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Guide and Walkthrough by 89programming

Updated: 07/27/2005

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
by Dave (god-mail@juno.com)

	-For Silent Assassin rank
	-on Professional difficulty
	-and taking every weapon

#Beginning Notes#

Another edition of Hitman that no one seems to know how to play. Although,
people come closer in this one with the addition of the Silent Assassin
ranking. However, this guide will show the quickest and easiest way to achieve
the Silent Assassin ranking on each map without any extraneous equipment. It
turns out that each map can be played over and over to achieve Silent Assassin
without much trouble as long as you time things perfectly. You may notice all
my times are divisible by 5: my theory is that most missions have a target time
in which you can complete the objectives exactly the way you should without
much fuss. Another theory I have is the every character can be killed on every
map without any alerts, but one theory at a time...
I hope you have played through the game at least once or are only using this
guide when you get stuck for several hours. Otherwise, I got all the fun you
paid for. I wrote this guide completely on my own using trial and error, so you
should be able to figure out each mission, too.
	I love this game and by the time you're done, you will, too.

	-I'm assuming you're playing Professional (the hardest) difficulty.
-When picking locks, you should switch quickly to the map and the back once or
twice. That will speed up the process.
-That works the same for using the fibre wire. Switch to your map and back,
and the person will be dead and on the ground. But you stand up, so not for
every wire kill.
-DO NOT watch the cutscenes-they take away precious time and might throw off
your timing.
-You won't need to equip any weapons before missions. Every mission can be
accomplished with the tools you start with (Fibre Wire, Binoculars, and
Lockpick) and the items you find in the map. You don't need Anesthetic-Drugs
are for losers!
-We will pick up every weapon it is possible to pick up with one play through.
You will have to play Anathema twice more to pick up the remaining two weapons
(SA walkthroughs provided at the bottom of this document).
-Mission rewards are based on the number of times you have achieved Silent
Assassin rating. If you don't stick with the guide, you won't get the same
-I don't use a watch for the time (during the game), I just count. Therefore,
expect inaccuracies. Of course, I give the level time it gives me (i.e. you can
expect accuracy in my level times).
	-Jesus, walking sucks.
-While I recommend having played the game before using my walkthrough-and I
assume you fully know how to use your controls-this is actually my first time
completely through on Professional. I might make some timing mistakes, but I'm
sure the premise is there. Just use your head.
-My version of the game is not the mainstream version, so names and other
details may have changed (Damn... it's really spelled "Fiber", isn't it? Well,
my spelling was a type-o in the first level of the first game, and here it's
stuck with me!).
	-I don't know about you, I could go with less realism when guards pee...


This mission is cool. At the end of this walkthrough are solutions that end
with different weaponry.
From the start, you can see a large wall to your right. Turn to the right a
bit to find the door in the wall. Now, run up to the door and hide to the right
of the door behind that little niche right next to the door. Hit sneak mode,
bring out your fibre wire, and wait. A guard will open the door and walk away
from you and stop to pee. As soon as you see him, go after him. Get up right
behind him and snag him with the wire.
Go out of sneak mode and open the door. Drag the guard's body through the door
and leave it by the tree you find. Take his clothes and holster his gun. Stay
to that side (east) of the garage and go towards the east side of the house.
You may run until you come to the end of the garage, but then I recommend
walking. From here you should see the stairs going down-head towards those
stairs. Once you are out of sight of the guards on the front porch, you may run
again. Go down the stairs and open the door. Run right and follow the hallway
to find more stairs. You can run about halfway up the stairs, but then you
should walk. At the top of the stairs, turn a hard left and walk towards the
cook. Another hard right and you will find some stairs going up. Walk up those
stairs and open the door. Continue walking and open the door almost directly in
front of you.
You will find yourself on the balcony. Shut the door behind you and you will
notice a section of the balcony railing missing. Walk onto the ledge and follow
it around the east side of the house. Continue walking and you will reach the
roof of the house. Turn left and you will see a door. Walk towards that door
and you will see some wooden planks bridging the gap over the roof. Hit sneak
mode right before you reach the wood. Cross the wood bridge and open the door
(still in sneak mode). Run across the room and crouch on the right side of the
bookshelf (I guess). The Don will enter (quite shortly-depending on your
timing) and walk up to his desk. Enter sneak mode, take out your fibre wire,
and do what needs to be done. Once he is dead, liberate him of the Revolver and
the Room Key, as well as the ammo on the table. Exit the room using the door
you used. Hit sneak mode right before you open the door, and go out of sneak
mode once you are fully on the roof.
You can escape with the car by dropping of the north side of the roof and onto
the closest tree (to the left of the ladder). In this tree, you will find the
Car Key. Take it, climb back up the ladder, then continue the walkthrough
expect once you take the R93 Sniper, simply use the Escape in Car option on the
car in the garage. You can even still get SA rank. Jus' so ya know.
Walk back to the ledge and back around the building but when you are just
about at the stairs leading to the basement, just drop off the ledge and run
down the stairs. Run into the only room in the basement and then run back to
the top of the stairs you just used. Turn right and run to the end of the
house. Walk once you are near the end of the house and go back towards the
unconscious body. You should see a door on the side of the garage you are on.
Open that door and walk up to the R93 Sniper's Rifle. Pick up the rifle and
then run out the door you just used and back to your starting point.
	Hey, I got a Silverballer .45 Suppressed for that! Nifty.

	Time: 4:25

#St. Petersburg Stakeout#

This mission is one of my least favorites because of the stupid civilians at
the beginning. They take a random path each time, or at least start at a random
position, so I can't really help you. At least this part is early so if you
need to restart, you haven't done much. Usually, though, they don't care as
long as they don't see me picking the lock or walking with a rifle (or running).
Anyway, get to the locker and pick the lock. Take the SVD Sniper’s Rifle and
the sniper ammo (important!). Now, head up the main stairs (still without being
seen) and turn left. Run up those stairs to the non-moving escalator. Don't go
up the escalator until twenty-five seconds after Diana says the meeting is
starting early. After waiting, go up the escalator and you will see an opening
to your left. Go to the left side of the opening and wait for the guard to pass
in front of you. He will turn back and head the other way. When he is facing
the other way, walk down the stairs and turn right. On your right will be a
door. Open it and run through. In this room there is only one other door, so
pick the lock, and go inside.
Welcome to the sewers. You will get to know the sewers well, as you will be in
them in the next two missions, as well. I must say, though, that these are
_really nice_ sewers. Anyway, run down the hallway (as though you have a
choice) and turn right at the end. Keep running and you will see a bridge over
that... er... troubled water. Go over the bridge and head left, back the way
you came. On your right will be another hallway, so take it. At the end of this
hallway is a ladder.
Climb the ladder but do not go all the way to the top. At some point, you can
manipulate the camera so that it is above the manhole even though you are not.
Most likely, a guard will walk around the building just north of you coming
from the west (left) side. Wait until he is hidden behind the truck in front of
you, then finish climbing the ladder. Walk forward and grab the uniform that
just happens to the lying on the ground.
In your brand new uniform, make sure your rifle is holstered because it is
less likely that you will be noticed with all weapons holstered. Now, run west
and onto the street. Run left staying in the middle of the street. Keep going
west and go towards the building with the "!" on your map (orange-ish building
just west of the target's building). Two guards will come patrolling near you,
so walk when you're fairly near them so as not to draw suspicion. Things should
be timed so they both walk past and you can just walk behind them without too
much notice. Go into the southernmost door on the orange-ish building. Walk the
entire time you are in this building.
Walk down this hall and take the second-to-last right (the last right is a
dead-end). Go forward and turn left to find the stairs. Walk up three flights
of stairs. At the top of the third flight, there is a door directly in front of
you. Open this door to find the kitchen. Go in the only other door in the
kitchen and enter sneak mode. Open this door to find an open window with a
perfect shot on the general. Move so that you can see the open window on the
target building and ready your rifle.
Listen to Diana, then shoot the general seated closest to you and facing away.
As soon as you shoot, run back through the door you used to enter, and then
through the next door to find yourself at the stairs. Run right, around the
stairs, to find a ladder. Climb the ladder and enter sneak mode before you
reach the top sneak forward a bit, then strafe right, and then sneak backwards
and then left to hide in the little alcove southwest of the ladder. Use your
camera to watch around the corner. A guard will come up, then turn around and
walk back down the stairs. Once he is gone, sneak back to the ladder and wait
for the sound of footsteps to completely go away.
Now, climb down the ladder and walk down the stairs and out the building using
the path you used to enter. Using the same path you used to get there, go back
to the manhole cover and then back through the sewers to the door. Open the
door and go into the room. Go up to the door and look through the keyhole until
the guard walks from left to right and out of your view... twice. The second
time he is out of your view, open the door and walk out and left and up the
stairs. Now make your way back to the subway and you are finished.
	And a Sawn-off Shotgun greets you...

	Time: 10:25

#Kirov Park Meeting#

	Nice an' easy mission here.
Start out running across the street and to the right. Head to the right of the
dumpsters and once past the first dumpster, turn left and find the weapons
stash. Quickly scroll through the weapons and pick up the two car bombs. Now
head back to the other side of the street. A car will come down the street, and
once it does, the road will be clear for a while. In the middle of the street
is a manhole, so head down.
At the bottom of the ladder, run down the hall. Keep left until you find
another ladder. Climb the ladder at once you are at the top, you will see the
Plant Car Bomb option. Do that and climb down.
Now run back down the hallway and across the bridge directly in front of you.
Go left on the other side of the bridge and then turn right when you come to
the next hallway. Turn right at the end of this hallway and the head left
across the next bridge. Turn right across this bridge to continue in the same
direction and then turn left at the hallway you find. Now head up the ladder
and use the trick you used on the last mission to look around before you climb
out of the manhole. If you timed it right, a uniformed limo driver will be just
rounding the corner to pee. Climb out of the manhole cover and just walk behind
him until he stops to pee. He'll keep looking back, but that's fine. Once he is
peeing, enter sneak mode, take out your fibre wire, and go get him. Take his
clothes and holster your fibre wire. I know, killing innocents isn't cool, but
this guy is one (but the ONLY one you kill).
Run around the building until you're almost at the south corner, then walk out
to the street and up to the car. Stay on the side of the car that you are on.
Walk up to the driver's side door and select the bomb-placing option. Turn
around and go down the manhole in the street near the car.
Run down the hallway you find yourself in, and turn left when you come to the
end. Head right across the first bridge you find and then left again to
continue in the direction you were traveling. Turn right when you find the next
hallway, and then right again at the end of the hallway. Turn left across the
bridge and then left again. Down the hallway where you find the ladder near
your starting point. Go up and back to your starting point. You might have to
wait before exiting for those objectives to be complete, but that's not a big
	Damn, I don't get anything for this one? What a rip...

