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Guide and Walkthrough by DashXero

Version: 2.2 | Updated: 10/23/2002
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Armored Core 3

Author: Dash-X

E-mail: dash_x@msn.com

Version: 2.2

1. Version History
2. Introduction
3. General Tips
4. Guide
   A. 1st Layer: District 2
   B. 3rd Layer: Industrial Research
   C. 1st Layer: Nature Area
   D. 1st Layer: Special Research
   E. 3rd Layer: District 1
   F. 2nd Layer: Waste Disposal
   G. 4th Layer: Energy Production
   H. Layered Hub
5. Arena
6. VS. Mode Tips
7. Credits

[ 1. Version History ]

9/24/02: ver. 1.0-
Completed all missions a while ago. Began compiling notes yesterday. 
Notes written for the western portion of map. Began composing guide 
today. Arena section only contains basic tips, but will contain more in 
the future. Multi-Player tips need more fine-tuning.

10/1/02: ver. 1.5-
Finished notes for central portion of the map. Only one portion (west) 
remaining. Meaning, that I am one update away from finishing the 
walkthrough section of this FAQ! Still working on some more advanced 
Arena tips, but I haven't received any e-mails complaining about the 
Arena. Added to the General Tip's section, and VS. Mode tips. Also (this 
is what most of my e-mails were about), I finally found out who runs 
gamefaqs.com! Check the "Credits" section.

10/3/02: ver. 2.0
Finished west portion of the map. Meaning that the walkthrough section 
of this FAQ is complete. Now, this FAQ can be of real assistance to 
people. Don't worry, though, I'm not completely finished with the VS. 
Mode Tips, and the Arena section. I'm seriously considering adding a new 

10/23/02: ver. 2.2-
Made a few minor changes. Specifically, I switched the order of the 
mission areas around. Doing that makes this guide a lot more practical. 
Also, expanded the "Credits" section.

[ 2. Introduction ]

Hi. How are you doing? Another year, another Armored Core... It doesn't 
seem like it was that long at all. Seems like just yesterday that I had 
finished the Armored Core 2: Another Age FAQ. A lot's changed since 

Thankfully, the amount of "Destroy All Enemies" missions (or DAEs for 
short) has been reduced dramatically. Now, the missions require a bit 
more thought and creative thinking. "Destroy All Enemies" or DAEs will 
not be covered in as much detail. The reasoning behind this, is that you 
really shouldn't need any assistance shooting at stuff.

Oh, before I forget. This guide is meant to get you through the missions 
ALIVE. Meaning you may or may not be sitting pretty in the end, and you 
may or may not make much money, either. This is a little something I 
like to call the "Dash-X Guarantee".

Mission guides are displayed in this fashion:

          (1.)        (2.)   (3.)     (4.)
1. Eliminate Bombers: Kis.   28000   >18000
          (5.)           (6.)
   What will win: Power/ Target Prioritization
   When the mission begins, destroy a few enemies. They aren't that 
important, but they can be pretty annoying...

(1.)- The mission name will be displayed.
(2.)- The client 
(3.)- The amount of money offered
(4.)- The amount of money you can realistically expect
(5.)- What will win
(6.)- Mission essentials
(7.)- Mission information

NOTE: On missions where there is a hidden part, I will provide info on 
how to get that part... To the best of my ability, anyhow.

[ 3. General Tips ]

   A. Evasion-
Evasion is important especially during missions. One of the easiest 
evasion techniques is to jump. By jumping, you can potentially dodge a 
few rounds, and/or force the opponent to look upwards. When executing 
this, try to use a little sense, eh. Jumping only works well at close 
Another important evasive maneuver is the basic strafe. Although the 
enemies have gotten a little smarter, they are still pretty stupid. 
Normally, they will aim for where you were rather than where you will 
be. Don't forget that you should try to strafe when you have enough 
room. As expected, this maneuver is practically useless in cramped 
As you grow more proficient with the basic strafe, you can learn to 
circle strafe. The circle strafe is, in essence, a strafe that moves 
your AC around the opponent. This is great for single opponent battles, 
but loses its effectiveness versus multiple foes. 
Finally, there is nothing wrong with moving at random. It's a good way 
to keep an opponent guessing. There is one major danger:  hazardous 

   B. Good Things to Know- 
        1. To conserve ammunition, only fire when the reticule is red
        2. When in corridors try to boost/quarter circle strafe around 
corners. It's a good way to face the right direction, and you might 
avoid a few rounds.
        3. Always keep the "Remnants of Enemies" gauge in the cockpit. 
It's a good measurer of progress.
        4. Just because the woman says the objective has been achieved, 
doesn't mean that the mission is over. Be vigilant, you may need to 
escape, or survive until someone picks you up. 
        5. Make use of the environments. There are some areas where 
there are destructible and non-destructible items that can be used for 
cover. Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with running past a crate or 
other destructible item just to avoid a few rounds. Often, you won't be 
charged if that item is destroyed. As long as, for all intents and 
liability purposes, you aren't directly responsible for its destruction, 
that is.
   C. When to upgrade-
I would suggest seriously upgrading your AC when you get 150,000~200,000 
credits. Even then, choose your parts carefully.

