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    FAQ/Walkthrough by EChang

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/25/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       (v2.0, 4-25-04)
    by Edward Chang (chang.459@osu.edu)
    Revision History
    v2.0 (4-25-04)
       Major revisions throughout thanks to the new info straight from the
       SO3: DC Final Guide (ISBN 4-7577-1860-8).
    v1.5 (2-13-04)
       Whoops, forgot I left out some info for Urza Cave Temple. Info added, as
       well as revisions throughout.
    v1.0 (2-11-04)
       All parts fully revised for DC. Added Versus Mode info.
    v0.5 (1-27-04)
       First version. Main walkthrough, characters complete with learning charts
       revised for the DC. Still working on bonus dungeons and the new minigames.
    1. Introduction
    2. Basics
       --Item Creation
    3. Walkthrough
       DISC ONE
       The Beginning
         --Grand Tear
         --Emergency Shelter
         --Pesotto Forest
         --Whipple Village
         --Coffer Ruins
         --Norton's House
         --Underground Waterway
         --Traum Mountains
         --Cirlsour Cave
         --Becquerel Mountain Path
         --Aire Hills/Cirlsour Hills
         --Grana Hill
         --Cirlsour Ruins
         --Palmira Plains
         --Sunmight Plains
         --Douglas Forest
         --Iris Plains
         --Becquerel Mine
         --Immorality Way
         --Shrine of Canan
         --Sir Felious
         --The Grace and Thirst Corridor
         --Mosel Sandhill
         --Ancient Ruins of Mosel
         --Airyglyph Castle
         --Bar Mountains/Bar Cave
         --Urza Lava Cave
      DISC TWO
      Back to Space
         --Planet Stream
      FD Space
         --Gemity City
         --Sphere Corporation
         --Immorality Way/Shrine of Canan
         --Mosel Sandhill/Ancient Ruins of Mosel
         --Spiral Tower
    4. Side Quests/Secrets
         --Ladel and Lumina
         --The Ancient Scrolls
         --Battle Collection
         --Sir Felious Underwater Garden ***NEW***
         --Ancient Ruins of Mosel (Depths)
         --Cave of Trials
         --Urza Cave Temple ***NEW***
         --Sphere 211
         --The Final Secret Boss
    5. Versus Mode ***NEW***
    6. Hints/Frequently Asked Questions
    7. Credits
    This is an FAQ and Walkthrough for the PS2 RPG, Star Ocean: Till the
    End of Time Director's Cut (otherwise known as Star Ocean 3 DC). Currently 
    the game is on Japanese PS2 only; it is possible that the US release of
    Star Ocean 3 will include the Director's Cut features, but this has not
    been confirmed or denied by Square Enix in any way, shape, or form. The
    Director's Cut is an expanded-and-improved version of last year's RPG
    Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, coming with many new features, two new
    playable characters, two new dungeons, and a bunch of little tweaks.
    This FAQ is Plot Spoiler free. What that means is that you do not need
    to worry about being spoiled for the plot by reading this FAQ. However
    this FAQ is not TOTALLY spoiler free, as in, there are secrets and
    sidequests revealed in this FAQ. Thus, if you want to stay TOTALLY
    spoiler free, I suggest you avoid the Side Quests/Secrets section.
    Things that are new or unique to the Director's Cut will be marked with
    ***NEW*** to facilitate the reading of this FAQ for those of you used to
    the regular version of Star Ocean 3.
    Here is a quick list of new features to the Director's Cut:
    --two new playable characters, Mirage Coast and Adlai Lasbird
    --two new dungeons, Sir Felious Underwater Garden and the Urza Rock Temple
    --Versus Mode, playable by obtaining a certain item
    --at least 3 new costumes for each character
    --a revised Battle Collection
    --improved Item Creation - some formerly useless items now valuable
    --revised Factors on items, better descriptions
    --fixing of some bugs present in the original (Shield/Reflect Emblem, Gutsy
      Bunny, Invincible Step)
    --different treasures from before in some treasure chests
    --various changes in Battle Skills - different CPs, learned at different 
      levels, added status effects, and so on
    --Fate, Maria, and Nel now learn certain spells as they level up
    --various tweaks to certain enemy attacks
    This FAQ makes use of SJIS encoding in order to display Japanese
    characters. I included this feature so that if you do not know
    Japanese, you can easily match up the characters on your TV screen
    to the characters in this guide. You will need to have support for
    viewing Japanese characters on your computer, however. Certain versions
    of Windows should have it built in; otherwise, you'll either need to
    get a program like NJStar Communicator, or you'll need to get 
    Japanese character support for Internet Explorer (free from Microsoft)
    and open this file in IE instead of Notepad/Wordpad.
    2. BASICS
    SO3 is "exclusively compatible to the DualShock 2", according to the
    game's box. This means, do not try to use a PS1 controller to play the game -
    it won't work. (The reason appears to be the DualShock 2's analog button
    press detection, which the PS1 controllers do not have. This is important for
    places like the Bar Ruins and the Dragon Flute).
    O: the circle button
    X: the X button
    S: the square button
    T: the triangle button
    On the field/towns/dungeons:
    Directional pad: Movement
    Left Analog: Movement
    Right Analog: Not used
    O: Examine/Talk
    X: Walk (hold X while moving to walk instead of run)
    S: Activate Vanish Items
    T: Camp Menu
    L1/R1: Rotate the map clockwise or counterclockwise
    L2: Not used
    R2: Cycle the minimap between small, large, and none
    Start: Readjust the camera angle
    Select: Not used
    On menus:
    Directional pad: Move through choices
    Left Analog: Move through choices
    Right Analog: Not used
    O: Confirm
    X: Cancel/Exit
    S: Switch between multiple screens (on equip screen)
       Discard item (on items)
       Turn on/off tactical skills
    T: Detailed information (on item descriptions)
    L1/R1: Page up/down (on equip/status/skills menus)
    L2/R2: Switch between characters (on equip/status/skills menus)
    L2: Not used
    R2: Not used
    Start: Not used
    Select: Not used
    During battles:
    Directional pad: Movement
    Left Analog: Movement
    Right Analog: Not used
    O: Light attack
    X: Heavy attack
    S: Targeting (during manual mode only)
    T: Battle menu
    L1/R1: Change the active character
    L2: Step (hold while moving directional pad)
    R2: Switch between manual and auto modes
    紋章術使用 - Use Magic: Separated from Skill in the DC version; this will let
                 characters capable of using healing magic cast them while out
                 of battle.
    スキル設定 - Set Skill: Under Set Skills you can set your Battle, Status, 
                 and Tactical skills. See the Skill section for more information.
    アイテム - Item: Divided into Weapon (武器), Armor (防具), Accessory  
               (アクセサリー), Used Item (ユースドアイテム), Food (食べ物), 
               Other (その他), Materials (素材), Important Items (貴重品),
               Battle Items (戦闘用), and New Items (新規入手). In each
               category, square changes the ordering of items (alphabetical or
               default), X cancels out, and circle selects the item. Once an
               item is selected a submenu pops up. Here, square throws away
               the item, triangle changes to a screen with more info, X cancels,
               and circle uses the item. In the case of weapon or armor, "using"
               the item on somebody will equip it.
    装備 - Equip: Pretty self-explanatory. Triangle automatically equips the
           strongest setup (though this is in terms of numbers only) and square
           shows you the basic stats for each item.
    ステータス - Status: Self-explanatory. Circle lets you change a character's
                 name. Once you earn new costumes (see the Battle Collection
                 section, below), pressing triangle on the status screen will
                 let you switch between costumes.
    コンフィグ - Config: Consists of Event Skip (イベントスキップ) (On/Off),
                 Sound (音声) (Both/Subtitles Only/Voice Only/Auto Change),
                 Battle Targeting (バトルターゲット) (Auto/Manual), Battle
                 Camera Work (バトルカメラワーク) (Active/Fixed), Battle Camera
                 Mode (バトルカメラモード) (High/Low), Battle Voice
                 (バトルボイス) (On/Off), Battle Step (バトルステップ) (L2 +
                 directional pad/directional pad only), Vibration (振動) (On/Off),
                 Sound Effect (サウンド環境) (Monaural/Stereo/Headphone/Dolby
                 Surround), Key Customize (キーカスタマイズ) (Normal/Customize), 
                 Window Color (ウィンドウカラー) (Normal/Customize), Screen Size
                 (画面サイズ) (4:3/16:9), Battle Collection (バトルコレクション)
                 (Collect/Don't Collect), and Data Reading (よみこみ) (from Hard
                 Drive/DVD-ROM) (only when installed)
    作戦 - Divided into Tactics (作戦), Exchange (入れ換え), and Formation
           (隊形). For most characters, Tactics lets you choose in order, Use
           all your strength!, Use good balance!, Conserve your Guts!, Focus
           attacks on one enemy!, Don't use battle skills!, and Don't do
           anything!. For Sophia and Adlai, their choices are Use good balance!, 
           Focus on healing!, Focus on Attacking!, Support allies!, Don't use 
           magic!, and Don't do anything!. Exchange exchanges your party members.
           Formation lets you choose your battle formation. Pressing triangle
           here lets you choose the leader (the default character that you
    辞書 - Dictionary: Consists of Newest Terms (最新単語), Countries (国家勢力
           地名), People (人名), Races (種族), and Other (その他)
    発明情報 - Takes you to Item Creation screen. Here you can select from 
              Newest Info (最新情報), Accept Ratings (特許申請), View Information
             (情報参照), Change Orders (命令変更), and Alert (アラート). See the
             Item Creation section for more info.
    カード - Card: Choose between Save (セーブ) and Load (ロード). You can only
             save on save points.
    There are four different kinds of skills in Star Ocean 3: Battle Skills (which
    are further divided into active and support skills), Heraldry, Status Skills,
    and Tactical Skills.
    Battle Skills are naturally enough what your characters use in battle. On
    the Battle Skill set screen, you can set 6 different battle skills per
    character: short range circle (weak), long range circle (weak), short range
    X (strong), long range X (strong), and two support skills. Six may be the
    maximum; however, each skill also costs a certain number of Capacity Points
    (CP). You cannot exceed the natural CP of your character. Your characters'
    CP will go up as you gain levels, maxing out at 15. Thus, if your character
    has fifteen points, and you equip an 8 CP battle skill, you cannot equip
    another 8 CP battle skill at the same time.
    The vast majority of battle skills can be set to either short or long
    range, and can be bound to a weak or strong button. In general a battle skill
    bound to a strong button (i.e., to X) will cost a lot more in terms of Guts 
    and HP/MP, but it tends to be more effective and like regular strong attacks,
    it can break an enemy's Protect. To use a battle skill in battle, simply 
    hold the button it is bound to.
    Each battle skill has a usage count (熱練度) and an associated level, along
    with an indication of how many more times it must be used before getting
    to the next level. The higher the level, the better the skill, generally
    doing more damage and/or hits.
    Support skills are always active in battle and do not require activation.
    Heraldry works much the same way as Battle Skills for Sophia. Definitions
    about CP, short/long range, weak/strong attacks, and experience all apply.
    Status Skills consume status points (SP) to strengthen your characters. You 
    will gain SP when you level up; on this screen you can strengthen your 
    character by spending your SP on Life Strength (生命力), which raises your
    HP, Mental Strength (精神力), which raises your MP, Attack Technique (攻撃術)
    which lets you do more effective techniques, and Avoidance (見切り), which
    may let you defend against attacks even without Protect. Each skill has
    a max level of 10.
    Tactical Skills are similar to support skills but can be turned on/off during
    battle. These things include things like Berserk, Training, and so on. Most
    Tactical Skills default to Off (because they have negative side effects),
    but turning them on with the square button will default them to on during
    battle. They can also be turned on during battle by selecting the T. Skill
    selection from the battle menu. Most Tactical Skills are learned from
    Books created by Item Creation, not by gaining levels.
    Here is a list of the general skills in the game. Character-specific skills
    are listed under each character in the characters section.
    Battle Skills
    チャージ - Charge; short range skill only, character charges at enemy (4 CP)
    エリアル - Aerial; short range skill only, character uses anti-air attack (2
    クリティカル - Critical; gives a chance of causing 35% more HP/MP damage
                   for the attack it is bound to. At Level 1 the chance is about
                   6%, at Level 10 it is 30%.(2 CP)
    スタン - Stun; attack it is bound to has a chance of dizzying enemy. At
             Level 1 about 6%, at Level 10 about 30%. (2 CP)
    フィアー - Fear; attack it is bound to may cause the enemy to attack less.
               At Level 1 about 15%, at Level 10 about 42%. (2 CP)
    ドレイン - Drain; attack it is bound to has a chance of dropping enemy's
               Guts to 50%. At Level 1 about 18%, at Level 10 about 30%. 
               Must be learned from a book. (2 CP)
    ゲットアイテム - Get Item; attack it is bound to forces enemy to drop a 
                     treasure chest if it downs enemy. Chance rises as the
                     skill's proficiency rises. Must be learned from a 
                     book. (2 CP)
    HP ダメージアップ - HP Damage Up - Attack it is bound to causes more
                        HP Damage. At Level 1 50% more, at Level 10 80% more. 
                        (4 CP)
    MP ダメージアップ - MP Damage Up - Attack it is bound to causes more
                        MP Damage. At Level 1 50% more, at Level 10 80% more. 
                        (4 CP)
    スタミナアップ - Stamina Up - Guts consumption is reduced. At Level 1
                     30%, at Level 10 50%. Must be learned from a book. (2 CP)
    ダブルアップ - Double Up - Attack it is bound to causes more HP and MP
                   Damage. At Level 1 about 30% more, at Level 10 60% more.
                   Must be learned from a book. (2 CP)
    ガードレス - Guardless - Character will not stagger if damage received is
                 less than 1/15th current HP (5 CP)
    コモンアッタクスペル - Common Attack Spell - Character will be able to
                           use "Firebolt", "Ice Needle", and "Earth Grave". Must
                           be learned from a book. (2 CP)
    コモンサポートスペル - Common Support Spell - Character will be able to
                           use "Healing", "Silence", and "Antidote". Must be
                           learned from a book. (2 CP)
    レトロヒール - Retro Heal - While standing still, character regenerates
                   HP at a rate of skill level x 20 HP every 4 seconds. (1 CP)
    Guts エクステンション - Guts Extension - Occasionally character's guts may
                            go to 100% automatically. Must be learned from a
                            book. (2 CP)
    ファーストエイド - First Aid - When getting attacked, a character has a 
                       chance of regaining 20% of Max HP. At Level 1 this is
                       about 5%, at Level 10 15%. (1 CP)
    ラッキースター - Lucky Star - When getting attacked, there is a chance
                     of stars dropping on the field. Picking up a star fills
                     the Heat Up Gauge 30%. The chance of a star falling is
                     4% at Level 1, and 10% at Level 10. Must be learned from a 
                     book. (2 CP)
    クリティカル HP - Critical HP - All of a character's attacks have a chance
                      of causing 30% more HP damage. This chance is 4% at Level 1
                      and about 48% at Level 10. This stacks with Critical. (2 CP)
    クリティカル MP - Critical MP - All of a character's attacks have a chance
                      of causing 30% more MP damage. This chance is 4% at Level 1
                      and about 48% at Level 10. This stacks with Critical. (2 CP)
    クイックチャージ - Quick Charge - Spell chant time cut down. Amount cut
                       down depends on spell; there is a 2 second lower limit so
                       already-fast spells will not be sped up any more. Must be
                       learned from a book. (Sophia Only)(3 CP)
    MP エクステンド - MP Extend - Max MP increased 40%. Must be learned from a
                      book. (Sophia Only) (3 CP)
    バーサーク - Berserk - Attack up 30% and Guts consumption cut in half, but
                 Defense down 30%
    修行 - Training - Experience gained 40% up, but Guts consumption multiplied
           by three. Must be learned from a book.
    オーラセレクト - Aura Select (for Counter Auras) - Choose between Standard 
                     (スタンダード) (linear, dizzies), 2WAY (2 way aura, 70%
                     chance of dizzy), Ring Wave (リングウェーブ) (damages),
                     Aiming (エイミング) (homes on opponent, dizzies), Wide
                     Aiming (ワイドエイミング) (homes on opponent, damages), 
                     Regeneration (リジェネレーション) (heals self), and Star
                     Guard (スターガード) (causes stars to damage opponent). All
                     of these auras require the associated Counter Aura book
                     in your inventory before you can select them. Also Star
                     Guard can only be selected if you have the Star Guard
                     accessory equipped.
    バランスコンディション - Balance Condition - Choose between Protect HP and
                             Protect MP. If Protect HP is selected, all HP
                             damage is divided by 7 and applied to MP instead.
                             If Protect MP is selected, all MP damage is
                             multiplied by 13 and applied to HP instead. Must be
                             learned from a book.
    キュアコンディション - Cure Condition - The effects of Poison, Paralysis, 
                           Petrify, Frozen, and Dizzy are weakened. Poison
                           does only half damage, and the other effects last
                           only half as long as they normally would. However
                           Defense down 20%. Must be learned from a book.
    挑発 - Taunt - Draws opponents to you (rather than your allies).
    エネミーサーチ - Enemy Search - Reveals the selected enemy's HP, MP,
                     weaknesses/strengths, and dropped items. Note that for
                     bosses HP/MP will not be revealed.
    Sex: Male
    Age: 19
    Height: 177 cm
    Weight: 67 kg
    Race: Human
    How to recruit: Automatic
    Fate is the main character of the game. He wields a sword in battle. He's
    one of the fastest at moving around and average in attack speed. You don't
    have much of a choice if you want to use him or not, so you might as well,
    though he isn't the greatest. In the Director's Cut, Fate also learns a
    number of offensive magical spells, although thanks to his relatively low
    INT he won't nearly have as much use for them as Sophia would.
    ブレードリアクター - Blade Reactor: Fate's sword becomes surrounded with 
       energy and he then swings at the enemy. Continue mashing on the attack 
       button for up to three attacks. A bit slow and not the greatest.
    ブレイズソード - Blaze Sword: Fate imbues his sword with fire. Great against 
       opponents weak against fire. However it's a slow move and it wears off 
       after awhile, so be sure to use it at long range. While imbued, his sword 
       can cause MP damage as well. Fire-elemental.
    リフレクトストライク - Reflect Strike: Fate sidesteps and then kicks the 
       opponent for multiple hits. A fairly good move, this can help you evade 
       some attacks.
    ライトニングブラスト - Lightning Blast: Creates an arc of lightning between 
       Fate and the target. Air-elemental.
    アイシクルエッジ - Icicle Edge: Fate imbues his sword with ice. Like Blaze 
       Sword it has its uses and it can cause MP damage. Water-elemental.
    ショットガンボルト - Shotgun Bolt: Fate creates a wall of fire in front of 
       him. Does a lot of hits and relatively good damage, but the range and area 
       is pretty limited. 
    ライトニングバインド - Lightning Bind: Fate imbues his sword with lightning. 
       Akin to Blaze Sword and Icicle Edge, it can also cause MP damage. Air-
    ディープフリーズ - Deep Freeze: Encases the enemy in ice that hits multiple 
       times. Has a chance to freeze opponents. Water-elemental.
    ヴァーティカルエアレイド - Vertical Airraid: Fate flips into the air and 
       causes several lines of energy to rise up from the ground for multiple
       hits. One of his better attack skills.
    ロックレイン - Rock Rain: Causes rocks to fall on enemies within a wide 
       range. Not as good a range as Explosion but causes more hits in the long 
       run. Earth-elemental.
    ストレイヤーヴォイド - Strayer Void: Fate charges up. Continue holding the 
       attack button to charge further (this doesn't increase damage and 
       consumes more Guts, but causes a small amount of area damage). After 
       the button is released, Fate teleports to the nearest opponent and 
       slashes them. The damage is not entirely  spectacular and this battle 
       skill is comparatively useless.
    エクスプロージョン - Explosion: Causes a ball of fire to drop slowly to the 
       ground, which then explodes in a huge shockwave. Covers a really large area
       and is one of the most damaging spells. Fire-elemental.
    ディバインウェポン - Divine Weapon: Fate imbues his weapon with divine 
       power. Like the elemental imbuements, this can be a good move as it 
       causes MP damage and enhances HP damage, but as an added bonus, this 
       will work against opponents who have elemental resistances (no enemy 
       is resistant against Divine power).
    イセリアルブラスト - Iserial Blast: Fate grows wings, hovers into the air, 
       and then blasts the enemy with a ray of light. Reaaaaaaaally slow, and 
       the move does not home, so it is hard to hit moving enemies with it, but
       if you manage to, they will take a large amount of HP and MP damage.
    Learning Chart
    Level 2: Blade Reactor
    Level 3: First Aid
    Level 4: Enemy Search
    Level 6: Blaze Sword
    Level 7: Critical
    Level 9: Charge
    Level 10: Retro Heal
    Level 11: Critical HP
    Level 14: Taunt
    Level 15: Reflect Strike
    Level 16: Guardless
              Lightning Blast
    Level 17: Stun
    Level 20: Icicle Edge
    Level 21: Berserk
    Level 22: HP Damage Up
    Level 23: MP Damage Up
    Level 25: Shotgun Bolt
    Level 30: Lightning Bind
    Level 32: Fear
    Level 38: Deep Freeze
    Level 40: Vertical Air Raid
    Level 45: Rock Rain
    Level 50: Strayer Void
    Level 60: Explosion
    Sex: Female
    Age: 17
    Height: 160 cm
    Weight: 49 kg
    Race: Human
    How to recruit: Automatic (joins after second Cirlsour Ruins event)
    The dedicated heraldry user of the game. As such, Sophia gets sole access
    to some very powerful spells. On the downside, even with stuff like Quick
    Charge it takes a very long time to chant some of the spells. Still, magic
    is powerful in the right circumstances, and she's one of the best.
    ヒーリング - Healing: Heals a character for a good chunk of their HP. Doesn't 
       heal MP, sadly.
    アンチドート - Antidote: Cures the "Poison" condition from a character. Not
       too useful.
    ファイアボルト - Firebolt: Creates a firebolt that homes in on the enemy. 
       Fire-elemental. As the proficiency of this spell increases, more 
       firebolts are created.
    サイレンス - Silence: Prevents the enemy from casting spells. Unfortunately 
       most of the really dangerous spellcasters are immune to this spell.
    アイスニードル - Ice Needle: Creates an array of icicles that spray forward 
       in a cone-shaped area. Small chance of freezing the enemy. Water-elemental.
    アシッドレイン - Acid Rain: Lowers an enemy's physical defense within a 
       certain area of effect.
    ライトニングブラスト - Lightning Blast: Creates an arc of lightning between 
       Sophia and the target. Air-elemental.
    プロテクション - Protection: Increases a character's physical defense by 50%
       for 1 minute.
    アースグレイブ - Earth Grave: Creates spikes of earth in front of Sophia, 
       impaling the enemy. Earth-elemental.
    キュアコンディション - Cure Condition: Cures any status effects from an ally.
    レイズデッド - Raise Dead: Returns a fallen character to life, restoring
       some HP/MP.
    イフリートソード - Ifrit Sword: Summons an Ifrit to attack a large area 
       just in front of Sophia. Fire-elemental.
    グロース - Growth: Increases an ally's attack power by 50% for 1 minute.
    プレス - Press: Causes a weight to fall on a fairly large range of the field
       for non-elemental damage.
    サンダーフレア - Thunder Flare: Creates a thunderstorm that hits the opponent 
       for numerous hits. Pretty good range and can keep an enemy busy for quite 
       a long time. Air-elemental.
    フェアリーライト - Fairy Light: Heals all party members for a good amount of 
    ディープフリーズ - Deep Freeze: Encases the enemy in ice that hits multiple 
       times. Has a chance to freeze opponents. Water-elemental.
    リフレクション - Reflection: Halves the damage an ally receives from spells
       for 1 minute.
    ダークサークル - Dark Circle: If the enemy is weakened, this spell will kill 
       them instantly. Good range but its use is pretty limited.
    ロックレイン - Rock Rain: Causes rocks to fall on enemies within a wide 
       range. Not as good a range as Explosion but causes more hits in the long 
       run. Earth-elemental.
    グラヴィテーション - Gravitation: Slows down all enemies within the area of 
       effect. Pretty useless if you ask me.
    エクスプロージョン - Explosion: Causes a ball of fire to drop slowly to the 
       ground, which then explodes in a huge shockwave. Covers a really large area
       and is one of the most damaging spells. Fire-elemental.
    レイ - Ray: Causes several beams of light to shoot down, damaging a large 
       area. Good damage, relatively fast to cast; however it's a little slow on 
       the startup. Very useful since it's non-elemental.
    エンゼルフェザー - Angel Feather: Raises all of an ally's stats by 20% for
       1 minute.
    サンダーストラック- Thunderstruck: Causes a column of lightning to hit an 
       enemy repeatedly. Pretty small range but great spell otherwise. Air-
    ブラッドスキュラー - Blood Scylla: Causes a spirit to appear which sucks 
       up the HP and MP of enemies within an area and then gives it to Sophia.
    サザンクロス - Southern Cross: Causes a cross of light to appear under 
       Sophia's feet, damaging everybody who steps inside for both HP and MP
    グレムリンレア - Gremlin Lair: Causes several gremlins to appear, who home 
       in and attack the opponent. The higher the level of the spell, the more
       that appear. Causes both HP and MP damage.
    メテオスォーム - Meteo Swarm: Causes several meteors to fall onto the 
       battlefield. This spell cannot be cast from the Heraldry menu; it must be 
       set as a strong Battle Skill.
    Learning Chart
    Level 3: Healing
             First Aid
    Level 4: Antidote
    Level 5: Firebolt
    Level 7: Silence
    Level 10: Ice Needle
    Level 12: Acid Rain
    Level 13: Enemy Search
    Level 14: Retro Heal
    Level 15: Lightning Blast
    Level 17: Protection
    Level 19: Earth Grave
    Level 20: Cure Condition (Spell)
    Level 21: Taunt
    Level 22: Charge
              Raise Dead
    Level 23: Critical HP
    Level 24: Critical
    Level 25: Ifrit Sword
    Level 26: Aerial
    Level 27: HP Damage Up
    Level 29: Stun
    Level 30: Thunder Flare
    Level 32: Fairy Light
              MP Damage Up
    Level 35: Deep Freeze
    Level 36: Fear
    Level 37: Reflection
    Level 40: Dark Circle
    Level 42: Berserk
    Level 45: Rock Rain
    Level 46: Guardless
    Level 47: Gravitation
    Level 50: Explosion
    Level 54: Ray
    Level 57: Angel Feather
    Level 60: Thunderstruck
    Sex: Male
    Age: 36
    Height: 196 cm
    Weight: 96 kg
    Race: Claustro
    How to recruit: Automatic (joins during the boss fight with Norton)
    The strong man of the group, he's got the most physical strength and HP
    out of anybody. He's a pure brawler when it comes to battle, and he's got
    some really useful skills. He also has tons of HP to soak up damage, but
    watch out for enemies that inflict MP damage, as he doesn't have very much.
    マイトディスチャージ - Might Discharge: Cliff creates a ball of energy in 
       front of him that hits the opponent multiple times. Okay range and good
       for keeping enemies away, but it might miss short enemies.
    マイトハンマー - Might Hammer: Cliff jumps into the air and causes a 
       shockwave to hit the ground, spreading outwards and damaging all the 
       enemies in the area of effect. Excellent skill in the early period.
    カーレントナックル - Current Knuckle: Cliff swings three fast punches at 
       the opponent. Fairly good damage and range.
    バーストタックル - Burst Tackle: Like a pumped-up version of Charge, 
       Cliff charges at the nearest opponent in a fast tackle attack. Not 
       too great but fast.
    エリアルレイド - Aerial Raid: Cliff jumps into the air, then lands heel-
       first, causing a shockwave. Doesn't hit many times but causes a good 
       chunk of MP damage in exchange. If you press the button again in 
       midair, he changes to a fist-first landing which hits a wider range but
       does less damage.
    フラッシュチャリオット - Flash Chariot: Cliff hits the enemy with a 
       lightning-fast series of punches. It's useful for locking down enemies,
       though upper-level enemies will simply move out of the way and Cliff
       will whiff.
    ビーンバッガー - Bean Bagger: Cliff floats the opponent high into the air 
       with a rising uppercut. Afterwards continue pressing the attack button
       to float the opponent with kicks. Can disrupt your allies' combos so 
    アクロバットローカス - Acrobat Locus: Cliff hits a martial arts combination 
       on the opponent, flip-kicking them into the air and continuing from 
       there. Good number of hits but a little on the slow side.
    インフィニティアーツ - Infinity Arts: Cliff launches into a long series of 
       sweeping kick attacks. Great range and coverage, and unlike most of the 
       secret battle skills, actually pretty fast. A great move when surrounded.
       Does less damage than Acrobat Locus, but causes MP damage.
    マックスエクステンション - Max Extension: Cliff charges up his energy for as
       long as you hold the button and then sends a shockwave travelling 
       forward from him. Really slow and not that worth it.
    Learning Chart
    Start: Retro Heal
    Level 4: Might Discharge
    Level 6: Critical
    Level 8: Guardless
    Level 10: Might Hammer
    Level 12: HP Damage Up
    Level 13: Stun
    Level 14: Critical HP
    Level 15: Current Knuckle
    Level 16: First Aid
    Level 17: Berserk
    Level 20: Burst Tackle
    Level 21: Aerial
    Level 22: MP Damage Up
    Level 25: Aerial Raid
    Level 30: Enemy Search
              Flash Chariot
    Level 32: Fear
    Level 40: Bean Bagger
    Level 50: Acrobat Locus
    Sex: Female
    Age: 19
    Height: 168 cm
    Weight: 47 kg
    Race: Human
    How to recruit: Automatic (joins after the Bandein attack event)
    As a user of a phase gun, Maria has the best attack range out of anybody.
    However this is balanced out by the fact that she's exceedingly slow at
    moving on the battlefield. Still she's got several useful techniques that
    let her use hit-and-run tactics to play a long-distance fighting game. She
    also has the second-highest MP total in the game. In the Director's Cut,
    she now learns a number of support spells, making her even more useful to
    the party.
    エイミングデバイス - Aiming Device: Maria uses a laser-sight to target the 
       enemy and then shoots them. Only hits once. On the plus side it does MP
       damage, and it also has a very small chance of Confusing the enemy.
    プルートホーン - Pluto Horn: Maria shoots a spread pattern of bullets. More
       useful at close range in order to get all the rays to hit. Number of rays
       goes up as the proficiency increases.
    プロテクション - Protection: Increases a character's physical defense by 50%
       for 1 minute.
    グロース - Growth: Increases an ally's attack power by 50% for 1 minute.
    リフレクション - Reflection: Halves the damage an ally receives from spells
       for 1 minute.
    マグネティックフィールド - Magnetic Field: Maria creates an area of EM flux 
       on the ground which can damage all enemies that step into it. Good range
       and lasts for quite a bit. Also has a chance of paralyzing the
       opponent. All-around good skill.
    パルスエミッション - Pulse Emission: Maria fires her gun four times at the 
       opponent. She seems to miss more often than she should. She fires more 
       shots as the proficiency increases, and the damage per shot increases
       drastically as well.
    クレッセントローカス - Crescent Locus: Maria kicks up with her foot and 
       causes a shockwave. Good for floating/flying opponents and it has decent 
       range and speed.
    トライデントアーツ - Trident Arts: Maria does a triple kick combination 
       with energy trails following her feet. Does a decent amount of damage 
       and has great range. Knocks the opponent away from Maria.
    レーザーエミッション - Laser Emission: Maria shoots a laser in a circular 
       pattern around her, which causes a row of flames to shoot upwards. Good 
       area coverage; use it if Maria is surrounded.
    エンゼルフェザー - Angel Feather: Raises all of an ally's stats by 20% for
       1 minute.
