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FAQ/Walkthrough by S. Gobi

Updated: 10/31/02

Onimusha 2 : Warrior's Destiny

By S. Gobi
E-mail : junc_mas@ignmail.com

Walkthrough and Guide

This is my Second Walkthrough after the one I made for Koudelka From that
walkthrough, I did learn a few things how to make the guide better from varies
e-mail I got.
 Most of the problem people will face when reading a guide is What to pick
which is important and Where to pick it. So I came out with my own format as
how to write
this guide, so hopefully it will be better than the last one I made.

Legal Stuff :

1. The game belongs to CAPCOM, so ALL rights and privilege belongs to them.
Must say, this is the best game since Resident Evil 3 they came out with.
2. This walkthrough was made with no one's help (except maybe my friend Alex) ,
I didn't take anything out of anyone else's work nor did I steal someone else's
so I will appreciate if no one else credit this as their. No reprinting or
reproducing it for any purposes other than personal use and No money-making
business either.

Advice to end the game successfully later :

1. Keep as much MEDICINE and SECRET MEDICINE to fast the final boss later.
Don't worry about defeating the smaller one, I will give some tips.

2. I will tell you how to get WHITE NECLACE later - very useful to heal without
wasting much needed healing material. However, I'm not very sure you can have
of you play as Magoichi or Ekei as your Back-up.

3. Best way to defeat a Boss is by hitting him with ALL magic power of the
weapons you collected first and later, hit, defend and hit again.

4. Collect as much FIRE ARROWS as possible especially AFTER finish Oyu's quest
to find the SACRED FLUTE later.

5. Use this guide to get as much MEDICINE and SECRET MEDICINE you can get your
hand on.

6. Check the Special Side Quest at the end of the Walkthrough for characters -
Got one for Ekei and another for Magoichi, I'm sure Kotaro has one, but I
didn't find it yet.

7. Keep ALL MAGIC LIQUIDS you find throughout the game because it will be very
helpful when taking on Nobunaga in end of the game, since there will be NO
appearing to help you out there.

8. Absorb all the Purple Souls which make Jubei into an ONIMUSHA except ONE
before any boss fight. Changing into a ONI in a boss fight is a easy way to
kill a boss
fast. IF you enough damage to a Boss, a Purple Soul will be release for you to
absorb and change.

Warning :

This Guide is not Complete as in sense that I didn't explore everything, just
enough to finish the game and live another day, so please do explore a bit and
do your own discovery.

The original purpose of this game was to as a guide to that Gift System which
you will get when you reach Imasho and meet up with two of your backups (as I
called the four
characters which will come and help you - Main character of the game - Jubei
now and then). I found out later that the Gift System doesn't last long and you
will be running out of
gifts to give because half way through the game, you won't be going back to any
town anymore. And also, what you will be getting as gifts when you exchange the
gifts are different
from time to time, so SAVE first before exchanging, reload if you not satisfied
with amount you receive. Make HERBS, MEDICINE and SECRET MEDICINE your priority
IF you want
to finish the game properly.
Sigh ... nice going CAPCPM Finally made something nice with this game (like
RE3's bullet making thing) and they have to cut it short halfway.

Before we jump into the game, I suggest to read EnemyZero's FAQS before we
start since I won't be showing you how to solve those trick boxes you will find
throughout the game.
I will however help you out with the Puzzle for Key-items which is important to
continue with the game.

This walkthrough started beginning of September 2002, and it took me 1 week to
finish the game, couple of weeks to write the thing, and last week of
September, just went I was
about to send, the game dropped Ekei's Side Quest on my lap. Anyway, its 28th
October, 2002 and this walkthrough is complete.

Now, let's jump into the walkthrough ...


Watch the outstanding FMV about this guy with a crazy looking tattoo on his
forehead and a pet snake, and how his men drives
through town. I don't know why but I noticed that EVERYTIME CAPCOM makes a
game, someone in the starting FMV must die.
Probably to make us more cautious or to make us hate the enemies even more.

You will also get a quick glimpse of ALL the four Back-ups you will get and
Jubei as well. The one running through the bamboo
shoots is Jubei (very Japanese-look) and my personal favorite is the one taking
the shower : D

Jubei's Home Town - Yagyu Village

Jubei arrives at the Village and try to find any survivors among the carnage.
He gets POed but a woman's voice suddenly appeared,
calling him. I don't know about you guys, but the voice drives me nuts!

What to do NOW? (Went you see something like this, it means you have to finish
the task to proceed).
- Find that Voice and Shut it up.

Once you get in control of Jubei, go toward the Shrine next to stairs leading
downward and you will find a Save Point - Magic Mirror.
You can save here if you want.

Go down the staircase and forward and you will face a man with too many things
sticking in his body - namely spears and arrows.
Jubei will rush in and ask him questions but before he could offer anything
new, he got struck from behind and You will face your first enemy
- the Demon Samurai (As I call them).

Demon Samurai are not as hard as some people think them are, you just have to
know a little bit about Sword fighting. Lucky for you, I know a bit (Don't Ask)
so I going to offer you some tips.

If you are facing a SINGLE Demon Samurai and there is space behind you, hold
position by defending and as soon as the Demon Samurai attack once, move back
a bit by pressing D-Pad back (down by right). Move twice and move forward
attacking. The Demon Samurai always vurnable after they form their attacks and
you attack them this moment, they will fall down and you can finish them with a
single jab down which kills most of the enemy instantously.

If you are facing a horde of them, DEFEND and attack them when you have a
chance. Moving left and right your D-Pad gives you some chance of avoiding
blows but ONLY if there is space to move. Remember that.

After the fight, run forward through the path in front of you and you will
reach a small Hut-Like door at the end of the path. Enter and you will be in
front of another
path through bamboo shoots.

Keep running and you may have Arrows flying toward you from somewhere nearby.
(May means sometimes, there isn't any demons shooting you with bows and
Across the small stream and you will find a red Box next to the hut (and the
Bow shooting Demon usually above on the hut). Take Yagyu Village Map. Keep
running forward
and you will reach another brown door.

Note : Bow-Demons (Those who are using Bows and Arrows) are usually weaker than
their counterparts with swords or other weapons, so killing them first will
usually means
you won't get screwed every five seconds while facing a more dangerous enemy in
front. Blocking usually doesn't do a thing against Arrows, and very rare
occasions where
Jubei could block an arrow (At least when I used him, he was like that).

Enter the Brown door and you will see a scene where a door across the pond
opens up and stepping-stones pop-up from the water. Obviously this is where you
supposed to
go now, but before that, go toward your left (Jubei's Left side) and you will
find a box covered by bamboo shoots, cut it aside with your sword and take HERB
from the box.
Now go across the pond and into the Door.

The Cave

What to do NOW?
- Get a New tattoo (you will know what I meant later)
- Get Buraitou - The Demon Sword

Run through the Cave to the end. You will not face much resistance here either
(unless you are VERY unlucky and you managed to PO every Demon in Town  :p).

Go through the door at the end of the Cave and you will reach another Pond.
Here, Jubei will have a chat with a Snake-Lady, Takajo who will give him a new
tattoo on his hand
(which now has ability to absorb souls of the Demons) and gives you
instructions what to do next.

In the end, You will also get a Charity Orb (Blue orb with the word Charity on
it) and Play Instructions (A mother who instruct the son how to play games ...
lucky son ...
My mom bugs me when I play too much games). Takajo instruct you to go and take
a new Power, which was waiting for you outside on the Dragon Shrine and leaves.

Take HERB from the Box and leave the way to come in. You are now to go to the
Dragon Shrine, which located toward the right side of the Pond with floating
stepping stones.
Alone the way, you will introduce to some new Enemy. Since I'm lack of word to
describe it, lets call it - Grass Cutter, shall we?

Note : Grass Cutter is very heavily armored and when it close it blades, its
literally invurnable to most of the attacks. It attacks by spinning its blade
and flies at your at
top speed, but you can block it by Pressing L1 and hold position (did I forgot
to tell you that?). Later in the game, they will do a diving attack where they
plunge into the ground
and pop-up in front of you. Can you say -Screwed?

So how to take them out? Simple, stand near them and keep blocking, when you
see the blade are extended and the core is visible, slash away. Despite of the
heavy amour, they are
vurnable when you attack here. A few slash and it will die.

Return back to the Pond with stepping stones and you will find a Dragon Shrine
toward the right side of the Pond. You will see a large Dragon's Head on the
shrine, and Jubei will put
his hand into it. Now, You will receive Buraitou - the Demon Sword. With this,
the Yagyu Village Stage is finish.

Now you have a New sword and a new power to absorb Souls, here's my
suggestions. Keep as much Herbs, Medicines and Secret Medicines as you find for
Boss fights and for Nobunaga, because they are
harder to defeat than normal enemies. Do Not use them much, except in

As for Absorbing Souls, there are four colored Souls you face - Red, Yellow,
Big Dark Blue and light Blue (depends on what weapon you are equipped).

To heal - Absorb Yellow.
For Upgrade - Absorb Red - you will get a LOT.
For Demon power - Absorb the Big Dark Blue.
For Magic Attack - Absorb small colored souls which corresponds to whatever
weapon you gave Equipped.

Of all the powers you have, Demon power is the rarest and usually you will get
when you do need it. Under the beginning of where the HP bar situated, you will
see about 7 small circles in a semi-circle pattern.
Every time you absorb a Dark Blue Soul, these small circles will be filled and
when you are full, then Jubei will change into a Demon (got it from his
Mother's side) and it will last for about 30 seconds.

My Advice - fill ALL small circles except ONE and in a boss-fight, look out for
the large Dark Blue Soul. Turning into a Demon in a boss-fight is a sure way to
win because your attacks are stronger and more powerful
and somewhat faster as well.

Mine Town - Imasho

The scene starts with someone coming screaming that he found gold, and later
demonstrates how he goes to paradise with his discovery.

Jubei comes into town and looks around. He spots something interesting nearby -
Something big and interesting which catches his eyes ... oh yeah, the Orbs
around her neck is Nice too ... :D

The girl runs off and Jubei come into in entertain the men who were disturbing
her earlier. They had enough of him and runs off. Now its seems that you have
some task at hand at finding that girl with that big ... orb.

What to do NOW?
 - Go up the Hill at the side of the Town and talk to the Man there.

From where Jubei stands, go to the first shop to your right and enter. You will
be in a bar, go to the end and you will find a Save Point (Magic Mirror) and A
small well with Mysterious Blue Water which if you absorb,
will replenish your magic gauge. You will be needed to come here (to the Bar)
later to get a PERMIT. Take Pipe from the treasure box (your first gift)  and
leave the Bar and go to the next shop further ahead.

