is
clear head to the first room in the corridor- this is not
the final destination. When the corridor is clear again leave
and pick up the weapons. Leave back to the main  area- on
this floor- and then into the guard room. Then head down all
the stairs and unlock the door.

Drop the pizza and get out the fibre wire. Sneak up on him.
To quote Metallica 'I'm creeping death'. Watch out for the
crisps as if you tread on them they make a noise. When the
target hears this he will be alerted and press the big alarm
button. Not what you want so avoid the crisps. And then when
your up on him kill him. After the cut scene head up the
stairs again and stand in front of the elevator. Pull out
your Silenced weapon and shoot the computer screen with the
green sign on it and run into the elevator. If your fast
enough you'll get SA.


Leave the cubical and head to the room with the agency drop
off running to through here quickly whilst the guard is in
the shower thing. Then go to 137-getting repetitive isn't it.
Take the smoke bomb and when the guard is in the laundry room
and then when he leaves to stand outside the door to the
corridor. Rush into the  laundry room and by the drop the
smoke bomb into the shute.
Then leave and dash to the other side of the floor. Wait by
the door for the fire department and wait for the info
stating about the fire alarm being on. Wait for all the
firemen to leave break in and take the clothes. Turn back and
run through the metal detectors down by the stairs and Then
following the fire exits. Until you get through both head
right to the office. Then shoot out the computer with the
green bar on it.

 Then head down the stairs and sneak up and shoot Charlie in
the head and rush up and out if your quick if it can all be
done before the guards arrive then you'll get SA.

Game varriant:7/10

The guard in the laundry room leaves and then enters and
stands in the middle of the corridor for sometime before
moving. kill/knock him out. And you can go any where except
in the basement and the metal detector when it goes off is
ignored because your supposed to have a gun. Just wait by
the lift for the pizza dude and their you go, You got your
gun past the metal detectors and the pizza dude suit

4.13The Graveyard shift

Plant hacking devise
Find an exit

Recommended equipment:
Combat knife(aggression)
9mm pistol SD

number of enemies:17

9mm ammo- lockers
9mm pistol SD- locker
9mm pistol- guards
Fire axe- guard room with window
Yellow key card- POI south of guard room
Key card- system administrators room


Leave heading to kitchen and shoot the web cam. This sends
the systems administrator to the kitchen. Just hide behind
the door so that it opens out on to you thus concealing you.
However I recommend you still should be in stealth mode and
when he opens the door just walk out at him and knock him out.

Head through the IT rooms- preferable an empty one. Avoid the
IT workers more than the guards. Anyhow when you come out go
to the window and move so that you are as far away from all
people and the window as possible. Then shoot the window out.

This will alert the guards, but not of your presents, then
 walk in and when the administrators office is cleared take
the yellow key card and move up to the sever room.
Then open the door and place the hacker.

After placing the hacker move to the broken window. From here
 stealth across the bridges. Using the ventilation pipes as
cover and the crawling under the wires move quickly in an
almost straight line past the guards to the window cleaner

You should note that the administrator can be seen through
far easier by the IT workers.

Aggression: 6/10:

Just go through and kill everybody

4.14 Jacuzzi job

Kill Charlie
Steal the money
Steal the statue

Recommended equipment:
9mm pistol SD
Combat knife

Number of enemies: 7+

Note: the plus means more can be summoned

Target: 1
Guards: 6+
Innocence:0 +

Revolver: female guards, fuse room
9mm pistol- male guards
Money- safe(behind the painting)
Statue- on the laser stand thing
SMG- guards which are called

Stealth: 8.5/10

This level must be done really really fast. I did it in under
3 minutes but I am sure people can do it much faster.

Basically what you do is you rush along all, the windows bar
the second one in which a women is playing a piano. You must
also wait here as otherwise you will be clocked by the guard
who patrols. Wait for him to pass and run along to the final
roof terrace thing. Then jump over the wall and watch the map
for  the innocent to walk and face the wall.

Then dash in quickly through this door then out into corridor
then through the next door and smash the fuses. Then dash
through the other room. At which time the innocence will
run out so run in and open painting and open the safe. Then
run out to the main big room. To the left of the first
door, is the statue which you need to pick up.

Then head up to the room with the swimming pool at the
furthest left of the map. Then shoot the target in the head
from the other side of the room and rush into the  elevator.
If your quick, as in run the whole way, you can do all of this
with the lights out.  Easy.

Follow the guide above but just don't fret about your stealth.