   D. Padding the Ol' Wallet-
A good way to make money, is to compete in the arena. Why? If you are 
stuck on a mission, and need some quick cash for better (or, in some 
cases, slightly better...) equipment, just beat the mess out of a few 
arena opponents, and you should be set. It may sound like a daunting 
task, but it's easier to do than it seems.

   E. It's Not Over...-
Don't give up. You might be able to make it, if you really try.
There are some times when you have to know when to hold 'em, or fold 

   F. Extensions-
Missiles aren't as annoying, or powerful in AC3 as they were in AC2. You 
should be able to make it through half of the game without completely 
relying on the missile-intercepting extensions. The other kinds of 
extensions are nice to have, but only have any PRACTICAL use in the 
arena, or VS. mode.

   G. Defending-
Defending things is, surprisingly, easier to do than it was in the other 
AC games. When defending things, the best thing you can do is turn on 
your extensions. 
If the defensive target is stationary, put your back to it and face in 
the direction the enemies are coming from. Radar is ultra-important in 
these cases, because there are some instances when the enemy might come 
from a different direction.
Mobile targets are a bit more difficult to defend. Depending upon the 
enemies you face, you may want to do one of two different things: 
        1. Slow/Powerful enemies- Run ahead of the defensive target, and 
eliminate anything/everything in the way.
        2. Fast enemies- Stay behind your defensive target, at its side. 
or above the target, to pick off anything that comes near it.

   H. Spotless Record-
To keep a spotless record, save after each successful mission. When/if 
you fail, load the game, and the failure shouldn't even show up. 
WARNING: When loading a game, pay close attention to what you are doing, 
or you may accidentally save the game.

   I. Winning Requirements-
This is what will show up in the "What will win" category and a brief 
description. I will update these as much as possible, or as necessary.

      1. Power- High offense weapons
      2. Terrain Knowledge- Run through this area a few times to get to 
know the terrain
      3. Ammo- Lots of ammunition
      4. Speed- High mobility suggested
      5. PoT- Prioritization of Targets/Only attack certain things
      6. Endurance- High AP and defense suggested
      7. Consort- Consort highly recommended
      8. Patience- The mission may take a while to clear
      9. CmBk- Come Back/If you have other options, come back to the 
mission after you beat the game.
     10. Float- Floating legs highly recommended
     11. Memory- A good memory of where you have been or AREA &PLACE 
NAME suggested
     12. Boosters- Good vertical movement is recommended
     13. Accuracy- Check your fire
     14. Evasion- Avoiding enemy attacks is important
     15. Map- Use of the map function is vital
     16. Cowardice- Avoiding conflict is important
     17. Cooling- High performance radiator recommended
     18. Small- A light, small AC is recommended
     19. Maneuver- Nimble, precision movement required

   J. Hidden Parts- 
Hidden parts are a bit more difficult to find in AC3. Mainly because, 
the parts are so small, and aren't really that definable from the 

   K. Consorts- 
Consorts are generally worth the money. While I would suggest playing 
through the missions without the aid of a consort, they can be useful 
for the missions when a decoy, er, partner is useful. For some odd 
reason the CPU puts priority on getting rid of the consort. You can 
normally use this to pick off the computer opponents. In general, the 
best two consorts are Apple Boy, and Huntress. Although, Spartan and 
Regina come close.

   L. Exceed Orbit or Over Boost-
It really doesn't matter which kind of core you choose. Chances are, you 
won't use either function the entire game. Given a choice, you should 
probably use the (ugly) OB cores. At least you'll have the option of a 
quick escape.

   M. The E. Blade Advantage-
For missions, the energy blade is the best back-up weapon you can have 
in your possession. Sure, its range is rather close, but so is the 
flamethrower. It never runs out of ammunition, so you can use it to 
conserve your rounds for when you will really need them. 

[ 4. Guide ]

A. 1st Layer: District 2

   1. Raven Test:  GC   0   0
      What will win: Anything
      This is a DAE. No time limit, no pressure, no problem.

   2. Defend Testing Grounds:  GC   18000   >18000
      What will win: Power, Ammo
      At the start of the mission, you'll be better off remaining where 
you are, and only attacking what directly attacks you. When Laine says 
something, you will have one minute to get across town, get on top of 
the building, and destroy the bomber. If you are uncertain of where the 
bomber is coming from, check your map. 
   3. Secure Treme City:  Mir.   0   >8000
      What will win: Speed, Endurance, Power, Accuracy
      Don't hit Fanatic!!! She will go berserk. This is a DAE. After a 
while (mainly after you destroy the main MT force), some stealth MTs 
appear. Take care of them to clear the mission. 

   4. Defend the Arena:  GC   0   >4000
      What will win: Ammo, Speed
      This is another DAE. Try not to let Gaidoz have all the fun. As 
the amount you are paid is dependent upon the number of enemies you 

   5. End Employee Standoff:  Cst.   11000   >15000
      What will win: Ammo
      This is yet another DAE. There is nothing special here. Seek and 
destroy. Whatever you do, DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON A CONSORT.

   6. End Employee Rebellion:  Cst.   15000   <12000
      What will win: Speed, Ammo
      Dang. Why are they so mad? Lousy pay? The fact that they are 
getting fired? Or, maybe they just found out they have no dental plan. 
No matter, you have three minutes to disable the generators, and you 
have forever to get rid of the enemies. The generators are in plain 
sight, so you should have no problems in finding those. If anything is 
tough, it is getting the enemies on the sloped corridor's ceiling. Try 
to get them on the first pass. 