	Time: 5:35

#Tubeway Torpedo#

	This mission is long, but not hard as long as you can take the length.
From the start, head left across the bridge. Turn left on the other side of
the bridge run forward. Go across the next bridge you find and continue north.
You will come to a short hallway with a ladder on your right (red arrow on your
map). Head up the ladder and use the camera-above-the-manhole trick to wait for
the guard to come into your sight and then turn around and start smoking.
Climb out of the manhole walk up to the smoking guard. Before you get to the
snow behind him, hit sneak mode, take out your fibre wire, and then go snuff
the smoker. Take his AK and then drag him back to the manhole. Leave him on the
snow mound on the west side of the manhole... near the barrel. Holster the AK
and exit sneak mode. On your map, you will notice two boxes near each other to
the south of you. You want to pass between those boxes and the boxes
immediately south of you. Walk past the guard standing there staying as west as
you can and head south to the ledge. At the ledge, turn right and walk behind
the boxes. You will find yourself at the Hitman marker on your map. Take
everything in the box to achieve the first mission objective (although you can
beat the mission without taking the Nightvision).
Now wait until the phone rings (not the one you picked up) and the guard goes
to answer it. While he is talking, walk to the west of him and you will find a
manhole in a niche to your left. Go down that manhole. There is only one path
to this sewer, so follow it and go up the ladder you find. Once up that ladder,
run forward and up the wooden stairs you find. Go over the concrete barrier and
land on the ground. Now walk towards the stationary guard keeping as left as
possible. Before you reach him, that guard will turn and start walking away
from you. Follow him until he goes in the door at the end of the hallway. Move
to the other side of the box so he can't see you when he exits the door but
your camera can see him. He will exit and walk back to his post. When he does
this, go behind him and open the door. Go through the door and turn right
immediately-keeping on that side of the boxes. Take the AK and the ammo if you
want, but make your way to the yellow elevator. Call the elevator and go
inside. Take the elevator down to the 1st basement.
You're award a bonus save, but don't be a wimp (even though this part is the
hardest part of the mission). You will come to the bottom and there is a guard
standing there. Stay in the elevator and the doors will close. Go up to the
selection pad and select 1st basement again to re-open the doors. Now walk down
the hall behind the guard. The hall turns to the right and after that turn is a
niche to the right with a door. Go into that niche and crouch on in the south
corner. The guard will pause, and then go back in front of you. Once he makes
the turn, stand up and continue south down the hall. You want to walk and
crouch in the southernmost corner of the next niche on the right. Do this
quickly and a guard will very shortly pass in front of you. Once he is standing
still, stand up and walk south down the hall. Turn left when the hall turns and
then walk to and open the door directly in front of you. Turn left and you will
see a hallway on the other side of a room. Walk directly through the room and
into that hallway. At the end of that hallway is a door (the northernmost door
in the room). Go through that door and then through the somewhat pointless room
and through the only other door in the room. Turn right in that hall, and then
walk down the hall and into the next door on your right. For some reason, the
cameras don't care when you go into this room even though the guards do (care).
Walk into the middle of the room, wait for the door to close, and take out the
Silenced Pistol. In the middle of the room is a box with a 1 on it, a screen,
and some green lights. You want to shoot that pad of green lights (on the
bottom portion of the box). This will disable the surveillance system. You can
only shoot once in order to get Silent Assassin (because you already have one
kill), so make it count. You may want to use that save you didn't use if you're
not sure what to shoot (and I won't think you a wimp).
With the cameras disabled, holster the pistol and walk back out the door you
used and into the hall. Turn right (south) and run down the hall to the turn.
At the right turn, start walking but continue to follow the hallway. The second
door on your left will have a two-star emblem to the right of it (and a "!" in
the room if you check your map). Pick the lock on this door and go inside. The
bench in the southeast corner has an officer's uniform on it, so take those
clothes. Re-holster your AK and take a look at your map. There is a guard that
patrols from the room with the blast icon to the southernmost elevator.
Usually when I exit this door, I see him walking towards me and I can just run
right past once he turn and goes south, but I can't tell you exactly where he
will be in this hall. It's not a big deal since there are those niches
everywhere, so just crouch around the corner when he is walking towards you,
wait for him to pass, and then continue. You could just keep walking past him
as far away as you can get, and he most likely won't notice. The hallway will
come to a fence and another elevator. Head directly to the elevator and call it
to open the doors. Go inside the elevator and head to the 2nd basement.
There are no guards immediately in the 2nd basement, so run forward and turn
right and follow that hallway. There is a door on the southern side of this
hallway in an alcove. Take out the pager and drop it in the southwestern corner
of the alcove. Hit sneak mode and move to the southeastern corner of the
alcove. Drop your AK and take out the Cell Phone. If you haven't done this
before and didn't use the save earlier, then you can use your save here, but I
don't really think you need it. "Fire" the Cell Phone to use it and make the
Pager beep. Now take out your fibre wire and wait. Your target will come
through the door and pick up the Pager. He will stand there for a second
examining it and this is your chance. Come up behind him and get him. Take the
Combat Knife from the General and then stand up and pick up your AK. Walk into
the room the general left for a cut scene with the prisoner. Hey, a save! Well
that's just frikken useless since we're about a minute away from the mission
end. Whatever.
With your new old friend, run back to the elevator and select the 1st basement
once he's inside. On your way up and after the cut scene, make sure your AK is
holstered. Once your elevator arrives, exit and walk through the gate staying
as far north as you possibly can. Here, if you've been quick, you can enter the
empty room off this hallway before you meet the guard and just watch through
the keyhole for him to pass going north. However, I usually just walk past him
on his route. Your alarm-meter will go jumping for a second, but keep moving
and you'll make it through. Walk while in his sight, but run when you're out.
When the hallway splits off to the right, head right to find a door on your
right. Through this door is the room marked with the explosion icon. Take out
the Mini-Bomb and drop it when you get a "Close Enough to Drop Bomb" message.
Back up to the north side of the room to make sure the prisoner is far enough
away (a few feet).
In this last part, you must run all the time, but you will be okay if you do.
Don't worry about the prisoner, he will follow you. Use the Bomb Remote, then
holster it and run forward through the newly-formed hole. Immediately turn left
and then right at the bridge you come to. Turn right again once over the bridge
and follow the path to another bridge on your right. Take this bridge, turn
left, and then quickly back right into the alcove with the door (marked with
blue "EXIT" on your map). When the prisoner catches up with you, there will be
a cutscene ending the mission.

	Time: 12:40

#Invitation to a Party#

	Dude... did I bring my AK? I don't remember doing that...
Anyway, drop that sucker and run up the stairs. Turn left at the top of the
stairs and run between the two buildings. The wall in front of you has a door
to your right, so run up and pick the lock (which takes longer than usual).
Once through the door, run forward and towards the front (south side) of the
embassy. Run up the steps and to the front door. Now, unfortunately, you have
to stop running.
Open the door and walk forward. Keep moving forward and open the two set of
doors you find. You will now be in the party. Turn left and go through the
double-doors there. Your target will be walking towards you in this hall... all
by himself. Unfortunately, it's tough to catch him, so simply chill in this
hall across from the second door on your left and wait for the General to come
back. During this time, look at your map. The white icon on the map is the
Ambassador and you want to see where the safe that he opens is located. You
will get a message telling you the Ambassador has opened the safe, and you
should take note of exactly where the white icon is to know where the safe is
located. When the General comes back, wait for him to go into the room in front
of you. Hit sneak mode, take out your fibre wire, open the doors, and then
sneak up behind him show him how strong that fibre wire can be. When he's dead,
holster your fibre wire and shut the doors. You may now simply walk away.
Now, you want to go to the room where the Ambassador opened the safe, except
you really want the room that is joined to it via a door. Use your map to make
it; nobody will see you as suspicious.
Once in the room I spoke of, hit sneak mode, take out your fibre wire, and
move to the door that goes to the room with the Ambassador's safe. This part
you will want to watch on your map. As some point, the Spetnaz Agent will hold
up the Ambassador and the two of them will go to the safe. The two icons will
enter the room, and agent will get behind the Ambassador and face him. This is
your chance. Open the door, sneak up behind the agent, and teach him the same
lesson the General learned. Take his .54 and holster it. Now run up to the open
safe and take the briefcase. Ignore the Ambassador, he just stays in the corner.
Now simply walk out the embassy's front door with the briefcase. Head back
through the door in the wall you used to enter, running as soon as you reach
the snow, and then run back to the starting point. All zeros--good work.
	For completing this mission you get the M4 Rifle. Now _THAT'S_ a reward!

	Time: 5:00

#Tracking Hayamoto#

	This isn't a bad mission, but timing is crucial. You must have patience.
After the cut scene, you start out behind a rock. Move the camera so you can
see the front door of Hayamoto Jr's House. There is a guard that is hard to see
that is in front of the house. Shortly, he will go back inside the house. When
he does, hit sneak mode and go east (right) until you are on top of the bush.
Now run towards the house and specifically towards the closest garage door.
Open the door, close it behind you, and walk up to the car. There is one normal
door in the garage, and on the step up to it is a trash can. Select the Honk
Horn option, and then run behind the trash can and go into sneak mode. A guard
will come out the door and walk up to the car. Once he is past you, sneak up
the stairs and into the door. Again, close the door behind you, and then go
into the opening on your right with the green curtain. In this room, go into
the other green curtain.
Hit sneak mode and walk up to the door in this room (the right side of the
semi-clear white wall). You can see a guard slowly patrolling the hallway, but
he can't see you. When he passes you going right, open the door and follow him.
On your right in this hallway will be a wooden door, so open it and go inside.
Run through this room and through the opening on the other side. In the new
room will be one wooden door, so run through it (there _shouldn't_ be guards
here). Turn left and go down this hall and then enter the wooden door on your
right (this room has an "!" on your map). Go back into the hall and turn left.
Run through the next door on your left, run to the center, and pick up and
holster the SMG. Now, run back out into the hall, turn left, and walk through
the curtain.
There is usually a cook is this room, but if there isn't then that's cool too.
Head right around the table and then turn right and go into the short hallway.
Take the wooden door on your left and shut the door behind you. Go up to the
fish on the crate and select the Cut Fugu Fish option (Fugu is a delicacy in
Japan, the only problem being that the ovaries are extremely poisonous). Now go
back to the door and look through the keyhole. A guard will pass in front of
you shortly.
Once the guard is out of your view, wait about ten seconds for him to keep
walking. Now open the door in front of you and walk outside. Wait for the guard
to walk through the curtain, and then walk up to the table. On the table to
your left you will see a dish (if it isn't there, there is also a dish to your
right). Walk up to it and select the "Place Transmitter" and "Place Poisoned
Fish" options (order doesn't matter.. and neither does the cook). Now for our
daring escape.
Go back to the room with the fish and go back to looking through the keyhole.
The guard will pass from right to left, and then back again. Again, when he
passes right and is out of sight, wait ten seconds and then open the door. Now
turn left and open that door. You should see another guard walking away from
you. Follow the building east staying as close to it as you can. At the corner,
turn and follow the path.
When you reach the end of the building again, you will see a guard in the
garage area. When he starts walking towards the end of the driveway (or if he
already is), run/walk along the garage and crouch beside the farthest garage
door from you. You should be right up next to the wooden porch-thing and up
against the wall. Still crouching, wait for the guard to pass in front of you.
When he is even with the tree behind the fence, get up and run across the drive
towards the fence. To your right will be another large rock. Now, position
yourself so the rock is between you and the guard nearest to the garage. Turn
around and watch the two guards that are patrolling the rock where you started.
When those two guards turn around to walk the other way, take off running
towards them. Timing on this part is crucial. Stop running when you reach the
place where the fence comes to an angle, and then walk/sneak up behind the
rock. You now have some time for nostalgia as you have to wait until those two
guards make it back to where you are and stop. When they get close, start
sneaking away from them and towards the fence behind you while keeping the rock
between you and them. Doing this, while they walk, means you will be moving
slowly towards the end of the driveway (the "EXIT" on your map). Once you hit
the lighted area of grass, run to the end of the driveway to exit.

