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Phantom Realms FAQ by Kastro187420

Version: Final | Updated: 09/07/05

=====Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny Phantom Realms=====

This FAQ is Copyright 2005-  Kastro187420
If you wish to reproduce this FAQ on your site, you must first
get my express permission.You can E-mail me at 
Kastro187420@aol.com for more information.

All Trademarks and copyrights contained in this document
are owned by their respective trademark and copyright 

Sites That Currently Have Permission to Use this FAQ:

1: Locations of Phantom Realms
2: Reccomended Levels for Phantom Realms
3: Red Phantom Realm Walkthrough
4: Blue Phantom Realm Walkthrough
5: Green Phantom Realm Walkthrough
6: Purple Phantom Realm Walkthrough
7: Thanks/Credits


Section 1: Phantom Realm Locations:

==== Red Phantom Realm: ====

This Phantom Realm is found while playing as Kotaro.
When playing as Kotaro, you'll be able to unlock trick boxes.Go up
the first ladder, you'll see a grayish/blue box that near the next ladder that
has a trick to it.Open it up to get the Red Wedge.Head up the next ladder
and you'll see a red light on the floor.Stand over it and use the Red Wedge.
A beam of light will appear.Stand over it and press X.You'll get an option
Either Enter it or not to enter it.

==== Blue Phantom Realm: ====

This Phantom Realm is found while playing as Kotaro as well.You must
first complete the Red Phantom Realm to get the Blue Wedge to access
the Blue Phantom Realm.

This Phantom Realm is located after you cross a small lake with a Magic 
Mirror by it.Head to Kotaro's Right after you enter the gate and you'll see a
similar pool of light on the floor.This is where the Blue Wedge goes.Once
again, stand over it and use the Blue Wedge to get the beam of light.
Stand over it and Press X to get the option to either Enter it or Not Enter it.

==== Green Phantom Realm: ====

This Phantom Realm is located while playing as Jubie.To access this, you
first need to get the green wedge located in the Star Tower, after you use the
Light Beam to transport yourself from the Oni Palace onto the Roof of the Star

Head out the door at the bottom of the Ramp (grab the Greend Wedge
of course), and head East.Whip out the Buraitou and hit the Wall Mozun,
Inside is a green pool of light on the floor where the Green Wedge goes.
After using the Green Wedge, stand over the pool of light and press X. 
Either Enter the Green Phantom Realm, or Don't Enter It.

==== Purple Phantom Realm: ====

This is the Biggest of all the Phantom Realms, and is also located while 
playing as Jubie.
To Access this Phantom Realm, you need to first get the Purple Wedge, 
Which is located just before the boss fight again the Gyaran Queen.The Purple 
Wedge is located next to the double door's that you enter near the force 
shield at the Demon Base.

You don't have to, but its a good idea to fight the boss battle against the 
Gyaran Queen, and get the Gold Scale to Access the Demon Base, 
so that you can Save your Progress before entering the last Phantom Realm.
Head back out the Demon Base, and to Jubies left just as you cross the 
bridge out of the demon base.You'll see a Purple pool of light on the floor.
This is where you use the Puple Wedge at.After using it, stand over the Purple 
Light and press X.You'll get the option to either Enter it, or to Not Enter it.

====== Section 2: Levels Reccommended for the Phantom Realms ======

Red/Blue Phantom Realm: 

Since you'll be playing as Kotaro when going into these realms, its 
reccommended that you have his best weapons and Armor going into them.
They aren't too hard as long as you play carefully.

Green Phantom Realm: 

You'll be playing as Jubie when going into it, so heres what I reccomend: 

Buraitou - Maxed
Hyoujin-Yari - Maxed
Senpumaru - Maxed
Dokoutsui - Level 2 at Least

Yagyu Armor - Maxed
Yagyu Arm Armor - Level 2
Yagyu Arm Armor - Level 2

Purple Phantom Realm: 

You'll be playing as Jubie when going into it, so heres what I reccomend: 

Buraitou - Maxed
Hyoujin- Yari - Maxed
Senpumaru - Maxed
Dokoutsui - Maxed

Yagyu Armor - Maxed
Yagyu Arm Armor - At Least Level 2
Yagyu Foot Armor - Level 2

====Section 3 : Red Phantom Realm Walkthrough ====

Note: The Number of Enemies on each level is the same each time you play.
However, if more than 1 type of demon is on that level, the number of each 
type you face may vary unless otherwise noted.

