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Master League FAQ by Ace13

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/30/01


                         WORLD SOCCER WINNING ELEVEN 5
                            MASTER LEAGUE FAQ

                 This document Copyright 2001 David Blandy/Nimo
                             Words by David Blandy
   A special thanks to TPuha and Ace 13 for all their intellectual guidance
                                 Version 1.1
                             30 September 2001

This FAQ is written for personal use only. You are not allowed to publish,
copy or alter the contents of this FAQ without asking and confirming from
the author first. Use this FAQ to enjoy the best football game in the world
even more, keep it real, keep it Winning Eleven.

The World Soccer Winning Eleven 5 Master League FAQ can be found at:


If you have found this anywhere else, please contact me, to initiate the
wrath of Nimo. It¹s not a pretty sight.

1.0 FAQ Updates and History
1.1 Introduction

2.0 Explanation of Master League points system
2.1 Hints on the Default Team

3.0 Explanation of key used
3.1 The Best cheap players
3.2 The Best Players in each position

4.0 Master Class in the Art of WE5
4.1 Control
4.2 Attacking
4.3 Defending
4.4 Player condition

5.0 Correct order for hidden players

6.0 Special Thanks

Version 1.0 released on September 27.

Version 1.1 released on September 28. Corrections made to spelling and
authorship. Extra information on the points system is added.

Version 1.2 released on September 30. Further minor corrections made.

After having trawled the net for hours, I realised that there is very
little, in English at least, about the finer points of the best game on the
planet (bar perhaps Miyamoto's creations). I was especially interested in
the Master league, and realised that buying very cheap but good players was
the key to success in the early stages of the game. I therefore decided to
make a list of the best bargains in the game, for the benefit of WE5 players
world wide!

If you need a FAQ covering the translation and basic principles of the game,
look no further than the fantastic FAQ by TPuha (at www.gamefaqs.com),
without whom this FAQ would not have been written.

2.0 Explanation of Master League points system
There are two points systems in the master league, one for league position
(where you get 3 pts for a win, 2 for a draw and none for a loss) and one
for points to buy players, which I will call Money Points (MP), as they act
as ³money² for buying and paying players. For the Money points, you get 6 MP
for a win and 3 for a draw in division two, and 10 MP for a win and 5 MP for
a draw in division one, so the sooner you get up there the better. You also
get one extra MP for every goal scored, a real bonus for attacking play, as
points are not deducted for goals conceded. This means that you can get as
many MP for a high scoring draw as for a low scoring win. Also remember that
you only need to be in the top four of the second division at the end of the
season to be promoted, so concentrate on building MP with goal-less draws if
you are having problems affording new players, trying to grab the odd goal
from set-plays and on the break.

You can keep track of your MP status on the player transfer screen, the
option with the little man and two arrows. If you them select the Team
Arrangement option (a clip-board with two arrows) you will see three numbers
at the top of the screen:

White No.  Amount of MP you have now
Yellow No. Amount your team would cost to build from scratch
Blue No.   Amount you will have to pay in wages at the end of the season

While it's nice to build up an all-star team, remember to watch out for the
player's wages- they are the numbers that are next to the transfer fee,
added up as the blue number on the Team Arrangement screen. I went broke
once, due to astronomical wage demands, and it's game over (I had Pele,
Cryff and Maradonna in the team;))!

You get 120 MP for winning the First division, so try to use that as a guide
to the total wages you can have, and try to get the bonuses (20 MP each) for
having the highest scorer and highest assists in a season. This means
sticking with a consistent striker/provider partnership, such as Hadji and
Mboma. Otherwise, keep some points back until the end of the season to cover
the shortfall. Keeping the team strong within a budget can become a fun
sub-game in itself, as you search or players with the best value for money.

A good way of increasing your number of assists is to keep the same player
for all dead-ball situations, corners, free kicks, as, over a season, quite
a number of those go in. Also, consider buying the player just before the
end of the season who is winning the Assist Ranking table, as you will be
getting a good player for a knock down price: e.g. Effenburg has a 5 assist
lead in the Assist Ranking (he often does!), and costs 31 MP, so, as you
will be winning the assist bonus, you will be getting him for 11 MP! Not
bad, huh?

