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Perfect Silent Assassin Guide by SilentCaay

Version: 2.04 | Updated: 07/07/2007

                    NN ..NNNM?
                    .N.    .NNNNNN
           ,NNNM..   NZ      NNNNNNN.
      .MNNNN8       .NZ    DNNNN8.
          .NN       .    .NN+
             ~NN       ?NN.               .        ___                  __
               NNNNN  NNNNN             ,N8 |  | |  |  |\ /|  /\  |  |    | o
   L           .NNNN  NNNNNNNNNM$:.,IMNNNN. |--| |  |  | V | |__| |\ |   /
   NNNN7.   .JNNNNNN  NNNN.    .NNNNNNNNM.  |  | |  |  |   | |  | | \|  /__ o
   .MNNNN.     .NNNN  N     ..NNNNI.         S I L E N T    A S S A S S I N
        ..MND      N
            +..    .

 Hitman 2 Perfect Silent Assassin Walkthrough V2.04 (PS2)
 Written By: Jason Carl (R i c k)
 EMail: silentcaay AT gmail DOT com
 Last Update: July 14, 2010

 To jump to any section, highlight or copy the keyword and use the find
 function. The keywords look like this: *INTRO*

* I received an e-mail with a video  clip showing it should *
* be possible to complete  St. Petersburg Revisited without *
* adding a kill to your count. See that section for details *

Table of Contents

         1 - Introduction/Before Starting       *INTRO*

         2 - Tricks of the Trade                *TRICKS*

       3.1 - Anathema                           *ANATH*
       3.2 - St. Petersburg Stakeout            *STPETE*
       3.3 - Kirov Park Meeting                 *KIRPARK*
       3.4 - Tubeway Torpedo                    *TUBEWAY*
       3.5 - Invitation to a Party              *INVITE*
       3.6 - Tracking Hayamoto                  *TRACKER*
       3.7 - Hidden Valley                      *HIDDEN*
       3.8 - At the Gates                       *ATGATE*
       3.9 - Shogun Showdown                    *SHOGUN*
      3.10 - Basement Killing                   *BKILL*
      3.11 - The Graveyard Shift                *GRAVE*
      3.12 - The Jacuzzi Job                    *THEJOB*
      3.13 - Murder at the Bazaar               *BAZAAR*
      3.14 - The Motorcade Interception         *MOTOR*
      3.15 - Tunnel Rat                         *TUNNEL*
      3.16 - Temple City Ambush                 *TCITY*
      3.17 - The Death of Hannelore             *DEATH*
      3.18 - Terminal Hospitality               *HOPITAL*
      3.19 - St. Petersburg Revisited           *REVISIT*
      3.20 - Redemption at Gontranno            *REDEEM*

         4 - Legal                              *LEGAL*

         5 - Guide History                      *HISTORY*

         6 - Thanks                             *THANKS*


         1 - Introduction/Before Starting       *INTRO*

This guide might not be pretty but it's the first draft of my first FAQ
ever. So any shortcomings I apologize for. This guide consists of all the ways
I've personally used to obtain all zeros while playing. Please only e-mail me
with errors, anything that needs to be expanded on or anything I may have left
out. Questions should also be ok, but I'm not planning on adding alternate
strategies. I know some missions aren't as efficient as they could be but it
gets the job done. Any submissions/corrections added to the guide will be
credited to the person that sent it first.

This guide is specifically written for achieving as close to all zeros as
possible during each mission. You should play through the game at least once
just to beat it and go back to collect all the weapons before trying to use
this guide since a) some weapons will not be attainable unless you go out of
your way to get them and b) some missions require you to have beaten the game
to allow you to select your weapons before each mission.

Right now the guide is written while playing on Normal difficulty. I may add to
it to give extra instructions while playing on Professional but that's for

For each mission you should bring the anesthetic and a knife. I prefer the
combat knife but since your kills will be stealthy, it doesn't matter. Any
other equipment to bring will be listed at the start of the mission. Whenever I
say to use the anesthetic, I usually mean all 5 doses. Note each dose is about
one minute that they are knocked out so time accordingly. Also, there are two
missions that require you to shoot and those mission will have a gun listed to
bring. It's not necessary but I also like to bring a lot of other weapons just
incase I  alert the guards and want to blow off some steam. It's especially
good for some of the more frustrating levels. :)


         2 - Tricks of the Trade                *TRICKS*
These are some tricks used to be as quick, yet stealthy as possible. They're
probably well known but I may refer to them by the name I use for them in the
guide and they're helpful all around.

  Quick Picking
To pick locks faster, select the Pick Lock option, open the map when you start
and return. Most of the time the lock will be picked when the game screen
returns. Repeat until lock is picked.

  Using Anesthetic
If you hold the trigger, you'll automatically use the anesthetic once you're
in range. This avoids accidentally using one bottle and letting go of the
trigger wasting time and anesthetic. This also works for unconscious people
that are about to wake up. Note that the Drag option disappears a few seconds
before they begin their "waking up" animation.

  45 Degree Door Grab
The easiest way to grab a guard on the move. Stand in the way of the door, such
that when the guard opens it it will hit you and only open halfway (45
degrees). He'll then clip through the door and not see you. With anesthetic in
hand you can easily grab him as he passes and knock him out.

  Checking ID Glitch
This will add a Close Encounter to your stats so it's only useful on practice
runs to save yourself some time while learning the layout of the level.
Particularly useful on Hidden Valley.

When a guard tells you to stop, stop and prep some anesthetic. A note will pop
up saying he's checking your ID. You can usually walk around behind him and
knock him out while he's busy without him alerting anyone.

Sometimes you'll find a guy trailing you, you stepped into a patrol route or
there's a guard nearby and you can't run past without alerting them. You can,
however, tap the run button for a half-second every second or two to put some
distance between yourself and the guard without raising any suspicions. Be
careful to tap it short enough not to alert him but you also have to tap it
long enough or 47 will start running automatically even after you let go of the
button and that could also alert the guard.

  Turning Guards
A classic move for sneaking around. If you need to get through a certain area
and there's stationary guards monitoring it this is usually your only option
if you're going for a perfect silent assassin rating. Simply position yourself
somewhere in the direction you want the guard to face, making sure he won't see
you when he turns and make some noise by running or walking if you're close
enough. Once he turns enter sneak mode and he will remain facing in the
direction he last heard noise.

  What Counts As A Close Encounter/Alert?
Some of the warnings don't count against your stats. So, before you restart the
mission you might try completing it just to be sure. Triggering that music when
your suspicion meter is full and "Guards are now looking for a suspicious
xxxxx." don't count against you as far as I know. Finding dead bodies does.


       3.1 - Anathema                           *ANATH*

  Objectives: Kill Don Guiseppe Guilliani, get his key, check the basement and

Upon starting, run down the hill and stand to the right of the doorway in front
of you at the southeast of the mansion wall. Take out your anesthetic and wait
for him to come out to use the facilities. Sneak up to him, knock him out and
take his clothes. Go through the door he just came from and head to the
basement stairs on the east side of the mansion to enter the house.

Enter the basement and go around the corner to the bottom of the kitchen
stairs. There's a guard that patrols though the kitchen. Keep some distance if
he's there and head up the stairs and then up the next flight of stairs to the
second floor. Once through the door at the top of the steps, go through the
door directly across the room from the stairway. After passing through the
door, close it and turn left. The guardrail is broken and a ledge is here that
runs around the mansion. You can run along it if you're careful. At the end of
the ledge, climb onto the roof and turn left. Be careful around here. If there
are people in the backyard, they'll get suspicious if you run so just walk.
Head around the balcony to the door on the opposite side of the plank. Now wait
for the Don.