	Time: 8:05

#Hidden Valley#

Oh hell. The problem with this mission is that some of it is luck, and some of
it... well... isn't. The isn't we can handle, but the luck part just sucks. You
need to be quick on this mission and time everything exactly the way I did, or
it simply won't work. You also want to follow the cliffs as closely as
possibly. Make sure you take the Crossbow with you off the level, as that
weapon is crucial for the final mission.
Start out running left on the outside of the trees. You goal is to keep a tree
between you and the guard tower as much as possible. Don't worry if the sniper
spots you, as long as he doesn't shoot. Keep running around the edge of the
trees and the you get to the open area (facing the building), then run left
towards that corner of the building. Go into sneak mode pressed up against that
corner part of the building... about in the middle of that part. Position your
camera so you can see the patrolling guard that is walking towards you. When he
turns around, sneak after him. Bring out your fibre wire and ice him (pun
intended). Take his clothes and then turn around and run back to the corner.
Take the crossbow and a bolt if ya want, holster it, and then run northeast
beside the truck and follow the cliff to your left.
When you come to the last tree, you will notice a number of guards in your
view. Most notably, there are two guards walking away from each other. Now,
there will be a third guard walking randomly either left or right. What you
must do is get as close to the cliff directly in front of you as possible, then
follow the cliff the opposite way of the third guard. A small hut will come
into your view. If you went left (east) at the cliff, keep going until you see
a second hut. When you see the hut in question, run to that hut. Turn south at
the hut and you will see a guard walking around in the trees. When he is
walking south (away from you), continue running south along the cliff to your
right (west). When you come to the second-to-last tree (it has a mound of snow
to the right of it), run up to that tree and crouch behind it. Keep the tree
between you and the guard as he patrols. Do so by using the camera and the
strafe keys.
The guard will turn to the left and go between two trees. Once he is through
them, run along the cliff again to the tree that was on his right (the farthest
tree out) and crouch behind it. He will continue walking away, then turn left
and walk for a bit, and then turn slightly right. Use the camera-and-strafe
technique to keep the tree between you and him. Once he makes that slight right
turn, get up and run east into the canyon. Here you will find another hut. Go
up the steps on the north side and crouch at the top of the ladder. Angle your
camera so you can look into the hole but you are not on the ladder. Chill here
for a minute.
While you are here, you will most likely notice the much-discussed bug in this
mission. A truck (that is far away from you) will run over an enemy, raising an
alarm. This WILL count against you, but since you will have only one alarm and
one kill, you will still get the SA ranking. Another note, if you are not on
Professional difficulty, save your game here.
Anyway, while you are crouching there, a guard will come into your view, turn
around, and walk out. As soon as he is out of your view, start climbing down
the ladder. Hit sneak mode just before reaching the end of the ladder so you
don't make any sound in this room. Turn left to find the only door in the room,
and sneak to it. Open it and go in this room hugging he wall to your right. The
guard you saw previously will be just exiting this room. Sneak over to the door
he just went out and crouch in the corner. You will wait here forever...or
maybe 20 seconds.... but that's a long time. (I once had a guard I couldn't see
check my I.D. here... another bug, I guess).
Sooner or later, the guard will come back through the door. Since you are
crouching in the corner, the door will block his view of you. He will look to
his right, and the back to his left. When he looks left, move through the door
he just used while crouching. Once in this room, turn left immediately to find
another door. Move up to it, then stand up and enter sneak mode. Open the door.
You should be just in time to see a truck drive in front of you from the right
to the left. Once it passes, run forward to the support beam in the middle of
the road. Go left and press yourself against the west side of the support to
your east. You will see a truck heading towards you from the west (going east).
That truck will stop just a few feet east of you. When it does, run up to the
back of the truck. You will climb in and now have first-person view. Go as far
towards the front of the truck as you can and crouch behind the boxes.
This truck will make two turns (hitting the curb twice on the second turn),
pause, then continue forward up a hill, pause, and then continue outside. Once
it gets outside, run out of the truck and look left (south). There is another
tunnel-looking structure. Inside is a pair of metal double-doors with a red
light over them. Run towards those doors to end the mission.

	Time: 9:00

#At the Gates#

Boy oh boy, these missions aren't getting any easier! And geez, you thought
you didn't like YOUR job, what about THESE poor guys? "Uhh... go walk around in
the snow for eight hours... oh, and never let your guard down."
Alrighty... well, we kept our crossbow but not our disguise. Trouble is-you
can't afford any shots and you need a disguise. So, drop that crossbow and run
forward hugging the cliff to your right. Follow it, and at some point, it will
come to a sort-of corner where you can see a guard in front of you (at a good
distance) and to the left. Keep going the direction you were, leaving the
cliff. As you run forward watching the guard, he will walk between two trees.
Run up to those trees and once you hit them, go into sneak mode and follow the
guard. He will continue to move along the cliff and will stop once more. You
will most likely catch him right about here. Use your fibre wire and take his
clothes, gun, and ammo.
Now run east along the cliff. It will come to a sort-of peninsula , so just
drop off the end and run to the trees in front of you. Once you are at the end
of those trees, run north and meet up with the cliff there. You must now stop
running for quite a while. Walk east-northeast through the trees and you will
notice that you are on another raised section with a cliff wall to your left.
Head north while staying on the raised section. Soon the cliff will head west
instead of east, so just walk due north onto another raised section.
Heading up the incline, you will see a fenced-in area and a rock to your left.
Patrolling back and forth in front of the fence is a guard. Most likely, he
will be walking towards you (if you're at about the same time I am), but in
either case, walk up to the closest rock when he is walking away from you.
Crouch behind this rock, and let him walk towards you. As soon as he turns
around again to walk away, stand up and walk due west to the wall. From the
wall, walk north towards the fence. At the fence, walk to the third fencepost
from the wall and crouch. Get out your fibre wire. If I had any saves to use, I
would use one now. You must time this next part with maybe two seconds of grace.
The guard will walk back close to you and stop. Start moving towards him as
soon as he stops, still crouching. When he passes the end of the fence, stand
up and quickly enter sneak mode. Sneak after him and nab him. You should get
him when he is between the last two fence posts. Take and holster his gun and
ammo, and run to the north side of the fence where there should be a door. Open
the door and go to the west side, towards the wall. On this side of the
generator, you should see a green light. Go up to it, and use the Stop Unit
option. You may now run again (yea!), so run out of the fence door and then
south. Stay as far west as possible. You will drop off two cliffs, and find
yourself beside a guard tower. Stop running and follow the guard tower north.
Stay as far east as possible. In the entrance in front of you, there is (or
will be) a patrolling guard. Crouch and use the snow ridge you find here for
cover. When the guard walks from east to west, it's time for business. Stand
and walk up to the entrance.
Once you go through this entrance, you should not run for the rest of the
level. Turn right to head east and open the door there (it's kinda hidden in
the wood, but it's there). Follow the hall and go up the stairs. At the top of
the stairs, turn left to find another wooden door. Go through this wooden door
and turn right. Walk forward and then go left to stand behind the rock you
find. Simply stand here until the a guard come out the wooden door you just
used, stands there, and then goes back inside.
Now, turn around to find the second generator. Again, go up to the green
light, and use the Stop Unit option. Try to ignore Diana blabbing in your ear
while you head back past the rock to the steep incline north of you. Go up that
incline and open the door at the top. Turn left to head west here, and follow
the room as it bends. At the end of this room is the last generator, so use the
Stop Unit option on it as well. Don't worry about the two guards in the rafters
in this room-they don't bother you. Turn around and go to the door on your
left. Look through the keyhole and wait for the guard to pass from your right
to your left a few feet in front of you. When he does, wait about five seconds,
then enter sneak mode and open the door.
Sneak through the door and hug the wall to your left as much as you can. Once
you reach the snow, you can exit sneak mode and walk along the wall. You will
pass through a deactivated laser barrier and go up a slight slope. At the top
of the slope, turn right to find an opening with another deactivated laser
barrier ahead and to the right. Walk through that opening and up the steps you
find. At the top of the steps, turn around to find the only opening in this
courtyard (a torch on either side-you can't miss it). Walk through this opening
to end the level.

	Time: 13:30

#Shogun Showdown#

At least you can save your game in this mission-you'll need to. A lot of
people make this mission a lot harder than it needs to be. Save your "This is
too hard!" whining for other missions or you'll never make it. This level is
long and complicated, but not hard because timing is not as crucial (things are
more event-triggered). You should walk only when told to ensure the guards are
looking the way they should.
Oooooookay. After the very informative cut scene (no-seriously), drop that SMG
and head northwest to the wood you see. In this wood is a door, so open it and
walk to the steps. You may run up the steps, but then walk left and look
through the keyhole. When the guard turns away from you, enter sneak mode and
open the door. Now, walk left along the main beam and as close to the wall as
possible. Once you reach the third beam going off to your right, take that beam
and then drop down into the stairs. If you are going for all zeros (harder than
regular Silent Assassin), skip the next paragraph and simply walk left along
the main support beam and the wall. Take the third main beam on your right to
the stairwell, and drop down.
Sneak left, hugging the wall. You can see the main support beams, and you must
stay on top of those. Move north when you can, along the beam, and hide behind
the vertical support there. Wait for the guard to come back, and when he does,
sneak around the vertical beam and follow him to the next vertical beam. This
time, sneak around the beam opposite him and then sneak up behind him and nab
him with the fibre wire. When doing this, you must stay on the main beam until
you are right up on him, then turn slightly left and get him. Take his gun and
then drag his body into the door you used to enter. There, take his clothes and
holster his gun. Now, exit through the same door and walk left along the wall
on the beam. Take the third beam that goes to your right, and follow it to the
stairs. Drop down onto the stairs, and continue walking down.
At the bottom of the stairs, make a hard right and open the door hidden in the
wood (take care not to open the obvious door in the room). Go through this
hallway and then open the door at the end. In front of you and to the right is
a shelf with a Keycard on it. Go and pick up the Keycard. Having timed this
right, you should be able to sneak forward (west) to the end of the hall you
are in-make sure you keep right. Follow the patrolling guard around the center
piece, staying as far to the outside as possible. At the end, it will turn to
the left, so do so. Go through the first door you see. Sneak down this hall
keeping against the left wall and in the shadows until the guard going around
this corner passes in front of you. When he does, sneak to the other side of
the hall, then continue sneaking after him and around the corner. Go through
the door you see. If you already have a disguise, then go through the first
door on your left and skip to the next paragraph. If you need a disguise, then
continue sneaking down this hallway. Turn left at the first hall you find, and
sneak up to the door on your left. Look through the keyhole and you will see
once guard very clearly and another barely on your left. Both guards are
sitting, and they go from sitting up to leaning forward. Wait until the guard
directly in front of you leans forward, then quickly sneak through the door and
go right, hugging the inner wall. You will see some clothes on the chair here,
so nab them quickly. Walk back out the door you used to enter, turn right
twice, head to the end of the hall, and open the door on your right.
Don't dawdle, as there are two guards here staring at the table. Go up to the
laser entryway you see, and go to the pad to the right. At this pad, you should
see the Deactivate Laser option. Do so, and walk through. Turn right in this
room and go towards those boxes. On the boxes you will find both a Bomb and a
Bomb Remote. Take them both and holster them. Pick up a SMG if you need one,
and be sure it's holstered. Exit through the deactivated laser barrier and
through the door, and then turn right (west) and go through the door in front
of you. In this hall, turn right again and go up to the first door on your
right. Don't worry much about the patrolling guard, these guards don't put your
alarm-meter in the red unless you're standing right next to them. Hit sneak
mode before opening the door, then sneak out and left along the wall. You want
to chill for a bit on the west side of the southwest corner of the helicopter
In a few seconds to a minute, one of the guards (the middle one) will head
north and go inside. When he does, simply stand up and walk around the south
side of the pad. Just before you reach the corner, enter sneak mode, then turn
left and go up the steps on the east side. Once up the steps, stand up and walk
up to the helicopter. God willing, none of the guards are following you. Walk
up to the south side of the helicopter, wait until all the guards have turned
(they should already be-but check), and use the Plant Bomb option. If you did
this perfectly, go to the next paragraph. If not, then you will have to lose
the guard(s) following you. Simply walk in a circle around the helicopter. You
will have to either use sneak mode or crouch to go under the tail, and
hopefully the guard(s) will get stuck there. Just keep going around using sneak
mode when you are out of sight so the guard isn't prompted to investigate. With
some luck, you will be able to plant the bomb without other guards seeing
(mostly likely on the north side). However, this involves some fantastic
timing. Good luck.
With the bomb planted, the mission is pretty much over. All that is left now
is some serious walking. Drop off the helicopter pad to the south/west and exit
the courtyard using the door you used to enter. In this hallway, turn right and
walk north to the end of the hall. Open the door and continue, heading east
when you can. Go back to the door in front of you, take the passage, come out
the other door, and make the hard left to head up the stairs. At the top of the
stairs, walk forward (along the main beam) and deactivate the laser barrier. Go
through and then go right and down the stairs-just keep moving. At the bottom
of the stairs, enter sneak mode before opening the door. If you make any noise
from this door to the Guidance System, the guard will come to investigate. So,
open the door, and then sneak across the room to the farthest door (to the
overly-dramatic music). Open this door, and go down the stairs. Deactivate the
laser at the bottom, and quickly sneak through and onto the red carpet. Once on
the carpet, stand up and walk right-keeping on the carpet. When the carpet
turns left, enter sneak mode and sneak forward to the wall. Turn right, and
pick up the .22 SD that is on display. Holster it, then sneak back to the
Again, stand when you hit the carpet and walk right to find the Guidance
System. Pick it up, and you will get several updates, one of which giving you a
bonus save. Hot diggity. Now, simply walk back (along the carpet as much as
possible) and deactivate the laser. Walk through the deactivated barrier, up
the stairs, through the room, up the stairs again, past the two guards (but not
through the laser) and up another flight of stairs. At the top of those stairs
(on the 2nd floor), make a hard right, and then follow that hallway to the
stairs. Go up those stairs to the 3rd floor. Here, turn left and open the door
you find. In this room, open the leftmost door (west), then open the door to
your right, then keep west to find a bunch of monitors and an empty chair. Walk
to the northeast side of the chair to find a red button. Here we will... get
ready... save the game for the first and only time. So, save... if ya want.
Well, here we are. About to press the button. So, press the button. Walk back
through two doors and then run through the third to make your way back to the
stairs. Go down the stairs and turn right. Run down this hall (don't worry too
much about the guards) and open the door you should find to go into the center
of this floor. Run forward, use the Pick up Katana Sword option, holster the
sword, then run back out the door. Turn right and head to the stairs and down
to the first floor. Deactivate the laser barrier then go through and back into
the room with the squeaky floorboards. Run (or walk, if you absolutely cannot
stay off the damned floorboards) across the main floorboards and back to the
door on the other end of the room. Go down the stairs there, and back out the
door at the bottom, to find yourself back at your starting point. Turn left,
and then right, and crouch on the south side of the stairs out of sight. Once
you are fully out of sight, take out the Bomb Remote.
Hayamoto will take FOREVER to make it all the way down... he goes down to the
museum, sees the missing Guidance System, then runs for the helicopter... but
eventually you will see a bunch of guards in black surround the helicopter and
Hayamoto will get in and take off. Wait until his helicopter is just out of
sight (i.e. has cleared everybody-you can't have 20 kills and be a Silent
Assassin), and then "fire" the Bomb Remote. Holster the remote, turn around,
and run the three steps to the exit. Congratulations, Silent Assassin.
For completing Shogun Showdown with a Silent Assassin rating, you receive the
M4 Rifle. But you already have one because you are so damned good. And look!
All zeros (maybe)! Who would think it possible? That, my friend, is called