From: laputa01 
Did anyone know what the colour coding in the Master League Transfer Market
If the players price is
RED=   1st Division Player
BLUE=  2nd Division Player
WHITE= Free Agent

2.1 Hints on the Default Team
Before you play your first game, be sure to rearrange the default players on
the player transfer screen into the strongest possible team: For example,
the reserve goalie has better stats than the first team one. I believe that
the default formation is perfect with a weak team, as the three tall CB's
make quite a sturdy wall, and 4-4-2 is only strong once you have two
excellent CB's and a good DH, such as Roy Keane. Attacking on the break is
key in the early stages of the Master League, so be prepared to defend hard
until the opportunity arises to counter attack.

If you feel it is necessary, you can also buy one key player with the
starting money, 20 MP. Personally, I would either buy Nakata (18/3)
immediately, a great OH with good passing accuracy, or wait one game and buy
Mbo Mpenza (24/5), a pure striker with very good stats for shooting and
heading the ball. Below, I have compiled a list of solid cheap players to
help strengthen your squad in the early stages, but it can also be used to
add depth to a squad once you have a few players with high wage demands,
such as Batistuta or Ronaldo!

Remember that, with weak strikers, placement is all important, as they have
no power, and a shot from range will probably go way wide anyway- better to
stick to less than half power shots to roll past the keepers hands, or go
for the aerial attack.

3.0 Explanation of key used
In these two lists, the numbers are player number, buying price, "wage"(what
you pay for them at the end of each season)and average statistic score e.g.:

Name           Player number, Price/Wage, Team, Position, Average, Comments

Definition of terms:

FW             FORWARD        (PURE ATTACKER) Michael Owen
WG             WINGER         (ATTACKER ON THE BYLINE) Ryan Giggs
CB             CENTRE BACK    (CENTRAL DEFENDER) Jaap Stam
GK             GOALKEEPER     (a.k.a The Wall) Fabian Barthez

Many players are suitable for several positions- some are even better suited
to positions that are not assigned to them! The key is to read their stats
carefully and experiment.

3.1 The Best cheap players
Cheap CF
Neeskens        #9  20/3  Classic NDL CF/OH/DF 16.64 good FK/ V. cheap!
Silmaen         #21 23/5  Tunisia     CF       16.55
Ljunberg        #9  24/5  Sweden      OH/SH/CF 16.50
Bassir          #14 24/5  Morocco     CF       16.68
Mbo Mpenza      #21 24/4  Belgium     CF/OH/SH 16.27 a pure striker
Tomassen        #9  24/5  Denmark     CF/OH    16.27
Michael Hughes  #20 26/6  N. Ireland  OH/SH    16.32 Good stats for CF
Babangida       #13 27/6  Nigeria     WG       16.64 Very fast!Use as CF too
Di Canio        #10 28/7  West Ham    CF/OH    16.55
Henrik Larsson  #10 28/7  Sweden.     OH/CF    17.00 a great choice
Claudio Pizarro #9  28/7  Peru        CF       16.45
Zenden          #5  28/7  Netherlands WG/SH    16.59
Dark Kovacevic  #18 30/7  Yugoslavia  CF       16.50 v.tall, great header
Hernandez       #15 30/7  Mexico      CF       16.77
Signori         #NA 30/7  EXTRA       CF       16.82
Angel           #9  30/7  Colombia    CF       16.59

Cheap OH 
Nataka          #7  18/3  Japan subs  OH/DH    17.00 A must-great DH too
Balaban         #20 20/3  Croatia     CF       15.77 a CF but better in OH
Whitmore        #11 22/4  Jamaica     OH/SH    16.64
Roberto Acuna   #10 23/5  Paraguay    OH/DH    16.59
Beya            #8  24/5  Tunisia     OH/SH    16.68
Jorgensen       #20 25/6  Denmark     OH/SH    16.64 Great Technique
Palacios        #10 26/6  Peru        OH       16.59
Herzog          #10 27/6  Austria     OH       16.68
Tsartas         #10 27/6  Greece      OH/CF    16.68
Jugovic         #21 27/6  Yugoslavia  OH       16.73
David Pizarro   #8  27/6  Chile       OH       16.55
Bagheri         #6  28/7  Iran        OH/DH    16.77
Hadji           #7  30/7  Morocco     OH/SH    17.05
Djan Stankovic  #10 30/7  Yugoslavia  OH/SH    16.77