4.15Murder at the Bazaar


Eliminate lieutenant Ahmed Zahid
Get map of location of warheads from lieutenant
Eliminate colonel Mohammad Amin
Get key from Colonel

Recommended equipment:
9mm pistol SD
Combat knife

Number of enemy:22

Target: 2
VIP: 0

9mm pistol- lieutenant
AK- guards
Key - Colonel
Sniper Ammo- guard quarter
SVD- guard quarter

Stealth: 7/10

Head left from where you are round and take the second opening
on your left and this leads you to a side path running to the
back door of the lieutenant house. Pick the lock and then
reverse up the stairs, hugging the left wall. When you can
get a clean shot, pop him. He deserves it i mean who sleeps
standing upright and alert? Then head up and pick up the

Then wait for the back door guards to enter and then leave
again. At which point hit stealth mode and wander out the
back door and back to the street. Where you should start
running, no real reason for it its just quicker, back to where
you started the level. Then head up to the bazaar- the little
corridor thing with the guards in front. And continue round slowly
to the rear and enter. Then take up position in the compartment/stall
thing right at the 'front' of the bazaar,
The third compartment from the right at the lower end of the
map, and wait for the colonel to wander down and try to bully
the market bloke.

Take up a position where you can see him and only him. And shoot him
in the head, doesn't he jig it around a lot. Then move up to the body
take the key and move to the exit. You must go for the body as soon
as he hits the  floor as the guard doesn't always notice the
colonels death and when he does approaching the body results
in a lot of 'unwanted' trouble.

This does work however it is hard to pull off and can be

Aggression: 7/10
 From here head around the left and take the second left and
break into the house. Then shoot the target, after killing him
kill those below who enter. Then take one of the clothes. Head
to the guard quarters when their take the sniper rifle and
head to the bazaar. Climb the ladder leading up to the higher
level of the bazaar. Once there crouch/stealth- and take aim when he
arrives blast his brains. Find a way down and round the back and
take the key

4.16The motorcade interception

Find the contact- get the weapon
Kill the Local Khan
Spare the UN-troops

Recommended equipment:
Last level's equipment

Number of enemy: 30

M195-Drop off
.50 cal- drop off
AK- guards
M4- un troops

Stealth:8/10 This is another level I hate just because it is
*very* hard to get SA. But anyhow, the first thing you
require is a good disguise so head out to the block of houses
near the Agency drop off. Then wait for the lone guard to
wander  about and knife him. Dragging his body to the contact.
Not forgetting to put his clothes on.

Take the weapon and holster it heading to a sniper spot.
There are four of which:

1. The mosque- from here you can make the shot and quickly
escape. However this is difficult as the limo moves across
giving you little chance of a good shot and also if your
spotted on the roof you disguise is instantly seen through.
2. The centre of town- From here the shot is very easy however
it is impossible to get SA from here. There are steps up from
near the main road and it overlooks the entrance of the limo

3. Another, is the first i ever used, is on the steps near
the exit- however this spot obviously is not meant to be
used as unlike the other two it doesn't speed up the arrival
of the limo so if you want to use it head to one of the
others, without the weapon, then head back. The shot here
is *VERY* hard to pull off.

4.This one is very easy, in front of those stairs discussed
in spot three, is a rocky cliff thing,here you get no alarms,
and you get a very clear and wide angle to shoot at him from.
 However it is also much easier to shoot the UN bloke in the
car as well and you have to trick the computer into speeding
up the cars arrival, go to the spot 2 without weapon and

I suggest you use site 4. After shooting him drop the weapon
and  head to exit. Take the AK just to make you fit in more.
Walk as little as possible however never run in front of the
guards or the UN blokes. And don't be spooked by the random
shootings preformed by the UN troops. That’s normal for peace

Aggression: 6/10 Same as above however killings are
allowed bar the UN.

4.17 Tunnel rat


Gain access to the base.
Kill Yussef Hussein.
Transport the cargo to the surface.

Recommended equipment:

What you had last level.

Number of enemy:

AK- guard
M60-guard(torturing victim)
Deagle-Guard(torturing victim), target
Anaesthetic- the hidden room where the target is
MG ammo- cabinet guard room
5.56 ammo- cabinet guard room

Stealth: 7/10

When you start off hide behind the ruined wall. Then wait for
the guard to walk by significantly far enough for him not to
see you leave. Then run out and across to the circular ruin
which is the northern most entrance. Then hide and wait for
the other lower guard to leave and then pee-the Hitman team
seem to like having people peeing. Kill him with a silenced
weapon. Takes his clothes and weapon.

And wait for the other guard to have a pee and then walk in
through the door. Once down proceed to the POI in the centre
of the map, With the generator. Move to a position where the
guard cannot see you and sneak in and turn off the power.
Then head to the little circular alcove. The guard should
have moved away if not- and the lights are out- you can
attempt a push-through. In which you can just walk past the
guard this can work but not always.