	Time: 16:15

#Basement Killing#

	If only every mission could be this way.
Run backwards a bit, strafe left, and then run forwards while hugging the wall
to your right. Run inside the first door to your right. Go left to the corner,
and use the camera to look around the corner just in time to see the guard turn
back and go through the east door. When that door closes, go in the west door
and open locker 137. Take everything inside, then exit that room and turn left
in the hallway. Go through the door you previously used and run forward to the
door across the room. Move right to the corner and watch the door. A guard will
go inside, one will come out, then go back inside, and then the original guard
will come back out. When he comes out, walk up and open the door. Run right and
then left and crouch in the northeast corner of this hallway.
A guard will come out the door closest to you, and then walk away. When he
rounds the corner, stand up and walk through the door he just used. Walk right
to find the laundry chute. When you come up to it, select the Place Bomb
option. Now, run out of the room and out of the hallway back to the main area.
Be as quick as you can from now until the end of the mission. Make sure you go
south around the center (not through the metal detectors) and you will see a
fireman off to your right. Run up to him and you will see the "Fire Department"
sign next to the door to his north. Run through this door, turn left, right,
and take the door on your left (west). Somewhere between the beginning of this
paragraph and now, the fire alarm will go off. When all the firemen have exited
this room, find the clothes and change into them. Then, find a Fire Axe on the
wall and pick it up.
Now, run back to the main area and through the metal detectors. Turn north
(left) through the metal detectors, and run to the north wall. To your left,
you will see some double-doors. Run through those doors, down the steps, and
through he doors you find. Run forward in this hallway and open the doors you
come to. Turn an immediate left and open the glass door. In the northeast
corner of this guard-room, you will see a screen that says "Enabled" in green
letters. Quickly take out your Silenced 9mm and shoot one bullet in the screen.
Now, pick up the Fire Axe and turn left to find the door (not he elevator). Run
through the door and to through the next and quickly pick the lock of the final
door. Now, hold "fire" to raise the axe above your head and run forward. Take
care to avoid the chips on the floor when you're running. Run up behind the
only person down here and release the fire button to axe him... heh heh.
I don't know if the cutscene cuts into the fire-alarm-stop time, but I usually
skip it and head back to the guard-room with the elevator. Simply run into the
elevator to end this level. If you were quick, there will be no guards. If you
were slower, then there will be two guards, but since you run so fast from the
door to the elevator (it's just a hard right), it only counts as a close
encounter and you can still get Silent Assassin.

	Time: 3:55

#The Graveyard Shift#

The only part of this mission that sucks is the sky bridge. Oh, well. I have
everything in this level extremely well-timed, so make sure not to dawdle. I'm
sure you'll use the saves if you're not playing Professional. There is a
Silenced 9mm in the bottom/middle "!", but we don't need it because we brought
the one we used in the last mission.
Drop the axe, and walk forward. Turn right, and then forward, right, left, to
find the southernmost door in the area. At this door, look through the keyhole
until the guard walks out of sight (to your right), then enter sneak mode and
go through the door. Shut it behind you, and sneak forward while hugging the
wall to your left. Once you are past the plant (heading east), run forward and
turn left at the corner. Here you will find a door to your left, so run up and
pick the lock. Run inside, pick up the Keycard, run back out and head right
(south) again. Stop on the east side of the corner and use the camera to see
around the corner. A guard will walk south in front of you, and then stop in
the short hallway facing the wall. When he steps out of the light, sneak west
along the wall and then north into the alcove. Walk up to the door you used
before and go through. Once the door has shut, run to the northernmost door in
this area. Run through the door and forward across the hall. To your right
(east) will be a door with a red light to the side. Go through that door and
close it behind you. Now, crouch so that you can see southwest into the hallway
through the window in the door. Chill for a bit.
A guard will come from the west into the hallway and stop just before he would
be out of your sight-range. When he does, turn and face north. There will be a
blue box that says "Server Cooler" with the words "Temp: Normal" scrolling
across the bottom in yellow. Take out your Silenced 9mm, and shoot that box
once. The scrolling words will become red and change to "Temp: High". The
server will overheat, and you will go back to watching the hallway for people.
The System Administrator will come and go into the room just west of you. When
he does, open your door while crouching, then walk across the hall. When you
reach the other door, enter sneak mode, and open it (I guess he didn't lock it
behind him). The System Administrator will be frantically typing (Look! A
BSOD!), so use this opportunity to sneak right (north) along the wall. There is
a little alcove here where you can hide out of sight of the Administrator.
After eight "Chord" sounds from the computer, he will give up and leave. So,
stand up and walk to the southwest corner of the room to find the Server. Use
the Plant Hacking Device option to plant the device and get a little mission
update (from Clera? Who the hell? This is the only time she appears [if she
does even here] in the game! WTF?).
Right after you plant the device (and while Clera is rambling), run out the
door and run due south. Go through that door, and run right at the
intersection. Move south and look around the corner to see if there is a guard
there. Is so, enter sneak mode and follow him through the door. If not,
continue forward and again look around the next corner to see if the guard is
to the south. Is so, follow him through the door. If not, move up to the door
and look through the keyhole here, and when the guard is looking away, enter
sneak mode and open the door. Stay as far west (right) as you can, and sneak
west into the hall. Start walking a little after reaching the plant and take
the hallway left. Here you will see pairs of double-doors on your left. Take
the first pair on your left. In here is a programmer who _should_ wait until
you leave to stand up and leave too. Walk forward (southwest), and then turn
right with the cubicles. Turn when you must to find the window you have to
break. We don't want to break the window right now, as we want the guards in a
specific location, so simply walk forwards, towards the window. Turn left in
the hall, walk to the end, and then crouch in the eastern corner of the hall
with your binoculars.
Look onto the sky bridge with the binoculars. It's hard for me to use the
zoom, so I just leave it zoomed out because that is sufficient. When you
arrive, both guards should be in their positions closest to you. In that case,
you would need to simply wait for each guard to start moving, then pull out
that trusty Silenced 9mm and pop the middle window from where you're sitting
(so the bullet goes off into nothingness). If there guards were not in the
closest positions, then you will have to wait until they are both in or moving
to their farthest positions. You only have about 15 seconds for this before a
guards come in this hall and will see if when you shoo the window. There is
also the possibility that the programmer you passed in the cube-farm will get
up and go to the System Administrator. That's your signal to wait our the guard
and the return of the programmer hidden and crouching the that same cube-farm.
Once they are both out of the way (the guard is out of the hall), you can
resume your watching the guards.
Once the window is down, make a mad dash through the window, between the
strings of lights, past the guards with their backs to you, and to the lift on
the other side. There really is only one possible path to take, but take care
to avoid running on the metal pipes, as those make noise. Hopefully, the guards
will have their back to you and you can just run past.

	Time: 7:30

#The Jacuzzi Job#

This mission is a piece of cake. Sometimes you don't get the option to climb
over the wall, so just move around until you do. You could get all zeros by
sneaking into the target's room, hiding behind the wall directly in front of
you when you enter the room, waiting for the bikini girls to leave, killing him
with the fibre wire, dragging him behind the heart bed, crouching in the
corner, and then escaping without the guards noticing... but we're just gonna
shoot the bastard. I've got only three words of wisdom in this mission: Timing,
timing, timing. If you're having trouble, you just might be breaking the
no-cutscene rule.
Okay, start by running forward along the ledge, turning left when it does.
When you hit the next ledge turn, crouch. Crouching, move southeast hugging the
side of the building (you pervert-her ass isn't even real!). When you get to
the short wall, you should get the Climb Over Wall option, so do so. Walk
forward to the door you just saw the guard use (the northeast one), enter sneak
mode, and open the door. Once the door is open, simply walk right (almost due
east) and nab the Nightvision on the table. Now run back out the door you just
used, turn left, and climb back over the wall. Again, crouch, and follow the
ledge east around the building. Again, climb over the wall you come to. Go to
the north door (on the right, again) and look through the keyhole. Welcome to
the major wait in the mission.
A lady will leave the room, and then a guard will come in, turn around, and
walk out. When he does, enter sneak mode and open the door. Then, walk across
the room to the door the lady and the guard used. Enter sneak mode to open this
door, too. Sneak due west across the hall to the door. Open this door, still
sneaking, and then run inside and to the right. Approach the northernmost wall,
and you should see the Destroy Fuses option. Do that, using the Nightvision if
you want (I don't), and then run back through the door and east into the room
the lady left. In this room, head to the north wall on the east side of the
desk (how does that computer work with no electricity?) and up to the painting.
Use the Open Painting option, followed by the Open Safe option (he takes a
second to open it and doesn't actually move, but keep him close so he
finishes). You'll know the safe is open when the Close Safe option appears.
Move out of the way so the safe can open, take the Money, and then close the
Safe and the Painting.
Now, run through the double-doors on the south side of the room. Run up to the
double-doors to your right (west), and the crouch. Open these doors while
crouching, and move inside staying as north as possible. You should reach the
Statue when both guards have almost left the room. Wait until they are gone,
then stand up, and use the Pick up Statue option to steal the statue. Sneak
back to the double-doors and open them. Now you may walk back through the other
double-doors and look through the keyhole. Wait until the guard come in and the
leaves, and then go inside. Go up to the single-door and look through the
keyhole. The Technician will go in the door across from you, repair the fuses,
and then leave. Once he is out of your sight, enter sneak mode, open the door,
and sneak across into the room with the fuses again. Now, shut the door behind
you and look through the keyhole. Welcome to mission wait #2.
A guard will walk in front of you, go into the room across from you, then come
back. Once he is completely out of your sight, count ten seconds, and then
destroy the fuses again. Now, run out of the fuse room and into the hall. Turn
right and follow the hall. Make sure the double-doors are closed before running
past them, and continue running down the hall. You will come to two
single-doors on either side of you. Go up to the left (west) one. Crouch, and
open the door. Enter the room and move left (south), staying as far east as
possible (against the wall behind you). Take out your Silenced 9mm and shoot
Charlie when his head becomes visible. You should be crouching and nobody else
should be 100% visible, so the bodyguards will just freak out and huddle
together. Go back to the door you used to enter, and look through the keyhole.
A guard will pass in front of you, and then turn around and head back south.
Once he is out of your sight, enter sneak mode, open the door, and follow him
down the hall. Once you can see the elevator, simple stop and crouch in the
hall. In a second or two, the Technician will arrive for the second time. Once
he is out of sight (behind the corner), run into the elevator and straighten
that tie because you did an excellent job.

