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Reviewed: 08/07/02 | Updated: 08/07/02

Madden-Killer? Almost.

NFL 2K2 is a great alternative from Madden, but it won't beat the Madden experience. It will, however, provide the only good, fast football experience available on consoles.

Graphics: 9
The player models in this game are the most life-like in any PS2 pigskin-sim. The crowds and the stadiums look great, and the player faces are surprisingly detailed and accurate. Garrison Hearst actually looks like, well, Garrison Hearst, the crowds sport colors to match their hometeam, and the stadiums have the detail only their real-life counterparts can beat. So why a 9, and not a 10? For one, the great player models, while more accurate, just aren't as nice as Madden's. The other thing would be the odd color of the turf in certain stadiums. Other than that, I wouldn't mind watching the computer simulate a game.

Sounds: 10
Definitely a highlight in this game, the sound is incredible. Nothing beats the sound of your tight end taking down a linebacker to clear a path for you. Nothing beats the sound of a great interception by your rising-star-cornerback. Nothing beats the fluid and lively commentary in this game, which is certainly better than Madden's lethargic commentary. The crowd can get loud or quiet depending on the situation, which I think really helps in creating that ''You're in the stadium'' feeling.

Gameplay: 8
NFL 2k2 certainly simulates the big hits better than any other sim, and it definitely provides more action and speed than any other sim. The jukes and spins and dives are only as affective as they should be. One problem is the weak franchise mode. If you're looking for a game that will let you take on the challenge of managing a team, this game isn't for you. If you're looking for a deep franchise mode that includes the realignment of the 2002 season, and the Houston Texans, this game isn't for you. If you can ignore the problems of this game, this is a damn good sim and will probably keep you interested for awhile.

Replay Value:8
Moving the ball downfield is a chore on the harder difficulties the first few games through. Unfortunately, the game suffers from a lack of intensity, and unless you've got someone to play with everyday, this game will get boring after awhile. You'll eventually have the ability to complete 80% of your passes, rush for 150 yards and tally 7 sacks and 3 interceptions every game (*cough*). You'll have your fun for awhile, though, and this will end up being a good buy for you.

Rent or Buy: Rent
Only go out and buy this title if you're sick of Madden's lack of speed and just want a game that you and your roommate can play everyday. Rent if you're uncertain about anything, which will probably apply to most people.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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