There are Only 5 Levels in this Phantom Realm

Level 1: Green Alligators x12

This level is simple enough, with Kotaro's Quickness they don't stand a chance.
All of them are not there all at once, which is a good thing.Try to keep them 
in front of Kotaro if you can, so that you don't get surrounded.
Kotaor's Secret Combo (Down , Up + Square) can drop them real quick.

Level 2: 8 Ninjas - Long Blade and 3 Bladed

Again, these demons are easy enough to kill, just keep with the Secret Combo 
and to help keep them at bay, and this shouldn't be a problem.If you do find 
yourself becoming surrounded, try to dash away from them, then back to them 
so that they are in front of you, then start going at them again.

Level 3: Red Alligators x11, 1 Medicine

These gators are a bit stronger than the green ones, but still can be put down 
with relative ease.When you first start, stay towards the back and let them 
come to you.Most of the time they only attack one, maybe 2 at a time, so you
can deal with them a little at a time.Stick with the Secret Combo, as that is
Kotaro's best weapon right now.Grab the Medicine from the box after 
you clear out the enemies, and head onto the Next Level.

Level 4: 8 Enemies - Red Alligators, Big Skeleton with Big Sword

If you've been saving Kotaro's Magic, now is a good time to use it.Press 
Triangle to use it.He freezes there, while you, invisible, are free to roam 

Run over to the big skeleton guy with the big sword and use Kotaro's Secret 
Combo a few times to bring him down.Afterwards, run over to the 
Red Alligators and take them out the same way you did last time.
Try not to use anymore magic, even if another big skeleton guy appears, 
if you run up to him and use your secret combo, he should stay off balance 
long enough for you to get off another quick secret combo.

Level 5: Ninjas x7, Smaller Skeleton Guy with Smaller Sword
Roga-Kunai (Kotaro's Best Weapon), Blue Wedge, Red Stone Pole

As soon as you can, run over to the boxes and flip them open, and equip 
Kotaro's Roga-Kunai as soon as possible.Now its easy going.
Attack the Skeleton guy first, since he's your biggest problem right now.
Run up to him and hit him with a few Secret Combos.After he is down, 
take out the left overs.1 Secret Combo should take them out, if not, a 
few more regular hits will do the trick.After they are gone, grab the Red 
Stone Pole, and then ride the light beam out of there.

===== Section 4: Blue Phantom Realm Walkthrough =====

Note: The Number of Enemies on each level is the same each time you play.
However, if more than 1 type of demon is on that level, the number of each 
type you face may vary unless otherwise noted.

There are only 5 Enemies in this Phantom Realm as well, but they are stronger 
than the ones in the Red Phantom Realm.Hope you grabbed the Roga-Kunai.

Level 1: 12 Enemies - spiked pigs and floaty skull ball things

To start out, don't move, let the skull balls float together, then fire off a 
few of your Shuriken to get them out of the way.When dealing with the pigs, 
run up to them and use Kotaro's Basic Combo on them, or if your good at it,
Issen them when they use their roll attack on you.

If theres a few near you, be sure to block if you need to, because with 
Kotaro's low life, he can die pretty easy.

Level 2: 9 Machine Type Bugs

These things go down real easy with the secret combo, it only takes 1 to put 
them down.Make sure to only attack them when their closed up.

Level 3: 9 Enemies - Giants with Sticks , Machine Type Bugs
1 Medicine

Don't use up your magic yet, the Giants with the Sticks can be taken care of 
without it.Just rush up to one of them, and hit them with the Secret Combo 
multiple times quickly to take them down.Make sure to get them out of the way 
first, then tackle the bugs the same way as the last level.