	Time: 7:20

#Murder at the Bazaar#

	Hey, guess what is crucial to this mission? Timing!
Run left (north) from the beginning and follow the road. Turn right when the
road does, and you will be facing the Lieutenant's house. Run (east) towards
the house, but walk when you step off the street and into the Lieutenant's
"yard." Walk for the back of the house and once you reach the back corner,
enter sneak mode. Sneak forward up to the door and pick the lock. Enter the
house and sneak left, up the stairs. If two guards caught you, you weren't fast
enough-at least you're not far in the mission. Continue up the stairs and sneak
up behind the Lieutenant. If he was facing you, you made too much noise on your
approach-again, at least you're not far in the mission. Snuff the Lieutenant
with your fiber wire, and then relieve him of the Coordinates. Chill with the
late Lieutenant until Diana shuts her cake-hole.
Then, sneak down the stairs. On your way down, you may notice two guards have
entered and are facing away from you. If one of them sees you, you made too
much noise killing the Lieutenant because he moved because you made too much
noise on your approach-at least you weren't far in the mission. Anyway, sneak
down the stairs and out the back door. Go towards the starting point and once
you are out of the guard's sight, you may run. Back at the starting point, you
will see two armed guards to the east. Go walk past 'em--yea, same to you, bub.
You will find yourself in the bazaar. Walk to the last niche on the right (the
seventh, if you're counting) and go stand behind the boxes in the southwest
corner. Hit sneak mode and prepare to chill.
Sooner or later, the Colonel will come and take a smoke in the notch that
you're in (use your map to watch him). Sneak up behind him and use your fiber
wire to introduce him to Allah. Drag his body behind the boxes as much as
possible (on Professional, he can get discovered easily). Take his key and
holster everything. Still sneaking, sneak out of the niche staying as far away
from the guard as possible. Wait until his head turn to the right, then sneak
to the left. Once you're as north as you can get, simply walk east out of the
bazaar. Once out of the bazaar, turn left, then right, and continue to head
east to the exit.
	Hey, look! All zeros!

	Time: 7:45

#The Motorcade Interception#

This took me frikken FOREVER to figure out! If you don't do this perfectly,
you'll be doing it again. The worst part is that the soldiers fire so much that
they kill their own troops, thus raising an alert for you (which you can't
afford). On Professional (which you ARE on, right?), the limo is really fast. I
mean REALLY fast. Also, just something I noticed, I have only explored probably
25% of this map, and I've gotten the highest ranking on the hardest difficulty.
This game is huge. Although in this walkthrough I tell you to drop the M195, if
you want all the weapons in your weapons shack, you will need to stay dressed
as a soldier and make you way as stealthily as you can to the exit with the
M195 holstered. It can be done (I didn't say easily), and it's actually a bit
easier that I thought it would be. You just have to stay away from the soldiers
and use your head. Good luck.
Start out running-you have little time to spare. Run forward and left once you
get to the street. Follow the street and take the second street that branches
to your right. Follow the building on your left until you find the opening
between the creates. Run into this alleyway to find your contact with a badass
M195 sniper's rifle.
Skip the cutscene and run back out of the alley. Run east (right) and then
turn and face south (right again) when the road turns south. You will see two
guards walking towards each other. When they hit (or rather-when they don't),
you will notice another guards in the distance. Wait until he is out of sight,
then walk up behind the guard walking toward you. Hit sneak mode and walk
behind him for a step or two, then pull out your fibre wire and... er... wire
him. Drag his body back into the alley. You will notice a section in the alley
that looks almost perfect for a body, so stick him in. Really, he could be
right next to the contact, but that takes too long. Take his clothes, run back
to the contact, and then pick up and holster the gun and ammo.
Run back out of the alley and again turn right (east). Run east and a bit
south to go south of the building in front of you. Once you stop running on the
street, start walking. Once you are south of the aforementioned building, walk
forward towards the multi-colored brick steps. Walk up those steps, across the
roof, across the wooden planks, across another roof, to and then up the ladder.
Walk forward and face east, crouching with your back pressed against and
centered in the concrete behind you.
The music will change once you're a few steps on this upper level, and then
there will be a message that the Motorcade is approaching the city. Drop the
M195 and wait. Shortly, you will be able to see the limo escorted by a jeep on
either side. When the city gates open in front of you, pick up the M195 and
point the circle crosshair a bit above the top of the city gate. When the limo
is about to the corner in the road, hit "fire" to bring up the scope, zoom in
once, and then shoot the passenger in the middle of the back seat. In order to
keep the UN guys from shooting their own people, you want to take your shot
when the limo is just about to the wooden gate frame at the bottom of your
view, but the limo moves so fast, it's really just trial and error. Thankfully,
this is a relatively short mission.
As soon as you take your shot, exit the scope screen and drop the M195. The UN
guys will start shooting up at your location, so walk down as quickly as you
can (take care not to FALL down, that will most likely kill you). Walk north
form the ladder and fall off the edge of the house. Turn in the direction of
the alley (west) and walk there in as much of a straight line as you can. You
may have to avoid some guards, but it's usually pretty easy as long as you use
your head. Once back to the alley, change back into your civilian clothes, then
use your map and run for the exit-nobody will suspect you into the red. If you
get an alert saying that guards have found a dead guard, it is because the UN
shot him in the back. There is nothing you can do but start over and let the
target get farther towards the city before firing. Good luck.
	Phew! I hope this save game NEVER gets corrupted...

	Time: 4:00

#Tunnel Rat#

This mission is hard as sin to pull off the way we want to, but looks so good
when we do >}=->. We have to kill the two helipad guards with our fibre wire in
this level because we are only allowed two kills and no shots and we have to
eliminate them to complete the mission. This means the helipad is also our
point-of-entry. Also: What's the point of the Anesthetic? Why, to free the
prisoner, of course. Use it to quickly douse the unarmed guard outside of your
target's door (he'll see the prisoner free, and then sound the alarm). Then, go
get the M60 as usual, and then sneak up behind the guard beating the prisoner,
and douse him. When both are down, drop down into the sewer and continue with
the walkthrough. Really, this is more of a hassle and puts the mission on an
unneeded timer, but, it's there if you want it.
Run west to the stone wall, and use it for cover. Move to the corner so the
camera can see west-northwest. A guard will appear from around another stone
wall. Follow this guard with your camera until there is a smaller stone wall
between the two of you. This mission sucks to repeat because this guy takes so
painfully long. Once the guard is past the third tier (the second-to-highest
part) of the wall and starts to look the other way, take off running north and
continue north while staying as far east as possible. A ways down and on your
left will be the bottom of a column. Turn left at the column and head due west
so long as you can't see a guard on the helipad. If you can, wait for him to
leave your sight. As you're heading west, look to see if the guard is south of
the metal barn you can see. If he is, you must wait for him to stop at the west
side of this round stone structure.
Once you come to the round stone structure, enter sneak mode. Strafe clockwise
around the structure while sneaking until you can see both of the guards. The
closest guard may take a few steps towards you, so be prepared, and if he does,
just stay out of sight and then try again. This part is tough because the other
guard is completely random and you need to stay out of sight. Sooner or later,
the farthest guard will go out of your sight to the east behind the round stone
structure to pee. You can grow old sitting here for literally minutes trying to
get these guys in the right spot. It seems easier on harder difficulty levels
*scratches head*. When he does, sneak up behind his friend and use your fibre
wire for the billionth time. Use the map trick to quickly fell the fellow, then
leave the AK and swiftly drag the body counter-clockwise around the stone
structure until you hit the corner (where the straight wall starts). Take his
clothes. If you happen to just let the other guy pee and not kill the closest
guy, the closest guy will move to a random spot and you'll have to wait for him
to come back. If the closest guy keeps walking off and you can't kill him, wait
for him to get about halfway to the barn, then use the trick in the next
paragraph to kill the farthest guy first, then come back to kill the closest
guy. You have to be independent on this one.
Now run counter-clockwise around the stone wall you're next to. It's quite a
run, but I'm sure you're up for it. Once you round the northwest corner, start
walking. The other guard will be at his post facing away from you. Walk
three-quarters of the way to him, then sneak the rest of the way along the
wall. Sneak up behind him and snag him with the fibre wire, too. Drag his body
clockwise to the corner as a precaution. Then, run to the west side of the
circular stone structure and open the door you find. Walk down the stairs to
trigger some events. The hardest part is now behind you.
At the bottom of the stairs, turn right (as though you have a choice) and
enter the room. To your left, you will see an armed guard walking away from you
(south) and an unarmed guard walking towards you. The unarmed guard joins the
other guard in the room in beating the prisoner, so take this chance to follow
the armed guard down the hall while staying as far away from the other guards
as possible. He will stop in front of a door (to the east of him-your left when
you're looking at him) and wait for a bit. You should wait too, by the wooden
bridge (don't worry if ya don't know). He will finally continue walking south,
so you can go up to the door he was guarding. Before you get to the alcove
(about the second wall-protrusion from it), enter sneak mode. There is a guard
across the hall from this door, and we don't want him to see us. Open the door
and sneak forward. Sneak to the south (right) door in the room and open it.
Whip out that fibre wire and earn your money. Take the Deagle off the expired
Lieutenant, then sneak backwards and look east. On the crate you should see
some Anesthetic if you would like it (we can't use it on the last two guys if
we want to take the M60). Sneak back to the hallway door in this room. Look
through the keyhole the ensure that there is only one guard and his back is to
you. If not, wait until that is the case.
Once he leaves, the armed guard will take his place. Once he leaves(to the
north), sneak out into the hallway. Walk north down the hallway and take the
first passage to the left. Continue walking forward into the room. A bit to
your left, you can see two guns in a gun rack of sorts. Walk up to that rack,
and select the Pick up M60 option. Holster this mighty weapon, and then turn
around. From here, watch until the unarmed guard walks south down the hallway.
Then walk forward and stand on the little bridge.
Turn left (north), and walk into the gutter. Go into sneak mode, and head
north. The gutter will turn left and go west, so do that. Here you will come to
a ladder. Climb the ladder, then sneak south (left) behind the boxes and into
the hallway to the south. In this hallway, stay as west as possible. Sneak
forward and behind the guard standing in front of the generator, then use the
Toggle Generator option to kill the lights. Sneak back a few steps, then stand
up and walk north. I hope you see well in the dark (ya know, there _IS_
Nightvision on this map, but it's so out-of-my-way)! Once you are across the
little bridge, walk west along the edge of the gutter up to the crates. Once
you're at the crates, walk north to the corner of the crates, then walk west
again between the crates and the pillar. Keep walking in this direction through
the arch.
In this area, you will see the cargo off to the right a bit in a cage. Walk up
to the door of the cage, and then right to the keypad. Wait here for the lights
to come back on. When they do, select the Call Elevator option to the right of
the cage, then get on the lift, turn left, and select the Ground Level option.
So they run in and look frantic, does that count against me? (No.) When the
elevator opens, run out. There will be a cutscene where Diana tells you to
secure the area. Why is he so pissed? All you have to do is open the doors
directly in front of you, run outside, then stop. No biggie.
No weapon was GIVEN to you for completing this level, but you DID manage to
take the M60 with you without any hassle... *grin*. Your time on this level
could be drastically different.

