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Reviewed: 03/29/02 | Updated: 04/12/02

Great basketball game, not to be missed out on...

In my opinion this is the best basketball game out there. Only a few problems with it at first (I will explain later), but you learn how to play through them.

The graphics on this game are great! A lot of detail in each player, and it all runs smooth! And once you get in the game, there are no loading times. The cut scenes are actually kind of funny sometimes, like a player will charge at a ref and start yelling at him. Any ways, great graphics!

This is where people are most frustrated with the game and just give up on it, but it should not be like that. First downside is at first the computer steals the ball too much from you, and this is why people give this game a bad rating. As you play the game more, that does not happen and you will get like ten steals a game. Another down side is the difficulty, All Star and Superstar are really far apart in difficulty, you will win a game by around twenty points on All Star and then on Superstar you will get blown out by around thirty points a game. That is mainly because on Superstar thy steal the ball a lot, you just have to play smart and not make dumb passes. At least it is not like the NBA 2K series where you blow teams out by like fifty points. Winning comes with experience. On the up side, the controls are the same as any other NBA Live game.

There are a lot of good features like, Season mode, Franchise, Exhibition game, 1 on 1, and Playoff mode. The only thing more I could ask for is a street ball mode. Never less, still a lot of stuff to play with.

Lasting Appeal-10/10
Or at least for me it is, NBA Live games last at least in till the next year's version comes out. I have the most fun playing my friends, and just literally have wars with them in the game. It is always close with us. So if you want a lasting basketball game, this is it.

Overall-9/10 (Not an average.)
If you are not willing to be patient, and not learn how to get used to the gameplay, then this is not the game for you. Other than that, I totally recommend the game!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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