Review by skellie2016

Reviewed: 04/24/04

One of my favorite football games

NFL 2K2 is a great game even today, it may not live up to the other games out today but its the best from 2002 I think.

Graphics: 9
The graphics are actually really good. The players face's look real, you can see the black face paint on there faces and every think looks great. The helmets have good designs and are all real and up to date(for 02) just Atlanta has their old one with the black and not red falcon. Sometimes the game will look a little fuzzy or blurry but usually every thing is really good. I give it an 8.

Sounds: 10
Probably the best part of 2K2 is the sound. Before plays you can hear players yelling at each other like on punts before the play some one will say,''No ones scared of a kicker''. The commentary is good and they actually call the right things during plays when they happen. When someone gets tackled you can hear it and it just sounds real. When you deflect a pass you can hear the hand hit the ball. Sound gets a 10.

Gameplay/Control: 8
The game play is awesome! It is fast during games, and there is whole bunch of things you can do like franchise or season or just exhibition games. Franchise is like any other games really, you go through a whole season and try and make it to the big game. During the off season you do the draft and try and make your team better then the year before, and the only team you can use in franchise is the Houston Texas, but that's ok. The controls are easy to learn once you start playing this game a lot. You will get use to it really fast, but if you still have trouble there is always the instruction booklet,lol.

Replay Value:9
Once you play this for a long time you will probably start getting bored with it. Franchise should keep you busy for a while though. If you have a friend to play this with then that's really good, you can play each other or be on the same team during games. As long as you have season or franchise and don't get bored with football games, you probably will not get bored with this game.

Buy or Rent:BUY!
You should definitely buy this game! You will not regret! I picked up a copy at EB for only 4 bucks! That is really cheap for a good football game. You could probably find it at a store for the same price. Well just buy this game if you find it, there is not that much left.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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