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Guide and Walkthrough by CV

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 06/30/2002
FAQ of the Month Winner: May 2002

         _______.___________.   ___      .______
        /       |           |  /   \     |   _  \
       |   (----`---|  |----` /  ^  \    |  |_)  |
        \   \       |  |     /  /_\  \   |      /
    .----)   |      |  |    /  _____  \  |  |\  \-----.
    |_______/       |__|   /__/     \__\ | _| `.______|

    ____    __    ____  ___      .______       _______.
    \   \  /  \  /   / /   \     |   _  \     /       | _
     \   \/    \/   / /  ^  \    |  |_)  |   |   (----'(_)
      \            / /  /_\  \   |      /     \   \
       \    /\    / /  _____  \  |  |\  \------)   |    _
        \__/  \__/ /__/     \__\ | _| `.__________/    (_)

     __       ___   ______           ____      __   __
.__ / /__ ___/ (_) / __/ /____ _____/ _(_)__ _/ /  / /____ ____
/ // / -_) _  / / _\ \/ __/ _ `/ __/ _/ / _ `/ _ \/ __/ -_) __/
\___/\__/\_,_/_/ /___/\__/\_,_/_/ /_//_/\_, /_//_/\__/\__/_/

   Last Updated............June 30th, 2002
   ASCII Art...............Courtesy of http://www.network-science.de/ascii/


This FAQ is copyright © 2002 Chris Viloria. You can not take it in whole or
part and claim it as your own. You can not alter it in any way, shape, or
form, even with my consent (which I will NOT give you). If you own, manage,
or participate-in a website and would like to post this FAQ, e-mail me at
themafioso@hotmail.com and wait for my affirmation. This is my first FAQ
and I feel I deserve the credit from all the work I have put in it. Thank

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Jun. 30th/(v2.5)
- Updated list of sites hosting my FAQ
  Fixed some line spacing

May  30th/(v2.4)
- Updated list of sites hosting my FAQ

May  28th/(v2.3)
- Added one more secret

May  27th/(v2.2)
- Updated list of sites hosting my FAQ,
  and added a few tidbits

May  20th/(v2.1)
- Updated list of sites hosting my FAQ,
  more line-up fixing

May  19th/(v2.0)                I saw the movie. Oh. My. God.
- Finished sections [7] - [10]      Nothing can compare...

May  18th/(v1.2)
- Fixed some more line-up,
  and finished section [6]

May  17th/(v1.1)
- Line-up fixed

May  16th/(v1.0)          STAR WARS:  EPISODE II    is released in theaters!
- Finished section [5]     ATTACK OF THE CLONES      Drop the game, and see
  My FAQ goes public                                     this movie NOW!

May   6th/(v0.5)
- Finished section [5.2]

May   5th/(v0.4)
- Finished section [5.1]

May   2nd/(v0.3)
- Finished sections [3] & [4]

May   1st/(v0.2)
- Finished most planning and I've completed section [2]

Apr. 30th/(v0.1)
- I've just begun.



[1] Contact Information
[2] Jedi Starfighter Basics
    [2.1] Basic Fighter Controls
    [2.2] The HUD
    [2.3] Using the Force
    [2.4] Dog-Fighting Tips
    [2.5] Wingmate Commands & Tips
[3] The Characters
[4] Their Ships
[5] The Acts
    [5.1] Act I
         [5.1.1] The Informant
         [5.1.2] Unlikely Allies
         [5.1.3] Prison Break
         [5.1.4] Turning the Tides
    [5.2] Act II
         [5.2.5] Poisoned Skies
         [5.2.6] Mount Merakan
         [5.2.7] Hammer and Anvil
         [5.2.8] Demolition Squad
         [5.2.9] Dragon's Den
    [5.3] Act III
         [5.3.10] Tug of War
         [5.3.11] Escort to Geonosis
         [5.3.12] Cannon Fodder
         [5.3.13] Attack of the Clones
         [5.3.14] Heart of the Storm
         [5.3.15] The Jedi Master
[6] Hidden Objectives
[7] Bonus Features
    [7.1] One Player Bonus Missions
         [7.1.1] Escort Duty
         [7.1.2] Advanced Prototype Test
         [7.1.3] Riding Shotgun
         [7.1.4] The Lone Gunship
         [7.1.5] Jango Fett
    [7.2] Two Player Bonus Missions
         [7.2.1] Escort Duty
         [7.2.2] Classic Dogfight
         [7.2.3] Droid Hunter
         [7.2.4] Showdown over Geonosis
         [7.2.5] The Lone Gunship
    [7.3] Bonus Ships
    [7.4] Bonus Materials
[8] Codes
[9] Other Secrets
[10] Frequently Asked Questions

  [1] Contact Information

Those of you wishing to post my FAQ:
        -E-mail me at themafioso@hotmail.com, stating your status at that
        site (i.e. member, moderator, webmaster...), your SN or nickname,
        the URL & name of the site. YOU MUST WAIT FOR ME TO E-MAIL YOU BACK
        with my confirmation. If I go to the site before replying to you and
        find my FAQ (or something that looks strikingly similar to it)
        already posted there, I will deny the site's permission to host my

Those of you with questions concerning the FAQ or game itself:
        -First off, if you have a question about the game (beating a
         mission, getting a secret, etc.) DID YOU READ THE ENTIRE FAQ?!
         If it's already on my FAQ somewhere, I will ignore you. If you
         continue to e-mail me, I will block you.

        -If you have some CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM on my FAQ, or are
         submitting information that my FAQ is missing, or have a
         LEGITIMATE question, use my e-mail address above. Title the
         e-mail appropriately and be polite and I will be happy to help you.

