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Reviewed: 12/28/01 | Updated: 12/28/01

(Drools) Oh, baby!

Rating: 9.9/10, adjusted to 10/10 for GameFAQs.

NFL 2K2 is available for both Dreamcast and PS2. For these purposes, I will be reviewing the PS2 version.

NFL 2K2 is an absolutely amazing game. From the amazing graphics, to the amazing audio, to the amazing gameplay. Everything about this game is almost perfect. There's only a few little things that keep it from getting a PERFECT 10.

When I first saw it I seriously thought it was a real football game on TV. It looks better than real life! The texture mapping is also amazing and the camera works really well (especially on the 'automatic' replays after a good play). The player models have been perfectly designed right to the bone-crunching detail. The players really look like they are making contact with one another, especially on the tackles. They even included the cheerleaders, the coach and the whole crew.

The commentary is absolutely amazingly done. The announcing goes perfectly with the plays. Even during the instant replays, the announcers are making comments about specific players. This was a really nice touch. There isn't much music, but it really isn't needed, let alone wanted while you are playing a game of football. The sound of the players is quite good too, as they are bashing into one another. One nifty little thing is how the members of your opposing team on the bench make fun of your seemingly bad plays.

Gameplay & Simulation: 10/10
Another 10. The players are simple to maneuver and menus are simple to navigate through. If you are a beginner, you can let the computer choose plays for you - very nice touch. Especially with the vibration turned on, you really feel like you are in this game. One thing I was really happy about was the simplicity of passing to your players. As in Madden, you see the buttons that correspond to each player, then you pass to him. If a member of the opposing team gets in his way, he can block or intercept it. Again, nice and easy to perform.

Features: 9/10
This game has amazing features, from the franchise mode to creating a team mode, but there are one or two other things I would like to have seen: 1st of all, It would be really cool if you could design your own team logo for your custom teams or your character portrait.

Buy or rent?
I recommend buying, to get the most out of its features, but this is also a great renting game if you just want to try it out.

F^T's final thought
This is game is basically you in control of a real football game. This is as close to REAL as we are going to get at this point in time. It's also extremely fun and I suggest that you buy it now!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer's Tilt ('borrowed' from 10/10
I love this game. Oh, baby, I love this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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