Using the map or the keyhole, wait for the Don to enter his office and sneak in
behind him. Fiber wire or knife him and don't forget to grab his key. Now, head
out the door, around the balcony and back to the ledge being careful to not run
since there's most likely people in the yard below. Jump off the ledge when you
get close to the basement stairs and enter the basement. Use the key on the
locked door and enter enough to start the dialog. Turn around and exit the
mansion grounds the same way you got in. Finish the level by running down the


       3.2 - St. Petersburg Stakeout            *STPETE*

  Objectives: Kill the general, don't harm anyone else at the meeting and

I think it's interesting how sometimes in the game you need to do something
that would be completely suspicious in real life to avoid arousing suspicions
or you need to do something that's completely alarming to avoid alarming the
guards. This level is a case of the latter.

Ok, start off by running straight up the steps and up the escalators. Stop at
the downward stairs to your left at the top of the escalator. If you ran
straight here, a guard should pass from the left walking to the right about a
second later. Once he's out of view to the right, walk down the steps, turn
right and enter the door to your right. Keep walking to the next door since he
can still be alarmed if you start running. Pick the lock and enter the sewers.

Head for the ladder due north of the door you just passed through. Once you're
up that ladder stop for a second at the top. There might be a guard patrolling
here, just wait for him to pass and climb out. Change into the clothes lying
here by the truck in the snow. Turn left toward the Pushkin building. Run
toward the street being careful of guards patrolling the perimeter of the
square, walking if they get too close. Cross the street to the Pushkin
building. Turn right and run around to the back door. Here you have two options
depending on the first floor guards' patrol patterns:

  Pattern 1 (two guards stationary in opposite rooms):
Enter the backdoor and turn left through the double doors. Go through the next
set of double doors and a guard will be here. Use your anesthetic and drag him
out to the dumpsters. Take his clothes and go back inside.

 Pattern 2 (two guards circling first floor in opposite directions):
Wait for the left-to-right guard to pass, enter sneak mode and then open the
door. Take a couple steps inside while staying behind the door. Grab the right-
to-left walking guard as he passes infront of you.

Alternatively, you can wait for the first guard to pass, sneak through the
double doors to your left and use the 45 degree door trick to get the second
guard. This is a little easier if you have trouble grabbing him on the fly by
the backdoor.

Either way, drag him out to the dumpsters when you're done and strip him. Then
head back inside.


From the backdoor, turn left and follow the rooms around to the stairs. Be sure
to avoid the second guard if he's moving. If he's coming just hide behind one
of the doors he's about to open and wait for him to pass through the room. Turn
right at the top of the first flight of stairs and go through the double doors.
Turn around to your left and enter the back hall on the second floor. Walk up
to the next door and wait.

You want to time you attack so that the guard walking near the windows is
heading away from you and the guard on the first floor (if that's the pattern
you have) will be past the backdoor when you need to run out. Prepare your
knife of choice and when the time is right, run in and slash the throat of the
general sitting in the chair farthest north, directly to Sergei's (guy in red
coat) right. Run around to the stairs you came up and go down to the first
floor, avoiding all the guards. Go out the back and change into the soldier's

Return to the metro the same way you came.


       3.3 - Kirov Park Meeting                 *KIRPARK*

  Objectives: Kill General Makarov, kill Igor Kubasko and escape.

This mission's short but sweet. Thanks to Darthfrott's FAQ. I thought about
trying it they way he describes in his FAQ but assumed it would never work.
Since then I never assumed. That's also when I figured out that triggering the
suspicion music doesn't count as a Close Encounter (the reason I assumed it
wouldn't work).

Start out running across the street and hiding behind the lamppost. Go into
sneak mode and wait for the guard to come around. Drug him and take his
clothes. You can just leave the body here. Run alongside the building following
the limo that just went by. Give all the guards here a wide berth, they're
pretty jumpy. Wait a minute and watch the general as he exits his limo and
starts toward the park. Walk in after him making sure to walk directly between
the guards. They get really suspicious but you should be fine. Continue
following the general closely until he meets with the mafia leader. When they
start to hug, pull out your knife and slash them both dead with one, maybe two
swings. With that done, calmly walk out the way you came. Head toward the boat
and once you're clear of the guards, run the rest of the way. Easy.


       3.4 - Tubeway Torpedo                    *TUBEWAY*

  Objectives: Pickup equipment, kill General Mikhail Bardachenko, free the
              prisoner and escape.

Head straight for the ladder to the surface and wait when you reach the top.
Watch for the guard to stop near the crates and turn around. Walk up to him and
drug him. Take his clothes and then drag him to the sewer entrance. Drop him in
and make your way over to the pickup point and grab the bomb, remote, pager and
phone. Then head back to the truck and jump in.

When the truck stops, jump out and go around the right side. Squeeze through
the track and the crate and go around the building. Run for the door further
up, enter it and head for the elevator on the right. Call the elevator, get in
and go down to the first basement.

Start down the hall until the guard patrolling here starts walking toward you.
When he's near just duck into the nearest alcove and wait for him to pass.
Continue on once he's past. Keep going straight and watch for the second guard.
Again, just duck into an alcove. At the end of the hall, go through the wooden
door. Turn left and go across the room into the short hallway. Don't enter the
server room or you'll be shot. Keep following the hall until you get to the
sewer station. If the guard is here, wait for him to leave and enter the sewer

Drop the bomb and back track to the corner just past the two guard quarters.
Equip the remote and trigger the bomb. Open your map or count the pairs or
guards leaving the rooms. There's 4 pairs and you want to wait for the first
three to leave. Then move up near the general's quarters. The last guard in the
south room will exit through the general's room, run in after he's gone. Change
into the general's clothes and continue down the hall toward the second
elevator avoiding a third patrolling guard the same way you did the other two.
Get in the elevator and head down to the second basement.

Stop at the north door to the interrogation room. Drop the pager about 6 feet
from the door and equip the phone. Position yourself for the 45 degree door
trick and trigger the phone. Equip your knife and wait for the general. If he
doesn't come out, pick up the pager, drop it closer to the door and try again.
Once he's dead, head inside and free the prisoner. Return to the elevator. A
cutscene will play that looks like the guards are being alerted but it's fine.
Head for the sewer station and go to the exit.


       3.5 - Invitation to a Party              *INVITE*

  Objectives: Kill General Vladimir Zhupikov, secure briefcase and escape.

This one's fun. You have a lot of time to move around and use a number of]
methods to complete it with a perfect silent assassin rank. This is a very
short, cut and dry method.

Head up the stairs and go left through the alley. Quick pick the door ahead and
to your right and head for the main entrance. Walk in past the first guard and
wait near the front of this main room. Watch your map or just wait. The
ambassador should be coming through here in a minute to collect the briefcase
from one of four safes that it's randomly placed in. When he comes through,
follow him. If he doesn't come through after a few seconds, he's going to the
first floor, eastern room. You can meet him there. Once he's enters a room,
that's the one with the briefcase. Or you could just walk into the ballroom and
follow him from there. Either way, once you find the safe, he's easily knocked
out. You can pull out and prep the anesthetic right in front of him before
getting behind him and drugging him. Grab the combination if he didn't open the
safe yet. Open it and grab some chocolate if you want, it must be specially
imported or something to be treated so carefully, but don't forget to get the
briefcase. Leave quickly because Mr. Spetznaz likes to check on the ambassador
sometimes. If your anywhere other than the first floor west wing, make your way
back to the main lobby.

Enter the door on the first floor, western side near the guard. Go all the way
down around two corners. Wait for the general to enter his room and wait by the
eastern door of the double doors to his room. When he comes out, do the 45
degree door trick to off him. The maid may freak out but it's fine. Run out the
same way you came in, you don't have to slow down around the guards. Be careful
around the last building, the Spetznaz agent is usually around here. Check your
map or watch around the corner and when he's not looking, run to the boat to
finish the mission. Once in awhile he may be stationary, in that case just run
around the building the long way to get to the dock.


