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Guide and Walkthrough by AjidoMarujido

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 10/20/2002

 _       _____   ______   ______   _   ______     _____     
| |     |  ___| |  ____| |  __  | | | |  __  |   / ___ \
| |     | |___  | | ___  | |__| | | | | |__| |  /_/   \ \
| |     |  ___| | ||_  | |  __  | | | |  __  |        / /
| |___  | |___  | |__| | | |  | | | | | |  | |       / /
|_____| |_____| |______| |_|  |_| |_| |_|  |_|      / /
                                                   / /
                                                  / /
   D  u  e  l                                    / /__________
                 S  a  g  a                     |_____________| 

Legaia 2: Duel Saga
A Walkthrough and FAQ by Platinum Deuce
E-Mail: TheTruePlatinum@aol.com
Version 1.5
Created Oct. 5th, 2002

This document copyright 2002 by Will Young.  This document is for private and
personal use only.  This document may be placed on a web site as long as it 
is completely unaltered and in full.  This document is not to be used for 
profitable or promotional purposes, including, but not limited to; magazines, 
books, guides, etc... in any way whatsoever.  

-- Table of Contents --

1.  Updates/Versions

2.  Introduction

3.  Characters

4.  Walkthrough
  A. Retrieve the Aqualith
     (Nohl thru Chapel of St. Joprian)
  B. Get the Pyrolith
     (Nohl thru Volcanic Isle, Drakonia)
  C. Find the Aerolith
     (Jinga thru Wind Tower, Ellsworth) 
  D. Final Grounds
     (Demiurge Tower)

5.  Arts Lists

6.  Origin Magic Lists

7.  Side Quests

8.  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

9.  Special Thanks

1. Updates/Versions
Version 1.0 (10/5/2002) - First edition of the walkthrough is released, goes 
into Doplin Castle. Character list currently has 9 characters.

Version 1.1 (10/7/2002) - Added FAQ, continued walkthrough up through St. 
Joprian's Chapel, added 2 more profiles to the characters list, and updated 
several other profiles.

Version 1.2 (10/9/2002) - Added the side quest section, continued walkthrough 
up to Darek's Haunt, Character list is updated, and now has 14 profiles,
and added another question to the FAQ.

Version 1.3 (10/12/2002) - Continued walkthrough into Drakonia, added another
profile to the characters, fixed some spelling mistakes and updated the FAQ.

Version 1.4 (10/15/2002) - Walkthrough now extends through Ellsworth, added
Rauss' profile, changed introduction, added three more side quests, and 
finally added an arts list.

Version 1.5 (10/17/02) - Walkthrough is finally finished! Profiles are also
finished, added more side quests, updated the FAQ, added Origin Magic and
'Special Thanks' sections, as well as a second strategy for defeating Rauss.

2. Introduction
Welcome to my Legaia 2 Walkthrough/FAQ, this guide includes (or at least will 
include) a full walkthrough, a character listing, Arts list, an FAQ, and just 
about everything else you'd find in a Walkthrough guide. While this is a 
walkthrough, it doesn't go into great detail unless it needs to, it will tell 
you what you need to do, and give you strategies on how to do it, but don't 
expect too much detail on unimportant things. Please send any comments, 
questions and/or complaints to TheTruePlatinum@aol.com.

Note: All e-mails written by people who look like they never passed 2nd grade
grammar (i.e. no punctuation, all capital letters, constant profanity, etc...
will be immediately disregarded.

3. Characters
Lang - The hero of the game (If you ask me, he looks almost identical to Vahn 
from the first Legend of Legaia.) After finding that the sacred Aqualith from 
his town was stolen, he sets out on a quest to find it. His origin is of the 
fire element, and is named Galea.

Maya - 'The Girl who lost her voice' she is mute, first found by Lang in 
Doplin Castle's dungeon. Her weapon is her magic powers. Her origin is named 
Rivas, and controls the element of life.

Kazan - Strong old man that lives alone in the mountains. He is a mystic, 
like Lang and Maya. Kazan's origin holds the power of Earth, and is named 

Sharon - Very pushy woman that you first meet when trying to get a Kravian
Pass, like the others, she's a mystic. Her origin is named Arrode and is of 
the electric element

Ayne - Huge guy, that's the only member of your team without an origin, but he
can manipulate the power of Gaia to increase his strength and defense.

Avalon - When first met, he's known as 'Gold Eyes', he is the most powerful 
mystic, and has Igohl, known as the 'Supreme Origin'.

Doplin - The bishop of the Holy Order of Banderas, he's associated with 
Avalon in trying to create a new world order run by mystics. 

Velna - Always at Doplin's side, she has powerful magic spells.

Rauss - One of Kazan's former students that Kazan thought he had slain, he
draws his power from insanity and evil instead of fighting energy

Elliott - Mystic met early on in the game, he is always around his little 
sister, both have powerful origins.

Marienne - Elliott's little sister, enjoys making fun of others, and often 
tries to refer as all humans as 'slaves'.

Reyn - An Earthly spirit that's a friend of Maya. Lives in Yuno, and knows 
all about the Source Forge, Sacred Stones, and Mystics.

Bubba - Huge man that is associated with Elliott and Marienne, he hates 
Marienne and often calls her a little pig, he also hates Lang, because he 
kills Elfin, his best friend very early in the game.

Galvan - Lang's father figure, he's the head of the town of Nohl.

Nancy - Lang's sister figure, she worries about Lang a lot.

Sabrina - Owner of the Inn in Darakin Citadel.

Nils - Sabrina's son, he always seems to be sweeping.

Joe - The 'Eye-Patch Man' that you meet in Sabrina's Inn, he's always
helpful due to his great amount of information.

4A. Walkthrough (Nohl - St. Joplain Chapel)

Nohl - The game starts out with you asleep. Your sister, Nancy comes into 
your room to wake you up, when she starts banging on the pot, you're given a 
choice on how you want to wake up, it doesn't matter what you choose, they 
all have the same outcome. You'll end up getting pushed outside with a bunch 
of others training with swords, this is when you choose your name. You're 
apparently late for your job which is starting today with the Vigilance Corps. 
There's a small cut scene and then Galvan will tell you to go talk to him, 
when you want to do this, he's waiting in the house that you just came out 
of, but first you should go to the item shop, in the chest you'll find a 
'Poison Cure' and then if you talk to the shopkeeper, he'll give you a 
'Pedometer'. Once you head on in to talk to Galvan, he'll be pissed off at 
you because you were late. Galvan's dad, Hawke, will talk for a little, and 
then they'll tell you to go to the gates of the town. On your way out, Nancy 
will talk to you and then give you some Heal Powder and a Poison Cure. It's 
funnier if you choose to be annoyed when given the choice.

Hunter's Wood
Klaw Ant  ~105 HP
Bloody Wolf  ~135 HP
Flytrap  ~365 HP

Hunter's Wood - Galvan will join your party and teach you the basics or 
fighting, so the first 2 battles are step-by-step, just do what Galvan says. 
The battles in here (especially the Klaw Ants) are real easy, so don't worry 
about much. Once you get to level 3 Long's Blue Moon Buster should be able to 
take out the Klaw Ants in one hit. The Bloody Wolves are pretty strong though, 
but Galvan's Sandstorm can take them out real quick. Just stay healed, and 
you'll be fine. After you finish beating down the Klaw Ants Galvan will tell 
you to meet up with the others and head home, head to the right. Once you get 
to them, there'll be a cut scene where Marcus is injured. Galvan will send 
you to go find Dein while he takes Marcus back to the village. Keep heading 
along the path, and you'll run into Dein, there'll be a cut scene and then, 
there'll be a boss fight.

Gather Crab
  ~ 1100 HP

This thing isn't too hard, it's slow and not too damaging, after you deal 
about 350 damage to it, it's left arm will fall off, after about the 600 
damage mark, it's other arm is gone, once you've got it down to no arms, it 
can't attack you regularly, so it'll start to spit venom at you. The venom is 
a little more damaging, but it's nothing to worry about, the venom can poison 
you, but don't worry about it, it'll do around 10 HP worth of damage to you 
each turn, you can cure it if you want, but I doubt it'll make a difference, 
it's also got a 'Barse' attack, where it gives birth to a Klaw Ant, just kill
 off the Ant, and finish killing off the monster, after the battle, you'll 
get a Heal Leaf and a Maspergu Tube. After the battle there'll be a short 
scene with Dein, and you'll be back in Nohl.

Nohl - It'll start with a cut scene, and Galvan will be talking to you, you 
can go talk to some of the others, or you can go straight to bed, in case you
 were wondering, yours is the room with the save point in it. Just walk over 
to the bed, press the action button, and choose 'take a nap'. While you're 
asleep, there's a cut scene where Lang has a dream. Nancy will wake you up, 
and then you'll think for another few seconds about the dream, before going 
back to sleep.

When you wake up, walk out into the main roon, and the computer will take 
over, you'll find out that Jill's husband was attacked in Hunter's Wood by a 
'demon', Galvan will go there to find out, if you choose, to follow Galvan's 
orders, you'll stay in town for another cut scene, but you'll eventually end 
up going soon anyway. Whenever you choose to go, you might wanna pick up some 
Heal Powders and supplies first, here's the list of items at the shop, and 
how much thet cost:

Heal Powder - 100
Poison Cure - 25
Large Rice Ball - 150
Flag of Retreat - 1000
Scroll of Identity - 200

Hunter's Wood - Once back into the woods, just head back to the same place 
where you fought the boss, Lang will find Eduard lying dead on the ground, 
keep going along the path. You'll find Galvan, being hurt by a strange person 
named 'Gold Eyes', he'll toss Galvan into a tree, and then you'll have battle 

This may seem like a boss fight, but it's not, none of your attacks will do 
any damage to him, and he won't attack you. After about 3 attacks, the battle 
should end, and he will start talking to you about how you are a 'Mystic', 
and then he'll have a flashback, about how humans trated him since he was a 
mystic, a large transparent demon named 'Igohl' will appear behind him and 
stab you through the chest, Gold Eyes will then leave to go take the Aqualith.

Nohl - After being asleep for 5 days, you'll wake up in your bed, Nancy will 
be all worried about you and Galvan, after you talk to them, go head out to 
the lake, and you'll notice that the Aqualith is missing, Galvan and Hawke 
will show up and talk for a little bit, after you decide to go and find the 
Aqualith, all the doors in town will be locked. On your way out of town, 
Nancy and Galvan will stop you, no matter what you decide to say to them, 
they'll find out that you're going after the Aqualith, Galvan will give you 
the Hammer Blade and the Wind Talisman. Before leaving, re-enter the town 
and buy some supplies, and Mallory will give you a free Heal Leaf. Now head 
to the Southern part of Gale Canyon.