The next shop is a Variety shop which sells varies items, but no healing item
of ANY kind. Here's some of the items they are selling and I recommended you
buy them ALL to get better items later :

Eggs -                         50 Gold
Grilled Fish -                 100 Gold
Salt -                         50  Gold
Vodka -                        300 Gold
Counch Shell -                 300 Gold
Magnetic Compass -             300 Gold
Plant book -                   200 Gold
History Book Vol. 5 -          100 Gold
Blue Parrot -                  500 Gold
Wonder Flower -                200 Gold
Artwork #16 -                  100 Gold

Except for Artwork #16, the rest of the items are for gifts which you will be
giving to others to get other items, especially the useful but rare ones like
Medicine. But for now, I suggest you buy Artwork #16 because
you need it to complete your album. I couldn't complete mine and missing a few,
suspect because I gave gifts to the wrong person.

Now, I know what you are thinking, how the HELL do I buy ALL of them if I don't
have enough Gold? By fighting the Demons, of course.

Leave the Variety Shop and go north across the small stream. You will see a
single, large double storey building in front of you. Next to the entrance of
this building is another treasure box with Imasho Town MAP.
Take it and enter.

You will be inside a building with a large furnace in the middle. Toward your
left (Jubei's left) is an elevator control but you shouldn't touch it for now,
instead destroy all the wooden crates toward your right and
make your way to the end of the long U shaped path. You will see another
treasure box with CLOTH Inside (it's a Gift) so take it.

Return back to the elevator control (next to the main entrance) and pull the
lever. You will see an elevator (as mischief as it may look)  been lowered
down, run to where you took the CLOTH. Step onto the elevator
and it will take you upstairs. Step forward and take BOW and ARROWS from the
box and leave the building. By now, you should have 2 Gifts in stock (unless
you brought more which is your choice) - PIPE and CLOTH.

Go up the hill next to the large building and you will face more of Nobunaga's
Samurai here. This time, they will sometimes drop GOLD now and then whenever
you defeat them. So cut them down and take their GOLD.
Make your way up to the top of the Hill and you will face a man who stops you.
It seems that you need PERMIT to enter the mine. Came back to the town for now.

What to do NOW?
- Find PERMIT.
- Get USEFUL items such as MEDICINES etc for BOSS fight later.

Return back to the town and enter the Bar once again. As you approach the path
toward the back door (near where the Save Point is), you will be treated to a
scene which introduce you to Magoichi (the man with
the Gun and a Head that looks like a Bullet) and Ekei (the Spear man with a
Bald Head). Jubei will stop them from leveling the town and get a GIFT EXCHANGE
in return. Now you can trade GIFTS you collected/brought
with them (two more Back-ups coming later). If you are just buying GIFTS now,
keep 100 GOLD for later use.

Here's some advice before trading GIFTS. Save first so if you receive something
you don't wish, you can always reload the pervious game and try again. Try to
get as many HERBS and MEDICINE as possible and most of
the items I showed here is what I received when I traded GIFT with Ekei and
Magoichi so you would use it as a guide.


PIPE -                    Magoichi -               I got MEDICINE
GRILLED FISH -            Ekei -                   Magic Jewel
SALT -                    Ekei -                   DEER HORN (GIFT)
VODKA -                   Ekei -                   MUSIC BOX (GIFT)
MAGNETIC COMPASS -        Magoichi -               Artwork #5 (for ALBUM)
PLANT BOOK -              Magoichi -               HERB
HISTORY BOOK Vol. 5 -     Magoichi -               WIND BELL (GIFT)
EGG -                     Magoichi -               EUROPEAN HAT (GIFT which no
one seems to want)

Other items such as CLOTH and all which is not listed here means that I didn't
give to this two as GIFTS. Up to you if you decided to give them anyway.

The simple rule in giving GIFTS here is :

1. Ekei loves FOOD and ALCOHOL.
2. Magoichi loves Books (including Pornographic Books) and FOREIGN STUFFS
3. Kotaro loves RARE ITEMS.

Be warn however, some items can make the Back-up angry/unhappy with you even so
its in this category listed above. Give EGG to Ekei and he will get angry - Egg
remind him too much of his head :D. Give CHILDREN'S BOOK
to Magoichi and he will reject it, stating it for sissy.

Items such as POWER JEWEL and MAGIC JEWEL is indeed a rare objects to find and
it will increase your HP and Magic bar slightly, so use them whenever you find
them to increase Jubei's Health and Magic. In my opinion,
it's a good deal if you receive those items.

After that is over, go to the man standing next to the blocked door at top left
corner and talk to him. He will have a PERMIT available for you and you can buy
it for 100 GOLD. Buy it and head back to the top of the
hill once again. 	If you cannot seems to find the man with the PERMIT, try
going back to the Hill and talk to the man who doesn't allow you in again, OR
reload your game.

In case you didn't get it earlier, take TELESCOPE from the treasure box (GIFT)
and you proceed upward. When you reach the man who stopped you earlier, use
PERMIT from ITEM menu and he will let you pass. As you enter
the area, you will see a scene where several men came running out, complaining
that there was monsters inside the Mine and that there was a woman wearing
armour going inside earlier as well.

Before you enter the Mines, take HISTORY BOOK Vol. 4 from the treasure box
first. It's to your upper-right hand side of the cave leading into the

The Mines

As soon as you enter, you will find a Save Point. There is TWO paths ahead of
you, one to your right and another to your left. Take the Left path and you
will reach a shrine. Take DEMON WALL SECRET from the box and
BURAITOU SECRET from the treasure box after you solve the puzzle. Leave and
take the right path this time.

Ekei will be here, and you can give them any gift you may have to him now or
save it for the later part. I saved for later and continued forward. Take GOLD
MINE MAP from the box and continued forward. As you move
inward into the Mine, you will see a scene introducing you to Frog Demons ...
the easiest Demons to kill through out this game.

Note : Frog Demons are easy if they are coming at you with swords. Their
attacks can be blocked no matter from which direction they came from and no
matter how many they are. However, if they come with BOW and ARROW,
it's a different story all together. They could strike at you from a long
distance and can annoy you when you are facing another difficult enemy such as
a Samurai Demon. Arrows are hard to block and can make you lose
your defense stance when you defend against other attackers. Make it a habit of
taking them out first before turning your attention to other Demons. If they
are in a higher ground, then run to the next area and skip
the fight altogether.

What to do NOW?
- Find Magoichi and Ekei to enable a Scene to take place.
- Find a New Weapon - Hyoujin-Yari
- Level your Demon Sword to Lv 2 (recommended for the Boss fight) - Optional.

The task of finding Magoichi and Ekei is not as easy as it may sound, there are
two scenes which you will have to see and both has to do with the Baldy and
Bullet head.

Go forward and kill as many Demons as you could find. Don't forget to take GOLD
from both the ground and whenever you kill off a Demon. Most of the Demons here
are Frog Demon and occasional Samurai Demons.

You will reach a T-junction from where you found Ekei earlier. Turn west
(toward Jubei's left) and run forward. You will reach a dead-end with a
circling Oni Seal (something like a wheel floating in the middle).
Ice energy should be emitted from this one and it can be opened with a weapon
that emits the same type of energy, which means, you must find another Oni
Weapon (like your Demon Sword). For now, remember this place
and return back to the T-Junction.

Go toward East (Jubei's right from the T-Junction) and you will find a large
cavern with several Frog Demons and bunch of Samurai Demons waits you. Here,
you will see who will be your Back-up later for your BOSS fight.
If you gave a lot of GIFTS to Magoichi, he will be there to fight along with
you, otherwise, its Ekei.

You may ask what is the difference between them; the answer is the distance and
power. Magoichi can take out a lot of enemies from far with his gun and his
attacks does moderated damage, but when comes to close combat, he sucks.
Ekei on the other hand, good at close combat with power to match but distance
and speed suck, and most of the time, the BOSS could out-run his attacks. My
suggestions could be Magoichi, but if you think you cannot make up your mind,
then I suggest make a different save file at Magic Mirror and use GIFT system
to woo either of them to come as your back-up as you see fit.

Another thing I forgot to mention, but still not too late is talking to your
Back-up after you done in that area. If your Back-up still remains in Defensive
stance, that means that there is still enemies nearby or enemies are coming.
However, when there is none, they will stand more relaxed a bit, but also, at
moments, they will split and you will be alone. Talking to them when they are
still around usually nets you with varies useful items such as HERB and
I didn't know this in till very much later.

After you and your back-up clean the area of Demons, one of the Mine workers
will appear and complain that his daughter was taken away from him and ask for
you men to rescue her. If your Back-up here is Ekei, he will dump you (Jubei)
for the daughter and ran off to save her.
Anyway, run forward toward the end (same direction Ekei took) and you will see
another Shrine with a Dragon's Head (Ekei must have went through the Wall).
Take the FIVE-ONI ORBS text from the treasure box and put your hand into the
Dragon's mouth
and pull out its tongue ... (it's a joke ... don't like it?). Now you got the
Dragon's Tongue - the new ONI weapon - Hyoujin-Yari (Ice Spear), head toward
the place where you saw the Oni Seal earlier. BTW, the spear is very handy to
take out
Demons in a tight corners such as inside the mine, so you may use it. I, on the
other hand, stick with the Sword.

What to do NOW?
- See another Scene involving Baldy and Bullet Head
- Use Hyoujin-Yari against the Seal
- Prepare for BOSS fight

Return back to the Oni Seal Area and you will find a MEDICINE from a treasure
box. By right,  you will see another scene involving Magoichi and Ekei fighting
over something. Once again, Jubei steps in front and Magoichi will say
something about
"Another haunted by vengeful Ghost" (remember that words for later) and leave
Ekei scratching away whatever left of his hair on his head.

After this two odd couple leaves, Equip (if not done so by now) Hyoujin-Yari
and hit the Oni Seal by pressing Triangle. The Seal will now break now and you
can proceed forward. There will be a save point here so save and get ready for
a tough fight ahead.

Use the Orb and enter the newly path and you will see a scene of the BOSS who
was a reject from the movie THE MUMMY RETURNS. This guy looks like a large
crab, bald as a bowling ball, and has a very BIG hammer. He does look like The
Rock, doesn't he?

BOSS fight - You cannot block the overhead strike with the hammer and the best
way to take him out was by keep running around and hitting him from the rear.
He is fast but he cannot turn around very fast, so strike and run around fast.
For those who played
Onimusha1, this fight will remind them of another boss there with a large tusk
and a hammer (CAPCOM doing recycling, I see).

Your Back-up will arrive (when you about to die) and help you fight. If Ekei
comes to help, then try to bait the BOSS to come near by Ekei whenever he says
"Jubei ... Ready?" which means that he was about to do his special attack. If
the BOSS is too far away,
Ekei will miss. The good point about Ekei is that he seems to do unlimited
Magic attack whenever he is within the BOSS's range. If it is Magoichi, then he
could do whatever he does from anywhere from the battlefield and you don't have
to worry about him missing.
Keep healing with HERBS and MEDICINE and now you will know why I told you to
keep as many HERB and MEDICINE available for later usage.