  [2] Jedi Starfighter Basics

   | [2.1] Basic Fighter Controls                                         |

      L1 - Toggle Wingmate Commands (Press and hold in conjunction with
           directional buttons)

      L2 - Brake

      R1 - Sniper View (Press and hold to zoom in)

      R2 - Boost

      Up - Selects upper secondary weapon, w/L1 - Attack selected target

      Rt - Selects right-hand secondary weapon, w/L1 - Have wingmates
           report in

      Dn - Selects lower secondary weapon, w/L1 - Have wingmates protect
           your ship

      Lt - Selects left-hand secondary weapon, w/L1 - Protect selected

      /\ - Target nearest opponent or one who most recently shot you

      () - Fire secondary weapon or activate the Force (see [2.3] Using
           the Force)

      >< - Fire primary weapon

      [] - Target ship in sights (hold down to target ALL crafts)

      L3 - (or Left Analog Stick) Control of ship's nose (Push forward
           to go down, pull back to go up, and turn right or left)

      R3 - (or Right Analog Stick) Roll ship left or right (Press down
           on the button on terrain missions to auto-level your ship

     Sel - Toggle between in-cockpit view and behind-ship view

   Start - Go to Pause Menu

   | [2.2] The HUD                                                        |

   { __________                                               __________ }
   {| Wingmate |                                             (Comm. Link)}
   {| Commands |                                             (  Window  )}
   {|__________|                                             (__________)}
   {                                                                     }
   {                                                                     }
   {                         /  Targeting   \                            }
   {                        <=    Sight     =>                           }
   {                         \              /                            }
   {                                                                     }
   {                                                                     }
   { __________                                               __________ }
   {( Player's )                                             (  Target  )}
   {(   Ship   )                 Marker                      ( Display  )}
   {(  Status  )                  ____                       (          )}
   {(__________)                  \  /                       (__________)}
   {                               \/                                    }

      -Wingmate Commands are only viewed when L1 is held down.

      -Comm. Link Window appears when you receive a transmission (the
       speaker's hologram appears), also, a yellow halo will appear around
       the hailing ship, or if it is not in view, a yellow marker will
       show the direction the ship is on the edge of your screen.

      -Targeting Sight is where you are headed and where your lasers are
       pointed; a small design adorns it for each different secondary
       secondary weapon selected.

      -Player's Ship Status shows your ship's shield and hull strength,
       (green and gold colored bars, respectfully), the selected secondary
       weapon, and secondary weapon ammo (or for the Jedi Starfighter -
       the Force bar).

      -Target Display shows the current target's ship, also, a red halo
       appears around the targeted ship if it is in your view, if not, a
       red marker on the edge of your screen shows you the direction it is
       in. Inside the red halo are the green and gold shield and hull
       strength bars.

      -The Objective Marker is a blue and green marker/halo (for mission
       critical FRIENDLY craft), or a blue and red marker/halo (for mission
       critical ENEMY craft). It shows craft that need to be protected or
       destroyed in compliance with the mission's objectives.

   | [2.3] Using the Force                                                |

      Only in the Jedi starfighter may you use the Force. On the Player's
      Ship Status circle in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen,
      along with the green and gold shield and hull bars are the Force
      bars on the opposite (left) side. When they are full, a bright light
      appears between them. Using a Force power extinguishes this light
      and deplenishes the Force bars.

      The Force fluctuates, and thus the extent to which the Force power
      is used differs depending on two things: the connection with the
      Force, and the Force power being used.

      The clarity you achieve is important. Hold down the () button and you
      will notice stars flying around you, or your target. In the beginning
      they are purple-ish (in this state, if you let go of the () button
      the Force power is somewhat weak), then they will brighten to a quick
      white light (if the () is let go now, the Force power is being used
      to its fullest and strongest extent), but immediately after they turn
      white, they go dark blue and almost disappear (if the () is let go
      now, the Force power is in its weakest state imaginable).

      Of the four Force powers, in order of their availability, they use up
      more of the Force bars.

      Force Shield - A protective shield that dulls laser hits and it also
                     acts as the primary shields as the green bar goes up
      Force Lighting - Engulfes the targeted ship in a cloud of harsh Force
                       Lightning; if strong, it also attacks enemy ships
                       near the targeted one (great for close swarms, but
                       does not affect larger ships).
      Force Reflex - Slows down the reflex time for you and your ship,
                     allowing you to get precise hits in with a good turning
                     and fire rate.
      Force Shockwave - A shockwave that explodes littler enemies and can
                        do good damage on nearby larger ships.

   | [2.4] Dogfighting Tips                                               |

      Dogfighting takes place a lot more than you would imagine. Here are
      a few tips when engulfed in fighter swarms or in a classic dogfight:

         * Keep on the enemies tail, don't allow them to get you in THEIR

         * Your boost and brake come in handy while dog-fighting. Using the
           boost on a straight-away, then braking and turning sends you
           into a power slide that can successfully turn you 180 deg.

         * Use Force Lighting or Cluster Missiles when following CLOSELY
           behind a sqaudron of fighters

         * If things heat up, get some distance. The levels are pretty vast,
           so you can launch out of their and come back when your shields
           have replenished a bit

   | [2.5] Wingmate Commands & Tips                                       |

      "Attack My Target" usually sends your smaller-fighter wingmates in to
      attack your selected target (later on, the Planetary Gun will be
      rigged into this command for a selective few levels).

         * Use this when taking on several large ships, whilst you take on
           one, your wingmates can begin to lower the other's shields.

      "Report In" is not much use, unless you'd like all your wingmates to
      reform back near you.

         * Come to think of it, I've never had to use this.

      "Protect Me" is useful when you're going up against heavy artilery,
      for instance: Capital Turrets or Cap Guns, or even a Destroyer.

         * When in a heavy swarm of enemy fighters or if you are going up
           against capital ships and their turrets, use this to give you
           some cover and alleviate stress on you while you fight.

      "Protect My Target" is a big help when in a mission where one of the
      objectives is "So-and-so-ship must survive." Smaller fighters usually
      take up this task and better protect capital ships.

         * When the objective says a ship must survive, right away when the
           mission starts, target the said ship with [] and use the command.

  [3] The Characters

      She's a Corellian Jedi Master that serves on the Jedi Council.  She's
      also the Jedi's second best fighter pilot. She's well-educated and
      well-spoken, and has earned her peers' respect with her no-nonsense

      He's a Feeorin with as much criminal history as he has tactical
      skills. His underhanded actions contributed to the Trade Federation's
      despising him, and so they retaliate by having stolen his base on Lok
      ten years ago. Hopefully with his small, pirate resistance, he can
      reclaim his base and drive the Trade Federation from the Karthakk

      An accomplished mechanic, knowledgable mercenary, Nym's confidante,
      and one of the biggest mouths in the galaxy. He befriends Adi in
      Act I. And later makes another...rather unwanted friend...or should
      I say, bounty hunter?