Level 4: 10 Enemies - Spiked Bigs, Giant Yellow Bull with Giant Axe

Ok, let off some of that Magic now, and rush the Giant Yellow Bull.
Hit him with multiple Secret Combos quickly before your Magic wears off 
and take him out.Next you can concentrate on the normal spiked pigs.
Be careful, a Giant Yellow Bull COULD appear right next to you.If one does, 
Just take it out like before, multiple secret combos until it dies.

Level 5: Giant Yellow Bull x1, HUGE Red Bull x1

This is the last time you'll really be using Kotaro, so fire off your 
Shuriken at them.It might kill the yellow bull, but not both.
After the Yellow Bull goes down, start firing at the Huge Red Bull with 
your Shuriken until your out of them.Like I Said earlier, it wont kill him, 
but weakens him a good deal.
When your out, use your Magic to turn invisible so he can't see you, and
then rush him, and hit him with multiple Secret Combos until he drops.
Grab the Blue Stone Pole afterwards, and then leave.

===== Section 5: Green Phantom Realm Walkthrough =====

Note: The Number of Enemies on each level is the same each time you play.
However, if more than 1 type of demon is on that level, the number of each 
type you face may vary unless otherwise noted.

Now that your using Jubie, you might think the Phantom Realms will be easier,
thats not true, they just put you up against tougher enemies.

Level 1: Green Alligators x13

The Reccomended weapon weapon for this level is the Hyoujin-Yari, but the 
Senpumaru is also good.
At the start, not all the enemies are there at once, so you can take them out 
easily.Use either the Senpumaru's Secret Combo if you have it, or the 
Hyoujin-Yari's Thrust Move. (Hold R1, and press Up + Square).

Level 2: Small Ninjas x9

The weapon Reccomendation is the same for the previous level, but the 
Hyoujin-Yari is better because of its long reach its even damage output.
Use its Basic Combo (Square x4) to make quick work of them.

Level 3: Skeleton Guy with small sword x5

This can be done 1 of 2 ways, either the Hyoujin-Yari, or the Dokoutsui.
If you use the Hyoujin-Yari, use its Secret Combo against them.If you use 
the Dokoutsui, even though you don't have its secret  combo yet, you can still 
use its basic combo (Square x4) to put them down hard.

Level 4: Red and Green Alligators (green ones are Archers now) x13

Again, the Hyoujin-Yari is a good choice for this level.To start, rush the 
archers in the back and hit them with a sweeping move.Next, turn your 
attention to the red ones, and start working on them.If an Archer pops up, 
it out then go back to the others.

Level 5: Ninjas + floaty skull ball thingys x9

If your only facing the Skull Balls, use your gun to pick them off at a 
distance.If the ninjas appear, use either the Hyoujin-Yari, or the
Buraitou to take them out.If a floaty ball thing starts spinning, 
its trying to escape.You CAN let it go, but it takes all of the 
souls it stole from you with it, so pop it off with the gun if you can.

Level 6: Violet Alligators x17

Equip the Senpumaru and rush to the center of the room right at the start.
7 of them surround you at once.Don't move, let them get in close and then hit 
them with a Magic Attack from the Senpumaru and take them all out at once.
Next they usually only appear in 1's or 2's, making this level really just a 
soul fest for you.

Level 7: Spiked Pigs + Floaty Ball Thingys x12

The Hyoujin-Yari can take out the Spiked Pigs in 1 shot if you use its Thrust 
Move (assuming you got it to level 3 by now).If the area is clear of the pigs, 
and the Floaty Ball Thingys are around, switch to your gun to take it out.

Level 8: Spiked Pigs + Giant Yellow Bull x12
Medicine x1

This level isn't too hard if you stay back and let the Spiked pigs come to you.
Keep the Hyoujin-Yari equipped and take out the Spiked Pigs as they approach.
The Giant Yellow Bull  stays put if you don't cross more than halfway across 
the phantom realm floor.To take it out, you can use the Dokoutsui's 
Basic Combo to keep it off balance, and eventually kill it.