I know what you are thinking by now, if I have a Back-up, WHY don't I use him
to finish the BOSS off while I try my best to avoid fighting? I believe that
CAPCOM programmed the game to receive certain amount of damage to the BOSS by
the main character before
the BOSS will be defeated. I also believe that the BOSS will not bother much
about the Back-up and intensify his/her attack on the Main character most of
the time because once the Main character is dead, its automatically Game Over
for you. Either way, you are
welcomed to try otherwise.

Note : How I kill this Boss? I saved ALL my magic points and kept hitting him
with my normal attack from the rear. I don't run around outside the Boss's view
because once I've gone too far from his weapon's range, he will jump on me and
do more damage than he
could do with his normal attacks. However, I allowed myself to be pulled by him
and the moment he stops sticking and about to unleash his attack, I unleashed
the magic attack on him first - stopping his attempt to pound me first and do
major damage to him and
run to the rear where I do some series of attacks before he could recover.
Believe it or not, I've managed to kill the boss the 2nd time I play the game
without the use of the Back-up.

After the BOSS fight, you will able to go forward through the door, which the
BOSS was guarding. You will notice a weird, circular thing on the ground; check
it out before proceeding forward. Check on the old man there and you will get
into a scene where you are
back at the Imasho Town.

Note : In order to do a sub-quest here regarding a man with a dying father who
wishes to eat Melons, you must find Kotaro here. He will lying on the floor at
the same room where you received the RED RING. Talk to him and he will throw
knife at you and leave.
Go down and you will talk to Kotaro again but this time, he seems to have a
dislike toward the girl Jubei is interested in (and almost get his head chopped
off by Jubei). From now one, he should be on the 1st floor of the Inn.

To get the MELON, exchange gifts with either of the three men (Magoichi, Ekei
and Kotaro - I'm pretty sure its either Magoichi but either way, save first
before trying) till you get an object called EMBLEM (it's a MUST). Take this
EMBLEM and exchange gifts with
Kotaro and he should give you a MELON. Give this to the man in the shop with
the dying father. I'm not sure what you will receive because I only found about
the Melon from Kotaro in the 3rd visit (you will meet the man in the 2nd visit)
to Imasho, but it should
increase your % of scenario. I heard from some one that you will receive one of
the BRACELETS, so true or not, I'm not very sure.

Imasho Mining Town - 2nd Visit

What to do NOW?
- Do some Shopping and GIFT Exchanging.

Nothing much to do here till you reach the Mine again, so might as well relax a
bit and do some GIFT Exchanging. Take some time off and relax a bit. By now,
you should receive RED RING (looks like a Donut) from the old man you saved
from the Mine, which is the Key
to use on that circular thing you saw earlier.

First, take the FOLDING FAN from the treasure box and go down to the ground
floor. Ekei and Magoichi should be here, taking a break from fighting Demons
and themselves. You can give them some GIFTs now or later, up to you.


HISTORY BOOK Vol. 4 -     Magoichi -        Cameo (GIFT)
TELESCOPE -               Magoicho -        Medicine.

Go to the Variety Shop and you will notice that the Shop Keeper brought in new
items (if you cleared off the old one like I did before).

LEMON -                               200 Gold
HAIR ORNAMENT -                       300 Gold
FAIRY TALE BOOK -                     200 Gold
HISTORY BOOK Vol. 10 -                100 Gold
SILVER ARMOUR (OYU ONLY) -            800 Gold
FUDO LEG GUARD (EKEI ONLY) -          800 Gold
RED PARROT -                          500 Gold
LOVE POTION -                         500 Gold
ARTWORK #17 -                         100 Gold

There are also a few things extra items and GIFTS which you could pick up
around town and by talking to people.

First, inside the Inn, find a guy wearing blue dress where you find the guy
with PERMIT last time and talk to him. He will tell you that he has a map where
you can dig for POTASSIUM NITRATE and it's for 50 Gold only. I suggest you buy
it. The way to use them is the
same way you use MAP, except it won't show you where you are, only where the
Nitrate is. (To Use Map, open menu and it should be in ITEM menu). By getting
ALL three of the Potassium Nitrate where it is indicated in the Map, you will
increase the percentage of senario you
will complete.

In the Variety Shop, there is a man who have a dying Father who wished to eat
Watermelons. He couldn't find it anywhere but willing to give your CHALKS if
you look for some. If you have MELON exchange with EMBLEM as I instructed you
above with Kotaro, give it to him.
I'm not very sure what you will get other than increase your senario completed.

Go outside and up the stairs via the way you came into the Town earlier (near
where you saw the guy went up to Heaven when you first came to the Town). You
will be in a market place now, and NO, you won't find any HERB or MEDICINE to
buy here either.
Take GLOBE from the treasure box nearby.

Now you have enough GIFTS, time to give them :

LEMON -                 Ekei (Foreign Orange according to him) -  HISTORY BOOK
Vol. 4
HISTORY BOOK Vol. 10 -  Magoichi -                                Normal
WESTERN BOOTS -         Magoichi -                                Hyoujin-Yari
FUDO LEG GUARD -        Ekei -                                    Buraitou
Tech. 1
GLOBE -                 Magoichi -                                Normal
Bullets (Suggest try Kotaro next).
DEER HORN -             Magoichi -                                Normal

If you give HAIR ORNAMENT to Ekei, he will ask whether it is a Joke and get
angry. I did try it for a laugh ... Hey! He let me fight the monsters alone
while he sat drinking in the Mine earlier.

After that is over, head toward the Mine.  Along the way, you will meet a new
Enemy - I called it the Ninja because they wore masks on their faces and they
moves like one (I played Tenchu 1 and 2).

Note : How to defeat Demon Ninjas? Of all the Demons you will ever face in this
game, in my opinion, they are the most agile one I have ever came across with.
They can easily move/jump out of the harm's way by either going backward or by
Keeping close to them and attacking them when they are not moving is the best
way to defeat them, especially since they don't seems to have be strong. Sword
is the best weapon against them and forget it if you are thinking want to hit
them from far
with BOW and ARROW.

The Mine - 2nd Visit

What to do NOW?
- Return to the Donut-shape thing on the Ground.
- Get POTASSIUM NITRATE (optional but it will increase your scenario rating)
- Try not to get yourself killed (optional also).

Note : The Mine has a new enemy for you - Skeleton Demons - a large bag of 
bones with rib cages visible. This one is a really tough adversary since they
could take more blows to take out and they could deal with more blows to you as
well.  One thing
I found out about fighting this one is that you need to do some footwork on the
battle with Skeletons. They have two attacks - horizontal circular slash and
vertical slash and both can be blocked. They attend to do circular slash most
often and back-stepping
once or twice will make room for you to enter and stab a few times. OR you can
block and their blows (circular cuts usually push you backward a bit) and
attack when you are free. But be warned that they attend to do vertical slash
when you are nearby.

To get Potassium Nitrate, return to the place where you got Hyoujin-Yari (Ice
Spear) and check the walls (toward the right side of the Shrine where boulders
lies broken) properly. There should be another bunch at the Save point which
you used before the BOSS
fight earlier. Just check in the rubbles next to the save point to find it.

NITRATE -  Magoichi - Burst Bullets.

The place where you fought the BOSS earlier (The Rock), is now full of monsters
and Demons, hell-bent on preventing you from proceeding onwards. Your Back-up
should arrive now, should be Magoichi if you give him as much GIFTS as I did.

When you clear the area, got through the door and to where you found that odd
circular thing on the ground. Do Not use the RED RING yet, go a bit further and
you will find two treasure boxes. Take MIRROR (GIFT) from the box and solve the
puzzle on the other
box. I'm not sure what you will get because I skip this one (which is why I
suggested to take EnemyZero's FAQ earlier). After that is done, use the RED
RING on the circular thing on the ground and a new path will open up. Enter.

PS : Those that circular thing on the ground looks like someone's toilet? And
that RED Ring looks like the toilet seat cover? So basically you are entering
the Demon World through someone's toilet? Or is just my imagination?

Demon World

You will be in a weird place now. Move forward a bit and you will meet two
stone statues who doesn't like you very much and decided to introduce you two
bunch of Ogres with very large staff (looks more like a tree trunk to me).

Note : I guess I have to tell you about Ogres now. I hate them and so will you.
And you will probably hate them more when you play as Oyu later.
Ogres attack by swing that big staff of their smack right down on your little,
punk head (Jubei's head actually, but you will feel it as well). Some of their
horizontal strike will send you flying backward like you just hit by a truck.
The vertical strike cannot
be blocked but the horizontal one can, so there is still a hope.

How to deal with them? Defend and strike when there is opportunity arrives. No
other way works for me. Side-step when the Ogre bring down that huge staff in a
vertical fashion, defend when its does a horizontal attack. Only good news I
can think of is that
Ogre as problem fighting in narrow space, and bad thing is you will have
problem when fighting more than one Ogres.

After defeating the Ogres (or whatever Demons appears), go through the door and
you will be in front of a large, blue Spiral stairs. Before going up the
stairs, run around till you find a treasure box with a CRYSTAL BALL (GIFT)
inside and now go up the stairs.
Beware that there maybe some Frog Demon with bow and arrows here.

Gifu Castle

For people who played Onimusha 1, this place could be a familiar place, but for
me, this is the first game. Run around to the side of the stairs you just came
in and Magoichi will appear. In this cut-scene, he will explain what he meant
with his "Vengeful Ghost"
thing before in the cave (the one I asked you to remember). After he leaves,
enter through the door next to you to go into the castle.

What to do NOW?
- Find TWO Bronze Mask
- Save a very beautiful girl (the one Ekei is after)
- Save Oyu from a Toad
- Meet the greatest Swords man of ALL Demons a.k.a Mushroom Head.

This going to be a busy trip now, simple because you will be running around
quite a bit here compare to previously. First of all, you will be ambushed by a
lot of Demons as soon as you enter through the front door. What? You expecting
some hulla girls in skimpy
bikini waiting for you or what?

What makes this place annoying is there will be bunch Frog Demons standing on
higher ledge, shooting at you while their counterparts below - usually Frog
Demons with swords and occasional Samurai Demons, fight you from below. Only
way I can think of avoiding
death here is by cutting down whatever Demons standing in your way and run to
the next room. First, take INCENSE (GIFT), HERB and GIFU TOWER MAP from the
treasure boxes.