   7. Destroy Escaping MT:  Cst.   12000   11000
      What will win: Speed, PoT
      Actually, you will have to defeat two MTs. Try not to destroy the 
first one too soon. Wait until the you can see an definite fork in the 
road. Destroy the first MT too soon, and you'll have quite a chase ahead 
of you. Don't bother with the reverse-joint MTs that block your way. 
They are just a distraction.

   8. Escort Transport:  Kis.   15000   >14000
      What will win: Speed
      Remember that movie? You know, the one with that stupid guy in it? 
They had to keep a bus going at a certain speed or it would explode. The 
movie would have been much more interesting with an AC. When the mission 
begins, rush ahead of the transport, and clear away the debris. Once the 
first pieces of wreckage are out of the way, you'll have to spend the 
rest of the mission quickly clearing enemies, cars and rubble out of the 
way. Once the transport reaches the vehicle marked "FRIEND", the mission 
clears. What ever you do, make sure the transport doesn't touch you. 

B. 3rd Layer: Industrial Research

   1. Secure the Mine:  Mir.   11000   >15000
      What will win: Speed, Endurance, Ammo
      Don't waste money on a consort. This is a standard DAE. You have 
three rooms to clear, and all of the time in the world to clear them. 

   2. Defend Personnel Convoy:  Mir.   0   >44000
      What will win: Endurance, Ammo
      Hidden Part: Don't lose any of the defensive targets. 
      The easiest way to avoid losing any defensive targets is to use a 
rapid fire weapon to clear out the initial wave of enemies. Once they 
have been disposed of, it becomes a matter of destroying a pair of 
enemies at a time.  Once the last defensive target passes through the 
gate, a bonus mission opportunity knocks. See DESTROY THE AC (under 3rd 
Layer: District 1).

   3. Destroy Kisaragi Forces:  Cst.   46000   >30000
      What will win: Speed, Endurance, Power
      This is a DAE. You can do this the easy way, or the hard way. 
Either way, you'll end up facing an AC in the end. It is better for you 
if you let Street Enemy beat you to the door. If you did, you'll have to 
contend with a contingent of guerilla MTs. If you didn't you'll have a 
lot of agile, powerful auto-fighters to deal with. 

   4. Defend Naire Bridge:  Mir.   13000   >8000
      What will win: Ammo, Power
      Hidden Part: Before going across the chasm to the other side of 
the bridge, look at the structural beam under the central portion of the 
bridge. Land on that beam, and go to underneath the starting point. Grab 
the part, and go back.
      There is really nothing that should give you any trouble here. 
This is another standard DAE.

   5. Destroy Naire Bridge:  Kis.   11000   >5000
      What will win: Speed, Power, PoT
      Hidden Part: Destroy both monorails
      When the mission begins, you have two choices:
         1. You can plant seven bombs, destroy the monorails, and plant 
the last bomb. 
         2. You can destroy the monorails first, and rush to plant the 
Either way, you will have to avoid the enemies, and you will probably 
have a huge repair bill. You have approximately two minutes, thirty 
seconds to plant all of the bombs and destroy the monorails. 

   6. Rescue the Survey Team:  Kis.   14000   >12000
      What will win: Speed, Accuracy
      Hidden Part: It's in the drainage pipe next to the first hallway 
after finding the Survey team.
      From mission start, take a right. Continue in this direction until 
you encounter a dead end. On the right, you will see a white lit panel. 
Use it. You found the research team. Protecting these fellows is quite 
simple. Just make sure you grab the hidden part. Once the research team 
makes it to the start point, the mission clears.

   7. Investigate Water Swells:  Kis.  45000  >20000
      What will win: Speed, Endurance, Ammo
      From the start point, go right. Try to ignore the enemies and go 
all the way to the end. Take a left. Not far into this corridor, you 
should see a white panel on the wall just before the corner. Use this 
panel to close the floodgates and stop the invasion. Head in the 
direction of the start point, and continue past the start point. You 
should see a door covered in webbing. Activate the panel next to it and 
prepare to fight. Aim towards the center of the ceiling, and fire for 
all you're worth. Try to dodge its electric loogies. When it seems to 
withdraw, it begins to fire lightning bolts that fire randomly. When it 
does this, you can avoid it by strafing left and right quickly. The 
creature should go down without much trouble.

   8. Safeguard Water Supply:  Mir.   20000   >10000
      What will win: Speed, PoT
      Hidden Part: From the mission start, go to the far side of the top 
of the dam. It is right behind the building.
      When the mission begins, get the part, and look over the side of 
the dam. You should see a foothold. Drop onto it, and go into the 
recess. Destroy the enemies in your way, and activate the panel at the 
end. Gate six will open. Gate six is the upper gate at the far side of 
the dam. Go in, and open gate five. You should have seen it on your way 
to gate six. In the gate five corridor, you will notice a fork. Continue 
in the direction you are heading (the fork to the left leads to a room 
filled with water). At the end of the passage is a panel. Activate it, 
and go into the room previously filled with water. Drop down to the 
lower portion of the room, go to the other side, and fly up to the 
platform against the far wall. On this platform is the canister. Disable 
that, and the mission clears.