Gale Canyon
Volture  ~300 HP
Baki  ~155 HP
Rock Golem  ~475 HP
Lyps  ~1300 HP (always escapes)

Gale Canyon - The first thing you'll see is gonna be a chest, inside is a 
pickpocket talisman, grab it if you want and then head into the canyon. 
There'll be a cut scene with this really feminine looking guy named Elliott, 
and a fat little girl named Marienne. Navigating through the valley isn't 
hard, it's pretty complicated to explain an exact route, just take the left 
path at the beginning and you won't have any trouble getting through it. In 
valley you find Bakis, Voltures, and Rock Golems. The Bakis go down real 
quick, but they can and will block your attacks sometimes, Voltures' attack 
power is decent, but he's dealt with in 2 hits. Rock Golems are a little 
tougher, they boast a lot of HP, and they have pretty good attack power, if 
your HP gets below 180 you should heal. Once you get to the 'Lyps' monster, 
it'll jump over the gap in the road, just follow it, once you get to it, a 
battle will start but it'll just run away. A little bit further, there'll be 
a save point, save and heal there because a boss battle is gonna occur.

  ~ 2200 HP

A little bit from the save point Elfin, the gorilla like creature that was 
with Bubba will jump out of nowhere and attack you. This guy can be tough, if 
you're not at about level 9. He's got an assload of HP, and on top of that, 
he will block your attacks frequently (it seemed like he blocked more if 
attacked from left/right, and not as much from up/down). Anyway, if you see 
him use 'Maiden's Call' then get fully healed quick, because his attacks for 
the next turn will be quite harsh, and you'll probably need to heal right 
afterwards. He's also got an attack called 'Dynamite Hip' this does decent 
damage too, but his strongest attack is called 'Death Hug' if he does that 
right after his strength is doubled it can deal 650+ damage, so watch out. 
Finally, he's got an attack called 'Challenge' where all your AP is erased, 
this is more annoying then it is hurtful, since you can still use your 
regular arts attacks. The best strategy is to keep on going with your 
strongest attacks, and heal whenever you're below half your HP, and as soon 
as he doubles his attack, get as close to full health as possible. I your 
level is 9+ and you have good equipment, this shouldn't be too tough.

After you defeat Elfin, Bubba will come out, and be really pissed off, he'll 
get ready to fight you, but Elliott and Marienne intervene and stop him, then 
they'll offer for you to join them. You're given 2 choices, (both of them 
being 'no'.) they'll get upset that you declined their offer, and start to 
battle you. Don't worry about not having a chance to save, because this isn't 
really a fight. There'll be a small cut scene where you notice that Elliott 
and Marienne have 'origins' on their backs, just like Gold Eyes did. You can 
deal damage, but you won't be able to defeat either of them, so basically, 
just stay healed for 2-3 turns, then they'll decide to use a new 
'super-attack' which will end the battle even though it doesn't actually do 
any damage to you. After that, you'll be lying on the ground half-dead, 
they'll talk for a while then load you into their wagon and take you to 
Doplin Castle.

Doplin Castle
Doplin Soldier  ~305 HP

You're locked in a cell, passed out, when you wake up, you'll get a chance to 
save, and then go to the door. Bubba will show up break your door down and 
then carry you off into a torture room. Bubba's got permission to get revenge 
on you for killing Elfin, and he starts to beat you up. Elliott and Marienne 
will show up and inform Bubba that they want you alive, and then a new 
character, Doplin, will be introduced. Doplin is the leader of the city that 
you're in, he'll say that he wants you treated a little better, but you're 
still being held prisoner. After Bubba is done torturing you, you'll get 
taken back to a prison cell, but seeing as Bubba broke down the door of yours, 
they'll toss you into a different cell, this one you'll be sharing with Maya. 
Maya will heal you, and they you'll notice that she is mute. After you choose 
a name for your character, she will reveal her origin (Rivas) to you, and 
she'll explain to you a bit about what a mystic is, you'll get really upset at 
this, and tell her mystic to disappear, which it does. 

Maya will go to sleep, while you notice that the door to your cell is wobbly, 
and after 3 tries, you'll break it down, the noise will wake Maya up, and 
she'll join your party. Head to the right, and go down the stairs, if you go 
near the cage, a monster will leap at you, but don't worry, it's stuck in the 
cage. In the room to the left, you'll see a treasure chest, all of the items 
that were taken from you are in there, open it up, and they'll automatically 
be re-equipped. After you go back upstairs, some Doplin Soldiers will see 
you, and engage in a fight, these guys aren't tough at all, but they can 
block you every once in a while, so it might take a couple of turns to take 
them down. After this you can now run into random encounters. You probably 
notices by now that Maya can't attack, so basically use her to heal you for 
now, or just Guard a lot, if you don't need to be healed. Keep heading left, 
the gate is now open so you can go further into the castle. 

You'll come to a hedge maze, it's not hard to get through, just avoid the 
guards, which is also pretty easy, don't stay in one place too long though, 
or they'll eventually find you, and even if you win, you'll have to go back 
to the beginning of the maze, the guards in the second half of the maze are 

Once you're into the castle, there's a save point right at the bottom of the 
stairs, and a boss fight is coming up so saving would help. If you examine 
the back of the lever between the stairways, you'll find a Zonark Weed, 
there's nothing of real value in any of the rooms (Doplin's Lunch is in one 
of them.) and there's no random encounters, so just pull the level, and head 
towards the door, into the Boss Fight.

Mighty Balken
  ~ 2100 HP

Choosing to battle with Maya, makes no difference whatsoever, the battle will 
be exactly the same except, you'll have  Maya. If you battle without Maya, 
you're a 'real man' if you battle with Maya, you're a 'gentleman', either way 
this shouldn't be a hard fight. He doesn't have as much HP as Elfin, and he 
isn't as strong, an don't worry about beating him before the drawbridge 
closes, it doesn't make a difference. This battle is just annoying because 
there's a cut scene between every turn for like the first 5 turns. Anyway, he 
only has one special attack, 'Rage Wave', which should do around 300 damage 
to you, he usually won't use it twice in a row, but be sure that you're 
healed, otherwise this guy's pretty darn easy.

After you escape from the castle, head right, and hop along the rooftops 
until you get to a lighted window, go in through there. There'll be a cut 
scene with a wom (Sabrina) shooing some castle guards away from her inn, 
after she's done, go talk to her, and she give you some food, and a place to 
stay for the night. On your way upstairs, 'Eye-Patch Man' (Joe) will tell you 
a bit about what a mystic is, after that, go upstairs and get some sleep.

The next day, head downstairs and talk to Sabrina, and there'll be a scene 
where Maya thinks she knows where 'Gold Eyes' is, at Mt. Gabel. Joe (I prefer 
the name 'Eye-Patch Man') will advise that you not go there, because the 
place is swarming with monsters, but after you decide to go, Maya will go 
with you. Talk to Sabrina again, and she will give you a Heal Leaf and a 
Venom Cure, thank her, and then head into town.

Note: If you talk to Nils, he'll ask you 'Are you a bad man?' Choosing 'Deny 
it' will get the best response, and he will become your friend.

Darakin Citadel
Once you exit the inn, directly down from there is the acessories shop, 
nothing really great to buy, but in the drawer behind the counter is a Heal 
Powder, if you go straight across the street from there, is a weapon shop, 
nothing really great, but you can combine items there, and there's a Heal 
Leaf in the drawer behind the counter. Finally, the shop nearest to the 
town's entrance is the equipment shop, you should pick up some Heal Leaves 
and whatever else you need. Before you leave, go talk to the man standing 
outside of the Equipment shop, to get his book, 'On the Road Again'.

NOTE: Go into the top house on the left in the 'rich' part of town and talk 
to the man, he'll give you a VIP Card, which enables you to buy better stuff 
from the shops. Not just Darakin's shops, but just about every shop for the
rest of the game.

Equipment Shop  
Heal Powder - 100
Heal Leaf - 300
Magic Powder - 800
Poison Cure - 25
Venom Cure - 50
Paralysis Cure - 100
Berserk Cure - 200
Flag of Retreat - 1000
Scroll of Identity - 200
* Bronze Barone - 2000
* Blind Cure - 120
* Spellbind Cure - 400
* Plague Cure - 100
* StoneCrush Scroll - 1500
* IceNeedle Scroll - 1500
* FlameBurst Scroll - 1500
* SlicingWind Scroll - 1500
* Revival Elixir - 2000
* Camping Kit - 1000
* Magic Potion - 6000
* Attack Oil - 1000
* Guard Oil - 1000
* StrongMenWeakWalls - 3500
* WeakMenStrongWalls - 3500

(an asterisk indicates that the item can only be purchased if you have the 
VIP card, if you don't have it yet, you will pretty soon)

Mount Gabel
Flower Power  ~690 HP
Baki Warrior  ~420 HP
Galduke  ~575 HP
Spike Lizard  ~450 HP
Stone Beast  ~750 HP
Lyps  ~1300 HP (always runs away)

Head up and to the right, then go straight until you reach a house. Along the 
way you'll find Flower Powers (which can deal okay damage.) and the evolved 
form of a Baki, Baki Warriors. Baki Warriors are pretty much the same as 
their Gale Canyon brothers only with more HP. They are weak attackers and 
have low HP, but just like before, they will block your hits, which prevents 
you from killing them in one turn.

When you reach the house, there will be an old man in the yard, Maya will run 
over to him and give him a hug. This is when you get to choose an alternate 
name for Kazan. He'll explain to you a bit about mystics and their origins, 
and then he'll invite you and Maya to stay for the night. (In case you're 
wondering, his origin's name is Deva.)

The next morning you'll wake up, once you go outside, you'll see Kazan 
training, he'll talk for a while, then Maya will come outside, and get 
attacked by 2 Galdukes. This isn't a boss fight, so don't worry if you 
haven't saved. You'll only have to defeat one of the Galdukes, he's not even 
as strong as a Flower Power, but it can block your hits, so it should only 
take you about 3-4 turns to take it out, but it does have an attack that can 
blind you, so be ready.

After you kill your Galduke Kazan will uses his origin to demolish the other 
one. Kazan will explain to you more about origins and then tell you that to 
awaken your origin, you need to be on the brink of death. Then he tell you to 
go to the summit and fight a monster, that will take you to the brink of 

The Summit - Start on your way, you can now run into Stone Beasts and Spike 
Lizards. Stone Beasts are about as tough as Flower Powers, and the Spike 
Lizards are basically fast Baki Warriors with more HP.