    グラビティビュレット - Gravity Bullet: Maria launches a globe of 
       gravitational energy that hits the opponent many many many times. 
       Great battle skill, almost always knocks the opponent down.
    バーストエミッション - Burst Emission: Maria causes a wide beam to emanate 
       in front of her. Not that great but it has range. Continue holding the
       button in order to continue shooting the ray, for more hits.
    レディエーションデバイス - Radiation Device: Maria creates several drones 
       that float around her. For a limited period of time, whenever Maria shoots,
       the drones shoot as well. They can cause a goodly amount of MP damage, 
       making this one of Maria's best battle skills.
    Learning Chart
    Start: Aiming Device
           Pluto Horn
           Retro Heal
    Level 21: Growth
    Level 22: Charge
              Critical MP
              Enemy Search
    Level 23: Critical
    Level 24: Aerial
    Level 26: Reflection
              First Aid
    Level 27: HP Damage Up
    Level 28: Magnetic Field
    Level 29: Taunt
    Level 31: Fear
    Level 32: Pulse Emission
    Level 34: Stun
    Level 38: Crescent Locus
    Level 42: Trident Arts
    Level 45: Angel Feather
    Level 46: Laser Emission
    Level 52: Gravity Bullet
    Level 58: Guardless
    Sex: Female
    Age: 14
    Height: 132 cm
    Weight: 36 kg
    Race: Belbeis
    How to recruit: Souffle will join you temporarily at the Moonbase. After the
                    Moonbase event, you'll be presented with an option. Choose
                    "Take her along" (連れて行く) and she'll join you permanently.
    A circus performer, she's got quite a wide range of acrobatic attacks. 
    Unfortunately a lot of them are slow, and a lot of them are fairly short
    range. Souffle has the unique ability to use special counter attacks; that is,
    if you press an attack button just as she's about to be attacked, she'll
    automatically evade the attack while attacking the opponent as well.
    It's also said that she's the best at item creation out of any of the
    player characters. Many of her battle skills are unique in that they don't
    directly attack the enemy, but help out your party instead.
    ビヨーンドルアー - Beyond Lure: Souffle attacks the enemy with a fishhook. 
       It's got some range but it's not a terribly great battle skill.
    フローズンダガー - Frozen Dagger: Souffle creates a few ice daggers and then
       tosses them at the enemy. Unlike Nel's Touga, these daggers are a LOT 
       slower and thus much harder to hit with. However they still can freeze 
       the opponent. Water-elemental.
    シャイニングダンス - Shining Dance: Souffle begins to dance and a symbol 
       appears on the ground. All allies within the area get an increase in 
       attack power for 30 seconds; the amount of increase goes up as the
       move gains proficiency, to a max of a 250% bonus.
    ドキューンブラスト - Dokyuun Blast: Souffle points her finger and an 
       invisible blast hits the enemy. A great battle skill as it's near-
       instant and can be used with some range, as well as causing MP damage,
       and it has a chance of causing instant death.
    パニックダンス - Panic Dance: Souffle dances, but this time she causes 
       confusion to the enemies. Not that great, many are immune to this effect.
    パパパスプラッシュ - Papapa Splash: Souffle creates an area of pyrotechnics 
       around her. Use this when surrounded. It does many hits, and very rarely
       it will cause instant death to enemies susceptible to it.
    プリズミックダンス - Prismic Dance: Souffle dances, and all allies in the 
       area of effect start regaining HP. Good in a pinch but it may not warrant 
       taking Souffle out of action.
    フェアリーアーツ - Fairy Arts: Souffle summons a creature that mimics 
       her movements, doing good HP and MP damage. Unfortunately it's a bit slow.
    マジカルダンス - Magical Dance: Like Prismic Dance, only heals MP instead. 
       Since there's very few good ways to heal your MP, this is a great skill,
       though burning a slot and the CP on this skill is questionable.
    ドリームコンボ - Dream Combo: Souffle summons a giant hammer. Once the 
       hammer is summoned, continue pressing attack buttons to let her attack 
       with the hammer, which will cause good HP and MP damage. The hammer 
       lasts for a certain period of time or until Souffle is damaged. 
       Great skill.
    Learning Chart
    Level 5: Beyond Lure
    Level 6: Charge
    Level 10: Frozen Dagger
    Level 11: Taunt
    Level 12: First Aid
    Level 14: Critical MP
    Level 15: Shining Dance
    Level 17: Retro Heal
    Level 18: Aerial
    Level 20: Dokyuun Blast
    Level 22: Enemy Search
    Level 25: Panic Dance
    Level 26: Stun
    Level 28: HP Damage Up
    Level 29: MP Damage Up
    Level 30: Papapa Splash
    Level 31: Berserk
    Level 33: Critical
    Level 34: Fear
    Level 40: Prismic Dance
    Level 48: Guardless
    Level 50: Fairy Arts
    Sex: Female
    Age: 23
    Height: 171 cm
    Weight: 51 kg
    Race: Elicoor
    How to recruit: She'll join you after the escape from Airyglyph event. She'll
                    leave temporarily after you leave Alias, and join again at
                    Cirlsour Ruins. She'll then leave before you return to the
                    Diplo. To recruit her permanently, either do not trigger the
                    Roger or Arbel events (see below) and she'll join you after
                    the second Cirlsour Ruins event, or visit her in Sealand after
                    returning from Gemity and tell her "We can't take it easy"
                    (ゆっくりしていけない) (you can't have recruited Souffle in
                    latter case).
    A spy in the service of Sealand. She's quick and has some fast, multiple
    hitting techniques. She possesses some of the best battle skills in the
    entire game. Her only downside is her lack of high HP, though for awhile
    she'll have the highest MP out of anybody in your party. In the Director's
    Cut, Nel also learns a variety of support and offensive spells.
    肢閃刀 - Shisentou: Nel creates a shockwave that travels forward along the 
       ground, hitting the opponent multiple times. Somewhat limited range.
    ヒーリング - Healing: Heals a character for a good chunk of their HP. Doesn't 
       heal MP, sadly.
    ファイアボルト - Firebolt: Creates a firebolt that homes in on the enemy. 
       Fire-elemental. As the proficiency of this spell increases, more 
       firebolts are created.
    影祓い - Kagebarai: Like Shisentou, only Nel creates an arc pattern that 
       gives the move a much greater area of effect. It also causes MP damage,
       making it much more useful. Sometimes it manages to hit flying opponents.
    アイスニードル - Ice Needle: Creates an array of icicles that spray forward 
       in a cone-shaped area. Small chance of freezing the enemy. Water-elemental.
    凍牙 - Touga: Nel throws ice daggers at an opponent. Not too great for 
       damage (it's easy to miss) but it can freeze opponents, and hitting a 
       frozen opponent means instant death for them. Water-elemental.
    ライトニングブラスト - Lightning Blast: Creates an arc of lightning between 
       Nel and the target. Air-elemental.
    訃霞 - Fuka: Nel creates a poison cloud that poisons opponents who wander 
       into it. Good for chipping away at an enemy's HP.
    風陣 - Fuujin: Nel surrounds herself with a hurricane. Any enemy that 
       touches the hurricane takes multiple hits worth of damage. The great 
       thing about this move is that after the hurricane is created, Nel can move 
       around freely and even attack. Air-elemental.
    黒鷹旋 - Kokuyousen: My vote for the best battle skill in the game. Nel uses 
       her large sword as a boomerang-type weapon, causing a large disc to fly 
       out and return to her. The HP damage is nothing to write home about, but 
       the MP damage this move causes is insane. This move can hit from 4-7 times, 
       causing a net total of 500-1000 MP damage when she first gets it and a 
       possible 10000-20000 towards the end of the game, which puts down most 
       enemies in quite a hurry. While the disc is out, Nel can move around 
       freely, thus directing the disc's movements.
    サンダーフレア - Thunder Flare: Creates a thunderstorm that hits the opponent 
       for numerous hits. Pretty good range and can keep an enemy busy for quite 
       a long time. Air-elemental.
    雷煌破 - Raikouha: Nel creates a chain of lightning to rush forth. Okay move, 
       but nothing compared to Kokuyousen. It lasts longer the more proficiency 
       you have. Air-elemental.
    鏡面殺 - Kyoumensatsu: The "Mirror Slice" that showed up in previous SO 
       games makes its return as Nel's skill. She hits the opponent for a quick 
       combination of slashes, floats them into the air with a flipkick, hits 
       them multiple times with a spray of lightning, and then dashes forward in 
       one final attack. Pretty good damage and hits, but beware Counter Auras.
    サンダーストラック- Thunderstruck: Causes a column of lightning to hit an 
       enemy repeatedly. Pretty small range but great spell otherwise. Air-
    裏桜花炸光 - Uraouka Sakkou: Like Kyoumensatsu, only better. Nel rushes VERY 
       fast at the opponent, then hits them multiple times with a whirlwind of 
       attacks, finishing by causing a hurricance that can hit multiple enemies 
       for numerous hits. Because of the fast dash at the beginning, this move 
       can actually be used pretty effectively as a Far range attack.
    封神醒雷破 - Fuujin Seiraiha: Nel floats into the air surrounded by a globe 
       of electricity, and then causes a huge bolt to fly forwards. Does really  
       good HP and MP damage, but like most of the hidden Battle Skills, it's 
       really, really SLOW. Air-elemental.
    Learning Chart
    Start: Shisentou
    Level 5: HP Damage Up
    Level 6: Aerial
    Level 8: Critical
    Level 10: Kagebarai
              Ice Needle
    Level 13: Stun
    Level 15: Touga
    Level 16: Berserk
    Level 17: First Aid
    Level 18: Critical HP
              Lightning Blast
    Level 19: Charge
    Level 20: Fuka
    Level 22: Retro Heal
    Level 25: Fuujin
    Level 26: Taunt
    Level 28: MP Damage Up
    Level 30: Kokuyousen
    Level 32: Fear
    Level 35: Enemy Search
              Thunder Flare
    Level 40: Raikouha
    Level 52: Kyoumensatsu
    Level 70: Thunderstruck
    Sex: Male
    Age: 12
    Height: 85 cm
    Weight: 30 kg
    Race: Menodix
    How to recruit: In the Douglas Forest, you'll meet him. Choose to have him 
                    help (ロジャーに協力してもらう) and he'll join you until
                    you leave the forest. Afterwards head to Sir Felious and
                    you'll meet him again. Choose to help him (協力する) and
                    he'll join you again until you return to the Diplo. To have
                    him join you permanently, either trigger the Roger event
                    by visiting the house across the shops in Sir Felious 
                    after Arbel joins you, in which case he'll join you 
                    again after the second Cirlsour Ruins event; or visit 
                    him in Sir Felious after returning from Gemity (you 
                    can't have recruited Souffle in the latter case).
    Small and surprisingly strong, both in attack power and HP. His techs
    aren't necessarily the greatest but some of them do have range while others
    have power. His secret battle skills are perhaps the best in the game, but
    you won't see them until the very end.
    ヒートアックス - Heat Axe: Roger charges up his axe, then dives forward and 
       causes an explosion. Really slow, you'll probably get hit out of it first. 
    ヒートウィップ - Heat Whip: Roger causes a line of fire to spin around him, 
       stunning enemies momentarily. Okay range, certainly much better than Heat 
       Axe, has a small chance of causing confusion.
    タレルマイン - Tareru Mine: Roger charges up. Afterwards, when he moves 
       he'll automatically lay mines that can damage the opponent. Okay if 
       someone's chasing you, but otherwise pretty worthless, and again it's 
       really really slow.
    ラストディッチ - Last Ditch: Roger flies forward in a torpedo type attack. 
       Great range, but recovery time is long, so make sure you don't miss.
    エクスアーム - Ex Arm: Roger uses his arm as a drill in a charging type 
       attack. Less recovery than Last Ditch, and also has a very good chance
       of dropping the opponent's Guts.
    ストリームアタック - Stream Attack: Roger shoots some blasts forward, then 
       charges forward in a fiery aura. Good series of attacks but it's very
       easy to miss with the Bazooka, which is the only really damaging part
       of the skill.
    カノンシールド - Cannon Shield: Roger puts up a shield and lobs off a some
       missiles. The missiles increase as proficiency goes up, and some may
       gain homing powers as well. Still, it's easy to miss with this move.
    ジークビーム - Jeek Beam: Roger tosses his helmet into the air, then shoots 
       up into it, causing an arcing pattern of lasers to fall around him. It's 
       a bit on the slow side but has 360-degree coverage.
    トライファンネル - Tri Fauna: Roger lets lose what appears to be three small 
       animals, who each attack enemies independently. Good for keeping Roger 
       out of danger. The higher the proficiency, the longer the animals remain.
    スターフォール - Star Fall: Roger causes meteors to fall onto the field. The 
       meteors cover the entire field, but it takes a LONG time for them to 
       appear. Sort of a bargain version of Meteo Swarm, does ridiculously good
    Learning Chart
    Start: Heat Axe
    Level 10: Heat Whip
    Level 12: Charge
    Level 13: Retro Heal
    Level 15: Tareru Mine
    Level 16: Guardless
    Level 18: Berserk
              Critical HP
    Level 20: Last Ditch
    Level 21: Taunt
    Level 23: MP Damage Up
    Level 25: Ex Arm
    Level 26: First Aid
    Level 29: Critical
    Level 30: Stream Attack
    Level 31: Fear
    Level 32: HP Damage Up
    Level 33: Stun
    Level 36: Enemy Search
    Level 40: Cannon Shield
    Level 50: Jeek Beam
    Sex: Male
    Age: 24
    Height: 185 cm
    Weight: 64 kg
    Race: Elicoor
    How to recruit: He'll join you temporarily after the Airyglyph Castle
                    event and he'll leave before you return to the Diplo. To 
                    have him join you permanently, trigger the "Arbel event" by 
                    going to Peterny while he's in your party and resting at the 
                    inn there. He'll ask you if you hate him. Respond "Not really" 
                    (そうでもない) and he'll join you again after the second 
                    Cirlsour Ruins event. Otherwise, go visit Walter in Cirlsour 
                    after returning from Gemity, then go to Crosel's lair in the 
                    Urza Lava Cave. There you'll fight on him one on one in 
                    battle. Afterwards choose to let him join you (許可する) (you 
                    can't have recruited Souffle in the latter case).
    One of the generals of Airyglyph, he wields a katana and has some good
    battle techniques. He's got fairly high HP but low MP, and some great
    basic attacks which are basically multiple slashes. One of the better
    空破斬 - Kuuhazan: The famous "Air Slash" makes its return. Arbel causes a 
       shock wave to travel forward along the ground to hit the opponent. Decent 
       range but that's about it. Wind-elemental.
    衝裂破 - Shouretsuha: Arbel causes another ground shockwave, but this one 
       travels in a circular pattern around him. Use this when surrounded.
    気功掌 - Kikoushou: Arbel gathers energy in his palm and sends it forward 
       in a short-range blast. Causes a little MP damage as well.
    魔掌壁 - Mashouseki: Arbel creates a wall of aura in front of him. Enemies 
       that walk into it take a lot of MP damage. However the wall itself is 
       small and this is trickier than it seems. Has a small chance of causing
    双破斬 - Souhazan: Arbel does a vertical two-slash combination on the enemy. 
       Fairly good range.
    魔光閃 - Makousen: Arbel creates a field on the ground that sucks up enemy's 
       HP and MP and gives it to him. Continue holding the button to maintain it.
       Good in a pinch, but may not warrant the 6 CP, and it's fairly slow.
    剛魔掌 - Goumashou: Arbel causes his claw to glow with energy, then he 
       charges forward for a number of swipes. Great move; does a lot of damage 
       and has great range, just watch out for the Counter Auras.
    吼竜破 - Kouryuuha: Arbel charges up, then several dragons fly forth from 
       the ground, hitting the opponent for multiple hits, all with good HP and 
       MP damage. Unfortunately the move is quite slow and its easy for it to 
       miss completely, or worse, for the enemy to hit Arbel first.
    無限空破斬 - Mugen Kuuhazan: Like Kuuhazan, only mashing on the attack button 
       will have Arbel continue putting out Kuuhazan waves. A great attack as it 
       does both HP and MP damage, is quite rapid, and Arbel can keep the enemy 
       far far away. Unlike Kuuhazan, this is null-elemental.
    無限双破斬 - Mugen Souhazan: Like Mugen Kuuhazan, this is a charged up 
       version of Souhazan, so keep pressing the attack button to continue. Almost 
       as good as Mugen Kuuhazan, but this puts you at much more risk for Counter 
    Learning Chart
    Start: Critical
           Retro Heal
           Critical MP
    Level 21: Berserk
    Level 25: Stun
    Level 26: Kikoushou
    Level 27: MP Damage Up
    Level 28: HP Damage Up
    Level 29: Aerial
    Level 30: First Aid
    Level 32: Mashouseki
    Level 33: Fear
    Level 35: Souhazan
    Level 36: Enemy Search
    Level 40: Makousen
    Level 45: Goumashou
    Level 50: Kouryuuha
    Sex: Male
    Age: 58
    Height: 188 cm
    Weight: 100 kg
    Race: Elicoor
    How to recruit: Adlai will join automatically, but the timing is up to you.
                    To have him join the fastest possiblie, after Dion and 
                    Amina's reunion at Sealand, but before heading off to Alias, 
                    enter the throne room in Sealand Castle. As you try to leave, 
                    an event will occur in which you meet Adlai, and you'll have a 
                    chance to add him to your party (はい). He'll leave, like the 
                    other Elicoor people, once you leave the planet. Later, after 
                    clearing the Sphere Corporation visit Sealand Castle again 
                    and enter the throne room to talk to the Queen; upon leaving 
                    Adlai will show up again and join. Alternatively, if you 
                    didn't recruit him before the war, go to the west section of 
                    Sir Felious after Sphere Corporation and he'll be there.
    The father of Claire Lasbird, and former Crimson Blade under the Queen. He
    is a mix of fighter and magic user (but more magic user), having several 
    common spells with Sophia but many unique ones as well. His weak point is his 
    slow movement and the inability to wear anything but the lightest armor.
    Adlai has both 'battle skills' and 'magic'; battle skills damage depends
    on ATK, while magic damage is dependent on INT.
    ファイアボルト - Firebolt: Creates a firebolt that homes in on the enemy. 
       Fire-elemental. As the proficiency of this spell increases, more 
       firebolts are created.
    ライトニングブラスト - Lightning Blast: Creates an arc of lightning between 
       Adlai and the target. Air-elemental.
    アイスニードル - Ice Needle: Creates an array of icicles that spray forward 
       in a cone-shaped area. Small chance of freezing the enemy. Water-elemental.
    アースグレイブ - Earth Grave: Creates spikes of earth in front of Sophia, 
       impaling the enemy. Earth-elemental.
    ヒーリング - Healing: Heals a character for a good chunk of their HP. Doesn't 
       heal MP, sadly.
    アンチドート - Antidote: Cures the "Poison" condition from a character. Not
       too useful.
    サイレンス - Silence: Prevents the enemy from casting spells. Unfortunately 
       most of the really dangerous spellcasters are immune to this spell.
    アシッドレイン - Acid Rain: Lowers an enemy's physical defense within a 
       certain area of effect.
    フェイタルヒューリー - Fatal Fury: Adlai charges up, then flies straight
       at the enemy. Okay move, but you may not want to get Adlai too close to
       the opponent. This is a battle skill (not magic).
    イフリートソード - Ifrit Sword: Summons an Ifrit to attack a large area 
       just in front of Adlai. Fire-elemental.
    プロテクション - Protection: Increases a character's physical defense by 50%
       for 1 minute.
    グロース - Growth: Increases an ally's attack power by 50% for 1 minute.
    サンダーフレア - Thunder Flare: Creates a thunderstorm that hits the opponent 
       for numerous hits. Pretty good range and can keep an enemy busy for quite 
       a long time. Air-elemental.
    キュアコンディション - Cure Condition: Cures any status effects from an ally.
    ディープフリーズ - Deep Freeze: Encases the enemy in ice that hits multiple 
       times. Has a chance to freeze opponents. Water-elemental.
    タイタンフィスト - Titan Fist: Summons a large fist to pound on the 
       opponent. Somewhat useful to keep the enemy away. As the level increases,
       it begins to inflict status ailments on the opponent. This is a battle
       skill (not magic). Earth-elemental.
    レイズデッド - Raise Dead: Returns a fallen character to life, restoring
       some HP/MP.
    ダークサークル - Dark Circle: If the enemy is weakened, this spell will kill 
       them instantly. Good range but its use is pretty limited.
    フェアリーライト - Fairy Light: Heals all party members for a good amount of 
    リフレクション - Reflection: Halves the damage an ally receives from spells
       for 1 minute.
    サザンクロス - Southern Cross: Causes a cross of light to appear under 
       Adlai's feet, damaging everybody who steps inside for both HP and MP
    ロックレイン - Rock Rain: Causes rocks to fall on enemies within a wide 
       range. Not as good a range as Explosion but causes more hits in the long 
       run. Earth-elemental.
    エクスプロージョン - Explosion: Causes a ball of fire to drop slowly to the 
       ground, which then explodes in a huge shockwave. Covers a really large area
       and is one of the most damaging spells. Fire-elemental.
    グラヴィテーション - Gravitation: Slows down all enemies within the area of 
       effect. Pretty useless if you ask me.
    ウオーターゲート - Water Gate: Summons a large shark to attack the enemy. 
       Water-elemental. This is a battle skill, not magic.
    レイ - Ray: Causes several beams of light to shoot down, damaging a large 
       area. Good damage, relatively fast to cast; however it's a little slow on 
       the startup. Very useful since it's non-elemental.
    サンダーストラック- Thunderstruck: Causes a column of lightning to hit an 
       enemy repeatedly. Pretty small range but great spell otherwise. Air-
    エンゼルフェザー - Angel Feather: Raises all of an ally's stats by 20% for
       1 minute.
    スピキュール - Spicule: Adlai charges up, then leaps high into the air,
       eventually crashing down onto the ground to cause a large amount of HP
       and MP damage to a huge range of opponents. The recovery time on this
       move is horrid (after all, he dives down head-first), but damage-wise
       it's a prety good skill. This is a battle skill, not magic. Fire-
    エモーショントーレント - Emotion Torrent: Adlai creates a giant globe which
       he then throws towards the enemy; upon landing, the globe explodes, 
       causing a large amount of HP and MP damage. The orb counts as a random
       element so it's kind of hard to use effectively; it's also rather slow.
       This is a battle skill, not magic.
    Learning Chart
    Start: Charge
           Lightning Blast
           Ice Needle
           Earth Grave
           Retro Heal
           First Aid
    Level 5: Healing
    Level 6: Antidote
    Level 10: Silence
    Level 19: Acid Rain
    Level 20: Fatal Fury
    Level 21: Ifrit Sword
    Level 22: Aerial
    Level 23: Protection
              Critical HP
    Level 24: Critical
    Level 25: Growth
    Level 27: Thunder Flare
              HP Damage Up
    Level 29: Cure Condition (Spell)
    Level 30: Deep Freeze
              Titan Fist
    Level 32: Raise Dead
              MP Damage Up
    Level 35: Dark Circle
    Level 36: Fear
    Level 37: Fairy Light
    Level 39: Reflection
    Level 40: Southern Cross
    Level 42: Rock Rain
              Enemy Search
    Level 45: Explosion
    Level 46: Guardless
    Level 48: Gravitation
    Level 50: Water Gate
    Level 54: Ray
    Level 57: Thunderstruck
    Level 60: Angel Feather
    Sex: Female
    Age: 27
    Height: 181 cm
    Weight: 53 kg
    Race: Claustro
    How to recruit: Mirage will automatically join on Disc 2, after talking to
                    her on the Diplo when you return from the Planet Stream.
    Cliff's partner, an NPC in the original SO3, she now joins the party albeit
    late in the game. Storywise, she's a better fighter than Cliff, as well as
    Maria's martial arts teacher; thus, she has several of Cliff's and Maria's
    moves as well as a few of her own.
    マイトディスチャージ - Might Discharge: Mirage creates a ball of energy in 
       front of him that hits the opponent multiple times. Okay range and good
       for keeping enemies away, but it might miss short enemies.
    マイトハンマー - Might Hammer: Mirage jumps into the air and causes a 
       shockwave to hit the ground, spreading outwards and damaging all the 
       enemies in the area of effect.
    カーレントナックル - Current Knuckle: Mirage swings three fast punches at 
       the opponent. Fairly good damage and range.
    エリアルレイド - Aerial Raid: Mirage jumps into the air, then lands heel-
       first, causing a shockwave. Doesn't hit many times but causes a good 
       chunk of MP damage in exchange. If you press the button again in 
       midair, he changes to a fist-first landing which hits a much larger
       range but does less damage.
    クレッセントローカス - Crescent Locus: Mirage kicks up with her foot and 
       causes a shockwave. Good for floating/flying opponents and it has decent 
       range and speed.
    トライデントアーツ - Trident Arts: Mirage does a triple kick combination 
       with energy trails following her feet. Does a decent amount of damage 
       and has great range. Knocks the opponent away from Mirage.
    アクロバットローカス - Acrobat Locus: Mirage hits a martial arts combination 
       on the opponent, flip-kicking them into the air and continuing from 
       there. Good number of hits but a little on the slow side.
    フェスティブアベンジャー - Festive Avenger: Mirage launches into a spin-kick
       combination on the opponent. Doesn't float the opponent, so it's easier
       to land all the hits for this than it is for Acrobat Locus. Fire-elemental.
    インフィニティアーツ - Infinity Arts: Mirage launches into a long series of 
       sweeping kick attacks. Great range and coverage, and unlike most of the 
       secret battle skills, actually pretty fast. A great move when surrounded.
       Does less damage than Acrobat Locus, but causes MP damage.
    キャノンブレイズ - Cannon Blaze: Mirage rushes the opponent and knocks them
       into the air, then hits them with a series of energy blasts while they're
       even at long range.
    Learning Chart
    Start: Might Discharge
           Might Hammer
           Retro Heal
           First Aid
    Level 6: Taunt
    Level 32: HP Damage Up
    Level 33: Current Knuckle
    Level 35: Fear
    Level 36: Stun
    Level 38: MP Damage Up
    Level 39: Critical HP
    Level 40: Enemy Search
    Level 41: Aerial Raid
    Level 42: Guardless
    Level 46: Crescent Locus
    Level 49: Trident Arts
    Level 56: Acrobat Locus
    Level 62: Festive Avenger
    The Star Ocean series' battle system has always been one of the best, and
    SO3 takes it to a new level. While wandering around on the field, you'll
    see enemies wandering around as well. Running into one will cause you to go
    to battle.
    In a battle, you'll be on a 3D field along with your enemies. Battles are
    in full real-time, with the computer controlling the enemies and your allies.
    You're fully responsible for one character, but you can switch between
    characters at any time by pressing L1 or R1. 
    Your characters stats are shown at the bottom of the screen. HP and MP 
    represent physical and mental health, respectively; if EITHER of these
    goes to zero, that character dies. The third rating, Guts, approximates
    your characters' stamina. Running around will cause it to stand still;
    standing in place will cause it to regenerate (after a brief delay);
    using battle skills or getting hit will cause it to drop. 
    Movement is accomplished simply using the directional pad or the left analog
    stick. Sidestepping or strafing can be accomplished by holding L2 and
    moving. You can set it in the options so that directional pad is always
    sidestepping/strafing and left analog stick is always movement.
    If your targeting is set to auto, you will target the nearest opponent.
    A display in the upper left will tell you if you are considered to be
    short or long range from the opponent. This will affect the kind of
    attacks you can do.
    There are three basic actions that can be taken in battle: weak attacks,
    strong attacks, and protect. Weak attacks (default O button) are fast,
    but are defeated by protects. Strong attacks (default X button) are
    slow, but can break through a protect. Both weak and strong attacks may
    change depending on enemy range. Protects (stand still while Guts
    is at 100%) will deflect weak attacks but not strong attacks. You can
    tell a weak attack appart from a strong attack because a purple shadow
    will appear around the character while they are doing a strong attack.
    A side benefit of the Protect is the Counter Aura. If you have a Counter
    Aura learned and a protect succeeds, a counter aura will come out and
    attack the enemy. Depending on what type of Counter Aura you have active,
    this can dizzy the opponent or cause damage in a number of ways.
    To use battle skills, you must first bind them to a button in the Skill
    menu (outside of battle). Then, inside of battle, hold the indicated
    button to perform the battle skill. The battle skill you use depends on
    range as well. Each character can have two short range skills bound (one
    to weak and one to strong) and two long range skills bound (one to weak
    and one to strong). Logically, skills bound to the strong attack button
    are more damaging and effective, but also consume more HP/MP and Guts.
    The theory of cancel combos is simple. Certain basic attacks can have
    their recovery time cancelled by starting a weak battle skill, and certain
    weak battle skills can likewise be cancelled into strong battle skills.
    Strong battle skills can then be cancelled into weak battle skills, and
    so, at least until your HP/Guts runs out, you can do:
    Normal Attack -> Weak BS -> Strong BS -> Weak BS -> Strong BS...
    ***NEW*** In the Director's Cut, using Cancel Combos increases the damage
    of the combo. For instance, doing Nel's dashing weak attack then
    cancelling into Shisentou successfully causes "Cancel Bonus 175%" to appear
    on the field, and the Shisentou does 175% of the damage it normally would.
    Cancel Bonus makes some battles a lot easier, and there are also new Battle
    Collections centered around it now. Further cancelling gives a 200%, 250%,
    and a max of 300% bonus damage.
    Other actions in battle may be performed by first bringing up the battle
    menu (default triangle). From here you can use Items, Heraldry, Tactical
    Skills, change your Equipment, change your Tactics, or Escape. The first
    four options can only be done once every few seconds. Going to items will
    take you to an item menu where you can choose the item and then the target.
    Heraldry will do to same, only with magic. Tactical Skills let you turn on
    or off certain tactical skills (see the skill section for details) using
    the square button; you can also change the counter aura effect here. Changing
    Equipment lets you change your equipment, logically enough. Changing
    Tactics will change the general Tactics of the AI for the computer-controlled
    characters. Finally, escaping will cause you to attempt to run.
    To the right of the screen is a combo indication meter and the "Heat Up"
    gauge, as well as a percentage. The percentage indicates how fast the Heat
    Up gauge fills up, and gradually decreases during a battle. It starts at
    a percentage determined by the strength of the enemy. Thus, if you go up
    against a really weak enemy, it'll start at 0%, and you won't fill up the
    gauge at all. Conversely, some bosses may start you off at 250%.
    Filling up the Heat Up gauge converts the current battle (and all subsequent
    battles) into "Bonus Battles". These Bonus Battles give you special things
    once the battle is over. The initial bonus depends on what kind of attack
    filled up the Heat Up gauge:
    Weak Attack: 3x EXP
    Strong Attack: 2x Fol
    Battle Skill: Recovery Up
    Spell: Get Item Rate Up
    Once the gauge is filled it will remain filled from battle to battle. This
    effect is called "Chain". As your chain grows larger, more and more effects
    get added to the Bonus Battles. Thus, after a while you can get all four of
    the above effects in one battle.
    However your gauge may "break" when full, emptying the gauge to zero and
    breaking the chain. The more you get damaged by the enemy, the more likely
    your gauge will break. Running away will also cause the gauge to break.
    Finally, saving and restarting won't cause the gauge to break per se, but it
    will empty your gauge.
    There are also several status effects that may afflict you or the opponent
    during a battle. "Paralysis" (symbolized by a lightning bolt over your
    character portrait) prevents you from moving, and you're basically a sitting
    duck. However it wears off after awhile. "Petrification" (a little rock)
    makes you unable to act, like Paralysis, but is permanent. If your entire
    party gets petrified, the game is over. "Poison" will cause you to lose
    HP slowly. "Frozen" (a little snowflake) is like Paralysis, but it lasts
    shorter. However, if your character is hit by a physical attack while
    Frozen, they'll instantly drop to 0 HP. "Confusion" causes your character
    to wander around aimlessly and lose HP and MP from time to time. "Silence" 
    prevents your character from casting spells. Perhaps the most common effect 
    is "Dizzy", which is usually caused by an opponent's Counter Aura. Like 
    paralysis, you won't be able to act, but it wears off after you are hit once.