   9. MT Training Exercise:  Kis.   0   >35000
      What will win: Speed, Maneuver, CmBk.
      Hidden Part: Do NOT get hit by a single missile.
      You may want to come back to this one once you can afford better 
equipment (to get the hidden part). You can clear this mission merely by 
surviving the two minutes. But, to get the hidden part, you will have to 
dodge all of the missiles. Here's how I did it:

I removed all weapons, and equipped the best missile intercepting 
extensions, floating legs, two ammo+20% back units, and the decoys with 
twenty ammo. When the mission began, I used the first five free seconds 
(try saying that five times fast...) to get into the corner of the 
mission area, face as many MTs as possible, turn on my extensions, and 
deploy three decoys. I would stand behind the decoys, and  "defend" one 
decoy with missile interceptors until the decoy detonated, or something 
hit the decoy. Then, I would lay two or three more decoys, and "defend" 
one of them. I continued this pattern until I ran out of decoys, or time 
ran out. Don't think that because you are doing this, you won't have to 
move. You will. If you are going to dodge the missiles without the aid 
of missile intercepting items, wait until you can see the missile 
itself, and strafe forward, away from the missile. This works because 
the missiles cannot radically alter their flight path once they are 
behind you. You'll know you are doing well when you hear the drill 
sergeant complaining.
  10. Destroy Computer: Mir.   42000   >60000
      What will win: Anything
      When the elevator stops, navigate the corridor. Clear the first 
room, and move on (remember, the more collateral damage you cause the 
greater your cash reward). In the next room, the enemies regenerate, so 
move past them, and go to the next room. Clear out this room, and go 
down the hall. When the hall forks, go left, and clear this room before 
you continue moving down the hall. At the end of this hall is the 
computer. Shoot it, or slice it to destroy it, and head back to the 
starting point to clear the mission. 

C. 1st Layer: Nature Area
   1. Eliminate Bombers:  Kis.    28000    >18000
      What will win:  Power, Terrain Knowledge, PoT
      When the mission begins, destroy a few enemy fighters. They aren't 
important, but can be pretty darn annoying. When Meyers informs you of 
an incoming bomber, go to the southwest part of the map. It should 
arrive shortly. Shoot it down, and head to the southeast. The second 
bomber approaches from that direction. Put it down, and the mission is 
   2. Attack Mirage Forces:  Kis.    25000    <10000
      What will win:  Ammo, Speed, Endurance, Consort, CmBk
      You may want to wait until you have better equipment to beat this 
one. Rapid Fire weapons seem to work best. To avoid getting slaughtered 
almost immediately, Head to the northeast corner of the map (near the 
supply truck). Put your back to the nearby rock formation. So that 
nothing can attack you from behind. You will want to defeat the fast 
moving enemies before you get rid of the slower ones. There is no 
penalty for using the resupply vehicle.

   3. Destroy Massive MT:  Uni.    100000    <80000
      What will win:  Ammo, Endurance, Patience, Power
      Hidden Part x4: 1.) Behind the rock formation behind the starting 
point. 2.) Complete mission without a consort. 3.) OP-I function: 
Complete mission. 4.) OP-I function: Defeat both portions of the MT.
      As the mission begins, you have two choices. You can take the 
fight to the MT, or you can get on top of the rock formation and wait 
for it to come to you. The second choice is better because you can get a 
hidden part. When the MT comes within range of your weapon, fire at 
will. Careful, though, the pursuit missiles it fires are nothing to 
sneeze at. Also, avoid close combat with the thing, as its gaze is quite 
deadly (in short, it fires lasers from its eyes). After it receives 
enough damage, it splits in two. You will immediately be teleported to 
the middle of the area. MAKE A MAD DASH FOR COVER!!! If you have ever 
seen an insect weave in and out of its surroundings to avoid being 
crushed, you will understand what I will write next. You will have to 
weave in and out of the wreckage in the center to avoid missiles and the 
super-powered shots from the other half. Also, make sure there is a 
piece of wreckage between your AC and the main portion at all times. If 
you are playing this for the first time, concentrate all of your fire on 
the main portion and you should do fine. However, if you have obtained 
OP-INTENSIFY, you will want to defeat the other portion. The plan 
changes dramatically. Avoid the initial volley from the MT and his 
cannon, and head for the rock formation in the distance behind you. Wait 
for the detached portion to come your way, dodge when it fires at you, 
and follow behind it while pelting it with weapon fire (I used large 
rockets, but you might be able to come up with a better solution). 
Hopefully, the main portion has been caught in the wreckage for a while 
(Its AI is quite stupid...). Once the cannon is destroyed, you are free 
to concentrate on the main portion. To obtain the OP-I function, a 
consort is highly recommended. *Cough*Spartan*Cough*...

   4. Defend Water Processors: Kis.   24000   <9000
      What will win: Speed, Float, Ammo, PoT, Consort (Helicopters)
      Hidden Part x2: 1. From mission start, jump over the pipeline to 
the left. It should be along the pipeline wall. It is difficult to see. 
2. OP-I function: Destroy AC and complete the mission.
      Destroy the first few helicopters that arrive. Megalo should show 
up, shortly after. Concentrate on him, the consorts should be able to 
mop up some of the other enemies. Careful, though, if just one of the 
processors is destroyed, the mission is over. After all of the enemies 
are taken care of, a bonus opportunity presents itself. See:  ELIMINATE 

   5. Prevent Capsule Theft:  Kis.   32000   <20000
      What will win: Speed, Ammo, Float
      This mission is simple because the enemies are weak and slow. 
That's not all, though, you receive an audible every time a capsule is 
touched. Just go back and forth between the two capsules to effectively 
clear this mission. The capsules can't leave the area of ops or the 
mission is over.