Once in you should open the door and sneak through the
cabinet, and kill the target. Then head out if your lucky the
guard will not be there if he is anaesthetic him this,
usually fails for me, or push past. Easy technique just walk
past them and continue walking straight, without stopping
until the suspicion meter drops.

Then head up from where you are back to the surface through
the entrance you came through. When at the top what for the
guard to return and then sneak out and anaesthetise him.

 Head back down then dive into the tunnels and head to the
top left hand corner and climb up the ladder with nobody
watching you and walk into the room with the elevator.
Call the elevator and ride it up. Then open the large
doors and ....you win.

Aggression: Kill everyone on the ground level taking their
ammo. Then head down the northern entrance and then drop down
and head out to the place where they are torturing the victim.
Shoot both taking the M60-the greatest killing weapon in any
Hitman, even better then the mini-gun on the first game. Take
it and shoot through the entire base.

Game variant 1. Head to the northern entrancing wait until
both guards are busy sneak down. And when the start beating
the bloke down there, run into the tunnel. Head down and get
close to the generator. Climb up and then sneak in and turn
off the generator. Then run into the barracks and take the
clothes on the bed.

4.18 Temple city ambush


Meet agent
Kill the 2 contract killers
Photograph their bodies

Recommended equipment:
9mm Pistol SD
.22 SD
Combat knife

Number of enemy: 38
Police: 10
Guards: 4
Innocence: 24
VIP: 2

9mm pistol SD- assassin 1
Sniper ammo- assassin 2,4
R93 sniper rifle- assassin 2,4
Mag ammo- police
'innocent' who tries to kill agent- SMG SD6 and SMG ammo
SP12- drop off
SP12 shotgun ammo- drop off

Stealth: 7/10
Large parts of this are random as such they can be different
game to game.

First find the Agent he is in a building called carpet
delivery or something like that He is also the second VIP
the one not at the agency drop off). And He will shoot at you
but he's bent so let him.

He will then talk to you and ask you to kill 2 contract
killers. This bit is hard to write as it is random so I will
just give you general directions. First lets deal with the
sniper. Head into the market with the assassin in and creep
round the edge and into the building with him in. Walk in
and up the stairs. Go into stealth mode and slit his throat
or fibre wire him. Leave.

Follow the other assassin at a good range and when he gets
into a place where no one is watching kill him with a
silenced weapon If necessary move his body and stash it in a
hiding place, IT is also possible to use the sniper rifle to
shoot  him.

Go back now and take a picture of both the bodies. Head back
to the agent after his talk close the door. And go into
stealth mode with the anaesthetic.  The purple turban dude as
he enters. When the door opens knock him out as he tends to
miss on the first 3 shots. Giving you time to 'get him’.
This is how I do it however you can anaesthetic him at anytime.
Now head towards the exit point which should be noted on your
map. The exit is behind  the carpet stuck to the wall.

Aggression: 4/10 Same as above but you get to shoot lots more
people =)

4.19 Death of Hannalore

Pick up the key to the hiding place
Kill Dr Von Kamp
Hide her body in hiding place
No civilians are to be killed

Recommended equipment:
Same as from the last

Number of enemy :29
Target: 1
Guards: 18
Innocence: 10

Poison- any medical cabinet
9mm pistol-Guards
Key-store room
AK- store room
9mm pistol SD- store room


First wait for the guard on top of the Helipad and the guard
patrolling the area in front of you to go and then run
(following the coast) to the Helipad. Go thru the tunnel and
take your 1st left and then the next left. Go round the sewer
either left or right. And take the 1st path leading out.
Take the next left and you'll enter a room with 4 gully things
and a ladder. Ignore the ladder and take the 1st gully on
your left. Follow the passage through and up the ladder.

Firstly as you get out hide behind the column close by. Why?
You need to get into those rooms to your left however the
second one has a innocent in it who will squeal. So hide
behind the column wait for the guard to move out of sight
and run to the third room on your left. Thus bypassing the
trouble. From here head along the Rooms 'upwards' until you
reach the last in which the clothes you need are lying.

Run across the courtyard- well move across it- and then enter
the room and head 'down' towards the drop of point. When you
reach the door leading to the corridor. Halt and Wait for the
guard in the corridor to go toilet and open the
door. Turn left and run to the other end of the corridor.
Open the door take the key and the poison. Leave when the
guard has gone back into the toilet. Head to the courtyard.
Head towards the building with the  domes on top. Open the
door and head up the stairs.  And into her office. Walk up
to the desk and poison the water. When she finishes talking
she will drink the water and die instantly. Strong poison!