    After defeating all the enemies you will be rewarded a certain number of Fol
    and Experience, and possibly items. Your characters will also recover a little
    HP/MP based on their level and how long the battle took. If your characters 
    levelled up, you'll see that information now. Afterwards you'll return to the 
    field and you'll be free to continue wandering around.
    Item Creation
    Item Creation is the way to create some of the most powerful items in the
    game. Thus, you'll want to dedicate yourself to the process starting early
    and building up over the course of the game.
    You can start Item Creation when you first arrive in Peterny (see the section
    on Peterny in the walkthrough for details). Once you get the Telegraph,
    you'll start receiving updates from Welch and the guild about the progress
    of Item Creation.
    There are eight types of Item Creation. Each different specialty is 
    capable of creating different kinds of items. The eight specialties are:
    料理 - Cooking; create food items
    錬金 - Alchemy; creates jewels and other miscellaneous magic items
    細工 - Craft; creates jewelry and accessories
    調合 - Compounding; creates used items and medicines
    鍛治 - Blacksmith; creates weapons and armor
    執筆 - Writing; creates books
    機械 - Machinery; creates guns and bombs
    合成 - Synthesis; fuses an item to a weapon to transfer attributes
    To do Item Creation, you'll have to use a factory. Most cities have
    factories, but Alias and Sir Felious do not. Cirlsour has two. There are
    two ways to do Item Creation: doing it yourself, or assigning Creators
    to do it.
    Self Item Creation
    To do it yourself, go to any factory and approach a bench. On the Item
    Creation screen, you'll have three choices; Creation Performance
    (クリエイションの実行), Expand Factory Attributes (工房の機能拡張),
    and Transfer of Creators (クリエイターの人事異動). Under Expand Factory
    Attributes, you'll be able to expand that factory's abilities in exchange
    for money. In order to do a specialty at a factory, that factory has to
    be equipped for the specialty in question. Each factory comes preequipped
    to do a few specialties; if that factory isn't equipped for that specialty,
    you'll have to spend some money and "buy" that specialty. You can see
    what specialties your factory is equipped for in the lower left of the
    screen. Highlighted ones are already equipped.
    Here you can also add Lines to your factory. Most factories start with
    either 0 or 1 line. You need at least 1 line to do Item Creation;
    however you can have as many as three. I don't find multiple lines
    terribly useful, as all it does is save time and in many cases it might
    waste money.
    To do Item Creation yourself, pick Creation Performance. This will take
    you to the Creation screen itself. Now choose up to three people to
    put onto a line. You'll want to pick people who have a high talent for
    whatever you want to make. Pressing triangle will bring up a chart of
    each character's abilities - the higher the better. Put them into a 
    line, and in the next blank under "Type" pick the actual specialty you
    want to do. Then under "Plan" you can pick one of two choices. "Original
    Creation" (創作オリジナル) will have your characters attempt to create
    an item from scratch. "Recipe Designate" (レシピ指定) will have you 
    choose an item that you will try to refine (i.e., improve its attributes).
    Once you choose a Type and a Plan, a cost will come up. The cost determines
    the item that you will come up with, so if you get an item that you like
    remember the cost that produced that item. If you want to change the cost,
    simply repick "Original Creation" and the cost will change. Now press the
    square button to start creation. This will bring up two bars, Quality,
    and Time. Quality starts out full and slowly goes down. As time goes by, the 
    Time Bar will fill up. Once the time bar reaches max, your selected characters
    will display an emotion (either happy or frustrated), and the time bar will 
    drop to zero. If your characters' faces were happy, that means you succeeded 
    in creating an item. If your characters look frustrated, they failed to 
    create anything. You can continue to let time go by to have your characters 
    create multiple copies of an item, or you can stop the item creation by 
    pressing X. This will show you what item you ended up creating.
    If you pick Recipe Designate, you will be prompted to choose an item in
    your inventory. This item will be the one that you attempt to improve. The
    Quality and Time bars still apply as above. However, an added requirement
    for Recipe Designate is that you need an associated Materials item for that
    Specialty. Thus, if you want to improve a piece of armor, you'll need
    "Blacksmith Materials", which will be consumed in the process; to improve
    a food item, you'll need "Cooking Materials".
    NPC Item Creation
    You can also have specialized NPCs, known as Creators, create items for you.
    Provided they are in the factory you are currently in (you can move them
    around by choosing "Transfer of Creators"), you can pick them in lieu of
    one of your characters in the method above. Creators, unlike your characters,
    only have talents in one specialty, but in many cases they have values much
    higher than your characters do. Creators usually also have associated Cost
    and Time modifiers (given as + or - a certain percent); this affects the
    Cost and Time it takes to create an item, obviously. 
    They can also be assigned to create items automatically while you go out and 
    explore. To do either, you must first recruit the Creator. This will usually 
    require you giving them either money or some sort of contract item. Once 
    recruited, you must send the Creator to one of the factories. (Remember 
    to send them to a factory that is  equipped for whatever specialty they 
    are!) Once there, they will automatically start creating items for you, and 
    you'll receive an alert by Telegraph whenever they do.
    On the Telegraph menu (via the main menu screen), you can choose from Newest 
    Info (最新情報), Accept Ratings (特許申請), View Information (情報参照), 
    Change Orders (-ス-゚変更), and Alert (アラート). Under Newest Info, you 
    can check on the latest inventions (アイテム), the latest items sold in
    the shops (ショップ), and newly announced Creators (クリエイター).
    Under Accept Ratings, you can patent any item that you've created and/or
    found. Select the item from the list then wait for the rating to come
    up. The higher the rating, the better public approval it has.
    View Information gives you a summary of all the info on Creation so far.
    Creator Information (クリエイター情報) gives you a list of the creators
    and if they're working for you (red) or not (blue). It also shows if
    they're currently working (実行中) or on standby (待機). Invention List
    (発明品リスト) gives a list of all items invented so far and who created
    them. Shop Information (ショップ情報) shows you what stores are selling
    what across the continent. The fourth option gives you a map of the
    continent and the location of the factories, and the last option gives
    a ranking of all the creators.
    Back on the main menu, Order Change (命令変更) lets you change the
    orders for any of your creators. You can tell them to work (the default)
    or to standby... there's really no benefit for standby, so you can
    probably just never touch this option. Finally, Alert (アラート) lets
    you choose when to be notified - if somebody patents an item (License),
    if some item is now on sale (On Sale), if one of your creators invented
    something (Invent), and if a new Creator is announced (Entry).
    Synthesis works a little differently from the other specialites. First,
    no Creator specialized in Synthesis, so only your characters will be able
    to do so. Synthesis also requires a "Synthesis Materials", and there is
    no option to choose Original or Recipe Plan. Once you choose Synthesis,
    you'll be prompted to pick a weapon that you want to improve. Then you'll
    be prompted to pick an item to fuse to that weapon, in general an item
    that possesses the properties that you want that weapon to have. (For
    instance, fusing an item that raises your ATK by 30% has a good chance of
    giving the weapon the "ATK +30%" attribute).
    Recruiting Creators
    To recruit a Creator, they must first be announced by Welch. Thus, even
    though you meet some creators very early, they may not be able to be
    recruited until later in the game. A description of the creators, when
    they are announced, what is required to recruit them, and their specialties
    is listed below.
    (Initial Group)
    ダムダムーダ - Damda Muda (Cooking 6) (Costs +10%) He's in the western block
                   of Sealand. He'll need the 酔迎 liquor dropped by the thief
                   enemies in the Douglas Forest.
    ミレーニア - Milenia (Compounding 19) (Costs -20%) She's in the chapel in
                 Alias. All she needs is 3800 Fol.
    マユ - Mayu (Cooking 20) (Costs -30%) She's in the kitchen on the third floor
           of the Cirlsour Ruins (she's the one who gave you the key). You'll
           need to give her the "Soothing Kitty" (癒しネコ), which can be created
           by Craft (use Fate, Nel, and Star Anise, cost 181-205)
    (Upon entering Sealand)
    エリザ - Eliza (Alchemy 4) (Time -30%) She's wandering around the eastern
             district in Sealand. All she needs is 10000 Fol.
    グラッツ - Gratz (Blacksmith 25) He's in the factory on the outside of the
               Becquerel Mines. He needs 13500 Fol.
    スターアニス - Star Anise (Craft 20) (Time -30%, Costs -20%) She's inside
                   the "Inn" in Sir Felious. She needs the Limited Dolphin
                   (限定ドルフィン), which is in a treasure chest in the
                   Douglas Forest.
    (After returning to Alias after the Becquerel Mines)
    ゴッサム - Gossam (Compounding 9) (Costs +20%) He's in the northern part of
               Peterny. You'll need to give him the Fake Youth Medicine
               (若返りの薬(ニセモノ)), which can be created by Compounding
               (Cost 5).
    マクウェル - Macwell  (Alchemy 31) (Time +40%) He's in the eastern library
                 of Sealand Castle. He needs the Prophecy Book 1 (予言書1) in a 
                 treasure chest in the Shrine of Canan.
    リジェール - Rijeil (Cooking 47) (Time +40%) She's in the food store of
                 Cirlsour. Give her the Golden Curry (ゴールデンカレー) which
                 you can create through Cooking (Fate, Nel, Mayu, cost 41-47).
    (After returning from the Shrine of Canan)
    ミスティリーア - Misty Lia (Alchemy 50) She's wandering around the Bar
                     Mountain factory. You can recruit her by giving her the
                     Soul Gem (魂宝玉) which itself is in the Bar Ruins.
    ライアス - Raias (Blacksmith 36) (Costs +20%) He's in the bar in Airyglyph.
               He needs 28000 Fol.
    発明王デジソン - Invention King Dejison (Machinery 6) (Time -20%, Costs +40%)
                    He's wandering around the streets of Airyglyph. To get him,
                    give him the Ultimate Destruction Unit (超絶破壊ユニット),
                    which can be created by Machinery (Fate, Cliff, Maria, cost
    (After reaching Airyglyph coming from Ancient Ruins of Mosel)
    殺人シェフ - Killer Chef (Cooking 75) (Time -30%) He's wandering around
                 Sir Felious. Give him the All-Purpose Knife (万能包丁), which
                 can be bought in Gemity.
    コーネリアス - Cornelius (Writing 15) (Time -40%) He's in the weapon store
                   in Airyglyph. Give him the Sunrise Dictionary (サンライズ辞書)
                   found in the Moonbase.
    バルバトス - Barbatos (Craft 37) (Time -40%, Costs +50%) He's in the shade
                 of one of the mountains in the Mosel Sandhills. Give him the
                 Orc Jewelry (オークジュエリー) which is in the portion of the
                 Cirlsour Caves with the Torokko (take a left turn then a right
                 turn, then stop; you'll need the Vanish Ring).
    (After defeating Crosel)
    ミシェル - Michel (Writing 35) (Costs +10%) He's wandering around the main
               avenue of Sealand. Give him 85000 Fol.
    ガスト - Gast (Blacksmith 60) (Time -20%) He's in the south section of 
             Peterny. Give him 60000 Fol.
    バニラ - Vanilla (Machinery 32) (Costs +30%) You'll have already met him 
             (her?) in the Urza Lava Cave. Go back there and hand over 30000 Fol. 
    (Entering the Eternal Sphere)
    アンサラー - Anthler (Alchemy 99) (Time -20%) He's in one of the rooms on
                 the first floor of Sealand Castle. He'll need the Philosopher's
                 Stone (賢者の石), created by Alchemy (Misty, Eliza, Sophia, cost
    パフィ - Puffy (Compounding 57) (Time -40%) She's on Floor 5 of the Cave of
             Trials. Give her the Experimental All-Purpose Antidote (万能
             解毒剤試作タイプ) that's found on Floor 2 of the Cave of Trials.
    アクア&エヴィア - Aqua and Evia (Craft 49) (Costs +10%) They're in the
                      Church in Peterny. All they need is 20000 Fol.
    (Returning to Sealand after FD Space)
    メリル - Meryl (Machinery 46) (Time +30%) She's in the east section of
             Peterny. She'll need the Doramera Tool Set (ドラメラ工具セット)
             which is in the Sphere Corporation.
    ノッペリン伯爵 - Count Nopperin (Writing 44) (Costs +40%) He's on the
                     second floor of Airyglyph Castle. Recruit him with 150000
    ボイド - Boyd (Blacksmith 95) (Time +50%) He's in the store in Alias. He'll
             need the Broken Magic Sword (折れた魔剣), which can be bought for
             100 Bunny Race Points in Gemity.
    (Returning from the Shrine of Canan the Second Time)
    チリコ - Chiriko (Craft 60) (Time +60%, Costs -10%) In the item shop at
             Sir Felious. She needs 82000 Fol. 
    賢者オースマン - Sage Oseman (Writing 73) (Time +40%) He's in the church in
                     Airyglyph. Give him the Skeptic in the Paranormal Book 
                     (専門猟奇懐疑書), which is created through Writing (Fate,
                     Michel, Cornelius, cost 5670-6210).
    占い師ルイド - Fortuneteller Ruid (Compounding 98) (Time +30%) He's in one
                   of the homes in Sir Felious. Just give him 90000 Fol.
    イザーク - Isaac (Machinery 65) (Costs -50%) Isaac is never announced.
               Instead you can recruit him at any time after fulfilling certain
               conditions. First, you need Meryl, Vanilla, and Dejison all
               under contract. Then, you need two items, the Blueprints
               (設計図) given to you by Lumina after the Ladel/Lumina sidequest
               (see sidequests section), and the AI Program (AIプログラム)
               given to you by one of Brea's coworkers in the Sphere Corporation.
               After having all this approach the broken down robot in the 
               western part of Sir Felious, and you'll get Isaac.
    This walkthrough is written based on the default "Galaxy" difficulty setting;
    HP and MP totals are also for this setting. On "Earth" setting, enemy stats
    are multiplied by 0.7; on "Universe", stats are multiplied by 1.5, and on "FD"
    difficulty, stats are multiplied by at least 1.8 (though certain bosses get
    boosted up to 3.0).
    DISC ONE - The Beginning
    Items in this section: Rosetti Troupe Ticket, Shake
    The game begins with an event with Sophia. After the event, exit into the
    hallway and then enter the transporter rooms on either end of the hallway.
    It doesn't matter which one. Once into the main part of Grand Tear, head to
    the northeast room. Here you will meet Souffle and the Rosetti Troupe. At one
    point Souffle will ask you whether you believe her when she says she'll
    become a big star. Pick the first option (いや、信じるよ) to make her like
    you more; otherwise pick (ちょっと言い過ぎじゃないかな?) to make her angry.
    Regardless, either way you'll get the Rosetti Troupe Ticket.
    Afterwards, head to the central room. Fate will look at the simulation
    device. Check the machine in the middle of the room (a replicator) to get
    a shake; then check one of the simulation room panels to start the next event.
    You'll be presented with two questions. The first one asks between "Persuade
    Sophia" (ソフィアを説得する) and "Give up" (とりあえず、今は諦めよう).
    Pick the first one. Then another question will pop up, asking between 
    "It's ok, I'll protect you" (大丈夫だよ。僕が守ってあげるからさ)
    and "Oh, you don't like playing with me" (そうか、僕と遊ぶのがイヤなんだね) 
    Again, pick the first one. Now you'll enter the fight simulator. You can 
    read an explanation of the battle system, but most importantly you'll want 
    to create the Battle Collection here. If you don't create the Battle 
    Collection, you won't be able to collect any Battle Collection events 
    throughout the entire game. After a lengthy explanation of the Battle 
    Collection, you'll be given a menu. Pick the first one (バトルコレクション。) 
    Another menu will pop up. Pick the first choice again if you want to read the 
    explanation of the Battle Collection again. The second choice will create the 
    Battle Collection on your memory card (初期化を開始する。). If this is your 
    second time through the game, pick the third choice (バトルコレクションの 
    データをロードする) instead to add to the Battle Collection instead of 
    overwriting it. Note: The Director's Cut version is incompatible with the
    original. You cannot use the same Battle Collection file, so you will have
    to start a new one. The fourth choice cancels. When you're done, go back to 
    the main menu and pick the last choice (実際にゲームを開始する) to begin the 
    This battle is actually comparatively hard compared to most of the beginning
    battles, and Sophia will die fairly easily if you let the enemies get too
    close to her. Nevertheless win or lose the game will continue. Depending
    on if you lost or won the battle another choice may pop up to fight some more;
    you can fight up to three times. After winning three, or after losing, an
    alert will interrupt your playtime. Head back to the transporters and 
    find your first Save Point. Make sure to save here. Then proceed forward 
    for another event and eventually three forced battles. These ones are 
    significantly easier than the ones in the Battle Simulator, and for the 
    second two you'll also have Souffle join you. After the battles, continue on 
    to the Emergency Shelter.
    Items in this section: None
    Look around and talk to people. There's no treasure chests here. After
    collecting information, head to room 509 to meet up with Souffle and company
    again. Then head to room 506 for another event. Afterwards you'll be able
    to walk around but there's still not much to do, so head towards one of the
    beds and choose to rest (いざという時のために眠っておく).
    After resting there will be another event so head back to the transporters
    and this time get on the Helre.
    Items in this section: None
    After transporting onto the ship, head straight forward to the waiting room
    for an event. Talk to people in the waiting room, then head back out into
    the hallway and enter the second door towards the est side. Here you'll run
    into another event featuring a nameless angry man. Talk to everybody in
    the hallway, then head back to the waiting room for yet another event. Enter 
    the door where the angry man was again, and this time climb the stairs to 
    head for the Bridge by going into the door north of where you exit and north
    again through the door. Talk to the captain, then head back downstairs to
    talk to Souffle and company. Go back upstairs into the hallway and south 
    again and make your way to the escape pods. After this there will be a long 
    series of events. In the escape pod you can choose whether to hear information 
    on the "Undeveloped Planet Interference Act" (確認しておこうか。。。) 
    Eventually you'll end up on Vanguard 3.
    Items in this section: Inferior Sword
    Map Completion: 1/144 Bunny
    As soon as you land there will be an event and you will gain the Inferior
    Sword. Save at the save point here, newly added for the DC, and explore the 
    forest - there aren't any treasures - and head towards the north. The enemies 
    here are fairly weak so you can level up if you want, or simply skip them 
    all. Once the area changes, head towards the north again. A group of punks 
    will block your path, so head towards the northeast for now and enter the 
    village of Whipple.
    Items in this section: Blackberry x2, Aquaberry, 600 Fol, Blueberry
    You'll end up in Nokia's House. Search the village for some helpful
    treasures, and buy a Ring Mail (リングメイル) at the village shop. Read the 
    sign in the center of the village and talk to the village elder (in the
    northeast house), then afterwards head back to Nokia's House. He'll give 
    you back your sword. With it, head back to Pesotto Forest and head towards 
    the south, to the crash site, for another event. Afterwards head back to 
    Pesotto again and enter Nokia's house for another event. Leave the village. 
    The path to the north that the punks were blocking should now be clear, and 
    you should be able to enter the Coffer Ruins.
    Items in this section: Blackberry x3, Blueberry x3, Cooking Materials x2, 
    Ripe Berry, 200 Fol, Aquaberry x3, Fresh Sage, Counter Aura Book 1
    (With Vanish Ring) Trapping Card EX 16, 35000 Fol, 65000 Fol, Earth Fairy,
    Very Ripe Berry, Bunny Shoes
    Map Completion: 1/60 Bunny
    This area is big but it's not very confusing. Search around for lots of
    helpful treasures. None of the enemies here are particularly threatening. 
    From time to time you should see giant numbers painted on the walls -
    remember them. Head towards the north. Eventually you'll come across a house.
    You can't bust down the front door, so loop around towards the back. Here
    you'll run into a forced battle against three punks (Chinpira x3). They
    still won't be anything to be concerned about, though they may try to run
    away which will rob you of XP, so don't let it happen (unless you're trying
    to keep Fate's level low for Battle Collection). After the battle they'll drop
    your first Counter Aura Book (Standard). Head into the entryway at the back
    of the house to descend into Norton's lair.
    Items in this section: Safety Jewel, Fresh Sage, Orgel Part, Skill Book
    "Support Spell"
    This area is small and not very confusing. Unforunately you'll run across
    your first really challenging enemies, the skeleton. They're surprisingly
    fast in attack speed and if you run up to attack them, even with a small
    attack, they'll likely hit you out of it. This is where your counter aura
    comes into play. Eliminate the other enemies first, then wait for your Guts
    to reach 100%. Face the skeleton and let it attack you. If it uses a small
    attack, your counter aura will go off and dizzy it; use a strong attack on
    it. If it prepares for a strong attack (you can tell because of the purple
    shadows), either hit it first with a weak attack or move out of the way. 
    Rinse and repeat and you should have no problems defeating them.
    Collect the two treasure boxes in the first wide room, then head to the
    south. Where the hall forks, head west. In the room there will be a mini-
    event and you can save your game. Check the computer terminal, and it will
    ask you if you want an explanation (説明を読む will give you the
    explanation) and then prompt you for the code. If you paid attention to the 
    numbers that were painted on the walls, you should know what the code is -- 
    or you can just read this FAQ and find out the number is 256. You'll hear 
    a door opening somewhere. Head back out into the hallway and this time head 
    east. You'll start another event, and then have your first Boss fight, against 
    Boss: Norton ノートン
    1600 HP, 35800 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Norton in 30 Seconds, Defeat Norton 
    Without Taking Damage
    Norton would be tough, except now you have a new party member, Cliff. Cliff's
    an absolute tank, and you should have an easy time with this battle, as Cliff
    can soak up most of Norton's attacks without any problems. While you're here
    you might as well try to get some of the Battle Collections, such as defeating
    him without taking any damage. The only Battle Collection that might give 
    you problems is defeating him in 30 seconds -- it's not likely you'll be able 
    to do this unless you've levelled up significantly in the Ruins. He'll drop 
    the Skill Book "Support Spell" when you defeat him.
    After defeating Norton there'll be another event. Head back to the room with
    the computer terminal to pick up the Orgel part, and then return to Whipple
    village. After the event, talk to the village elder to receive the "Medestra
    Augite" (a handy accessory that makes your battle skills cost less HP). Leave
    the village for another event. Then, head for Pesotto forest, this time
    slightly south of the crash site.
    Items in this section: None
    There will be a long series of events. Talk to Cliff, and then talk to Mirage
    three times. Leave the ship after the event. Afterwards you'll end up in jail,
    and another series of events will ensure. You'll get another character at 
    this point, Nel Zelpher. Once the events are over, follow the hallway for a 
    forced battle against some knights and the torturer (fairly easy now that 
    you have three characters). After the battle you'll automatically go to the 
    underground waterway.
    Items in this section: Skill Book "Attack Spell", Ring Mail, Blueberry x2,
    Warrior's Bracelet, Fresh Sage
    (With Vanish Ring) Synthesis Materials, Ripe Berry, Magical Berry, Frozen
    Map Completion: 1/60 Bunny
    The first thing you'll see is a save point and also a recovery point, which
    as the name implies will heal you as if you had rested at an inn. Utilize
    both of these, and move on. Head south in the hallway. Be sure to grab the
    treasure chest with the Skill Book "Attack Spell" in it. In the DC Nel 
    comes pre-equipped with Healing, which boosts her usefulness immensely (as
    if she weren't already good). You might want to use the Attack Spell book
    on her as well to boost her repertoire, or you might want to give it to
    Fate - you'll get more books later, so don't worry about it. In the next 
    room, a large glacier will block your path, but there will be a hole in it 
    which you can pass through. To the west is a ladder which you can climb down 
    - it leads to a path with two treasure chests. There is also a treasure chest 
    on the walkway next to the river. Cross the bridge to the east and you'll 
    enter another room with a glacier, this time with two holes in it. Use the 
    south one, head south, and in the next area, head east. Loop back to the 
    north for another treasure chest. Backtrack to the glacier with two holes, 
    and this time take the north path. Continue heading north and then west. 
    In the next area, Fate will say how the ground will look slippery. You'll 
    have to walk (not run) on the ice by holding X, or else you'll slip and 
    will have to start the area over again. After the first patch of ice head 
    north for a small room with a single blob enemy and a treasure chest, 
    then exit the room and head west over another patch of ice. Follow the 
    corridor until you reach a save point. This is your sign that a boss fight 
    awaits, and indeed once you enter the next room you'll face the Larva Crab.
    Boss: Larva Crab ラーヴァクラブ
    3500 HP, 80 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Larva Crab in 1 Minute, Defeat Larva
    Crab Without Taking Damage
    This guy's big but slow. Avoid his claws and loop around behind him. Try to
    sandwich him between your characters and keep the attacks coming so that he
    won't be able to pull off any big attacks. He doesn't have that much HP and
    you should be able to take him out fairly easily; or, he has very low MP,
    so by using Fate's Blaze Sword you can take him out very quickly. 
    After the fight, head to the east of the large room. The ground is again
    covered with ice so continue walking. Exit and you'll be in the city of
    Items in this section: Aquaberry, Ripe Berry, Cooking Materials x3, Blackberry
    x2, Blueberry x2, Very Ripe Berry x2, 2000 Fol, Compounding Materials
    Despite it being an enemy city you can wander around pretty freely, and you
    should, collecting treasure as you go along. The weapon and armor in the 
    stores here are probably way too expensive for you here so ignore them. You 
    can save and rest in the inn (towards the east), and then exit to the east 
    for another event. After the event you'll be in the middle of the Traum
    Items in this section: Alert Jewel, Ripe Berry, Blueberry, Blackberry,
    400 Fol
    Map Completion: 1/144 Bunny
    Your goal is to head to the town of Cirlsour to the east. You actually
    start fairly close to the exit, so you might want to backtrack and pick
    up the five chests that appear in this area. If you do backtrack (to the
    west), the road will fork to the west and to the north. The area to the
    west has two treasure chests. The area to the north heads back to Airyglyph
    and has some fairly strong enemies and no treasure, so avoid this area for
    now, or at least run from the fights. Once you're done collecting and 
    exploring, head to the east. There'll be an event, and then you'll be in the 
    town of Cirlsour.
    Items in this section: 
    Blueberry x2, 520 Fol, Blackberry, 1400 Fol, Ripe Berry, Very Ripe Berry x2, 
    Aquaberry, Compounding Materials
    (Walter's Mansion)
    Ripe Berry, Aquaberry, Cooking Materials, Synthesis Materials, Blackberry x2,
    Fire Fairy
    The items in Walter's Mansion cannot be gotten now so ignore them. Walk
    around town collecting the treasure chests and buy new equipment for your
    party. In one of the houses across from the Inn will be a subordinate of
    Nel's; talk to him. Also talk to the old man in the southwest of the town,
    standing next to the mine shaft. Eventually, just north of the inn Nel and 
    another subordinate of hers will appear. Head towards the area to eavesdrop 
    on them. After that event, you'll end up having to go through Cirlsour Cave, 
    to the north of the town.
    Items in this section: (Front) Blackberry, Scale Armor
    (With Vanish Ring) Compounding Materials, Ripe Berry x2, Very Ripe Berry,
    Magical Berry
    (Torokko Section) Blueberry, Blackberry, Falchion, Ripe Berry, Aquaberry,
    Fresh Sage, 5000 Fol, Earth Fairy
    (Torokko Section with Vanish Ring) Orc Jewelry, Water Fairy, Synthesis
    Materials, 3000 Fol
    Map Completion: 1/60 Bunny
    After entering head to the east. Follow the path until the road splits. Head
    south for a Scale Armor, which you should equip (unless you bought too many
    already). Then head back to the north and follow the path as it winds around
    to the west. You'll run into a save point and recovery point fairly
    quickly, which as you should suspect indicates another boss coming up. As
    soon as you enter the next room, Earth Pluto will attack.
    Boss: Earth Pluto アースプルート
    3600 HP, 163 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    He's big and fairly strong. Watch out for his wide reach. I suggest letting
    Cliff and Fate go automatic and controlling Nel. With Nel, use her far range
    strong attack (where she jumps and cannonballs in) while avoiding his attacks.
    He'll probably take awhile to go down, but as long as you have enough
    Blueberries handy you should win. He'll drop another Skill Book "Support
    Spell". Again, he also has low MP, so try using Fate's Blaze Sword or 
    Nel's Kagebarai if she has it yet.
    After the boss battle, examine the small machine on the platform to the
    north. Pull the lever (レバーを倒す) to open the gate into the mineshafts. 
    Both doors to this room are one way only, so you'll have to head to the west
    and loop back around. This time, when you come across the area with the 
    five buttons and the torch, you'll be able to read the manual about using 
    the Torokko monsters. When the choice comes up, pick Kenjitsu (けんじつ). 
    Then enter the mineshaft.
    In the mineshaft at various points you'll be prompted to steer your Torokko,
    speed up, slow down, or stop. You can stop at various points to pick up
    treasure, though there's nothing of extreme value in here that you can get
    yet (most of the treasures require the Vanish Ring to get). With Kenjitsu, 
    turn in the following order - Left, Right, Left, Left, Left. You'll want to 
    keep your speed under 25 kmph so that you can make the turns and also so 
    that you can avoid the dangers. When the falling rocks warning appears (this 
    will happen twice) immediately drop to minimum speed. After the second rock 
    fall, speed up to bust through three gates, and then drop your speed back 
    under 25 so that you can make the final left turn. After a while you'll 
    reach the exit and you'll be on the Becquerel Mountain Path.
    Items in this section: Blackberry, Craft Materials, Ripe Berry, Compounding
    Materials, Aquaberry, Writing Materials
    Map Completion: 1/144 Bunny
    You'll start out in the southwest of the area. Alias, your destination, is
    in the southeast, but you can explore the entire map for some treasures.
    The two paths to the north lead to places that aren't important for now - 
    you can venture inside the Bar Mountains and try for a premature treasure
    raid (which will give you some good items) but the enemies there are
    extremely strong for your current level so be warned. After you're done, 
    head down to the southeast and enter the village of Alias.
    Items in this section: Cooking Materials, Multi Flask, Very Ripe Berry,
    Aquaberry, Blackberry
    Explore the village for some treasure, then head to the central building
    with its entrance to the northeast. This is headquarters. Enter the back
    room and meet with Claire. After the event, head to the second floor and
    talk with Cliff and check the bed to rest (眠くて仕方が無いよ。). This will 
    prompt another event and Nel will depart your party temporarily. After 
    waking up, head to the conference room again to talk to Claire. Eventually 
    Claire will tell you where Nel went, and you decide to chase after her. Nel 
    went to the Cirlsour Ruins, so you will have to backtrack to Cirlsour. Instead 
    of going through the Becquerel Mountain Path/Cirlsour Mine, though, you'll 
    want to take the shorter road by heading out through the southwest exit of 
    the village, into the Aire Hills.
    Items in this section: Blueberry x3, Safety Jewel, Blackberry, Compounding
    Map Completion: 1/144 Bunny
    The Aire Hills and the Cirlsour Hills are the same area - the name changes
    halfway through the area. Search around for some treasure chests while
    heading West. Eventually you should reach Cirlsour, no problem. Restock
    in Cirlsour if you want, and then head out of town, this time to the
    Items in this section: Blueberry, Blackberry, Steel Dagger
    Map Completion: 1/144 Bunny
    This is a winding area. Your ultimate goal is to the southeast. There are
    a few treasure chests scattered in the area. There's not much more to say
    about this area.