There is two rooms here, one straight under the ledge where the Archer Frog
Demons stands and another to your top left. Go into the one toward your left
(top left) first. Solve the Puzzle on the wall to get BRONZE MASK (RIGHT),
leave and now go through the other door
(under the Archer Frog Demons). Solution to the puzzle - top row 6, 1, 8;
middle row - 7, 5, 3; bottom row - 2, 9, 4.

Note that now, your Back-up should appear and help you clean the main hall, and
if its Magochi, then you can help him by defeating the Demons on the ground
while he take care of those on top, in return able you to absorb some souls.
Otherwise, leave the area immediately.

Run forward after you enter through the door and you will face a small hallway.
Solve the riddle on the treasure box here to get a POWER JEWEL (I solved it by
myself) and enter through the door in front of you. You will reach another
corridor that shaped like an L.
Go forward and you will reach a door toward your right with a strange Blue
symbol and a save point. That strange Blue object requires two BRONZE MASK to
open and so far, you only have one. Save your game here.

Beside this odd looking door, there are also another door at the end of the
corridor and you will find yourself in another corridor. Take HISTORY BOOK Vol.
1 from the treasure box and take notice of the door next to it. You will
required to come back to this door to get
another BRONZE MASK, but first, you are required another item before you can
get that item from that room. Go forward till you find a Crate next to the wall
toward your right, check it and Demons will come to attack you. Ekei will came
to help you this time and other
kith him, kill off all the Demons and you will see a scene which started as
funny but end up as down-right depressing. Heart goes for that bald-head

After that is finished (and you finished wiping your eyes), go through the only
door available for you and you will find yourself on the ledge where the Archer
Frog Demons were, or still is if you didn't bother about them earlier. Time for
revenge for shooting arrows at
you earlier (I smiled like the Devil when I saw them :D).

After you finish off all of the Demons here, run toward your left (Jubei's left
as he faces the main door from he entered the castle below) and there is
another door here. Take HERB from the box and PURIFY CHARM. You will see an Oni
Seal here but no use because you don't
have a Earth weapon which required to break it, but do remember its location
for future events.
Do you remember the place I said you need to return to in order to get the
other BRONZE MASK? Return to that door (refer to where you get HISTORY BOOK
Vol. 1 earlier) and enter. Step forward and you will meet a dead Scout whose
spirit cannot be freed because he hasn't
been cleansed yet. He requires PURIFY CHARM to be cleansed and use the one you
just picked up. He will leave you with BRONZE MASK (LEFT) and you should have
the complete set now - Right and Left. Take the Yellow book behind him on the
before you leave.

Return back to the door with that strange Blue symbol (where you saw the Save
point earlier) and use both BRONZE MASKS on it one at the time to open the
door. Save and proceed forward. You will see a scene where you will meet the
girl you meet before (the one with the big
boobs and Orbs for jewelry)  and she seems to be talking to a Toad named
Tockichiro (For those who play Onimusha1, YES... it the same Toad). The meeting
of the couple is short-lived as the Toad summons two Skeleton Demons to stop
you and Jubei, being a hero and all, tells
the girl to leave. You are required to face two Skeletons now. Take notice the
way Tockichiro ran toward also.

After that is over (and you are still alive), do not follow Tockichiro,
instead, turn around the way you entered. You are in a large room, run to the
end of the room toward the east and find a treasure box with a MEDICINE inside
because you will need it in a few moments
(hate me for saying that?). After that, run through the door Tockichiro ran

You will be introduced to Gogandantess (Giant Tortoise???  It does sound like
that, doesn't it?), the Greatest swordsman of ALL Demons, a.k.a Mushroom Head
(his head reminds me of an organ only men has but I don't want to put that here
:D). No matter what techniques you use
or what weapon you wield, you cannot bypass his shield. He can move and slash
you while the worst you can ever do is cross-swords with him. Kept moving and
fighting him till Oyu come to help you.

Go forward now and up the ladder, you will be outside, above ground. Approach
the girl and talk to her to receive the Orb around her neck, then use it on the
large silver thing in front of you and you will get a ride back to town a.k.a
John Wayne Style.

Imasho - 3rd and Last Visit.

After some mushy scenes (And I thought Konami was the only one interested in
those kind of scenes - via Metal Gear Sold 2), you will get the name of the
girl - Oyu from Asai. She will say "Bye" and leave (Resident Evil zombies move
faster than she did) and Jubei will be
left standing there wondering why the Hell he didn't get her number. Anyway,
time to explore.

This will be the 3rd and final time you will back in town, so make sure you get
whatever armour and weapon you missed out in pervious visits. If you brought
ALL the items from the Variety shops like I did, then you should have access to
your Back-ups' weapons this time.

Go to the side of the Stable and find a treasure box with a TENGU MASK inside.
Say goodbye to your horse since this is the last time you will see him as well.
Leave the way Oyu went and you will be called by Robin - the Boy Wonder who is
busy trying to imitate Bat Man.
After that, leave (finally) and make your way back to the Inn. You will find
ALL your Back-ups here, Ekei and Magoichi in their usual places, Oyu and Kotaro

Variety Shop will now Sell :

BLACK PILLS -                      100 Gold
POCKET WATCH -                     300 Gold
PANDORA'S BOX -                    700 Gold
CALLIGRAPHY KIT -                  300 Gold
HISTORY BOOK Vol. 8 -              100 Gold
NAUGHTY BOOK -                     500 Gold (Yes, NAUGHTY Book, you got a
problem with that???)
PHIRANGI (OYU ONLY) -              1000 Gold
GABISHI (KOTARO ONLY) -            1000 Gold
HOUTENGKI (EKEI ONLY) -            1000 Gold
GREEN PARROT -                     500 Gold
PAIR RINGS -                       3000 Gold (You need to buy this to get a
Necklace later)
ARTWORK #18-                       100
If you speak to any of the characters now, he or she will tell you that there
is someone (another woman) waiting for Jubei at the Market place (where you
found the GLOBE), so avoid going to the Market Place or you will end up in
Yagyu Village and may not be able to see
others to give their gifts and receive whatever they may give. Save and try to
get as many HERB and MEDICINE as possible.

What Item have I gave and what I received here :

HISTORY BOOK Vol. 1 -         Magoichi -   WINE (GIFT)
HISTORY BOOK Vol. 6 -         Magoichi -   Normal Bullets
TENGU MASK -                  Kotaro -     Fossilized Bone
WINE -                        Ekei -       Medicine
CAMOE -                       Oyu -        Normal Bullets
MUSIC BOX -                   Oyu -        SAKE FROM KOGA (GIFT)
MIRROR -                      Oyu -        Power Jewel
FOLDING FAN -                 Oyu -        PLAYING CARDS (GIFT)
HAIR OIL -                    Oyu -        HERB
WIND BELL -                   Oyu -        MEDICINE
INCENSE -                     Oyu -        Fire Arrow
CLOTH -                       Kotaro -     DUMPLING CAKE (GIFT)
HISTORY BOOK Vol. 7 -         Magoichi -   Normal Bullet
PLAYING CARDS -               Magoichi -   Normal Bullets
DUMPLING CAKE -               Ekei -       HERB
SAKE FROM KAGE -              Ekei -       MEDICINE
SPONGE CAKE -                 Ekei -       THE ANALECTS (GIFT)
THE ANALECTS -                Magoichi -   Fire Arrow
CRYSTAL BALL -                Katora -     HERB
COUNCH SHELL -                Kotaro -     Artwork #3
BLACK PILLS -                 Kotaro -     HAIR OIL (GIFT)
POCKET WATCH -                Magoichi -   Magic Jewel
CALLIGRAPHY KIT -             Magoichi -   Fire Arrow
FAIRY TALE BOOK -             Kotaro -     Power Jewel/MEDICINE
SILVER ARMOUR -               Oyu -        Dokoutsui Tech 1/ Medicine
KEIMYO HACHIMAKI -            Kotaro -     Senpmaru Tech. 1
HISTORY BOOK Vol. 8 -         Magoichi -   Normal Bullets
NAUGHTY BOOK -                Ekei -       HIEN KYAHAN (KOTARO ONLY) -
PHIRANGI (OYU ONLY) -         Oyu -        MEDICINE/Magic Jewel
GABISHI (KOTARO ONLY) -       Kotaro -     Dokoutsui Tech. 1
GURAISHINKI (MAGOICHI ONLY) - Magoichi -   Buraitou Tech. 2
HOUTENGKI (EKEI ONLY) -       Ekei -       Hyoujin-Yari Tech. 2

I think I covered just about every GIFTS I collected so far, those like PARROTS
and all, just give to others as I still kept it even so till I went against
Nobunaga in the end.

It is important to give your strongest and closest BACK-UP the strongest armor
and weapon before you leave this town. Also, give the same to OYU because she
will be doing a CARLOS MINI GAME (from RESIDENT EVIL 3) later when you reach
Oni Island and without some powerful
armor and weapon, her change of surviving is very slime, especially against the
bosses she will face at the end of the senario.

What to do NOW?
- Find a Really FAT PIG at the Market Place.

Once you finish all your GIFT Exchanging business, save and head to the Market
Place. There will be ONLY one woman behind a large umbrella, so approach her
and talk to her.
It seems that CAPCOM borrowed Ms. Piggy from Sesame Street and overfed her for
this game. She is ugly as anyone's butt maybe and she seems to be having a
grudge against Jubei and his mother, Takajo. She won't stay for long and head
for Yagyu Village to see Jubei's mother.
After this scene, you will be at Yagyu Village by itself.

Yagyu Village - 2nd Visit
What to do NOW?
- Get Takajo's Ring
- Solve Puzzle in Jubei's House

You will be back at Yagyu Village at the beginning of this scene. Run back to
where You meet Jubei's mother, Takajo. After the sad scene, Oyu will appear and
Jubei will tell her about his father. Take Takajo's Ring from the ground once
that is over.

Return back to the village and save outside the main door to Jubei's house.
Enter the house and you will mostly meet a lot of Samurai Demons here, but
nothing to worry since you can take cover from the wall as you take them out
one at a time. Note : I received Saigo Bomb from Magoichi
Magoichi was my Back-up) on the way to the house, but till the end, I did not
know where I supposed to use it. I even try bombing Nobunaga in the last fight,
but don't seem to work.

Note : If you are playing Oyu as your second character, you will see a scene
where Kotaro will be on roof of the small shalk and notice that Oyu likes to
hang out with Jubei (Is that Jealousy in his eyes, I see? And I don't mean
Jealous toward Jubei either). As soon as you enter the
house from the main entrance, cut down the screen and take ABACUS (GIFT) from
the box. Solve the puzzle box at the end of the corridor to get a POWER JEWEL.
Take KALEIDOSCOPE (GIFT) from a partially hidden box, all within the front hall
where the cattle is hanging over the fireplace.