      He's the original designer of Nym's ship, and now pilots his own
      bomber. If you're wondering what species he is, think of the band of
      large-foreheaded, white-skinned, black-wearing aliens that play in
      the Mos Eisely Cantina; that's right, he's a Bith (thanks to ChocoCid
      of GameFAQs). Big technology freak and actually USES the forehead
      room to store an enormous amount of knowledge.

  [4] Their Ships

    JEDI STARFIGHTER- (Adi Gallia)
      A modified prototype of the Delta-7 ship. It is small and extremely
      agile, which perectly befits the Jedi pilot. It encludes an enhanced
      engine, enhanced repulsorlift system, and has hyperdrive capabilities.

        Primary Weapons- Quad-pulse lasers; Weak/Rapid fire
        Secondary Weapons-            [/\ Force Shield]
                           [< Force Shockwave] [> Force Lightning]
                                      [\/ Force Reflex]

    HAVOC- (Nym)
      A well-rounded and dangerous strike bomber. It is probably the most
      powerful starfighter in the sector. It was originally designed by
      Jinkins, but was heavily modified by Nym and Reti.

        Primary Weapons- Six laser cannons; Strong/Semi-rapid fire
        Secondary Weapons-            [/\ Energy Bombs]
                           [< Proximity Mines] [> Cruise Missiles]
                                    [\/ Cluster Missiles]

    ZOOMER- (Reti)
      An overhauled small freighter with oversized wings and is best
      utilizedin short-range combat.

        Primary Weapons- Four Front-Mounted Laser Cannons; Medium/Rapid fire
        Secondary Weapons-            [/\ Heavy Cannon]

    FREEFALL- (Jinkins)
      A technical marvel fitted with the latest in spaceflight technology. A
      gunship-style craft with a number of special features.

        Primary Weapons- Long-Range Laser Cannons; Medium/Beam fire
        Secondary Weapons-      [/\ Mechanized Drone Fighters]

  [5] The Acts

   | [5.1] Act I                                                          |

      | [5.1.1] Mission 1: The Informant                              |

        CHARACTER: Adi       OBJECTIVES: Destroy all TF fighters
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Destroy escaping Data Pods

        Adi Gallia is set to meet up with Reti, Nym's confidant, who
        will lead her to him. But Reti's accidentally led the TF right
        to their rendezvous point. This one's simple enough. TF Scarabs
        and Droid Starfighters will randomly come up, which you should
        be able to take out easily. Soon the TF Lander will arrive, and
        the sooner you take out that, the sooner the enemies will stop
        coming. If you attack the Lander head on, you may want to use
        your Force Shield when going up on the turrets. Or you could
        take them out and not worry about them. The Lander is simple
        enough to defeat: approach from far away, hold down the brake
        and the fire button and it will be down in no time. Make sure
        you clean up the rest of the fighters.

            *To get the bonus objective, you hear some communication
             speculation as soon as the Lander arrives: it appears a Spy
             Ship came with it. Cycle through your targets until you
             find the Spy Ship and track it down and take it out.

      | [5.1.2] Mission 2: Unlikely Allies                            |

        CHARACTER: Adi       OBJECTIVES: Destroy all Scarabs so Nym can
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Protect Jinkins in the Commun-
                                         ications Center

        Now that Reti's led Adi to Nym, they need to get him and his
        technology expert out of a fix. They had planned to steal some
        TF files, but apparently the TF doesn't like that. You can now
        use Adi's Force Lighting, which is great for taking out those
        swarming Scarabs. When the Scarabs are diminished and Nym is
        able to launch, two large foes arrive: a TF Frigate and a TF
        Battleship. Nym can handle the Frigate, so you and Reti can
        focus on the Battleship and company. First off, try to take
        out the Troop Transports that arrive. Then, see if you can't
        take out the pesky TF U-Boats; you can only damage them with
        your lasers when they are surfaced. Then deal with the Scarabs
        and don't bother fighting the Battleship. When the first Battle-
        ship flees, a second will soon arrive. If there are still any
        U-Boats, try to take them all out. Now this new Battleship sends
        out a squadron of five TF Bombers with a three-Scarab escort.
        Zoom in behind the Bombers (they won't attack you) and take them
        out, or if they are too far away, use your Force Lighting on the
        central-most one, and try to get clarity so that they all go out
        or get severely damaged in one go. Finish off the rest, then go
        for the Scarabs until the next squad of Bombers is released.
        After the Bombers are all spent, the Battleship will retreat.

            *To get the bonus objective, be wary when the first Battle-
             ship arrives. MAKE SURE the Troop Transports are defeated
             BEFORE they land on the beach. And while your fighting over
             the Battleship and U-Boats, a small squad of Droid Star
             -fighters will try to land on the beach, MAKE SURE they are
             destroyed before landing, too; and pay attention, because
             another sqadron will try to land later. In short: MAKE SURE
             NO ENEMIES land on the beach.

      | [5.1.3] Mission 3: Prison Break                               |

        CHARACTER: Nym      OBJECTIVES: Liberator must survive
                                        Destroy Space Station defences
                     *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Destroy the airlock door

        Nym is now leading the mission: from what Jinkins has learned
        in that Communications Center, more of Nym's pirate friends are
        in this prison, and you're breaking them out. As soon as the
        mission starts, move left a bit and target (using []) the craft
        the Liberator, and use your wingmate commands to have them pro-
        tect it. Then, turn your attention to Capital Turrets on the
        ends of the arms of the Space Station. You may need to be close
        if you want to use your energy bombs to help destroy them. As
        soon as all of the Cap Turrets are destroyed, the fleet will
        move in. Turn your attention to the many Heavy Turrets positioned
        in the middle, and top and bottom of each arm. Taking those out
        is a GREAT help. Soon enough, Troop Transports and even some
        Armed Freighters will arrive. Take them out before they deploy
        on the Space Station.