Mountain Morg's Cave
Just walk on in, and the battle will begin pretty quick.

Mountain Morg
  ~ 600-1000 HP

You can't lose this unless you're a complete idiot, at first you won't be 
able to deal any damage to it, and it will spit moss at you, most likely 
killing you with one hit, but the battle won't end there. There will be a cut 
scene, and your origin, Galea, will be awakened. The battle will keep going, 
only now you can choose to attack with your origin. Use Galea's Flaming Fist, 
and it'll make short work of Morg.

After the battle, Kazan and Maya will show up, they'll join your party. Start 
to make your way down the mountain. Soon, you'll come to a cave, Kazan will 
send you and Maya in there to get a book.

NOTE: Before you go into the cave is the BEST time to level up in the game, 
seeing as Kazan is lvl 25, and no matter what he does, he'll take out any 
enemy in one turn, so you might want to set up your tactics, and use Auto 
letting Kazan kill everything as you get a couple free levels

Cave of Trials
Galduke  ~575 HP
Dino Gal  ~550 HP
Spike Lizard  ~450 HP

This place can be tough if you aren't a level or two higher than you were 
when you faced Mountain Morg, Dino Gal is pretty quick, and she hits kinda 
hard, so keep healed, you've already faced Galdukes and Spike Lizards so you 
should know how to deal with them. This place can be confusing to get through, 
so here's a walkthrough of the cave:

Start out by heading left, hop over the gap and use Galea to smash the rock 
to get to the next area. Head straight along the path into the next room, the 
doors will be locked, to open them up, smash the rocks in the corner, and 
step on the button below them. Keep following the path, it should curve to 
the right, and then split into a high road, and a low road, take the higher 
path. If you keep following the path, it should split into 2 again, take the 
lower one this time. This should lead you into a room where 2 Galdukes are, 
just approach one of them, and start the fight, after you defeat them the 
doors will open (If you wait until the Galduke's back is turned, you'll have 
'First Strike' in the battle). Keep going down the path and turn right, then 
turn down at the first chance you get, it'll take you into another locked room. 
To open the doors here, just use Galea on the torch, and step on the button. 
Keep heading down the path, and turn left. The path will take you into another 
locking room, to unlock the doors here, you have to use Galea on the correct 
torch, and the doors will open instantly, if the doors don't open, go read the 
sign, and the torches will reset (For me, it was the bottom-left torch, but I 
think it's random). Head into the next room, pick up the scroll, the doors 
will open, and then head right out, break the boulder, and go out the same 
way you came in.

After you bring the scroll to Kazan, he'll teach you the Raging Fang Hyper 
Arts combo, and then head back to his place.

Mount Gabel - Once you get back, a man named Kenjiro will come running up, 
and Kazan will give him his house, now make your way back down to Darakin 
Citadel. A little bit of the way down, you'll have to stop for the night, the 
game willthen teach you to make camp, and Kazan will talk to you for a little 

Doplin Castle - Once you get into town, head on into the castle, you won't be 
able to get into the actual castle or hotel yet, but if you check the garbage 
pile right outside of the entrance wall to the nobility, you'll find a 
'nobility emblem', which will get you into the hotel, head to the bottom 
right part of the hotel and enter through the trap door nar the bathtub, this 
will get you into the castle.

The Sewers
Bone Warrior  ~1400 HP
Netherkind  ~1120 HP
Evil Fly  ~700 HP
Jelly Melt  ~610 HP (cuts your STR in half)

This place is really annoying to get through, if you want you can try it 
without this walkthrough, but you'll probably have a tough time. Either way, 
here are the directions if you need them:

Start off by heading down and cross the bridge, turn right and the cross 
another bridge. Keep heading that way into the next area, keep heading that 
way, until you can turn up. Go up, and then head down the stairs. Follow that 
path, down and right, until you get to the stairs, head up them. Go left, 
down, and right, and go into the door. Break the boxes and grab the Red Gate 

After you leave the room go left, up, and right and back down the stairs. 
Head back along the path left and up and then go back up the stairs. Head 
left and back into the first area, cross the bridge again and head down, left 
and go into the door using your Red Gate Key, and pull the lever.

Once out of the room turn right and up, once you get to the stairs, don't go 
down them, head left instead. Once you see a bridge head up it and then turn 
left onto the next bridge. Keep heading left along the next bridge, and then 
go down the next bridge, and then turn right onto the next bridge. Head down, 
turn right, and go into the door to get the Blue Gate Key.

Head out the door and head back up. Go left, up, and right back along the 
bridges, after the 4th bridge, turn down along another bridge, then head 
right. Pass the first staircase you see, and then once you get to the next 
stairs, head down them. Turn right, and then head down, you should pass under 
two bridges, and then come to some stairs on your right, go up them, head 
down and then go left across the bridge. Follow that path left, down, left, 
down. Keep heading down until there is a place to turn right, head right and 
go into the door using your Blue Gate Key, and pull the lever.

Right outside the door, there's a tent in case you want to rest up, save, or 
whatever. Head out the door, go left and up, down the stairs, and up the 
opposite stairs, and head down. Cross the bridge, cross the bridge to the 
right, and unlatch the door. Go back down the stairs, turn up, then take the 
path to the right. You should come to a 'T' shaped intersection, turn left. 
Follow the path left, then go up the stairs when you reach them. Go up and 
unlock the door. Go back down the stairs, and then left, up, and left, and 
then up the stairs. Go into the door, and you'll see a pedestal, switch to 
Maya and use her origin on the pedestal, the yellow key will appear in the 

Head out the door, and back down the stairs, head right, down, and right 
again, go up the stairs. Head down and then down the stairs, keep heading 
downwards, when you get to a branch go down, and keep going into the next 
area. Go up the stairs, and down the bridge, keep going down across another 
bridge, the turn left. Keep heading left, and then down, go into the door 
using the Yellow Gate Key, pull the level, and head back out. You'll see some 
boxes floating in the water jump over them, and then go up. you'll see 2 
doors, the wall between them will be rotted, use Galea on it, and you've have 
completed the Sewers.

Kabel Ruins
Stone Golem  ~3750 HP
Bone Warrior  ~1400 HP
Jelly Melt  ~610 HP (cuts your STR in half)
Skulraptor  ~1290 HP
Zurvial  ~1080 HP

Unlike the sewers, this place is just a bunch of puzzles that you have to
solve instead of a huge confusing maze, so it's a nice change of pace.

Puzzle 1: Just use Rivas to light the last pedestal.

Head through the door and head left on the path, use Galea to break the wall 
when you come to it. Keep going along the path, turn right when you get the
chance, then head up into the next puzzle.

Puzzle 2: There's a picture of a fish on the wall, so this should give you a 
big clue, just examine all of the pedestals and the  ones have the letters
'F', 'I', 'S', and 'H' written on them, use Rivas to light up.

Go right and keep going along the path, eventually it will turn up and keep 
going until you reach a door, this will lead you to another puzzle.

Puzzle 3: Light the pedestal and it will cast a shadow on one of the buttons
step on that button, and only that button to open the door and get the Sage's 

Head out from there and head left s far as you can go and then go up through 
the door.

Puzzle 4: Light the two pedestals closer to where you came in, and extinguish 
the two farther away. (Use Galea to extinguish them.)

Head in the next room for a camping set, use this opportunity, because a boss 
fight is coming up. When you head into the next room, there will be a scene 
when Kazan tries to intimidate Doplin, Velna will use a spell that makes a 
rather small monster that's with them grow quite large. Then it will then 
engage you in battle.

  ~ 20,000 HP

Maya doesn't participate in this battle, so expect to be shorthanded if Maya 
helps you out a lot. 1st off, don't bother starting out with an origin attack,
it'll just be wasted. For the first 3-4 turns you won't be able to deal any
damage to it. Use Guard with Kazan, with Lang, use Galea's Flame Crest, the 
attack boost really helps. A couple turns into the fight, a scene will occur
and Maya will not only say something, (well, she screams...) but will also 
severly hurt Slogar! From this point on, you'll be able to deal damage to 
Slogar, go ahead and start hitting him with all you got. If you gave Kazan
the Flame Crest boost, he should be able to deal 3000+ damage on each turn,
and his origin attack should deal somewhere around 4000 damage. The battle 
should be really easy seeing as he shouldn't be able to deal more than 600 
damage to either of your characters, so just heal when necessary and the 
should be over in 6-7 turns.

After the fight, Doplin and Velna are gone, and there will be a short cut 
scene as Maya regains her voice. Head on into th next area. If you head into 
the room right in front of you, you'll find 'Ancient Writings' and a Camping 
Set in the drawers of the desk. Head into the next room to the left.

Puzzle 5: There's a picture of the tortoise on the wall, (No the pedestals
don't spell out 'turtle' so HAH!) I hated this puzzle because you can't 
figure it out, you have to either go and get the 'Adventurer's Log 2', (It's 
in the room to the left of the one that you're in.) or be really lucky. 
Anyway, the answer's based on an in-game poem. Light the pedestals in this 
order: Yellow, Indigo, Red, Green. 

There will be 2 chests by you, make sure you get the items from them. Head 
left, until you see a room with 2 statues in front of it, head in (yes, the 
statues will attack you, but the Bone Warriors are easily dealt with). 

Puzzle 6: Light the pedestals so that the shadows casted by the statue look 
like a clock face at 3 o' clock (light the bottom and left ones.)

Go straight ahead and use the Gold Key you got from the chest to open the 
the gate. Climb up the ladder, and you're out of thea Kabel Ruins, and into
Doplin Castle (took long enough, didn't it?).

Doplin Castle (2nd time)
Doplin Reserve  ~1150 HP
Doplin Officer  ~1240 HP
Doplin Trooper  ~1200 HP

This is the same area you started in last time you were here, so you should 
know your way out, up the stairs and to the left. Difference this time is 
that the enemies are stronger, they like to block, but they really aren't a 
threat at all, if they get lucky they might survive Kazan's attacks for one 
turn.  Head through the hedge maze, and into the castle. At the bottom of 
the stairs is a save point, there's a boss fight soon, so you'll probably 
want to save. The best option is to lower the drawbridge and head into town 
to buy supplies/equipment, after you walk out through the front, you can 
freely pass through, so you can walk back in through the front. Anyhow, 
whenever you're ready head into the castle, and on the middle of the top 
floor, go through the gate, go straight ahead and through the next gate. At 
the top of the stairs, there will be a cut scene, and you'll ahve to face 
Balken's brother, Raynof.