Cheap SH
Nakamura        #14 18/3  Japan       OH/SH    16.50 V.good FK and Cross
Ramon Ramirez   #7  24/5  Mexico      SH/SB    16.64 Very fast
Mahadavikia     #2  24/5  Iran        SH/WG    16.59
Tarnat          #18 24/5  B.Munich    SH/OH    16.59
Kily Gonzalez   #18 24/5  Argentina   SH       16.41
Solano          #7  26/6  Peru        OH/SH/DH 16.77
Finidi          #7  26/6  Nigeria     SH       16.59
Stanic          #7  26/6  Croatia     SH/CF    16.55
Dyer            #15 27/6  England     SH/SB    16.59
Mendieta        #8  27/7  Spain       SH/SB/DH 16.55
Salihamidzic    #20 28/7  B.Munich    SH/OH    16.64
Nedved          #4  30/7  Czech.Rep   SH/DH/OH 16.77

Cheap DH 
Nanami          #10 18/3  Japan       DH/OH    16.50
Chippo          #17 18/3  Morocco     DH/SH    16.27
Viveros         #4  22/4  Columbia    DH/SH    16.45
Dabo            #12 22/4  Monaco      DH/SB    16.09
Biscan          #16 23/5  Croatia     DH/CB/OH 16.45
Gerrard         #21 23/5  England     DH/SH    16.14
Oliseh          #15 24/5  Nigeria     DH       16.50
Petit           #17 27/6  France      DH/SH    16.50
Di Francesco    #7  27/6  Roma        DH/OH/SH 16.55
Deschamps       #4  27/6  Valencia    DH       16.50
Jeremies        #16 30/7  B.Munich    DH       16.55
Cocu            #7  30/7  Netherlands DH/OH/SH 16.55

Cheap SB
Ahned Al Doukhi #12 18/3  S.Arabia    SB/SH    16.09 Very fast & cheap
Nenem           #2  19/3  Palmieras   SB/SH    16.32
Ashley Cole     #29 20/3  Arsenal     SB       15.73
Ibarra          #4  22/4  Boca Junior SB       16.32
Babayaro        #3  22/4  Nigeria     SB       16.14
Arce            #2  24/5  Paraguay    SB/SH    16.73
Junior          #19 27/6  Brazil      SB/SH    16.36
Panucci         #2  28/7  Chelsea     SB/SH    16.59

Cheap CB
Hofland         #29 18/3  Eindhoven   CB       15.18
Pensse Billong  #16 19/3  Cameroon    CB       15.55 a must in CB
Onopko          #7  20/3  Russia      CB       15.55
Stimac          #5  20/3  Croatia     CB       15.73
Taggard         #4  21/4  N.Ireland   CB       15.77
Biscan          #16 23/5  Croatia     DH/CB/OH 16.45 Great solid player
Hyppia          #4  24/5  Finland     CB       15.91
Ferdinand       #20 24/5  England     CB/SB    16.05
Ayala           #5  24/5  Paraguay    CB/SB    15.91
Igor Tudor      #15 26/6  Croatia     CB/DH    16.00 great header
Paulo Montero   #4. 30/7  Uraguay     CB       16.18

Roy Caroll      #1  12/1  N.Ireland   GK       14.41 cheap/tall/consistent
Westerwelt      #22 20/3  Netherlands GK       14.77 has GK special ability
Pletikosa       #1  20/3  Croatia     GK       14.73 has GK special ability
Kiraly          #1  22/4  Hungary     GK       15.00
Songo'o         #22 22/4  Cameroon    GK       15.32
Al Deayea       #1  22/4  S.Arabia    GK       15.50
F. Carini       #1  24/5  Uraguay     GK       15.14 v.good GK skills
Kahn            #1  24/5  Germany     GK/DH    15.00

