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Secrets Guide by timperius

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/07/2006
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LEGO Racers 2
Secrets Guide
(c) Copyright 2004-2006 Timperius

Table of Contents
1.0 Intro
2.0 Legal Stuff
3.0 Layout
   3.1 Bonuses
   3.2 Power-ups
4.0 Sandy Bay
   4.1 Gold Bricks
   4.2 Bonus Levels
   4.3 Race Secrets
5.0 Dino Island
   5.1 Gold Bricks
   5.2 Bonus Levels
   5.3 Race Secrets
6.0 Mars
   6.1 Gold Bricks
   6.2 Bonus Levels
   6.3 Race Secrets
7.0 Arctic
   7.0 Gold Bricks
   7.2 Bonus Levels
   7.3 Race Secrets
8.0 Xalax
   8.1 Gold Bricks
   8.2 Bonus Levels
   8.3 Race Secrets
9.0 Hints
10.0 FAQ
11.0 Version History
12.0 Contact
13.0 Credits

1.0 Intro
Welcome to my LR2 Guide.

I didn't have anything to do this weekend, so I looked through
my games for one I could do a quick walkthrough for.

This is for those of you with no racing experience, and you
haven't gotten all the bricks since the games release in 2001.
FYI: That is 3 years.

I hope nobody needs this unless you got the game 3 months ago.

Thanks for reading it though.

Guess what? It is 2006. I found this on a floppy I had. Looks
like it almost made it to a computer with internet, but then it
got left somewhere. It looked good, so I'm sending it in! I seem
to have been started it in 2004.

2.0 Legal Stuff
This FAQ/Walkthrough was written by Timothy Sims, (Also known as Timperius)
and it is his property. The FBI says don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy.
Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy.
Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy.
Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy.
Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy.
Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy. Don't copy. This is only
for private use and can only be distributed by GameFAQs.com or me. Give
credit where credit is due.

GameFAQs is so far the best FAQ site by far, so I won't be letting any
other sites have this. If I do find a site that is as good as or better
than GameFAQs then I shall e-mail them. Don't e-mail me to ask if I'll put
it on your site. If you do see a site other than GameFAQs that has this
on their site, e-mail me.

3.0 Layout
At this point I'll explain how this FAQ is ordered. I'm not
telling you how to race, what to do in a race, or even what the
controls are. This is just locations of Gold bricks, vortexes,
and maybe some shortcuts I've found. I will describe easy ways
to win the bonus levels though.

3.1 Bonuses
When you beat the bonus levels you get to choose a bonus. I will
list the bonuses you should get here.

1: Grip
2: Grip
3: Shield
4: Power
5: Grip
6: Power
7: Grip
8: Shield
9: Power
10: Power

Power is nothing wihtout grip. Shield isn't important as the shield
you get from Riegel is sufficient. If you are a careful driver you
can replace the 2 shields with Power and Grip.

3.2 Power-ups
On the tracks there are little balls with lego pieces in them. When
you run over them you get a power-up, which is decided by roulette
like in Mario Kart. There are 7 different kinds of Power-ups. Each
has the normal mode and an advanced setting. I will also list my
rating and how common it is.


Disc Launcher:
Symbol: Blue Circle
Rating: 3/5
Very Common
Shoot this and it will go straight and bounce on walls or other
terrain until it runs out of power or it hits a car. This is simple
and quick. Shoot it at the first person you see so you can get
something better.
Advanced Setting:
Press the Look Behind button and shoot it to fire backwards.

Homing Missile:
Symbol: Dog
Rating: 2/5
Very Common
Shoot this and it will home in on the target. Goes until it hits
something. I don't like it because later in the game you are so fast
that you can't hit anyone.
Advanced Setting:
Press the target buttons to change your target.

Drill Missile:
Symbol: Drill
Rating: 3/5
Shoot this and it will travel in a straight line until it hits
something. It has the biggest blast, taking apart nearly half of
bricks on the car it hits. Though it is hard to hit someone with,
it is great when it does.
Advanced Setting:
Hold down the fire button and the missile with drag you along until
you let go of the button. Don't hold it too long! The speed is much
faster than your car will ever go, which is nice. Only use this on long

Trap Types:

Thunder Cloud:
Symbol: Thundercloud
Rating: 4/5
This creates a bubble around your car that will expand until it bursts
around you. Anyone caught in the blast will lose some bricks. This is
my favorite (Excluding the Brick Disrupter) because cars trying to pass
you will not last long.
Advanced Setting:
Hold the button for about a second and then let go, and the bubble will
drop off your car. Then it will explode behind you. Be careful though,
because when you hold it too long your car will start taking damage.