	Time: 11:00

#Temple City Ambush#

I hate this level. It's difficult simply because of the random elements in it.
Completing the mission is easy, but getting Silent Assassin on Professional
means no unsilenced shots. You can get Silent Assassin on Easy by simply
picking up the sniper's rifle and shooting the other assassin. What crap. Much
of this map, you will be on your own. You will restart more than once. This
mission is much more of a stretch to get the way I play than almost ANY other
Alright, run forward to the corner and then keep south until you get to the
contact point (use your map). Open the door out front (or the one in the alley)
and meet the contact. After the cutscene, make you way to the new Hitman marker
on your map. You can run the whole way, but make sure you stay out of sight of
the market area (the two areas with the "!" in the middle). Stay as far away
from those areas as possible.
When you get to the new contact point (which is random, but closer to the exit
on harder difficulties... go figure), go inside. Your old friend from Lee
Hong's basement (Hitman 47) and the basement in Tubeway Torpedo will shoot at
you (blanks? you can't get hurt), then drop his Deagle on his desk. Approach if
you are not close enough to trigger the cutscene. After the cutscene, grab that
Deagle, holster it, and you are on your own, kid.
Well, sorta. Let's review. There are two assassins that you need to kill for
the mission, and one more you don't know about yet. All assassins will be
dressed in cult garb: that lovely orange robe you see everywhere. The first
assassin will be wearing-get this-a NY Yankees hat and dark sunglasses. He will
start at the northwest corner of the west market (the west area with the "!"),
and then take a random path. The second assassin will be in a yellow (straw?)
hat and will be sitting in a random window of the market. The third assassin
will be in a purple turban with dark sunglasses and a silenced SMG. He will
start just south of the southwest corner of the west market, and take a random
path. You wimps in lesser difficulties will be happy to know that the first two
assassins are marked on your map with yellow icons (the ONLY yellow icons.
Unfortunately, though, the purple turban man is marked as an innocent since he
is not a required kill (well, he is for my walkthrough). If either the first or
second assassin see you, you will get a warning stating that, and you might as
well restart the mission because we cannot afford an extra alert. That makes
this mission pretty tough, as you have to make sure you stay out of sight; and
since the path is random, you have to do it independently.
So, again keeping out of sight of the market areas, run to the northwest
corner of the west market. If you're quick, you might catch a glimpse of the
NYY assassin walking east on the north side of the market. Good, he'll stay
away and we'll stay out of his sight for a minute. Walk south along the west
side of this market and duck right into the store as soon as you can. Did you
see a purple turban man whip out a gun and run towards you? Wait a few seconds
to make sure this won't happen. If it does, or he at ANY point starts following
you, skip ahead to killing the purple turban man (marked below), then come back
here when you're done. You will notice some stairs if you move west into the
back of the shop. Walk to the stairs, hit sneak mode at the bottom, and then
sneak up the stairs.
If you're a lucky bastard (which I never was), the sniper will be here on the
second floor. Move through the doorway and use the camera to see if the sniper
is sitting up here. Don't worry, his back will be to you if he is. If he is,
wire him, then skip to killing the purple turban man. If he isn't, move
carefully to the windows using your camera to check the windows around the
market for the sniper. Keep far enough away from the windows and keep in sneak
mode so the NYY assassin doesn't see you. After your first check, take out your
binoculars and check each window carefully as he easily get hidden in shadows
(more so on harder difficulties). If you don't find him, wait for the NYY
assassin to come into view and then head into the east market again. When he
does, walk/run back down the stairs and into the store to the south. Enter
sneak mode before going up these stairs, and check again for the sniper (he
could be easier to see from here). If you again cannot find him, then wait for
the NYY assassin to come back and then leave, and then run out of the store and
south out of the market.
Use your map to take streets out of sight of the market to get to the
southeast side of the east market. Remember that if the purple turban man spots
you and starts following, skip ahead to the killing the purple turban man
section. Once at the southeast corner of the east market, check the market for
the NYY assassin, and when the coast is clear, go into the south store they way
you did in the previous stores and check the east market for the sniper.
Finally, check the store to the north after the NYY assassin leaves the area
again. By now, you have either found the sniper or didn't see him. If you
didn't see him, it's your responsibility to find him. He is in one of the
market windows, good luck. Once you find him, use the map to navigate out of
sight of the market to the corner of the market closest to him. Make sure the
NYY assassin is gone, then walk on the sidewalk very close to the building
containing the sniper. Each store consists of two metal garage-door-looking
shutter, a metal door, then once more shutter. Each store corresponds with
three windows. Go in the store with the sniper above it, and then sneak up the
stairs and fibre wire him. Remember to take out your camera and snap his
picture (it'll say "First Assassin photographed"). Put away your fibre wire,
and go purple-turban hunting.
*Killing the Purple Turban Man: You have been spotted by the purple turban
man. LURCH! Err... anyway... don't worry, the PT man won't harm you at all
unless he sees you with a weapon. He doesn't even raise your suspicion level!
We want to lure the PT man to the southwest store in the east market, so
regardless of whether he is following you, go there. If you HAVEN'T been
spotted, then that is your first goal. You best bet is to run around in the
middle of the market, but that can attract unwanted attention from the cult
members and especially from that random NYY assassin. Take care not to be seen
by the NYY assassin on your way to the store and while attracting the PT man.
You can also just stand a little inside the store and watch for both the PT man
and the NYY assassin. When the PT man comes into view (and the NYY dude isn't),
run up to him, then run back to the shop. In this shop and with the PT man
following, go into the stairwell to the base of the stairs. Go into sneak mode,
and the PT man will start running at you, pushing you up the stairs. Sneak
around the PT man, and he will run back to the other side of you, and then
start running towards you, turning away, running towards you, turning away,
etc. You will also notice that the first two of three times he does this, he
stays looking at you. After that, however, he runs and then completely turns
his back. Here I use my inventory select to pause the game, select my fibre
wire, and then kill the PT man. Pick up the silenced SMG (out of sight of the
market), and then drag the body up the stairs.
If you haven't killed the sniper assassin yet, then drop the body and the gun,
and go back to that paragraph. If you have, take the PT man's clothes (just
regular cult clothing) and sneak through the doorway and into the room with the
windows. The west (left) window has a view of a archway that is very narrow,
maybe only one person could pass through at a time. Sneak up to the wall
between that window and the one to its east. Move the camera so that you can
see out the window and in to the archway. The NYY assassin will, at some point
on his random journey, pass through this archway. You want to get him when he's
walking north and facing away from you. When he does that, sneak west and a bit
south (away from the window). If anyone sees you take this shot or even holding
this gun, you've lost the SA rank. You have only one shot to kill this
assassin, so make it count and be certain that you do not shoot multiple times
(it _IS_ an automatic gun). After he drops, drop the gun and sneak back to your
clothes. Change into your suit, and walk down into the store. Wait for the cult
members to leave, then walk up to the recently deceased and snap his picture.
You're almost out, but don't exhale yet. First, bring up your briefing to make
sure you took both pictures. I didn't when I got the time below, so... we all
forget. If you did, then walk back to the sniper assassin and take his clothes
(he's usually farther from the recent kill). Once dressed as a cult member,
walk to the northwest corner of the west market. From there, walk north on the
road. At the first intersection, turn right and walk east a step or two, then
turn right and walk south into the first shop. To the east and propped up
against the wall is a SP12 shotgun. Pick up that baby, and then holster it.
WALK back to the second contact, staying as far away from the cult members as
you can (and consequently, away from the market). If you are seen running with
this shotgun, you're toast.
Once you meet the agent and watch the cutscene, the exit will show up on your
map. Look at your map. The road that goes south from the exit point has a
sniper on the south end (farthest from the exit). This means you should plan
your route so that you avoid this street and approach the exit from the east.
You can run when you are fairly close to the exit and you haven't seen anyone
for a while.  The exit is the last door on the northwest side of the street.
Once inside, head to the southwest corner of the shop for a cutscene and the
end of the mission. Now you may exhale.
Why can't I wear the hats? I WANNA WEAR THE HATS! er... Excuse me. Your time
on this level could again be different. On a side note (and what isn't with
me?)-it's fun to pick up the SP12 and see if you can kill all 22 civilians and
10 enemies (excluding the assassins). If you sneak up on the first sniper
assassin, you can blow him (pretty far) out the window!

	Time: 7:00

#The Death of Hannelore#

If you listen to the chit-chat in your shed before starting this Temple City
Ambush, Diana tells you the next missions will be "suicide missions." Actually,
the next three missions are quite easy if you know what you're doing. Timed
well, this mission is one of the easiest.
Drop that SP12-it'll only cause trouble >};->. Now, everywhere I look, I see
people saying the first guard in this level patrols towards them and either
stops or walks south up the stairs. For me, he stays put on the little grassy
hill. If he is walking, then he will eventually stop with his back turned to
your starting point-so you can nab him there. If he's stationary, run until you
are about two steps from the path he is standing on, then hit sneak mode. Take
out your fibre wire, sneak up to him, and put that fibre wire to good use. Drag
the body southeast until it is hidden from the south and west by the hill. Take
the guard's clothes and holster his gun. Run northwest and you will see a
stream coming from the south and going into the water to your right. Turn left
to follow that water and run into the sewer opening. Once in the sewer, run
forward and take four lefts and then one right.
Continue until you can see the ladder. DO NOT go up that ladder, but rather go
in the first niche to your right-this is the only niche that goes back father
than you can see. Go up the ladder you find there, but don't climb out quite
yet. Angle the camera so that you can see north down the hallway. A guard will
appear from the west and start walking north. When he does, finish climbing out
of the grate. Walk forward (north) until you pass the crates to your left, then
turn left (west) and walk forward until you reach the archways. Once at the
archways, turn left and walk south until you're at the wall. Now, walk west
(right) again and go through the door you find. Walk to the door on your left
and look through the keyhole. About two seconds after you enter the room you
are in, a guard will walk in front of the keyhole here. Once he is past, go
into sneak mode and open the door. Sneak through the door and then sneak
directly east (left) and through the door there.
You are now in the room with the Hitman symbol (on your map). On the north
(left) side of the room is a key hanging on a gold hook. Walk up to the key and
use the Pick up Door Key option. Now, walk back to the door you used to enter.
Look through the keyhole until the guard walks towards you and then stops with
his back to you. Sneak through the door and snuff him with the fibre wire. Drag
his body back into the room where you got the door key. Exit this room and then
the hall using the method you used to enter. Walk back east and out into the
courtyard. Continue east and a little north, staying as far away from the
guards and cult member guards as possible (you should actually be following one
of the guards if you're perfectly timed). Once you pass the archways on the
east, walk north and take the last door on the right. If there is a patient in
this room, simply wait for him to leave. The patients and the cult member by
the door key don't get suspicious of you in this costume.
Once the room is clear, walk over to the north side of the bed to find a
change of clothes. Change into the patient clothes, then head back out the door
you used to enter. Walk south (left) and then turn west (right) when you can.
Continue west until you're directly between the two columns, then turn north
(right). You should be directly facing a door. Walk directly to the door and go
through it swiftly. The guards will be suspicious and your meter will go
slightly red, but it won't be a close-call. Once through the door, turn right
and follow the wall to your right. Walk directly to the far end of the stairs
you see, and then up the stairs. The guard at the bottom will say hello to you
and then scratch his chin. Stay as far away from him as possible. There is
another guard at the top, so stay far away from him, too. Move to the center of
the circular room to the west. Turn right and face due north. This is the
Doctor's door.
Wait until a patient come out of the doctor's door, then walk inside. Walk
west (left) and up to the Doctor's desk to initiate her monologue. She will get
up and walk to one of the windows, and then face out. Walk right up to her
back, then enter sneak mode and strangle her with your fibre wire. Use the map
trick to drop her quickly. Killing the Doctor cues a patient to walk to her
office, so let's get her out of here. If you were super quick, you could just
drag her to the hiding spot, but let's assume you want to play it 100% safe.
Holster your fibre wire, then drag the Doctor to the east door in the room.
Take a hard right, and you will notice a door to the south of the one you just
came through. Drag the doctor in here and then drop her. Walk back out the door
and into the Doctor's office.
A patient will enter, walk east, then about-face and go into the west door. He
will then come back and go into the east door. Once he comes out, walk in past
him and go drag the Doctor again. Drag her through the main door in her office
(the one you used to enter), and then drag her due south, across the middle of
the circular room. Stay near the center-if you're off course, you'll be
spotted. Once you reach the south side of the circular room, then drag the body
west and open the first door you find (it's marked on the map). Drag the
Doctor's body inside and then walk out, shutting the door behind you.
Follow the path you used to get here back to the courtyard. Once in the
courtyard, walk back to the sewer grate we used for entry, taking care to stay
away from guards. The grate will open when you're near, so climb back down the
ladder and into the sewer. Follow the flow of the water back out to the beach
(I know it branches-they both go back). Before you exit the sewer, start
walking backwards and angle the camera up so you can see if any guards are
above the sewer opening. There's a slim chance, but a chance nonetheless (and
we have no alerts to spare). If there is, wait for him to leave. Once the coast
is clear, run back to your starting point. Just a bit to the north you will see
a small boat in the water. Run towards it to exit.