       3.6 - Tracking Hayamoto                  *TRACKER*

  Objectives: Kill Masahiro Hayamoto Jr., plant bug on corpse and escape.

It's preferable to move as fast as possible so the guards are in the best
positions as you move along. Start by waiting behind the rock for a minute
until the guards here start moving away from you. Give them an extra second or
two since they turn their heads alot. Sneak out and then walk and run when you
can. Head left after you pass the front door and onto the sand. Keep going
until you get to the garage door. Open it and go inside, over to the car. Honk
the horn, then run behind the trash can next to the door behind you.

Once the guard comes out, sneak in and run through the curtain on your right.
Turn left and go through the next curtain. Wait by the door until the guard
passes and sneak out after him to the next door on your right. Go straight
through this room to the door in the next room. By now the two guards that
where in the next hall should be a good distance away. Open the door if they
are and turn left. Enter the second door on your right and change into the
clothes here. Now double back and head for the kitchen. If you move fast you
can do everything while the kitchen is empty but if someone comes in just stay
away from them if possible.

Go to the hall on the opposite side of the kitchen and enter the door on the
left and cut up the Fugu. Head back to the kitchen and place the transmitter
and the Fugu into one of the bowls. I put them in the right hand bowl but I
don't think it matters. Then turn right and head out the back door. Go to the
right, around the building and back to the driveway. People don't mind you too
much out here so make your way back to the starting place giving everyone
enough room. Keep going past the starting point to the tree by the gate. This
part is a little tricky. You get 1 objective complete when he eats the
transmitter and another complete when he dies but you get an alert when they
find his corpse. You want to wait until the second objective message pops up
and then run to the gate. If you stand by the gate before the second objective
is complete, the level usually doesn't end until after the alert. By running at
the gate, the level should end before you get an alert.


       3.7 - Hidden Valley                      *HIDDEN* 

  Objectives: Find the secret passage.

This level is annoying. The guards can spot you like a hawk even in a blizzard
and with a disguise that covers your entire body, pretty much. Plus there's
random placement for some guards and to top it off, a little bad programming.
Sometimes one of the trucks in the tunnel will run over a guard and eventually
that guard will be seen since every guard in the main tunnel shares a route
with at least two other guards. With tread marks on his face you'd think they
wouldn't raise an alarm, but they do and it's time for you to try again.

But anyway, to start, head east keeping behind the trees. At the end of the
trees, turn south and try to keep a tree between yourself and the sniper tower.
Head east along the north side of the tunnel entrance and enter sneak mode at
the corner. When the guard here turns south, knock him out and take his

Our next goal is the fourth ladder into the tunnel. It's the one down the long
valley that's only guarded by one guy. You want to head a little southeast to
the edge of the trees and check your map. You can either go east and then south
or south and then east. Choose which ever seems the easiest. There's some trees
to the south and none to the east. The guards roam about fairly randomly so
there's no guaranteed easy way to go. Also, a general rule I use, and it may
not work for everyone if your tv is different, is if I can make out more than
one color on the guard's uniform, I'm too close. If you can make it past them,
head to the third ladder and turn south.

Try to shadow this guard's movement as he moves in a kind of counter-clockwise
route, keeping a tree between the two of you at all times. Once he's heading
west and you're on the opposite side of him, head for the ladder at the end of
the valley. Go down a little and make sure the ninja isn't about to enter the
room your about to climb down to. Once down, if he's heading in your direction,
hide behind the crates here. Once he leaves, or if he was already heading away
from your room, walk to the door and when he's far enough away, go through and
hide behind the crates to your right in the next room. Prep your anesthetic. 
Once he enters the next room, run to the far corner between the door he just
entered and the garage door. When he comes out, drug him and take his clothes.
Head through the door he just came from and through the next door into the main
tunnel. You may want to save now for practice and redo the level when you get
the hang of this next part.

Open your map and watch the guards in the next section of the tunnel. There are
three of them sharing one route. They weave in and out of the pillars running
down the center of the tunnel. You want to stay tight against the righthand
wall for this part, hiding behind the sections that jut out from the wall.
Notice the tunnel is shaped like this:
__ \
   \ \
    | |
    | |
    | |
    \ \

The 'o' is the point where the guards reverse direction. There's two pillars in
the diagonal sections and they always turn around between the two. You want to
wait in hiding where you can see the point where they turn. Wait until one
guard is about to turn around while the other two are down toward the other
side of the route. Start to follow this guard from a distance. He's going to
set your pace. As the first of the other two guards approaches, stop behind one
of the corners for hiding along the righthand wall. When he's close enough,
wait for him to circle a pillar on the side opposite from you and run past
making sure not to pass or alert the guard you're following.

When the second guard approaches, use the same technique to pass him. Then stop
near the second turning point to see which direction the guard we're following
goes. Run around him the same way, cross the tunnel and head for the next
garage on the left. Hide next to the garage entrance and watch the guard. If he
goes behind the crates in the back, walk to the right side of the truck, wait
for him to pass on the opposite side and then sneak into the back room. If he's
on the right side of the truck, walk on the left side to the back room. Once in
the back room, climb the ladder. If the guard sees you, just start running and
you might still make a perfect mission. At the top of the ladder, head left
around the tunnel entrance and approach the gate to finish.


       3.8 - At the Gates                       *ATGATE* 

  Objectives: Get to castle undetected, disable the three alarm grids and enter
              the castle.

Upon starting, head south toward the trees on the raised ledge. There's a guard
patrolling up here you want to knock out. To the south, there's 3 trees in a
row right near the ledge that the guard walks by. On the map the ledge runs
east then south then southeast. The trees are right at the corner of the south
and southeast parts of the ledge. Hide behind one of the trees and keep it
between you and the guard until he passes. I find the northwestern most of the
three trees allows you to drug him faster or you can try from any other tree in
the area as long as you can drug him and take his clothes.

Once you've done that, make your way around the valley path keeping far to the
south, away from the guards. When the southwestern guard ahead on the ridge
you're on begins to come into view, drop down and get ready to cross the path
the other guards are patrolling on. When the path turns north a little before
the sniper tower, cross over and head to the left of the tower. As you pass the
tower, keep all the way to the west so you're running against the wall.
Ultimately, you're going to run around the whole castle, clockwise. Right now,
make your way past the guards keeping as much distance as you can between
yourself and them. You have to walk most of the time but if you're impatient,
like me, you can get away with the Tap-Run technique as long as you keep an eye
on your suspicion meter.

Once you reach the back of the castle, turn right and run past the guard back
here. If you're making good time, he should be far from the wall so you can
run. If not, just walk until he gives you enough room. Turn right again at the
next corner and head toward the generator. Stop before the ledge by the
generator and watch for the guard near it. If you've tried this mission
already, you should know that this guard's a lot more stubborn than the rest
and that's why we had to circle the castle the long way. When he just starts
walking away from your position, walk down and enter the generator area,
closing the door behind you. The fence here *usually* acts like a regular wall.
I know he can see through the door but once in awhile he can see through the
fence too. It seems random. Sometimes I go into the generator area and run up
and down the fence infront of him (literally, I was checking) and he doesn't
care, other times I'm standing still and he runs up to check my ID. Hit the
switch as he passes going north and wait by the exit but don't open the door.
If he turns from hearing you and heads south prematurely, wait for him to make
the full trip again. Once he turns back toward the south from his regular
route, walk out and head back the way you came. Try to be quick but quiet since
his patrol route is very short and he'll turn around soon.