            *To get the bonus objective, listen carefully as one of your
             wingmates ask you to blow an airlock door to help them. It
             will appear as one of your targets and even get an objective
             marker. It is a plain, tan, square door, and several shots
             will take it out.

      | [5.1.4] Mission 4: Turning the Tides                          |

        CHARACTER: Nym      OBJECTIVES: One Demolition Boat must reach
                                        Destroy the base entry door
                     *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Both Demo. Boats must survive

        It's time to take out a major radar station to blind the TF in
        Nym's sector. When the mission starts, target one Demo. Boat
        and tell your wingmates to protect it. Then, take out as many
        Mines as you can see in the water. Then your priorities should
        be destroying the: Heavy Turrets, U-Boats, Mines, and Tractor
        Beams in that order. Once all of those are cleared away, head
        over to the other side of the island and you will see the base.
        Target the base entry door located in the center of the base
        and destroy it. Now your priorities are the random Droid Star-
        fighters and U-Boats that will threaten Demo Boats. When the
        base is blown up, your first "boss" will arrive. The Neimoidian
        is piloting a new sub-like vehicle that somewhat resembles a
        TF Droid Control Ship, but smaller and brown. Like the U-Boats,
        you can't damage it when it's underwater, so wait till it comes
        up to the surface (hopefully you're high above to get in more
        shots) and keep at him with your lasers, or send a Cruise Missile
        at him AS SOON AS HE STARTS to surface. In a few more of these
        attacks, he will be defeated.

            *To get the bonus objective, you will just need to be quick
             about getting all of those enemies destroyed; the main
             threats to the Demo Boats are the U-Boat and Heavy Turret

   | [5.2] Act II                                                         |

      | [5.2.5] Mission 5: Poisoned Skies                             |

        CHARACTER: Adi       OBJECTIVES: Protect the Space Port
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Protect the Island Shelter

        Here, Adi runs into Toth's Hex weapon test. Multiple Hex
        Missiles threaten this friendly Space Port, so get up high in
        the air, and blast away. The Missiles are extremely weak, so
        blast as many as possible with your lasers, and conserve your
        Force unless too many Missiles slip by and you have to use
        Force Lighting. After the first barrage of Missiles ends, Hex
        Bombers and Deployers show up. Take out the smaller Bombers
        first, THEN proceed to the Hex Deployers. BUT, if they launch
        Missiles, THOSE are your first priority for this ENTIRE mission.
        After you've destroyed the Deployers and Bombers, another
        barrage of Missiles will commence. Finish these off, then what's
        left of the Sabaoth fighters will need to go.

            *To get the bonus objective, try to target the Island Shelter
             quickly, and use the wingmate command "Protect My Target."
             NO MISSILES MUST HIT THIS TARGET, well, actually a couple can
             but it's not recommended that you slack off.

      | [5.2.6] Mission 6: Mount Merakan                              |

        CHARACTER: Nym       OBJECTIVES: Destroy all buildings
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Destroy all TF Freighters

        Nym and Jinkins are taking on a whole TF mining facility. The
        Trade Federation has practically hollowed out this mountain
        with their machinery. It is simple enough to bomb the buildings
        with about five Energy Bombs each, then quickly move on to the
        next target. There's really not much else to walk you through,
        so I'll give you this simple warning: watch out for turrets.

            *To get the bonus objective, YOU HAVE TO BE QUICK. When
             Jinkins warns you that ANY TF Freighters are running, you
             must haul ass to get to them and rip them apart. For any
             that are close, get right up on them and use your Cluster
             Missiles, then CHASE down the farther ones and give them
             a Cruise Missile when you're close enough. NONE may get
             away, and you've got to be SPEEDY too, so use the boost.

      | [5.2.7] Mission 7: Hammer and Anvil                           |

        CHARACTER: Adi       OBJECTIVES: The Tritus must survive
                                         Protect the Kethor
                                         Destroy all Planetary Defense
                                         Destroy all Planetary Defense
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Tritus takes no hull damage

        Adi's gonna be really busy in this mission. Right off, target
        the Tritus and order your wingmates to protect it. It's biggest
        threat right now are those Planetary Defense Guns, but they're
        shielded. Hang around the Tritus and defend it until the pilot
        of the Kethor realizes he's got to be the martyr. As soon as he
        crashes into a shield generator, use Force Reflex and destroy
        those guns as quick as possible. As soon as they're done, you'll
        run into more trouble, Sabaoth trouble. Take out the Sabaoth
        Frigates, or at least the turrets on the Frigates, then help
        lighten the fighter load. And, what's this? Reti has a BOUNTY
        on him?! That's right, Jango Fett's showed up to take Reti away,
        but you can do nothing about this, so let Fett go for now. And
        now it's on to the Planetary Defense Platforms. They kinda look
        like big brown TF Slave I's or something. Shoot 'em up. Force
        Reflex helps you when your taking these larger targets down, so
        when you're protecting the Tritus, use your Force Lighting there.

            *To get the bonus objective, you'll have to protect the
             Tritus as if it were your own child. Not much left to tell

      | [5.2.8] Mission 8: Demolition Squad                           |

        CHARACTER: Adi       OBJECTIVES: Order commandoes into each
                                         Shield Bunker
                                         Two commandoes must survive
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: All commandoes survive

        Nym's on the ground, and you're the air support. You have no
        wingmates in the air, as your wingmate commands tell Nym and
        company which Bunker to go into. Firstly, head around and take
        out each turret. Then order the commandoes into the first of
        the Shield Bunkers. Each time you send them in, you run into
        TF trouble outside, so take out any Battle Droids, STAPS, AATs,
        Bunkers (the kind that deploy the afore mentioned) Droid
        Starfighters, and the occasional Dropship, Lander, or Troop
        Transport. Once one Shield Bunker blows, order the commandoes
        into the next nearest one QUICKLY, and make sure their path is
        untroubled by enemies. Lather, rinse, repeat for the next six.

            *To get the bonus objective, make sure you order the comm-
             andoes into the next and NEAREST Shield Bunker quickly, and
             only after you're sure their path is unblocked.

      | [5.2.9] Mission 9: Dragon's Den                               |

        CHARACTER: Nym       OBJECTIVES: Clear all enemy units from
                                         landing pad
                                         Destroy Transmitter inside
                                         Destroy Control Boxes on Solar
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Destroy all Bombers