Raynof the Brave
  ~ 30,000 HP

Crimson Warrior
  ~ 3340 HP

This guy can be real easy, if you headed into to town and/or have magic 
recovery supplies, this will be a piece of cake. Just use Lang and Kazan to 
constantly hit him with Flaming Fist and Earth Energy, and use Maya to heal
them and replenish their MP when they need it, don't worry about the 
Crimson Warriors, at this point all 3 of your characters are probably 
faster than Raynof and his cronies, so your origins' attacks should be able 
to kill them off before they can do any harm to you, and 2 more will come 
out every time you kill them, so don't even worry about them. Raynof's 
regular attacks usually deal about 500-650 damage to one of your characters,
and he has 2 special moves; Rage Wave and Split World, both basically do 
the same thing, deal 200-300 damage to all 3 or your characters, when he 
does this just heal yourself with Rivas or a Bronze Baron and move on. Like
his brother, Raynof will have a cut scene after like every turn, so get 
ready to be annoyed.

There's a save point right next to the door, so save because there's gonna 
be another boss fight in a second, and then head on in.

Chapel of St. Joprian
This is just one big cut scene, where you'll learn that 'Gold Eyes' is 
Avalon, he'll show up and give you the Aqualith back, he'll call you a 
'star-shaper' and then he'll leave Velna to deal with you. Velna will now
use her magic to summon the REAL Slogar, known as 'Zoan Stoara', then the 
battle begins.

Zoan Stoara (Slogar2)
  ~ 25,000 HP

This guy's a pushover, not even as strong as his 'imitation', he's bigger 
and has more HP, but that's about it. Just like last time, he's completely 
invincible for like the first 5 turns, so just stay healed, the battle 
will start off with a bunch of cut scenes, and soon after, Maya will have 
an 'attack' option. Use it as soon as you can, but don't try to use Arts, 
just do the sequence in which she's saying. 'Earth, Wind, Fire, and then 
Water' even if you have 5 slots, just end it after the 4, there will be a 
cut scene where Maya hurts the monster, and now you can deal damage to 
it. This thing only has three moves 'Gusto Blow' can deal about 150-200 
damage to all 3 of your characters, and 'Crackdown Buster' is basically 
the same thing except a little stronger. His last attack, 'Toxic Dark' is 
his strongest, it can hit you with 600-750 damage, which is still pretty 
weak, and he'll rarely use it anyway. You'll hardly have to heal in this 
battle, just keep whacking away at the thing and it'll die before too 

There'll be a short cut scene with Avalon and Velna after this, 
afterwards, head straight out of the castle, and back home to Nohl.

4B. Walkthrough (Nohl - Drakonia)

Nohl - Everyone is glad to see you back, and happy that you retrieved the 
Aqualith, really nothing much to do here. You can talk to people, and get 
as much praise as you want. Maya will want to help out Nancy, and Kazan 
will go have a drinking contest with Galvan. After this, take a nap in 
your room. The next morning, Kazan will be teaching Galvan some fighting 
moves, then head into Hunter's Wood.

Hunter's Wood (2nd Time)
Sabrewulf  ~1720 HP
Mad Hound  ~3220 HP
Corrosive Tusk  ~4400 HP
Kaos Meegle (Ground)  ~3900 HP
Mad Thorn  ~4260 HP

Head through Hunter's Wood, to the same place that you fought Avalon 
before, there'll be a cut scene when you meet up with Galvan, and the sun
will eclipse and radiate a black light. This will cause several dead
monsters to come back to life, then you'll have to fight 3 Corrosive 
Tusks. After this, head out of the forest, back to Nohl. Note, that all 
Sabrewulfs/Mad Hounds have become Corrosive Tusks, and all Klaw Ants have
become Kaos Meegles, they're about twice as strong as their predecessors,
but you should be able to handle them. This place is actually good for 
leveling up, if you feel you need a couple levels, each battle gets you 
near 5000 EXP points, and the enemies aren't even too hard.

Nohl - After you get back to Nohl, go into the Vigilance Corps house,
there'll be a cut scene, afterwards, head out and Kazan and Maya will 
mention that 'Reyn' might know the answer to why the sun has turned black
and they need to go to Yuno to see. To get to Yuno, you have to go 
through the Forest Maze, and to do that you need to get something from 
Kazan's old place, so head back to Mt. Gabel.

Mount Gabel (2nd Time)
Elegrem(Ground)  ~4100 HP
Volt Spine(Ground)  ~3400 HP
Mad Thorn  ~4260 HP
Lyps King  ~3300 HP

Just head back up to Kazan's house, the monsters along the way are 
pretty weak, and you should be able to end it with one turn using 2 of
Maya's Windblades or Toxic Clouds. Once you get up there, Kazan will 
remember that he gave everything to Kenjiro, you'll have to go get the
Mizel Red Sand from him. He's in Darakin Citadel

Darakin Citadel - He's in the back of town just sitting there, go talk 
to him, and sooner or later, he'll offer to give you the Red Sand back, 
if you give him a 'Lyps Tear'. Buy a Blowfish Weed or 2 from him before
you leave and head back to Mt. Gabel. Getting a Lyps Tear is simple, 
just use one, and then run around for a little bit, and you'll find a 
Lyps King. The only problem you might have with this guy, is killing it 
before it runs off, because it'll run first chance it gets. After 
getting the Lyps Tear, head back to Darakin Citadel, and give it to 
Kenjiro, you'll get the Red Mizel Sand, now head west to the Forest 

The Forest Maze
Kocus Karcas(Light)  ~3900 HP
Hanged Snail  ~5250 HP
Dino Taurus(Ground)  ~4900 HP
Dark Fly  ~2550 HP
Bean Cannon  ~5000 HP

Head on in, the first monster you'll come up against is a Logheart Crab
Kazan will teach you a new Art in this fight. Use only the combination
that he tells you, even if you have more than 6 Arts Blocks, he'll do 
the same thing, and you'll pull of a Variable Combo Arts. (It looks 
incredibly cool.) this will deal 12,000-13,500 damage to the Crab, and
killing it. Most of the time, you'll run into a monster named 'Kocus 
Karcas', DON'T USE ORIGIN ATTACKS ON IT. Kocus Karcas absorbs all 
origin attacks, and you'll end up healing it instead of killing it, 
also Kocus Karcas blocks a lot of attacks, including Maya's magic, so
it's by far the monster to watch out the most for in this forest. Other 
than him, the forest monsters are nothing too bad.

Since it is a Forest MAZE, and this is a walkthrough, I'm going to walk 
you through the maze, it's nothing too bad, not nearly as complicated 
as the Sewers. On your way in head straight forward as far as you can, 
and then go right until you see a fallen tree (it'll be green, and on 
the right side of the screen, head across it, and get the scroll out 
the chest, it's a Hyper Arts move for Maya. Head back over the tree,
and left, when the path splits, head North, and when the path breaks 
again, take the North path again, keep going until you see another
fallen tree, go across, and then it's only one path to the exit. Use 
Galea to break the tree when you get to it.

Forgotten Village, Yuno
Head into the city for the opening cut scene, everyone in town will be 
happy that Maya and Kazan have returned, and soon you'll go into Maya's 
house. You'll decide who sleeps where, and then both Maya and Kazan 
will leave the party. Maya's at the graveyard in the east part of town
and Kazan's in the house closest to the village entrance on the left 
side. When you head in to get Kazan, you'll find him drunk and dancing
with 2 kids, just leave him there, and head back to Maya's house, 
choose to go to bed for the night. There'll be a small cut scene with 
Kazan at the graveyard.

Once you wake up the next morning, head into the cave behind Maya's 
house, there, you meet Reyn. There'll be a long cut scene where you
learn some more about Derik being a star-shaper, and about the Black 
Sun and how to stop it. You'll need all 3 Sacred Stones to stop
Avalon, so head back to Nohl to get the Aqualith.

Yuno Equipment Shop  
Heal Potion - 1000
Scroll of Identity - 200
Bronze Barone - 2000
Stun Cure - 80
Revival Elixir - 2000
Camping Kit - 1000
Magic Potion - 6000
Spirit's Blessing - 3000
LightFlash Scroll - 2000
ShadowLurk Scroll - 2000
BoltStrike Scroll - 2000
Quick Escape Charm - 5000

Nohl - Once in Nohl, head into the Vigilance Corps house, and talk to 
Hawke, this'll trigger a cut scene where you get to take the Aqualith.
Once you have the Aqualith, there's nothing left to do in the town, 
next, you'll need to head to Kravia, it'll now appear on the map near
Darakin Citadel.

Freecity, Kravia
You can't enter the city yet, you need a Kravian Pass, to get one head
back to Darakin Citadel, nothing else to do here yet.

Darakin Citadel - As you walk by Sabrina's inn, you'll hear a loud 
female voice, and Nils is scared to go in when they're fighting. Go in, 
and you'll see a tall woman yelling at Joe (I still like 'Eye Patch 
Man' better.) Right after this, you'll get to choose an alternate name
for Sharon, and she'll join your party. Now head (ugh...) back into the 

The Sewers (2nd time)
Necroskel(water)  ~3100 HP
Evil Jelly  ~3150 HP (cuts damage in half)
Vuran  ~6420 HP
Shadow Skull  ~6000 HP

Just like everyplace else, the monsters here are now ungodly powerful,
so make sure that you're healed, and have plenty of healing items. 
You'll also probably wanna switch out Maya for Sharon. Seeing as 
Sharon's level 37 which is about 5 levels higher then you should be at 
this point, she's also really quick, and has an insane amount of arts 
blocks to work with. Anyhow, head back into the sewers. All the 
enemies in here can be dealt with without too much trouble, but watch 
out for the Vurans. They boast over 6000 HP, and can deal over 1000 
damage on each turn, not to mention that they just love to block your 
attacks, they're extremely quick, AND they can live through an origin
attack with over 50% of their HP. I suggest that you hit them with 
your Variable Combo as soon as you can, it's the best way to take 
them out. Anyway, here are the direction to take to get through the 
sewers again:

This time around, you don't have to go looking for any keys or 
anything. Go down the stairs, and up the opposite stairs, head left, 
pass the next set of stairs and turn the corner. Once you get to some 
more stairs, go down them, and then keep heading down along the path. 
You should get an intersection, keep going down until you reach some 
stairs, go up the stairs on the right. When you get the chance, go 
down. Keep heading down, and then left across the bridge, jump over
the boxes, and in through the hole in the wall that you made last time,
back into the Kabel Ruins.