Make your way around the castle counter-clockwise the way you came except
keeping close to the castle wall this time. You can run most of the way. Around
the last corner you may have to walk or Tap-Run by the last couple guards.
Again, be cautious but also be quick because the laser grid will turn back on
after a minute or two. Once you get to the main entrance, stay to the side of
the doorway until the guard walks by and cross to the doorway just opposite the
one you came in. Now you want to turn the guards in the room above you. Check
the Castle map and notice the two guards by the windows. Notice the hall
they're in is shaped like this: /"""\ with the two guards in the center. You're
going to be in the right-most hall running northwest to southeast so you have
to get the guard on the right to face the exact opposite direction. It has to
be pretty much exact, this guard has some excellent peripheral vision. Just run
around downstairs until he's facing due northwest and then immediately enter
sneak mode and hide.

Wait for the guard patrolling the downstairs hall to exit through the west door
and then go for the east door. Remain in sneak mode so you don't unturn the
guard. You can probably start walking when you're far enough away but I stay in
sneak mode until I'm outside again. At the top of the stairs after the door, go
out the next door that's right on your left. Once outside start walking and
head for the second generator to the southeast. Switch it off and hide to the
east of one of the big rocks behind you. Wait for that patrolling guard to come
outside and go back in then run up the ramp to the north, heading east.

Enter the building and run to the opposite side where you entered to switch off
the third generator. Wait by the first door when you turn around and check your
map or look through the keyhole to watch the guard patrolling the yard outside.
Wait until he just starts to walk due east before exiting. There's a point
when he walks away in a southeast direction and you can try to leave then but
it's a shorter route and he turns back sooner. Either way, once you exit, turn
left and go up the ramp that's ahead on your left. If the guard sees you, keep
running and you might finish the level before you get a close encounter. Turn
right at the top and right again at the next doorway. Go up the ramp and around
to the exit to finish.


       3.9 - Shogun Showdown                    *SHOGUN* 

  Objectives: Secure guidance system, kill Masahiro Hyamoto and escape.

This is one of my favorite missions because it's one of the most involved
missions and it's also one of the first ones I got a perfect silent assassin
on. Note that this mission has stricter time constraints than some others and
requires a lot of walking so run whenever you can but be careful to pay
attention to when you can and can't.

As soon as the level opens, run straight to the secret door infront of you,
open it and run up the stairs and all the way to the door. Open it immediately
and walk through it. If you ran all the way, the guard behind you will stop at
the bottom of the steps and leave, also the guard in this room will be at the
far end and facing away from you. Turn left and walk along the wall on the
solid wooden beam here. Stay on the beam or guards will come investigating.
Turn right at the beam before the crates and head for the stairs. Drop down,
turn around and head left into the secret door. Run to the end of the hall,
sneak through the door and hide behind the post right near the door.

Guards will come here from time to time to meditate. Watch the Courtyard map
and wait for a guard to move toward you room. Be careful to wait a second after
the guard has entered the room you're in because once in awhile a second guard
will follow him. Sometimes it's unavoidable if the guy right next to the door
decides to come in so you may have to restart anyway. With one guard entering
the room, wait for him to sit and sneak up on him. Use your anesthetic and
drag him into the secret hall. Take his clothes, holster you anesthetic and
return to the meditation room.

Grab the keycard sitting on the shelf here and head down the hall. These black
ninjas don't worry too much about you so wait for him to walk by and you can
run. Take the first left hall and go straight through the door. Run straight
down this hall and enter the last door on the left. Then open the first door on
your left. Use the keycard to deactivate the laser grid and enter the weapons
room. Grab the bomb and bomb remote off the crates and head back to the secret
hall the same way you came.

Run down the secret hall and turn to go back up the stairs. At the top of the
stairs walk and only on the beams to avoid drawing attention to yourself. Go
through the laser grid right infront of the stairs and take a right. Walk over
to the down stairs and head down them, if a guard started following you just
ignore him. Go to the door diagonally across the basement from the door you
entered from and go down those stairs. Deactivate the lasers and go over the
the guidance system on your right. Pick it up and before moving, drop the bomb
here. Head back to the secret hall where our friend is sleeping the same way
you came being sure to walk by the guards.

Take out your anesthetic because this poor guy is getting a second dose. :)
Stand near his head and wait a minute for him to start waking up. Drug him
again with another 5 doses. Go back up to the laser grid and this time go
upstairs. The guard may follow you again so don't run until he turns around.
Make a U-turn at the top of the stairs and go around the right side of the
partitions. This room I hate. There's a ninja here that has some
passive-aggressive problems. Once in awhile he'll jump down and attack you.
Even though the suspicion meter doesn't go off and the guards aren't
specifically alerted, you'll be shot at, time to restart. Most of the time,
though, you can run through this room with no problems. Go up the next set of
stairs to enter the security level.

Make your way to the security console, represented by the ! symbol on the map.
Go through the first door, then the door directly to your left, then the door
on your right. There may be a guard patrolling or stationary but you can walk
past him either way. Press the button on the console. Don't worry if the guard
is watching, he'll run away anyway. Now, run back to the stairs you just came
up. You can run by that guard just don't bump into him too much. Once you're
down the stairs, make a U-turn and go around the partitions the opposite side
you went the first time. Stop at the corner and watch the guards come up the
stairs. Usually there's 3 of them and then the guard kneeling at the top will
usually start walking down. Give them a few seconds, sometimes not all the
guards will move, though. Then walk down the stairs. The remaining guards
shouldn't get suspicious but be careful. Head through the laser grid and while
on the beams, cross over to the secret door you originally entered at the
beginning. Walk down the stairs and back to the place you started. Now we wait.

Pull out the bomb remote and open your map to the second floor. Hayamoto should
be here. If not, check the first floor or even the basement maps depending on
how fast you got back.Track his progress down through the first floor, the
basement and finally the museum. Once he approaches the pedestal, exit the map
and trigger the bomb. Move to the opening in the castle wall if the level
doesn't end automatically.


      3.10 - Basement Killing                   *BKILL* 

  *NOTE: this mission requires 1 necessary shot fired*

  Objectives: Kill Charlie Sidjan, disable elevator surveillance and exit via

As this mission requires you to shoot, you might want to bring a silenced gun.
I prefer the .22 SD as it doesn't trigger the metal detectors so if I feel the
need to mess around I have that gun. Also, a 9mm SD is provided for you in
locker 137 at the beginning so if that's your gun of choice, you can grab it
there when you get the bomb if you want.

As soon as the mission starts run over to the police department on your right.
Open the door and walk in a bit. Wait for the guard to move into the room on
your left and walk into the opposite room. Go straight to the locker and grab
the smoke bomb. Run out and cross the room to the laundry room. A guard should
have just went in or is about to go in. Follow him far enough back so he
doesn't turn and go across the hall into the storage room. Open your map and
watch as Guard1 goes into the laundry, then Guard2 enters and stands in the
hall while Guard1 leaves. Guard2 then leaves while Guard1 comes back in. Follow
Guard1 and as he enters the laundry room, and hide behind the door from the
hallway. When he leaves, enter the laundry room and approach the chute on your
right. Give the guard a second or two to give you some room. Use the option to
drop the bomb and run out into the main room. If the guard sees you he'll give
you a firm talking to but it's no problem. Head toward the fire department as
fast as you can without getting the guards too suspicious.

Once there, open your map and make sure the fire department is empty. When it
is, run in and change into the fireman suit on the bench to your right. Grab a
fire axe if you want but it's not necessary. Exit the fire department and head
over to the metal detectors, go through and take a left, then take another left
after the elevators. Go through the double doors and down the stairs. At the
bottom, go left through the doors and straight down the hall. Take a left
through the next doors and the guard station is on your left right after the
doors. Enter and don't shoot the monitor just yet. Head down the stairs to pay
Charlie a visit.