   6. Recover Ship Cargo:  Mir.   31000     <20000
      What will win: Speed, Memory, Boosters, Map
      Hidden Part: In the engine room there are two doors, one straight 
ahead, and one to the left. Take the left door. In the room with enemies 
in it, the part is on the floor in a corner. You can't miss it.
      When the mission begins, shoot or cut the hatch control (labeled 
"TARGET") and drop down. Try to ignore the enemies, because they aren't 
dangerous (even in large numbers), and they will come back eventually. 
After dropping down four or five times, you should come across a room 
with three or four levels and a mess of containers. Head to the corridor 
on the other side, and drop down. You should see a door ahead of you. Go 
through it, and the next one. Sounds like security has noticed you. In 
this room there is a door to the left, and a door on the opposite wall. 
To complete the mission, go to the door on the opposite wall. To get the 
hidden part, head through the door on the left. If you go through the 
door straight ahead, you will end up in a room full of activity. Rush 
through to the other side, and go through that door. Navigate the 
corridor, and take the cargo. If it hasn't already, the hull should be 
breaking about now, and you should have six minutes, ten seconds (or 
less) to evacuate the premises. Get back to the start point quickly. To 
save time, only destroy the enemies that get in your way. If the time 
can be found, try to destroy some of those containers you see lying 

   7. Defend Helicopter Crew:  Cst.   40000  ?
      What will win: Speed, Ammo
      As soon as the mission begins, head to the main platform as 
quickly as possible. Fly or walk, it doesn't matter. Destroy the enemies 
that are currently in the area. You need to keep at least one of them 
alive for two minutes, forty-five seconds to clear the mission. If you 
can do so without compromising the mission, collect the cargo for extra 

   8. Destroy Massive Weapon:  Mir.   80000   >60000
      What will win: Speed, Power, Ammo, Float
      Hidden Part: As soon as the mission begins, shoot the grate on the 
ground in front of you. Drop down, the part should be in the hole on a 
      This is easy. Just shoot it until it dies. It rarely attacks. 
Don't try to hit it when it submerges, and don't get too close. You 
COULD hire a consort, but that would just be a waste of money... 

D. 1st Layer: Special Research

   1. Defend Ruglen Laboratory:  Cst.   34000   >14000
      What will win: Speed, Power, Accuracy
      When the mission begins, rush to the second room. Help Cold Heart 
destroy the enemies there, and head for the next room. This guy doesn't 
look so friendly... The first thing you will want to do, is find a way 
to protect Fragile and Cold Heart (If they are alive when the mission 
ends, Cold Heart gets an AC, and you get a hefty bonus.). You only have 
to survive thirty seconds until the door opens, but do you want to run? 
Probably not. Try to get its attention since your AP should be higher 
than Fragile and Cold Heart's combined. Give it all you have, and it 
should fall before it can put a hurt on either of them. If you must run, 
just head back to the starting point.

   2. Eradicate Life Forms:  Cst.   26000   <12000
      What will win: Speed, Accuracy, Ammo, CmBk
      Hidden Part: Defeat all creatures without using canisters.
      When the mission begins, fly up to the catwalk above. That way, 
they can't get any free hits. Wait until the canisters fall from the 
ceiling, and destroy them. Now, head to the next room (without attacking 
the creatures) and destroy the canisters there. Now, head to the final 
room, and destroy the last two canisters there. The creatures have been 
significantly weakened. All that is left to do, is eradicate the 
creatures. If you are going to attempt to get the AC part, use a tank AC 
equipped with the MOONLIGHT, and grenades.

   3. Destroy Germ Canisters:  Kis.   36000   <28000
      What will win: Speed, Ammo, Accuracy
      When the mission begins, go to the first room and destroy the six 
long vertical canisters on the walls. This mission is easy as long as 
you keep moving, ignore the enemies and destroy all six canisters before 
moving to the next room. After a little bit, they will initiate a lock-
down sequence. If you get locked in, game over. Just repeat the process 
several times and head to the escape point in the last room.

   4. Protect Crest Convoy:   Cst.   42000   <35000
      What will win: Accuracy, Speed
      Hidden part: From the start point, turn left just a little and 
jump up to the top of the trench. You should be facing a radar array. 
Quickly, go to the radar, and grab the part. It's difficult to see, but 
it's right next to the dish.
      When the mission begins, get the hidden part, and STAY ABOVE THE 
TRENCH! The enemies that drop down, won't normally attack you directly, 
and you'll have a good vantage point. When the fighter jets show up, use 
the anti-missile extensions, if you have them. From there, it's just a 
matter of destroying the ground-based targets.