	Time: 9:00

#Terminal Hospitality#

This mission is so easy; and, after such difficult missions. You can do the
entire thing without your suspicion meter even moving! Although this mission is
much easier than I make it, my version is more Professional. But, we're back to
timing being crucial.
From the start, run forward and to the left (south) of the stairs and to the
north of the first pile of crates. Angle the camera so you can see the guard on
the ship to the south. When he turns to walk away, run west and to the north
(right) of the next pile of crates. There is a guard on the other side, so
angle your camera so you can see him. Enter sneak mode, and move west and up to
the opening in the crates. The guard will turn and stare towards you, then turn
away. As soon as he turns, sneak west and past him. Keep sneaking west until
you get to the bottom of the stairs, then run almost due west. Soon, you will
come to a path that leads north (right), so run along the path until you see
the cult member with his back to you. Walk north and west of the pool to the
clothes lying on the ground. Change into the cult clothes.
Now, run forward (north) and down the path in front of you. The path will
fork, and you want to go right (west) and come out onto the grass. Run north to
the edge of the water, then run east along the water until you hit the wall. At
the wall, turn south to find a door. Run up to the door, and use the map trick
to pick the lock. Open the door, and walk inside. Walk up all the way up the
stairs (stupid nurse!), and take the last door. You will now be on the roof.
Walk up the steps to the right, and then walk forward and west (right) about 4
steps. You should go down a short flight of stairs, then you will see a long
set of stairs to your right (west). Go down that long flight of stairs, and hit
sneak mode just before the bottom.
Sneak left (east) staying north, along the wall. The nurse should be at her
desk typing (if she isn't, go back to the landing on the stairs until she is).
Sneak up to the door and pick the lock behind her. Open the door, then stand
up. Walk right and up to the desk. Use to Open option to open the box, then
take the Room Key and the Nightvision. Continue to the north door in the room
(the one you didn't use), and open it. Walk to the east (right) side of the
table, then turn to look at it. You should get the option to Pick up
Anesthetic. Do that, holster it, then walk to the crates and take the doctor's
clothing. Walk back out the two doors, and then up the long flight of stairs.
Then, instead of going up the short set of steps, simply walk east and fall off
the little ledge. Walk left (north) to the edge of the steps, and then turn
left (west) and go in the door you find.
Walk all the way down the steps and out the door at the bottom. You are now on
the first floor. Walk through this hallway (run if you want and nobody is
around-ohh, you ran 20 feet!) and out the door on the other side. Turn left and
head north through the center of the room, avoiding anybody who comes your way
as much as you can. Once you get to the other side and right in front of that
guard, you should see an elevator to your right (east). Go up to the elevator
and use the Call Elevator option. Go inside, and then select the Basement
Once the elevator opens, walk out and then head south (left) as soon as you
can. Keep walking south and a little east (left) to aim for the hallway you
see. You should see a guard go east here, and you want to go south. Turn right
at the next hallway and walk forward to the door on your right (north). You
will see a guard at the (west) end of the hallway just walking out of your
sight. Once he is gone-and he does have to be a good distance away-pick the
lock on the door (map trick!) and walk inside. To your right (east) will be
another door, so go inside. In here, in the northeast corner and on the table,
is a Scalpel. Walk to the table and select the Pick up Scalpel option. Holster
that baby, and walk out the door. Walk up to the next door, and look through
the keyhole. A guard will pass in front of you from left to right. When he
does, count about three seconds, then open the door in sneak mode and walk left
(east) down the hall. At the intersection, go right (south) to the most
southern wall. To your right (west), there will be a lone door on this wall.
Walk up and pick the lock using the map trick. Open the door and go inside.
Welcome to the generator room. You know what needs to be done, but before we
can, we need to know where the cult leader is. So, run to the ladder in the
southeast corner and climb it. Up the ladder, run north (left) and then down
the vent shaft (you can only go one way). When you get to the end, you will see
little square holes in the wall. If you look through those holes, you can see
the occupants of the room. The cult leader is in the room with the (Duh!) cult
members. Once you locate the target's room, return to the generator room.
Alright, unlike the previous missions, this level gets seriously dark when the
generator goes. Select the Nightvision in your inventory before selecting the
Toggle Generator option. Once you toggle, you have a limited amount of time
before the cult guards return, so run to the door, and then out and towards the
operating room. Once you get to the open area with the columns, start walking.
Walk all the way into the cult leader's room and up to him on the table. Again,
using your inventory screen, deselect the Nightvision. Take out the scalpel,
and use the Kill Cult Leader option to perform your own patented brand of
Holster the scalpel (important!) and then re-equip your Nightvision. Walk back
out the door and then either east or west, whichever is closest, to the big,
heavy-looking door. Turn north and walk up to the door. De-equip your
Nightvision, open the door, turn north, pick the lock on the door you find,
then open the door and walk outside. Regardless of the way you went, just stick
to the edge of the water and head south. If you went east, then you'll have to
go up the first set of stairs you see, and then head west-southwest to the
stairs to walk down to your exit point. If you went west, then you can pretty
much just run along the water until the boxes force you to go up the stairs.
Either way you go, you will come up to a cult member with their back to you.
Run/walk up behind them (they're not overly suspicious), and then sneak the
rest of the way. Be careful, you can walk too close, and that counts as a
close-call. Sneak up to them and the use the Anesthetic you took next to the
doctor's clothing. Use all that you have, and then take the cult member's
clothes and Uzi. Once you get to that southern guard-post (just north of the
boat), head east down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, a guy will shoot
at you. Completely ignore him and just run back to the exit. His shots aren't
heard and don't count against you in any way. No, you cannot catch or kill
him-don't try.
	Well spank my ass and call my Charlie--all zeros!

	Time: 14:30

#St. Peterburg Revisited#

If you haven't played this mission before, stop reading and go attempt it on
your own. Since you no doubt just ignored my advice, just remember that I
warned you and you're missing half the fun. Getting the kill is the easy part,
escaping is hard. 47 isn't that bright, for someone trying to be stealthy. Hey,
our target counts as an "enemy kill"! That's not right. Also, similar to Hidden
Valley, the buses and/or cars in this level can run over civilians and sound an
alert. What crap. At least it doesn't happen often.
Okay, screw the gun 'cause it's loaded with blanks. Run forward an' up the
stairs. Run left, up the escalator, and then forward (instead the turning the
way you did in the original St. Petersburg). Keep running and you will find
yourself outside. Once you are up the steps, turn right and run due north. Once
you are as far north as you can go, turn left (west) and you will see that you
can run between the buildings. Do that, then turn right and run north again.
Turn left and run west after you pass the building, then run northwest and turn
right and run north again between the buildings.
When you come to the corner, turn left and run along the building. When the
building ends, keep running in that direction.	You will see the target's
building in the center of the circular street. Run to the northwest corner of
the building, then run southwest along the west side of the building. At the
corner, turn and run up to the front door. Enter sneak mode before entering,
and remain in sneak mode until I specify.
Open the front door (in sneak mode!), and sneak forward and up the steps. Now,
depending on how you approached the level, the target will change locations,
but if you did it they way I told you to, then you're fine. Turn left
(northwest) and head up the stairs. Open the door at the top, wave at Sergei,
and then turn left and move forward, Turn left again when you reach the door,
and go through. You will now be facing southeast and have another door in front
of you. Sneak through that door and then two more. Upon opening the second one,
you will see your target in front of you. Sneak up behind him staying right
(south-ish), pressed up against the table (he tends to look left). Take out
your fibre wire (your only weapon), and remember why this game is so damned
cool. Don't use the map trick to drop him quickly, as you may not be able to
take his clothes (that happened to me)
Use the Pick up W2000 option to pick up that lovely rifle, end the cutscene as
quickly as you can (you've seen it before, right?), then take the clothes of
the target (yes, I know, I know, just take 'em and don't give me lip), using
the map trick to speed everything up. Now, run out the middle door on the
northwest wall, down the stairs, then left and out the front door. Run
south-southwest and along the south side of the building. Once you pass the
crates, turn left and run south and then left again (east) to use part where
the snow is even with the railing to fall slightly onto the steps. Then, turn
left and run north up the steps and then east (right) down the alley. At the
end of the alley, you will find a manhole. Go down the ladder.
Once at the bottom of the ladder, turn and walk south. You must walk through
the sewers or you WILL be discovered. Walk to the end of the hallway, and stick
to the left at the opening so that you don't walk into the light. Once out onto
the walkway, turn left (east) and walk that direction. Continue until you come
to the bridge. Turn right and take the bridge, then turn left and head back
east. Turn right at the next hallway you come to, and walk down the hallway.
Once you are down the hallway a bit and you acre confident that you are
completely out of sight, you may run to the end of this hallway. Pick the lock
of the door at the end, and go through.
Go through the only door in the next room, then go to the steps. Enter sneak
mode and sneak up the steps, hugging the west wall. Use the camera to look west
into the hall before you reach the top. Every now-and-again, a guard will come
here and face your direction, then walk back. As long as he isn't standing
there, you can probably run to and down the escalator. However, if you want to
be 100% sure, you can wait for him to come and then go back. Run down the
escalator and then down the steps and towards the subway to get that Silent
Assassin rank. You had better check your overall score now, you don't get a
chance after the last mission.
You know, I recall the agency setting us up in the last game. In fact, the
second-to-last mission was entitled "The Setup". I guess 47 just doesn't