Pick the lock on the last door and make your may toward him. Any path is fine
but I find the fastest way is along the right side of the servers. You can run
all the way down and then approach him in sneak mode at the end. Crack him with
the axe or slit his throat, then skip the cutscene. Turn around and run back up
the stairs, be quick with all this or the guards will return. Pull out your
silenced gun along the way.

Once back in the guard station shoot the monitor on the far left. If there are
guys out the window that draw your fire just click R3 to enter first person
mode, get really close and shoot the monitor that way. Turn and enter the
elevator to finish with only 1 shot fired.


      3.11 - The Graveyard Shift                *GRAVE* 

  *NOTE: this mission requires 1 necessary shot fired*

  Objectives: Plant hacking device on the server and exit via the skybridge.

You'll need a gun for this one to shoot out the windows. It seems the guards
are alerted the same amount whether you use a silenced weapon or not. I usually
bring the 9mm SD but anything is fine and if you forgot, you can grab a 9mm(SD)
off the guard you drug, off the server admin's desk while you get the card or
in a locked box on the inside southern wall in the main hall.

From the elevator, walk around to the right and make sure you see the guard
enter the guard room down the hall otherwise he may turn around and start his
route early. Take the left here and wait on this side of the door until the
guard in the next hall passes the door. Now go through the door and wait on the
other side to use the 45 degree trick on the guard that's coming up behind you.
When he comes through, drug him and drag him back through the door. As long as
he's inside the door you're fine. Take his clothes and go through the door once

Turn right and go straight down to the first set of double doors on your
left. Go through them and walk toward the back entrance. Stay far away from any
of the employees you may come across. Approach the corner of the hall where a
guard should be standing just after the shootable windows. Wait for him to turn
and then approach the server admin's room. Wait outside for everyone to leave
but the server admin. Enter sneak mode and open the door from the side such
that when it opens, if the admin turns around he won't see you. Keep the door
open until he turns back to his computer. Sneak in and move toward the keycard.
You can pick it up without raising any suspicions. Sneak out of the admin's
room and return to the double doors to the main hall the way you came being
careful to avoid the workers.

Turn left and head around the hall toward the server room. Keep your distance
from anyone you come across and enter the server room when you get there. Place
the dongle on the server and go back to the hall. Depending on how long you've
taken so far, you might want to go back to the guard and re-drug him. Once
that's done or if you skipped it, head back to the shootable windows avoiding
anyone along the way.

Pull out your gun and shoot out the middle window, preferable as the two guards
stop near the sides of the skybridge. Run out and across until you get to the
guards. It seems you can run right near them and they don't turn. Just try to
stay behind them and remember you can crawl under the lights if there's one in
your path. If you're too slow, the guards will get alerted and shoot you if
they see you. If they don't see you then one of them will stand right in the
middle of the skybridge and not move making it impossible to get to the other
side. He stands between the "Y" and the "B" on the map. If he's there and not
moving then you may as well restart. Run over to the window washer's bucket to
finish the level with all zero's except for one shot fired.


      3.12 - The Jacuzzi Job                    *THEJOB*

  Objectives: Kill Charlie Sidjan, steal the money, steal the statue and leave
              via the elevator.

This mission is easy if you make sure to do the objectives in a specific order.
Otherwise it's pretty much impossible. As soon as the mission starts, making
sure to skip the cutscene, run to the second balcony. You can prep your
anesthetic along the way. Climb over the wall of the second balcony and wait
behind the door to the secretary's office. Look through the keyhole or stand
next to the door, out of sight, and keep opening it. As soon as she stands up,
walk in and approach her. Sneak when you get too close to walk. Once she's
opened the safe, drug her. Two doses is plenty. Grab the money, and hide behind
the single door to the left of the doors you came in. "Reload" your anesthetic
and grab the guard that comes in, 45 degree trick style. Give him 5 doses and
take his clothes.

Exit the way the guard came and go to the first double doors on your left. If
the other patrolling guard is still in the room behind the door, wait for him
to go out the other door, into the hall. Then enter the room and go for the
nightvision goggles. They're on a table straight ahead and down the stairs by
the red couch. The secretary should wake up sometime around now, just ignore
her and head back through the double doors you just came through. Walk over to
the elevator on your left and stand by it for a few. Wait for the guard
patrolling the hall to go back into the room you came from and head toward
Charlie's room, down the hall the guard just was patrolling. If the ladies are
still in the bathroom, wait for them to go back to Charlie's room and follow

Hide to the right of the vase that's infront of the partition on the right side
of the room. It'll take awhile for the girls to leave again so hang awhile,
set you knife to quick select, whatever. Once they get up to go to the
bathroom, walk around the partition and kill Charlie. You don't need to sneak
and fiber wire takes too long so just walk up and knife him. Drag him behind
the heart-shaped bed and wait behind the door for the bodyguards to return.
Now, if the hall is clear, return to the secretary's room.

If you want, you can give the soon-to-be-waking guard the last 3 doses of
anesthetic. I don't think you have to, though. Once I didn't and he woke up
after the lights were out. The guards were looking for a suspicious guard and
they came right up to me. My suspicion meter filled up to max and they drew
their weapons but didn't fire. I finished the level with all zeros. So, drug
him if you want or test the limits of the guards in this level. When that's
done, go across the hall and to the circuit breaker on the right wall. Activate
your nightvision and break the fuses. Take your time getting to the statue.
It's in the room you got the nightvision goggles, on the top level, left hand
side when you walk in. Once you have the statue, wait outside the elevator for
the technician to arrive and jump in to finish the level.


      3.13 - Murder at the Bazaar               *BAZAAR*

  Objectives: Kill Lieutenant Ahmed Zahir, collect coordinates, kill Colonel
              Mohammad Amin, collect key and escape.

Start by running down the road to your left. Keep running and take the second
right which goes behind the lieutenant's quarters. Go behind the house and run
right past the door to the corner of the building. Now sneak back to the door.
This makes sure that the lieutenant is turned in the proper direction. Pick it
and turn to your left and go up the stairs. Knife the lieutenant, then take his
clothes and the coordinates. Now sit back for a second as the two patrolling
guards enter the building for a break. If they both come in the back door, they
should both face northeast, away from you. You can sneak out the back door
while they're standing around. Sometimes, though, a guard will face south and
you'll have to sit around for awhile, wait until they finish talking and leave

Once you exit, head back for the starting point and take the first left into an
alley behind the lieutenant's quarters. Take a left and the end of the alley
and a right around the back of the building ahead with the ladder that runs up
to the rooftops.

Make sure nobody is around while you're on the ladder or the buildings or you
will be shot. There's five main guards to watch; the four in the alley and the
one following the colonel in the bazaar. Sometimes the guards patrolling the
lieutenant's area come into view too. Climb the ladder and then the stairs to
the top of the building. Turn left and make your way to the end without anyone
seeing you. Skirt the little stone trim at the end and walk on the little ledge
toward the green awning. Don't drop down unless all the guards are well away
from you. Once you get down, enter the bazaar.

Entering the bazaar, go into the first shop on the left with some crates, pots
and bowls in it. Hide behind the crates in the back and wait for the colonel to
drop by. He'll move into the shop while the guard stands outside. Now you knife
him, grab his key and drug the guard. Two doses is fine. Then just run to the
exit, walking and giving some space if any guards are nearby.


      3.14 - The Motorcade Interception         *MOTOR* 

  Objectives: Kill Kahn Abdul Bismillah Malik, spare the UN troops and escape.