        Now Nym's no longer on the ground, but back in the Havoc as he
        leads the attack. This is definitely one of the harder missions,
        in my opinion. First, take out the pesky turrets, then get some
        distance and a good view of the landing pad. Then, take out the
        Hex Bombers with your Energy Bombs, and when they're gone, hold
        down [] to see all the Battle Droids from far away; you can use
        your Bomblets on them now, too. Soon, the Dropships will come,
        lots of them. TRY TO TAKE THEM OUT BEFORE they land, or "yousa
        in big doo-doo" (sorry, couldn't help it). Use Cruise and Cluster
        Missiles to take them out quickly. Then, apparently, you've got
        to destroy this Transmitter inside the hangar. Took me a good,
        hmm, lets see...20 MINUTES to find the stupid hangar. Fly to the
        side of the base OPPOSITE of the big towers. Along the ground, is
        the wide and low hangar opening, gaurded by Battle Droids and the
        occasional AAT. Fly in slow, and use whatever heavy duty missiles
        you got left (not too much, now) to take out the Deployers in
        there and give you some room. Then, hold [] to spot all of the
        Battle Droids in here and take them out with your Energy Bombs.
        Now that you've got a nice, roomy base, you'll see the Transmitter
        hanging from the far end of the ceiling. Kill it. Head back out
        and do a little clean up until the Solar Towers raise up. The beams
        they emit cut right through your shields and GREATLY damage your
        hull, so AVOID THEM. Head around to the back of them and target
        destroy these teeny, itsy, bitsy, little things they call Control
        Boxes. Once those are gone, the beams go haywire and swivel all
        over the place. Dodge them on your way back into the hangar, clear
        it of Battle Droids, and spend the next 15 minutes searching for
        the tiny little opening at the end of the center pipes where you
        can barely see and bomb this Reactor Core. Phew. Your done.

            *To get the bonus objective, destroy the Hex Bombers that
             arrive, and make sure the ones on the landing pad to begin
             with don't get away.

   | [5.3] Act III                                                        |

      | [5.3.10] Mission 10: Tug of War                               |

        CHARACTER: Nym       OBJECTIVES: Destroy TF Tug
                                         Recover Barrel, Casing,
                                         Capacitor, Focus Array
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Destroy all Missile Frigates

        This won't be much of a tug if you can keep the TF Tugs at bay.
        As soon as it starts, take out the Tug that's trying to drag
        Barrel away. Then, you will see other pieces of debris between
        you, and the Sabaoth Destroyer. If you use zoom to look closer,
        you'll see droid starfighters on them, take those out to help
        defend your Tugs. Now get closer to the Destroyer. From here,
        your job is simple: as soon as TF Tugs are launched, destroy
        them. When you get some spare time, take out the Sabaoth
        fighters that are annoying your Tugs. If the Sabaoth fighter
        build-up is too much, and you need to head back over there to
        help out, you can use your cluster missiles while facing perp-
        endicular to groups of TF Tugs, then go help decimate the
        Sabaoth fighter numbers. Should any TF Tug escape you and grab
        a cannon piece, destroy it as soon as possible. Not much of a
        challenge here. Then when your Tugs have retrieved all the
        cannon parts, you all make a break for it, but a few Sabaoth
        Tractor Beam ships just at your moment of escape. Take 'em out,
        and you're free.

            *To get the bonus objective, in between the release of TF
             Tugs, send a cruise missile or two over at one of the three
             TF Missile Frigates, until they are all destroyed.

      | [5.3.11] Mission 11: Escort to Geonosis                       |

        CHARACTER: Adi       OBJECTIVES: Escort the Transport to
                                         Destroy one group of Missile
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Destroy persuing Missile

        NOW the game's starting to feel more 'Episode II' like. Adi
        and her former Padawan, Siri Tachi, are escorting the Republic
        Transport full of Clone Troopers to Geonosis (ain't that a co-
        inkidink; the Transport looks like an Imperial Star Destroyer).
        Well, at the time, it's the good guys, so protect it. Squads of
        droid starfighters are coming in waves to attack, take them out
        maybe with the help of Force Lighting. Soon their supplier, the
        TF Transports, will show themselves. Take out those buggers,
        too. Shortly after, your favorite enemy ships show up: Missile
        Frigates. They pose the GREATEST threat to your Transport now,
        so get up close, use Force Shockwave or Force Reflex, and
        destroy them all. Aha! Now you can get away- WAIT! More of the
        annoying Missile Frigates show up and block your escape! As the
        Transport turns around, head over to these new Frigates and
        out ONE GROUP of them, you don't need to risk any more time or
        life, for that matter. As soon as one group is out by using the
        techniques above, the Transport should be able to slip through.

            *To get the bonus objective, all you have to do is take out
             ALL of the Missile Frigates that chase you after the TF
             Transports arrive.

      | [5.3.12] Mission 12: Cannon Fodder                            |

        CHARACTER: Nym       OBJECTIVES: Defend Tugs and Cannon parts
                                         Clear the landing pad for
                                         Cannon assembly
                                         Destroy TF Cruiser
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: All Tugs must survive

        I hope the brightness on your TV is up pretty high, otherwise
        this level is a great pain in the ass. As soon as you start
        out, TAKE OUT THOSE CAP TURRETS! Order wingmates to take out
        one while you take out another, just get them all destroyed,
        and QUICK. Next, head over the top curve of the moon until you
        reach the landing pad, and take out those Missile Frigates
        before they can get into the position to do damage. Then clear
        up and walking droid starfighters on nearby landing pads. Next:
        those pesky heavy turrets NEED TO GO. And as soon as the ones
        near the landing pad are taken care of, see if you can get the
        next nearest ones out of commission. But as soon as you hear
        the TF Cruiser has arrived, get your clanky, metal, starfighter
        rear-end to the landing pad, and DESTROY ALL MISSILES LAUNCHED,
        or your Cannon will be reverted back to parts and you'll have a
        Humpty on your hands. Soon as your fellows get that Cannon up
        and link it to your wingmate commands, guess what you're gonna
        test it on. If you can't guess, that's sad, so I'll just leave
        you and your sorry ass here to ponder it.