    Items in this section: Aquaberry x2, Middle Dagger, Poison Check, Blackberry
    x2, Blueberry x3, Cooking Materials x4, Counter Aura Book 4, Compounding
    Materials x2, 8000 Fol, Skill Book "Attack Spell", Courage Crest, Copper
    (With Vanish Ring) Cooking Materials, Ripe Berry, Very Ripe Berry, Magical
    Berry, Skill Book "Support Spell", Compounding Materials, Synthesis Materials
    Map Completion: 1/60 Bunny
    Once you enter the ruins you'll be forced into a battle with some knights,
    so be prepared. Afterwards use the save and recovery points. Then head to
    the west. (The east corridor has a one way door that you can use to leave
    but not enter).  Circle around, collecting treasure chests as you go. In
    the north-south corridor on the east side of the building, head west into
    the hallway. In the north of this hallway you should find a door that will
    eventually lead you to the stairs for the second floor.
    On the second floor, you'll start in the middle of the building. The stairs
    to the third floor are in the northeast, so make your way there - there's
    multiple ways and there's treasure chests to gather while you're at it.
    Climb up to the third floor. Here, there will be a door in the north-south
    corridor on the west side. Going through this door, the first door to the
    north will lead you to a kitchen with two women inside, a save point, and
    a recovery point. Talk to the younger of the two, and she'll give you a key.
    Now backtrack to the first floor and head to the northeast. Here you'll
    reunite with Nel shortly before another forced battle with some knights.
    Dispose of them and use the key the girl gave you, which will open up the
    door to the elevator. Take the elevator up to the floor and get off,
    searching the room next door for two treasure chests. Do NOT go through the
    door to the south in this room as it is a one-way door. Instead head back
    to the elevator and make your way to the fourth floor. The fourth floor is
    quite simple. Just follow the path and save at the save point. Head to the
    south and get ready for - you guessed it - another boss.
    Boss: Shelby シェルビー
    5100 HP, 13816 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Shelby in 1 Minute, Defeat Shelby
    Without Taking Damage
    Shelby comes along with four knights. You'll want to focus on taking out
    the nameless knights first, as they can be an annoyance if you try to pound
    away on Shelby. After taking them out one by one, go for Shelby. He's got
    some powerful attacks but he shouldn't be too hard, especially with your
    three members all fighting him. Defeating him in 1 Minute might be a little
    hard, but if you're sufficiently levelled and focus your attacks on him
    you'll do fine.
    After the battle there will be another event, and you'll meet Shelby's
    superior, Arbel Nox. After the event, head back to Alias via Grana Hill,
    Cirlsour, and the Cirlsour Hills. Head to headquarters for an event, and
    afterwards you'll decide to head to Peterny. Exit the village to the east
    and you'll be on the Palmira Plains.
    Items in this section: Safety Jewel, Blueberry, Ripe Berry, Aquaberry,
    Angel Statue
    Map Completion: 1/144 Bunny
    Palmira Plains is relatively straightforward. Peterny is to the north.
    However you'll want to pick up the Angel Statue in this section, as it
    increases the success rate of Craft.
    Items in this section: Iris Maiden Flower, Blackberry x3, Blueberry, Ripe
    Berry, Aquaberry, 3400 Fol, Telegraph
    There will be an event as you enter the town and you'll split up. Search
    through the town. The major shops are to the west. In the west district,
    the first green triangle on your map to the south will be the creation
    guild. Enter here, and talk to Welch Vineyard. She'll ask you if you're
    interested in creation. Pick the second option (はい、そうです) and you'll
    get launched into a lengthy explanation of the item creation process.
    You'll also get 1000 Fol in startup funds. Welch will take you to the factory
    itself, and you should use the 1000 Fol to add a line to the factory. You'll
    also get the Telegraph. From this point on you can do Item Creation; for
    more details see the Item Creation section.
    After you're done exploring town, head to the front of the church (in the
    middle of the town) and choose to wait (ノンビリと待つか). This will launch 
    another series of events in which you'll meet Amina. Afterwards you'll 
    receive the Iris Maiden Flower. Head to the inn on the west side of town, and 
    talk to the desk clerk behind the counter to the left as you enter. She'll
    tell you that your rooms will take just a moment to be prepared, so leave and 
    explore town again.
    This time head to the east district, and head to the south as soon as you
    enter. You'll hear familiar voices, and this time you'll meet with Amina
    again as well as her next-door neighbor. After these events, head back to the
    inn and talk to Nel to rest (ああ。もう終わったよ)。
    As soon as you exit the inn, Amina's next-door neighbor will come up to
    you begging for help; Amina's collapsed in the Douglas Forest. You'll have
    to go there to save her. Exit Peterny out of the West exit to end up in
    the Sunmight Plains.
    Items in this section: Blacksmith Materials, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cooking
    Materials, Very Ripe Berry
    Map Completion: 1/144 Bunny
    This area can be divided up roughly into two parts. The enemies in the 
    northern part are very strong and will likely wipe out your party if you do
    not run away. There is no need to go towards the north anyway, cross the
    stone bridge, get the treasure chest right next to it, and then stick towards
    the south and head west. Eventually you'll find the entrance to the Douglas
    Items in this section: Compounding Materials x3, Aquaberry x2, Blackberry
    x2, Blueberry x2, Ripe Berry, Wind Fairy, Alert Orb, Limited Dolphin, Craft
    Materials, Alchemy Materials, 1200 Fol, Heavy Armor, Enchant Book (Water: 
    (With Vanish Ring) Craft Materials x2, Alchemy Materials, Compounding
    Materials, Blacksmith Materials x3, Ripe Berry, Magical Berry
    Map Completion: 1/60 Bunny
    This is quite a large area. In the first section, there will be many trees
    blocking your way. Head to the approximate center of the area and you'll
    run across a tired fairy. After talking to her, you'll need to get water
    from a spring, but not just any spring. You'll have to search the area for
    a spring which is glowing. Take the water from this spring and return to the 
    The fairy will explain that some of the trees in the forest are actually
    monsters. With her tagging along, you'll be able to tell which are which
    and you can clear the path by defeating the tree monsters. Continue
    heading along the general direction towards the west.
    The next area will contain many traps in the form of tumbling rocks. They
    won't hurt you, but you'll have to start the section over again if you get
    hit. Proceed to the southwest of the forest, and you'll find a shack. There
    will be an event here, and inside you'll meet Roger S. Huxley, a potential
    party member. Before you can free him, two thieves will attack you (they're
    weak and nothing to worry about). After the battle, you'll have an option
    to have Roger join you temporarily. (ロジャーに協力してもらう). There's no 
    disadvantage to having him join you now - he'll leave you soon anyway - so 
    choose to have him come along. Upon exiting the shack, if you chose to have 
    Roger come along, you'll run into a boss, the leader of the "Tsukikage" 
    Boss: Tsukikage Leader 月影団長
    5500 HP, 250 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Tsukikage Leader In 1 Minute, Defeat
    Tsukikage Leader Without Taking Damage
    He's actually pretty easy. Getting both of the Battle Collections might be
    a little rough but it's still not impossible; focusing on MP damage makes
    this even easier.
    After defeating the boss, head to the north and loop around to the west
    again. Eventually you'll find a save point. Save, and then head to the next
    area, which is covered in dense fog. To the north there are two paths; take
    the one more towards the west. You'll find a spring, an event will happen,
    and then you'll face the real boss of the area, Mudman.
    Boss: Mudman マッドマン
    8000 HP, 500 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Mudman In 1 Minute, Defeat Mudman 
    Taking No Damage
    He's strong but he doesn't have much HP at all. You should be able to get
    the "less than 1 minute" Battle Collection fairly easily, and if you're
    careful you should get the "No Damage" one too. Just like with Tsukikage
    Leader, his low MP is a weak point. A Cancel Bonused Kagebarai will take
    him out in no time.
    After beating Mudman the mist in the area will clear up. Head towards the
    south for some treasure chests and finally take the path to the northwest.
    Here you'll find Amina, and Roger will leave your party. After an event, 
    you'll automatically be taken back to Peterny. After some more events, you'll 
    finally be able to head towards Sealand. But first, you can optionally head
    back to the Sunmight Planes and go north this time to get to Sir Felious.
    You might want to do this for 3 reasons: one, you can get Roger back
    again (once again it won't be permanent, so there's no advantage to); two,
    you can start to trigger his Ancient Scrolls subquest (see the sidequests
    section); and three, if you head even further into the Mosel Sand Hills
    you can pick up some nice treasure. When you're ready to move on with
    the story, head out of Peterny taking the north exit this time.
    Items in this section: Alert Jewel, Magical Berry, Blackberry, Ripe Berry, 
    Synthesis Materials
    Map Completion: 1/144 Bunny x2
    The plains actually has two sections; a large vast one (the first one you
    enter) and a very small, thin area to the northwest of the large one.
    Explore them both for some treasure; the northwest section in the DC now
    contains the entrance to the Sir Felious Underwater Garden, which you can
    explore, although it will probably be a little tough for your current
    level. Head north to Sealand. The enemies here are significantly stronger 
    than the ones on Palmira Plains, so be careful.
    Items in this section: 
    1800 Fol, Synthesis Materials x2, Blackberry, Compounding Materials x2,
    Aquaberry x2, Blacksmith Materials, Cooking Materials, Ripe Berry
    Aquaberry, Alert Jewel, Compounding Materials, Ripe Berry, Magical Berry,
    4700 Fol, Blackberry, Blueberry, Enchant Book (Fire: Null)
    You'll finally have reached Sealand. Search around town for treasures,
    and then enter the castle. Nel will guide you; follow her or she'll get
    angry at you, and you'll lose emotion points from the people in your
    party. Here you'll meet the Queen of Sealand. After the event, head back to 
    the first floor and enter the main chapel (the large room in the middle) and
    talk to Cliff for some info. Talk to Nel near the entrance of the castle.
    Then head to your own room (towards the south east on the first floor) and 
    Head to the second floor again and go towards the southwest, where you'll
    meet with Elena and Dion. After another lengthy event, it will be decided
    that you will need some copper. Unfortunately there's only one place to
    get it - Becquerel Mine, in enemy territory. Exit the castle and head south.
    You'll be asked if you are ready or not, but it doesn't really matter as
    you can always come back. Head back through the Iris Plains, Peterny, and 
    Palmira Plains and make your way back to Alias. Save here and stock up, 
    because it will be a long road ahead. When you're ready, head towards the 
    northwest exit for some events. You'll end up facing some dragon knights. 
    These guys are fairly strong. If you have trouble beating them, you might 
    want to just reset and level up on Palmira/Iris Plains. Once beating them, 
    you'll automatically end up inside Becquerel Mine.
    Items in this section: 15000 Fol, Cooking Materials, Blackberry x2, Paralyze
    Check, Aquaberry, Compounding Materials, 23600 Fol, Ripe Berry, Skill Book
    "Attack Spell", Synthesis Materials, Magical Berry
    (With Vanish Ring) Synthesis Materials, Alchemy Materials, Craft Materials x2,
    Silver Dagger, Ripe Berry x2, Very Ripe Berry x2, Water Fairy, Battle Sphere
    Map Completion: 1/60 Bunny
    This is quite a long dungeon with quite a few riddles. Head to the north
    with an event of Cliff lighting a torch. You can light most of the torches
    in the this dungeon. Continue north, and you'll find an barred door. Light
    the torch next to it and then approach. It will automatically open and you'll
    be forced into a fight with a dragon. After defeating it, you'll get the
    Light Stone, which Fate can equip to brighten the area around him. Do so 
    and continue on. At the fork, you'll be attacked in quick succession by
    three dragons; none of them are particularly hard. After defeating all
    three, follow the corridor as it heads south. There will be a door to the
    west. Read the stone tablet next to it, which says "Two other selves; make
    a single line". This is a hint for the next room. Enter the room. There 
    will be two torches standing in the middle. Light both of them, and then
    stand between them in a way such that both of your shadows line up to
    make a straight line. After doing so the door to the west will unlock. Enter
    this door and follow the path up north. Here, you'll find a dragon that
    instead of chasing you, runs away from you. You'll want to chase the dragon
    down and defeat it, as afterwards you'll get a key. Follow the paths to
    the east until you find the door that the key unlocks. In this next room,
    the door to the north is afraid of light, so extinguish all the torches
    in the room and unequip the Light Stone from Fate. Then you should be able
    to pass through the door. If you accidentally close the door, simply leave
    to the south and reenter, and it should be back open.
    Through the door, head west and then north again. There will be another
    door with a stone tablet. This one tells you that the doors in the next
    room are afraid of the dark. Head inside and the door will close behind
    you automatically. Head to the center of the room and stand on the plate.
    This will open all three doors (north, west, and south) and turn on all
    three lights. You'll want to head through either the north or west door -
    they both end up in the same place, but the path to the north has a few
    treasures. Whichever the case, turn off two of the lights (whichever lights
    are not next to the door you want to go through), and then approach the door
    in such a way that your remaining shadow does not touch the door.
    If you entered the north door, head to the west and loop around for some
    treasure, then backtrack and head to the north this time. Continue north
    until you find a save point, and of course immediately afterwards, a boss.
    Boss: Cockatrice コッカトライス
    15500 HP, 431 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Cockatrice In 1 Minute, Defeat
    Cockatrice Taking No Damage
    The only thing you have to worry about this boss is that it can petrify
    you. Be sure to bring along some Sage to counteract this. Otherwise it's not
    much to worry about; his excessively low MP makes him vulnerable to the
    same old tactics (Kagebarai, Blaze Sword/Icicle Edge)
    After defeating the boss check the northeast corner of the room to find the
    copper. Now, exit the room out of the west. You'll find another save point.
    Follow the path far far south, and then as it curves to the west. Eventually
    you'll reach an outside area. This area has some treasure chests, but it
    also has a building, in which are your allies. Talk to the man standing more
    towards the west near the carts for a free rest. When you're ready, talk to
    the soldier near the carts to leave the mountain. This will force you into
    several fights, so be prepared. The first fight will be against some knights
    - fairly easy - but the second one will be against a boss, Demetrio.
    Boss: Demetrio デメトリオ\
    14800 HP, 17776 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Demetrio in 1 Minute, Defeat Demetrio
    Taking No Damage
    Demetrio's got some strong attacks - watch out for the dragon breath. Again,
    use Nel's strong attack cannonball to hit-and-run from afar, or when he uses
    his fire breath, run behind him and use Nel's Aerial. Try to keep your
    characters spread out so that in the case that one of them gets caught in
    the full brunt of the fire breath (which will likely kill him/her) another
    character can revive.
    After the battle you'll be right outside Becequerel Mine. Fate will say how
    you should probably rest before heading back to Alias. This is the game's
    not-so-subtle hint that another boss awaits. Head back inside and talk to
    the soldier near the carts to get transported back to the building if you
    want to save and recover. Regardless, afterwards head towards Alias. Slightly
    before you reach Alias, though, you'll be interrupted and there will be
    another boss battle.
    Boss: Arbel アルベル
    26000 HP, 2600 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Arbel 1 With Items Only 
    Arbel comes along with a few soldiers. He doesn't seem as strong as Demetrio
    to me, but maybe that's because he's easier to hit since he's not flying
    all over the place. Take out his companions first and then focus on him.
    Note that for the Battle Collection, your other two characters cannot do
    anything. For the BC, set all your characters to manual, then use Items
    to kill off the enemies; I hope you created a lot of MP-damaging Bombs back
    in Peterny.
    After defeating Arbel there will be another event. Start in Alias and then go
    all the way back to Sealand via Peterny. In Sealand you'll have another
    event as you meet up again with both Mirage and Amina. After the event with
    Amina in the inn, head to the castle's second floor and find Dion. Take
    Dion to the Inn for another event.
    Afterwards, the war is fast approaching. Here is now your chance to recruit
    Claire's father, Adlai. Before heading back to Alias, enter the throne room
    again, and then try to leave. When you do, you'll run into Adlai, and you'll
    see an event in which he 'asks' to join up with you. By agreeing (はい) he'll
    join you until you leave the planet. He's fairly interesting and considering
    you don't have Sophia anyway, a dedicated magic user would be pretty handy.
    Now, head back to Alias and make sure you're prepared. Talk to Claire, then 
    rest on the second floor of headquarters. You can either talk to Claire
    again, which will give you a Private Action (some characters will like you
    more, others will like you less), or you can just avoid it by leaving Alias
    through the southwest exit.
    Items in this section: None
    This section is pretty straightforward. Head towards the west, avoiding
    as many enemies as you can, and eventually you'll run across the opposing
    general, Vox.
    Boss: Vox ヴォックス
    30000 HP, 20000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    Vox is like a vamped up version of Demetrio. Use the same sorts of
    strategies and make sure you have plenty of curing items on stock, and you
    should be just fine. Again, Nel's Aerial is an excellent tactic.
    After defeating Vox there will be another long event. Head back east
    across the battlefield, for yet ANOTHER long event. When it's all over you'll
    be back in Sealand. Head to Dion's room in the castle for ANOTHER event,
    then to the inn to pick up Amina. Take her back to Dion's room to trigger
    yet ANOTHER series of events, probably the longest in the game. Meet the
    Queen and eventually you'll also gain another party member, Maria Traitor.
    Then head to the chapel on the first floor of the castle for ANOTHER event.
    Talk to the priest standing by the stairs to get some Vanish Hammers,
    then finally head down the stairs towards the next dungeon. (This whole
    series of events will likely take you 30 minutes to an hour, so be prepared.)
    Items in this section: Blueberry, Cooking Materials, Luna Talisman, Gold
    Chain, Blackberry, Enchant Book (Earth: Null)
    Map Completion: 1/60 Bunny
    After descending down the stairs, head straight forward for a loooooong walk,
    and then finally you'll be in Immorality Way. Head straight forward into the
    first room. There is a large blob monster here; he's pretty strong so try and
    avoid him if at all possible. Grab the two treasure chests in the back, and
    then examine the statue in the northwest corner of the room. There will be
    a switch here. Press it. Exit back to the first room and now enter the door to
    the east. Follow the path around and you'll see some blocks moving up and
    down. Head across the blocks and then enter the north door. In the next room,
    you can head west (avoiding the two blocks) to get another treasure chest.
    Then head north under the three moving blocks and enter the east door.
    In this next room, head across further east. You'll find that there's cracks
    in the east wall. Use the Vanish Hammer here (by pressing square and then
    pressing circle when the cracks highlight) and a path will open up to
    two treasure chests, including the Gold Chain, which you should equip on
    Nel or Maria. Go back to the previous room and now enter the northwest door.
    There'll be a save point here, so make sure you save, before navigating
    under the group of six blocks. Head north. You'll find another blob monster
    here and a group of two, unmoving blocks to the west. Avoid the monster and
    head north, then east. In this next corridor, look along the south wall for
    another cracked wall. Use the vanish hammer again and enter. Examine the
    statue for another switch. Leave by the same way you came in and head east.
    There will be a treasure chest in this room containing a Luna Talisman. At
    this point you can continue on south through a one way door, or backtrack.
    Either way make your way back to the save point, save, and now continue west
    through the two blocks that previously were not moving. Now you'll face a
    Boss: Floating Knight フローティングナイト
    17000 HP, 240 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    He's strong but not terribly fast. His move "Sword Quake" can really take
    out your guys in a matter of seconds, so be prepared to heal. I suggest
    hanging back with either Nel or Maria and letting Fate and Cliff keep him
    busy. Long range attacks are the way to go. If your Nel is high enough
    to have Kokuyousen by this point, this will last very very short; otherwise
    killing him with MP damage via Maria's Aiming Device also makes it easy.
    After defeating the Floating Night, enter the north entrance and you'll be
    in the Shrine of Canan.
    Items in this section: Counter Aura Book 2, Blackberry x4, Cooking Materials
    x3, Heavy Armor, Prophecy Book 1, Synthesis Materials x2, Compounding
    Materials x4, Saint Stone x3, Blueberry x2, Aquaberry, Enemy Orb, Alchemy
    Materials x2, 54000 Fol, Star Fairy, Blacksmith Materials, Stone Check,
    (With Vanish Ring) Compounding Materials, 22000 Fol, Magical Berry, Magical
    Pen, Ripe Berry, Blueberry, Synthesis Materials, Treasure Jewel x2, 
    Blackberry, Alchemy Materials, Safety Jewel, Aquaberry
    Map Completion: 1/1 Bunny
    The shrine is fairly big so be prepared. Don't be afraid to backtrack all
    the way to Sealand to restock and rest if you need to. From the entrance,
    head north. In the next room, there will be a crystal statue in the middle.
    You can avoid fighting it, but you need something it has, so go up to it
    and examine it. This will prompt a battle with the Crystal Statue. It's
    only got physical attacks so it's susceptible to Counter Auras, but keep 
    your weaker characters out of its way. After defeating it, you'll get
    a Saint Stone. Continue north for an event. Now head east into another
    room with a Crystal Statue. Defeat this one as well to get another Saint
    Stone, then head south. Loop around to the east and you'll enter a room
    with a seeming dead end. Simply wait here for awhile until an earthquake
    starts. Debris will come falling from the ceiling so try to stay close to
    the walls. After the earthquake subsides, one of the walls to the west will
    have become cracked. Use the Vanish Hammer here and enter. You'll find two
    treasure chests here, one with a Saint Stone. Once you have all three Saint
    Stones, approach the benches here, which are actually a factory. You'll
    automatically forge the Saint Amulet, which you'll need.
    Because of the earthquake, some of the other walls have also become cracked.
    Both rooms in which you fought Crystal Statues now have cracked walls, so
    you might want to backtrack and collect those treasures. Once you're
    finished, head back to the room where the second Crystal Statue was, and
    this time head east. Immediately inside the next corridor to the south is
    another cracked wall. Collect the treasures inside, then loop around to the
    north. Here's a save point and of course in the next room lies a boss.
    Boss: Crystal Cerberus クリスタルケルベロス
    45000 HP, 4500 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Crystal Cerberus In 1 Minute,
    Defeat Crystal Cerberus Without Taking Damage
    The Crystal Cerberus is basically like a stronger version of the Crystal
    Statues, so the same strategies will apply. It's faster than the Statues
    so beware. However, there's a catch: If you don't have the Saint Amulet,
    you won't be able to damage it at all. If this is the case, run away and
    collect the Saint Amulet as described above.
    Once you defeat Crystal Cerberus, head north. You'll eventually enter
    a room with four pillars; head north again. To the north of this room
    is a locked door. To the west is a corridor which you should follow to
    get some treasures. In the room with the four treasure chests, there is
    also an empty treasure chest. Examine this one to start another earthquake.
    After the earthquake the wall to the east will become cracked, so use
    the Vanish Hammer and get the treasures inside, then backtrack to the
    room with the locked door to the north. The east wall in this room is
    also cracked, so use the Vanish Hammer again and go in. In this room,
    there is a closed treasure chest. Do not open it, however, because it will
    explode. Enter the next room and head north. (There is a passage to the
    east but it contains nothing of interest for now). Once you climb up the
    set of stairs going west, enter the door to the north to enter the next
    In this area continue heading north for a few rooms. In the room with
    doors to the east and west, just ignore both doors; there's nothing in them
    that you can do anything about now. Further north there will be a room with
    four doors. By examining the statue in the middle, you can send each of your
    four characters through one of the doors for one-on-one battles. However you 
    can just enter the crack in the wall to the east to bypass the doors 
    completely. If you really want to fight, they get progressively harder,
    so pick your strongest characters last. You'll be rewarded with a Stone
    Check for your efforts if you didn't bypass the doors. Afterwards, head 
    north again.
    In this next section loop down to the south. There will be a door with two
    inscribed plates flanking it; read them both. Then continue north along the
    east side of this room, collecting treasures as you go. In one of the rooms
    you'll find a red gem. Touch the gem (the first choice), then loop back to 
    the door with the inscribed plates, and enter it. In this next maze-like 
    section, there will be large blocks moving about. Touching a block will 
    make you start over, so avoid them. Once you enter the door to the north, 
    there will be another section like this. There are two treasure chests in 
    this area to the east that you might want to collect. Head north again 
    into a room with four treasure chests, and then north again. Save at the 
    save point, examine the door for an event, and then enter to finally 
    confront the Bandein Soldiers.
    Boss: Bandein Soldier x4 バンデーン兵
    7400 HP, 336 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    All of the soldiers are armed with guns, making this a little rough. If your
    Maria is a high enough level, use her, since she has the best range out of
    your characters. Otherwise gang up on one soldier at a time to minimize your
    damage. Remember to heal and you should be all right. MP damage makes this
    battle short; if Nel has Kokuyousen, you'll have absolutely no problem.
    After the battle, examine the pedestal, then backtrack all the way out. There
    won't be any enemies in here anymore, making your task easier. Near the
    entrance, there will be another event with Nel. Now head back through
    Immorality Way and enter the castle, and visit the Queen in the throne room.
    This will kick off another series of events. Nel and Cliff go to visit
    Airyglyph, leaving Fate and Maria at the castle. While talking to Maria,
    you'll start up a long flashback sequence revealing Maria's past. For the
    most part these events are automatic, but at a few points you'll control
    the child Maria. During these point talk to everybody in the area, then talk
    to Maria's mother continuously until the event proceeds.
    After the long flashback return to the throne room. It will be decided to go
    to the Mosel Ruins, west of Sir Felious, which itself is west of Peterny.
    Head back to Peterny and go out the west exit (like when you were headed
    to the Douglas Forest). However this time cross the stone bridge in the
    Sunmight Plains. This will kick off a small event, and you'll be attacked
    by Schweimer.
    Boss: Schweimer シュワイマー
    16800 HP, 1400 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    This guy is weak, weak, weak. You should have no trouble taking him out.
    He has virtually the same sort of attack patterns as Demetrio and Vox,
    but at your level he shouldn't be any problems.
    After disposing of Schweimer head north, and you'll enter the watery town
    of Sir Felious.
    Items in this section: Machinery Materials, Aquaberry, Blueberry, Blacksmith
    This is a good place to rest and stock up. There's no weapons or armor here,
    just items. If you head southwest along the first branch, you'll meet up
    with Roger and his pals again. Here you can choose to have Roger join up with
    you again. Again, at this point it won't affect your final party whether
    he joins you or not, so have him join (協力する). He'll also give you seven 
    Ancient Scrolls. (For more on the Scrolls see the section on them in the 
    sidequests section).
    When you're done in Sir Felious head out the west exit to enter The Grace
    and Thirst Corridor.
    Items in this section: None
    Map Completion: 1/144 Bunny
    There's absolutely no treasure in this section so just head straight west,
    ignoring the branches to the north and south. Near the exit, an old man
    will tell you about the desert dunes ahead. He'll warn you to make sure you
    have enough water. He'll also sell you a map to the dunes for 10000 Fol, 
    which you may or may not want to buy. Regardless exit the cave. Head north
    after the first screen of desert and you'll be on Mosel Sandhill.
    Items in this section: Very Ripe Berry, Aquaberry x2, Machine Materials, 
    Cooking Materials, Synthesis Materials, Blacksmith Materials, Alchemy Stone, 
    Fire Fairy, 22400 Fol, Blackberry
    In Mosel Sandhill you'll have to make sure you don't run out of water. Your
    water meter (to the right of the screen) will continuously empty, emptying
    much faster if you run then if you stand still. Luckily you can examine
    any of the oases to fill your water back up to 100.
    There's many treasure chests scattered around here, but don't bother with
    them now. It'll be easier to collect them on your way back. Head in the
    northeast direction, hopping from oasis to oasis, and you'll eventually
    find the area to the Ancient Ruins of Mosel.
    Items in this section: Blackberry x2, Blueberry, 40000 Fol, Aquaberry, Aqua
    Map Completion: 1/1 Bunny
    Save at the first save point and then head forward. Examine the middle
    pedestal for an event. The chess pieces here come to life. Thief defeats
    Wizard, Wizard defeats Knight, and Knight defeats Thief. These are important,
    so remember them. After the event the door to the north will unlock.
    This dungeon is fairly simple. Simply proceed around in a counterclockwise
    direction. Occasionally you'll run into rooms with a black chess piece. 
    Examine the pedestals next to them, and you'll be prompted to choose a
    piece. Pick whatever white piece can defeat that black piece. The last
    such room is towards the center section, which can be entered from the west
    side of the ruins. There will also be a save point here as well as a treasure
    chest containing the Aqua Veil, which will make it so that you won't have
    to collect water in Mosel Sandhill. Put the third chess piece into place
    here, save, and then enter the south door for a long event. Afterwards,
    you'll have to head to Airyglyph Castle. Leave the Ruins, and use your
    newfound Aqua Veil to collect the treasures from around the Mosel Sand
    Dunes. Then head back through the Grace and Thirst Corridor, Sir Felious,
    Sunmight Plains, Peterny, Palmira Plains, Alias, Aire Hills, Cirlsour, Traum
    Mountains, and finally Airyglyph (phew!). 
    Items in this section: Blacksmith Materials, Synthesis Materials, Compounding
    Materials, Blueberry, Treasure Jewel, Magical Berry
    Before entering the castle look around town. This time you should be able
    to afford some upgrades to your equipment. Upgrade as you wish, except getting
    a new weapon for Nel. (She'll get a better one very soon). Then enter the
    castle, where you'll be greeted by Walter. He'll take you down to the
    dungeons, and here you'll meet up with Arbel again. Arbel will now join your
    Upon leaving Airyglyph, there will be a dragon knight just off the bridge
    who will offer to fly you to the Bar Mountains. While this is useful, there's
    a number of other things you should do now, so refuse his request for now.
    The first thing you should do is head to Cirlsour. You will now be able to
    go into Walter's mansion, so go visit and collect the treasures there. Upon
    reaching the second floor, there will also be a PA where Walter gives Nel her
    father's old weapon. This is probably the strongest weapon you'll have 
    period for now, so be sure to get this PA. Nel will equip it automatically.
    The next thing to do is to decide who goes in your party and who stays.
    Eventually, you'll have to choose two out of four characters: Nel, Arbel,
    Roger, and Souffle. For now, you'll have to decide who your fifth character
    will be: Nel, Arbel, or Roger. If you want Nel, you can proceed without
    doing anything special. If you want Roger, head back to Sir Felious and
    visit the first house there. There will be an event involving Fate
    protecting Roger. Triggering this event will make Roger your fifth character.
    If on the other hand you want Arbel, head to Peterny and stay the night
    at the inn. There will be an event. Here Arbel will ask you if you hate him.
    Pick "Not really" (そうでもない), and eventually Arbel will become your
    fifth character. (The sixth character you get to decide later).
    Regardless of who you pick, your party for now will be Fate, Cliff, Maria,
    Nel, Adlai, Roger (unless you didn't pick him up at Sir Felious at all), and 
    Head to the Bar Mountains, either by taking the dragon knight's offer, or
    by heading out of the northwest exit in Alias, and then heading Northwest
    in the Becquerel Mountain Path.
    Items in this section: Blacksmith Materials x2, Blackberry, Aquaberry, 
    Writing Materials, Glare Chain, 46000 Fol, Blueberry, 18100 Fol,
    Goutou "Iwatoushi", Ripe Berry, Enchant Book (Wind: Null)
    (With Vanish Ring) Synthesis Materials, Very Ripe Berry, Blacksmith Materials
    x2, Writing Materials x2, Cooking Materials x2, Compounding Materials, Ripe
    Berry, Blackberry
    Map Completion: 1/1 Bunny
    Maybe it's just me, but the difficulty level of the game really picks up
    right around here. However, if your Nel is a high enough level, she'll have
    learned the Battle Skill "Kokuyousen" (黒鷹旋). This skill alone gets my 
    vote for the most useful in the game, and having it will make the battles 
    actually fairly easy from this point on. (Well, most of them, at least).
    Head north upon first entering the mountains. This will dead end into an
    east-west fork. Take the west for a treasure chest, then loop back to the
    east. Check behind the waterfall for two treasure chests. This will then
    fork north-south. Take the south fork for another treasure chest, and head
    back to the north. You'll see another waterfall, this one with a cave behind
    it. Enter the cave.