This mission requires the fire axe in place of your standard equipment. You may
want to pack some extra concealable arms to vent frustrations. This mission
sounds hard on paper and it's even harder to execute. Mainly the problems are
timing and the initial placement of the civilians, which is random. The problem
with timing is that the guards normally patrol on regular routes, but when the
motorcade passes through the gates, any people on the main road will move to
the edge of the road and stand there until they pass. When a guard is passing
you, he'll stop right infront of you making it impossible to attack the limo
without alerting him. But anyway, onto the mission.

You start behind some crates with two guards infront of you and a third one off
to your left. Give the guard to you left a few seconds to walk away and move
out of your corner. Staying out of his sight, follow him at a distance until he
walks through the archway. You want to go to the next archway on the right.
Take a second to look around since the civilians like passing by here. If the
coast is clear, run directly across the street between the buildings and drop
the axe near the alcove here. Whew. Now you might want to save here for
practice and later you can come back and do it again without saving.

You don't need to talk to the guy with your weapons, just trigger the motorcade
by running up the stairs a little northwest of the alcove. Cross the plank and
climb the ladder. Climb down the ladder and drop into the alcove. Now wait.
Monitor the guards and civilians as the motorcade makes it's way to the city.
Once it reaches the gate, get ready. Grab the axe as the first jeep approaches.
Then ready the axe and run up to the middle of the limo and take a swing.
You'll know you hit him, the limo slams on the brakes, a message pops up and
you'll hear it pretty well. Immediately drop the axe and book it to the exit.
Avoid any guards you may come across. At this point you'll either get away
perfectly fine or have every guard shooting you. Restart or run for the hole in
the wall depending on which it is. :)


      3.15 - Tunnel Rat                         *TUNNEL* 

  Objectives: Enter the base, kill Lieutenant Yussef Hussein, transport the 
              cargo to the surface and secure the helipad.

There's a couple patterns the guards may be on at the start of this one. Check
the guard near the closest stairwell. He'll be stationary or he'll be walking
around the stairwell. Restart until you get him stationary.

Head straight for the stairwell going left around the first wall to avoid the
other guard patrolling nearby. Make a wide arch around to the back of the
stairwell to keep the stationary guard from seeing you. Once you're out of
view, close in on the stairwell and approach the north side. When you get
close, start to walk and eventually sneak. He might make a short trip in one
direction or another, stay hidden. If he walk around clockwise, you can usually
pick the door and hide behind it until he returns or just wait until he returns
to his post. Once you get behind him, drug him, take his clothes and go

Follow behind the guy that walks down the hall to your right and hide in one of
the last alcoves before he stops at the end. Wait for him to pass and for the
other guard that walks the north hall to start walking and follow the
north/south guard. He'll stop at the lieutenant's quarters so wait a little
ways back until both guards are away from the door. Once they leave, walk up to
the lieutenant's door and enter sneak mode when you get inside. Grab a bottle
of anesthetic off the crate and open the next door. Kill the lieutenant and
walk back to the hall.

When both guards are off to the north again, exit and head south. Wait for the
east/west guard to head west and follow him, again ducking into an alcove. The
guard upstairs should wake up soon but just ignore him. When the guard doubles
back and passes, walk out and continue east until you're behind the crates. Go
north to the last section of crates in this room and wait. The guard moves
around in the middle alot, wait for him to either walk all the way over to the
stationary guard or for him to head behind the crates you're hiding behind.
Circle the crates opposite him if needed and walk north to the hall to the
right just before the guard ahead.

Sneak up to the guard by the generator and knock him out. Sneak out the hall to
your left heading north and sneak behind the crates here. Once past them, turn
left and walk toward the elevator keeping as much distance between the three
guards here as possible. Your meter won't even hit the red. Call the elevator
and press the button for the ground floor. Hide behind the cargo as the alarm
goes off. Once at the surface, exit the elevator and the building and walk left
behind the short wall infront of the stairwell here.

Wait for the left guard to do his business and return. Walk over to the left of
the stairwell and start to sneak up on the left guard while the one on the
right walks around to the back of the stairwell. Sneak up on the guard and give
him three or four doses of the anesthetic if you grabbed one extra bottle from
the lieutenant's room. Then drag him over to the corner where he did his
business. Enter the stairwell alcove and stay to the southside to wait for the
second guard to return. It's scary how close he is when he gets back but he
shouldn't see you. Still in sneak mode, of course, get behind him and give him
a dose or two. Mission complete.


      3.16 - Temple City Ambush                 *TCITY* 

  Objectives: Meet with the agency's contact, kill and photograph both
              assassins, bring the photos back to the contact and escape.

I'm still not sure of a simple way to do this mission but it might be easiest
with the fire axe. Just be careful that nobody sees you with it. Drop it
whenever you think someone may be approaching, watch your map. Make sure you're
familiar with the marketplace before wandering around with the assassins.

This is one of the hardest (and most boring) levels. There's a target that's
always on the move and in a heavily populated area. :P On top of that, this
level has what seems to be a glitched guard. He's the cult member wearing the
purple turban. If he spots you he will follow you forever. He never gets
suspicious or alerts anyone unless you pull out a weapon but if you haven't
already given the photos to your contact, it will make it impossible. I've
heard you can kill him and it won't count against your stats but a) that's
rather tricky and b) it's not really a perfect silent assassin by my standards
so it's best just to stay far away from him. Also note that the glitched guard
shows up as a green (civilian) dot on the map. Good luck. Bring guns, you may
want to blow off steam and there's tons of people here to help you do that. You
can also run back and pick up the Spas 12. :)

Head over to your first contact to get the location of your primary contact.
Normally you don't want to bite the hand that feeds you badass automatic
shotguns but if you want to blend in you can knock this guy out with a couple
doses of anesthetic and take his clothes, he won't mind. It doesn't matter,
though, your normal clothes offer the same amount of protection as far as I
know. Head over to the southwestern most shop in the east half of the
marketplace. It may be tricky to get there with the fire axe but the section
will be clear of people at some point. Once at the shop, drop the axe in the
stairwell on the right.

After that, head over to your primary contact, his placement is random. Make
sure no guards are around as you enter, they're gunning for this guy and you'll
fail if he's killed. After a bout of drunken gunslinging, our friend here tells
us to take out and photograph a couple assassins in the marketplace then bring
back the pictures. Check your map and figure out the best route to get to the
stationary assassin so that you stay under his view. He'll be upstairs in one
of the shops. Make sure the patrolling assassin will be away while you take out
the first one. Once you enter the shop the stationary assassin is in, sneak
upstairs and knife him while he's looking out the window. Nearby civilians and
cult members can still see you so make sure the area's fairly clear first.
Photograph his corpse and head back down to the marketplace.

Now head back to the shop where we dropped the axe. Keep watching the assassin,
the civilians and the cult members. Eventually the assassin will come through
the corridor to the west. It seems to be easiest to kill him while he's moving
west to east. If there's no guards around (and also, the less civilians, the
better) approach the corner and ready your axe. Bring it down on his head as he
rounds the corner. He'll look around but not see you if you're in a good spot.
Hit him once more to finish him off. Then drag his body behind the stairs and
photograph him. Drop the axe and head back to your contact. Watch for guards
again and go inside.

He will tell you the location of the secret entrance which will be in the
northwestern most shop. There will also be a couple new assassins watching this
alley. Approach the shop from the east/west street farthest to the north and
run in the door. The sniper shouldn't spot you. Then enter the secret passage
through the rug on the wall to finish the mission.


      3.17 - The Death of Hannelore             *DEATH* 

  Objectives: Get the door key, kill Dr. Von Kamprad, hide the body and escape.

