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Reviewed: 12/21/01 | Updated: 12/21/01

Basketball Never Looked So Good

I had mixed feelings about this title after last year's release. After I had received it for a gift I was more than pleased with what I had received. In any event, on with the review.

This game looks unreal. Everything from the authentic looking stadiums and courts to the shoes worn by the players. Everything is there in clear, crisp detail (except for the logos on the shoes). It shows off the pure power of the Play Station 2. The players looked unbelievably life like, you can even see their eyes move. In the game players move and react with realism that is uncanny. Players cross over and run like a real athlete. Remarkable. This game got a 200% facelift in the graphics dept. since last year.

The commentary in the game is pretty good. At times it can repeat but that is true of all sports games. During the game you can fear the fans, the squeaking of the shoes on the court, and the grunt of players as the are fouled. EA put a lot of time into this title, and it shows. I would have given sound a ten, but the commentators got on my nerves on rare occasions.

I have heard some people complaining about the control, but I do not see why. The control is pretty easy to pick up on. After playing one quarter, the buttons become like second nature. Players respond like you expect them to. But this game is more realistic than other titles, so players are not super human. Do not expect to push the jump button and see your player jump 18 feet in the air. The controls makes things very easy. Even calling for a double team is quite easy.

Gameplay- 8
This game is for everyone that played basketball in high school and missed the court. The games offers several different modes of play. You can play one on one in a play ground setting, or play a season or just exhibition games. The game offers real offensive sets for your team to run. This game has it all. The only down point of this game is the lack of zone defensive sets. For some reason the new zone defense sets were not included. That is the only complaint I have for this wonderful title.

Replay Value- 10
With all of the teams in the NBA, and the full season mode, this game can keep an individual occupied for a long time. This game is a must for all real basketball fans.

In conclusion, this game is a great title that is not getting the respect it deserves. If you are like me and love real basketball, this is a must have.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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