3.2 The Best Players in each position- slightly subjective opinions!
Best CF
Patrick Mboma   #10 34/9  Cameroon    CF/DH    16.86
Salas           #11 38/11 Chile       CF       17.14
Van Nistelrooy  #8  38/11 Eindhoven   CF       16.64 great header
Javier Saviola  #7  41/12 River Plate CF       16.73 cause he's very fast
A. Shevchenko   #7  48/16 Ukraine     CF/OH/WG 17.09 fast and accurate
M. Owen         #18 56/20 England     CF       16.77 Great dribber
Batistuta       #9  57/21 Argentina   CF       17.14
Ronaldo         #9  61/23 Inter Milan CF       16.73 fast accurate striker

Babangida       #13 27/6  Nigeria     WG       16.64 Very fast! Use as CF
Ryan Giggs      #11 41/12 Wales       WG/OH/CF 17.14 Excellent all round

Best OHs
Rui Costa       #10 44/14 Portugal    OH/SH    17.18 strong, fast,accurate
Juan Veron      #11 44/14 Argentina   OH/DH    17.05
Figo            #7  48/16 Portugal    OH/SH/WG 17.05
Zidane          #10 54/19 France      OH       17.14

Best SHs:
Ginola          #NA 35/10 EXTRA       SH/OH/WG 16.81 I just think he's cool
Giresse         #12 41/12 EuroClassic SH/OH    17.14
Ryan Giggs      #11 41/12 Wales       WG/OH/CF 17.14 Left sided player
Roberto Carlos  #6  43/13 Brazil      SB/SH    17.41 Try him! He's so fast!
David Beckham   #7  57/21 England     SH/OH    17.00 Great passing

Best DH
Effenburg       #11 33/9  B.Munich    DH/OH    16.68
Roy Keane       #6  35/10 Ireland     DH       16.73
Edgar Davids    #8  44/14 Netherlands DH/OH    17.14 great shot power

Best SB
Roberto Carlos  #6  43/13 Brazil      SB/SH    17.41 Try him! He's so fast!

Best CBs
Igor Tudor      #15 26/6  Croatia     CB/DH    16.00 great header
Jaap Stam       #3  35/10 Netherlands CB       15.77
Rijkaard        #17 35/10 NDL Classic CB/LIB/DH16.68
Desailly        #8  33/9  France      CB/DH    15.82
Beckenbauer     #4  54/19 Classic Ger LIB/DH   17.27
Maldini         #4  34/9  Italy       SB/CB/SH 16.55 see how tough he is!
Nesta           #6  31/8  Italy       CB       16.18 Controls def. line
Fabio Cannavaro #5  30/7  Italy       CB       16.18 Can Pass cut well
Thuram          #15 33/9  France      SB/CB    16.64

Best GK
F. Carini       #1  24/5  Uraguay     GK       15.14 v.good GK skills
Kahn            #1  24/5  Germany     GK/DH    15.00
Peter Schmeichel#1  33/9  Denmark     GK       15.14
Chilavert       #1  35/10 Paraguay    GK       16.64

Best Free-Kickers
Roberto Carlos

4.1 Control
1) Use the digital control for movement (the D-pad)
The fundamental bug in the game seems to be that the analogue stick does not
work to direct shots when playing on a horizontal axis (bizarrely, they do
seem to when playing the game vertically!). As most players, like me, seem
to prefer the side-on view, it is then imperative that you use the digital
control pad. When I switched from one to the other, it was a revelation, as
suddenly I could do an Owen, sliding it past the goalie into the opposite
side netting! I cannot state this enough- USE THE D-PAD!!!

2) Don't run
Try not to run (the L1 button) at all, unless in plenty of space, such as
running down the wings or past the last defender. At all other times it
leads to instant dispossession.