    Inside Bar Cave, head in a general north direction. There's a path to the
    east which you can explore, but you can't do anything about it yet. Continue
    north. There are two treasure chests in the northwest corner, and an exit
    to the northeast. After exiting the cave, continue north. You'll run into
    a creator, Misty Lia (whom you can't recruit yet) and a factory, which
    you have no use for at the moment. Head north for another east-west fork.
    The east branch will take you to several treasures, so collect these
    before heading west. The west fork will loop north and then east again, 
    before deadending into a cave and a save point. Use the save point and then
    enter the cave. Here you'll be forced into a battle with a Blue Dragon
    Zombie. He might be tough, but if you have Nel and Kokuyousen, he'll go
    down in no time at all. After defeating him you'll get the Dragon
    Resonating Body Cavity (yum!).
    Head back south again to the place with the factory. Here you'll
    automatically forge the Cavity into the Dragon Bone Flute. Now head back into
    Bar Cave. Exit out the south exit of the cave and now head west. To the
    northwest is a treasure chest; to the northeast, past another waterfall,
    is an area where there is a dragon flying around, but unlike the other
    dragons he won't attack you. Stay in his shadow for awhile until he picks
    you up and drops you off.
    In the new area, try to avoid the baby dragons and head south. To the east
    there is a treasure chest with the Glare Chain; otherwise head west and loop
    around south. Here, in a small cave, you'll meet a different kind of baby 
    dragon. He'll lead you to the cave exit, but before you leave, try to play
    you Dragon Flute (with the X button) here. There's four ways you can play
    the flute: Glad (喜び)(pressing X weak and short), Sad (悲し) (strong and 
    short), Fun (楽し)(weak and long), and Angry (怒り) (strong and long). The 
    dragon will react to your flute playing, which is a hint for later.
    After meeting the dragon, enter the cave entrance, which will drop you off
    into a section of the Bar Cave. Now head a little south and then east, and
    you'll find a gigantic dragon relief. Examine it for clues on its emotion
    (the color will help: Yellow is Glad, Red is Angry, Blue is Sad, and Green
    is Fun) and then play the appropriate note on your Dragon Flute to make it
    disappear. This will open up the entry way to the Bar Ruins.
    Items in this section: Synthesis Materials, Suit Armor, Blackberry, Blueberry,
    Soul Gem, Wind Fairy, Magical Berry, Damascus Plate
    Save at the save point, then proceed north. Examine the large door to the
    north for a mini-event, then loop back to the entrance and head east. You'll
    end up in a laboratory of some sort. After the next mini-event, examine the
    jars to receive the Dragon Head. Now return to the room with the large cross
    on the floor. You'll have to light up each and every panel. Some of the
    panels can be lighted up by simply stepping on them, but others you will have
    to light up remotely.
    To the west is a small area with two such plates and three treasure chests.
    In the north of this area you'll find a dragon door that changes emotions.
    You'll not only have to play the correct note on the Dragon Flute, but you
    also have to play them in the right order and at the right timing (so that
    you play Angry when the color of the door is red, and so on).
    To the east there is an area with two more plates and four treasure chests.
    Like in the section to the west, there is a changing door here, but this
    one only has two emotions, which makes your job easier. In this section
    you'll find the Soul Stone which the Creator Misty Lia (who was wandering
    around the Factory in the Bar Mountains) needs. At this point, you can
    make the rest of the game comparatively easy, should you wish. Go back and
    give Misty Lia the Soul Stone; with her, you should now be able to create
    an Orihalcon via Alchemy (with cost around 5000 Fol). This has a whopping
    ATK +500 (1) factor on it, which you can synthesize to a weapon, and then
    further refine to clone the ATK +500. In other words, you can now add an
    ATK of 4000 to any weapon you want to, given enough gold. Be warned that
    this really takes the challenge out of the rest of the game, so if you want
    the challenge, ignore this section; otherwise, I suggest making these
    super-weapons for Nel and Cliff.
    After stepping on all the plates you should find that only the center of
    the cross is unlit. Head north (by playing the "angry" note on your flute
    in front of the large door). There is another save point here, and as soon
    as you head through the door, Robin Wind will attack you.
    Boss: Robin Wind ロビンウインド
    50000 HP, 1800 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Robin Wind in 1 Minute, Defeat Robin
    Wind Taking No Damage
    This guy's pretty tough, for a fairy kid. His whirlwhind type attack will
    pretty much kill you if you take the full brunt of it. Again, I prefer
    having Fate/Cliff/Arbel keep him occupied, while using Nel's Kokuyousen from
    afar. This should let you get the "Taking No Damage" Battle Collection
    fairly easily as well. Just remember to stock up on healing items before
    hand. Alternatively, if you managed to get your hands on some wind-
    absorbing or wind-nullifying items (the Elven Cloak via item creation, or
    using Enchant Book Wind), this will make the battle a lot easier.
    After the battle, head into the last room. The final plate is here. Light
    it and head back to the room with the cross. Stand in the middle of the
    cross to offer up the Dragon Head. Finally the door to the north will be
    opened and you can make your way to the Urza Lava Cave.
    Items in this section: Damascus Knuckle, Rabbit Ear Key, Rabbit Ear Grail,
    Cooking Materials, Blackberry, Craft Materials, Prophecy Book 2
    (In back) Cooking Materials, Compounding Materials x2, Writing Materials x2,
    Ripe Berry, 25500 Fol
    Map Completion: 1/60 Bunny
    With everything so red, it can be hard to see some of the enemies, and the
    small flying types are extremely fast; you probably won't be able to avoid
    fighting them. Luckily Nel's Kokuyousen makes things pretty easy.
    The entrance room contains three paths. First head to the east. Follow the
    fork north for a treasure chest, and then follow the path around east. You'll
    find a giant Bunny statue. Examine the back of the statue to receive
    the Rabbit Ear Key.
    If you head to the north you can get a treasure chest, but the way into
    Crosel's lair is blocked by a giant rock. What do you do? Head to the west
    for the answer.
    The west section is simple and doesn't wind much. There are two treasure
    chests here. Head north and you'll find the door that you can use the
    Rabbit Ear Key on. Head inside.
    The next section switches to a weird over-the-shoulder camera perspective.
    Keep checking your minimap. First head over to the east and grab the
    treasure chest there. Then explore the western part to find the path
    to another door. Enter and you'll meet the rabbit creator, Vanilla.
    Vanilla will tell you that in order to get rid of the rock in front of
    Crosel's door, you will need a Vanish Ring, something similar to the Vanish
    Hammer. He will then say that he can make one for you. He'll ask you how
    much you are willing to pay; if you can afford it, pick the highest price
    (30000 Fol). This will prompt him to give you the Gutsy Bunny accessory as
    well as 10 Vanish Bombs. These Vanish Bombs work like the Vanish Hammer,
    but they work on ice blocks, not cracked walls. Vanilla will tell you that
    in order to make the Vanish Ring, he'll need the Magic Glowstone, which
    can be found in the waterway under Airyglyph.
    Backtrack all the way out of Urza Lava Cave, Bar Ruins, and Bar Mountains.
    Talk to the dragon knight who'll be hanging around close by and get him to
    take you to Airyglyph. Enter the underground waterway. The Magic Glowstone
    is behind the large chunk of ice immediately to the north when you first
    enter the waterway. However, be sure to be standing on firm ground (and not
    the ice) when you Vanish the ice or you'll have to start over. Take the
    Magic Glowstone. While you're here, you can try to get other treasures in
    the area that are behind the ice walls.
    Return to Urza Lava Cave and talk to Vanilla again. He'll make the Vanish
    Ring for you. Now you can return to the main room and head north. But before
    you do, why not take the time to use the Vanish Ring to collect all those
    treasures that have been eluding you up until this point? Here is a list of
    the treasures that you can pick up, by location.
    Airyglyph Underground Waterway
    Very Ripe Berry, Synthesis Materials, Frozen Check, Magical Berry
    Cirlsour Mines
    Trapping Card EX 4, Ripe Berry x2, Very Ripe Berry, Magical Berry, 3000 Fol,
    Orc Jewelry, Synthesis Materials, Water Fairy
    Cirlsour Ruins
    Ripe Berry, Synthesis Materials, Skill Book "Support Spell", Compounding
    Materials, Very Ripe Berry, Magical Berry, Cooking Materials
    Douglas Forest
    Trapping Card EX 5, Blacksmith Materials x2, Ripe Berry, Craft Materials
    x2, Compounding Materials, Magical Berry, Alchemy Materials
    Becquerel Mines
    Trapping Card EX 3, Ripe Berry x2, Synthesis Materials, Craft Materials,
    Silver Dagger, Very Ripe Berry x2, Battle Sphere, Water Fairy, Alchemy
    Bar Mountains/Bar Cave
    Blacksmith Materials x2, Ripe Berry, Synthesis Materials, Writing Materials
    x2, Compounding Materials, Very Ripe Berry, Blackberry, Cooking Materials x2
    Urza Lava Cave
    Trapping Card EX 12, 25500 Fol, Ripe Berry, Writing Materials x3, Compounding
    Materials x2
    After plundering everything you can, and wrapping up loose ends, vanish the
    rock in front of Crosel's Lair. Now would be a good time to head back to the
    Save point inside Bar Ruins and save.
    Upon entering you'll meet up with Crosel. After some chitchat, you'll have
    to fight. (You honestly thought you could negotiate?)
    Boss: Crosel クロセル
    68000 HP, 6000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Crosel in 1 Minute, Defeat Crosel
    Taking No Damage
    Man oh man, he's tough. (Unless you used the trick described in the Bar
    Ruins section, in which case he'll go down in 20 seconds with a Kokuyousen ->
    Kokuyousen Cancel Combo.) And to make matters worse, you have to fight him
    twice, with no chance of resting, saving, or healing in between. In the first
    fight, he'll attack you with physical attacks. Even these are pretty strong,
    so use a tank with lots of HP like Cliff to keep him busy while you chip away
    at him with Nel and Kokuyousen. Even so he'll probably kill Cliff quite a few
    times so keep those items coming, or better yet have Nel use Healing on him
    (provided that you used a Skill Book "Support Spell" on her). In the second
    fight, Crosel will have gained a few special attacks. If he gears up for one
    (you can tell because he poses with his wings) either run FAR FAR AWAY, or
    a little more risky, get a Counter Aura on him. As long as you keep the
    Kokuyousen's coming, you should be able to take him out, though you'll
    probably burn through all your items.
    After defeating Crosel, you'll automatically be taken back to Sealand. After
    the events, talk to all of your party members. Cliff is in a hallway in the
    castle; Nel is in her room in the castle (southeast section of first floor),
    Maria is in the chapel, Arbel is on the main road of the city, Adlai is in
    Claire's room (across from Nel's room), and Roger is in the food store. Also 
    talk to Mirage, in your room. After talking to everybody, head back to the 
    castle balcony (the doors are behind the throne in the throne room) and 
    another event will start.
    After this quite long event, Nel, Arbel, Adlai, and Roger will be taken out 
    of your party, and you'll be on the Quark ship, Diplo. Head to the bridge
    for an event. Here you'll be prompted to save the game if you wish, and 
    then to switch discs. Finally, you're headed back to space.
    DISC TWO - Back to Space
    Items in this section: None
    The first thing you should do is check your party. Since Nel, Arbel, Adlai, 
    and Roger are out, rearrange your party so that you have Fate, Cliff, and 
    Maria all active. Otherwise the coming battle could get really hard... start
    at the bridge, then walk around the Diplo - it's not too large - and talk 
    to all the Quark members. You'll get a communication from Maria. Then head to 
    the transporter room to head down to the Cirlsour Ruins.
    Items in this section: Very Ripe Berry, Ripe Berry, Magical Berry, Skill Book
    "Support Spell", Cooking Materials
    An event will happen, after which you'll be forced into a battle with some
    Bandein soldiers. They aren't too tough to take out. Afterwards you'll
    enter the Ruins. You've been here before. Now that you have the Vanish Ring, 
    you'll be able to get some of the treasures here that you couldn't before. 
    After the event, you'll end up in the kitchen on the third floor. Make your 
    way down to the first floor, collecting the treasures as you go. There 
    aren't any enemies on the second or first floor. After you reach the first 
    floor, head to the elevator in the northeast and go up to the fourth floor. 
    Exit, save at the save point, and then proceed south just like before for 
    another event. During this event, one of your old companions (either Nel, 
    Roger, or Arbel - see the Airyglyph Castle section for details) will make 
    his or her return. However you'll be forced into the next battle with your 
    party of Fate, Cliff, and Maria.
    Boss: Biwig ビウィグ
    26000 HP, 13816 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Biwig in 1 Minute, Defeat Biwig 
    Taking No Damage
    Biwig comes along with two Bandein soldiers. He's not too tough; just a
    little buffer than his Bandein soldiers friends. He doesn't really have
    any attacks to watch out for. If you were able to take out Crosel, this
    should be a piece of cake.
    After this there will be another series of events. At this point whoever
    came to help you (Nel/Roger/Arbel) will permanently join you, as will
    Sophia. Sophia is weak weak weak (she starts at Level 1), but there's not
    much you can do about this now. 
    After the series of events, you'll end up on the Space Federation
    Battleship Aquaelie.
    Items in this section: None
    After the events in the conference room and on the bridge, head to the
    southwest section. In one of these rooms will be Maria. Talk to her to
    initiate an event. Afterwards head to the southeast section. One of the
    rooms (with a save point in it) is yours. Sleep in your bed to progress
    the story (今日はもう眠ろう). After waking up, head to the bridge for 
    another event, then make your way to the long range transporter (in the 
    south section) to head to the Moonbase.
    Items in this section: Mind Safety, Aquaberry, Cooking Materials, Ripe Berry
    x3, Laser Protector, Blackberry, NC Program Disc, Carbon Protector, Life
    Safety, Synthesis Materials x2, Sunrise Dictionary, Magical Berry x2, Alert
    Jewel, 19000 Fol, Laser Chain, Very Ripe Berry, 24000 Fol, Trapping Card 1,
    Trapping Card EX 1
    Head westwards. You can ignore the first north/south fork. Upon entering
    the main area, you'll meet Souffle again. To the north of this area is a
    weapon shop which sells some really nice stuff. Upgrade your equipment
    but don't break the bank - there's even better stuff coming up soon. To
    the south is the items store. To the west is the area where the Rosetti
    Circus is waiting, along with a save point. When you're ready, head along
    the path that leads northwest. In the next section collect the treasure
    chests, then head west. Before you can proceed much further, however,
    you'll run into a boss battle.
    Boss: Daibensha (Speaker) 代弁者
    50000 HP, 50000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Daibensha in 1 Minute, Defeat
    Daibensha Taking No Damage
    This will be a really rough battle. Get two of your melee characters
    to try and sandwich her while you take a third character (preferably
    Nel or Maria) to the outside. The third character should focus on healing
    your melee characters as well as using long range attacks. If you have
    Cliff, put Flash Chariot on him and have him take her on. You should
    be able to take her out eventually. If not, reload, upgrade your equipment,
    and try again.
    After you defeat the Daibensha another event will occur, and Souffle will
    join your party temporarily. Head back to the main area and take Souffle
    to the bar (it lies on a path that shoots off the path to the northwest
    that you came from). Here another mini event will happen and you'll be able
    to get some fairly nice treasures for your efforts.
    Return to the area where you fought the Daibensha and head west. In the next
    section, collect all three treasure chests (one is accessed via the elevator
    in the central circle), then head southwest. There are two treasure chests
    in this area. Get them, then head straight east. In this area there are
    two more treasure chests. Collect them and then loop around to the elevator
    next to a save point. Save if you want (don't worry, there's no boss coming
    up), then descend into the research lab for some crucial events.
    After the events, take the path southwest. This area has lots of treasure -
    four treasure chests out in the open, and 6 more accessed via the three
    elevators. After you're done go east again. The next section has just one
    treasure chest in the open and one via elevator. Head northeast after this
    and you'll end up back in the main area of the Moonbase. 
    Upon reaching the main area again another event will happen with Souffle.
    Here you decide whether to make her a permanent member of your party.
    Beware - if you choose yes (連れて行く), she'll be added to your party,
    and you'll be unable to recruit whoever you left behind (the final two slots
    in the party will be taken by Mirage and Adlai).
    When you're done with the Moonbase, head back to the Aquaelie. After the
    event on the bridge, go to your room and rest again. (Talk to people if you 
    want to for some semi-interesting conversation). After resting, you'll be 
    summoned to the bridge again, after which you'll be directed once again to 
    the long range teleporter. Head here and you'll be in the shuttlecraft 
    "Calnus" (a reference to Star Ocean 1). Head out the door and you'll be on 
    the Planet Stream.
    Items in this section: None
    There are absolutely no treasures here so don't worry about exploring. There
    is a save point and a recovery point here that you'll want to utilize. 
    Afterwards head in a generally northern direction. The enemies here are
    extremely strong - don't be afraid to run. They're worth a lot of exp. if
    you can take them out, but it's not likely that you'll be able to win
    consistently if you're not already relatively high-level.
    After you head far north the area will change. Head north some more until
    you reach the Time Gate. Another event will happen here, and you'll be
    able to enter FD space. 
    FD Space
    Items in this section: 35000 Fol, Ripe Berry x2, Cooking Materials, Vitality
    Stimulator, Alert Jewel, Smithy Hammer
    After a series of events in which you meet Flood, you'll be forced into a
    battle with the Security Service. They've got guns and they can hurt you
    pretty badly, so gang up on them one at a time. They don't have much HP so
    if you can get the first attacks in you'll be able to take them out
    quickly. Afterwards you'll get the "Certification Disc".
    Go around and explore the city. Each house has one treasure chest in it
    so collect them all. (Flood's house has the Smithy Hammer on the second
    floor but you won't be able to collect it for now.) Once you're done,
    head to the teleporter in the middle of the area. This will take you to
    another district. There's a weapon shop here but don't waste your money -
    better ones will be coming up soon. Take the teleporter in the west of
    this area to head over to Recorder Station. In the far north is an inn -
    again don't bother - and in the middle is the station itself. Enter the
    station and head over to Gemity City.
    Items in this Section: Ripe Berry, Jet Spell, Synthesis Materials, 
    Prophecy Book 5
    Wow, shades of Fun City, anyone? After exiting the station, immediately
    head to the south of the station where you'll find three treasure chests
    tucked away. Then head back north and explore the city proper. The girls
    standing behind the counters to the east and west as you enter the main
    street will heal you for free. There are also several shops here. You'll
    want to buy new and improved weapons and armor, as well as the All-Purpose
    Knife (万能包丁). (Buy two if you can since you can give one to the Killer 
    Chef in Sir Felious as a contract item).
    Further north you'll find a large circular area. If you use the transporters
    towards the middle of the circle (either east or west side), you'll be taken
    to the Eternal Sphere Terminal. Talk to the clerk here and you'll be
    transported to another room. Examine the terminal here for an event. Talk
    to all of your party members and then talk to Maria again. This will trigger
    another event, and you'll get to decide where you want to go: Vanguard 3,
    Elicoor 2, the Moonbase, or Planet Stream. I suggest heading to Elicoor 2.
    As soon as you exit there will be a small conversation. Now you can head
    immediately back to Gemity, by taking the little dimensional ripple
    transporter that appears wherever you show up - in the case of Elicoor 2,
    it'll be in the Cirlsour Hills/Aire Hills between Cirlsour and Alias).
    However beforehand it might be wiser to go and recruit your final party
    members, provided you didn't pick up Souffle. If you didn't recruit Nel
    and you want her, go to Sealand and talk to her in her room. Tell her
    "we can't take it easy" (ゆっくりしていけない) and she'll join you. If you 
    want to recruit Roger, head over to Sir Felious and find him. If you want to 
    recruit Arbel, first head to Cirlsour and talk to Walter; afterwards go back 
    to Urza Lava Cave and head to Crosel's Lair. Arbel will be here, and you'll 
    have to fight him in a one-on-one battle with Fate. After this you can have 
    him join you (許可する).
    After you're done taking care of business, head back to Gemity via the
    warp point. Head down to the station and talk to the clerk. Another event
    will happen, and now the Sphere Corporation will be added to your list
    of destinations. Before heading over there, I suggest going back to Recorder
    and collecting the Smithy Hammer from Flood's house. Then save, rest up,
    stock up, and then warp over to the Sphere Company.
    Items in this Section: Very Ripe Berry, Cooking Materials, Mind Stimulator 
    x2, Synthesis Materials x3, Ripe Berry x2, Resuscitation Medicine, Dramera 
    Tool Set, Vitality Stimulator, Wind Fairy, Trapping Card 2, Ceramic Guarder, 
    Laser Weapon, Alert Jewel, Counter Aura Book 3, Star Fairy, AI Program, 
    Trapping Card 2, Trapping Card EX 2
    Map Completion: 1/1 Bunny
    As soon as you arrive you'll be forced into two battles. The first one
    will pit you against several Security Officers - beefed up version of the
    Security Service. They won't be too much trouble. However immediately
    afterwards, you'll get attacked by Azazel.
    Boss: Azazel アザゼル
    99000 HP, 9000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Azazel in 1 Minute, Defeat Azazel
    Taking No Damage
    He's a little tough but no big deal. He does lots of MP damage, so if you
    have somebody with low MP, like Cliff, be sure to use lots of Blackberries
    and/or Mind Stimulators on him. The usual boss tactics - Nel Kokuyousen,
    Cliff Flash Chariot - apply here as well.
    After fighting Azazel head north to find a save point and recovery point.
    Use them both, then enter the Sphere Corporation itself. At the fork,
    head a little to the west and then north again. Loop around to take the
    stairs to the second floor. There will be more Security Officers wandering
    around so watch out.
    On the second floor, take the path to the west for a treasure chest, then
    head to the east. Loop around counterclockwise to find the stairs to the
    third floor and a treasure chest. After climbing up, head north. The room
    to the west has a treasure chest. Follow the path northwest until you get
    to another long north-south corridor. The west door here also leads to some
    treasure chests; collect them, then come back and head north to loop around
    to the stairs to the fourth floor.
    Head east out of the stairwell room and then head north. This hallway
    deadends into a corridor going west; follow it, then take the fork north
    for a few rooms with a total of three treasure chests. Take them, then
    head back and continue following the path west until it loops around 
    to the stairs to the fifth floor.
    Exit the room with the stairwell and head west. In the middle of the next
    hallway there will be some events, and you'll meet Brea. After the event
    talk to everybody in the room; they'll give you some helpful advice, services,
    and or items. The girl that gives you lots of items will also function as an
    item store if you talk to her again. Stock up on items. When you've talked to 
    everybody continue on west to the elevator room. Before you can use the 
    elevator, however, you'll be stopped by two more of the Owner's lackeys, 
    Belial and Beelzebub.
    Boss: Belial and Beelzebub ベリアル&ベルゼブル
    Belial: 70000 HP, 5000 MP
    Beelzebub: 62000 HP, 30000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Belial and Beelzebub in 1 Minute,
    Defeat Belial and Beelzebub Taking No Damage
    Wow, these guys are TOUGH. Beelzebub is fast and has annoying reach with
    that whip, but the real danger is Belial and his missiles - one hit with 
    a salvo will pretty much K.O. any character. Keep moving and don't let him
    get a clear shot on you. Try and team up on him and take him out first
    before taking out Beelzebub. After eliminating Beelzebub, using long range
    attacks - Maria's guns, or Kokuyousen with Nel - will take him out pretty
    After the battle the elevator will stop functionining, so you'll have
    to take another way up. Head back to the point where you met Brea and
    head west. In the next room, you can head south for two treasure chests;
    then take the northeast door. Continue on, collecting four more treasure
    chests along the way, and finally take the northwest path to find a terminal.
    Operate the terminal and the other elevators in the building will start
    functioning. Head back to where you met Brea again and go back east. There
    are two elevators here; the north one will take you up to however high
    you want, the south will take you down to the fourth floor.
    13F: Silver Grail
    16F: Trapping Card EX 7
    18F: Int Seed+
    30F: Prophecy Book 4
    47F: Int Seed+
    50F: Trapping Card EX 8
    85F: Prophecy Book 3
    86F: Int Seed+
    The top floor is symmetrical. Head north. The east and west arms both
    have 1 treasure chest apiece. The middle arm (north) has a save and a
    recovery point. Use them, then continue north for another event. A series
    of rough battles are coming up. 
    You'll end up on Planet Stream again, and then you'll head into a series
    of battles. You won't be able to use Sophia for these battles (not that
    you'd want to anyway, as chances are she'll still be really weak). 
    The first will be against a Daibensha, and the next against a Shikkousha 
    (Executioner). The Daibensha shouldn't be too tough for you at your current 
    level, but the Shikkousha might give you a few problems. Its counter aura 
    really sucks - does fairly heavy MP as well as HP damage to you - so avoid 
    setting it off if at all possible. Upon defeating these two there will be 
    another event, and then you'll face the big daddy, the Danzaisha (Convictor).
    Boss: Danzaisha 断罪者
    120000 HP, 10000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Danzaisha in 1 Minute, Defeat
    Danzaisha Taking No Damage
    He's pretty tough. He's strong, and his attack where he creates a
    whirlwind in front of him will take you out quickly. Thus, if he gears
    up for a strong attack, loop around behind him as fast as possible. Keep
    Nel or Maria far away and using Kokuyousen or any of Maria's long-range
    attacks. On the close range side, use Cliff's Flash Chariot or Fate's
    Reflect Strike.
    After this battle there will be another event. Brea will talk to you. Now
    head south. You'll end up in the large area of Planet Stream. However
    because of the earthquake the terrain will be changed, so you can't
    backtrack directly. Nevertheless continue heading south. Once you reach
    your landing site another event will happen, and you'll be back on the
    After the bridge event talk to everybody on the ship again. Then talk
    to Mirage on the bridge. She'll join your party at this point, though she
    starts at level 30 so you will need to level her a little. Head to the 
    teleporter and you'll beam down to Elicoor 2 again, just south of Sealand.
    If you recruited Adlai before, you can now recruit him again by going to the
    west section of Sir Felious. Otherwise you'll get him in just a little while.
    Head into Sealand and talk to the Queen for an event. She'll let you borrow 
    the Sefira, so head down into the Shrine of Canan again.
    Items in this section: Magical Pen, Ripe Berry, Magical Berry, 22000 Fol, 
    Compounding Materials, Blueberry
    The area is old, but unfortunately the enemies are new, and quite strong.
    Run if you want or spend time levelling up. Immorality Way has nothing
    new in terms of treasure, so just continue on as before. Once you reach the 
    area where the Floating Knight was before, you'll be attacked by an Inferior 
    Boss: Inferior Eye インフェリアアイ
    230000 HP, 56000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    He floats and can petrify your team, so bring along appropriate counter-
    measures (whether Sage, Stone Check, or something else). Use two characters
    with appropriate anti-air attacks (Maria or Fate work well) and have Nel,
    as usual, do Kokuyousen from afar. He shouldn't be too hard. When he floats
    very high into the air, pull back far away from him until he comes down
    Now head into the Shrine of Canan. Unlike Immorality Way, there are
    several areas here where you can use your Vanish Ring to get new items,
    so explore thoroughly. There are also several bosses here. At the point
    where you fought Crystal Cerberus, there will now be a Dark Armor.
    Boss: Dark Armor x3 ダークアーマー
    67000 HP, 6000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Dark Armor in 1 Minute, Defeat
    Dark Armor Taking No Damage
    These guys are strong, but they only have physical attacks, so try 
    hit-and-run tactics. Watch out for their "Hammerquake" which will cause
    heavy damage to anybody in their immediate area. Nel's Kokuyousen again
    works wonders. As long as you keep an eye on your HP they shouldn't be
    much problem.
    Continue on as before. In the next area, the room with the stairs going
    up towards the west will have a battle with a Crystal Statue.
    Boss: Crystal Statue クリスタルスタチュウー
    168000 HP, 10000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Crystal Statue in 1 Minute,
    Defeat Crystal Statue Taking No Damage
    He's just like the Crystal Cerberus, only a lot faster. You shouldn't
    have too much trouble with him, though. Just keep him preoccupied with
    lots of physical attacks (like Flash Chariot) and stay out of his way when
    he rears up for his charging attack.
    Continue north as before. You'll see more Crystal Statues along the way
    but they can be avoided, and they're not worth fighting. (You can't even
    get Battle Collections from them). In the room where there were four doors 
    headed north, you'll meet up with Dark Eye.
    Boss: Dark Eye ダークアイ
    330000 HP, 56000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Dark Eye in 1 Minute, Defeat
    Dark Eye Taking No Damage
    His battle patterns are pretty much like Inferior Eye's. Just use the
    same sorts of strategies and you should be fine.
    Afterwards you'll be done with the bosses for this section. Head to the
    back room and you'll gain the Sefira. After an event, leave the Shrine
    and head back to the throne room of Canan. Another event will happen, and
    you'll be clued in to go to the Ancient Ruins of Mosel. 
    Before heading there, buff up your stock. If you completed all of the
    Ladel/Lumina sidquests (see Sidequests), they'll be in Sealand; find them to
    find the best buyable weapons and armor in the game. If you didn't, don't
    worry; a rabbit-like salesman in the west arm of Peterny will have the same
    stuff. Be sure to get stuff from them before going on. Then head through
    Sunmight Plains, Sir Felious, and the Grace and Thirst Corridor.
    Items in this section: None
    As soon as you exit the Grace and Thirst Corridor and enter the Mosel
    Sandhill, you'll be attacked by a Chimera.
    Boss: Chimera キメラ
    258000 HP, 35000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Chimera in 1 Minute, Defeat Chimera
    Taking No Damage
    Tough, tough, tough. Perhaps the hardest boss in the game excluding all the
    secret bosses. He'll take you out in no time with his charge attacks, and
    his breath can cause status ailments. If you improved your equipment via
    Ladel/Lumina or the rabbit-like salesman in Peterny, this will help you
    immensely. Still make sure you have full stock of healing items. If the
    Chimera stops running, move out of the direction of his head immediately,
    as he'll likely do his massive charge attack that will hurt you badly.
    Otherwise use the same old boss strategies - Kokuyousen, Flash Chariot,
    and so on.
    After defeating the Chimera you'll be able to head across Mosel Sandhill
    and into the Ancient Ruins of Mosel again. Head to the room in the middle
    with a save point. Save here, then proceed into the conference room. You'll
    then be attacked by a Stone Golem.
    Boss: Stone Golem ストーンゴーレム
    300000 HP, 15000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Stone Golem in 1 Minute, Defeat
    Stone Golem Taking No Damage
    This guy's powerful but slow, and nowhere near as hard as the Chimera.
    Keep him busy with a melee character - one should be enough, preferably
    Cliff with a lot of HP - and snipe at him from a distance with Nel or
    Maria. He shouldn't be much of a problem after that.
    There will now be two sets of stairs. Heading down the east stairwell will
    take you to the Ancient Ruins of Mosel Depths, a completely optional
    area (see the Sidequests section for details). When you're ready to
    advance the plot, head down the west stairwell. There will be an event
    here, and you'll end up inside the Firewall.
    Items in this section: None
    Map Completion: 1/60 Bunny
    There are absolutely no treasures in the entire firewall; however the
    area is pretty maze-like. To make your way past the first section, simply
    take as many left turns as you can; you'll end up curving your way around
    clockwise and you can proceed to the next section from here.
    The next section is a headache. Most of the doors here are one-way, plus
    you'll have to hit two switches before the door to the exit will open.
    Also, rolling around this section are many polyhedra (as you might have
    seen earlier in the Shrine of Canan). These polyhedra aren't enemies,
    however; touching one will warp you back to the beginning of a section,
    which can get really annoying.