Check the map as there can *sometimes* be an innocent
walking around if so drag her body through the door behind
her desk. Then through the door on the door on  the
left. Drop the body and head into the office. The innocent
will then walk into the office and leave. Then fetch the
corpse, bring it back into the office.

When the step above is completed or skipped respectively drag
the body directly through the centre of the middle room. This
means that you don't deviate at all as if you do you can and
will be spotted. Once across the room stash her in the hiding

Walk back to the courtyard and then through the hatch, sewers
and then- when the coast is clear- run to the boat. Sorted.

Agression:5/10 Same as above just not quite as stealthy.

4.20 Terminal Hospitality

Kill the cult leaded
Escape Hospital Island

Recommended equipment:
Last levels equipment

Number of enemies: 52
Target: 1
Guards: 33
Innocence: 18
Scalpel- poi in basement (there are 2)
Deagle-Body Guards, Temple
SMG- Body Guards
UZI- Cult Members
Night vision- drop off
Room key- drop off
Anaesthetic- room through door in drop off
AK- temple, Guard stand next to door with bomb over it
Sniper ammo-temple
R93 sniper rifle- temple


First head round the side of the building and stand behind
the rock. Run over to the first set of boxes. When the guard
on the boat is looking in the wrong direction  run over to
the 2nd set of boxes the guard in front will soon turn around
when he does wait until he turns back around and run up the
hill. Head through the valley thing/ cracks in the rock.

 When you reach the end of this head forwards and put on the
clothes. Now head into the temple(the building near you).
take the left corridor and into the room it leads to.
Head to the corner of the room and take the AK(as for some
reason they pay less attention to you if you have one of
these). Leave the temple and head to the left. Take the valley
and when you reach the end of it head left follow the wall until
you reach a window. Climb through the window and pick the lock
to the door. Walk through this room. Leave into the main hall.
Head up the stairs and head to the four rooms up here. Take any of
them and head to the button next to the bed.
Then press 'Call nurse' this will bring the nurse and thus removing
any threat for you to get the doctor costume- kinky.

Anyone know how I could get a call nurse button? ;-)

Then head to the room leading to the agency drop off. Pick
the lock on the door and enter. Take the entire contents of
the box and then head to the other door in this
room- I.E not the one you have opened. And you should see
the doctors outfit lying their take it, needless to say you
can dispose of the useless AK.

Then head to an elevator I would go for the one on the lower
floor- floor 1- as it tends to have less people around and
doesn't take as long to call. Then go down to the basement.
Take when down follow the blue line thing on the wall as that
will take you to the right ward. On the map you should see 3
POI in a row. The top on has an easy to get scalpel- just need
to lock pick- and the bottom one has a power generator.

Pick into the top one and into the side room for a scalpel
and then go to the bottom one and toggle the generator.
Once the generator has been toggled you have two option.

 1. Leave the generator off and navigate with the
 night vision.

2. Turn the generator back on an instant or two later
and thus forcing the guards out of the operation room and
allowing you to navigate without the appalling night vision

Sometimes the guards still shoot at you. I don't know why.

From here head to the red ward and check each operation room
until you see the one with the bloke in it. That is your
target. Take out the scalpel and select the option kill cult
leader. Then he does a long sequence and then the cult leader

Then leave up one of the spiralling stair cases. Then when
you reach  the first floor leave and then out the front door. This leads
you into a courtyard with a swimming pool. Head to the far
side a head of you and then take the steps down.
At the bottom work your way towards the boat. When you are
almost their MR. 17 will shoot at you if he hits you won't
die but may get an alert but if you followed the procedures
above then you should have no problems getting SA.

Do not follow him as you will die!

Climb in the boat


First go round the corner of the building and stand behind
the rock. When no one is looking run to the second set of
creates. And again when no one is looking run up the hill and
head through the valley. Get into the clothes sitting next to
the pool. Head into the temple take the left passage and in
the corner of the room you enter take both the r93 sniper
rifle and the sniper ammo. Holster and leave.

Note: Now you must make sure that you don't get too close to
the guards as they will see you don't have a normal weapon.
So always check where the guards are  before you head into
a new area.

Head to the lift taking the route with the least guards along
it. Go down to the basement. When the lift doors open drop
the weapon and peer around the side of the lift.
When you feel you have a chance of getting though this
room with the sniper rifle. Pick it up and head down
to the left. And pick the lock on one of the doors with
ladders in them. Climb up the ladders and head to
the hole which leads you on top of the room with the target
in. Shoot with one shot the bit of green you can see
(usually to the right of the big light thing). This will kill
him instantly.