Level 9: Black Ninjas + Skeleton  Warrior with Sword x10

Once again, as usual, the Hyoujin-Yari is your best friend.And as before, if 
you only go forward enough to get the Black Ninjas to pop-up, then jump back 
you wont have to deal with the Skeleton Warrior right away.But be careful, one 
COULD appear right next to you.If it does, and the ninjas aren't there, switch 
to your Dokoutsui and take them out, or use the Hyoujin-Yari's Secret Combo 
on it.

Level 10: Skeleton Warrior + Raigozare
Perfect Medicine, Purple Necklace

Now Bring out your Dokoutsui, and rush up to the Green Bull looking dude 
with the big stick and hit it with a Magic Attack, after it gets up, use it 

Keep doing that till its empty, then switch to the Hyoujin-Yari and keep with 
the Secret Combo on the enemies until they drop.When its clear, grab the 
Perfect Medicine and the Purple Necklace, an item that reduces the amount 
of Magic used with each Magic attack (doesn't work in the Phantom Realms).

===== Section 6: Purple Phantom Realm =====

Note: The Number of Enemies on each level is the same each time you play.
However, if more than 1 type of demon is on that level, the number of each 
type you face may vary unless otherwise noted.

Its recommended that, before entering here, you save at least one more time, 
and have ALL your weapons maxed out, and if you can, all your armor also.
I won't lie, unless you have a good amount of Healing Items, you could die a 
couple of times before actually beating this one, its 20 Levels Long.

Level 1: Red Alligators x13

Try not to use any magic on the first few levels, as you got a LONG way to go 
before your done here, and alot stronger enemies.
Use the Hyoujin-Yari for its reach, or if you want, the Buraitou for its speed 
and power.If you use the Buraitou, use its basic combo, or the Hyoujin-Yari's 
Secret Combo.

Level 2: Red Alligators + Skeleton Warriors x9

Hang back at the back of the level and let the Red Alligators come to you.
Be ready though, a Skeleton Warrior may appear right next to you, so be 
ready to switch to the Dokoutsui or use the Hyoujin-Yari's Secret Combo on 

Level 3: Ninjas x9

The Buraitou's speed + its average power makes this level fun and easy.The 
Hyoujin-Yari's Thrust move works good also.This level is pretty easy, probably 
one of the few easy ones here.

Level 4: Big Skeleton Warrior with Big Red Sword x5

Equip the Dokoutsui, and lets get started.If you have it, use its Secret Combo 
on them.If you DON'T have it, be sure to keep the Basic Combos (Square x4)
up on them.Try not to use magic, as your not even a quarter of the way 
through yet.

Level 5: Big Skeleton Warrior with Big Red Sword + Ninjas x9

The Hyoujin-Yari is the weapon for this level.Its reach can take out the 
ninjas from a distance, and its Secret Combo can put down the Big 
Skeleton Dudes.If you really need to, after you put down the Ninjas, 
switch to the Dokoutsui to finish off the Skeleton Warriors.

Level 6: Machine Bug Things x10

This is actually a fun level after you get the hang of killing these things.
Simply whip out that Dokoutsui and start hitting them with its Secret 
Combo to flatten them (literally).This level goes by fast it seems like.

Level 7: Spiked Pigs x12

Use the Hyoujin-Yari for this level, hit the pigs with its 
Thrust attack to take them out in 1-2 hits.Not much else to this 

Level 8: Spiked Pigs + Floaty Skull Balls x14

This is basically the same as the last level, with the exception of the Floaty
Skull Ball things.If they aren't around, treat it the same.If they are there, 
and theres no Spiked Pigs, use a gun to drop them.If you need to take 
them out quickly, use the Buraitous Over Head Slash to drop them.

Level 9: Spiked Pigs (again) + Giant Yellow Bull x10

Well once again, you got the Spiked Pigs to deal with (your probably getting 
tired of this).The Hyoujin-Yari is a good choice because its Thrust move is a 
1 hit kill against the spiked pigs, and its Secret Combo can actually stop the 
Giant Yellow Bull.Take this level slow, and be careful, a Yellow Bull could 
appear right next to you.