    To get through the Firewall, step-by-step:
    --from the entrance, head north. There will be a three-way fork. Take any one
    of them, then head north again via either of the two paths. There will be
    one way doors to the north, west, and east. Head through the east one.
    --head north. At the deadend, follow the path back west through the one way
    --head north. Go through the east one way door at the dead end.
    --continue east. There are two doors in this section, one to the east and
    one to the south. Go through the south one.
    --turn towards the east and go through the one way door.
    --head all the way north and go through the one way door.
    --continue north then turn east and go through the one way door.
    --stand on the switch to change its color.
    --return through the one way door.
    --head west through the one way door.
    --hugging the south path, continue along until you find a one-way door to
    the west. Go through this door.
    --you'll be in a long, maze like section. Avoid the polyhedra and make your
    way to the northwest of the section. (Blowing up the minimap and tracking
    the polyhedra is a very good idea here). Once you make your way to this,
    go north through the western-most door.
    --continue north through the one way door.
    --follow the path around to the east through the one way door.
    --stand on the switch to change its color.
    --return west through the northern path (i.e. through the door you just
    came through).
    --go south through the door you previously came through.
    --go south through the door you previously came through again (i.e. the
    western-most door).
    --loop through the maze section, but this time head to the southwest. There
    will be a save point. Save here, then enter the one way door.
    There will be a short event, and then you'll be threatened by the Gau.
    Boss: Gau ガウ
    200000 HP, 30000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Gau in 1 Minute, Defeat Gau Taking
    No Damage
    He's got a lot of HP but he shouldn't be too hard to handle. He tends to
    rise up and then drop a lot of missiles, so if you see him rise up, move out
    of the way. Once again long range and/or anti-air attacks will save the day.
    Keep at it and you'll whittle him down.
    After the boss battle another save point will appear. Save here and then
    proceed onto the teleporter to make your way to the last dungeon. There
    is a switch here but you can ignore it (you only need to activate it if you
    want to leave; simply follow all the steps above in reverse order to leave).
    Map Completion: 1/60 Bunny
    The Spiral Tower is fairly long and complicated. The many crystals that
    block your path can all be taken care of by the Vanish Ring. The Tower has
    ten floors.
    Floor One
    Items in this section: Trapping Card 3, Blackberry
    Simply break all the crystals as you move along. This floor is fairly wide
    but there's nothing tricky about it. Collect treasures as you see fit, or
    just try and find the elevator to the second floor.
    Floor Two
    Items in this section: None
    Save first then proceed forward. You'll end up into a battle with Brea.
    Boss: Imitative Brea ブレア
    100000 HP, 13992 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    She's pretty weak. She's got some area-effect attacks, so either disrupt
    them as fast as possible, or use hit-and-run and keep-away tactics.
    After defeating her, head straight north. Eventually you'll run into the
    real Brea. She won't know how to reactivate the elevator and free her, 
    but the gems sparkling around her are a clue. Each of the three paths
    from the middle deadend in a room with a large weird object in the center
    of them. Examining them will cause a miniboss to appear. Defeating the
    miniboss will cause that crystal to cease functioning.
    The green object causes you to face Ructogias. He's strong but slow, so
    keep away from him and attack. The red object has you face 2 Deathgazes.
    As opposed to Ructogias, they're fast, but really weak. Take them down
    straight on, and you should have no problems. The blue object has you
    face three Chimera Hawks. They're fast and they also cause status
    abnormalities, but otherwise they're weak. Anti-air attack work best here.
    After breaking all three objects, head back to where Brea was. Then take
    her to the elevator and she'll restart its function for you. Take the
    elevator up to the third floor.
    Floor Three
    Items in this section: Bunny Shoes, Fenrir Crystal x2, Very Ripe Berry, 62700
    Fol, Ifrit Crystal x2, Blackberry, Counter Aura Book 5
    Examine the crystal pedasatal for some clews. The crystal set in the red
    pedestal changes from black -> white -> yellow -> blue -> red. The
    blue pedestal crystal changes from red -> blue -> yellow -> white ->
    black. Remember this for later.
    As you explore the area you'll find more crystal pedestals like these.
    You'll also find various colored doors. If you get close to a door, a
    nearby crystal pedestal (it's nearby but usually in a different room)
    will activate. A large colored crystal with a number in it will also
    appear. The trick is to change the crystal in both the blue and the
    red pedestal such that the middle crystal matches the color of the door
    you were trying to go through. (Use the Vanish Ring to change the color
    of the crystals). Adding the colors together in a logical sense will get
    you the right combination. For instance if you want to go through a 
    purple door, you'll have to change one of the crystals to red and another
    to blue. However, your chances are only limited to the number displayed.
    If you take less than the number displayed, everything is fine. However,
    if you use EXACTLY the number displayed turns, then not only will the
    door open, but a treasure chest will also open.
    The correct method for each of these are as follows. These will indicate
    how many times you should activate the crystal in each pedestal.
    Purple Door (2 tries): Red once, Blue once
    Green Door (6 tries): Red three times, Blue three times
    Orange Door (10 tries): Red nine times, Blue once
    Red Door (9 tries): Blue eight times, Red once
    Yellow Door (16 tries): Blue five times, Red seven times, Blue four times
    The treasures are mostly random, but the last one will give you Bunny
    Shoes. After going through the doors, head to the fourth floor.
    Floor Four
    Items in this section: None
    Short and there's only one path. Head to the fifth floor.
    Floor Five
    Items in this section: None
    Just like 4. Continue on to the sixth floor.
    Floor Six
    Items in this section: Blackberry, Compounding Materials x2, Synthesis
    Materials x2, Ripe Berry, Enchant Book (Fire: Absorb), Magical Berry
    After heading forward a bit, you'll run into the elevator, but it's not
    functioning. There's also three doors from this area. In each of the doors
    is a small area. The trick is that each of these areas contains one wall
    that is cracked. (The bright white part of the walls are cracked so they're
    a little hard to see). Use the Vanish Ring on each of these, and then step
    on the switch inside. Upon pressing all three switches, the elevator
    will activate. Take it up to the seventh floor.
    Floor Seven
    Items in this section: None
    Short and one path. Go to the eighth floor.
    Floor Eight
    Items in this section: None
    Short and one path. Go to the ninth floor.
    Floor Nine
    Items in this section: None
    Short and one path. Go to the tenth floor.
    Floor Ten
    Items in this section: None
    From here, just ignore the branches and head straight north. After many many
    stairs, you'll reach the final save point. This is your cue that the last
    battle approaches. When you're ready, continue forward to meet Lucifer.
    After an event, you'll fight him.
    Boss: Lucifer ルシファー
    200000 HP, 60000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    He's pretty weak here. He flies around but doesn't have much to be worried
    about. Standard boss tactics will get you far here.
    After the battle another event will happen, and you'll fight Lucifer again.
    Of course you fight him again! It's RPG custom that the last boss always
    has several forms.
    Boss: Lucifer ルシファー
    400000 HP, 120000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Lucifer, Defeat Lucifer in 5 Minutes,
    Defeat Lucifer Taking No Damage, Defeat Lucifer At Level 1, Defeat Universe 
    Lucifer, Defeat Universe Lucifer in 8 Minutes, Defeat Universe Lucifer Taking 
    No Damage, Defeat Universe Lucifer Under Level 10, Defeat FD Lucifer Under 
    Level 10, Defeat FD Lucifer in 10 Minutes, Defeat FD Lucifer Taking No Damage,
    Defeat Lucifer Using Only Weak Attacks, Defeat Lucifer Using Only Strong
    Attacks, Defeat Lucifer Using Only Counter Aura, Defeat Lucifer Using Only 
    Heraldry, Defeat Lucifer Using Only Battle Skills, Defeat Lucifer Using Only
    Charge, Defeat Lucifer Alone, Defeat Lucifer Naked, Defeat Lucifer with
    Iron Pipe Only
    His attack range has been strengthened considerably, but he's still not
    that hard. Try to stay towards his back as several of his big attacks only
    aim towards the front. Keep him busy with multiple-hitting melee attacks and
    then aim for him from afar. He has one pretty nasty spell where the entire
    battlefield will turn bloody and waves of energy come shooting across. 
    What's more he disappears during this spell making him invincible. If he
    manages to get this off, run to the edge of the screen and as far away from
    the waves as possible. This is the last battle so don't be afraid to use
    all your Magical Berries and such.
    After the battle you'll be treated to the ending, which is QUITE long.
    After a while the credits will run, and then MORE of the ending will show.
    After all of that, you'll be prompted to save your game, which you should,
    as this will allow you access to the secret dungeons (see below).
    None of this is required to complete the game, and indeed, you might have to
    complete the game before you can do some of this stuff. This section contains
    some SPOILERS, so be warned.
    Ladel and Lumina
    This takes place as a series of PAs. To trigger this "miniquest", first head
    to the Inn at Peterny after returning from Sealand. They'll be lost there and
    they'll ask you how to get to Cirlsour. Tell them to head south (南). Next,
    go to Alias. They'll be at the Inn there, arguing again. They'll ask you
    which way to go. You can tell them either northwest or southwest (北西/南西).
    Then, after the events at Becquerel Mine, head all the way to Airyglyph.
    They'll be at the Inn there. Tell them they went too far (行き過ぎましたよ).
    Now head back to Cirlsour. They'll be in the bar there. As a reward, Ladel
    will sell you items (nothing too great, but some unique items), and Lumina
    will sell you the Blueprints, which you'll need to recruit Isaac later, 
    for 5000 Fol. Later the pair will be in Sealand, selling the best possible
    weapons and armor that can be bought, although if you miss this miniquest
    you can still get these items in Peterny, so it's not that critical.
    The Ancient Scrolls
    If you met Roger in the Douglas Forest and agreed to help him out, when you
    arrive in Sir Felious he'll be there again. If you get him to join you
    again (see main walkthrough for details), he'll give you 7 Ancient Scrolls
    (太古の書者). Each scroll has a riddle written in it which is a clue on how
    to get a treasure. The 7 scrolls read:
    1. Hidden one's spring which calls forth the white mist / what do the strong
       parent and child think?
    2. In the darkness of a cave five existences meet in battle / where is the
       light that guides them?
    3. The halls decaying once protecting from the gods' soldiers / the Sun King
       sleeps in a coffin / what do wordless corpses say?
    4. Where three types of soldiers gather / who sits on the masterless throne?
    5. Offspring of the winged servants of god / is the sight there hope or
    6. At the end of the cave where copper sleeps / the sage that stand over
       the lake / is the foundation there holding ancient strength?
    7. In a burning hell / The long-eared giants look down upon red twins /
       what power lies sealed within?
    Each riddle points out a secret location where a treasure can be found.
    However, there is a catch: it seems that all of the treasures are limited in 
    time. Specifically, it seems that you must get these before you defeat Crosel,
    or they will never show up. This makes #4 rather hard to get, as you'll have
    to end up trekking into very difficult territory for your level and you'll
    be forced into no less than 3 boss fights along the way, all for a measly
    Str Seed.
    Have you given up yet? The answers are below.
    1. This refers to the area in the Douglas Forest where you fought Mudman.
       If you recall, after beating him the white mist disappeared. Search the
       rock on the left side of the area. You will get a Con Seed.
    2. This refers to the area in the Cirlsour Cave where you could press a
       button to choose a Torokko. Search the torch right next to the buttons.
       You will get a Magi Seed.
    3. This refers to a coffin in Immorality Way. Search the coffin in the
       room just south of the place where you found the Luna Talisman (towards
       the north of Immorality Way). You will get an Int Seed.
    4. This refers to the throne in the central room in the lowest floor of the
       Ancient Ruins of Mosel, in the same place where Count Matterin challenges
       you to a battle chess game. Search the throne towards the north. This
       is the hardest one to get as the window of opportunity is quite small
       (you must have the Vanish Ring, but you must not have defeated Crosel
       yet.) You will get a Str Seed.
    5. This refers to the Bar Mountains. After getting carried away by the
       adult dragon and dropped in the baby dragon nest, search the skeleton
       there. You will get the accessory Elven Boots.
    6. This refers to the outside area of the Becquerel Mines. Search the roots
       of the tree standing to the far north of the area (you can see a lake
       in the distance off the cliff). You will get the accessory Demon Cross.
    7. This refers to the giant Bunny statue in the Urza Lava Cave. Search 
       the left-hand torch to get the item. You will get the Rabbit Ear Grail
    Battle Collection
    As long as you created the Battle Collection in the fight simulator waaaaay
    back in Grand Tear (see the walkthrough for details), you can collect
    different Battle Collections by fulfilling different conditions during
    battles throughout the game. Here I will list the conditions for each of
    the Battle Collection items. Note: The Director's Cut Battle Collection
    is not compatible with the original! There have been revised conditions,
    and the two files have nothing to do with each other.
    Please note that some of these descriptions refer to your character only.
    Thus, for something like "Defeat Arbel with Items Only", you don't HAVE
    to beat him with items only; what this means is that the character YOU control
    can only use items; the other two computer-controlled characters are free
    to beat up on him. Similarly, the "Taking No Damage" conditions means only
    the player character has to take no damage; your allies can still take
    damage. Also, for any of the conditions which are "Defeat X with
    Y Only", Y has to be used a certain number of times. Thus for the above
    example, you can't just use one item on Arbel and then sit there and wait
    for your other companions to beat up on him. The exact number of times you
    need is unknown, but if you're really high level there's a chance that
    you'll defeat somebody before you've fulfilled the requirements, so be
    Finally, getting a certain percentage of the Battle Collection unlocks
    new stuff. Unlocking 15% (45/300) allows you to use each character's 2P
    costumes (to change, go to the Status screen and press triangle to change
    between costumes). Unlocking 25% (75/300) allows you to play on Universe
    difficulty (in a new game). Unlocking 40% (120/300) allows you to use each
    character's 3P costumes. Unlocking 55% (165/300) allows you to access the
    music test by pressing Square at the Battle Collection screen. Getting 65%
    (195/300) allows you to play on FD difficulty. Getting 80% (240/300) allows
    you to use the 4P costumes. Getting 95% (285/300) allows you to use Full
    Active Mode, switchable on the Options screen. Note that some of these 
    conditions themselves have to be fulfilled on Universe and FD difficulty, 
    so you'll have to play through more than once to get everything.
    A list of the conditions follows. 
    001 100 Battles                         151 Defeat Universe Iseria No Damage
    002 1000 Battles                        152 Defeat Universe Iseria 15 Minutes
    003 5000 Battles                        153 Defeat FD Iseria
    004 10000 Battles                       154 Defeat FD Iseria No Damage
    005 50000 Battles                       155 Defeat FD Iseria 20 Minutes
    006 Defeat 2 Enemies Simultaneously     156 Defeat Lenneth
    007 Defeat 3 Enemies Simultaneously     157 Defeat Lenneth Taking No Damage
    008 Defeat 4 Enemies Simultaneously     158 Defeat Lenneth in 10 Minutes
    009 10 Hits                             159 Defeat Universe Lenneth
    010 30 Hits                             160 Defeat Universe Lenneth No Damage
    011 50 Hits                             161 Defeat Universe Lenneth 15 Minutes
    012 100 Hits                            162 Defeat FD Lenneth
    013 150 Hits                            163 Defeat FD Lenneth No Damage
    014 200 Hits                            164 Defeat FD Lenneth 20 Minutes
    015 250 Hits                            165 Defeat Freya
    016 300 Hits                            166 Defeat Freya Taking No Damage
    017 Kill 100 Kinds of Enemies           167 Defeat Freya in 15 Minutes
    018 Kill 200 Kinds of Enemies           168 Defeat Universe Freya
    019 Kill 300 Kinds of Enemies           169 Defeat Universe Freya No Damage
    020 Kill 400 Kinds of Enemies           170 Defeat Universe Freya 20 Minutes
    021 Kill 420 Kinds of Enemies           171 Defeat FD Freya
    022 Chain 3                             172 Defeat FD Freya No Damage
    023 Chain 10                            173 Defeat FD Freya 60 Minutes
    024 Chain 30                            174 Taunt Gabriel 10 Times
    025 Chain 60                            175 Taunt Iseria 10 Times
    026 Chain 100                           176 Defeat Serious Vox
    027 Chain 250                           177 Get Item from Serious Vox
    028 Chain 500                           178 Protect Against Serious Vox
    029 One-hit Kill                        179 Counter Aura Against Serious Vox
    030 Just Damage Kill                    180 Protect Break Against Serious Vox
    031 One-hit Just Damage Kill            181 Total 5 Hours in Battle
    032 Defeat 300 Enemies                  182 Total 50 Hours in Battle
    033 Defeat 500 Enemies                  183 Total 100 Hours in Battle
    034 Defeat 1000 Enemies                 184 Win Using Weak Attacks
    035 Defeat 5000 Enemies                 185 Defeat Lucifer Weak Attacks Only
    036 Defeat 10000 Enemies                186 Defeat Iseria Weak Attacks Only
    037 Defeat 50000 Enemies                187 Defeat Freya Weak Attacks Only
    038 Win in Under 30 Seconds             188 Win Using Strong Attacks
    039 Win in Under 20 Seconds             189 Defeat Lucifer Strong Attacks Only
    040 Win in Under 10 Seconds             190 Defeat Gabriel Strong Attacks Only
    041 Run 20 Times                        191 Defeat Lenneth Strong Attacks Only
    042 Run 100 Times                       192 Win Using Counter Aura
    043 Knocked Out 20 Times                193 Defeat Lucier Counter Aura Only
    044 Knocked Out 100 Times               194 Defeat Gabriel Counter Aura Only
    045 Win with Everyone Paralyzed         195 Defeat Iseria Counter Aura Only
    046 Win with Everyone Frozen            196 Win Using Items
    047 Paper-thin Victory HP 5             197 Defeat Arbel 1 Items Only
    048 Paper-thin Victory HP 4             198 Defeat Arbel 2 Items Only
    049 Paper-thin Victory HP 3             199 Defeat Arbel 3 Items Only
    050 Paper-thin Victory HP 2             200 Win Using Heraldry
    051 Paper-thin Victory HP 1             201 Defeat Lucifer Heraldry Only
    052 Press Buttons 10000 Times           202 Defeat Gabriel Heraldry Only
    053 Press Buttons 100000 Times          203 Defeat Lenneth Heraldry Only
    054 Press Buttons 1000000 Times         204 Win Using Charge
    055 Finish Attack 10                    205 Defeat Lucifer Charge Only
    056 Finish Attack 100                   206 Defeat Gabriel Charge Only
    057 Finish Attack 500                   207 Defeat Lenneth Charge Only
    058 Finish Attack 1000                  208 Win Using Battle Skills
    059 Reach Level 10                      209 Defeat Lucifer Battle Skills Only
    060 Reach Level 77                      210 Defeat Iseria Battle Skills Only
    061 Reach Level 120                     211 Defeat Freya Battle Skills Only
    062 Reach Level 255                     212 Win Alone
    063 Protect Break 10 Times              213 Defeat Lucifer Alone
    064 Protect Break 100 Times             214 Defeat Gabriel Alone
    065 Protect Break 500 Times             215 Defeat Iseria Alone
    066 Protect Break 1000 Times            216 Defeat Lenneth Alone
    067 Angered 10 Times                    217 Defeat Freya Alone
    068 Angered 100 Times                   218 Win Using Iron Pipe
    069 Angered 500 Times                   219 Defeat Norton with Iron Pipe
    070 Angered 1000 Times                  220 Iron Pipe 99999 Damage
    071 Over 1000 Damage                    221 Defeat Lucifer Iron Pipe Only
    072 Over 10000 Damage                   222 Defeat Lenneth Iron Pipe Only
    073 Over 50000 Damage                   223 Defeat Lucifer Naked
    074 Over 99999 Damage                   224 Evade Firebolt
    075 Win Taking No Damage                225 Defeat Metal Chinke
    076 Cancel Bonus 100 Times              226 Defeat Chinke Thief Lv 99
    077 Cancel Bonus 1000 Times             227 Encounter Monjaragora
    078 Cancel Bonus 3000 Times             228 Defeat Monjaragora
    079 Defeat Norton in 30 Seconds         229 Survive w/ Guts 3x Consecutively
    080 Defeat Norton Taking No Damage      230 Survive w/ Guts 5x Consecutively
    081 Defeat Larva Crab in 1 Minute       231 Survive w/ Guts 10x Consecutively
    082 Defeat Larva Crab Taking No Damage  232 Survive w/ Guts 15x Consecutively
    083 Defeat Shelby in 1 Minute           233 Heal 777 HP
    084 Defeat Shelby Taking No Damage      234 Heal 7777 HP
    085 Defeat Tsukikage Leader in 1 Minute 235 Heal 77777 HP
    086 Defeat Tsukikage Leader No Damage   236 Remaining 77777 HP
    087 Defeat Mudman in 1 Minute           237 111 Damage
    088 Defeat Mudman Taking No Damage      238 222 Damage
    089 Defeat Cockatrice in 1 Minute       239 333 Damage
    090 Defeat Cockatrice Taking No Damage  240 555 Damage
    091 Defeat Crystal Cerberus 1 Minute    241 777 Damage
    092 Defeat Crystal Cerberus No Damage   242 5555 Damage
    093 Defeat Demetrio in 1 Minute         243 7777 Damage
    094 Defeat Demetrio Taking No Damage    244 77777 Damage
    095 Defeat Aurora Ganash in 1 Minute    245 Get Lucky Star 10 Times
    096 Defeat Aurora Ganash No Damage      246 Get Lucky Star 30 Times
    097 Defeat Blue Dragon Zombie 1 Minute  247 10 Consecutive No Damage Wins
    098 Defeat Blue Dragon Zombie No Damage 248 50 Consecutive No Damage Wins
    099 Defeat Robin Wind in 1 Minute       249 100 Consecutive No Damage Wins
    100 Defeat Robin Wind Taking No Damage  250 50 Consecutive Battles Alone
    101 Defeat Crosel in 1 Minute           251 100 Consecutive Battles Alone
    102 Defeat Crosel Taking No Damage      252 500 Consecutive Battles Alone
    103 Defeat Biwig in 1 Minute            253 Evade Firebolt 10 Times
    104 Defeat Biwig Taking No Damage       254 Evade Firebolt 50 Times
    105 Defeat Daibensha in 1 Minute        255 10 Consecutive Finish Attacks
    106 Defeat Daibensha Taking No Damage   256 50 Consecutive Finish Attacks
    107 Defeat Azazel in 1 Minute           257 5 Consecutive Level Ups
    108 Defeat Azazel Taking No Damage      258 10 Consecutive Level Ups
    109 Defeat Danzaisha in 1 Minute        259 20 Consecutive Level Ups
    110 Defeat Danzaisha Taking No Damage   260 10 Consecutive Protects
    111 Defeat Dark Armor in 1 Minute       261 50 Consecutive Protects
    112 Defeat Dark Armor Taking No Damage  262 100 Consecutive Protects
    113 Defeat Crystal Statue in 1 Minute   263 200 Consecutive Protects
    114 Defeat Crystal Statue No Damage     264 500 Consecutive Protects
    115 Defeat Dark Eye in 1 Minute         265 5 Consecutive Back Attacks
    116 Defeat Dark Eye Taking No Damage    266 5 Consecutive Surround Attacks
    117 Defeat Chimera in 1 Minute          267 5 Consecutive Raid Attacks
    118 Defeat Chimera Taking No Damage     268 10 Consecutive Get Items
    119 Defeat Stone Golem in 1 Minute      269 10 Consecutive One Hit Kills
    120 Defeat Stone Golem No Damage        270 30 Consecutive One Hit Kills
    121 Defeat Spirit Trio in 1 Minute      271 50 Consecutive One Hit Kills
    122 Defeat Spirit Trio Taking No Damage 272 31 Consecutive Runs
    123 Defeat Gau in 1 Minute              273 30 Consecutive 0 Damage
    124 Defeat Gau Taking No Damage         274 50 Consecutive 0 Damage
    125 Defeat Belial/Beelzebub 1 Minute    275 Defeat Iseria 5 Times
    126 Defeat Belial/Beelzebub No Damage   276 Defeat Freya 5 Times
    127 Defeat Lucifer                      277 Defeat 'Princess and Knight'
    128 Defeat Lucifer in 5 Minutes         278 Defeat 'Crafty Tag'
    129 Defeat Lucifer Taking No Damage     279 Defeat 'Tiger Stripe Combo'
    130 Defeat Lucifer at Level 1           280 Defeat 'Beastmaster Girl'
    131 Defeat Universe Lucifer             281 Defeat Fate
    132 Defeat Universe Lucifer No Damage   282 Defeat 'Princess and Knight' Alone
    133 Defeat Universe Lucifer 8 Minutes   283 Defeat 'Crafty Tag' Alone
    134 Defeat Universe Lucifer Level 10    284 Defeat 'Tiger Stripe Combo' Alone
    135 Defeat FD Lucifer No Damage         285 Defeat 'Beastmaster Girls' Alone
    136 Defeat FD Lucifer 10 Minutes        286 Defeat Fate Alone
    137 Defeat FD Lucifer Level 10          287 No Damage 'Princess and Knight'
    138 Defeat Gabriel                      288 No Damage 'Crafty Tag'
    139 Defeat Gabriel Taking No Damage     289 No Damage 'Tiger Stripe Combo'
    140 Defeat Gabriel in 5 Minutes         290 No Damage 'Beastmaster Girl'
    141 Defeat Universe Gabriel             291 No Damage Fate
    142 Defeat Universe Gabriel No Damage   292 Defeat Universe Fate
    143 Defeat Universe Gabriel 8 Minutes   293 Defeat FD Fate
    144 Defeat FD Gabriel                   294 Auto Victory
    145 Defeat FD Gabriel No Damage         295 Hit Battle Sphere 5 Times
    146 Defeat FD Gabriel 10 Minutes        296 Battle Over 60 Minutes
    147 Defeat Iseria                       297 Battle Over 120 Minutes
    148 Defeat Iseria Taking No Damage      298 Don't Get Attacked for 1 Minute
    149 Defeat Iseria in 10 Minutes         299 Don't Let Enemy Within 5 meters
    150 Defeat Universe Iseria              300 Run 42.195 km in Battle
    And now an explanation on some of the less-than-clear conditions:
    X Battles: Simply get in X battles. You can see how many battles you've been 
       in on the main menu screen. However I believe this total is cumulative 
       over games (so if you had 500 battles in your first saved game and get 
       500 battles in your second saved game, as long as they used the same 
       battle collection, you should get the 1000 battles condition)
    X Hits: This refers to a hit combo. The combo indicator is displayed to the
       right of the battle screen. To get high combos, I suggest giving your
       characters high-hitting moves that don't move the enemy much, like Cliff's
       Flash Chariot or Maria's Gravity Bullet.
    X Chain: Chain refers to having consecutive battles with the Heat Up gauge
       filled. Thus, Chain 100 means get into 100 consecutive battles with a full
       Heat Up gauge.
    Press Buttons X Times: Refers to the number of times you've pressed a button
       in battle. Thus, a weak attack, strong attack, or battle skills is one 
       time, unless you mash on the controller. Using the directional pad also
    Finish Attack: Finish Attack refers to your character only (the player 
       controlled one) dealing the final blow in the battle.
    Angered X Times: Anger is a condition in which your characters may go to
       if an ally is knocked out. It'll give them increased attack power and 
       they'll say something.
    Over X Damage: This means that your characters must deal in ONE HIT a damage
       equal or over to the indicated value. Thus, if in one hit your characters
       deals 1200 damage, that will satisfy the "Over 1000 Damage" condition.
    Defeat Metal Chinke: The Metal Chinke is an enemy found on certain floors of
       the Cave of Trials.
    Defeat Chinkethief Lvl. 99: The Chinkethief Lvl. 99 is an enemy found on
       floors 152 to 161 of the Sphere Corporation.
    Encounter Monjagora/Defeat Monjagora: The Monjagora is the boss of the 7th
       floor of the Cave of Trials.
    X Damage: Unlike Over X Damage, your characters must deal in ONE HIT the
       EXACT amount of damage listed. Thus, getting 5560 damage will NOT trigger
       the "5555 Damage" condition.
    Defeat Arbel X Using Only Items: There are three times you can possibly
       fight Arbel in the game. "Arbel 1" refers to the very first time you fight
       him, during the escape from Becquerel Mines. "Arbel 2" refers to if you
       attempt to go fight him at the Urza Lava Cave immediately after reaching
       the FD world (before going to the Sphere Corporation). "Arbel 3" refers to
       if you fight him at the Urza Lava Cave any time afterwards. To fight him
       at the Urza Lava Cave you must first talk to Walter first in Cirlsour.
    X Continuous Level Up: This means that in ONE BATTLE, a character of yours
       must get X levels up at once.
    0 Damage X Consecutive Times: This means that your player-controlled
       character must get hit for 0 damage X number of times. This refers to 
       curing as well, so if your character is cured for 0 damage (such as with 
       the Regeneration Counter Aura), then that will work towards this condition.
    Battle Over X Minutes: This refers to ONE BATTLE. Thus you'll have to stay
       in a single battle for over 2 hours just to get all of these conditions.
    Sir Felious Underwater Garden ***NEW***
    How to get here: This isn't a secret dungeon, but it's been added for the
    Director's Cut, and it's completely optional. To get here, go to the west
    section of the Iris Plains; where there used to be nothing, there will now be
    a save point, and the entrance to the Sir Felious Water Garden. You can enter
    here as soon as you clear the Douglas Forest (i.e., as soon as you can access
    the Iris Plains itself), although the level of the enemies in this dungeon
    are much higher than what you've faced before this point of time. I'd suggest
    either building up your characters to the upper 20s before entering, or 
    waiting until later in the story.
    Items in this section: 8200 Fol, 15000 Fol, Enchant Book (Wind: Absorb), 
    Fire Stone, Blacksmith Materials, Synthesis Materials, Gold Chain, Craft
    Materials, Earth Charm, Blackberry x2, Blueberry, Fresh Sage, Holy Sword,
    Courage Crest, Paracelsus's Round Table
    Map Completion: 1/1 Bunny
    The dungeon is only one floor, but it's a wide area with a variety of
    puzzles. Head east at the first fork and make your way through the room with
    the statue enemies. In the next section head south for a treasure chest,
    then go back east again. Go through the next room, picking up another
    treasure chest, then go north at the next fork. Here you'll come up against
    your first puzzle room.
    Stepping on the green switch activates the puzzle, which unlocks the doors,
    but adds a bunch of colored blocks to impede your progress. Each block can
    be pushed and moved, but only along certain colored tracks which you can see
    on the ground. To continue you'll want to go through the north door, but the
    door to the east has treasure, so first push the blocks in this order: white,
    red, yellow, back yellow. Collect the treasure, then return to the room and
    step on the green switch to reset the puzzle. Now push the blocks in the
    following order: white, red, furthest-west white, furthest-north blue.
    Continue onwards, going west at the fork for some treasure before going north
    again. Follow the path around and you'll enter the second puzzle room, this
    time from the east. There is a treasure to the north this time, so go
    red, southern yellow, white, red next to where the white ended, white to the
    north of that, and blue to the north of that, then collect the treasure.
    Reset the puzzle and this time head for the exit in the west. To reach
    the exit, push the blocks in the following order: red, yellow, white, red
    to the far west, the red above that, the blue above that, the furthest
    west red.
    Continue winding through the next branching section; you'll want to
    generally head south. When you come to the room with exits to the south
    and east, head south first for some treasure. Then go east, and head south
    until you reach the final puzzle room. There is treasure in the exit towards
    the southwest, and you'll eventually want to head south. First, the
    treasure: push white, red right next to it, blue, red, another red close
    by, the white close to it, the red you just pushed, blue, yellow; then
    backtracking towards the beginning, hit the furthest west yellow, the white
    to the south, blue, the white in the northwest, yellow, red, white, blue.
    After all this, reset the puzzle and now make your way south for the exit.