At the top right side of the hall (wall on your right where you got POWER
JEWEL), there is another room with a yellow picture on the wall. Cut it down to
take FOUR GUARDIANS: RIGHT.  You will need one more. Leave the room and head
straightforward to the lower left side of the hall
to reach what seems to be a Kitchen. You will need to cut down two screens in
front of you to access this area.
There is a treasure box around here with a barrel blocking the way, destroy the
barrel and tale the FORK (GIFT) from it before going out the door near by and
you will be in a small room with a reddish box next to the wall and a tea pot
hanging over a stow in the middle of the room.
You will need to check the red box later. For now, enter through the door in
front of you and you should be in a small Garden-like place.
Beware of Demon Archers hidden behind the screen here, they will target you
even before you are within their range, and only defense you have is a thin
paper screen. Use the wall as the cover to kill off the Samurai Demons before
you tackling them ... should be around 3 Archers.
Check the room where the Archers stood and take FOUR GUARDIANS: LEFT from the
treasure box. (I was looking for another two more thinking the word FOUR meant
there is four altogether. You have two stones and that is all you need). Take
OOLONG TEA from the next room before you leave this

Note : If Oyu is your back-up, you will see here again in one of the rooms here
and she will be asking Jubei some weird questions about his mother and whether
he still believes that she is his mother despite of being a Demon woman.

Remember the Red Box by the wall before you enter the Garden place? Go there
now and use Takajo's Ring to open the box. Solve the puzzle to open a secret
path under the stove (sneaky!). Save and go down the hole. The Solution is TOP
- 3x, LEFT- 2x, RIGHT -1x, BOTTOM- 2x.

Underground Passage

Nothing much to do here other than survive. No enemies attacked me, just a few
traps. There is a trap door here but Jubei will jump over it before he falls
down. Keep running forward and cut the rope. It will reveal a trap here in form
of a spinning blade. Run toward the trap and jump down,
Jubei will hold on to the edge of the trap and keep still here till the trap
pass overhead harmlessly.

After that, get up and continue forward. There is a small path to your right,
go through it.

Fog Cliff
What to do NOW?
- Get new Weapon - Senpumaru (Wind Cutter)
- Get Nobunaga's Knowledge (key item)
- Fight a familiar Boss.

You will be on the edge of a very tall cliff and your mission here is to
collect some items. Most of the enemies you will face here are Frog Demons,
some armed with swords and some with bows and arrows. Make habit of killing off
Frog Archer Demons first.

Save your progress here and move forward. Those white boxes on the floor are
not for you, for your Back-ups. Go to the end of the path and you will find a
ladder, go up the ladder. Move forward.

You will see an ONI Seal here with Wind power. You don't have a new weapon yet
so you cannot open the Seal yet, but remember the spot because NOBUNAGA'S
KNOWLEDGE (a Key item) is inside this Seal. Go up the ladder next to it and
move forward till the next ladder. Keep going till you reach a
wooden bridge. You will meet your first Ogre (at least my first Ogre) here and
it won't be a pleasant one since the Ogre will also introduce you to its
staff/tree trunk it brought along.

Best way I can think of to handle this situation is by Equipping your Bow and
Arrows and let it fly while waiting for the Ogres to come closer. If you are
really lucky, Magoichi will come and help with his guns, if you are unlucky,
then Ekei. I was in between lucks so Oyu came and despite of
her short and fragile size, she could keep the Ogres at bay with her knives.
Only bad thing about Oyu is she likes to obstruct you by running in front of
you most of the time.
Again, if you are lucky here, you may get SECRET MEDICINE after defeating some
of the Ogres (there is a rare chance here, I received one the 1st time I
played, but the 2nd time I played the game, I didn't receive it). Talk to your
Back-up and you may also receive some items such as HERBS and

Go to the next scene, take HERB from the partially hidden box under the tree
and FOG VALLEY MAP. Head for the wooden house in front of you and you will find
a DRAGON SHRINE here. Poke your hand into its mouth and get your new weapon -
Senpumaru (the Wind Cutter). Remember that ONI Seal you
saw last time, go back there and take the NOBUNAGA'S KNOWLEDGE after you use
this weapon on the Seal. Return back to this spots and save your game because
you will face a boss soon.

As your enter the forest to the left-side of the shrine, you will meet some
tight path and some new enemy - a Floating Blue things which sucks demon's
souls once you have defeated them. Just slash them once and they will die and
you can absorb the souls back, no problem. They attend to grab
your arm and suck your life sometimes.

You will also will see a green, foggy thing floating here and there, what you
supposed to do here is simply destroy this floating thing (you can use
Senpumaru's magic attack. I believe this is CAPCOM's way of making the BOSS
fight tougher) to open a magical path, otherwise, you will find yourself
repeating the same scene over and over again. Only game I ever seen something
like this was in FF7 with the Sleeping Forest (remember that one?).

Go forward and you will meet up with Jujudormah (Ms. Piggy's back!) and she
will about to fight you when someone else misses Jubei more. You will face a
very familiar boss and he won't be happy that you defeated him before. Ms.
Piggy will leave it to the Rock and leaves, and you end up facing a
hyperactive BOSS who wouldn't stand in one place long enough for you to hit him
properly! And to make things worse, the path/battle ground is as tight as
subway train during a rush hour period! Is it me or does his hammer looks
bigger than before? But not everything is in such a bad situation,
you will get your backup much faster here than anywhere else. Having Ekei here
is very helpful, but Magoichi seems to be OK as well, since he could shoot the
BOSS when the BOSS went into the bushes.

The BOSS will run into the bushes and keep running in a zig-zag formation
across the path. See the leaves flying to see where he will be coming out and
you can avoid him totally. There is two small white colored rocks in between
those path and the BOSS will get stuck here whenever he smack into it,
which is when you should whack him. Compare to the pervious fight with the Rock
(Seen The Mummy Returns yet?), this one can be said to be easier to finish.

Note : How I defeated the Boss? Very simple,
After the fight, you will receive another Key Item - NOBUNAGA'S REIGN. Nothing
to do here, so continue forward and you should see another fight against the
Baldy and the Bullet Head (Ekei and Magoichi). After that, save your progress.

Fog Cliff: Pond
What to do NOW?
- Solve puzzle with all three statues
- Fight a BOSS fight.

As soon as reach this new area, you will face a new Enemy - Demon Fish (I hate
Fish). They will jump around the water and spray at you, but if they fall on
dry land, they are very vurnable.

Across the pond is another door, but you no need to go through that yet, since
you need one more NOBUNAGA statue. Go toward your (Jubei's) left, and you will
find a path going up a small hill. You will be in a T-Junction, right side will
lead you to a riverside with a lot of Demon Fish (Fish Fillet, anyone?) while
the left side will lead you to a ONI Seal. Equip your Demon Sword and slash it.
Take NOBUNAGA'S DIGNITY (what left of it anyway). Return back to the Pond.

You may get a scene here where Magoichi comes with a mini-cannon and goes
trigger happy, telling you to cover him till he gets the cannon ready. Cover
him by killing the Demon fishes and when he blows up a tree trunk (for no
apparent reason),
check the boxes for POWER JEWEL and MAGIC JEWEL.

Save and proceed forward to the building across the pond. Enter the front door
and you will face a open hall, turn left and run to the end, you should find a
box with SENPUMARU SECRET inside. Take it and enter the hall.

Note: I managed to level up my Demon Sword to lv 3 here, and game become some
what easier since Frog Demons could be killed off with three slash.

Use the three NOBUNAGA'S statues (each statues has its own posture, so identify
it with that posture and place it accordingly. I believe the arrangement is
random at every game) Place it onto their places, and enter through the newly
passage way. You will eventually arrive to an area where some Ogres and Frog
Demons awaits for you. Your Back-up will appear as well and help you through
this mess. After finishing them off, head up and through the red door (don't
forget to talk
to your Back-up if someone there so you may get some goodies).

You will be in a corridor with a Plant-like creature blocking the door and a
LOT of Frog Demons. The Plant Creature will sent it's tentacles through the
ground to attack you so be wary of that. Run around a lot and kill the Frog
Demons first
before taking out the Plant Creature. When it dies, it will reveal another

Enter the chamber and take Jujudormah's diary (it seems Ms. Piggy has a crush
on Nobunaga ... either Nobunaga has a lousy taste in women, or he is a gay ...
my money is on lousy taste in women). Save and proceed through the door on the
left for
a boss fight.

I can't believe a BIG, FAT PIG like Jujudormah could move that fast, plus she
has a bullet/slash-proof umbrella (borrowed from the Penguin from Bat Man). But
to me, this is one of the easiest BOSS fights ever. When your back-up arrives,
him/her as decoy and run behind Jujudormah and strike her down from behind her
while she deals with your Back-up. This is because your frontal assaults at
most time will be dealt with by that armored umbrella of hers. Its not such a
hard fight
and you will get HONESTY ORB (what Honesty has to do with a Pig, I honestly
have no idea) out of it and a way to proceed forward.

Press the switch which was revealed by the boss and it will open a secret
passage away. Take the HERB from the box and continue forward. The passage way
will close on you and gas will enter (a TRAP?). Keep running to the end of the
entrance and
Jubei will go overboard.

Under Water Cavern and ONI Island

You will be in an underwater cavern now, take the ONI'S SACRED PLACE SCROLL,
save and use the HONESTY ORB on the strange, yellow banana-like object. You
will get an FMV where Jubei get a ride (and some bruises ... looks like
something woke up in
the wrong side of the bed) and you may end up singing the Banana Boat song
after this :D

You are now in ONI Island (in one piece), but the word SAFE can't be used yet.
Gogandantess comes along (NOW he looks like a Giant Toitoise, on top of that
stupid looking boat of his, and you end up fighting another No-WIN battle and
cursing CAPCOM
for it again.

Jubei saved by Oyu AGAIN (how humiliating ...) and Gogandantess decided that he
had enough of chopping Jubei for now and waltz away (how annoying ...) after
informing the couple that Odani Castle was about to fall. Jubei will be wounded
for now and
you get to play as Oyu for now (don't be so happy about it, this is one of the
HARDEST part of the game).

What to do with OYU?
- Find as many DAGGERS as possible (about 30 - 35 is recommended).
- Try HARD not to get killed.

