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Reviewed: 10/27/02 | Updated: 10/27/02

NBA Weak 2002

NBA Live 2002…EA’s most dominant franchise so far. I read reviews in magazines but I didn’t want to believe, but now I too am a believer. This game doesn’t match up to Sega’s NBA 2K2. I have always been a loyal to Live and EA, but I’m going to face the music here, this game is truly not what I’ve imagined it to be.

You say what’s wrong this game? The graphics aren’t, they’re pretty good and smooth, and nothing on PS2 has bad graphics. But the game doesn’t have what it used to have, fun game play. The intro was really weak, a bunch of polygon made up players showing their moves. Not 2K2’s awesome heart beating real NBA players dunking and with EA’s own rap tune blasting from your TV. Stuff like that just gets you pumped up before playing the game. Another weak aspect of Live 02 is the player introduction, umm…there is none!! You only seen 3 guys walking out, apparently the other 2 is already on the court but you don’t see him, what’s worse is the announcer doesn’t even announce their names. It just doesn’t get you pumped up and it’s weak to the bones. 2K2’s lineup is kind of weak too but at least Sega has one. So after everything you’ve seen or heard, you’re feeling weak and depressed. Live is not live at all, it’s weak.

When the game tips off its fine for the most part, except it’s all little too easy, I was playing on pro and I still won my games. In reality I know I’m no good. Not only the game is easy, it’s fake. The turbo makes the guys run like they’re in a football game. Using turbo on defense is even a little hard to control. Basically when you use turbo, you can go coast to coast with any guard and score easy buckets. It’s that easy. The CPU is a little stupid; my guys don’t get rebounds unless I manually do it myself or it bounces right to them. One game I gave up like 6 straight offensive boards, stuff like that just doesn’t happen in 2K2.

This is just little things I’ve found out in the game, it doesn’t affect game play but it’s just annoying. Kobe, Jordan, Iverson are all wearing the wrong shoes. They are all wearing shoes from the previous season and not their new kicks they wore in 02. Kobe is wearing those yellow Adidas, instead he should be wearing “Kobe 2”, and Iverson is wearing “Answer 4” where he should be wearing “Answer 5” and same for Jordan. Sixers jerseys are messed up as well. They’re wearing the skinny straps instead of the straps that cover your whole shoulder. Iverson doesn’t really look like Iverson, where’s the famous “The Answer” elbow band, such as the one I wear when I ball. When I used Sixers to play my first season. I opened up on the road vs. the Hawks. Didn’t Sixers open up the 2001-02 season on the road vs. Jordan and the Wizards? EA didn’t bother to make those small changes and they are very annoying.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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