Kabel Ruins (2nd time)
Vuran  ~6420 HP
Raven Fly  ~3200 HP
Kelv Sol Ma  ~5600 HP
Shadow Skull  ~6000 HP

As you get into the Ruins, there'll be a small scene where Sharon uses
Arrode to hit an electric switch, right after she does this, head
right and then down the stairs. Then turn right down the stairs when 
you get the chance. Go into the first door, grab the Prison Key, and 
head back up the stairs and continue in the same direction. Go 
straight into the door.

Puzzle 1: There's a picture of a snake on the wall, and there are 
letters engraved on the pedestals (No, you don't spell out 'SNAKE',
that'd be too easy  :P ) Leave the pedestals with the letters 'S', 
'N', 'A', 'K', and 'E' alone, and light the others instead. 

Head through the door, and walk through the break in the wall. When 
you get to the lower floor, use Arrone on the switch, grab the 2 
treasures and head back up. Go left through the door.

Puzzle 2: Light the farther 2 pedestals.

Into the next room, there's a camping point, so save if you want, go 
through the next room, and then into the next area. Go into the door 
to the left.

Puzzle 3: Light the puzzles in the order of the color spectrum. 
(Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.)

Head through the door on the right, for the next puzzle.

Puzzle 4: Light/Extinguish the pedestals in this order:
  - light 8 o' clock
  - extinguish 4 o'clock 
  - light 7 o'clock 
  - light 3 o'clock 
  - extinguish 8 o'clock
  - light 1 o'clock 
  - light 5 o'clock 
  - extinguish 12 o'clock

Use Arrode on the switch, and then head left, you'll get ambushed by
2 Bone Warriors (Not Shadow Skulls, but Bone Warriors.) Go through the 
gate and up the ladder to reach Doplin Castle again.

Doplin Castle (3rd time)
Bronze Warrior  ~3320 HP
Gold Warrior  ~3600 HP
Crimson Warrior  ~3340 HP

The enemies here are a WHOLE lot easier then the ones in the Sewers or
Kabel Ruins, the Gold Warriors are a joke, you should be able to take 
them down in one turn, considering that you don't get blocked too much.
You've been through this twice, you know the way to go, except this time,
use the Prison Key that you got from the Ruins to get into the room with 2
chests in it. Once you get to the room with the drawbridge switch, save
and then head through the gate right behind the switch. Keep heading 
straight and you'll see Bubba playing the pipe organs. There'll be a cut
scene and then, you'll fight him.

Bubba (Earth)
  ~ 56,000 HP

Been awhile since an actual boss fight, this guy hits REALLY hard. He'll 
start out charging his AP, and then he'll use Hyper Combos on you for
like 5 turns at a time. He is capable of dealing 2500+ damage to you 
on each turn, which will most likely take any one of your characters out 
in one hit. A good point of this battle is, he can only take out one of 
characters per turn, and he is fairly slow. The strategy I used had Kazan
or Sharon (who were both faster than Bubba) using a Revival Elixer/Potion
every turn on the person that Bubba just attacked, that way I had at 
least 2 people alive at any given time. Then, I used whoever wasn't using 
the Revival item to hit Bubba with an origin attack. Finally whenever he 
charged his AP, I let him have it with all 3 characters. Just know that he 
will KO one of your charcters on every turn that he attacks, and use it
to your advantage.
NOTE: This strategy only works if you have at least 2 characters that are
      faster than Bubba, if you don't, then go buy a Quick Oil or 
      something  :P

After the fight, go pick up the Kravian Pass that Bubba dropped, and head 
for Kravia again.

Kravia - This place has a bunch of food shops, so if you need any 
ingredients for any cooking, this is the place to get them, other than
that there's also the Hunter's Guild, which is mentioned in the side-quest 
section, but that's about it, so when you're ready, head out the South 
side of town to Port Town, Tanza.

Kravia Equipment Shop  
Heal Bottle - 3500
Magic Bottle - 15000
Silver Barone 5000
Seal Cure - 300
Spellbind Cure - 400
Bewitch Cure - 500
Petrify Cure - 600
Heaven's Path - 1000
Edo Steel - 1600
Liaza Magic Cloth - 1200
Dark Stone - 6000
Gold Scarab Powder - 2000
Calemb Grass - 3200
Desant Silver - 2000
Heaven's Gate - 3000
Hell's Path - 2000
Restore Leaf - 1000
Scroll of Identity - 200
Revival Elixir - 2000
Camping Kit - 1000
Spirit's Blessing - 3000
LightFlash Scroll - 2000
ShadowLurk Scroll - 2000
BoltStrike Scroll - 2000
Quick Escape Charm - 5000

Port Town, Tanza
Tanza is flooded, and because of this you're unable to get a boat, once in 
Tanza there'll be a cut scene, some people will tell you about pirates 
that live in the Thunder Mines, they have a ship, but it's unlikely that
they'll let you onboard, but you should check it out anyway, this place 
has good shops, so you might want to  buy some stuff here, when you're 
ready, head for the Thunder Mine, which now appears on the map above Tanza.

Tanza Equipment Shop  
Heal Bottle - 3500
Magic Bottle - 15000
Silver Barone 5000
Paralysis Cure - 100
Blind Cure - 120
Confusion Cure - 150
Berserk Cure - 200
Fear Cure - 250
Suvick Cord - 1600
Tonki Iron Sand - 6400
Chabel Iron Ore - 10000
Purple Ice Crystal - 5000
Mental Remedy - 1000
Curse Remedy - 1000
Heaven's Path - 1000
Heaven's Gate - 3000
Hell's Path - 2000
Scroll of Identity - 200
Revival Elixir - 2000
Camping Kit - 1000
Spirit's Blessing - 3000
LightFlash Scroll - 2000
ShadowLurk Scroll - 2000
BoltStrike Scroll - 2000
Quick Escape Charm - 5000

Thunder Mines
Helgigas  ~10,500 HP
Cloud Eater(water)  ~3900 HP
Fiend Bulb  ~6600 HP
Shade Flower  ~4680 HP
Hanged Shape(water)  ~7000 HP 
Lyps King  ~3300 HP

The monsters are pretty hard here. Especially watch out for Helgigas, they 
have an assload of HP, that's not the worst part though, usually the first 
thing that it'll do is use an attack called 'Iron Muscle' which (as far as 
I can tell) doubles his STR and DEF. After he does this, he'll probably be 
able to take out any of your characters in one turn. Thing is, he gives you 
up to 12,000+ EXP points per battle, so hit him as hard and fast as 
possible. Leveling up here before going on ahead isn't a bad idea.

When you're ready, head right until you get to some vines, climb up them,
and go left, grab the Thunder Tear out of the chest, and head back right 
again, jumping over the gap. Keep heading right into the next area, 
you'll see a camping point and an Electric Pad. Save/Heal if you want, 
head right and insert the Thunder Tear into the pedestal then take the 
lower path. 

When you hit the intersection, head down and then right. When 
you get to another intersection go left, and you'll see a rock against the 
wall. Use Galea to break the rock, and then use Rivas to make the vines 
grow. Climb up, and follow the path, jumping over gaps, when you get to
the sluge monster, zap it with Arrode, and then pass. Keep heading along
the path grab the lightning tear at the end, and start heading back. Down 
the vines, and back up into the previous area. Head back up to the campsite, 
and go upwards this time. Head into the next area, stand on the discolored
ground and use Deva to go further, keep going straight, use Galea to break
the 2 boulders when you get to them, and get The Book of Eden out of the 
chest. Use it to teach Sharon a Hyper Art, and then head back to the 
previous area. Go left and take the Lightning Tear out from the first
pedestal. Go down and to the right along the path until you can turn left.
Put the Lightning Tear into that pedestal.

Then directly around, and head right into the next area. Head straight 
through, into the next area, take the lower path when you get the chance. 
Follow along and then go stand onthe circle area, use Deva to go up and 
grab the Lightning Tear, head back down and use Galea to break the stones 
down. Head along that path and grab another Lighting Tear. Head all the 
way back. Insert a Lightning Tear in the remaining 2 pedestals, and then 
save before you make your way into the middle area, because a boss 
fight's coming.

Storm Idol (Electric)
  ~ 45,000 HP

First off, he's of the electric element, so you shouldn't be using Arrode 
on him anyway, but in case it comes up, the damage isn't just reduced, it's
completely negated. He's not too hard though, he'll usually deal a little 
over 1000 HP of damage to one character per turn. He also has an attack 
'Ozmarakia' which deals the same amount of damage except it hurts all 3 of 
your characters. when he does this just use a Silver Barone, you'll be fine.
Keep smashing it with Origin attacks and Arts attacks. Since Arrode is 
pretty useless here, and since Sharon's probably your fastest character, 
you're probably gonna want to use her the heal you when you need it. Now 
head to Darek's Haunt, which is South of Tanza.

Darek's Haunt
Once you show up there, Sharon will reveal to yoout that she is the leader
of a group of pirates, head into the first building when you get the chance
and then there'll be a cut scene until you get to Drakonia

Volcanic Isle, Drakonia
Lava Drake(fire)  ~5500 HP
Blood Feather  ~5500 HP
Garv Su Trah  ~8520 HP
Abysgigas  ~11,500 HP
Pyro Heretic  ~4800 HP
Verktora  ~7900 HP
Blaze Wheel  ~3500 HP

Nothing really to do here yet. There'll be a cut scene on the large crystal 
embedded in the ground, and some writing by it that nobody can understand. 
Kenjiro will show up and say that he recognizes the writing from a nearby 
island, Jinga. After Sharon slaps him around a bit, head far east to Jinga.

Hill of Giants, Jinga
Once there head straight on in, when you get to the save point, a huge bird 
will appear and land on a building. Keep heading forward, and into the 
building that the bird landed on, you'll be met by a huge guy named 'Silent 
Eagle', soon after the leader of the village will bring you into the 
building and explain to you about their past and the Kabel. At this point, 
Ayne will join your party.

If you haven't noticed by now, the city is freakin' huge...  Despite this, 
there's hardly anything to do. They've got an accessories shop to the right
of the save point, and weapons to the left, besides this, nothing really to 
do. Though they do have an interesting way of running the shops, they will 
trade items instead of using money, so whenever you're ready head back to

Drakonia - Before heading in take note that the monsters in here while not 
being particularly strong on the whole cause really annoying effects. Garv 
Su Trah has an attack that confuses all 3 characters, Lava Drake can cast 
berserk on you, Bloodfeather causes spellbound. All of these moonsters uses 
these attacks semi-frequently, so be ready. Also, Lava Drake negates all 
fire damage, while Garv Su Trah cuts all special damage in half.