You start out on the dock with a couple of patrolling guards. Simply wait for
the guard closest to you to start up the path directly infront of you. Then
start making your way along the coastline toward the sewer entrance further
down. You may have to wait for the second guard to turn back toward the
building depending on where he is. Once in the sewer you want to make your way
to the ladder. Go left, left, right, right, right to get to it. As you enter
the ladder area, don't go for the ladder. On either side of this room are
little alcoves. Enter the first one on your right as you enter and follow the
path to another ladder. Check your map and make sure the guard patrolling the
courtyard is away from the southeast corner and climb up.

Enter the patient rooms to the east and work your way north without alerting
any patients along the way. In the northern most room, change into the white
patient clothes, then head for the southwestern most patient room.

Wait by the southern door for the guard to go into the bathroom. Now open the
door and go into the storage room. Grab the door key and the poison. Wait for
the guard go to the bathroom, yet again, and walk back to the patient's room
you came from. Then we head to the pool in the courtyard. To the north are two
guards and three doors. Stay far to the left and take the left door, it's
safest. Keep going until you get to the circular room with the nurse and
patient. There are two stairwells here and one guard is usually facing away
from the doorway. If not, you can turn them by running in the nearby office.
Sneak around the guard and up the stairs. You can probably walk by him but this
is safer, anyway. Walk by the upstairs guard. He may try to follow you so just
walk around the south offices until he stops. He might not return to his post.
If this is the case, you can try to get him to follow you to a point where he
won't see you dragging the corpse later.

Walk into Dr. Von Kamprad's office and walk up to her. She'll start going on
about a liver transplant. Just wait for her to start walking around and you can
decide how to off her. You can poison her water and wait for her to drink it or
slash her throat at anytime since she doesn't turn around. Poisoning is fun but
it can be hard to time it right with the patient walking around every few
minutes. Slashing gets the job done and is easier to time. It's up to you. That
done, drag her over to the closet designated "Hiding Place" on your map.

Once she's in the closet, exit the offices the same way you came and head to
the sewer entrance. Make your way back to the docks avoiding the patrolling
guards as you go to finish.


      3.18 - Terminal Hospitality               *HOPITAL* 

  Objectives: Kill cult leader, Deewanna Ji and escape.

I recommend you start this level with the scalpel rather than another knife,
it's the only one that you can kill him with. I tried the other small melee
weapons. The large ones might work but I never tried it.

Run around the corner and up the stairs. Enter sneak mode and wait to the right
of the doorway. Wait for the guard by the balcony to walk toward you, then off
to the right. Sneak out and cross the balcony. You can walk and then run when
he's far enough away. Go to the right of the door and up the hill that's next
to the wall. Follow this path around the hill to a path cut in the hill. Keep
running down the path and go around the left of the pool. Change your clothes
here and continue going straight through the next path. Take the downward
sloping part of the path and you'll be at the corner of the hospital.

Your goal is the second floor pickup point and there's a number of ways to get
there, just stay away from guards and especially the nurses. They'll follow you
all over the place. Going my way, we'll go in the front door. Go forward and
take the first stair case on the right. At the top stay as far away from the
guards as possible. If they start to follow you, you can usually just run and
they'll stop without getting suspicious. Head for the nurse's office to the far
right. If nobody is following you, just hang out until the nurse takes a walk
out on the balcony. If you're still being followed, head outside and walk
around until they stop and return to their post.

Once the nurse goes outside and the coast is clear, quick pick the lock and
grab your stuff from the box in the room. Go to the next room and grab yourself
a nifty doctor's uniform. People are a little less suspicious of the doctor's
uniform but give them enough time and they'll still be a pain so keep moving.
Go back to the stairs you came up and go straight down the hall. Stay on the
left side in the next room, then turn right when you get to the end. At the end
of this hall, go through the door to get to the eastern spiral stairwell. Go
all the way down to the second to last door. Enter the basement.

Give the guards as much room as you can and take the first left. You can run
here if you watch your suspicion meter. If your didn't bring a scalpel, there's
a couple down here at the ! icons. Do that if you need to. Make your way back
to the generator room, the southernmost room in the basement. Quick pick the
lock when the coast is clear and head over to the generator switch. Toggle the
switch and put on your nightvision goggles. Pull out your scalpel and run back
to the operating rooms. The guards shouldn't mind your running just try not to
stay near them any longer than you need to. The cult leader's placement is
random but you have time to look around. If there's a doctor and nurse in the
room, the cult leader isn't there. Keep moving until you find him and use the
special option to kill him. Time to go.

Head for the northwestern stairwell and pick the lock of the door right infront
of you as you entered the stairwell. Turn left and run along the hospital to
the path you came here through. The guards out here don't mind you too much
just don't run near them and you'll be fine. Head back the way you came and
mind 17's 3 or 4 potshots as you get to the first staircase you came up. Go
back to your boat to finish.


      3.19 - St. Petersburg Revisited           *REVISIT* 
  *NOTE: This mission requires 1 necessary kill* (See Notes At End Of Section)

  Objectives: Kill agent 17 and escape.

For fun you can bring a large melee weapon on this mission. I prefer the axe.
Small melee weapons will work too but it's not as fun. There's probably a few
other missions you could too but this one's pretty cut and dry by itself. The
one thing you need, though is anesthetic. You can't play this mission with
anesthetic until after you've beaten the game once on your save file so I hope
you minded my warning in the introduction.

This part's quick, just run up all the stairs and exit the metro via the stairs
leading to the street. All the civilians in this level can be ignored even
after you drug 17, they still won't get you in trouble. Turn left and cross
the street. Go between the buildings and through the sawhorses. To the left is
the truck that the uniform was next to last time we were here. But this time,
go around the building on the right side opposite the truck. Approach the gap
in the wall up ahead that we went through the first time but stay to the right
to keep the wall between yourself and the windows where 17 is ready to take
shots at you.

17 is a regular psychic. If you're on the southside of the building, he's there
ready to shoot you and if you move stealthily to the westside, he's there too.
Just some info incase you wanted to try some of your own methods.

Take the right before you get to the opening in the wall to go behind the
building. Go all the way around the building and up the driveway here. Circle
the perimeter of the square until you're on the north side of the Pushkin
building and then cross the street. Run around to the main entrance and open
the door. Move through the building in stealth mode so you don't alert any
guards or cause 17 to move. Go straight up the first set of stairs and drop
your large melee weapon on the landing if you brought one. Turn left and go up
the next set of stairs. Through the door we find the cardboard Sergei turn left
and head through the next door. Keep going straight until you get to the last
room. Stay all the way to the right as you approach 17 since he likes to look
over his shoulder. Drug him and start dragging.

Exit through the middle door and go down to the landing. Pick up your weapon if
you left it and continue on out the front door. Turn left and head back toward
the metro. On your way back you can think about how twisted a scene you're
making if you're like me carrying a fire axe while dragging what looks like a
corpse. :\ Stop before you cross the street to the metro entrance. 17 is about
to wake up and you don't want to get stuck in the street with a car coming so
better to re-drug him here. Do that and continue on your way.

If you only have a small melee weapon, drop Mr. 17 on the escalator and finish
him off there. If you have a large melee weapon you can finish him anywhere
after you get to the escalator. After the cutscene just go to the metro
platform to finish. You should only have 1 enemy killed on your stats.

* Important Update *

This mission should be possible to complete without adding a kill to your
stats. I was e-mailed this video showing the strategy by Froopy47:

I'll describe the method incase the link dies. the strategy is pretty similar
as far as sneaking in, anesthetizing Mr. 17 and draggin him out of the
building. Once he's outside he's dragged down the main street in front of the
Pushkin building. Once he's in the path of traffic he's allowed to wake up and
he's re-drugged with a single bottle. We wakes up and is re-drugged a number of
times allowing a bus to catch up and Mr. 17 is killed by the bus while he's

I believe I tried to save the kill before by having 17 hit by a car but he was
knocked out at the time so the difference may be in the fact that he was
allowed to wake up or I may have made a mistake when I was experimenting
before. I'm not going to rewrite my strategy until I play out the strategy and
do some testing.