    Press the blocks in the following order: white, red next to it, blue, red,
    red just to the west, white immediately north, the red you just pushed,
    blue just to the south, yellow; then backtracking, the furthest-west yellow,
    white to the south, and the yellow to the south.
    Follow the path around. When you reach a save point, you'll know that you're
    just one room away from the boss.
    Boss: Sculpture Ruler
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    He comes with two polyhedron-like Sculpture Guards. The Guards are suscpetible
    to instant-death via freezing, so if you have Nel's Touga (and you should by
    now), by all means use it as much as possible. Try to keep your distance from
    the Sculpture Ruler as it has several area-effect type attacks. If you keep
    sniping at him he should go down in no time.
    After the battle proceed to the final room to earn your reward: Paracelsus's
    Round Table. Its use may seem totally foreign, but take it to Welch Vineyard
    (note: apparently you must have finished the war before you can do this) and 
    she'll explain its use, and more importantly, unlock Versus Mode. For more 
    details about Versus Mode, see its own section below.
    Ancient Ruins of Mosel (Depths)
    How to get here: This really isn't a secret dungeon. However, you don't
    ever have to set foot inside of it to beat the game, so consider it a bonus
    dungeon. You can enter as soon as you get the Vanish Ring. Visit the area
    where the meeting took place and use the Vanish Ring on the door in the
    ground; this will cause a set of stairs to appear and you can proceed down.
    Alternatively, once you defeat the Stone Golem the second time you
    go to visit the Ancient Ruins of Mosel, simply head down the east stairs
    instead of the west stairs (which will take you to the Firewall). The second
    way is recommended as the enemies are very strong and will probably wipe
    you out if you head down immediately after getting the Vanish Ring. However
    if you want the Ancient Scroll #4 treasure, you will have to do it earlier
    and not later. (See Ancient Scrolls section for details).
    Items in this section: Cooking Materials, 160000 Fol, Ripe Berry, Blacksmith
    Materials x2, Star Talisman, Synthesis Materials x4, Trapping Card EX 6,
    Magical Berry, Very Ripe Berry, Counter Aura Book 6, Star Guard, Skill Book
    "Support Spell", Trapping Card 4
    You'll start in a sewer-like catacomb. Head to the west section for a 
    treasure chest, then go over to the east side. On a ramp slanting down from
    north to south, you'll find a Torokko, similar to the ones in the Cirlsour
    Cave. Speak to this one and get on it to swim over the water.
    Now head east and then north. Head into the tunnel to go into the next area.
    In this area there are places you can get off to collect more treasure,
    but it'll be faster if you wait until later (as the Torokko is quite slow).
    Go west with the Torokko, then south again, then east again to the middle
    of the screen, then take the tunnel south back to the first part of the
    screen. Here, head to the southwest corner of the area. There is a ramp
    here, so get off the Torokko. Run into the giant amoeba monster to fight.
    He isn't too hard (certainly not compared to the Chimera) but be prepared
    all the same.
    After defeating the amoeba monster, the water throughout the sewers will
    drain. Now you can walk around freely and collect treasures if you wish.
    There is one treasure in the southeast part of the northern area that you
    will have to climb up to get to. When you're done collecting the treasures,
    head to the south part of the southern area. There are some pillars here
    that you can get rid of with the Vanish Ring, and behind the pillars is
    a door and a plate in the ground. What you want to do here is find one of
    the glowing enemies in the room and lure them towards the plate. When you
    do, the door will open. However the enemy will change into Aurora Ganash,
    and you'll have to fight.
    Boss: Aurora Ganash
    285000 HP, 212025 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Aurora Ganash in 1 Minute, Defeat
    Aurora Ganash Taking No Damage
    As a color swap of monsters you've seen before, he's got most of their
    similar attacks. Stay away from him and go for long distance hit-and-run.
    If you defeated the Chimera easily, he'll be no problem.
    After defeating him, take the door to descend to the second level. The
    second level has but three treasure chests, all towards the east of the
    area, and two of them in a room that you can access only via Vanishing
    the stone blocks covering the door. If you head west from this point,
    you'll find a save point, and this is a sign that a boss is coming up.
    Enter the next room for a pretty comical scene featuring your old friend
    Robin Wind, and then a boss fight.
    Boss: Spirit Trio (Robin Wind, Aqua Regia, Novas Blaze)
    Robin Wind: 140000 HP, 30000 MP
    Aqua Regia: 148000 HP, 50000 MP
    Novas Blaze: 135000 HP, 40000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Spirit Trio in 1 Minute, Defeat
    Spirit Trio Taking No Damage
    A fairly tough battle. Robin Wind's still tough as usual but now he has
    two friends to help him along. Rather than going 1-on-1 with your three,
    try focusing all your attacks on one at a time to take them down. You
    should go for Robin Wind first, then Aqua Regia (the golden mermaid)
    next. Though you should focus your attacks on one opponent at a time,
    don't cluster together, or you may get eliminated really quickly by
    an area attack from the opponents.
    After the battle go north. Here you'll meet the ghost of Count Mattarin,
    with whom you can play a Chess Battle game (much like the ones in Gemity).
    The board is really quite simple, and if you just put your pieces across
    from his such that yours win (remember thief beats wizard, wizard beats
    knight, knight beats thief) you'll win the game easily. Once you win,
    the Count and the chessboard will disappear, and in its place there'll
    be a set of stairs down to a treasure room with many nice treasures.
    Collect these and you're done with the Ancient Ruins of Mosel.
    Cave of Trials
    How to get here: After beating the game and watching the long long ending,
    the game will automatically save to your memory card. What it does is add the
    "Clear" designation to your save file. Note that it doesn't affect it in
    any other way; you can still proceed and fight Lucifer again. Upon loading the
    "Clear" file, head south. You'll find a bunny. Talk to him, and he'll say
    that he's been told to give you a prophecy: "Head for the town of bridges,
    and the cave of lava".
    The town of bridges is Cirlsour. Make your way out of the Spiral Tower
    and the Firewall, then head for Cirlsour. The entrance to the Cave of Trials
    will be in the previously closed cave entrance in the southwest of town.
    Go in through the cave here (you'll have to use the Vanish Ring to clear away
    some rocks) and you'll find a teleporter that will take you to the Cave of
    There are 8 floors and absolutely zero save points in here. I highly
    recommend frequent backtracking so you can rest, restock, and save in
    Map Completion: 1/1 Bunny
    Items in this section: Very Ripe Berry, Synthesis Materials x3, Shadow Bullet,
    Cooking Materials, Alchemy Materials, Blackberry x2, Compounding Materials x2,
    Aquaberry, 60000 Fol, Blacksmith Materials, Ripe Berry, Dark Eye Helm,
    Holy Staff Pumpkin Wraith
    (After hitting switch on Floor Three)
    Blood Scylla, Blueberry, Cooking Materials, Blackberry x2, Aquaberry, 40000
    Fol, Reflex, Synthesis Materials
    There really aren't any tricks to the first floor. Just proceed forward
    and use the Vanish Ring to get rid of crates in your way. Some of the doors
    cannot be opened yet; you'll come back to them later so don't worry about
    them for now. Throughout the Cave of Trials you may see treasure chests
    floating in midair. To get them, you'll have to knock them down to the ground
    first, usually by Vanishing nearby crates in such a way that they fall and
    hit the treasure chest.
    After proceeding to the far north you'll face the boss of this floor, 
    Boss: Bigfoot ビッグフット
    350000 HP, 50000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    He's big, strong, and faster than you'd expect. Nevertheless he's not that
    hard, comparatively. The only move to watch out for is his Ice Beam, which 
    may take out your party all at once. Nevertheless if you've managed to Item 
    Create some items that absorb water element, you won't have to worry about 
    that either. His physical strength is high but nothing constant curing can't 
    take care of. Also remember that he's weak against fire. 
    Collect the two treasure chests behind him, then proceed to the second floor.
    Items in this section: Youriten Shell, Aquaberry, Tri Faunas, Experimental
    All-Purpose Antidote, Blackberry, Mirage Robe, Very Ripe Berry, Cooking
    Materials, Magical Berry, 
    (Via Elevator)
    Elemental Edge, 74000 Fol, Cooking Materials, Compounding Materials
    First head to the southeast of the area. There is a switch here that you'll 
    need to activate. To the north, you'll find stacked boxes that when Vanished,
    drop a ton of treasure chests that end up blocking the path. There are some
    useful treasures here, but there's also treasure on the other side. To get
    across, Vanish the bottom box and then try and run through as quickly as you
    can to get to the other side. Grab the two treasure chests there, and if you
    can't get back across, simply use the Reset function (press square to bring
    up the Vanish box, then press Select) to get warped back to the hallway's
    Make your way to the northwest area. As you enter a door that heads south,
    you'll run into the boss of this floor, Succubus.
    Boss: Succubus サキュバス
    40000 HP, 50000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    She's pretty easy, actually. She can confuse your characters, but if you just
    keep the pressure on her (Flash Chariot with Cliff; Gravity Bullet with
    Maria, etc.) she won't be able to do a thing.
    After defeating her you'll be able to head into the puzzle section of this
    floor. You'll basically be on a four-by-four grid of rooms. Thanks to the
    switch you pressed earlier, you'll be able to slide the rooms around by
    examining the pedestal in the middle of each room. Basically the grid
    starts with the "gap" in the lower right section. Your job is to shift
    around the rooms such that the gap will be in the extreme upper left, and
    then jump into the gap. Here's the layout of the grid:
    A B C D
    E F G H
    I J K L
    M N O P
    To continue you'll need to drop down A, but dropping down the following
    squares will net you some treasures:
    B,E,F - Blueberry
    C,D,G,H - Synthesis Materials
    I,M - None
    J,K,L,P - Very Ripe Berry, Blacksmith Materials, Cooking Materials
    N,O - Burst Emission
    To make the gap be at square A, rearrange the rooms in the following
    order: O, K, J, F, E, I, J, F, B, A. Now simply jump into the gap in
    the ground to head to the third floor.
    Items in this section: Blacksmith Materials, Very Ripe Berry, Burst
    Emission, Synthesis Materials, Blueberry, Mystic Chain, Reflex, Compounding
    Materials, Raven Gauntlet.
    (Via Elevator)
    Trapping Card EX 13, Aquaberry, Cooking Materials, 
    If you positioned the grid correctly, you should drop into a room with three
    treasure chests. Follor the path out. When the halls branch east, follow the
    corridor east to find another switch to activate. Then continue on. When
    you enter the next door to the west, you'll face the boss of this floor, 
    the Basilisk King.
    Boss: Basilisk King バシリスクキング
    79365 HP, 3607 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    He doesn't have much HP at all, and he isn't too dangerous. Just keep on
    him with multi-hitting attacks and he'll go down in no time. Since he's
    a basilisk presumably he could petrify you, but he never got the chance to
    do it to me. If you have Nel with a high ATK, a single Kokuyousen will take
    him out thanks to his pitifully low MP.
    Afterwards you'll enter stairs that'll take you back to the first floor,
    to a section you haven't seen before. The doors that were previously locked
    should now be open (if you hit the switch). Collect the treasure chests, 
    then head north and then east. You'll find an elevator. You can take this
    elevator down to the fourth floor, but in the meantime you should visit floors
    2 and 3 as well as the elevator will take you to new sections. On Floor three
    you'll be able to meet Santa, who can sell you some stuff if you like. If
    you have the cash, I recommend getting Santa Boots, which have a small chance
    of giving you tri-Emblems when you rest at an inn. When you're done, head 
    down to the fourth floor.
    Items in this section: Efreet Cape, Ripe Berry x2, Mystic Chain, 61000 Fol,
    Magical Berry x2, 58000 Fol
    This floor is very, very dark. When you enter the second (large) room, there
    will be many glowing enemies around that light the area. They're useful, but
    in order to proceed you'll have to kill all of them. Make sure you go around
    and collect the treasures first though, otherwise you'll have a hard time
    finding them. When you've killed all the lights, head to the southwest for
    the exit... but first a boss.
    Boss: Earth Dragon アースドラゴン
    420000 HP, 48000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    He's got some strong attacks, but thankfully he's really, really slow. Take
    advantage of this with hit-and-run tactics and you should be fine. Once you
    get his HP down, he'll start flying in midair and breathing fire, but this is
    still fairly easy to avoid - and if you got the Reflex's from the earlier
    floors, the fire breath won't do any damage at all.
    When you're finished with him, head down to the fifth floor.
    Items in this section: Blueberry x2, Blackberry, Synthesis Materials x2, 
    Very Ripe Berry, Magical Berry x2, 22000 Fol, Trapping Card EX 15, Uraouka 
    Sakkou, Ripe Berry x2, Infinity Arts, Magical Dance
    Head to the east first for some treasures, then proceed north. After a
    short while, you'll run into your old friend, Puffy! In typical Puffy
    style she'll summon a monster to attack you.
    Boss: Shubringer シュブリンガー
    182900 HP, 3645 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    His attacks are similar to the crab like monsters from the earlier floors.
    However he isn't too tough. Just take him out with lots of MP damage
    (Kokuyousen!) and he'll go down in no time.
    After the battle Puffy will run off. There's a door behind her which you
    can't open yet, so go chasing after her. She's towards the south, but
    look around and collect the treasures first. When you find her, she's
    being menaced by a monster. Choose to help her (助ける) and you'll
    end up in another fight.
    Boss: Arlie アーリ
    182900 HP, 3645 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    Easy, just like Shubringer. He's slow, and MP damage will kill him sooner
    than you'd think.
    After this event Puffy will drop a key. Pick it up and take it to the
    locked door that was there before, and you'll be in her lab. Here you can
    give her the Experimental All-Purpose Antidote from the second floor to
    have her join you as a creator. Her lab also contains the stairs to the
    sixth floor, so take them down.
    Items in this section: Blackberry, Blueberry x2, Aquaberry, Mugen Kuuhazan,
    Blacksmith Materials, Very Ripe Berry
    This floor has the same pattern as the second floor. The switch this time
    is in the northeast, so take the east door in the first room and activate 
    that. Before you'll have a chance to, though, you'll run into ?Lenneth, a
    nice cameo from Valkyrie Profile. She'll summon up a boss for you to fight...
    it's Vox! No, wait, it's not Vox... it's SERIOUS Vox!
    Boss: Serious Vox 本気ヴォックス
    455000 HP, 50000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Serious Vox, Get Item from Serious 
    Vox, Protect Against Serious Vox, Counter Aura Against Serious Vox, Protect 
    Break Against Serious Vox
    He's a buffed up version of Vox. He's got a lot of HP/MP, but his attacks
    aren't too threatening. Even better, if you have the Reflex his fire breath
    won't do any damage, so take advantage of this fact. He's a little
    hard to hit since he's flying, but you should be able to take him down. He
    also has a ridiculous number of Battle Collection Opportunities so try and
    take advantage of these. He'll drop a 1/1 Bunny after you defeat him.
    Proceed forward to hit the switch, then backtrack and head through the north
    door in the first room for the grid. This grid is significantly harder than 
    the last one, but your goal is still the same - jump down the northwest corner 
    of the grid. 
    A B C D
    E F G H
    I J K L
    M N O P
    The treasures are as follows:
    B,F - None
    C - Holy Sword Farwell
    D - Mystic Chain
    E - Divine Weapon
    G,H,K - None
    I,J - Compounding Materials
    L,P - 162000 Fol, Blacksmith Materials
    M - None
    N - Magical Berry
    O - Magical Berry
    To drop down square A and head to the next floor, rearrange the rooms as
    follows: O, N, M, I, J, N, K, G, F, B, C, G, F, J, I, E, A
    Items in this section: 162000 Fol, Blacksmith Materials, Magical Berry x3,
    Trapping Card EX 14, Divine Weapon, Mystic Chain, Holy Sword Farwell,
    Synthesis Materials
    Head forward from where you dropped. There's only one way to go. Once
    you reach a the southernmost room, head east to face a boss.
    Boss: Monjaragora モンジャラゴラ
    468000 HP, 47800 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Encounter Monjaragora, Defeat Monjaragora
    This guy is really, really strong, despite his appearance. Luckily there's
    only one of them (in later areas these guys appear as regular enemies, and
    in groups), so if you team up on him and don't let him get off any major
    attacks, you should be ok. If he gets low on health, he'll try to self-
    destruct; this will bar you from the "Defeat Monjaragora" Battle Collection
    so try not to let this happen.
    After defeating the boss take the elevator down to the next floor.
    Items in this section: Reflex, Synthesis Materials, Mirage Robe, Very Ripe
    Berry, High Grade Fire Spirit, Star Guard
    This is the last floor. At the very beginning you'll find an elevator marked
    escape. This will warp you up to the sixth floor. I highly recommend you take
    this up and save in Cirlsour and restock, as the coming challenges are a bit
    rough. Unfortunately it is one-way only, and you'll have to walk back down
    to the eighth. Thankfully the walls in the grid puzzle on Floor 6 are now
    gone, making it really easy.
    This floor is pretty simple. There are four rooms to the north, and each
    one contains a boss and treasure. After defeating three bosses, I suggest
    leaving and saving again, as after defeating the fourth boss, the boss of
    the entire Cave of Trials, Gabriel Celeste, will show up when you try to
    From left to right, the bosses are: 
    Boss: Tri Chimera トライキメラ
    682000 HP, 38500 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    This guy's similar to the giant enemies on the 10th floor of the Spiral
    Tower. He's really powerful, IF he gets an attack off. Like all other
    big strong but slow bosses, keep him occupied with multi-hitting attacks
    and pick at him from long range. I suggest Cliff using Flash Chariot to
    keep him busy at short range, then Maria and Nel at long range using
    Gravity Bullet and Kokuyousen respectively. If you keep him busy long
    enough he shouldn't even be able to damage you.
    Boss: Guardian Haunt x3 ガーディアンハント
    95000 HP, 3720 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: These guys must not count as a "boss" in
    the game because Enemy Search will show you their stats. They only have
    slightly over 3000 MP, so take advantage of this and Kokuyousen to death.
    It should be over really quickly.
    Boss: Pile Chimera パイルキメラ
    662000 HP, 35000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    Like all the Chimera type battles, a pretty tough battle. He's tough,
    he causes status abnormalities, and his tail can hurt you even if you just
    run into it. The AI has the unfortunate habit of running into his tail
    and just standing there. Stay far away and be prepared to heal your
    teammates, and get the heck out of the way if the Chimera charges up for
    a strong attack.
    Boss: Shadow Savant x3 シャドーサヴァン
    100000 HP, 4000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    They can cast some spells, but like the Guardian Haunts they've got
    pitifully low MP, and rapid and frequent Kokuyousen will eliminate
    them faster than you can say "Kokuyousen".
    Boss: Gabriel Celeste ガブリエセレスタ
    1000000 HP, 200000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Gabriel, Defeat Gabriel Taking No
    Damage, Defeat Gabriel in 5 Minute, Defeat Universe Gabriel, Defeat Universe
    Gabriel Taking No Damage, Defeat Universe Gabriel in 8 Minute, Defeat
    FD Gabriel, Defeat FD Gabriel Taking No Damage, Defeat FD Gabriel in 10
    Minutes, Taunt Gabriel 10 Times, Defeat Gabriel Using Only Counter Aura, 
    Defeat Gabriel Using Only Heraldry, Defeat Gabriel Using Only Charge, Defeat
    Gabriel Using Only Strong Attacks, Defeat Gabriel Alone
    Tough and it shows. I'd say watch out for his move where he jumps into
    the air and crashes down with his spear, but it's just too quick to
    avoid. Your only real chance is to keep him too busy to attack you, and
    you'll want as much help as possible, be it through items, created
    weapons/armor, and such. When you get his HP down, he'll start using "Brutish
    Bolt", a move that creates lots of lightning across the field. (Yes, 
    this is the same one as from Valkyrie Profile). Try not to let him use it, 
    but if he pulls it off run as far away from the area as possible.
    After defeating Gabriel Celeste the doors to the southeast and southwest
    of the floor will open which you can go to for more treasure. Also, all
    the monsters have disappeared so feel free to wander through each floor
    collecting what you might have missed. Floor 4 even gives you a fancy
    light so you can see!
    Urza Cave Temple ***NEW***
    How to get here: Continuing the Bunny's prophecy, the Cava of Lava is the 
    Urza Lava Cave. By heading to Crosel's room, there will be an entrance to the
    temple in the northeast. The enemies in the temple are at a level at which
    it would be wise to finish the Cave of Trials first before heading here.
    Items in this section: 4100 Fol, Enchant Book (Water: Null), Trapping Card
    EX 9, Seiken "Ama no Muragumo no Ken", Raven Gauntlet, Alchemy Materials x2,
    Infinity Arts, Enchant Book (Fire: Null), Compounding Materials, Enchant
    Book (Wind: Null), Enchant Book (Earth: Null), Ripe Berry, Spicule, Very
    Ripe Berry, Trapping Card EX 10, Trapping Card EX 11
    Map Completion: 1/1 Bunny
    This is a rather small dungeon with only three floors. What complicates
    matters are all the elemental orbs, pedestals, barriers, and monsters in
    your path. As soon as you enter you'll see a save point and a tablet with
    an inscription. This is the only save point in the dungeon so backtrack here
    often. The tablet reads "Offer the opposing orb to the pedestal. Offer and
    the road will open... however take heart. Those aligned with the offered
    orb shall become an unbreakable wall." What this means is that throughout
    the dungeon there will be various pedestals, and elemental barriers - red
    for fire, blue for water, green for wind, and a yellowish-brown for earth.
    By offering up an opposing element's orb at a pedestal - fire 火 versus 
    water 水, wind 風 versus earth 地 - those barriers will disappear. However 
    at the same time, any enemies that have the element offered will become 
    invincible. Prepare to run if you should encounter one of them.
    Continue on; eventually you'll reach an area with barriers to the front,
    four empty pedestals, and two corridors to the left and right. Each corridor
    has a north and a south door; each section has one of the elemental orbs
    you'll need. Head to the northeast section and collect the treasure chests
    with the 41000 Fol and the Fire orb. The northwest section has a Raven
    Gauntlet and the Wind Orb. The southwest section has Alchemy Materials
    and the Water Orb. Finally, head to the southeast section. Place the
    Wind Orb in the pedestal here to collect the treasure chests with the
    Alchemy Materials and the Trapping Card EX 9, then collect the Earth Orb. 
    (Remember to take the Wind Orb back when you exit). Now backtrack to
    the room just before the save point and use the Water Orb to collect
    an Enchant Book (Water: Null) and use the Fire and Earth Orbs to collect
    the Seiken: Ama no Murakumo no Ken for Adlai. Take the Orbs back (now
    would be an excellent time to use the save point), head back to the main
    chamber, place all four orbs in the pedestals, and continue north and
    into the next chamber.
    Here you'll meet the first boss. The bosses that show up are dependent
    on who you recruited and who you didn't out of the four optional
    characters, Nel, Arbel, Roger, and Souffle. Each one comes with a
    companion monster to form a team. When you enter the back room, one
    of the companions you did not recruit, along with his/her fellow monster,
    will come to challenge you.
    Boss: Nel and Zolt AKA Princess and Knight
    Nel: 200000 HP, 36000 MP (1st Floor)
         450000 HP, 72000 MP (2nd Floor)
    Zolt: 140000 HP, 40000 MP (1st Floor)
          300000 HP, 50000 MP (2nd Floor)
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Princess and Knight, Defeat Princess
    and Knight Taking No Damage, Defeat Princess and Knight Alone
    In my opinion, the hardest of the duos. Zolt, AKA the Knight, is a palette
    swap of those annoyingly fast Crystal Statue enemies, so you'll have enough
    trouble with him; add to that Nel, and you've got real problems. Unlike the
    real Nel, this Nel can cast Rock Rain and Ray, which will annoy you to no
    end; her Raikouha is weak and therefore can be protected, but it homes
    like nothing else, and so if your Guts isn't perfectly full there's almost
    no way to get away from it. Worst of all, Nel's two best battle skills,
    Kokuyousen and Uraouka: Sakkou, are used by the imitation Nel, in their
    Strong versions. Kokuyousen you might be able to avoid (though if you eat
    it, prepare to heal your MP), but Uraouka: Sakkou homes and is nearly
    unavoidable unless you can get Nel to dash into a wall or barrier. You'll
    need a lot of preparation to beat this duo.
    Boss: Arbel and Romero AKA Crafty Tag
    Arbel: 235000 HP, 20000 MP (1st Floor)
           520000 HP, 40000 MP (2nd Floor)
    Romero: 100000 HP, 100000 MP (1st Floor)
            240000 HP, 150000 MP (2nd Floor)
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Crafty Tag, Defeat Crafty Tag
    Taking No Damage, Defeat Crafty Tag Alone
    Romero is a Demon Prince type opponent, and so he's fairly fast and
    has some Sudden Death attacks, though most of his attacks are fairly
    avoidable. Arbel himself isn't too threatening; he uses Kuuhazan, though
    in its Weak form, and his Strong battle skills Kouryuuha and Goumashou
    can be seen coming from a mile away. Slightly more annoying is his
    sudden ability to cast Explosion, though it's still not as threatening
    as Nel's new skills. Just keep on the move constantly and snipe at the
    pair, and you should be fine. If you go for MP damage, you might
    actually kill Arbel before you get Romero.
    Boss: Roger and Fabnir AKA Tiger Stripe Combo
    Roger: 255000 HP, 25000 MP (1st Floor)
           560000 HP, 30000 MP (2nd Floor)
    Fabnir: 130000 HP, 70000 MP (1st Floor)
            260000 HP, 20000 MP (2nd Floor)
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Tiger Stripe Combo, Defeat Tiger
    Stripe Combo Taking No Damage, Defeat Tiger Stripe Combo Alone
    The easiest of the combos, in my opinion. Fabnir is a crab gunner-type
    opponent, and so is relatively slow and unthreatening (though the homing
    missiles hurt) - it'll go down easy with MP damage, and actually so will
    Roger himself. Just keep him constantly busy and he shouldn't be able to
    do anything at all.
    Boss: Souffle and Hodge-Podge AKA Beastmaster Girl
    Souffle: 225000 HP, 50000 MP (1st Floor)
             500000 HP, 100000 MP (2nd Floor)
    Hodge-Podge: 120000 HP, 90000 MP (1st Floor)
                 250000 HP, 100000 MP (2nd Floor)
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Beastmaster Girl, Defeat Beastmaster
    Girl Taking No Damage, Defeat Beastmaster Girl Alone
    As long as you keep certain preparations in mind, this will be easy.
    Hodge-Podge is a chimera, which you won't like, though if you constantly
    use Counter Auras to stun it and then retaliate with MP damage, you'll be
    fine. The problem is Souffle herself - her battle skills Papapa Splash
    and Dokyuun Blast are both near-instant, and they also have a lovely
    Instant Death effect on them. Equip Sudden Death Checks or tri-Emblems
    to even the odds and then take Souffle out. 
    Upon defeating the boss you'll be able to head down to the second floor.
    Here, head to the southwest section to retrieve the fire orb. Head back
    to the main section and take the water orb from the central pedestal, and
    put the fire orb in its place. Now head to the northeast and collect
    the wind orb and a Compounding Materials, and use the water orb to collect
    an Enchant Book (Fire: Null). Then backtrack and go to the north room and 
    collect the earth orb, and put the water orbs in the pedestals there. Head 
    out the west door and offer up the wind orb to pick up Infinity Arts. Go
    back to the previous room and now offer up the wind orb at an empty pedestal.
    Use the west corridor to loop back to the first room. Take the fire orb
    and now offer up the earth orb. Use the west corridor loop again and
    offer the fire orb to open up the path beyond. Once you enter the next
    room, you'll face the second boss, whoever you didn't face on Floor 1. For
    instance, if in this playthrough you recruited Nel and Arbel, either "Tiger
    Stripe Combo" or "Beastmaster Girl" will show up on Floor 1, and the 
    remaining boss will show up on Floor 2. Dispatch of this boss and then
    collect one of each elemental orb in the treasure chests. You'll need them
    on the third floor.
    The third floor only has two pedestals and a load of barriers; depending on
    which two orbs you'll offer, you'll open up the path either to treasure or
    to the final room. Try the following combinations: 
    Fire and Water: Enchant Book (Wind: Null)
    Fire and Earth: Ripe Berry, Very Ripe Berry, Trapping Card EX 10
    Wind and Earth: Enchant Book (Earth: Null)
    Wind and Water: Spicule
    Fire and Wind: Final room
    In the final room you'll face Fate and another character. The other character
    you'll face will be whoever Fate ended up in the ending of the game (PAs
    you've done since you saw the ending and "Clear" designation was added do not
    count for this); if Fate was on his own in that ending, you'll face Fate
    and Lucifer.
    Boss: Fate and ???
    Fate: 1000000 HP, 100000 MP
    Lucifer: 1100000 HP, 800000 MP
    Sophia: 560000 HP, 400000 MP
    Cliff: 1200000 HP, 36000 MP
    Maria: 700000 HP, 180000 MP
    Souffle: 760000 HP, 140000 MP
    Nel: 800000 HP, 144000 MP
    Arbel: 940000 HP, 80000 MP
    Roger: 1020000 HP, 60000 MP
    Adlai: 800000 HP, 200000 MP
    Mirage: 900000 HP, 100000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Fate, Defeat Fate Alone, Defeat
    Fate Taking No Damage, Defeat Universe Fate, Defeat FD Fate
    Drops: Bunny Charm and/or Tri-Emblem
    In my opinion, the worst possible partners for Fate are Sophia and Adlai,
    because their magic will ignore your DEF stat. Try not to let Fate be
    paired with either of these two, unless you want a real challenge. The other
    girls (Nel/Maria/Souffle) are also rather tough because their high MP
    totals mean you won't be able to rely on a fast MP kill to isolate Fate 
    Regardless of who he gets paired with you'll be in for a long fight. Fate
    moves very fast so avoiding him is impossible - you'll either want to
    use Counter Aura to stun him, or set Guardless and soak his attacks. He's
    significantly harder than any of the duo bosses in the floors above, so don't
    be afraid to come back and face him after Sphere 211.
    Once you defeat Fate, be sure to get the Trapping Card EX 11 behind the
    fountain; then you'll be finished with the dungeon.
    Sphere 211 (AKA The Sphere Corporation)
    How to get here: After defeating Gabriel Celeste in the Cave of Trials, he'll
    tell you that "the seal has been broken". What this means is that you can now
    head to the Sphere Corporation for the second secret dungeon.
    Head to the Sphere Corporation by first warping back to Gemity by taking
    the warp point just outside Cirlsour in the Cirlsour Hills. Then take the
    Gemity transporter station to the Sphere Corporation. Now work your way up
    to the sixth floor. Whereas previously you could go to any floor from 7-100
    via the transporter in the east here, now you'll be able to go to 7-101.
    You start at floor 101 and work your way up one floor at a time. As the name
    implies, there are 211 floors, meaning that there are 111 floors total in 
    the "secret" part of the dungeon.
    Unlike the Cave of Trials, the floors here repeat in pattern. Thus even though
    there are 111 floors, most of them will have the same pattern. Giving a
    floor-by-floor walkthrough would thus be pointless, so I'll just give a
    general description of the floors here and point out unique floors below.
    The enemies change every ten floors, starting with floor 112. Thus, from
    101-111 you'll encounter one set of enemies, then from 112-121 you'll
    encounter a different set, and so on. Obviously the enemies get MUCH harder
    as the floors increase in number, and towards the top you'd do well to
    consider pretty much every fight a boss fight. Running away is certainly
    key in many situations.
    Here are the quickest routes to get to the next floor. Keep in mind
    that this may skip some treasure chests, so if the floor you are on has a
    unique treasure (see below) you may want to comb the floor to find it.
    1. Upon transporting in, check where you are.
       A. If you are in a room:
          I. If you can go west, take that door, then go west again, south, 
             then east.