Once you actually get in, you'll find out that you cannot proceed any 
further unless you move a huge stone. Examine it, and Ayne will move it 
for you. Head into the next area and keep heading straight as far as you 
can go, then turn right and go as far as you can use Deva to get up to the 
next level. On the left, there's a couple items for you to get, but when 
you're ready, take the right path. In the next room, push the first block up
and push the middle block to the right and climb across them to get to the 
next room, you'll see a campsite, save if you want, but you'll have another 
chance to save before the boss fight.

Head forward, and then to the right, go into the door. You have to push the
ice blocks onto the colored squares, but it's not that incredibly simple.
First push the middle one to the left and then up. Second do the same to 
the top one, left and up. Then push the bottom one to the left (a different
order might make it impossible). Head out the door and into the circle. 
Head into the next door, push the right ice block left and then up. Then 
use Galea to destroy the rock finish by pushing the other ice block 
straight up. Step into the circle, grab the 2 items and head back, and back 
out the door. Go all the way to the left and step into the circle. Head 
right, and when you get to a door, go in. You'll see a campsite, take 
advantage of it, because a boss fight is eminant. Keep heading along the
path, and as you near the circle, you'll run into Elliott and Marienne
(remember them?). They'll talk for a while, (when given the choice, 
choosing 'Give them the Aqualith' just makes you look like wimpy wuss, so
don't pick that.) and then you finally get a chance to stick your sword up
Marienne's.... well...  You know that you've wanted to since you first met 

  ~ 90,100 HP

  ~ 91,000 HP

I know it seems strange that Marienne has more HP, but this is the way it
added up for me, you'll also notice that she has better defense power too.
The strategy here you want to use is to kill off Marienne first. But you 
also want to kill her off fast, her strongest attack is called White 
Melody, it does a little over 1000 damage to each of your characters AND 
strikes all 3 with venom, so you won't be able to heal it off until you 
cure the venom first. If Marienne pulls off a White Melody, you won't 
have that great a chance of winning. Hit Marienne with variable arts, 
origin attacks, and mystic arts if you can pull it off, and she should go 
down by turn 4-5 at the latest. After you take out Marienne, Elliott is a 
breeze, just stay healed and you'll have no trouble with him.

Head back into the last area and save, and then continue on, into the next
area. Take the left path when you get to it, take the upper path. Follow 
that path until you get to and it'll take you to another campsite. When
you're ready head on into the next area, and be ready for a boss fight.

Val Kenus (Slogar3)(fire)
  ~ 90,000 HP

This guy's real easy, don't let the huge HP fool you, it's a pushover. 
He'll take near 2000 damage from one character with his primary attack, 
so you will need to heal pretty frequently. After you're done smashing 
him, the pyrolith will react and turn him into a stronger monster, there
will be a cut scene where Velna reveals that she and Avalon were just 
using Doplin. Slogar will then kill Doplin, and then you'll have to fight
another boss....  kinda....

Var Zelph
  ~ 143,000 HP

Var Kurtz
  ~ 50,000 HP

It's the same boss battle, and it's actually the same boss, just a 
different form of him. Zelph and Kurtz are a lot stronger though. Kill
Kurtz first, it's faster, and can use both physical and magic attacks. 
After about 2 variables, Kurtz will go down. After this be ready
because Zelph has a TON of HP. His primary attack is Volcano Storm which 
will most likely take one of your characters into critical condition, so 
hopefully you have healing items. He also has an attack that does near
1500 damage to all 3 characters, so Silver Barones are also pretty 
helpful. When he starts to charge up, be ready to take a hard hit, 
because, on the next turn, he'll use his strongest move, 'Meteor Breath'
which will deal a little over 2000 damage to all 3 characters. Luckily, 
this thing can't cause any abnormal status effects, and he's incredibly
slow, so assuming you have enough healing supplies to get through his 
HP, you'll be fine.

After the battle, step on the circle, and it'll take you right back to 
the entrance of Drakonia, and head back to Jinga.

4C. Walkthrough (Jinga - Wind Tower, Ellsworth)
Jinga - Just head back to the village elder to confirm what Ayne 
suggested, the Aerolith is at the Wind Tower, but he will inform you 
that you'd have to fly to get to it. The game doesn't give you much 
clue on where to go next. You need information on how to fly, and where
are you gonna go to get information? Why.. to your friendly neighborhood 
Eye-Patch Man of course...  Head back to Darakin Citadel and go talk to

Darakin Citadel - Just head into the inn, no one has anything new to say,
so just go straight to Joe, don't ask him about the flying island, just 
ask how to fly, it's half the price and you get all the info that you 
need. Now head East to Porchoon.

Paradise Isle, Porchoon
Now that you're in Las Vegas, err... I mean Porchoon, head straight in. 
The main room is circular with 3 corridors, down the right hall is a room 
with slot machines and roulette games. Down the left hall is an auction 
room. When you're ready, head into the middle room and register for the 
Championship Tournament. You can try and register any of your characters,
but no matter who you pick, Lang will be the one to fight.

Round 1:
  Dark Jackal  ~13,000 HP
Round 2:
  Dangerous Zone  ~15,000 HP
Round 3:
  Wasteland Outlaw  ~16,000 HP
Round 4:
  Gormekila  ~17,500 HP
Round 5: 
  Helhound  ~20,100 HP
Round 6:
  Beefcake  ~24,700 HP
Round 7:
  Dark Executioner  -25,000 HP

All of these are pretty simple to win, no one can take out more than one-
third of your max HP, so just stay healed and you'll be fine. Round 7 can 
be hilarious since he can use DeathGame on the first turn, just keep your 
eye on the blue card the match will end immediately. Then it's on to the 
final round. Also notice that they call you by your nickname here, so be 
sure to have a good one. (I was 'Playing Cook' Lang)

  ~ 45,000 HP

The only tough thing about this battle is that if you're at the average 
level, your speed will be almost identical to Gorva's so you don't know if
you're going first or second, plus this thing hits pretty hard, it can deal
somewhere around 900 damage per turn to you. One Mystic Art attack should 
be enough to finish it off, but you'd have to be below 50% of your health, 
and then if you're too low and Gorva attacks first, you're doomed. Overall,
due to it's crappy HP, it's not too hard of a battle.

Don't celebrate yet, because before you have a chance to save, you've got 
another boss to take down...

Black Swordsman
  ~ 85,000 HP

This guy's pretty tough, his regular attack deals somewhere between 900-1300
damage, and his Hyper Arts go 1500-1900 damage. He should use his first 
Hyper Art on the 2nd or 3rd turn, after he does, there'll be a cut scene
(assuming you survive it.) and he'll mostly start alternating between 
attacks and Hyper Arts. Just stay healed and make sure that you can survive 
a Hyper Arts attack at any given time, you'll be fine.

After this, his helmet will fall off and you'll be able to see his face, 
Kazan will notice that it's his former student, Rauss, that he thought that
he had killed long ago. Rauss will note that you're a 'worthy opponent' and 
want to fight you again, but Velna will show up ansd stop the fight. 
Afterwards Kazan will go to the ship alone, cash in the coins you just won
and do whatever else you want. They have 2 Hyper Arts Scrolls as prizes for
6000 coins each, so you may want to try for those. When you're ready, go 
back to the ship there'll be a cut scene where Kazan tells you a bit about 
Rauss, and then you'll get your prize, a Flying Dragon. You may want to 
backtrack to someplace that you can buy healing items, but your next
destination is....

Wind Tower, Ellsworth
Wikid  ~7630 HP
Shadow Balloon  ~8680 HP
Arus Auge  ~6400 HP
Hanged Hydra  ~9860 HP
Iron Golem  ~14,200 HP
Chaos Raven  ~9300 HP

I was at level 47 when I got here, and I was able to take out the enemies
in one turn a piece, especially with Ayne. But Arus Auge does block a lot
so, that can be a bit annoying. Once your in, there's really only one path
no matter which way you go, you'll end up in the same place. Once you get
to a large glowing mark on the floor, step onto it. Head left, hop across 
the blocks, and head left. You'll see a little 'boat looking' thing, 
before getting onto it, use Arrode to blast the Thunder switch up from 
you. Step onto the transporter and move it to get to the other side. Head 
straight ahead, up the stairs, and onto the glowing symbol. Once again, 
there's only one real path to take, no matter which way you go, you'll end 
up in the same place. You'll get to another glowing symbol, but there'll be 
a smaller red symbol right in front of it this time. Head to the next area,
use Galea to punch down the pillar, and step on the symbol. Head to the
transporter and blast the Thunder switch, get on the transporter, and move 
to the other side. You'll see a red glowing symbol, that will take you back
to the one you saw earlier, so don't step on it. Instead, head up and punch
the pillar. Step on the bottom button and then use Arrode to blast the 
floating crystal that's the farthest to the right. Move the transporter, and
step on the symbol. Head up the stairs to get to the next area.
Just like last time, there's only one main path, when you get to the top,
you'll see a campsite, so heal up, save and then head into the next area. 
There'll be a cut scene and you'll see the Aerolith, and Rauss is there 
waiting for you.

  ~ 215,000 HP

Okay, if you thought Bubba hit hard, then you'd better be ready for this, 
when I fought him the first time he was able to kill any one character on 
every turn, and unlike last time, he can, and WILL use Hyper Arts for
several consecutive turns at a time. Also, don't use origin attacks against
him, he cuts all special damage in half. After you deal about 25,000 worth of 
damage to him, there'll be a cut scene and he'll go insane, becoming even 
stronger, and if he couldn't take you out in one turn earlier, he will be 
able to now, he's also tons faster now as well, so he might be quicker than
Lang, remember to take note of this. This was a tough one, I had to level a 
couple of levels and go back and buy better armor and stuff before I could 
even take a hit from him, and even then, only Lang could. I don't know if it
happens all of the time, but in my game, Rauss went after Lang every chance 
he got, he didn't attack the others at all, unless Lang was dead. So, I let 
Lang fall to below half his HP, and then used an Invincibilty Pill on him.
Rauss still attacked him relentlessly, but of course, it did no damage, and
then I just battered him with Mystic Arts, eventually he went down.

'Lord of Biscuits' provided the following strategy:
I used Sleeping Dragon, which got him out of his "Insanity"(it's a cutscene), 
and then used it again which ended the fight. He didn't fall over and die, it 
was almost instant, about a 2 second delay from the final hit to the EXP 
screen, so I think that works. 

After the battle, there'll be a cut scene and Rauss will die. Lang will take 
the Aerolith, now head to the final grounds... Demiurge Palace...