	Time: 6:55

#Redemption at Gontranno#

Finally, everyone knows how it feels. You have no choice in this mission to
equip any weapons other than the fibre wire. Welcome to the endgame. If you
want to end the game with all the weapons, then you must go get them before
starting this mission (with the exception of the Custom Rifle). See the bottom
of this walkthrough if you're interested. This level is much harder on
Professional difficulty.
Okay, this kinda sucks. If any one guard sees you, they ALL know where you
are. Also, these guys are hyper-alert, have excellent vision, and look around a
lot. Make sure you have collected the Crossbow. If you haven't, go back and
play Hidden Valley to get it.
Once you get the first guy, the rest is simple. Run forward and to the right
to the little wall north of the tree. Crouch on the west side of this wall and
take out your fibre wire then re-holster it so that you can quickly select it
(if you keep it out, he'll see you). When crouched and pressed against this
wall, you should be able to let go of the crouch button and still stay
crouched. Wait until a guard walks very briskly in front of you, and as soon as
he does, enter sneak mode and go get him. Take his clothes and 9mm and drag his
body to the north side of the wall you crouched next to. If you weren't fast
enough, the guards will signal this by killing you. Thankfully, the rest of the
mission can be done at your own pace.
Now, sneak east and position the corner pillar between you and the slow-moving
guard. Stay on the north side of the pillar, and as soon as the guard turns to
face south, sneak after him and get him, too. Make sure you ready your fibre
wire as you come up on him, as you're gonna be cuttin' it close. His body
should be out of sight, so move to the north part of the door to your east.
Still in sneak mode and with your wire out, look through the keyhole. There is
a patrolling guard here. As soon as you can see him when he is coming from the
left (north), open the door, sneak after him, and drop him.
Sneak off the south side of this platform and fall onto the grass below. Sneak
up to the corner and use the camera to look around. A guard will be patrolling
here and will come pretty close to the corner. Once he turns around to walk the
other way, sneak out behind him and nab him. Holster the fibre wire, and then
stand up. Walk east to your shed.
Go inside the shed via the door on the north, and shut the door behind you.
Assuming you followed my walkthrough, you should take the Ballers SD, the .45
ACP (Ballers ammo), the Crossbow, the Crossbow Bolts, and the Scalpel. If you
must, you can substitute the Silenced 9mm for the Ballers (be sure to take the
Pistol ammo), but only the Crossbow will work as your Sniper's Rifle. Duh, any
knife will work for the scalpel. Regardless of your weapons situation, be sure
to take SMG ammo and Sniper ammo so you can use their guns if you have to (or
would like to).
Ready your Crossbow and go to the shed door. Crouch up against the left side
of the door, and open it. Try to stay as hidden as possible while you zoom
northwest. You cannot see the guy until you zoom, but he is hidden on the left
side of the green, vertical trees. Pop him in the head with the Crossbow. Now,
run west to the door on the side of the church. Enter sneak mode, then open the
While in the church, you must be in sneak mode the whole time. Gunfire means
you're dead. Before opening any door, look through the keyhole to make sure the
guy has his back to you. Do this even though I don't say to do it every
time-you'll be glad you did. If they are facing the wrong way, they'll go back
in a bit. When shooting, double-tap if possible to ensure a kill.
Sneak in the door and up the west wall to the pipe near the corner. Sit tight
here and look around the corner with the camera until the guard walks near you,
stops, and then turns back around. Again, you'll be cutting this close, but
sneak out behind him and knife him. Sneak to the far right (northwest) door and
pick the look. Sneak to the north (far) end of this room and use the Pick up
Church Key option. Sneak back outside.
Now, still sneaking, head right and between your laptop shed and the church.
To your right, you will find another door. Open this door and head up the
steps. You'll come to a room with two wooden doors and some wooden stairs.
Ready your knife, and then sneak to the leftmost (southwest) door and open it.
Sneak up to the guard, and cut his throat. Now, sneak south and up to the
corner. Use the camera to make sure the guard is facing away, then slit his
throat, too.
You now have a choice: You can sneak up to the north door in this room (that
leads to the confession box) and use your fibre wire on it as though you were
killing a guard. 47 will do the motion, but there will be no body. Later, when
you go to fight the endgame battle, Sergei will be a corpse and won't fight
back (but will be a bastard to catch). So, you wanna wimp out? This is your
chance. If you do, be sure to hang on to the Custom Rifle while killing Sergei
so that you end the level with it.
Okay, go back through the door you used to enter and back into the room with
the wooden steps. Go to the other door, and open it. Another guard has his back
turned to you, so quickly shoot him in the back of the head with your crossbow.
Crouch, and move back to the door. Open the door, and slowly move out and look
north-northwest. On the balcony, you will barely see a guard's head. If he sees
you, you're dead, so BE CAREFUL. Keep hitting "fire" until the crossbow zooms
in, then peg him in the head. Now, sneak backwards a bit. To the northwest is
another sniper on the floor with his back semi-to-you, so peg him in the side
of the head. Crawl back into the room with the stairs, stand, and enter sneak
Go up the wooden stairs and stop at the top. Take out your Ballers SD, and
open the door to your left. Quickly, shoot the two guards up here in the back
of their respective heads. Shut the door in front of you, pick up your
crossbow, and then listen to make sure nobody around you is running (if they
are, just chill until they stop). Now, sneak through the door and keep left
(south) along the wall. Face north while doing this and look out over the
church. There are pillars on both sides of you. Once you can see the
second-to-closest pillar on your right (northeast), zoom in with the Crossbow.
Just over the left side of the second-to-closest pillar on the right side of
the church is a head. Be careful, it's easy to miss. Sneak and keep the
Crossbow zoomed at the same time until you see him. Shoot him in the face.
Keep sneaking west and go through the door. Again, take out your Ballers SD,
and sneak down the stairs. You will see a guard at the bottom who is facing
away from you. Teach him to show you his bad side, then go back up the stairs
and go through the door on your left (north). Shoot this guard in the back a
few times, causing him to go flying over the railing (that was AWESOME!). Now
sneak back east through the door, over the balcony (pressed against the south
wall so you're not seen), and then through the next door. Make sure you have
enough ammo in your Ballers, then open the door on your left. There will be
another guy with his back to you, so make him fly just as you did the last guy.
Now, go back to your crossbow  you dropped when you took out the Ballers, pick
it up, and then go north through the door.
These last four guys suck 'cause they get alerted when one dies. Sneak past
the second pillar keeping as far to the outside wall as possible and look over
the railing. Keep in sneak mode, and far back, and you will be able to see
over. If not, move until you can, but STAY IN SNEAK MODE. You want the guard on
the far side of the stairs and to the right (northeast). This will make one
guard hide behind a pillar. Good for him. From here, you can also shoot the
other two guards. Shoot the north one (left) first, then the one on the right.
Sneak back towards the outer wall and keep sneaking north towards the third
pillar-but not quite to it. You might even want to crouch just to make sure
you're out of sight when he walks back. The alerted guard will go back to his
place, so you can sneak up to the third pillar and get a perfect view of the
side of his head. Drop him, and objective one is complete.
You will hear a cheesy/cryptic hint to shoot the heart in the confession
booth. Run north (left) and pick up the Custom Rifle the dead guard here
dropped. Keep going north and through the door, then run through the curved
hall, pick the lock, and through the door. Run to the door at the end of the
balcony here, and then turn around. The railing to your right has posts. Stand
(in sneak mode) near the second post and look towards the confession booth.
Zoom in, and shoot the lit heart glass in the booth.
After the cutscene, Sergei will run up to the southernmost balcony and stand
there. He is an easy target, as long as you are in sneak mode. From where you
are, you will see Sergei on the balcony. He will stand up, then crouch, then
stand up, then crouch. You should have a lovely shot of the top of his head
over the pillar in front of you when he stands. Use this vantage point to zoom
in and take him down.
Wow. You're finished. Quite an amazing accomplishment, if I do say so myself.
Now go find someone and rub it in their face (and then see if they care).
Congratulations. You certainly are a Professional, Silent Assassin. Now what's

	Time: ?

#Final Statistics#

These are the final statistics I ended with when I played the game on
Professional difficulty based on this walkthrough. Obviously, your time will be
different, but everything else should be the same. At the end of the game, I
was also missing two weapons (see below for walkthroughs to obtain the missing
weapons). This excludes the last level since no stats are given after

Total Shots:			 8
Total Close-Encounters:		 X
Total Headshots:			 3

Total Alerts:			 7

Total Enemies Killed:		11
Total Enemies Harmed:		 X
Total Innocents Killed:		 1
Total Innocents Harmed:		 X

Total Saves:			 1

Rating: Silent Assassin
Time: 3:14:54

#Anathema - Golf Club#

Time to redo Anathema and take that Golf Club with us. This will add 1 shot, 1
headshot, and 1 enemy kill to your stats (the stats listed above). Hey-just for
fun, let's shoot the Don this time! BTW, this is _SERIOUSLY_ harder to do than
the Silent Assassin walkthrough at the top of this document.
Run forward to the door (the way you did when you first played this map), and
hide to the right in sneak mode. Ready your fibre wire, and ice the guard when
he comes out to pee. Drag his body through the door, and then through the door
on the garage near you. Make sure he is completely hidden behind the car, then
take his clothes and gun. Pick up the R93 Sniper's Rifle, staying north of the
car, then holster the rifle and exit the way you entered. Once outside, walk
due south to the outer wall and turn right to head west along the wall.
While walking, you will notice another wall that seems randomly placed on your
right. From the west end of this wall, you can clearly see the balcony attached
to the Don's room (he should be on it). As quickly as you can (make sure you're
out of sight), crouch, zoom in, and shoot the Don in the head. Drop that rifle
and WALK east. Follow the wall, staying as far away from everybody as possible.
Following the wall, you will come to the entrance to the basement. Use it.
Walk through the basement and then up the stairs you find. Turn right at the
top of the stairs, then continue forward (west) Through the door, the hall,
another door, a small room, another door, a large room, and one more door. Once
in this room (the smallish room just west of the big one on the 1st floor),
walk to the new double-doors (west side), open them, and then RUN north along
the wall inside the new room to the corner. The room above this one is just
like it and the idea is that you want the guard up there looking at the
northeast corner. Once in the corner, sneak to the bottom of the stairs. If
everything went according to plan and your running paid off, the guard up here
will be turned away from the double-doors on the south side of the room.
Quickly sneak through those doors to enter the Don's bedroom. Shut the door
behind you, and breathe out-you're on the final stretch.
Ok, so, stand up and walk out the single-door on your right (west) to find the
balcony. Walk up to the Don's body (which shouldn't have been found), and take
the Room Key and the Golf Club. Make sure to holster the Golf Club before going
further. Now, you technically could go back through the house the way you came,
but I'll sacrifice a little health for speed and (oddly enough) safety. Make
sure you're in sneak mode, and then use the west opening in the balcony railing
to drop down onto the ground. Walk due south to that oh-so-friendly outer wall
and then walk left (east) once you reach it to head back to the door.
Once at the door, drop the Golf Club, and then continue along the wall and
walk back down into the basement. The guard on the porch will follow you when
he sees you, but don't worry-you'll make it into the basement fine. Head into
the room, trigger Diana's speech, then head back to the outside door. Open the
door and walk up the steps while looking north. There's a guy on the stairs
behind you and facing you, but the guy you're worried about is the one that
followed you off the porch (who is not on easier difficulties). You should wait
unseen but watching him until he goes back to the porch. Usually, he is on the
north side of the house so you can use the northwest corner of the house to
watch him. Once he starts walking back towards the porch, go back to the Golf
Club, pick it up, walk through the door in the outer wall, and then walk east
until you get the end cutscene.
Well, you took the Golf Club with you AND you didn't risk your Silent Assassin
rank. Well done!

	Time: 8:20

#Anathema - Shotgun#

This is not as difficult to do as it may seem. It's almost exactly the topmost
Anathema walkthrough (where you wire him) with a minor adjustment or two.
However, once the Don is down, you have to be QUICK if you don't want the Don
found (which, if you follow this walkthrough to the T, you can actually spare
and still get SA). This mission will add 2 enemy kills and maybe 1 alert to
your totals (and the totals listed above).
Okay, so, use the first walkthrough found at the top of this document to kill
the Don with your Fibre Wire. When you're going across the roof, heading west
towards the door to the Don's Office, you should run. This will make the lawyer
turn to look north, towards the wall and away from the door. Stop running when
you're about halfway down the west side of the roof, then sneak the rest of the
way into position. You need to be quick, and you can actually stand up and walk
once you're a bit past the Don's desk, but don't forget to crouch to wait for
Once the Don is down (remember to grab the Room Key!), sneak to the door just
south of the door you used to enter (east). Look through the keyhole to see a
guard. If this guard will see you when you open the door and sneak out, you
have to go back around the ledge (don't forget to sneak across the planks) and
onto the balcony and then through the double-doors. If he is looking away and
won't notice you, open the door and sneak past (south) down the hall.
Once you are past the aforementioned guard, sneak east down the hall and open
the door to your left (north-across from the double-doors), still sneaking. In
this room is the lawyer. He _SHOULD_ be facing away (if you ran on the roof
correctly) and he will be carrying a shotgun. Fortunately, he counts as an
enemy kill, and, just as fortunately, you can spare one. Strangle him, and then
liberate him of the Shotgun. Now, run out the door and south in the hall
through the double-doors and then back out the southern door to the balcony.
Walk back along the ledge along the house, and then drop down when you're close
to the stairs going into the basement. Run into the basement, into the room to
trigger Diana's speech, and then back up the steps. You should now holster the
Shotgun, if you haven't already, and then walk back to the door in the outer
wall you used to enter. If one of the guards on the porch follows you, don't
worry. He'll probably find the dead bodyguard, but by the time he does, you'll
be almost out of the level. I've even had both the bodyguard and Don found, and
I still got SA rank. Once you're at the door, open it and walk east to trigger
the end cutscene (well, you can run outside the wall if you're on Normal
That's it! Since you took the Shotgun and got Silent Assassin rank, you
completely beat the game with a Silent Assassin rank on Professional difficulty
and picking up all the weapons. It's too bad you had to play Anathema three
times and maybe have to go back and get that M195. Oh, well. You should feel
good, anyway >}=->

	Time: 5:00

#Shogun Showdown#

You can manage all zeros on this mission by not killing the first guard and
then sneaking through the halls behind the patrolling guards to the bomb.
Continue to sneak down the hall with the bomb and enter the room at the end
(with two doors). Look through the keyhole of the other door on the wall with
the door to the courtyard. Wait until the seated guard sits up, then sneak
through the door and sneak right to nab the ninja outfit. You can then complete
the rest of the level in normal fashion. I know this description is quick and
dirty, but I felt getting all zeros was too difficult to facilitate my writing
a _complete_ walkthrough.


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