The biggest problem with Oyu is that she is not as strong as Jubei, and her
defense kind of sucks. The good point is she is fast and those Daggers she has
could take out an Ogre from far, but I suggest you keep them ALL for a boss
later in the game.
Matter a fact, you can get Daggers by defeating some Frog Demons here. You will
face mostly Frog Demons, Samurai Demons, Skeleton Warriors and some Ogres. If
you think fighting them with Jubei was problematic, wait till you step on Oyu's

When facing Frog Demons, trying fighting at the corners since you will be safe
from arrows. When fighting Frog Demons and Skeleton Warriors, take out the Frog
Demons first by baiting them to come near you (Skeleton moves slower than
Froggies) and when
fighting Frog Demons and Ogres, take out Frog Demons as well since Ogres attend
to stand in one place and wait for you to come to it. Always block by pressing
L1. And Friendly Advice, you may want to save this part separately before

Anyway, enter through the front door and you will see a SHRINE in front of you.
Approach it and a familiar person will appear, asking Oyu to do a favour for
Jubei so he could defeat Gogandantess. It seems that Mushroom Head is wearing
some kind of armour
which makes all attacks useless (CHEATER!) and only thing can neutralize it is
something called SACRED FLUTE somewhere. Oyu's mission is to find that flute
for Jubei. You will get RED BRACELET, which enable you to absorb souls like
Jubei does.

Go to the back of the locked Shrine and you will find a path going downward,
run down and all the way to the end of that Big hall (We call it STATUES HALL,
shall we?), and you will find a locked door and a box. Take KEY PLATE from the
box and return back
to the corridor outside. Use it on the locked Shrine and it will open two doors
and the DRAGON SHRINE is available (NO, Oyu has no use of it).

The room next to the Save Point is FAN ROOM (You will know why I call it that
later) and Oyu has no business there. The door on the far left side of the hall
is the doors, which Oyu need to go through, so go through it.

Enter through the door and you will be in a huge corridor, which reminded me of
Resident Evil 2's Police station corridor. Keep moving forward and you will
notice a large blue door, which is locked, no use there, continue forward. You
will reach another door,
so go through it. Take ONI'S SUPER WEAPON scroll and ONI'S PLACE MAP #1 and
continue forward. Take MEDICINE from the corner of the statue (you may not see
it, but its there) near the other door before proceeding through it.

Keeping going and through the other door (too many doors, I losing count of
it), and demons will attack you. Dispatch all of them and continue forward. You
will be in a room with blue tiles on the floor. Annoying Fish Demons will jump
through this tiles and
shoot water sprout toward you, and you cannot go past the broken tiles. Run
over the unbroken ones and exit the room fast via ladder at the end of the
room, because it is useless for you to try and fight off all this Fish Demons,
they have a upper hand on this room.

You are now in some kind of corridor with glass wall toward one side. You seem
to be under water area. Go forward and you will face a Plant Creature and a LOT
of Frog Demons. You will notice here that Oyu doesn't have a Back-up like Jubei
does, and that is one of
the reasons why this part will be a bit hard on you. You have to kill all this
Demons by your own (Oyu's little) hands. Once the Plant Creature is finish, it
will open a hole in the wall, which you could past through. Take ADARGU (Oyu's
Shield) from the box before
proceeding forward. Remember the ONI Seal next to it when you get Jubei in
control later. Also, this place is perfect place to fight Frog Demons to get
Dagger for the BOSS fight later, so after saving your game later, return here
and fight more Frog Demons.

Fog Bridge

You are now on a narrow, foggy place that looks like the back of some
centipede. Keep going forward and you will face some Demons, including Ogres.
Keep going till the end and you will see a Save point (did I hear someone
sighed in relief heavily?).
Save (as if I need to tell you) and get ready for one of the toughest boss
fight ever. You will need a LOT of Daggers if you are running low of MEDICINE

Go past the Save point and you will be in an Ice Cavern. As soon as you step
forward, a Yellow Ogre will appear and you must defeat it. Block it's attacks
and strike back. You can block and attack successfully without getting much
damage to Oyu with this Ogre. So what
so hard about this battle, you ask? As soon as the Yellow Ogre dies, a big Red
Ogre appears and it is tougher than the pervious one. Three hits with it's
staff is enough to kill Oyu and its has an unblockable attack which will send
Oyu flying backward. Watch out
for it's unblockable swing, especially when it lift its staff and walk toward
you menacily (you will understand when you see it).
Start of by running as far away as possible (as long as you can still see it)
and start throwing DAGGERS at it one by one. Make sure that your DAGGER hits
the spot since you have a limited amount and the DAGGER will keep the Ogre at
bay for while and reduce its HP.
When you run out of DAGGERS and managed to POed the Ogre, then comes the
trickiest part of them all. Run straight into the Ogre and run to its behind.
Stick to its rear end while slashing and you should be safe from its attack.
The key in winning this battle is staying
at the Ogre's rear (behind) and attacking it whenever possible. So basically,
Oyu screw someone's backside to win :D You will get SACRED FLUTE (I really
don't want to know where the Ogre had it snacked up) upon defeating the Ogre.
Save and head back to Jubei.

Return back to where you meet Takajo's spirit and save, then go out to see a
screen where Oyu gives Jubei the FLUTE, and everything else as well, including
RED BRACELET with all the souls you collected and whatever MEDICINE and SECRET
MEDICINE which you did not use before.

Before that, I have learn a few things with Oyu here. One - No matter how big
the enemy is, proper strategy is important, Two - Better save and explore at
all time, Three - Try not to over use your resources, and Four - Oyu really
have a big Butt :D

ONI Castle - Jubei
What to do NOW?
- Get a new Weapon - Dokoutsui (War Hammer).
- Get Circle Key
- Go to the Robot Factory

As soon as you enter the ONI Castle, you will be ambushed by tones and tones of
Demons, and on top of that, there are several Frog Demons on higher ground
above the shrine, armed with Bows and Arrows (WHAT a Welcome, huh?).

Make your way to the DRAGON SHRINE and poke your hand into it. Jubei will
receive DOKOUTSUI, the War Hammer, the only thing that could match the Ogre's
staff, but it's a bit slow for me so I don't use it much. What you should do
now is run back to the spot where Oyu saw that
ONI Seal before (before she went into the FOG BRIDGE).

Note : If you play as Oyu as your back-up, you will see a scene  at the large
horned statue with yellow water in front, where Kotaro inform Jubei that he
knows who Oyu really is (whatever that means) but cut short of the conversation
when someone approaches. Jubei leaves and Oyu
enters, only to be ambushed by Kotaro. Last I saw them, Oyu was running, Kotaro
was chasing her waving his daggers, and all the Demons who sees this two are as
blur as I was.

When you reach there (enemies which you will receive along the way will be more
toward Samurai Demons, Ninja Demons and Skeleton Warrior mostly), use
DOUKOUTSUI on the Seal and it will open a path for you. Enter and check the
floor to get CIRCLE KEY. Take the ladder next to you,
which leads to the hall with yellow fluid and a large statue with horns (before
the room with tiles where Fish Demons jump and shoot at you). Use it and head
back to the DRAGON SHRINE.

When you reach the Shrine, you may see a scene between Tochichiro and Magoichi
(IF your Back-up is Magoichi). Save and enter the room next to the Save point
(the one I called FAN ROOM). Take MAGIC LIQUID and LIFT INSTRUCTIONS from the
floor and the cupboard and go to the end of
that hall. If you look up on the ceiling, you will see a large, rusty fan.
Equip Senpamaru (Wind Cutter) and press Triangle. The fan will spin and it will
make the lift next to you come active. Use it to go down to the Robot Factory

Robot Factory
What to do NOW?
- Get Golden Key.
- Make your way back to Gifu Castle.

You won't be spending much time here, but there is a place here, which you need
to remember for later. Also, those robots you will see here are actually no
need to be destroyed, but if you do think you want to destroy them, best way is
by using long-range weapon or Magic attack
(with Demon Sword since it is Lightning-based). Attack it from the back and you
will reduce most of its life point before it strikes back. Be warned however,
that it's heavily armored.

When you step out of the elevator, take ONI'S PLACE MAP #2 from the box and run
forward. Go through the yellow door (take notice of the ladder above you first)
and you will be in another corridor. You will scene where the game introduces
you to the ROBOTS. There is two in this area,
one is behind the screen. Run forward and toward lower end where a treasure box
(puzzled) awaits you. Take the ladder up and across the pathway. Go down the
ladder at the end of the path and through the door.

You will be in a large chamber with Blue Water which could use to recharge your
magic points. Run forward and take UNIQUE MUSHROOM from the side of the strange
looking bed, and solve the puzzle to get GOLDEN KEY. Solution - top row - 1, 
15, 14, 4, 2nd row - 12, 6, 7, 9,
3rd row - 8, 10, 11, 5, and last row - 13, 3, 2, 16.

To your right is a door which is locked with a missing Eye. Take notice of it
because you will need to return here later. For now, return back to the
corridor where the elevator and the ladder is. Go up the ladder and use the
GOLDEN KEY on the key hole next to you, it will stop the
converter belts and Jubei could jump across to the other side. Use CIRCLE KEY
on the door at the end and go through.

Note : If you have Oyu as back-up, you will see a scene where Oyu get ambushed
by Kotaro (what is it with that kid and his hatred toward women anyway) and you
may end up knowing why Kotaro hates women (or at least, hates Oyu).

Note : You will be getting something called UNIQUE MUSHROOM (GIFT) a lot
whenever you will some enemies such as Frog Demons and so. You maybe wondering
what it is for by now. I believe that it is CAPCOM'S way of trying to help the
gamers get ready to face Nobunaga in the last battle.
The items you will get from exchanging UNIQUE MUSHROOM are random but most of
what you will get is FIRE ARROWS (don't complain, it will be very useful later
with the Rock), but if you are lucky, you will get either ARTWORKS, HISTORY

But the scene you will get from varies characters are funny when you use this
Mushroom. For example, Oyu will jump and yell, "Play with me! Play with me"
(and gave me all kind of hentai thoughts :D), then when she calms down, she
will ask, "Why are you staring at me like that?".
Magoichi for example will shift his head to the side and say, "We all going to
DIE", then asked, "What are you looking at?"  which was funny.

GIFT Exchanged so far :
HISTORY BOOK Vol. 3 - Magoichi - Normal Bullets
GOURD -               Oyu - RECORDER (GIFT)

GIFU Castle : Star Tower

What to do NOW:
- Play Mini-Game as Magoichi (Optional )
- Fight in DEMON REALM (Optional)

Somehow, you will end up in top of a tower in Gifu castle. Make your way down
through the stairs case by the bell tower. You will find a Puzzle box here so
solve the puzzle to find whatever goodies inside (I skipped this one). Watch
out for Frog Archer Demons here but since you are higher up,
they should miss ... most of the time. Run down the staircase and take them out
one by one.

Note : If you have a subquest where Jubei got locked inside the Star Tower and
you play as Ekei, then refer to my sidequest part at the end of this document
to know how to handle Ekei and his quest.

