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Reviewed: 04/29/02 | Updated: 04/29/02

Gameday going down the tubes

989 sports should have not even put this game out. I think Gameday 2001 was better then this. They need to do something about all these glitches.

GAMEPLAY- this game stunk badly. It was really easy and you could practically be the best team if you tried. The game is kind of boring. Because usually the computers stink and you can have a huge victory. You could crush some of the top quarterbacks in the league in yards with a horrible quarterback. Like one time I beat Donovan Mcnabb with a New York Jets linemen. That is pretty pitiful. There are many different bugs in the game. Like one time I got the ball and no one on the field could move accept for me. It was totally weird. The defensive line is horrible and it is easy to run a 100-yard touch or more. The computer isn’t as smart as the commercials say it is. Some times you will press the throw button on the controller but he won’t throw. That is one of the many things that get me mad about this game.

STORY- well it’s a football game. You basically play football with all of the NFL teams. You can be any team you want and can draft players. Or you can make your own player. The story isn’t the greatest but what can you do you’re on the quest to be the super bowl champions like most games not really much of a story the name says it all.

AUDIO/VIDEO- The commentary is ok but gets annoying after you’ve herd it so many times that you have memorized it. The crowd looks better but nothing really new there. The graphics really shocked me they were awesome I was totally surprised when I saw them. Though they have a great deal of bugs to deal with and the game freezes allot. The referees are 3 dimensional but you only see them in cut scenes which kind of stinks. The one thing I like is you can knock over the people that hold the first down lines. Or you can knock over any other person on the sidelines.

RE PLAYABILITY- This game you would probably only play it like 1 and a half seasons until you get sick of looking at it. There is multi player but since it freezes and gets messed up a lot your friends might not like to play it. The re playability part surprised me I thought I would be addicted to this game just like game day 2001 but I guess I was wrong. The game was also to easy and could be beaten in a short amount of time.

RENT OR BUY- do not buy this I repeat do not buy this. Rent it if you want to play it though it will only come out as a disappointment to you. If you do buy it don’t waste your money but if you insist get someone else to buy it and save your money for a better football game. This game is about worth $10-$15. There are too many glitches to deal with.

FINAL NOTE-This game could have been a great game but 989 sports has a lot of bugs to deal with in this game. If there were not so many bugs and glitches I would have given it an 8/10 but sadly it is not.


Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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