            *To get the bonus objective, make sure you take out the Cap
             Turrets soon enough, as well as clear the landing pad and
             neighboring turrets away before the Tugs are in range.

      | [5.3.13] Mission 13: Attack of the Clones                     |

        CHARACTER: Adi       OBJECTIVES: Protect all Gunships until
                                         troops debark
                                         Half of the Clone Troopers
                                         must survive
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Destroy TF Core ship

        I guess they were running out of ideas for mission titles. Very
        original guys, name it after the movie though this mission does
        not portray the movie scenes well enough at all. Anyways, it is
        still one of my favorites. Now, first things first: Head near
        the large rock pillar, but slightly to it's left side, and as
        you go, you will hear Siri tell you when a hangar is opening.
        Take it out, as well as the mass amount of droid starfighters
        the first couple hangars will release (Force Lighting is your
        friend). And as soon as you can peer around the other side of
        that rock pillar I was talking about, take out the turrets you
        will see there. Now the Gunships will land and take their jolly
        time to release the Clone Troopers. You'll want to press /\
        every now and then to see if any new enemies show themselves,
        because on this level, Battle and Super Battle Droids will be
        hard to spot on the ground, and they are bad for your Clone
        Troopers' health. When the Gunships are in your wingmate control,
        send them off to the Core ship to destroy it, it'll be done in
        no time. Then, as soon as it is, target a Clone Trooper in the
        middle of their group, and tell the Gunships to protect it. Now
        occasional hangars, Droid and Geonosian starfighters, AAT, CG,
        and IGB tanks will threaten your troops. They have a certain
        pattern of arrival, and so you should never be too overwhelmed.
        Tips: take out the enemies (if they are all there at one time)
        in this order: IGB tanks, CG tanks, AAT tanks, droid, then Geo-
        nosian starfighters, and finally the pesky Battle Droids. This
        level is simple, but fun.

            *To get the bonus objective, kill your enemies really fast.
             It's not that hard.

      | [5.3.14] Mission 14: Heart of the Storm                       |

        CHARACTER: Nym       OBJECTIVES: Destroy all Missile Frigates
                                         Destroy enemy fighters
                                         Escort the Mere Transports
                                         Escort the Revenant Speeders
                                         Destroy all enemies in dome
                                         Defeat Lieutenant Bella
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Destroy all escaping Dropships

        This is it, it's what Nym and company have been waiting and
        fighting for for years. It is time for them to retake their base.
        And guess what, you've got that moon and plantetary gun up there
        to help you. Target the REFUELING tanks, and order the PG to take
        them out (with one shot, hehe) and chances are, the Missile
        Frigate docked with it will be destroyed at the same time. Repeat
        for the rest of them. Take out turrets, starfighters, and tanks
        along the way until you have to persue those Dropships which
        are easy targets. As soon as the big enemies are gone, the Mere
        Transports will start their advance. CLEAR AWAY ALL TURRETS AND
        TANKS, order your wingmates to protect the Transports, and THEN
        get your butt over to them and provide MUCH cover. When they land
        they'll waste no time sending out the Revenant Speeders to blast
        open the door. Wait right outside, 'cause when that door goes,
        droid starfighters will swarm out like bats from hell. When you
        have cleared up the entrance, ease in and take out all enemies
        inside; if you stay near the doorway, you won't be hit as much.
        When all enemies inside are gone, fly towards the center of the
        room and LINGER NEAR the hangar in the floor. Lt. Bella makes
        her escape here, and if you pummel her with endless laser fire
        while RIGHT UP on her hiney, and occasionally blasting her with
        cluster missiles, you should be able to get most of her shields
        and hull down before she even gets outside. If she isn't dead yet,
        tactics include: staying as close to her as possible while NOT
        letting go of the >< button. When she speeds off to turn around
        and launch missiles, THEN is the perfect time to send cruise
        missiles (which are SLOW and may not always hit) and tell the PG
        to fire- maybe you'll get lucky and the PG will get her. When she's
        gone, celebrate: Nym's got his base back, but wait, that's right,
        Toth got away and he's heading to Geonosis...AND ADI!

            *To get the bonus objective, read the directions carefully,
             and follow them closely.

      | [5.3.15] Mission 15: The Jedi Master                          |

        CHARACTER: Adi       OBJECTIVES: Destroy all Hex Deployers
                                         Destroy all enemy fighters
                                         Destroy Toth's fleet
                                         Protect Meer Cruisers
                                         Defeat Toth
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Destroy all Hex Bombers and

        This won't be easy. A line of Hex Deployers and Bombers are
        threatening the troops on the ground battle on Geonosis with
        Hex weapons. I bet you never thought of using Force Shield; well
        you're going to be now. Use your shield when you get near the
        Deployers or you'll be torn apart. Take out as many Deployers as
        possible. Force Shockwave and Reflex help, but it may not be
        safe to drop your Force Shield. Sooner or later, they'll launch
        the Missiles and Bombers. If you've taken out many Deployers,
        their won't be as many Missiles shot at the planet. Afterwards,
        finish up the Deployers and fighters. Now two Sabaoth Destroyes
        show up. BE. FAST. High-tail it to one of them, and take out ALL
        Cap Turrets on it before anything else, then repeat this process
        with the other one. THEN, after all Cap Turrets are gone, can
        you proceed to take out the heavy turrets on each Destroyer (you
        will want to do this because it helps protect the Meer Cruisers
        when they arrive). Then, when the Cruisers and Nym arrive, you
        can command your wingmates to protect the Cruisers while prov-
        iding cover for them yourself. When the two Destroyers are gone,
        Toth in his flagship will arrive. Repeat the process of elimin-
        ating Cap Turrets, followed by heavy turrets, then fighters in
        that order. When the Ship is almost destroyed, Toth will show
        himself. He is a very simple boss, almost TOO simple. Get up on
        him, never let go of ><, and use Force Lighting or Shockwave when
        he's too far or close. Defeat him and, tada: you've won.
            *To get the bonus objective, destroy the Hex Bombers FIRST,
             as soon as the mission starts, THEN move on to Deployers and
             take out ALL missiles when they are launched.

  [6] Hidden Objectives

One Player (Easy/Medium/Hard)
  Mission  1: After the TF Lander appears, an unknown ship will arrive to
              its right. Target and destroy this "Spy Ship."
  Mission  2: Do not allow any enemies to land on the beach.
  Mission  3: Blow open the hangar door (large rectangle in the center of
              the station) and destroy all Droid Starfighters in there.
  Mission  4: Destroy all Tractor Towers
  Mission  5: Destroy all enemies
  Mission  6: Complete mission within 9 minutes
  Mission  7: Destroy the 3 escaping TF Freighters
  Mission  8: Destroy the Armed Freighter and TF Landers
  Mission  9: Destroy all Hex Deployers
  Mission 10: All Meer Tugs must survive
  Mission 11: Destroy all TF landers
  Mission 12: Destroy all turrets
  Mission 13: Destroy all bunkers
  Mission 14: All Transports must survive
  Mission 15: All Cruisers must survive