          II. If you can go east and south, take the south, then south again,
             then east, east, east, south, west.
          III. If you can only go east, take that door, then go northeast, south,
             northeast, west.
       B. If you are in the center of a cross-shaped hallway:
          I. If the hallway to the south splits into southeast and southwest,
             take the southwest, then southwest, southeast, and then east in the 
             next cross's southern part.
          II. If the hallway to the north has a door going east and west, take 
             the east, then go south, and then loop around east again.
          III. If the north, west, and south hallways all have doors going west,
             take the west hallway's west door, then go north, east, then loop 
             around west.
          IV. If the hallway to the west has a door going southwest, go in.
              a. If there are enemies here, go north, northwest, northeast, north,
                 west, south, then west.
              b. If there are no enemies here, go north, north, east, and then
    Although most of the treasure chests on these floors are miscellaneous items
    like Int Seeds, Con Seeds, Synthesis Materials, and so on, some of the
    floors contain really unique items. Some of the floors also contain bosses.
    I will list these below.
    016 - Trapping Card EX 7
    030 - Prophecy Book 4
    050 - Trapping Card EX 8
    085 - Prophecy Book 3
    101 - Boss: Returned Norton (drops Lilith's Kin)
    102 - Gold Grail
    106 - Valiant Mail
    108 - Southern Cross
    109 - Trapping Card EX 17
    111 - Dragon Leather
    114 - Iserial Blast, Star Guard
    115 - Boss: Enraged Crosel (drops Tenken: Ama no Ohabari)
    118 - Seraphic Garb
    120 - Dragon Leather
    122 - Valiant Mail
    126 - Dream Combo, Boss: Shadow Dragon (drops Valor Gauntlet)
    127 - Dragon Leather
    128 - Valiant Mail
    135 - Mugen Souhazan
    136 - Seraphic Garb
    137 - Boss: Revenge-seeking Shelby (drops Death Bringer)
    140 - Trapping Card EX 18
    141 - Trapping Card EX 19
    142 - Seraphic Garb
    147 - Boss: Frenzied Biwig (drops Kirakuten Shell)
    150 - Max Extension
    156 - Emotion Torrent
    159 - Boss: Monjara Green (drops Cross Helm)
    166 - Star Guard
    169 - Fuujin Seiraiha
    170 - Boss: Archdemon (drops Dragoon Laser)
    173 - Trapping Card EX 20
    178 - Cannon Blaze
    179 - Crystal Grail
    181 - Boss: Angered Azazel and Furious Beelzebub (drops Valor Gauntlet)
    187 - Radiation Device
    188 - Trapping Card EX 21
    192 - Boss: Reckless Belial (drops Angelic Cape)
    199 - Trapping Card EX 22
    200 - Boss: Super Brea (drops Demon Sword Levantine)
    202 - Star Fall
    205 - Prophecy Book 6
    209 - Gremlin Lair
    210 - Meteor Swarm, Boss: Lenneth (drops Valkyrie Garb)
    211 - Boss: Iseria Queen (drops Lilith's Kin)
    Now, I'll list a description of the bosses you'll encounter on each floor.
    Boss: Returned Norton 帰ってきたノートン
    500000 HP, 100000 MP
    Drops: Lilith's Kin
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Beat Norton with Iron Pipe Only
    Norton's attack patterns haven't changed at all, although his wild shooting-
    type attack now does MP damage, so you may want to leave characters like
    Roger and Cliff out. His attacks in general are fairly easy to avoid, and
    he has no real wide-area attack capabilities, so just spread your characters
    out and fight him normally. He does have 50% protection against elemental
    attacks so stick to non-elementals and Heraldry like Ray. He'll go down
    really quickly with a cancel combo'ed Kokuyousen chain.
    To get the Battle Collection associated with this fight, you'll have to
    equip Fate with the Iron Pipe (yes, his weakest weapon in the game) and
    take on Norton with only Fate - the other two party members must be dead.
    To make this possible, you'll have to upgrade your Iron Pipe considerably.
    You'll probably want to put on several ATK +500 factors by Synthesizing
    Orihalcon to it; in battle stick to non-elemental skills like Divine
    Weapon or Vertical Airraid.
    Boss: Enraged Crosel 激昂のクロセル
    700000 HP, 100000 MP
    Drops: Tenken: Ama no Ohabari
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    Crosel was tough, but this guy's not that much tougher. Like all the Sphere
    Corporation bosses he's got a lot of HP and MP to whittle down, but he
    doesn't have much you have to watch out for, especially if you have fire
    protection, such as the Reflex armor from the Cave of Trials. Like Norton,
    he has 50% protection from elemental attacks. He doesn't really do much other
    than normal attacks, so try to keep your distance and attack with long-range
    battle skills. He's also very very slow, so you should be able to take him
    down (again, a cancel-combo Kokuyousen chain is easy enough) without taking
    any damage. Also new from the original, he now drops the Tenken: Ama no
    Ohabari, Adlai's ultimate weapon.
    Boss: Shadow Dragon シャドゥドラゴン
    1000000 HP, 200000 MP
    Drops: Valor Gauntlet
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    He has two separate attacks (Fire Blessing and Aerial Blessing) that are
    fire-elemental, so come prepared with armor or accessories that nullify,
    or preferably absorb, fire-elemental attacks. Other than these two, the
    other attack to watch out for is Doom Howling, which does a fair bit of MP
    damage and also has a Sudden Death property. This attack can be Protect'ed,
    so try to keep your Guts high. If you have a Tri-Emblem, you can cut down
    fire damage and guard sudden death attacks at once, so he shouldn't
    be much problem at all. He's not much faster than Crosel (despite his
    boasts), so again a hit-and-run strategy is recommended. Although both
    Cliff and Mirage equip the Valor Gauntlet, don't worry about trying to get
    two from him with Get Item - Azazel and Beelzebub will drop another one
    later. (However, if you get two now you won't have to wait for another
    60 floors.)
    Boss: Revenge-seeking Shelby 復讐に燃えるシェルビー
    1500000 HP, 200000 MP
    Drops: Death Bringer
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    Shelby almost exclusively uses close range attacks, so using Nel and Maria
    to attack from afar is preferable. His Ice Breath is the biggest attack
    to watch out for, as it causes large amounts of HP and MP damage, though if
    you have protection/absorption against water-elemntal it's nothing to
    worry about. He has 50% protection from all elements. Though he can move
    somewhat quickly, just keep him busy with one party member while you snipe
    at him afar with the others.
    Boss: Frenzied Biwig 狂-垂フビウィグ
    2000000 HP, 300000 MP
    Drops: Kirakuten Shell
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    The opposite of Shelby, he focuses on long-range attacks. You'll want to
    keep close to him and keep him busy so he can't do much. He's no longer
    weak against Earth like his previous incarnation, and indeed he now is
    protected against all elements 50%. Once his HP dips below 60%, he'll start
    using Enchant Rifle, which gives elemental effects to his attacks; however,
    if you have protection against elements, this makes him actually weaker,
    plus the fact that he's a total sitting duck while he uses the move. Just
    keep on him and he won't be able to do anything. Not much to watch out for.
    Boss: Monjaragreen モンジャラグリーン
    2500000 HP, 400000 MP
    Drops: Cross Helm
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    He's basically Bigfoot from the Cave of Trials with a different color. He
    has the same sort of attack patterns; a close-range whirlwind that's quite
    dangerous, and a long-range ice beam that can freeze your characters. Come
    prepared with protection against water-elemental and/or freeze effects.
    Conversely, he's weak against fire-elemental attacks, so come in with
    Sophia's Explosion or similar attacks. Have at least one character at long
    range that won't get caught up in the whirlwind in case you need to heal.
    Though a little tough, he still goes down easily enough with some Cancel
    Bonus comboes.
    Boss: Archdemon アークディーモン
    3000000 HP, 500000 MP
    Drops: Dragoon Laser
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    He's got wide-ranging HP and MP damaging attacks, and his Yami no Maken
    also has a chance for Sudden Death, so be sure you have protection against
    that. He has protection against all elements, 50%, like most bosses, so try
    to snipe at him from long range with non-elemental attacks. This is easier
    said than done, since he can teleport as well, so make sure you keep moving
    no matter what you do. Regardless this is where the bosses in Sphere 211
    really start to get challenging. He drops the Dragoon Laser for Maria - if
    you have the patience, I suggest trying to get an extra copy of it (via
    Get Item) so you can have one as Maria's 'real' weapon, and use the other
    to refine the Enemy Attack +100% / Fol x 10 factors onto it - this way
    you'll have an easy way to make Fol for your future item creation.
    Boss: Angered Azazel and Furious Beelzebub ご-ァ のアザゼル&憤怒のベルゼベル
    Azazel: 261030 HP, 11865 MP
    Beelzebub: 3000000 HP, 500000 MP
    Drops: Valor Gauntlet
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    Azazel is ridiculously weak; just hit him with a few Kokuyousens to get him
    out of the way so you can focus on Beelzebub. Beelzebub has several nasty
    tricks, including poison, petrification, and freeze-inducing attacks, as well
    as a tendency to start sucking up your HP and MP when his health gets low.
    You should probably be around level 200 by this point if you don't want a
    long protracted fight, and make sure you have protection against status
    ailments. Nevertheless, I didn't find Beelzebub as threatening as the
    Boss: Reckless Belial -メ進のベリアル
    3000000 HP, 500000 MP
    Drops: Angelic Cape
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    He's not paired with Beelzebub, thankfully, but his missiles still hurt, 
    a lot. He'll also try to run away from your characters, so have at least
    two melee characters to try and pin him down. He's lost his vulnerability
    to wind-elemental attacks, unfortunately, so you'll just have to focus on
    regular attacks. Have a third character at range that can heal, but make
    sure it's a fast moving character (Nel or Fate) that can outrun the homing
    missiles. He also has a tendency to do a quick invincible step, so stay
    away from the multi-hit battle skills like Uraouka: Sakkou/Infinity Arts,
    as he has a nasty tendency to just sidestep them and shoot missiles at you
    while you attack empty air. 
    Boss: Super Brea ブレア超人
    4000000 HP, 600000 MP
    Drops: Demon Sword Levantine
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    She's got plenty of radius attacks around her, so try not to get too close,
    or at the very least make sure whoever is is buffed up protection wise; Cliff
    or Roger might want to use Balance Condition to preserve their MP. She uses
    Thunderstruck a lot so you'll want to invest in something that'll absorb
    wind-elemental attacks. Using Stun on your attacks is preferable as she
    doesn't really stagger; Gravity Bullet is also great for lock-down purposes.
    She's got protection against all elements so stick to non-elementals.
    Boss: Lenneth レナス
    7000000 HP, 700000 MP
    Drops: Valkryie Garb
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Lenneth, Defeat Lenneth Taking No
    Damage, Defeat Lenneth in 10 Minutes, Defeat Universe Lenneth, Defeat Universe
    Lenneth Taking No Damage, Defeat Universe Lenneth in 15 Minutes, Defeat FD
    Lenneth, Defeat FD Lenneth Taking No Damage, Defeat FD Lenneth in 20 Minutes,
    Defeat Lenneth Using Only Strong Attacks, Defeat Lenneth Using Only Heraldry,
    Defeat Lenneth Using Only Charge, Defeat Lenneth Using Iron Pipe Only,
    Defeat Lenneth Alone
    Hey, it's Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile, only in ultra-cute chibified form.
    Ridiculously tough. She uses both Rock Rain and Thunderstruck so you'll
    want elemental protection of some sort. Nibelung Valesti's range is 
    ridiculously large; if she uses it in the middle of the battlefield, there's 
    almost nowhere to stand to avoid it. Come prepared with Stun Bombs, and try 
    to lure her to the edge of the field, so that Nibelung Valesti will leave 
    some open areas. On the plus side, she drops Valkyrie Garb, the strongest
    armor in the game, equippable by Nel, Souffle, and Maria. If you're not
    in a totally fatal fight against her, try equipping Get Item so you can
    get two-three of them. You'll need to be pretty close to maximum level with
    maxed out refined weapons to stand much of a chance, so return to the level
    170s or so to level up if you need to.
    Boss: Iseria Queen イセリアクイーン
    10000000 HP, 2000000 MP
    Drops: Lilith's Kin
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Iseria, Defeat Iseria Taking No
    Damage, Defeat Iseria in 10 Minutes, Defeat Universe Iseria, Defeat Universe
    Iseria Taking No Damage, Defeat Universe Iseria in 15 Minutes, Defeat FD
    Iseria, Defeat FD Iseria Taking No Damage, Defeat FD Iseria in 20 Minutes,
    Defeat Iseria Using Only Weak Attacks, Defeat Iseria Using Only Counter
    Aura, Defeat Iseria Using Only Battle Skills, Defeat Iseria Alone, Taunt
    Iseria 10 Times, Defeat Iseria 5 Times
    I actually found her a lot easier than Lenneth. For one thing most of her
    attacks are linear, not circular, so they're a lot easier to avoid. Also,
    her super technique (Celestial Star) doesn't have nearly the range Nibelung
    Valesti does, and she can get hit out of Shin no Sabaki easily with a
    Counter Aura. Watch out for Lunatic Field, which can trap your character's
    in a gold aura that cannot be escaped or protected against. Nevertheless 
    she does have more HP and MP than Lenneth so it will take you awhile. You
    can fight Iseria as many times as you want by coming back, so don't feel
    the pressure to get as many battle collections as possible.
    After defeating Iseria Queen, you're done with Sphere 211. Just like the
    Cave of Trials, the building will now be cleared of enemies and you can roam
    around as you wish. (Once you exit though, the monsters will be reset).
    Iseria also drops a gem, which you can use to find...
    The Final Secret Boss
    How to get here: After defeating Iseria Queen in Sphere 211, she'll drop a
    gem. The description tells you that "something" has been sealed inside and 
    warns you that it's dangerous, but if you want, you can take it to where the 
    prideful dragon used to rest and set it in the sun's rays.
    The prideful dragon is Crosel. Take the gem to Urza Lava Cave (by going 
    out of Alias through the Becquerel Mountain Path, Bar Mountains, and then
    Bar Ruins) and then head to Crosel's lair in the back. Make sure you save
    your game in the Bar Ruins. Here you'll have the choice on whether or not
    to put the gem into the light. If you do, the final secret boss of the
    game, Freya, appears. You can fight her and she'll drop the Jinki: Ether
    Frozen (a very nice weapon for Sophia). You can actually fight her as many
    times as you wish simply by exiting and reentering the room and putting
    the gem in the right place again.
    Boss: Freya フレイ
    20000000 HP, 3000000 MP
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Freya, Defeat Freya Taking No Damage,
    Defeat Freya in 15 Minutes, Defeat Universe Freya, Defeat Universe Freya
    Taking No Damage, Defeat Universe Freya in 20 Minutes, Defeat FD Freya,
    Defeat FD Freya Taking No Damage, Defeat FD Freya in 60 Minutes, Defeat Freya
    Using Only Weak Attacks, Defeat Freya Using Only Battle Skills, Defeat Freya 
    Alone, Defeat Freya 5 Times
    She uses her special attack, Shinki: Ether Strike right off the bat, and it
    hurts, a lot. Unlike the original, Ether Strike now counts as a strong
    attack, meaning you'll have to be very careful and try to interrupt it at
    all costs. She moves very fast, and also uses Thunderstruck and Rock Rain 
    like Lenneth, so come with items that'll soak that damage. Again, Stun Bombs 
    are the key to interrupting her special attacks.
    After defeating Freya, she'll drop the Divine Weapon: Ether Frozen, a great
    weapon for Sophia. (Too bad you couldn't get it earlier!) You can come back
    and fight Freya as many times as you want, though you get nothing new for
    Here are some miscellaneous tricks and/or glitches in the game.
    Getting Bunnies
    Getting 100% completion of a map nets you a 1/144 Bunny, 1/60 Bunny, or 1/1
    Bunny. The first two raise your characters' movement speed in battle by 5%;
    the latter actually reduces it by 50%. 1/144 and 1/60 Bunnies do not stack,
    so there is no use in having more than one, or even having any 1/60 Bunnies
    at all. Keep one 1/144 Bunny in your inventory and sell off all other Bunnies
    for some quick and easy Fol.
    "Get Item" Trick
    "Get Item" is a battle skill, learned from a written book (via Item
    Creation), that forces opponents to drop items if you down them. The gist of
    this is that you can get multiple copies of a "rare" item using this. For
    instance, Lenneth drops the Valkyrie Garb, the best armor in the game. If
    you want four Valkyrie Garbs (since Nel, Maria, Mirage and Souffle all can 
    equip it), all you have to do is get Get Item to activate twice. You can raise
    the probability of downing the opponent by using a skill that hits many
    many times, like Gravity Bullet, and overlapping with another skills that
    knocks down.
    "Stun"'s Importance.
    Stun is a battle skill learnable by anybody. Although it doesn't work often
    at low levels, at high levels it is nearly essential to those secret boss
    battles, as sometimes the only way to interrupt those uber-powerful
    attacks like Nibelung Valesti and Ether Strike is to use Stun. Attaching
    Stun to attacks that can hit from anywhere, like Maria's long-range attacks
    and Nel's strong attacks, is especially recommended.
    Damage Reduction
    Not nearly as powerful as the Emblem tricks in the original version, this 
    trick is not a glitch, and therefore is still present in the new releases. 
    It involves the Red and Blue talismans, which have a percent chance of 
    reducing HP and MP damage to 0. Refining them to the highest level, you 
    can get a 30% chance of nullifying damage per attack. They don't stack (so 
    two 30%'s does not mean 60%) but it's still fairly powerful.
    Using Freeze
    Freezing an enemy and then hitting them with a physical attack means
    instant death. This trick works on a lot more enemies than you'd think; 
    even enemies in the final dungeons can be frozen. The easiest way to freeze
    enemies is to equip the Bunny Trophies from the Battle Arena or the
    Bunny Races at Gemity; they both add Freeze attack to your attacks. 
    However, these trophies are pretty hard to get. Another nice plus to the
    Director's Cut is that Shell Sapphires now have the "Attack Effect: Freeze"
    factor, so synthesizing these to your weapon is a good trick. You'll need
    to have recruited Anthler and aim for a base cost around 2400. Other skills 
    that freeze are Nel's Touga, Souffle's Frozen Dagger, and Sophia's Ice 
    Needle and Deep Freeze. Touga is comparatively fast, making it one of the 
    best skills in the game.
    Stun Bomb Interrupt
    Many bombs that you can create through Item Creation have the effect of
    dizzying the opponent. This is very powerful as it can interrupt an
    opponent's attack. In the case of the secret bosses, for instance, if you
    see a Nibelung Valesti from Lenneth coming, you can use a Stun Bomb and
    knock her out of the animation, thus stopping the move. This can help
    save your life, though make sure you have plenty of bombs on hand.
    5. VERSUS MODE ***NEW***
    Versus Mode is a totally new feature to the Director's Cut that allows the
    playable characters to go head-to-head in battle and beat each other up
    for fun and profit. Well, not so much profit as just fun. You can play 
    Versus Mode with a friend, or against the computer, and the mechanics of
    Versus Mode are almost exactly the same as the regular battle mechanics,
    so it's also good practice.
    Like almost all good things in SO3, Versus Mode must be unlocked. To unlock
    it, you must find the Paracelsus's Round Table (パラケルセスの円卓) key item
    hidden in the Sir Felious Underwater Garden (see that section for details).
    Once you've defeated Vox, take the Table to Welch in Peterny and show it to
    her; this will enable Versus Mode, and you can play at any time by returning
    and talking to her.
    When starting the mode the first thing you will be prompted to do is select
    the mode and round time. The round time can be set to 90 seconds, 180 seconds,
    or infinite; if time runs out, the character with the most health remaining
    is considered the winner. 180 seconds is the default. You can then select
    between 1P vs. CPU, 1P vs. 2P, 1P vs. CPU vs. CPU, or 1P vs. 2P vs. CPU
    (sorry, no Multi-Tap support in SO3). All battles are done in Battle Royale
    format, with the last man standing the winner.
    Once you've selected the mode you'll be taken to the character select
    screen to choose your character and their outfit; note that certain
    characters and outfits require further unlocking - more on that below.
    To choose 1P, use circle; 2P, triangle; 3P, square; 4P, R1; 5P, L2; 6P, R2.
    Afterwards you'll be prompted to select the character 'type'. Each character
    has three different 'types', which determine the skills they come equipped
    with in battle. So no, you can't go and set Guardless on your character
    freely. Each type represents a different playstyle, so choose carefully.
    Battle Types
         Hit Count Focus             Balanced                     Avoidance Focus
    O S  Blade Reactor               Reflect Strike               Blade Reactor
    O L  -                           Shotgun Bolt                 Strayer Void
    X S  Vertical Airraid            Charge                       Reflect Strike
    X L  Drain                       Icicle Edge                  Stun
    Sup1 Guts Extend                 -                            Retro Heal
    Sup2 -                           -                            -
         Long Range                  Close Range                  Simple
    O S  Earth Grave                 Charge                       Charge
    O L  Firebolt                    Drain                        Stun
    X S  Lightning Blast             Ifrit Sword                  Critical
    X L  Thunder Flare               Firebolt                     -
    Sup1 Retro Heal                  Critical HP                  Guardless
    Sup2 Guts Extend                 -                            Critical HP
         Close Range                 Medium Range                 Long Range
    O S  Crescent Locus              Gravity Bullet               Charge
    O L  Pulse Emission              Laser Emission               Aiming Device
    X S  Trident Arts                Charge                       Pluto Horn
    X L  -                           -                            Radiation Device
    Sup1 Guts Extend                 -                            -
    Sup2 -                           -                            -
         Rushdown                    Hit Count Focus              Balanced
    O S  Aerial Raid                 Current Knuckle              Flash Chariot
    O L  Burst Tackle                -                            Aerial Raid
    X S  Charge                      Acrobat Locus                Might Hammer
    X L  -                           -                            -
    Sup1 -                           Guts Extend                  -
    Sup2 -                           -                            -
         Close Range                 Medium Range                 Long Range
    O S  Charge                      Raikouha                     Kagebarai
    O L  -                           Kagebarai                    Raikouha
    X S  Uraouka Sakkou              Shisentou                    Kagebarai
    X L  Fuujin                      -                            Kokuyousen
    Sup1 -                           Guardless                    -
    Sup2 -                           -                            -
         Balanced                    Simple                       Wide Range Focus
    O S  Papapa Splash               Charge                       Stun
    O L  Dokyuun Blast               Dokyuun Blast                Beyond Lure
    X S  Charge                      Aerial                       Fairy Arts
    X L  Beyond Lure                 -                            -
    Sup1 -                           Guts Extend                  Guardless
    Sup2 -                           Critical HP                  -
         Balanced                    MP Damage Focus              Simple
    O S  Shouretsuha                 Mashouseki                   Aerial
    O L  Kuuhazan                    Kikoushou                    Stun
    X S  Souhazan                    Goumashou                    Charge
    X L  Kouryuuha                   -                            HP Damage Up
    Sup1 -                           -                            Guts Extend
    Sup2 -                           -                            -
         Close Range                 Wide Range Focus             Long Range
    O S  Charge                      Jeek Beam                    Last Ditch
    O L  Stream Attack               -                            Heat Whip
    X S  Ex Arm                      Stream Attack                -
    X L  -                           -                            Tri Fauna
    Sup1 Guts Extend                 Guardless                    Guts Extend
    Sup2 -                           -                            Retro Heal
         Long Range                  Simple                       Rushdown
    O S  Lightning Blast             Firebolt                     Fatal Fury
    O L  Firebolt                    Firebolt                     Fatal Fury
    X S  Earth Grave                 Titan Fist                   Charge
    X L  Spicule                     -                            - 
    Sup1 -                           Guardless                    Retro Heal
    Sup2 -                           -                            -
         Balanced                    Wide Range Focus             Rushdown
    O S  Crescent Locus              Might Discharge              Charge
    O L  Aerial Raid                 Might Hammer                 Stun
    X S  Current Knuckle             Trident Arts                 Festive Avenger
    X L  -                           -                            -
    Sup1 -                           Guts Extend                  Retro Heal
    Sup2 -                           -                            -
    So the question now becomes, how do you unlock the extra characters and
    outfits? The answer is that you must find various "Trapping Cards" scattered
    in treasure chests throughout the game. Once you have them in your inventory,
    you'll be able to select the new features.
    Here's a list of the trapping cards, what they unlock, and their location.
    Card                         Unlocks            Location
    Trapping Card 1              Arbel              Moonbase
    Trapping Card 2              Roger              Sphere Coporation 5th Floor
    Trapping Card 3              Adlai              Spiral Tower 1st Floor
    Trapping Card 4              Mirage             Ancient Ruins of Mosel Depths
    Trapping Card EX 1           Fate 3P            Moonbase
    Trapping Card EX 2           Sophia 3P          Sphere Corporation 3rd Floor
    Trapping Card EX 3           Maria 3P           Becquerel Mines (Vanish Ring)
    Trapping Card EX 4           Cliff 3P           Cirlsour Cave (Vanish Ring)
    Trapping Card EX 5           Nel 3P             Douglas Forest (Vanish Ring)
    Trapping Card EX 6           Arbel 3P           Ancient Ruins of Mosel Depths
    Trapping Card EX 7           Roger 3P           Sphere Corporation 16th Floor
    Trapping Card EX 8           Souffle 3P         Sphere Corporation 50th Floor
    Trapping Card EX 9           Adlai 3P           Urza Cave Temple 1st Floor
    Trapping Card EX 10          Mirage 3P          Urza Cave Temple 3rd Floor
    Trapping Card EX 11          Fate 4P            Urza Cave Temple 3rd Floor
    Trapping Card EX 12          Sophia 4P          Urza Lava Cave
    Trapping Card EX 13          Maria 4P           Cave of Trials 3rd Floor
    Trapping Card EX 14          Cliff 4P           Cave of Trials 7th Floor
    Trapping Card EX 15          Nel 4P             Cave of Trials 5th Floor
    Trapping Card EX 16          Arbel 4P           Coffer Ruins (Vanish Ring)
    Trapping Card EX 17          Roger 4P           Sphere Corporation 109th Floor
    Trapping Card EX 18          Souffle 4P         Sphere Corporation 140th Floor
    Trapping Card EX 19          Adlai 4P           Sphere Corporation 141st Floor
    Trapping Card EX 20          Mirage 4P          Sphere Corporation 173rd Floor
    Trapping Card EX 21          Fate 5P/6P         Sphere Corporation 188th Floor
    Trapping Card EX 22          Sophia 5P/6P       Sphere Corporation 199th Floor
    This section is for miscellaneous tips for SO3, as well as for answering
    some common questions. There are spoilers in this section so be warned.
    Q. How many Factors (in Item Creation) can an item have?
    A. Eight.
    Q. How many endings are there to this game?
    A. There are multiple endings. The exact number is ten. Basically you can 
    have all your characters split up, or have Fate paired with any of the other 
    9 characters. To get these endings you'll have to play around with the
    Private Actions...
    Q. How come all of the characters' "ultimate weapons" suck?
    A. The characters' ultimate weapons, which you'll find in the Sphere
    Corporation (past Floor 101), are the strongest weapons in the game.
    However they have a plethora of negative effects, such as reduced
    EXP or DEF, high chances of breaking, and so on. This is where Item
    Creation comes in to save the day. Refining each weapon (under
    Blacksmith, or in Maria's case Machinery) can erase most of the negative
    effect, and each weapon also has ATK +1000 built in as a bonus, which
    refining can duplicate. (Thus you can get multiple ATK +1000s on
    each weapon just by continually refining it).
    Q. What is the best possible weapon I can make?
    A. You're limited to eight slots, so make the best of them. Without
    a doubt one thing you'll need is ATK +1000, which can either be
    obtained by getting the Hidensho (from the Rank S Team Battle in the
    Arena at Gemity) and Synthesizing it to a weapon, or by collecting
    each character's ultimate weapon in the Sphere Corporation, which
    all have ATK +1000 built in. Once ATK +1000 is on your weapon,
    refining the weapon usually can cause further ATK +1000s to show up, thus
    increasing the power of the weapon greatly.
    However remember that you only have eight slots to work with, and considering
    the ATK of the ultimate weapons is high enough to begin with, "ATK and DEF 
    +30%" is more efficient. This can be put on by creating Battle Boots,
    refining them, and then Synthesizing them to the weapon. Other Factors
    you might want to add (from here on it's really a matter of preference)
    include "Attacks x3" (Synthesized from the Lilith's Kin) or "Emits
    Light when Attacking" (Synthesized from the High Grade Star Spirit).
    See the "Invincibility Tricks" above for more suggestions.
    Q. I'm running out of Materials for Item Creation. Help!
    A. Santa, on Floor 3 in the Cave of Trials (after taking the elevator),
    can sell all of the Materials except for Synthesis to you. Synthesis
    Materials can be gotten in numerous numerous chests throughout the
    Sphere Corporation and the Cave of Trials. Some of the enemies in
    the Spiral Tower also drop Synthesis Materials.
    Q. I can't win the Bunny Races in Gemity. What do I do?
    A. Unfortunately the Bunny Races are completely random. You'll just have
    to button mash and hope things turn out your way... or, use a turbo 
    controller and leave your PS2 on overnight. I estimate it'll take about 6-7
    hours to get the 100 points needed for the Orareta Maken (to recruit Boyd).
    Q. How is this game related to Star Ocean/Star Ocean Second Story?
    A. Not very related. Though the games take place within the same universe
    (and thus is more related than each of the Final Fantasies are to each
    other) the timeline is approximately 400 years after SO2, and the
    connections between them are very few indeed. There aren't any characters
    in common (though some of the characters are similar "in spirit") and
    basically SO3 stands alone.
    Q. So there are no cameos and no links?
    A. There are links, but not from where you'd expect them. Valkyrie Profile,
    tri-Ace's most recent game prior to SO3, has numerous references in the
    game. Two of the secret bosses, Lenneth and Freya, were playable characters
    in VP. Slightly more hidden is the fact that Roger's "friends" in Sir
    Felious are named after Rucio (Rucio was the JP name for Lucian), Lezard, 
    and Belion. (For those of you who can't remember Belion in VP, he was the
    orc-like creature that Lezard commanded.)
    Q. I've heard some of these voices before. Where?
    A. The voice actors and actresses in the Japanese version are actually
    pretty big names in anime and other games. Fate is voiced by Hoshi 
    Souichirou, known for his work as the leads in Scryed and Onegai Teacher.
    Sophia/Amina is Enomoto Atsuko, known for being Yukino in KareKano.
    Nel is Asakawa Yuu, who also played a plethora of badass roles including
    Motoko in Love Hina, Priss Asagiri in Bubblegum Crisis 2040, and Jura
    Basil Elden in Vandread, among others. Kurata Masayo, who plays Souffle,
    is also a Love Hina cast member (as Shinobu). Maria Traitor is voiced
    by Neya Michiko, who was in Vandread (as Barnette) but is more well-known
    for her work in other video games, such as her role as Emeralda in
    Xenogears and as Sophitia in the Soul Calibur series. The cameos from
    Valkyrie Profile retain their old voice actresses, so Lenneth is still
    done by Touma Yumi (who's also done a number of other famous anime and
    game roles, too many to list, though in games notably she's been Lei
    Fang in the Dead or Alive series, Elly in Xenogears, Nephilim in
    Xenosaga, and Ivy in Soul Calibur) and Freya is still done by Kawamura Maria
    (who Slayer fans may recognize as the voice of Naga). However, Gabriel
    Celeste and Iseria Queen seem to have new voice actors.
    7. CREDITS
    Thanks go to:
    tri-Ace and Enix for the best RPG I have ever played.
    This FAQ Copyright 2004 to Edward Chang. Redistribution in any form,
    including reprinting in electronic or print media, without express
    permission of the author is strictly forbidden.

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