Symbol: Tornado
Rating: 3/5
This makes a tornado behind you and then releases it. Anyone that runs
into it will go spinning out of control. I like this one because it
is a great trap to pull in tight spaces.
Advanced Setting:
Hold the button down to make it stay behind you. This will act as a
shield and deflect any projectiles coming at you. Don't hold it down
too long or you'll lose control.

Other Kinds:
These both do not have Advanced Settings.

Symbol: Ninja
Rating: 2/5
This makes you invisible. You cannot be targetted by homing missiles
and you cannot lose bricks by running into things. You can also
steal other car's power-ups. This is good, except it appears too
often and it is a cheap rip-off of Mario-Kart.

Brick Disrupter:
Symbol: Bricks
Rating: 5/5
This causes all cars (Except you) to lose 6 bricks. It also makes
a huge yellow glare and obscures your vision for about 3 seconds.
My favorite.

Here We Go!

4.0 Sandy Bay
This is the first level. There is no Foyer so you are always

4.1 Gold Bricks
1: On the side of the mountain in the center of the island. It
is near the construction site.

2: There is a platform on the cliff leading to the north beach.
(The one near the Arctic Jump point) On it is the gold brick.

3: When facing the sea of the north beach, head left, over the
ramp leading up. The gold brick is a little ways off.

4.2 Bonus Levels
This is the Taxi Level. You have to drive around to the people
located on your map and press the talk button. They will hop in
and tell you where they want to go. Then you have to take them
to the area marked on the map. Pretty simple huh?

It starts with Doctor Dave telling you that the taxi guy is too
busy to take him to the laboratory. Sparky tells you the rules,
and you're off!

Time: 3 minutes

1: On top of the Mountain in the center of the island. You can't
miss it. Drive up the mountain and pass through the vortex to
enter the bonus level.

2: At the beach where you first found Sparky, (It has a ship you
can see) go left while facing the big blue. Go past the first
little beach, and there is a second. This one has the second

Easy: You must pick up and drop off 3 people. Here is a list of
the people and where they go.

Doctor Dave: He is found right in front of you at the start.
He goes to the science labs on the southeast corner of the island.
Head forward, go right around the divide, then go across the
bridge, through the trees and left to get him there without any

Captain Geoff: In the middle of the city.
He needs to get to the Arctic Jump Point.
Head north out of the city and go down the slope to the beach.
Turn right into the cave, then left to find the drop-off point.

Fisherman: At the eastern base of the mountain, across the bridge
to the left from the start.
He needs to go to the north beach.
Just drive over the mountain and straight down the slope. The
drop-off is on the west side of the beach.

Pauline: To the south of the Science Labs.
She wants to see the jump gate on the west side of the island.
Head west across the bridge, to the left of the divide, then
west some more to the jump gate.

Jimmy: On the east side of the island, just south of the
construction site.
The Police Station is where he wants to go.
Just drive over the mountain and straight into town.

Tony the Coastguard: Just to the south of the Arctic Jump point.
He needs to go to the southern beach.
Head over the mountain straight toward the target. You won't
encounter any trouble.

Workman Rob: He is just south of the northern beach outside the
He needs to go to the road construction place.
Head toward the target, avoid the Digger though. This one is
pretty short.

Hard: This is pretty much the same as Easy, though you have to get
five instead of 3.
Since I listed all the people in the easy section, I won't do it

5.0 Dino Island
You have to beat all the racers in Sandy Bay.

Unlike Sandy Bay, there is a foyer, like in Diddy Kong Racing. This
foyer lets you go to each regular race and the boss race. It also
lets you do a bonus level you have already done.

Talk to Sparky and he will give you some options. He lets you save
your game and go exploring! We want to go exploring! Exploring
lets you go find all the gold bricks and the vortexes. (Vortici?)

