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Reviewed: 06/20/02 | Updated: 06/20/02

Aggressive Inline Review

Let me start by saying that I Rollerblade, and have been since Matty Mantz was a scrub. When Tony Hawk's Pro Skater was released I quickly bought it. Every time I would play THPS, I longed for an Aggressive Inline game. No such game came out, and I was beginning to question if their was going to be one. Years passed, and my hunger for an Inline game was never satisfied.

Finally the folks at Acclaim got off their butts ^_^ , and planned to release a Rollerblading game. I was ecstatic, and I couldn't wait! At last I got a copy, and am enjoying it as I type!

Here's the review;

Graphics: Very clean, and lively environments with great character animations make this very enjoyable. there are no complaints here.

Gameplay: With 21 unique grinds not including the specials, who could ask for anything more. Speaking of grinds, the newly designed grind system is awesome. Instead of having to jump of the rail to start another grind, you just enter a different grind, and he/she switches mid slide. Not to mention the huge assortment of vert spins, flips, and grabs. I have never been so impressed with a games library of tricks...ever! Nice, and planned out levels. Me likey...!*_*!

Control: With very basic trick execution the game is easy, but when trying to perform a super combination of tricks, you will find yourself saying ''Man, I totally pushed that button''. You need incredibly fast fingers, but if you are determined is very easy. No complaints here!

Fun Factor: Outrageously fun is the best way to describe this game. I will be spending hours leveling up my character's stats, and loving every minute. With no time limit, the game moves at your own pace. No rush, so you can plan out your next move. Play until your fingers fall off!

Difficulty: You will find yourself having lots of trouble getting certain challenges complete. Some are easy, and others are WAY hard! Very nicely balanced.

Replay Factor: Let's play it again! The game has so much replay value it's sick. It's an Action RPG/Aggressive Sport Combo. I love it. You level up your character, and fulfill incredible challenges that could never all be completed in one day.

If you don't care much for Aggressive Sport games, then i would have to suggest this one. You may just find yourself enjoying it. The fact that there is no time limit makes this game great. Rent it, and see for yourself.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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