Drop the gun and leave to your boat. Ignoring Mr 17.

4.21St.petersburg revisited

Kill Sergie
Kill Mr 17
Escape to the metro

Recommended equipment:
You can't choose

Sniper ammo(blanks)-drop off
SVD sniper(blanks)-drop off
9mm pistol-guards
W2000-Mr 17

Number of enemies:27
Target- 0(but we'll get to that later)
Guards-15(including Mr.17)
Things you should know(spoiler alert): Don't read any
of this until you have played the level and reached a point
where you have figured out what is going on.

Alright if you can't wait- This mission is a set up, in order
to kill 47, don't worry though it is easy once you know what
to do. Basically the SVD only fires blanks. And I though when
I got here that I had just lost my touch...

But iI figured it out by shooting at lamp post and looking for bullet 'impact'

Stealth: 8/10
What you do is that you leave metro and head up close to the
building and strafe slowly until you are on the corner of the
building. Then run at the building and dash into the door.
From here head up the left stair case and into the room 17
should be in this room. If so sneak up on him and fibre wire
him. Take his clothes run out of the building. Then dash
into the sewers east of the pushkin building. The entrance
is next to the truck. When under and into the sewers work
your way out to the metro. Move as fast as you can the
guards will quickly find the corpse of Mr. 17

Take the fibre wire and go round to the back of the building
in which you are meant to sniper the target from. Then wait
for the guard to separate himself from the rest of the pack.
At which fibre wire him and take his 9mm gun and shoot the
other collecting their Ammo. Then you should head round the
back of the Pushkin building. Shoot the two guards.
After killing them both take their better weapon.
Then enter and shoot your way though the building and out.

4.22 Redemption at Gontranno
Kill Sergie's bodyguards
Save Victorio by killing Sergie

Recommended equipment:
When you get to the shed get
The ballers and M60

Custom rifle-guards in church
Church key- Church basement
SVD- guards in Church and the one on the ruin
Your guns-Shed
Number of enemies:21

Guide: Sorry folks from my experience, beaten the game 10+
times, I have never got a rating at the end of this level
thus their is no point going for silent assassin as you don't
get rated.

So just follow this guide and the level should be easy. One
helpful hint is to use heavy improvisation. Something failed,
then use it to your advantage as this is just one, well two,
long fire fight(s).

Firstly you need your weapons so what I do is just stand in
the centre of the courtyards and run about until they open
fire on you. Then just run past, though the door which they
open, them and drop down from the stairs and head into the
shed. Then take the M4 or preferable the M60. Then put some
bullets in it and run to the corner of the room, behind
the window but facing the doors.As your persuers open the door
open fire. Kill everybody who comes through it.
When it is quiet stick your head out the window and shoot anyone you see.

After doing this drop your weapon and pick up your favourite
sniper. Then take the sniper and shoot at the bloke on the
ruins. Drop this and pick up some good pistols, I like the
Ballers and take up the machine gun. Leave and enter
the church through the door leading to the basement. After
which head to the door furthest away from where you are
open the door. Take the key.

Then leave back to the outside and head up to the
Main Entrance. Then enter the church through the main door.
Spray the room with bullets. After all of them are dead,
drop the big gun. As a pistol has better and more effective
power over longer range. Then head to the left and up the
stairs. Once their open the door to the door leading to the
balcony.  And kill the guard with the SMG and the SVD some
distance from him. When they are dead, hit stealth mode and
creep around bring out the ballers. lift your head shoot one drop down.
Move to the other side and rinse, wash, repeat until all are dead.
Then head into the Closter and shoot through the heart thing. Sergie will
leave and run off.

He has an SP12, a very dangerous weapon. He will usually
run up to the upper balcony. Climb up and open the door
to the balcony and open the door and let rip your ballers
on the upper torso. Bang you win. See no stats so you
couldn't have got SA.

Me for doing it and you for reading it- Lord me aka
Matthew Berryman

There was another bloke who helped me out a year before
I began this project. However I forgot his name but he help
point me in the direction of the contribution section which
for any other aspiring FAQ writer go there and it will tell
you how to write one.

Steven Orris for contributing the help with Shogun Showdown.

IO studios and Edios for creating such a great line of games
 and all other respective copywriter holders.

All other FAQ on any game as it is a hard job writing one
and I thank each and everyone of you, as you have helped
countless gamers.
6.0 Email dos and don'ts
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it then put the subject title as HITMAN 2 FAQ

However I do have a blacklist of people I never answer.
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So until next time, Mat 2004-2008 (C)

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