5.1 Gold Bricks
1: Head to the 'Easter Island' beach with the natives' huts and
go along the beach to the narrow path. Drop down along the very edge
to find this one.

2: In the jungle, go toward the mountain and left to find the opening
into the volcano. Head up the mountain, the brick is on top of the

3: At the 'Easter Island beach there is a tunnel with a snake's
head as the opening. To the left is a platform. Go up and grab the
gold brick.

5.2 Bonus Levels
In this bonus game, you must find barrels of oil for the Adventurers.
They are marked on the map and scattered around the map. To pick
them up you must run over them. To drop them off, you must go to
the target on the map. If a car hits you, all the barrels will escape.

1: From the start of the exploration, which is the tree-house, face
toward the sea and cross the bridge. Go up onto the plateu. Head
across the ditch and over the hill. It's right there.

2: Inside the jungle, go up to the side of the volcano. Then head
right along the edge. When you get to the end, turn right and go
through the vortex.

Easy: This one you must get 6 barrels and return them to the target.
You can hold 5 barrels at a time. I will list the order that is the
fastest and when to return them to the base.

Time: 5 Minutes, 30 seconds

Head left and aim the arrow (Your car on the map) straight toward the
barrel in front (1). Then cross the bridge, dodge the car and grab a
second one (2). Head forward some more and grab a third (3), then
turn right and head toward another (4). Go back to the bridge and
cross. Then follow the ditch to find one more (5). You're full, so
head to the base. Now you'll only need one more. Go up the side of the mountain
to the closest one (6). If you're having trouble getting up,
head to the second closest one, to the right. When you get it, head
back to the base to win.

Hard: You must find 8 this time. Follow the easy guide until your
first round.

Time: 4 minutes, 30 seconds

Now, instead of going up the mountain, go across the
bridge and head toward the first one (6). Now head for the next one
in line (7). Then grab the last one (8). Now dodge the cars and go
back to the base to drop off the last ones.

6.0 Mars
Cost: 8 Golden Bricks

This world is the same as last, it has a foyer and you can explore
by talking to Sparky. Good Luck!

6.1 Gold Bricks
1: Near the downed spaceship is a maze of paths. Going into this place
from the spaceship, keep to the right wall, going behind the rocks.
The brick is behind them.

2: At the martian base, looking toward the large semi-circle track,
there is a gold brick. It is on a small platform behind a tower.

3: Inside the cave with the water, there is a pile of rocks in the
center. The gold brick is in the middle.

6.2 Bonus Levels
In this bonus game you must collect Power Crystals for the spaceship
crew. It is just like the bonus game on Dino Island. You can hold
five. If you lose some and they fall in the lava, you'll lose.

1: This one is also in the water cave behind one of the waterfalls.

2: Head to the east, which is the broken martian base. It is among
the rocks.

Both of the bonus levels, you must collect 10 crystals. So this guide
aplies to both vortexes.

Easy Time: 5 minutes

Hard Time: 4 minutes

Head straight forward and grab the first (1), then turn left a little
to face the next one (2). When you grab it, turn left again to enter
the maze. The crystal (3) is in the middle section right in front of
you. Now head back to base and drop them off. Go east from the base
toward the next and jump the lava to get to it (4). Then head west
and then right to find another (5). Dodge the evil car and go back
across the bridge, then turn right again to head toward another (6),
which is on the natural bridge. Now, for safety's sake, go drop them
all off. Head straight toward the one on the west (7). You can cross
the bridge with #6, or you can go through the spitting tunnel. When
you grab it, go through the water tunnel and head straight for the
next crystal (8). Then go through the martian base and grab the
next one (9). Then go up the ramp and get the last one (10), and drop
them off to win.

7.0 Arctic
Cost: 8 Golden Bricks

Arctic... This is slippery, and more slppery and most slippery. It is
the slipperiest world. Nuff said. When you make your car it can have
skis on it.

7.1 Gold Bricks
1: Almost straight forward from the start of exploring is a bridge.
Cross it and go straight forward and you'll see the brick.

2: Go up the ramp from inside the crashed ship. Turn around and go to
the left, the brick is right there.

3: This one is in a pile of boxes in the main arctic explorer base.