Find GREEN WEDGE at the floor at the end of the tower and a save point. You may
want to save here. You will be in a T-junction over looking some pond, and you
will get attack by Fish Demon. They are IMPOSSIBLE to be killed here because
they can attack you from far. To your right is a
ONI Seal, equip your Demon Sword and hack it. Enter into the room and take
TOCKICHO'S DIARY, ARTWORK #11 and you will see a swirling green light from the

IF you use the GREEN WEDGE here, you will be transported to the PHANTOM/DEMON
REALM where you will fight series of Demons, and each time you clear a stage,
you will be given a choice of whether want to leave or continue fighting. I
didn't know about this till reaching DEMON BASE
where another path to the DEMON REALM awaits. Be warned that you will NOT
receive any Back-up help in this Realm and the Demons here seems to have better
IQ than their cousins above ground. So the choice is yours solely. If you have
HERB, MEDICINE and SECRET MEDICINE to spare (have about 4 of
each for the final fight with Nobunaga), then take this challenge, otherwise,
leave the room and head to the other side of the path.

As you enter the door to the other side, you will see a scene where Magoichi
will battle out with some Fish Demons (I guess he likes Fish Fillets), if you
do not have any guns here (like shotgun from the Factory - in the very hard
puzzle box), he will throw a TRI-BARREL GUN to you and tell you
to help him defeat the Fish Demons. Time to return the favor of him helping you
so many times. But I suggest keep the gun and use your regular attacks. Let
Magoichi handle any Fish Demons in the lake and you handle whatever that comes

After you take care the Demons, take notice of locked door in the middle of the
pool path, which you do not have the for it yet, and go to the other side. You
will find CHERRY KEY from the box. Use it on the door next to you and enter.
You will be in a familiar place now.

GIFU Castle  - Main Gate - 2nd VISIT
What to do NOW?
- We are yet to find CRESENT KEY.
- Get Great Powder Tube

Go through the front entrance of the Castle and through the big door. There
should be Some Ogre here, so dispatch them and continue forward. Use the CHERRY
KEY on the right-hand side door (next to the open treasure box which you took
last time) and enter through the new path.
You should be in a room with several boxes. Take ARTWORK #2, CRESENT KEY, a
book called HUMAN AS FOOD (This is a recipe book for Demons :D) and solve the
puzzle box to take the goodie (I skip this one too). Do you remember seeing the
ONI Seal on the room next to the corridor where the Frog Archer Demon
usually stand and shoot you as you enter the front door? Do there and use the
War Hammer on the ONI Seal. There should be a MEDICINE in the box and a puzzle
box to solve (I skipped this one too), leave and return to the spot where
Magoichi gave you the TRI-BARREL GUN.

Use the CRESENT KEY on the door and enter. The ONI Seal on your right leads to
Demon Cave where you will either play as Jubei or Magoichi (depends on who your
Back-up is. If your back-up is Oyu, then you will play as Jubei, otherwise, you
may end up as Magoichi.

Go down the light path which located behind the altar (click X to go down) and
you will be underground. Save and MEDICINE from the box before proceeding
forward. If you are not using Magoichi as back-up, then you will continue to
play as Jubei. I'm not going to go into detail because I didn't write properly.
I finish the Magoichi's quest first (which you can find below) and Jubei's
run-through is not much different.

The whole cave is like a circle, so you will not get lost. Keeping going in a
straight path and watch out for a lot of Demons. You will face more Ogres here
than anywhere else so be careful. Keeping going forward till you reach a
drawbridge with a Plant Creature on it and a whole lot of Frog Demons around
Cut through all of them and pull the level to bring down the drawbridge.

Go through the cavern at the end and you will be facing three Ogres - one of
them are Red Ogre which is as annoying as hell. Having ONI power should make
things easier. Keeping running forward till you see a single treasure box at
the end of the cavern with an ONI Seal. Take the GREAT POWDER TUBE from the
use Hhyoujin-Yari and destroy the Seal before entering.

Use GREAT POWDER TUBE on everyone who petrified and talk to them a few times.
They should give items such as MEDICINE and SECRET MEDICINE for your help. Now
save and leave.

Note : To play Magoichi's Side quest to cure Jubei, refer to the Sidequest
section at the end of this document.

Lake Side View

As soon as you enter through the door at the end of the path (with the ONI Seal
which leads to the Demon Cave and the Side Quest to your right), you will reach
this area. You may see a scene with Magoichi (Assuming he is your Back-up) and
some Fish Demons (what is it about him and Fishes?) After that, you will
get to hear his side of the story and why he is after Nobunaga.

What to do NOW?
- Wipe your eyes if you are crying listening to Magoichi
- Take a boat to Gifu Castle

Run through the door in front of you and you will see a cliff, go up and
through the door at the end of the cliff path, and you will be in a waterfall
area. Don't be so relax as you will be targeted by several Frog Archer Demon at
the very end of the path across the waterfall and you will face some Ogre
(two if not mistaken, more if you really unlucky). Take them out and continue
forward to the door at the end.

Note : If you have Oyu as Back-up, you will see a scene here where Oyu get
whack by a Yellow Ogre. Kill the Ogre and talk to her and you will see a mushy
scene and your HP and MP will increase to the MAX! We will assume Oyu did
something to Jubei to heightened him (Hentai thoughts in the air).

You will see what looks like a wooden shack, enter it and it will look like a
workshop. Save at the Save point and go down the stairs next to the save point
(to the right side of the boat) and you will find another boat here. Take the
boat and it will take you to Gifu Castle.

GIFU Castle - Lake Side Area
What do to NOW?
- Borrow some Books

Nothing much to do here. As soon as you step out of the boat, you will see a
Plant Creature on the side of the building, guarding a door. When you go up the
stairs, Frog Demons will attack you and prevent you from killing off the Plant
Creature, but by bring them toward the stairs, you can defeat the Frog Demons
and take out Plant Creature.

Enter through the door it was guarding and you will be facing two Ogres
guarding another door (toward the left wall). Take ARTWORK #13 from the floor,
FORTINBROS BOOK and another book called GOLDEN EVIL STATUE. Take out the Ogres
and go through the door.
Use GREAT POWDER TUBE on stoned men (they didn't give me anything) and enter
the door after the leave (exit and re-enter) and you will be in a shrine. Solve
the simple puzzle and it will open a LIGHT PATH. Time for Enlightment again.

The ONI'S Sacred Place : Blood Pond
What to do NOW?

Go up the ramp and take SPECIAL M.LIQUID before entering through the door.
There will be 3 Skeleton Warriors here, take them out. The 1st door you will
see is locked by some boney hands, so go to the end of the corridor and enter
through the green door there.

Take ONI'S PLACE MAP #3, save at the Save point and you will find your back-up
here. Magoichi waited for me here and asked a peculiar question - which is
better? Gun or Sword? I choose gun so he could give me something nice, he
didn't give anything, so if the same happens to you (he asking the question),
whatever you want. Go through the door next to him and you will be in a
circular hall with a LOT of Spikey Demons and 3 Ogres. Having Demon/ONI power
here is very helpful and if you took my advice in increasing all but one ONI
Soul (just below Jubei's name - top left corner), then take out the Ogres first
as soon as you
transform into a Demon.

Go through the small door and you will be in a corridor with another path to
your right and one toward your left. It looks like a maze (check your map if
you get lost). If you take the right path, you will end up in a dead end, a
puzzle box and a large Ogre. However, fighting Ogres in this tight corners
seems to be easier
than in open space because of their size and the space they are needed to move.

Go forward (from the door you came through) and turn left and you will end up
in another dead end and a box. Take the HERB from the box and return to the
path before you turn left earlier. Keep heading northward and you will reach a
place with a small corridor and a fan hanging overhead. Equip your Senpumaru
and spin the
fan to open an elevator. Take the elevator and you will end up in a place that
looks like a workshop.
You will find SCARLET KEY here on the ground, take it (very important) and
also, ARTWORK #14. Unlock the door and you will find yourself back in the ONI
Island (which defies all logic).

ONI Island - 2nd and Last Visit
What to do NOW?
- Open new Path with SCARLET KEY
- See the Lamest way to kill someone :D
- Fight a BOSS fight
- Get the new Airship
- Lose the new Airship :D

This will be the last time you will required to run around here. Return back to
the Factory through the elevator in the main hall where the Save Point is. Go
to the place where you find the
Magic Water and to the side of the wall, you will find a gate which is sealed
by magic. Use SCARLET KEY on it and it will open a new path for you.

Note : If you using Oyu as Back-up, as soon as you leave the blue door (where
you find the SCARLET KEY and unlock the door), you will find Oyu there and she
will try to tell him something - and
managed to blur it out. But some Ogres come in and disturb the couple's tender
moments. Kill the Ogre and you will see another scene where Oyu will leave and
you will have to handle a peeping-tom
Yellow Bull (you will understand once you see the scene). Enter the small hole
and check the box to find RED NECKLACE which doubles the Red Soul obtained by
killing demons (something like GOLD Card in
Dino Crisis 2).

Go through the door and you will be in an underwater corridor. Go forward and
you will see a scene between Takoichiro and Oyu (why she kept on bumping into
this guy, I don't know) but Jubei will step in
to save the day, only to have him and Oyu get dumped (reminds me of that
Garbage Disposal Scene in Star Wars IV). Oyu will reveal herself (nothing
Hentai unfortunately) and Jubei will find out a bit about her.

After that, Takoichiro will demonstrate the lamest way to kill someone, and
open a path in the wall for them to escape. You will find a save point here,
save before proceeding forward. Take SECRET MEDICINE
from the box, and GOGANDANTESS' SHEILD text from the other box. Go through the
door and you will see a scene where Oyu almost get roasted but saved by a
familiar figure. Now you have to fight Gogandantess, the
greatest swordsman of ALL Tortoises.

As soon as you get a chance, use SACRED FLUTE and Gogandantess will kiss his
shield good bye. That doesn't mean the battle will be an easy one. Gogandantess
can jump around and most of the time block your attacks,
even the Magic attack will not hit him at most time. His will not use much of
his combo attack and seems to use hit and run tactics on you. This battle will
not be an easy one and when you win, you will get RESPECT ORB.

Frankly speaking, Gogandantess, despite of his odd behaviors is not worth
dying, but like David in Dino Crisis 2, CAPCOM have a way of killing people you
attend to like (hey! I did like that Tortoise in the end, he is odd,
but honorable guy). Save and proceed through the seal door in front of you.

You will be in a long corridor, take the metal stairs at the end and run to the
end. You will be in a place with a lot of pipes and small pipe sticking upward.
You notice the red box? Run across the pipe, and destroy the
small tubes (which explode), take the HERB from the box, return to the middle
pipe and you will find a puzzle box (I skipped it as well), next to the long
pipe, jump onto the platform and Jubei will skip across platform to
reach the door at the end. Unlock the door and you will be in the STATUE HALL
(which leaded to the main corridor where Oyu meet Jubei's/her mother-in-law?).
Run forward and Oyu will stand there, stating that she found a very peculiar
hole in one of the statues. The whole thing actually looked very Hentai to me

Anyway, put the RESPECT ORB into the hole in the statue of the white,
middle-sized woman statue (the whole thing is very Hentai, CAPCOM staff should
go out more often) and you will see a FMV where Jubei and Oyu get ambushed and
Tockichiro hijacks the Genbu. Things started falling apart but Oyu will lead
Jubei to safety.