   5. Disable Radar Equipment:  Mir.  31000   <20000
      What will win: Map, Speed, PoT
      A consort isn't essential for the first part of the mission, but 
would come in handy later on. Use your map to find the targets. Try to 
ignore the enemies. The only two targets you should have problems 
locating, are the ones in the trench. They are right next to each other. 
After all five of the dishes have been destroyed, Laine will tell you to 
enter the main building and take care of anything in there. The main 
building is near the last two dishes you destroyed (the ones in the 
trench). Inside, there are two ACs. This is where the consort comes in 
handy. The consort will normally keep both of the ACs busy while you 
wear the duo down from a safe distance. If you are looking for a 
challenge, however, you can try to take this mission on without the aid 
of a consort.

   6. Destroy Gun Emplacements:  Cst.   35000   <10000
      What will win: Speed, Ammo, PoT
      Hidden Part: Clear DISTRACT UNION DEFENSES
      When you participate in this mission, it is important to remember 
that all of the gun emplacements are on or near the river. So you should 
head there first. Don't bother with trying to defeat all of the enemies, 
just the ones that get in your way. There are two cannons on the side 
you begin the mission on, and three on the other side of the river. 
Destroy the cannons fast enough, and you'll get to participate in a 
bonus stage. Namely, DISTRACT UNION DEFENSES. Head to the transport if 
you want to go. Since there is no real penalty for using a consort, 
bring one along.
   7. Distract Union Defenses:  Cst.   45000    >0
      What will win: Speed, Ammo, Cowardice
      This objective can be completed whether you fight or not. Just by 
surviving the level you complete it... Provided you get to the escape 
point. For best results, fight for a little while, then retreat to where 
the enemies ain't. Consorts make good cannon fodder. If fighting is a 
must for you, destroy the enemies on the ground before you get the 
enemies in the sky.

   8. Recover Data Capsules:  Cst.   32000   >25000
      What will win: Speed, PoT, Map
      The first capsule is located straight ahead. The second, is 
located further ahead next to the riverside. The third and fourth are 
located on the other side of the river. When near the river, be wary of 
the gun emplacements. They pack a wallop. Now that the easy part is out 
of the way, the, uh, easy part is coming up. It seems that the transport 
can't pick you up until the rain lets up. You'll have to defend yourself 
until then. This can be done best by paying close attention to your 
radar. Only destroy the enemies that get too close to you. After 30 
seconds - a minute, the rain will let up, and the mission ends.

E. 3rd Layer: District 1

   1. Eliminate Intruders: Cst.   22000   >12000
      What will win: Power, Endurance, Ammo
      Hidden Part: OP-I function: Defeat AC
      This is a DAE. Just destroy as many enemies as you can before the 
AC arrives. When it does, eliminate any enemies ahead before 
backtracking to the starting point to face the AC. This AC isn't 
difficult. Just remain in the street-like corridor and pop out 
occasionally to hit it. Crossback seems to favor the left side of the 

   2. Safeguard Alloy Sample:  Cst.   30000   >2000
      What will win: Power, Endurance, Ammo
      Hidden Part: Don't lose the transport.
      As soon as the mission begins, run ahead of the transport and 
destroy every enemy you see. Sooner or later, the transport should 
arrive to open the gates. As soon as you step through the second gate, 
an AC arrives. Run to the street on the left (while attacking), and take 
out the first MT. Then, quickly focus your efforts on the AC. You should 
have him taken care of before the transport rounds the corner. From 
there, just destroy any MTs you see. The mission clears when the 
transport reaches the building. If, for some reason, the transport is 
lost, pick up the alloy sample, and high tail it to the large building.

   3. Eliminate Infiltrators:  Kis.   15000   <9000
      What will win: Speed, Ammo, Accuracy
      This is a DAE that takes place in a parking garage. Check your 
fire. As hitting the beams above the parking lot causes the lights to go 
out. Trafalgar will be there to help on the final floor.

   4. Destroy the AC:  Mir.   32000   <30000
      What will win: Speed, Power
      When the mission begins, head in the direction you are facing, and 
hug the right wall. Try to ignore the enemies, or only destroy what gets 
in your way. Eventually, you will hear a someone say "You're on your 
own". You are near the target. Go into the nearby hole, through the 
corridor, and into the room. Chain reaction is easy to defeat. Just duck 
behind the wall for cover and pop out to hit him every once and a while. 
He seems to get caught in corners and on walls easily.

   5. Defend the Monorail:  Mir.   15000   <11000
      What will win: Power/Speed
      This is technically a DAE since the enemies never attack the 
transport. You'll have to take out twelve enemies, total. They come in 
three waves. The first wave consists of six enemies, the second wave, 
four, and the third wave two.

F. 2nd Layer: Waste Disposal

   1. Bomb Disarmament:  Cst.   30000   <19000
      What will win: Speed, Boosters, Ammo, Cooling
      Hidden Part x2: 1. Defeat all enemies.  2. OP-I function: Defeat 
enemy AC
      Destroy the first two enemies beyond the door, and an enemy AC 
will arrive. Get rid of him, and his buddies on the upper level. This is 
a lot easier than it sounds. The first bomb is on the second level, high 
upon the northwest door. The second bomb is on the southwest door on the 
second level. The third door is on the pillar on the third level. The 
last bomb is on the third level, high upon the east wall.