7.2 Bonus Levels
This is a pretty hard one. Though you don't have to get as many, you
are carrying balloons. So each time you get another, you lose more and
more control, until you start to float away. You start floating away
when you hold five. So the limit is 4.

1: This one is on top of the ship. You can easily get to it by going
down the mountain straight toward the ship, then holding the brake.

2: When going into the mountain from the top, at the bottom, go right
into the ice patch. This one is behind the wall.

Easy: In the easy part, you'll need to get 8 balloons before the time
goes out. So 2 trips with four balloons, right? Wrong! Three trips
of 3, 3, and 2.

Time: 6 Minutes!

Head straight forward toward the first one (1), which is on the
bridge into the ice maze. Enter the ice maze and get to the two that
are in there. It's kind of difficult to tell you exactly how to get
them. One is in the middle (2) and one is at the far end (3). When
you've got all those, head back to base and drop them off. Now go for
the one that is closest to the base (4). Go into the cracked ice field
for the next (5), and go west onto the bridge for the third (6) this
trip. Now for the last 2. Head southwest over the mountain toward the
northern one (7), then south to the last (8). Now return them to base
for a big thanks.

Hard: This one is just the same, 8 balloons, but with one difference.

Time: 5 minutes.

8.0 Xalax
Instead of Gold Bricks getting you here, you must beat all three
bosses in each of the previous worlds (Except Sandy Bay, Which has
no boss.)

This is the final area in the game. The races are very different
from the other areas. This has moving earth, a 5 lap figure eight,
loop-the-loops, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Good Luck!

When you beat all 4 races, you can race Rocket Racer on the big
circular track.

8.1 Gold Bricks
1: This one is near the energy tunnel. Face it and go toward the
outside, then follow the ridge to the gold brick.

2: Near the loop-the-loop is a moutain-ish thing. The brick is on one

3: Under the jump through the ring.

8.2 Bonus Levels
In this one, you must test your racing skills with a drill used by
Rocket Racer himself. You have to collect drones around a circular
track. Easy? Hardly. They move around in circles.

1: This vortex is on the other side of the mountain-ish thing across
from brick #2.

2: Next to the loop-the-loop near the lava.

Easy: Collect 8 drones.

Time: 4 Minutes

Hard: Collect TEN (10) Drones...

Time: In THREE (3) Minutes.

Now, this is a hard one to tell you to go here and grab this one. The
track is a circle, and you should just go araound, collect about 3 or
4 drones and return them. While dodging the racers. Shouldn't be too

Good Luck

9.0 Hints
Mars: In the race with Riegel, and a few others, you pass through a
cavern with water in it. There is a shortcut in the rocks.

Arctic: In the race with the berg, there is a shortcut, too. Just
past the  checkpoint, take a left immediatly. Then get back on the
road and go through the checkpoint here.

Xalax: When racing Rocket Racer, don't use the jumps. This only slows
you down, and you may lose control. Also, Rocket Racer is too fast
for normal racing methods. Use all the power-ups you can, and try to
knock him off the path.

10.0 FAQ
I'm in need of some Questions, and I doubt I'll get any.

11.0 Version History
1.0: Completed the walkthrough

1.1: Added the extra sections, First submission

12.0 Contact
To contact me with questions, comments, corrections, fan mail, or
suggestions, contact me at this e-mail adress:


Please put 'Lego Racers 2' as the subject.

Please don't send:

Corrections that include spelling and grammar! I don't want you to
e-mail me just to say 'you can't spell.' That is stupid.
Corrections means if I accidentily put in the wrong directions. Ex.
I say go south into the abyss and die instead of go north into the
eternal glory waiting for you. Other corrections are welcome.

I would like to be able to quickly read the e-mails you send me.
Don't send me a file with your questions. I will delete them. Don't
send an e-mail that has something like: yer faq roks, dood!

Spam. Nobody likes spam, including me, so please don't ever send this.

Hate mail. Why? Why would someone want to send a hate mail? The only
logical explanation is if you found somewhere there was a line that
if you read it in a secret code, it insulted your grandma. It wastes
my time, and yours.

13.0 Credits
GAmeFAQs: For Hosting this guide

Ole Kirk Christiansen: For Making Legos

Me: For finding the Floppy this was on

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(c) Copyright 2004-2006 Timperius

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