3) Play a possession game
Short, accurate passing to players in space is the key, especially at the
highest level: If the opponent doesn't have the ball, he can't score. This
also gives many opportunities for opening up play, giving yourself space to
cross or play the decisive through ball, or even go for a long range shot if
near the box.

From: DanBhoy 
When you select a competition, no matter what it is, you will always be
asked to select a side, by pressing the joypad left or right. There is a
button next to the side you have selected, it will either be yellow with an
"M", or green with a "S" in it. The "M" is manual, while the "S" is
semi-automatic. It can be changed by pressing square, I think.

When you attempt a longer pass, you have to hold down the X button to make
the player come to the ball. Otherwise the defenders intercept it every

4.2 Attacking
Pass the ball around to create the spaces outside the 'D'. The defenders get
drawn away very easily. When the moment comes (a gap in the defence that is)
BOOM. You'll need players with good accuracy for this one, players such as
Ginola, Hadji, Stanic, Nakata, Bagheri etc. I usually have 2 'OH' for this
to work effectively.

Also-anyone notice any bugs in the game?
I think i have: When the CPU team takes a defensive 'Throw in', if you close
them off they will always whack the ball out of play, giving you an
offensive advantage out of nothing. The "bug" - only occurs when the throw
in is near the opponents penalty area.

From: Ace13th
It's easy to score with shots just outside the penalty area and very low
crossings are quite effective, too (double or triple tap the circle button).

From: wolverine7
I like playing an attacking formation, so the ideal attacking formation for
me is the 4-3-3 A with 1 DH and 2 OH. And if I have problems in defence from
this system, I give my 4 Defenders and my 1 DH a defensive attitude (you
know with the arrow). So I have 4 very defensive players, 1 DH who plays for
the defence, 2 play makers and 3 forwards and so I consider this formation
the most balanced and the most suitable for me. Especially if you have fast
RW and LW, it is an excellent formation!

From: soup27
I play 3-4-3 using Batistuta, Bierhoff and Ronaldo as CF. I like to attack
from the side using the SH to cross, that will give me around 3 CF in the
box waiting for the ball.

From: Nimo
My favourite attack method is quick passing play, feeding the ball to a
striker to draw defenders out, then knocking a sly through ball to the SH
going up the wing into space, often on a virtual off-side position, giving
plenty of time to cross, or better still, working into the side of the box
to cross or double tap cross from short range, or even go for a direct shot.
Also, the through ball can go to a striker in space, for a cute dink past
the goalie! Marbelous, suupa, be-ut-i-fol goal!

>From GMT8
A few general points:
1) Flank attacks: the method of attacking the flanks and crossing for big CF
to score headers is probably the most mechanical and easiest to implement in
this game. One thing that can help is cross-field pass. Switching your
attack from between flanks can frequently open up space, even against a back
four which has more width than a back three. I usually play the cross-field
ball at SB positions.

2) Note the formation of the opponent and see if there may be weakness. For
example, against a 3-*-* formation, the flanks are usually very easy to
exploit. Up against a team with only 1 DH, there may be more space near the
box for you to shoot.

3) Movements off the ball: Compared with flank attacks, setting up a chance
inside the box by going through the middle tends to be more difficult and
less mechanical. Creating appropriate movements off the ball definitely
helps. You can add movements by (i) the 1-2 move (L1+X) (ii) use a strategy
to change formation (iii) use a strategy to "change sides" (iv) your players
can swap positions, e.g., when you bring your CF to the OH position, the OH
may make a run forward to fill the CF position. For (ii) & (iii), I find it
difficult to trigger the strategy at the right time in the R2+button mode.
So, I'm forced to keep it simple and just choose 1 strategy to trigger with
L2. Of course, the difficult part is to make the appropriate movements at
the right time. I haven't mastered this art yet but I've seen enough to know
this method has good potential and above all (IMHO), make the game more

From: GottZero 
The best tactic is 3-4-3 with two OH and DH, this tactic is good to play
against the PSX2 but if you are playing against a friend I recommend the
3-6-1 making an ultra passing team.