Two Player (Cooperative)
  Mission  1: Complete mission within 4 minutes
  Mission  2: Destroy all TF Battleships
  Mission  3: Destroy all station doors
  Mission  4: Destroy all TF Sub Docks
  Mission  5: Protect all buildings
  Mission  6: Destroy all containers
  Mission  7: Destroy all Sabaoth craft
  Mission  8: Destroy all bunkers
  Mission  9: Do not allow any Dropships to land
  Mission 10: Destroy Sabaoth Destroyer
  Mission 11: Destroy all Missile Frigates
  Mission 12: Destroy TF Cruiser w/out the Cannon
  Mission 13: All Clones must survive
  Mission 14: Complete mission within 9 minutes
  Mission 15: Destroy all turrets

  [7] Bonus Features

   | [7.1] One Player Bonus Missions                                      |

      | [7.1.1] Mission 1: Escort Duty                                |

        CHARACTER: Adi       OBJECTIVES: Protect all friendly craft
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: None

        Adi Gallia and Nym have to protect a convoy of Mere Cruisers
        and Pirate Freighters. Various enemy starfighters will attack
        randomly, and the mission finishes off with an imposing enemy
        Missile Frigate that launches Hex Missiles.

      | [7.1.2] Mission 2: Advanced Prototype Test                    |

        CHARACTER: Adi       OBJECTIVES: Survive fighter swarm for 45
        REQUIREMENT: Complete            seconds
        Mission 1 Bonus Objective        Destroy all enemy targets
                                         near the convoy
                                         Damage no convoy craft
                                         Stay between the platform and
                                         the rings
                                         Destroy all enemy fighters
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Complete all tasks on the
                                         first attempt

        Adi trains with Saesee Tiin again to hone her JS skills with
        the advanced prototype. Complete all of Tiin's tasks, starting
        with the first of avoiding fighters for 45 seconds, and then
        using zoom to take out faraway enemies around a convoy whilst
        staying inbetween the platform and the rings, then finishing
        off a swarm of fighters with only your lasers and Force Shield.
        Much harder than expected.

      | [7.1.3] Mission 3: Riding Shotgun                             |

        CHARACTER: Nym's     OBJECTIVES: Destroy 90 enemy craft
               turret gunner             Nym reaches Landing Pad
        REQUIREMENT: Complete
        Mission 6 Bonus Objective
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Destroy 120 enemy craft

        Nym needs your help, as his turret gunner, to give cover fire
        as he makes for the Landing Pad on the other side of Mount
        Merakan. This mission is pretty straight forward, shoot down
        enemies. Troop Transports count as five enemies each, and you
        have Cruise Missiles as a secondary weapon.

      | [7.1.4] Mission 4: The Lone Gunship                           |

        CHARACTER: Clone-    OBJECTIVES: Destroy all Confederate forces
        REQUIREMENT: Complete
        Mission 13 Bonus Objective
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Gunship takes no hull damage

        You've broken away and found a butt-load of Confederate forces.
        Destroy them all, and try not to take any hull damage. You'll
        know when you're almost done when the Transports land.

      | [7.1.5] Mission 5: Jango Fett                                 |

        CHARACTER: Jango     OBJECTIVES: Disable the Duergo
        REQUIREMENT: Complete            Defeat all enemies
        Mission 15 Bonus Objective
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Destroy the Station Shield

        Jango has finally tracked down the notorious smuggler Race
        [Something-or-other, I will add in the name when I play again].
        He is using the Station as cover, so take out all of his hired
        fighters then move in. Take out the Missile Frigates, then take
        out the Heavy Turrets and Station Shield Generators. Now, you
        can either chase Race around without letting go of ><, or if
        you've saved up your secondary weapons, launch your Torpedoes
        at him, and then get him to run into your Depth Charges.

   | [7.2] Two Player Bonus Missions                                      |

      | [7.2.1] Mission 1: Escort Duty                                |

        CHARACTERS: Adi      OBJECTIVES: Protect all friendly craft
                  & Nym
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: None

        Adi Gallia and Nym have to protect a convoy of Mere Cruisers
        and Pirate Freighters. Various enemy starfighters will attack
        randomly, and the mission finishes off with an imposing enemy
        Missile Frigate that launches Hex Missiles.

      | [7.2.2] Mission 2: Classic Dogfight                           |

        CHARACTERS: X-wing   OBJECTIVES: First player to 5 kills wins
        pilots vs. TIE pilots
        REQUIREMENT: Complete
        Mission 2 Bonus Objective
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: None

        Player one flies and leads the X-wing sqaudron against player
        two who commands the TIE fighter squadron. Use your wingmate
        commands to help you take out your enemy. Kills only count if
        the destroyed craft is the one PILOTED by the other player.

      | [7.2.3] Mission 3: Droid Hunter                               |

        CHARACTER: Adi       OBJECTIVES: No more than 25 craft may
                 & Jinkins               reach the Orb
        REQUIREMENT: Complete
        Mission 11 Bonus Objective
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Less than 10 craft reach the

        Adi and Jinkins must prevent more than 25 craft coming from
        those reddish-orange Orbs to enter the blue Orb in the center.

      | [7.2.4] Mission 4: Showdown over Geonosis                     |

        CHARACTER: Obi-Wan   OBJECTIVES: First player to 5 kills wins
                 & Jango Fett
        REQUIREMENT: Complete
        all two-player Hidden Objectives
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: None

        Definitely the funnest of the two-player Bonus Missions seeing
        as how you and your friend can relive the Obi-Wan vs. Jango
        fighter duel in the asteroid field over Geonosis as seen in the
        movie. No wingmates to help you, and Obi-Wan can only use up to
        Force Lighting, so, have fun duking it out.

      | [7.2.5] Mission 5: The Lone Gunship                           |

        CHARACTER: Clone     OBJECTIVES: Destroy all Confederate forces
        trooper & turret gunner
        REQUIREMENT: Complete
        all two-player Hidden Objectives
                      *BONUS OBJECTIVES: Gunship takes no hull damage

        You've broken away and found a butt-load of Confederate forces.
        Destroy them all with help from your turret gunner, and try not
        to take any hull damage. You'll know when you're almost done
        when the Transports land.

   | [7.3] Bonus Ships                                                    |

    X-WING                Requirement: Complete Mission 3 Bonus Objective
      Rating: Good defense, attack, and speed, okay handling. Only one
              secondary weapon in attack position. Closed S-foils gives
              MUCH better handling, however, it also prohibits laser fire.

