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Reviewed: 03/28/02 | Updated: 05/03/02

Is it worth Buying?

989 Sports does have some problems with its football games lately. NFL Gameday 2001 was good, but still got some problems. Now, after a year, 989 Sports made a new football game, NFL Gameday 2002. It still got some problems, though. I don't know what's happening to 989 Sports. It's like they are losing their abilities to make football games. I mean, NFL Gameday 99 was very good. i think that 989 Sports need to know the formula to make a great football game. I already know that EA has the formula because they made a great football game this year. I think that 989 Sports is now seeking for the secret formula to make a good football game.

I think that NFL Gameday 2001 was an embarrassment for 989 Sports. The game has lots and lots of bugs and it was horrible.

Gameplay- Gameplay needs some more work. This is a big area that they need help from. The controls are the same. You could do all the basic moves like spin moves, dives, jukes, stiff arms, hurdles, and speed bursts. Just like the other Gameday series, you also can do the more advanced moves like diving over a pile, shoulder charges, doubles spins, and more. After some practice, you will get used to the buttons and beat the computer.

I think that there is a big problem in this game. It's too easy and I mean it's too easy to pass the ball for major yardage. You have no problem throwing more than 200 yards a game. It also doesn't really matter whether you are playing with Kurt Warner, Peyton Manning, or Bret Farve. You could easily beat Dan Marino's season records for both touchdowns and passing yards.

Passes seem too easy to execute. The defensive backs hardly do nothing at all. The defensive backs don't even knock the ball down sometimes. It doesn't matter what difficulty you are on. The only reasons you won't be able to catch a pass is that you drop it, or the quarterback throws off target. The defensive backs need a tuning. They need to be better. If you looking for a challenge, don't even bother to get this game. Though, the passing game is fun, but the running is not that good. There's no advanced line play, and there aren't really no holes for the running backs to run in. It's always man-to-man blocking. It's possible that you could get 100+ yards in one game. I think that the running game isn't fun at all.

There is a cool thing in this game. I think that Gameday 2002 is the first football game that features two-person tackles. That is pretty neat. The computer don't call the smart plays. When they are losing by three, they don't even call a timeout and they are at the ten yard line. The only thing they do is calling the plays.

There are some bugs in the game. One time, the computer fumbled the ball, and he recovered it and I couldn't tackle him. That's a huge problem. 989 Sports need to fix these bugs.

Audio/Video- The sound is a little bit better than last year's game. The play-by-play commentary is different from Madden. The commentary is handled by Dan Fouts and Dick Enberg. They do a good job of calling the game. It does get repetitive quickly, though. This commentary is not in the same league as the other NFL titles out there. The crowd is good, but it is still the same.

The graphics is an improvement. This football game looks like an actual football game. The player models are more detailed. There's also logos and the jerseys. The player size is a little bit good. Some players in this game look very good, but some don't. The stadiums look like they are detailed too. The tackles look great. There's lots of animation glitches. There are lots of tackle animations. The coaches are 3D and the referees. They don't come in during gameplay, but just in between play cut scenes. I think that Gameday 2002 is in its own league.

Replayability- This game is not that great of a game. It's not worth 52 bucks. There's a franchise mode, but it'll keep you up for only 2 seasons because you will get bored. There's multiplayer, but your friends won't play it. Your friends want Madden or NFL 2K2 to play.

Rent or Buy- Definitely RENT. This game is only worth 10 bucks. It's not worth 52 bucks. If you buy this game you will be sorry.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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