   2. Disable Pulse Generators:  Mir.   51000   >40000
      What will win: Speed, Map, Power, Endurance
      Hidden Part: In the duct above the final pulse generator.
      Drop to the bottom, and disable the target there. Behind the 
target, one level up, is a door with white lights. Go through it. 
Destroy the four grates above, and disable the nearby target. From 
there, go across the grate on the floor, and destroy the next four 
grates on the ceiling. Go through the door, and across to the next door. 
Navigate the corridor, and go into the next room. Drop down to defeat 
the AC. Defeat him, and disable the local generator. Enter the door two 
or three levels up. Shoot the grates on the ceiling, and the last target 
is dead ahead. Before you get too close to the pulse generator, take a 
close look at the ceiling. You should see an opening. If you want the 
hidden part (and you will), go into this hole and land on the left hand 
side. It is close to the end of the small hallway. Once the part has 
been acquired, go disable the pulse generator.

   3. Defend Crest HQ:  Cst.   56000   >40000
      What will win: Boosters, Range, Accuracy
      When this mission begins, fly up to the fourth or fifth level. 
From there, it's just a matter of destroying anything that floats into 
range. Do NOT let the pods reach the top of the area. 

   4. Disable Security System:  Uni.   51000   <40000
      What will win: Small, Speed, Maneuver
      Before we proceed with the mission walk-through a small warning is 
in order. DO NOT TOUCH THE LASER BEAMS!!! Touching the laser beams will 
cause invincible wall turrets to pop out and pelt you mercilessly with 
high-heat rounds. With that said, let's proceed. In the first room, fly 
to the second level. Fly below the structural beam, and onto the second 
level of the next area. Exit through the S-04 door. In the corridor, 
jump the first couple of lasers by hugging the ceiling. Run under the 
moving beam when it goes all the way up. Jump the next lasers, and 
proceed into the next room. Feather the jump button to navigate these 
lasers, and head through S-10. In this corridor, go through the first 
set of lasers when they separate, and do the same with the second. In S-
17, get onto the second tier, and look over the hallway-like area in 
this room. Fly to the clear spot, and make a run for the next door. Hug 
the wall in this hallway, and until you see two beams coming your way in 
unison. Follow them on their way back, and avoid them when they head in 
your direction. Hug the wall and ceiling on either side to avoid the 
last three beams in this corridor. Proceed to S-31. In this room, rush 
straight ahead to the other side (if you can find a better way, do 
it...). In this hallway, avoid the lasers (easier than it sounds), and 
move forward. The target is in S-00. In this final room, rush to the 
other side, and disable the security system. You should be able to 
disable the panel before the turrets begin to fire. 

   5. Assault Crest Facility:  Uni.   51000   >70000
      What will win: Speed, Ammo, Power
      This is a DAE with a twist. You are racing other Ravens to the 
generators. Move quickly. There is a hefty bonus for getting to the 
generators first.

G. 4th Layer: Energy Production

   1. Defend Energy Reactor:  Uni.   67000   <50000
      What will win: Speed, Power, Accuracy
      This hallway section of the mission is like a game of "Red Light, 
Green Light". When you hear the shields power down ("green light"), move 
quickly. When you see the huge projectile ("red light"), seek shelter in 
one of the wall recesses. The objective here, is to hit the target in 
the center, once you are close enough. In the next room, be careful not 
to damage the central pillar, and defeat the AC. He really isn't much to 
write home about, so you should be able to take care of him with no real 

   2. Investigate Magna Ruins:  Mir.   55000   <30000
      What will win: Speed, Power, Ammo
      This is a DAE. Be careful. Once the stealth MTs are taken care of, 
you'll have to contend with Fanfare, and your consort AC, Huntress.

   3. Steal the Access Program:  Cst.   49000   <36000
      What will win: Map, Speed
      Go through the door, and destroy all of the enemies in there and 
the next room. In the following corridor,  go left. In this new 
corridor, ignore the enemies to the left, go right, and take another 
right. Follow the corridor to its end, and go through the door at the 
bottom of the slope. Keep going, and grab the target. Now, all you have 
to do is head back to the start point.

   4. Infiltrate Rehito Lab:  Uni.   52000   <38000
      What will win: Map, Speed, Ammo, Power
      In the first room, destroy the enemies, and proceed through the 
next room. In the hallway, take a left. In the next hallway, take a 
right, and another right. You may want to seriously consider only taking 
out the enemies in your way, at this point. Navigate the lasers (or plow 
right through...), and head down the slope. In this room is the first 
code key. Whether you destroy the enemies or not, is up to you. After 
grabbing the code key, go back to the laser-filled corridor. Before the 
laser area, you should have noticed a door. Enter the door. In the next 
room, go through the door on the left. Grab the second code key, and 
proceed to the next door. In the next room, grab the third code key, and 
head back to the room with the mainframes in it. This time, take the 
door on the right, and insert all three code keys. Now you can enter the 
door that was previously locked, and acquire the target in that room. On 
the way out, you'll encounter an AC. Get rid of him. The easiest way to 
dispatch this loser is to take cover behind the mainframes when 
necessary. Once he's kicked the bucket, head back to the start point.