4.3 Defending

At first I found that it is easier to play a 3-5-2 tactic, with two DH's to
bolster the defense. Here are more advanced tactics, mostly courtesy of GMT
8. Thanks geezer :).

1) Avoid challenging for the ball rashly. Try not to commit too early, and
hold the back line.

2) If possible, try to bring midfielders back to challenge for the ball
instead of bringing out a defender to do it (especially when the CPU is
attacking through the centre). This leaves the defenders in a position to
cover should you fail to get the ball. To do this effectively, player
selection needs to be manual instead of semi-auto.

3) Use 2 defensive midfielders to reduce space around the penalty box.

4) I know many people prefer a back three (3 CB's). But I think that only
works if your opponent does not exploit the flanks too much. A back four has
the width needed to combat that. Purchase tall central defenders (CB's) to
beat those long balls, in between 188-190cm+.

5) My formation is usually something like 4-2-3-1, and this brings me to
another point. In this game, players assigned as forwards tend to stand far
up the pitch waiting for the ball when you're defending in your own half.
Players designated as midfielders, even if you edit their position and push
them higher up-field, will come back to defend more. That's one reason why
I'd rather push the midfielders further up and only keep one out-and-out
striker. If you feel there may not be enough players in opponent's penalty
box in attack, then set a strategy so that you can change to a formation
(eg. 4-4-2B) with more strikers on-the-fly.

6) The pushed-up SH's in 4-2-3-1 have another advantage in their
positioning. When you have possession, they tend to be somewhere between
opponent's SH's and SB's and don't get properly marked. It's quite easy to
pass the ball to them (may be via your own SB's). One important thing for
defending is when you get the ball you should have a reliable way to channel
the ball out of your own half and to a team-mate. Those SH's will serve this
purpose well.

However, I do feel that if the CPU really decides to dribble past you, there
isn't too much you can do because the CPU always knows what buttons you have
pressed and can do exactly the right moves to get past your players.

4.4 Player condition
From: laputa01
Was anyone aware of what the forms mean?
If not ....read on!!

Red Arrow (UP)
Balance +2
Stamina +2
Acceleration +1
Accuracy +1
Response +1

Orange Arrow (Diagonal UP)
Balance +1
Stamina +1
Acceleration 0
Accuracy +1
Response +0

Green Arrow (Horizontal)
Balance +0
Stamina +0
Acceleration +0
Accuracy +0
Response +0

Blue Arrow (Diagonal DOWN)
Balance +0
Stamina -1
Acceleration -2
Accuracy -2
Response -1

Grey Arrow (Down)
Balance +0
Stamina -2
Acceleration -3
Accuracy -3
Response -3

5.0 Correct order for hidden players
Here's the sequence of all 33 hidden players you gain from beating the
Master League three times, as the sequence in the impeccable Roster FAQ is
slightly wrong in regards to the order that they are placed in the Name Edit
menu. Also, if you play the final game in Division One, see the celebration,
quit, then play the final game another three times, then all the players
will be unlocked and instantly selectable!

Pagliuca, Illgner, Taffarel, Raveli, Preud'Homme
Sol Campbell, G. Popescu, Matthaus, Ince
P. Sousa, Dunga, Ginola, Savicevic, Hagi
Stojkovic, Gascoigne, Valderrama, Rai
Scifo, M. Laudrup, Ventola, R. Baggio, Cassano
Signori, Jardel, Denilson, Stoichkov, Asprilla
Vialli, Schillaci, Mancini, Papin, Klinsmann

Thanks to all of you on the gamefaq's WE5 board, all true fans of my
favourite game. If there's anyone I have missed out, I'm sorry, just e-mail
me and I'll put you into the next version- any help or comments would be
greatly appreciated!

Nikaka Goooaaal!!! 

laputa01 player advice+ small defensive tips & player form & attacking play
Ace13th  much cool info and dedication to football statistics.
soup27   Cheap player advice
GMT 8    excellent defensive/attacking/formation master classes
Mckit    good ML purchasing advice
Smashy   submitted favourite players+ formation advice
GottZero For formation advice
DanBhoy  For control advice- BTW Henrik Larsson Rules as OH!

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