4D. Walkthrough (Demiurge Tower)
Demiurge Tower
Grotesk(Block Dark)  ~10,000 HP
Revizor  ~15,700 HP
Terrak(Block Earth)  ~12,300
Lazur Ma Rah  ~12,000 HP
Azul Velra  ~16,800 HP
Nether Beast  ~11,800 HP
Demon Carrier  ~9900 HP
Valnoah  ~90,000 HP
Arzel Goth  ~25,400 HP
* Wicked Crystal  ~60,000 HP

Head to the right, around the hole, and into the cave, as soon as you enter,
Velna will stop you, there'll be a cut scene, and a boss scene, right off the

  ~ 72,000 HP

  ~ 100,000 HP

This is an incredibly easy boss fight, between the 2 enemies, they only get 
one attack per turn. Velna is immune to special attacks and Vestra is immune 
to physical attacks, after you smash Velna with Arts attacks, Vestra will
put Velna inside of it. Soon after, Velna will come out and say something 
about her being invincible as long as Vestra is around. Now is time for you 
to crush Vestra, Galea's Blazing Smash works exceedingly well. If they use 
'Judgement' on you, then that means the next attack will kill you, just 
guard right after, and the attack will be incredibly weak.

After the fight, head straight ahead onto the platform, and you'll be 
lowered into the next area, head forward, and turn right, head into the next
cave, and when the path splits head right. The platform will take you down 
to the next area, and there'll be a campsite. Follow the path, when it
branches off, you'll need to head into the cave, inside you will have to 
fight a Wicked Crystal, it has an 'Absorb Dark' attribute, but it goes down 
real quick. Anyway, head farther along the path, and at the next branch to 
the right turn, and head along that path, when you come to a 4-way inter-
section. The top one takes you to another Wicked Crystal, this one's got
'Absorb Earth' but like the last one isn't a real threat. Back at the 
intersection, take the right path to get to another platform, it will take 
you to another campsite. A little bit more to the right, you'll see two
chests, in one of them is a Hyper Art for Ayne. Head back to the 4-way
intersection, and take the lower path and you'll eventually end up at 
another 4-way intersection. Taking the left path will get you 2 items. The
right path is a dead end. Take the upwards path, and head into the cave 
for another Wicked Crystal fight, then keep heading right, when you see a 
way to head north, that's the path to the actual Source Forge, the only 
thing ahead is a couple of items, go ahead and grab them if you want, but 
when you're ready, head onto the platfrom, and it'll take you down one more
level. You'll see a campsite and a big door, so save and then make your way 
down the corridor. Insert the 3 gems you got from the Wicked Crystals into
the door, and then there'll be a long cut scene, followed by...

  ~ 100,000 HP

He's slow, his Hyper Arts are horribly weak, he does have a move that turns 
one of your character into stone, and his origin attack does around 1500
damage to all 3 characters. After this battle you'll probably be thinking..  
"THAT'S IT!?!"  Don't worry, there's more.

After the battle, he'll get up fully healed, and there'll be another cut 
scene about how you can't destroy Avalon. Then the 3 sacred stones will
combine, and the power of 'Hope' eminated by it will supress Avalon's own
power, and you'll have to fight again...

Avalon (2)
  ~ 275,000 HP

He's noticeably stronger this time. He's still slow, his Hyper Arts are 
over twice as strong, but still only do around 1200 damage, he also has an 
attack where he smashes a character back and forth for about 30 seconds, it
does around 3000 damage, so be ready for that one. He also has a move that
eliminates all stats increases, so if you had Ayne use one of his Spirit 
moves, it's gone. All in all, you'll still probably find it as a pretty 
easy boss battle. But... there's still more. After you deal around 275,000
HP worth of damage to him, he'll lose his human body, and become a much 
bigger monster, known as....

Infinite One
  ~ 400,000 HP

This time, he's got 'Halve Special' and 'Halve Normal' effects to deal with
which makes it a tad more annoying. He's still got an attack that petrifies
you, and he's not any faster. His 'Appreance Time' attack will do 2000+ 
damage to all 3 characters, and his 'Destructive Fist' attack automatically
takes 1 character down to 1 HP. As long as you've got Petrify Cures/Panaceas 
and enough healing supplies, there's nothing really to worry about. After 
you thwack at him long enough, there'll be a cut scene, and he'll be regular
human Avalon again.

Avalon (3)
  ~ 20,000 HP

Don't worry, he's not any stronger, infact he's weaker. He's lost his 'Halve
Special' and 'Halve Normal', not to mention him HP is craptastic. You'll 
probably be able to take him out before he has a chance to attack you.

Avalon will die, but the Source Forge is still supposedly out of power, and 
it won't be able to support the tower. Just when it seems like all hope is 
lost, Lang will try to revive the Source Forge by giving all his life energy
to it, then Galea and everyone else will help too. Some cool 'Don't Give Up'
music will start playing and soon, Lang will wake up in limbo. Reyn will
appear and give him a fragment of 'Hope'. Rauss will show up and talk a 
little bit, and then you'll be at Mount Gabel. The sky is blue again, and 
you're not dead, so pat yourself on the back because you just finished  
Legaia 2: Duel Sagas!

The credits have some funny scenes, and there's a small cut scene right
afterwards, sorry, there's no chance to save. Anyway, here are my stats when
I finished the game.

Lang(Derik)  L.61          Sharon(Aliya)  L.64        Ayne(Tak)  L.63
HP: 3324                   HP: 3023                   HP: 4008
MP: 385                    MP: 302                    MP: 263
ArtBlocks: 12              ArtBlocks: 14              ArtBlocks: 10
Nickname: Playing Cook     Nickname: Dishwasher       Nickname: Sweet Tooth
STR: 426                   STR: 329                   STR: 590
AGL: 324                   AGL: 404                   AGL: 161
CHA: 201                   CHA: 397                   CHA: 182
INT: 188                   INT: 183                   INT: 155
MEN: 203                   MEN: 191                   MEN: 149
HDEF: 347                  HDEF: 337                  HDEF: 343
LDEF: 303                  LDEF: 237                  LDEF: 311

Equipment                  Equipment                  Equipment
---------                  ---------                  ---------
Quantumbael                Demon Gleamer              Earth Axe
War Chestplate             Lion Heart                 Warrior Fauld
Holy Gloves                Spike Gloves               Wind Armbands
Dazzling Leggings          Wood Blocks                (None)
Sage Symbol                Silk Armband (3)           Last Hit Symbol
Black Ring                 Bonus Bangle
Hunter's Orb

With stats equal to or better than these, you'll have no problem at all
with the final boss

5. Arts Lists
NOTE: Any variable art with * by it can be combined with any art with ** by 

Lang's Arts:
  - Blue Moon Buster [RDR]     +16
  - Blade Dance      [DLL]     +16
  - Mountain Crusher [URU]     +16
  - Hawk Stroke      [LDD]     +16
  - Demon Thrust     [DDDU]    +20
  - Chaos Strike     [UDRU]    +20
  - ThunderFlash     [DUUU]    +20
  - Shadow Split     [LRUL]    +20
  - Wind Blade       [LRDUL]   +24
  - Rabid Attack     [DUDLR]   +24
  - Battle Flash     [UDDLR]   +24
Lang's Super Arts:
  - Sandstorm        [RLR]     -16
  - Thunder Moon     [UURR]    -20
  - True Moon Slash  [UDDU]    -20
  - Red Whirlwind    [DUUL]    -20
  - Moonflower       [RLDLR]   -24
Lang's Hyper Arts:
  - Raging Fang      [UDU]     -30  [Found in Cave of Trials]
  - Roaring Fang     [URLU]    -40  [Levels up from Raging Fang]
  - Divine Bolt      [UDDR]    -40  [Kazan teaches you in Hunter's Wood]
  - Sky Fang         [UDLRU]   -50  [Levels up from Roaring Fang]
  - Thunder Sky      [DLDRU]   -50  [Levels up from Divine Bolt]
  - Sleeping Dragon  [LURLDU]  -60  [Kazan teaches you in Porchoon]
Lang's Variable Arts:
  - Solid Strike*    [LRLDUD]  -80 
  - Airborne Fury**  [DLURDL]  -80
Lang's Mystic Art:
  - Flaming Sword    [URDLURD] -100

Maya's Arts:
  - Inferno          [LDL]     +16 (Fire)
  - Ice Floe         [URR]     +16 (Water)
  - Bedrock Buster   [DRD]     +16 (Earth)
  - Windblade        [RLU]     +16 (Wind)
  - ThunderHead      [RUL]     +16 (Thunder)
  - Dark Disaster    [DDU]     +16 (Dark)
  - Blind Fury       [LUR]     +16 (Light)
  - Magma Mayhem     [LLLD]    +20 (Fire)
  - Nova Heat        [LUUL]    +20 (Fire)
  - Ice Pyre         [RRDD]    +20 (Water)
  - Aqua Spear       [RDUR]    +20 (Water)
Maya's Super Arts:
  - Toxic Cloud      [RUD]     -16 (Wind)
  - Blizzard Blast   [UURU]    -20 (Water)
  - Gravity Crush    [DUDD]    -20 (Earth)
  - SkySplitter      [LLRL]    -20 (Thunder)
  - Spirit Storm     [URUR]    -20 (Dark)
  - Ballistic Light  [DDLL]    -20 (Light)
  - Meteor Storm     [DLLLR]   -24 (Fire)
Maya's Hyper Arts:
  - Big Bang         [DURL]    -40 (Light)  [Learned during fight with Slogar]
  - Absolute Zero    [RRRR]    -40 (Water)  [Found in Forest Maze]
  - Dust to Dust     [DDDD]    -40 (Earth)  [Found in Kabel Ruins (2nd Time)]
  - Raging Sky       [UUUU]    -40 (Thunder)[Found after you beat Storm Idol]
  - Dancing Flames   [LLLLL]   -50 (Fire)   [Found in Drakonia]
  - Nether Gate      [DULRDD]  -60 (Dark)   [Found after you beat Velna]
Maya's Variable Arts:
  - Pyro Fury*       [RLLUDR]  -80 (Fire)
  - ShockWave**      [LRDULR]  -80 (Light)
Maya's Mystic Art:
  - Forbidden Rite   [DURDULD] -100 (Light)