H. Layered Hub

   1. Infiltrate Layered Hub:  Uni.  150000   150000
      What will win: Speed, Power, Ammo
      It is possible (and highly suggested) to get through the first 
section without destroying any enemies. If you want to destroy the 
enemies, go ahead. But, if you want to finish this quickly, you'll try 
not to destroy any enemies. In the first room, rush past everything. In 
the next room, climb to the top. To avoid taking any unnecessary hits, 
try not to move unless you know where you are going. In the following 
room, rush to the left, and through the door. In this final corridor, 
ignore everything and head to the other side. Your AP and ammo should be 
In the next section, jump onto the platform in the center, and jump 
right off. Wait for thirty to sixty seconds, and drop down to the 
bottom. Go through the door. Don't let these two intimidate you. They 
are practically mice with guns. One of them only seems to use his Exceed 
Orbit ability, while the other only seems to attack using a laser rifle. 
After you deep-six them, go into the next room. Wait until Laine says 
something about a heat source in the center. A "TARGET" icon should 
appear on the center of the pillar. Fly up, and attack it with your 
blade. After a few swipes, the column wall should give way, and expose 
the controller. Now, destroy the controller's core. Checkmate.

[ 5. Arena ]

Yeah! The arena is back! This arena is much easier than the AC2 Arena. 
The enemies don't seem all that bright... While there are a few that 
will give you trouble, they won't give you trouble for long. Here are 
some basic pointers:

1. Before you begin a match, check the opponent's stats with the 
Triangle button. This is a good way to see what kind of equipment the 
opponent is packing, and what you're up against.

2. Choose a stage that puts your opponent at a distinct disadvantage. 
Personally, I like the Arena for slower moving, low-level opponents, and 
the Parking Lot for faster opponents, or those carrying vertical 
missiles. But, if you want to fight fair, no one's stopping you.

3. Take advantage of the enemies' stupidity. Sometimes, the enemy will 
get caught behind a wall, end up standing on top of you, or step out of 
bounds. These incidents happen quite often, so take advantage should the 
opportunity present itself.

The same rules apply in the "Extra Arena" mode. To make the "Extra 
Arena" mode easier, try to focus on the opposite team's leader for 
easier wins.


[ 6. VS Mode Tips ]

The VS mode has been made even better. Now, it is possible to have a 
four-man death match. Provided you have an extra PS2, i-Link cable, 
second TV, and extra copy of AC3 lying around... You don't? I didn't 
think so (I don't either). This is possible if you are one of those 
lucky people who have an i-Link cable, friends with a PS2, a video 
rental card, and a family with multiple television screens. Failing 
that, you'll most likely face your opponents one-on-one. Or, you'll have 
to settle for facing 'bots (nobody wants to do that...).

   A. 4 Player Tips
      1. Make sure you know where all of your opponents are. This is 
important because a few insidious individuals will seemingly disappear 
while two or three of the other opponents duke it out. When one or two 
weakened opponents are left, guess who arrives to claim victory.

      2. The evasion techniques you use against single opponents are 
worthless against two or three opponents. You'll just have to move at 
      3. When playing on teams, the opposing team's leader should always 
be the main target. Just by defeating the leader, the match is won.

   B. 2 Player Tips

      1. Know how fast you are capable of moving. This is important. By 
knowing this, you will be able to discern what you can and cannot dodge.

      2. It is possible to make heavyweight ACs appear to be moving 
quickly. It is best to use weapons with low energy drain, a generator 
with a high out-put, and good boosters. An Over Boost core is 
recommended, but not essential. As we all know, heavy things move 
fastest when they are in a state of falling. Constantly jumping up, and 
falling down dramatically increase speed. Another way to increase speed 
is to use the energy blade and continue moving off of that. These are 
just two of the methods I've seen other people use. Try to create more.

      3. Evasion of evasion techniques:
         a. Circle Strafe- Get out of the circle.
         b. Strafing- Strafe in the same direction as your opponent.
         c. Jumping/Death From Above- Jump to fight on their level.
         d. Random Movement- Move randomly.

      4. Certain arenas were made with stealth in mind. Specifically, 
the Tropical Forest, and Parking Lot levels. The poor visibility, and 
abundance of places to hide are indicative of this. These levels can be 
quite deadly to those who don't know how to take advantage of them.

      5. Machine gun fire is avoidable... Kinda. If someone is strafing, 
while firing at you using a machine gun, strafe while moving in closer 
to the opponent. Careful, most FCS units will catch on to your movement 
in approximately .5 to 1.5 seconds (by estimate), but won't track 
immediately if near-instantaneous movement is taken in a radical 
direction (45-90 degrees vertical, or in the opposite direction). You 
won't be able to dodge all of the hits, but you should be able to avoid 
enough shots to endure. This is also a good way to wear out an 
opponent's ammo reserves, but don't depend on it. 

[ 7. Credits ]

People I would like to thank:

Me. I put up with me everyday... I deserve some thanks. I think.

My Mother. Without whom, I wouldn't be here.

My Employer. I love my job.

God. You know the drill...

My friends. For taking some time from their "busy schedules" to play 
some AC (and lose three of five times).

2-Ton Tony. For taking some time to test one of my theories. Oh yeah, 
you weren't bothering me with the e-mail...

The person who runs this site, CJayC. Running gamefaqs.com has to be a 
trying task. If it was I, I'd be in a padded cell by now...

__________. You can put your name there. You deserve it.

The people at Agetec and From Software. They made the game and released 
it. So, Thanks.

This document copyright Dash-X 2002. This document may not be used 
without the EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT of the writer. If it is, and if I 
find out about it, be prepared to face litigation.

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