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    Trading Guide by Inteltn 24

    Version: 1.01b | Updated: 12/01/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    written by: Inteltn 24
    copyright 2002
    -last update: November 26, 2002
    -version 1.01b
     added secret of trading section
     added a new trading rumors section
     added some more chapter 1 and 2 trading tips for beginners
    -version 1.01a
     original guide
    If you find any mistakes or want to add tips/corrections please email to me at
    I.    List of trading commodies and prices*
    II.   Quick trading guide
    III.  Trading rumors
    IV.   Tips for beginners
    V.    Secret of Trading
    VI.   Credits
    * prices are approximate
    Items and places are listed by alphabetical order.
    Xezen is Vinay Del Zexay
    This chart serves as a guide line to compare prices between trading posts.
    |Brass Cstl.|Caleria|Chisa V.|Duck V.|Great Hollow|Home Base|Le Buque| Xezen |
    Ancient Text
    Asian Herb*
    Crystal Ball
    Deer Antler
    Red Pepper
    Gold Bar
    Holly Berry
    Native Clothing
    Soy Sauce
    Wooden Amulet
    *Home Base trading post will available only if you have recruited Scott 
    at Brass Castle
     Give Scott a Deer Antler and he will join
    *Prices are at C grade.  Trading post sell only C grade Asian herb, 
    grape, melon, and tomato.
     Shops do buy A, B, and C grade.
    *These items can be grown at Home Base if you have their seeds and 
    recruited Bartz at Iksey Village.
     Give Bartz grape, not grape seed, which can be bought in Viney Del 
    Xezay or Chisa and he will join.
    Items           |      Buy at     |     Sell at     
    Ancient Text    | Le Buque        | Vinay Del Zexay
    Asian Herb      | Great Hollow    | Chisa Village
    Book            | Home Base       | Le Buque
    Candle          | Vinay Del Zexay | Chisa Village
    Crystal Ball    | Vinay Del Zexay | Duck Village
    Deer Antler     | Vinay Del Zexay | Caleria
    Flute           | Duck Village    | Great Hollow
    Fur             | Great Hollo     | Caleria
    Red Pepper      | Le Buque        | Great Hollow
    Gold Bar        | Caleria         | Vinay Del Zexay
    Grape           | Chisa Village   | Le Buque
    Holly Berry     | Great Hollow    | Le Buque
    Mayonaise       | Chisa           | Caleria
    Melon           | Caleria         | Great Hollow
    Musk            | Great Hollow    | Caleria
    Native Clothing | Home Base       | Caleria
    Pearls          | Home Base       | Caleria
    Salt            | Caleria         | Brass Castle
    Soy Sauce       | Duck Village    | Caleria
    Sugar           | Home Base       | Le Buque
    Tomato          | Vinay Del Zexay | Le Buque
    Wine            | Chisa Village   | Home Base
    Wooden Amulet   | Home Base       | Chisa Village
     Always check the Rumors section of each trader when you want to gather goods
    to sell later.  Most of the time, if not always,their rumors are accurate, if
    occasionally a bit cryptic, but they are the key to getting some really good 
    deals. Note that unusually high or low prices at one specific shop do not 
    affect any other shops, and the price changes normally only work for a single 
    "trading shop spawn session" (say, 10-30 minutes). I've gotten the following 
    rumors; keep in mind that the shop it applies to will be chosen randomly from
    among those that have the item in question, and the Trader
    will tell you which one:
    They're in this format:
    - If a rumor mentions THIS....(name where I've seen it)
         ~ it means THIS (examples I've seen)
         ~ normal prices and opposites
    - Gold Rush/Heavy mining activity (Caleria)
         ~ Gold is really cheap there (15-25K), and more available (5-6 or more)
         ~ normal close to 20k-45k; scarce gold=65K
    - Cheap Pearls/Mollusks spotted (Caleria, Budehuc)
         ~ Pearls are really cheap (6K or so), more available (4-6 or more)
         ~ normal is 20-26K
    - Shortage of any items in high demand (almost everywhere)
        ~ Item will sell at 2-5X normal price, and will be hard to find
    - Oversupply of an item (almost everywhere)
        ~ Item is really cheap, and lots of it available
    - High interest in texts/Artifacts (Vine del Zexay)
        ~ Ancient Texts sell for even more than usual
    - Grape Harvest/Wine production good (Chisha)
         ~ Grapes, or Wine, repectively, are really cheap, and plentiful
     Brass Castle trading post is a guy in white clothes standing at the 
    bottom on the first screen if you
    enter from Karaya Village side.  It will be the last screen if you 
    enter from Viney Del Zexay.
    -Hugo's Chapter 1
    Duck Village   : buy Holly Berry and sell at Vinay Del Xezay
    Brass Castle   : buy Ancient Text and sell at Viney Del Xezay
    Vinay Del Zexay: buy Crystal Ball and sell Duck Village
                   : buy Candle and sell at Brass Castle
                   : buy Deer Antler and sell at Duck village
    -Chris' Chapter 1 and 2
    Vinay Del Zexay: buy Candle and sell at Brass Castle
    Brass Castle   : buy Ancient Text and sell at Vinay Del Zexay
    -Geddoe's Chapter 1
    Vinay Del Zexay: buy Cantle and sell at Brass Castle
                   : buy Deer Antler and sell at Caleria
    Great Hollow   : buy Holly Berry and sell at Vinay Del Zexay
    -Thomas'Chapter 1 and 2
    Duck village   : buy Flute and sell at Great Hollow
    Brass Castle   : buy Ancient Text and sell at Vinay Del Zexay
    Great Hollow   : buy Holly Berry and sell at Home Base*
                   : buy Asian Herbs C and sell at Brass Castle
    Home Base*     : buy Crystal Ball and sell it at Duck Village
                   : buy Books and sell at Great Hollow
    Vinay Del Zaxay: buy Crystal Ball and sell at Duck village
                   : buy Candles and sell at Home Base*
                   : buy Deer Antlers and sell at Duck Village
     *Home Base is also known as Budehuc/Lake Castle.  Its trading post
    will available if and only if Scott have joined 108 stars.
    V.  Secret of Trading
    This is one of the best way to increase your profit at the beginning
    of the game (Chapter 1 and 2).  Using this trick will get you that
    100,000 potch to recruit Watari very fast.
    -To do this right, you need around 2000 potch
    -Step 1: go buy Books at Home Base then go to Great Hollow and sell them
    WHY buy at Home Base and sell at Great Hollow? Because Home Base sells
    Book at cheap price and Great Hollow buy at high price.
    -Step 2: go back to Home Base, buy more Book if it is available
    -Step 3: immediately go back to Great Hollow, the price for Book should
    drop down to half of its original price.  BUY them ALL
    -Step 4: go to Duck Village (any where you want, I recommend Duck Village
    because you could do more trade there) and buy Flute.
    -Step 5: sell those Flute at Great Hollow, by this time Book's price
    should be up where it should be, sell those books.
    -Repeat step 1
    Basically, after you sell your items, go back within one minutes and the
    price of the item you sold will go down.  Buy them and come back after
    two to five minutes and the price should be up again.  This is the best
    time to sell them.
    You could do this with almost every trading commodies.  I recommend Book,
    crystal Ball, and Flute since these items regenerate very fast.  The big
    buck comes from trading Ancient Text, Gold, and Pearl using the trick above
    -Come back within a short amount of time after you sell the item.
    -If you waited too long, the price will be up high.
    -Use my chart above to find out where you can get the item at the lowest
    price and sell them at a higher price.
    Thankyou Erickei for your Trading Rumor Section.
    Thankyou Konami for making Suikoden III, a great game.

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