Kazan's Arts:
  - Lightning Kick   [LUD]     +16
  - Moon Splitter    [DLR]     +16
  - Critical Thrust  [DRR]     +16
  - Double Kick      [DUUU]    +20
  - Double Fists     [DDDU]    +20
  - Goblin Dance     [RRLR]    +20
  - JawBuster        [RRUU]    +20
  - Fever Wind       [DLLDR]   +24
Kazan's Super Arts:
  - Iron Fists       [URLL]    -20
  - Aerial Attack    [LRDU]    -20
  - Deadly Hands     [UDRU]    -20
  - Cannon Blast     [UULDR]   -24
Kazan's Hyper Arts:
  - Fists of Rage    [LLL]     -30  [Found in The Sewers]
  - Fists of Glory   [LLRL]    -40  [Levels up from Fists of Rage]
  - EarthShaker      [RLUU]    -40  [Found in Tanza]
  - SkyShaker        [ULRUD]   -50  [Levels up from EarthShaker]
  - Ultimate Fury    [ULRLDD]  -60  [Prize in Phorchoon (6000 coins)]
Kazan's Variable Arts:
  - Demon Crusher*   [ULDRUL]  -80
  - Fatal Impact **  [RRLLDU]  -80
Kazan's Mystic Art:
  - Fists of Stone   [DRLURLD] -100

Sharon's Arts:
  - Spike Anchor     [UDR]     +16
  - Slay Cutless     [RLU]     +16
  - Rumble Spike     [LUUU]    +20
  - Bloody Fang      [LUDL]    +20
  - Rising Stars     [RDRR]    +20
  - Range Wave       [DRDL]    +20
  - Riot Flag        [ULLU]    +20
  - Rave Storm       [DURLR]   +24
  - Blood Spark      [DRLRU]   +24
Sharon's Super Arts:
  - Fear Galgarian   [LLD]     -16
  - Surf Divide      [RLDD]    -20
  - Peach Surprise   [DUDL]    -20
  - Crescent Heel    [UURR]    -20
  - Spiral Blade     [LLRU]    -20
Sharon's Hyper Arts:
  - Fearful Arc      [LRR]     -30  [Found in the Kabel Ruins]
  - Merciful Arc     [RULD]    -40  [Levels up from Fearful Arc]
  - Lord of Eden     [LRLR]    -40  [Found in the Thunder Mines]
  - Skylord          [LRDLR]   -50  [Levels up from Lord of Eden]
  - Windmill Rose    [DUUUU]   -50  [Prize in Phorchoon (6000 coins)]
  - Detonating Rose  [DDDUUU]  -60  [Levels up from Windmill Rose]
Sharon's Variable Arts:
  - Splash Rave*     [DDLRUU]  -80
  - Phantom Burst**  [LDURDR]  -80
Sharon's Mystic Art:
  - Apokolips        [UDLRUDU] -100

Ayne's Arts:
  - Earthrazor       [RUD]     +16
  - Disaster Master  [ULR]     +16
  - Whirlwind Attack [LDU]     +16
  - Shockforce       [DRL]     +16
  - Full Impact      [RLUD]    +20
  - Tidal Wave       [URDL]    +20
Ayne's Super Arts:
  - Solid Blow       [DRR]     -16
  - Galeforce        [LLU]     -16
Ayne's Hyper Arts:
  - Firestorm        [LDD]     -30  [Found in Drakonia]
  - Power Blade      [DRD]     -30  [Found in Demiurge Tower]
  - Raging Warrior   [RULU]    -40  [Levels up from Firestorm]
  - Axe Crush        [ULDLR]   -50  [Levels up from Axe Crush]
Ayne's Variable Arts:
  - Armageddon Star* [UDLLRR]  -80
  - Saoring Axe**    [LLRRDU]  -80

NOTE: Ayne has no mystic art since he's not a mystic  :P

6. Origin Magic Lists
Galea (Fire)
 - Flaming Fist      32 MP  [Learned at Start]
 - Flame Crest       48 MP  [Learned at L.16]
 - Hellfire Wings    64 MP  [Learned at L.25]
 - Final Flash       96 MP  [Learned at L.34]
 - Blazing Smash    150 MP  [Learned at L.44]

Rivas (Light)
 - Life Blessing     16 MP  [Learned at Start]
 - Life Heal         22 MP  [Learned at L.12]
 - Solar Guidance    34 MP  [Learned at L.22]
 - Gospel            46 MP  [Learned at L.33]
 - Glorious Mercy    68 MP  [Learned at L.44]

Deva (Earth)
 - Earth Energy      48 MP  [Learned at Start]
 - Earth Protector   64 MP  [Learned at L.27]
 - Earth Charge      80 MP  [Learned at L.34]
 - Earth Rage       120 MP  [Learned at L.44]

Arrode (Thunder)
 - Lightning Arrow   80 MP  [Learned at Start]
 - Thunder Serpent  100 MP  [Learned at L.35]
 - Thunderbolt Bow  120 MP  [Learned at L.44]

Ayne's Gaia Spirit
 - Gaia Spirit       40 MP  [Learned at Start]
 - FireBeast Spirit  46 MP  [Learned at L.40]
 - Wind God Spirit   54 MP  [Learned at L.50]
 - Thunder Spirit    62 MP  [Learned at L.52]
 - Holy Tree Spirit  78 MP  [Learned at L.54]
 - Victory Spirit    85 MP  [Learned at L.57]

7. Side Quests/Events
Kravian Hunter's Guild
If you go into the first building on the right when you enter Kravia, you
will be in the Hunter's Guild, talk to the woman at the counter, and she
will give you an option of 3 quests

Tanza Tea Cakes - Head to Tanza, and in the first building on the left
when you enter, talk to the little boy, and he'll sell you Tanza Tea
Cakes, buy 6 of them, no more, no less. Take them to Darakin Citadel, and
into the 2nd shop on the left give them to Yaksha, go back to Kravia to 
get the 10,000 G reward.

Mysterious Potion - Head into Tanza, and go to the black market dealer at
the bottom left part of town, he'll say he hasn't sent out the potion
because he still needs two ingredients for it.
     First, head out to get the Golden Apple, head into the Forest Maze
and take the path right behind Balzac and Phanta as far as you can go,
then head right, then when you see another path to the right, take it. At
the end of the path, you'll see a tree with an apple hanging from it. Use
Ayne's Gaia power to ram the tree, and the apple will fall. Grab the it.
If you don't have a Magic Potion, you can buy one in Yuno for 6000 G.
     Take the items back to guy in Tanza, and he'll mix it together for 
you, go take it to Joe in Darakin Citadel, and then go to Kravia for your
reward of 30,000 G.

Find the Rare Creature - Coming Soon...

My Daughter is Lost - Yes yes, we all hate going back to the sewers, but 
ya gotta head down there once more to find Cammy. Head into the sewers, 
down the stairs and up the opposite stairs, go left and head down the 
first stairs you see, and up the opposite side. Keep heading left until
there is a bridge going down, go across it, and then left along the path.
There you'll see Cammy being attacked by some skeletons. You'll have to 
fight 6 skeletons (3 at a time), they're pretty easy they have about 
30,000 HP each, and are pretty resistant to magic, so hit them with arts
and they'll go down in 3 turns apiece. Head back to Kravia for your
80,000 G reward, and you'll also get a 'Lion Heart' as thanks from Count

The Gold Giant - Go in through the North entrance, and follow tha path,
right after you pass the big 'wind hole' you'll be able to see it thing,
just follow the path down, and confront it. It's nothing to worry about
as long as you're around level 40 or higher, but he does have an obscene 
amount of HP (around 140,000), but he shouldn't be able to deal more 
800 damage per turn to any one character, so you'll be fine, just keep 
smashing it with Hyper/Variable Arts. Head back to Kravia for your 
90,000 G, and you'll also get a 'Gaia Blade'.

Thanks to Israhadi@paccessglobal.com for the info on 'The Gold Giant' 
and 'My Daughter is Lost'

Centurion Challenge
Head into the room right behind Elder West Wind in Jinga and the challenge 
will start. You'll see a bunch of weird looking barriers down a hallway,
just walk into the barriers to start each battle.

8. FAQ
Q: Are Seru and Ra-Seru in this game, like in the first Legend of Legaia?
A: No, Legaia is like in Final Fantasy series, the games aren't directly 
   related, but most of he ideas are similar to each other.

Q: How come I can't use this Arts move?
A: Make sure you have enough AP to use the move, and that you're executing
   it correctly.

Q: How come I can't use this Arts move, even when I do have enough AP?
A: It's probably a Hyper Arts move you have to learn those by using
   items. Variable Arts can only be used after Kazan teaches you how to
   use them. And Mystic Arts can only be used if you have 100 AP, 100 MP, 
   and below 50% of your HP.

Q: You said in the walkthrough that this boss fight wasn't hard, but he
   beats me every time, why?
A: You're probably not at a high enough level, aren't using good equipment,
   or are using a bad strategy, check and make sure that you're up to speed 
   on everything.

Q: Why can't Maya attack?
A: Her attacks are all magic attacks, and she doesn't learn how to use 
   magic until a little bit into the game, she will learn to attack, just 
   be patient.

Q: Last time I fought this kind of monster, I could kill it in one turn, 
   now it always takes 2, why?
A: You probably had a STR boost from a cooking effect, effects like that 
   wear off in time.

Q: Are there any connections at all between this game and the first Legend
   of Legaia, like all Final Fantasy games have Biggs & Wedge, Moogles, 
   Chocobos, etc...?
A: As far as I can tell, not many. Legend of Legaia had a monster 'Lips' 
   and it looked exactly the same as 'Lyps' does in this game, but
   that's all I've seen as of yet.

Q: Your walkthrough says that this boss has 5000 HP, but after I deal 5000
   damage to it, it's still alive. Why?
A: The tilde sign in front of the amount of HP (~5000 HP) means that it 
   has somewhere around that much HP, It's near impossible to tell exactly
   how much HP something has, seeing as Scroll of Identity doesn't work on
   bosses. I kept track of how much damage I needed to deal to kill the 
   monster, and then took an educated guess as to how much HP it had. So,
   it may take a little more damage, it may take a little less damage, but
   the number I put should be pretty close to the real number.

Q: How come I can't use this Mystic Art even though I have my AP bar full?
A: Mystic Arts don't just run off of AP, they also run off of MP, so you
   have to have 100 MP as well as 100 AP, you also have to have less than 
   half of your maximum HP remaining.

Q: Who put the "Ram" in the Ramma-Lamma-Ding-Dong?
A: That would be me!  

9. Special Thanks
Special Thanks to...

 - Gamefaqs.com for putting up my Walkthrough.
 - Lord of Biscuits for the extra Rauss strategy.
 - Israhadi for info on some of the side quests.
 - uTo Benduzzi for putting the "Bop" in the Bop-She-Bop-She-Bop.
 - Prokion, Eidos, and Fresh for making such a cool game.
 - All you people reading this, so I know I didn't waste all this time.

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