Level 10: Giant Yellow Bull x2, Huge Red Bull x1

Hopefully you were saving that Magic energy from the Dokoutsui, because 
your gonna need it.Rush up to them and pop off a magic attack.Afterwards, 
Start putting out it's Secret Combo.If you stay targeted on the Huge Red Bull, 
you should stop it from getting off a single shot.It will take a few to put 
them down.

It gives off some yellow souls to help you out with the next part of this 

Level 11: Different Colored Machine Bug Things

Their Color is different, and they got a couple new attacks, but they still go 
down hard with the hammer.Whip it out and put them down the same as before.

Level 12: Green Bulls with Big Log x6

Keep that hammer out, these guys haven't got to see what its like.Rush up to 
them and start putting out the Secret Combo on them.Use a Magic Attack if you
need to (like if they overwhelm you), but its not really needed.

Level 13: Combination of the Last 2 Levels Monsters

Step forward some to get the Bugs out of the ground, and then back up 
so that the Green Bull looking guy stays back.Let the bugs come to you.
a Bull may rise near you, but its better than becoming surrounded
by a bunch of them.Use the Secret Combo on them to make them drop 

Level 14: Wall Bugs x2, Red Alligators x8

All the time I play this level, only 1 Red Alligator appears, that is until 
you take out one of the Wall bugs.Then the others will appear.
Rush to one of the things on the wall and hit it with a Magic Attack from the 
Buraitou and then a few Secret Combos to drop it.Do the same with the other
wall thing, and they both drop.Next take out the Red Alligators however you 
see fit, im sure you can find a way after all this time.

Level 15: Robots x3, Red Alligators x8

At the start, take your pick of robots, and rush it and nail it with a magic 
attack from the Dokoutsui, back away and watch it drop, then do the same
to another robot.Try not to use anymore though.

The other robot should be weak enough that some secret combos 
or a few Basic Combos can take it out.Then the Red Alligators can 
be finished however you want to again.

Level 16: Black Ninjas x8

After them last few levels, this one will seem like a dream come true.
Whip out the Hyoujin-Yari, and use its Thrust move to take them out easily.
This one should be one of the easier ones.

Level 17: Black Ninjas + Skeleton Warriors x10

You could use the Dokoutsui, but the Black Ninjas are quick and 
make that hard to do.

So stick with the Hyoujin-Yari for this level.Its Secret Combo Serves 
well here.Just don't get surrounded by them Ninjas, if you do, 
a blast from the Senpumarus Magic can help you out there.

Level 18: Big Green Bulls with big sticks + Big Skeleton Warrior 
with Big Red Sword x6 

Time to start using more of that magic, so whip out the Dokoutsui and pop off
a Magic Attack.You've still got some tough levels ahead, so save it after this.
But a few Secret Combos from the Hammer will really help out.If need-be, use
a Magic Attack from the Hyoujin-Yari to weaken them up even more.Its
Secret Combo can help out as well.

Level 19: Black Ninjas + Big Skeleton Warrior with Big Red Sword x11

Start out by rushing the big Skeleton Warrior and pop off a Magic Attack from
the Buraitou, and start cooking off some Secret Combos.The Hyoujin-Yari's
Secret Combo works well here also.If you REALLY need to, a Magic Attack
from the Dokoutsui will help out.

Level 20: Energy Bugs + Green Bulls with Big Logs

Well this is it, the Final Level.Rush the Nearest Green Bull and hit it with a
Magic Attack from the Dokoutsui.Next rush one of the energy bugs fast
and hit them with a secret combo.Keep an eye on the bulls though.
Since this is the last level, use all the magic you need to, to finish it up.

When your done,the Secret Sword Rekka-Ken appears.Don't leave yet, plunge
the sword back down in the cracks where it came out, and ride the light down.

Level 21: Special Item go to the box on the level and open it to get Jubie's
Fasionable Goods item.

If you finish the game with an 'S' Rank while you have those, you'll unlock
his Alternate Costume.

=====Section 7: Credits====

Me, for taking the hours to write out this guide -
Capcom, for making this cool game -
GameFAQs for hosting this guide -

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