      3.20 - Redemption at Gontranno            *REDEEM* 

  Objectives: Kill everyone.

Note that the stats aren't recorded for this level. You'll always finish with
all zeros. But since we've gone so far to beat this game flawlessly, why stop
now? Obviously we have to kill everyone and nearly everyone you kill will give
a "Guards have found a dead bodyguard" warning, so in order to claim a
"perfect" silent assassin for this level we'll minimize bullets and alerts
other than "Guards have found a dead bodyguard". We'll define "alerts" as 
causing the guards to notice you, shoot at you or otherwise deviate from their
standard routines. I've heard the minimum possible is two bullets and zero
alerts. So far, my best is four bullets and zero alerts. I'll go over that
method and update when/if I can do better.

Start by skipping the cutscene since guards are moving while it's playing. Run
straight across and to the right a little toward the tree across the yard from
your starting point. Stand to the northwest of the pillar at the corner by the
tree. Move around the pillar to keep it between yourself and the faster guard.
When the guard reaches the corner, you should be to the southwest of the
pillar. The guard will walk west and then pivot to the southwest. As he reaches
the end of his trip west and is about to pivot, sneak right up behind him and
fiber wire him. It'll look like it's too close and he'll see you but his field
of vision is very narrow and he doesn't turn his head at all. Drag him until
he's just north of the pillar you hid behind. Now wait by the pillar at the
corner that's east of your current position. Wait for the other guard to make
his way south and then north again. When he turns back south again, sneak out,
follow him and kill him. Now the hardest part is over and it gets a bit easier.

Now go to the eastern double doors and wait for the guard to pass walking
north. Sneak out and wire him, then turn south and walk off the back of the
stairs. Wait for the guy nearby to walk all the way south and turn around
before sneaking up on him. Don't go to the shed just yet, go north to the ruins
training area and sneak up on the sniper that's up here. With him out of the
way, you can go to the shed and grab a melee weapon and maybe a sniper rifle if
you have an aversion to the SVD/Custom Rifle.

Once you grab your equipment, head for the door between the laptop shed and the
ruins. Enter and sneak over to the corner, when the guard turns sneak up and
off him. Grab the key out of the far room and go back outside. Turn right as
soon as you exit and enter the secret entrance behind the shed. Once inside,
enter sneak mode and stay in sneak mode until further notice or guards may turn
the wrong way.

At the top of the stairs, go through the closest door on your left and knife
the guy behind it. Back up through the door and go to the next door to the left
of the one you first went through. The guy behind it should be facing away from
the door unless you were running around outside the front door. If he's facing
the door, go back to the front yard and turn him around, then return. Enter the
door and knife the first guard. Turn left and knife the guard around the
corner. Now go back through the door you came in.

Go up the stairs and to the left. Watch through the keyhole and wait until the
far guard is about to turn his head to the left before entering. Stay as far to
your left as you can and dispatch the two guards here. Then return to the door
you just came through. Go to the other door at the top of the stairs and walk
around to turn the guard so he faces toward the door. Go back into sneak mode
and go back to the balcony where you just killed two guys. Continue to the
opposite door and turn right after going through it. Open the door, kill the
guard infront of you and back up through the door again. Walk around to turn
the guard below so he faces northwest, away from the door.

Go back into sneak mode and return to the guard you just killed. Grab his SVD
and snipe the guard across from you. Head north, staying to the far left to
avoid being seen, and switch to the Custom Rifle if you want. Proceed through
the door behind the dead guard and make your way around the hallway. You can
run all the way to the next door. Go through the door in sneak mode and kill
the next sniper. Keep going south and kill the guard you turned earlier.

Go down the stairs and through the left door. Check the keyhole or the map to
make sure our guard is still turned away from the door. If he is, open it and
kill him. Now you're done sneaking. The last few guards aren't turnable. Head
upstairs and through the door infront of you to the balcony. At the edge of the
door, equip your sniper rifle and take out the guard facing northwest. Sneak
across the balcony to avoid being seen and stop at the next door. Stand up and
snipe the lone guard on the left facing northeast. Go all the way down both
sets of stairs and head outside the way you came in.

Turn left and go back inside through the next door by the ruins. Go up the
stairs in sneak mode and kill off the last three guards starting with the one
right next to you and working your way south. Now all guards should be
dispatched without your suspicion meter ever increasing at all.

Basically, for the next part, you're going to want to shoot out the heart and
then hide from Sergei to avoid a firefight. If you don't confront him, he'll
usually run up to the second floor balcony. I usually stand inside the
confessional to shoot the heart and Sergei just runs away. Once he runs
upstairs, hopefully he faces east or west so you can usually sneak up from
behind him and knife him. Check the keyhole to make sure he's facing away from
you, then sneak in and finish him off. Sometimes he's not nice enough to run up
to the balcony and you may have to chase him around a bit. Try to hide and
sneak up on him as best you can since he tends to run just about anywhere.

With the level complete, you probably don't need to record your stats since
they're all zeros anyway but I usually start another mission and beat it,
perfect silent assassin style of course, just incase. Now, if you've finished
all the other missions already, you can check your Overall stats after any
mission completed. At the Stats screen, select Overall to see your cumulative
stats for all the missions. After you get perfect silent assassin on all of
them you should have just 2 Shots Fired and 1 Enemy Killed. Congratulations!


         4 - Legal                              *LEGAL*

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This guide is Copyright 2005-2010 Jason Carl.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or
freely public use. This guide is not to be used for profitable means by
selling it, including as an incentive "gift" with another purchase, by
including it in part of any premium service or by any other method.

If you see it hosted somewhere that violates these terms of use, please email
me with details at the email found at the top of this guide.

As always, the most up to date versions of my guides can be found where I
personally upload them: www.gamefaqs.com
Thank you.


         5 - Guide History                      *HISTORY*

   v0.75 - Made basic outline for guide. Wrote walkthroughs for Shogun
           Showdown, Anathema, St. Petersburg Stakeout, Kirov Park, Death of
           Hannelore, Basement Killing, The Motorcade Interception, Terminal
           Hospitality, Tracking Hayamoto, Tubeway Torpedo and Invitation to a
           Party, Tunnel Rat, Temple City Ambush, The Graveyard Shift

   v0.85 - Wrote walkthroughs for The Jacuzzi Job and Murder at the Bazaar

   v0.90 - Added cheap ASCII art. Wrote walkthrough for At the Gates

   v1.00 - Wrote walkthroughs for Hidden Valley and Redemption at Gontranno

   v1.10 - Edited the beginning of the Death of Hannelore walkthrough and some
           info in the Redemption at Gontranno walkthrough

   v2.00 - Reviewed entire guide, fixed typos, rewrote certain sections and
           added some details.

   v2.01 - Added authorized site (neoseeker.com) and did some small editing of
           Legal section. Fixed some typos.

   v2.02 - Added authorized site (supercheats.com).

   v2.03 - Added notice for St. Petersburg Revisisted concerning kills, some
           editing of Redemption at Gontranno intro.

   v2.04 - Updated Legal terms of use, minor wording change to Thanks, new
           ASCII art header.


         6 - Thanks                             *THANKS*

 - The developer: IO Interactive and the publisher: Eidos for making a great
   game and bringing it to us.
 - CJayC for making gamefaqs.com, the single greatest video game site online.
 - Anyone that writes in with a correction or typo.


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