Review by Rhen2002

Reviewed: 11/19/03

With a friend: Fun. Without: Worthless.

Quite frankly, NFL GameDay is one of the most popular and recognizable football game series on the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. I remember playing NFL GameDay '98 every day, because of how well I liked it. Imagine my curiosity when I found GameDay 2002 for only $15 in a used game store. ''How could anyone give up a GameDay?'' is a question I asked myself. I learned the hard way the answer to that question.

Gameplay- 5/10

Let me start off with the heart of any game: gameplay. I felt it severely lacked in fun gameplay. Sure, it was sufficient in being football, but 989 let some major glitches slip past them, and it really hinders gameplay. Often, you will find the game screw up and you will be in an endless loop of watching every player in the game running around (in a way, it is like freezing, but the game is still moving). I also like the loving feature of the game itself sometimes decides that you will automatically missing an extra point after a touchdown, before you even attempt it. Imagine my surprise when I got a touchdown, and as soon as I got that touchdown the announcer says ''he missed the extra point!''. Very neat little addition there, guys (that was sarcasm, by the way).

Sound/Music- 8/10

At least the music and sounds to the game are well done. Seriously, it sounds like a real football game at times. The announcers truly treat the game like it was real. There is not much music for the game, other than what the speakers in the football stadium play, in the game. I just really liked the realistic sound to the game. The only thing that hinders this aspect is that the announcers often repeat the same lines, but at least there is a variety. The football players, however, have next to no variety in dialogue, but then again, is there much of need for any?

Graphics- 7/10

The graphics are what you would expect from GameDay. The players look very good, but only if from a distance. Up close, not only are they blocky, but they all look nearly identical. The audience looks like a big cartoon drawing,:o don't expect much in the background- detail, yes; expert detail, no. I appreciate the graphics because they are sufficient, and considering the graphics of all the GameDay games, I was not expecting anything better.

Control- 7/0

This goes hand in hand with Gameplay. As I have stated in that section, it is all good except for those infernal glitches. The buttons respond, so don't expect the controls to be horrible, because they are not. Basically, the controls are mediocre at best, but still watch out for those glitches (I cannot stress that enough).

Replayability- 5/10

The only replay value in this game is to play with a friend. I cannot imagine someone actually going through a 1-Player game more than once, but I guess it is possible for anyone who is a true Football fanatic.

Gameplay: 5/10
Sound/Music: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10
Control: 7/10
Replayability: 5/10
Total score: 6/10

Final Note: For what it is worth, this game is in no way terrible. I like to play it, but sometimes the (yes, you guessed it) glitches get in the way. Buy it if you truly are a hardcore Football/GameDay fan, but after awhile you may want to practice your punting skills with this game (LITERALLY).

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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