        Primary Weapons- Four laser cannons; Strong/Medium fire
        Secondary Weapons-            [/\ Proton Tropedoes]
                                               [> Close S-foils]

    TIE FIGHTER           Requirement: Complete Mission 4 Bonus Objective
      Rating: Terrible defense, good attack, great speed, and superb
              handling. No secondary weapons, but an extremely high rate
              of laser fire makes up for it, as the handling and speed
              make up for lack of shields.

        Primary Weapons- Two laser cannons; Fair/HIGH fire
        Secondary Weapons- None

    ADV. ZOOMER           Requirement: Complete Mission 7 Bonus Objective
      Rating: Good defense,  okay attack and speed, fair handling. Only
              one secondary weapon unique to the ship, the others copy
              off of the Havoc.

        Primary Weapons- Four Front-Mounted Laser Cannons; Medium/Rapid fire
        Secondary Weapons-            [/\ Heavy Cannon]
                           [< Proximity Mines] [> Cruise Missiles]
                                    [\/ Cluster Missiles]

    ADV. JEDI SF          Requirement: Complete Mission 8 Bonus Objective
      Rating: Okay defense and attack, great speed, good handling. Basically
              the same, just a bit better.

        Primary Weapons- Quad-pulse lasers; Weak/Rapid fire
        Secondary Weapons-            [/\ Force Shield]
                           [< Force Shockwave] [> Force Lightning]
                                      [\/ Force Reflex]

    SABAOTH FIGHTER       Requirement: Complete Mission 9 Bonus Objective
      Rating: Fair defense and attack, good speed, okay handling. Kind of
              like the TIE fighter, minus the rapid fire, and with greater
              laser strength.

        Primary Weapons- Four laser cannons; Strong/Rapid fire
        Secondary Weapons- None

    ADV. FREEFALL         Requirement: Complete Mission 10 Bonus Objective
      Rating: Good defense, okay attack, terrible speed and handling. Only
              one secondary weapon unique to the ship, the others copy off
              of the Havoc.

        Primary Weapons- Long-Range Laser Cannons; Medium/Beam fire
        Secondary Weapons-      [/\ Mechanized Drone Fighters]
                           [< Proximity Mines] [> Cruise Missiles]
                                    [\/ Cluster Missiles]

    ADV. HAVOC            Requirement: Complete Mission 12 Bonus Objective
      Rating: Good defense and attack, fair speed and handling. Basically
              the same, just a bit better, and holding down () while the
              Energy Bombs are selected makes use of Nym's secret Plasma
              Scourge weapon: one Super Energy Bomb that uses up several
              ammo cells.

        Primary Weapons- Six laser cannons; Strong/Semi-rapid fire
        Secondary Weapons-            [/\ Energy Bombs]
                           [< Proximity Mines] [> Cruise Missiles]
                                    [\/ Cluster Missiles]

    REPUBLIC GUNSHIP      Requirement: Complete Mission 14 Bonus Objective
      Rating: Good defense, great attack, good speed and handling. Probably
              the best vehicle in the game. Perfectly well-rounded, and the
              two gunner pods are automated to fire at the nearest enemy.
              The Concussion Missiles have a 'reload' period I guess, that
              prevents you from spending them all really quickly on one
              enemy. The Beam Weapon is infinite, but needs recharging every
              one in a while; it also hits faraway targets without having to
              'lead' your sights in front of the enemy.

        Primary Weapons- Two laser cannons; Strong/Rapid fire
        Secondary Weapons-         [/\ Concussion Missiles]
                                               [> Beam Weapon]

    SLAVE I               Requirement: Complete all Hidden Objectives
      Rating: Good defense, great attack, speed, and handling. Definitely
              the funnest of the Bonus Ships. It is also best suited for
              going up against the Jedi Starfighter.

        Primary Weapons- Two laser cannons; Strong/Spread & Rapid fire
        Secondary Weapons-             [/\ Torpedoes]
                                               [> Depth Charges]

   | [7.4] Bonus Materials                                                |

    Special LucasArts Video

    SW Racer Revenge Trailer

    Vehicle Concept Art - Requires completion of Mission 5 Bonus Objective

    In-Game Concept Art - Requires completion of Mission 6 Bonus Objective

    Movie Concept Art - Requires completion of Mission 7 Bonus Objective

    Movie Concept Art 2 - Requires completion of Mission 8 Bonus Objective

    Team Photos - Requires completion of Mission 10 Bonus Objective

    My Day at Work - Requires completion of Mission 11 Bonus Objective

    Nym Comic Book Art - Requires completion of Mission 12 Bonus Objective

    Movie Outtakes - Requires completion of Mission 15 Bonus Objective

    Team Commentary - Requires completion of all Hidden Objectives

  [7] Codes

    Enter PNYRCADE to unlock all missions and bonus features.

    Enter QUENTIN to be invincible

    Enter HEADHUNT to fly the Z-95 Headhunter ship (precursor to the X-wing)
    in any mission

    Enter DIRECTOR for alternate camera angles, Select switches views and R1
    is still used for zoom

    Enter NOHUD to remove the HUD

    Enter JARJAR to reverse the controls

    Enter MAGGIE to read her message

    Send in more to me BEFORE I find them to be credited as the founder.
  [9] Other Secrets

    Easter Eggs can be found in the top-most pipe on Mount Merakan after
    ALMOST all buildings are destroyed.

    A Battle Droid building a snowman can be seen near a Landing Pad at
    Mount Merakan also. Fly near the Landing Pad that is built on the side
    of the mountain, then look around those funny cap thingies that can be
    destroyed but not targeted, the droid will be making his snowman right
    next to one.

    In the One Player Bonus Mission Jango Fett, if you fly near the lone
    asteroid on the opposite side of the space station Reti arrives to help
    Race Kartan fend you off. If you take his shield and hull down to the
    very bottom, he will flee back into hyperspace.

    Feel free to send in others and I will duly credit you.

  [10] Frequently Asked Questions

    One question that WILL be asked frequently:

      On Mission 9: Dragon's Den I can get in and even see the Reactor Core,
      but I don't know where to shoot/bomb it at. Where do I aim for?

        Apparently the place to aim is against the back wall, straight
        down onto the Reactor Core. I know you can't see it but many
        people report that the most effective hits were there.

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