Save at the Save point and approach the glider-like thing. You will see another
scene and start the MOST annoying puzzle in the whole game. You will die more
times trying to solve this puzzle than in hands of your enemies throughout
the game. After I finally got the puzzle solved, my thumbs were still moving by
its own for the whole day!

You will see a FMV where Jubei and Oyu lands on that over-sized airship which
defies logic how it could remain in the air. Genbu in Japanese refers to a
Bull, if not mistaken, so this is a flying Bull? Anyway, after Jubei cut short
Oyu's plans for trying to fly with a parachute, both of you will be inside the

ONI Genbu (the Airship that Defies Logic)
What to do NOW?
- Nothing much, just get to the cockpit in one piece.

Save at the Save point (sight for sore eyes and sore thumbs just about now), go
forward and find a Puzzle box here (which I skipped again). At the end of the
corridor, there is a MAGIC LIQUID. Now leave through the door here.
Watch out for Samurai Demons and a few Frog Archer Demons here, use the cover
to avoid the arrows and take out the Samurai Demons first. Explore the area to
find MEDICINE inside a box behind a destroyable barrel. Now leave through the
door at the end of the corridor.

You will face an escalavator (wrong word here), one coming down and one going
up. The one coming down will bring Robots (like at the Factory) to fight with
you and it will be both a waste of time and magic power to fight them. I
that you run away (up the Escalavator)  and avoid fight the robots. Go through
the red door at the end of the passage away.

You will find Tockichiro here but he will only stay for a moment, leaving you
with the Genbu. Oyu will come and help you a bit later. After a FMV and all,
you will head for GIFU Castle for one final stomp - Nobunaga.

GIFU Castle - the Final Visit
What to do NOW?
- Make your way to DEMON BASE
- Fight BOSS to get GOLD SCALE

Save before proceeding onward. Take TOCKICHIRO'S MEMO #3 and go through the
door. Take out any Skeleton Warriors and Ninja Demons around here and go
through the door. Take MEDICINE from the box next to the stairs and watch for
any Demons,
which may appear, go up the stairs. You will be in a tower corridor, enter the
1st door on your left and you will be in a room with a statue which absorbs Red
Souls (for enhancements), absorb it back and take PURPLE WEDGE from the box.

Behind this altar is another path, go through this path and up the ladder at
the end of the passageway. You will face a big orange blob with a lot of small,
blue blobs around it. Kill off the entire blue one and the big one will start
attacking you. This battle is just like a BOSS battle. Best weapon here is
Senpumaru since its wind attack can kill off several small blobs easily, but I
suggest you keep the magic attack for the big, orange one.

After the battle, you will receive GOLD SCALE. Use it on the end of the fish
ornanment at the side of the ceiling and it will open the purple curtain below
leading to the Demon Base. Go down.

The door next to the path to the Demon Base leads you to a Purple light on the
floor. Use PURPLE WEDGE here to take you to DEMON REALM. It is optional for you
to go there. If you do not wish to go there; continue forward into the Demon

Demon Base
What to do Now?

- Defeat Ginghamphatts in final battle
- Get Strength Orb
- Kiss Oyu Good bye
- Meet Nobunaga
- Kiss Nobunaga Good bye

You are at the end of your journey; all you have to do now is defeat two bossy
Bosses and a large walking statue and you are finished the game.

Enter the Demon Base and you will feel like you just entered someone's mouth
(phew! Disqusting ...). Find a Save Point and save here. Go up the ladder next
to the Save point and you will reacquainted with a familiar but annoying boss
again - Ginghamphatts.
Can't he just die?

Depending on who your back-up is, the battle can be easy or hard. If Magoichi
is your Back-up, he will come in with a large gun after you reduce the Rock's
HP to a level and reduce him to pile of rubble with his gun. If not,
Ginghamphatts will do a Split
and attack you in two forms - one floating and another on the ground clawing
like a crab.

Then again, this battle can be easy if you know how. Use Bow and Fire Arrow and
keep shooting Ginghamphatts till he splits in half (or Magoichi comes and grind
him up). If you keep attacking him with Fire Arrows, he will not have time to
jump on you.
When he does the split, defend and wait till both of his parts are together,
then use your magic attack or your techniques. Attack the flying part and don't
bother about the one on the ground, once you wasted enough of its HP, the BOSS
will die, (which is how I did it).
You will get Strength Orb (is this why he been such a pain in the butt? Because
he was using the Orb's power?) for your effect. Go down and save.

Go to the elevator in the middle of the room and put the Orb in, it will start
a new scene where Jubei and Oyu will say goodbye to each other (Too much
romance ... CAPCOM'S game producers watch too much soap opera). Jubei will
enter Nobunaga's chamber (now we are in someone's stomach ... Phew!)
and yell at him. Nobunaga get POed and grows a new horn on his head, couple of
eyes all over him and a very nasty looking blade (NOW that is Pissing Off

Jubei VS Nobunaga - 1st Round

You should have about 4 MEDICINE and 4 SECRET MEDICINE, and saved all the MAGIC
LIQUIDS you obtained throughout the game if you want a fighting chance with
Nobunaga. Start of fighting Nobunaga in ground level - better use War Hammer
since it will be useless later when Nobunaga's floats.
He likes to attack you with Thunder, Wind, and Earth attacks. And whenever he
goes down onto the throne, he will be invurnable toward attacks.
How you know which attack is coming? When his eyes (on his foot, chest and
other places - an Eye full huh?) glows in different color, it means he will be
attacking you with different element. You have to know which techniques to use
and when. Timing is all that you need to attack and you
should know when to run and when to take some risk to attack.

His eyes glow PURPLE - THUNDER attack is coming. He will usually release small
lights which follows you and hit you with electrical jolts. RUN to avoid and
attack ONLY if you think you can slash and run without getting trapped and

Eyes glow RED - FIRE attack coming. Very good time to strike back. He will
either release a blast to the ground or spear you in a straight-line. Either
way, the attack will be in a straight-line so zig-jag around to avoid it easily
and attack Nobunaga while he still on the ground. You would
perform your magic attack or your regular attack here and it WILL hit him.
Tested and Approved.

Eyes turn BLUE - ICE attack. Same as the fire but can push Jubei aside if too
close to Nobunaga. Been hit by it will make Jubei freeze where he stands and
vurnable for future attacks. Wingle as much as possible when that happens. I
could recommend you to attack in the same pattern as you do
when attacked by FIRE, but avoiding it is better since you will need to take
some risks here.

Eyes turn GREEN - WIND attack. AVOID at all cost, forget about attacking. Run
to the end, as far as possible from Nobunaga and wait till he change color. If
you want to attack during this time, do so with either Magic attack or
techniques to balance the risk you took.

Besides that, Nobunaga's sword ability is something to watch out for. He likes
to either use a circle attack - slashing you from left to right OR bring the
sword down on your head. Both attacks can be blocked, however, if he bring the
sword down on your head, he will stop it on the ground and
bring it back up again, so till the sword is up again, keep blocking.

When 	you did enough damage, Nobunaga will fall down but refuse to DIE! His
soul absorbs by his statues and next thing you know, Jubei get swallowed by
someone's stomach (PHEW!!!).

Jubei VS Nobunaga - 2nd Round

Nobunaga comes back this time with large feet, large arms and weird look, plus
some nasty new attacks. Jubei gets an upgrade as well - in form of new armour,
new weapon and a hair that looks like a cross between a Chocobo (from Final
Fantasy games) and a over-used Mop. All you have to do here is
avoid attacks from Nobunaga's Statue and hit him back with your light weapon.

Nobunaga's Attacks:

Fire beam - two beams coming at you. Run forward in between and hit back as
fast as possible as Nobunaga busy try to finish the move - Very Easy.

Ground Spikes - Watch where the red spots on the ground are coming from, and
you can easily avoid it - Very Easy also.

Fire balls - Stand and let it come to you, then run to either far right or far
left - Moderate.

Heads - spooky heads of scream souls coming at you. I always shoot them but I
still don't know how to avoid them except by shooting - a bit Hard.

Flame sprouts from the base of the Statue - very easy, just stand as far away
as possible and it will not hit you - very Pathetic.

Good Luck. When you finish the battle, you finish the game and you will see
Jubei entering the local Marathon :D

Anyway, for Ekei's and Magoichi's Side Quest, read below.

Side Quests
Magoichi's Side Quest - Cure Jubei

What to do NOW?

Your mission, if you choose to accept it is to revived the stone-cold Steve ...
er ... (sorry ...) Jubei when he get stoned by Tockichiro.

Break the ONI Seal with Hyoujin-Yari (Ice Spear) and enter. Go down the light
(Is this why they called it Enlightment) and you will get a Save point and a
few statues of men. Save and go toward your right and you will see a scene
where Magoichi almost got ambushed by Tockichiro. He was almost get
shot but Jubei will take the shot in his behalf. Now you stuck with Magoichi
and his quest to cure Jubei from being a stone statue.

Take TOKICHIRO'S MEMO #2 and break the white box next to you to take GREEN
BRACELET which could absorb souls (just like Oyu's RED BRACELET). Proceed the
way Tokichiro ran toward and take out any Demons who appears here (mostly Ninja
Demons, Frog Demons and Frog Archer Demon and occasionally some Ogres).

Keep going to the end of the tunnel and you will reach a place where there is a
large gap and a drawbridge. You must defeat the Plant Creature nested on the
controls of the drawbridge to bring it down, so take out whatever comes your
way and kill the Plant Creature. Pull the lever once that is done and
the drawbridge will be lowered.

Cross the drawbridge and go forward into the tunnel. Take DEMON CAVE MAP from
the box and save at the save point before proceeding. Keep going forward till
you reach a cavern where the cave behind you is sealed with red glowing light
(meaning you cannot go back for now). If you using Magoichi at the moment,
start BLASTING without any delay because there is some demons - including those
nasty SPIKEY Demon (which I forgot to mention earlier) and some Ogres. Kill
them all before they get too close for comfort. Remember, Magoichi is lousy
when comes to close-combat. Keeping shooting till the glowing curtain behind
you disappear (meaning that there is no more Demons around), then go forward.

Take out any Demons which comes your way and continue forward, take
FLAMETHROWER + FUEL (can you say OVERKILL?) from the box and continue forward
(No, I didn't use it much). You will find another box and GREAT POWDER TUBE is
inside this box. With this, you will be able to save Jubei from being a
permanent statue.
You will see an ONI Seal here; actually, it is just blocking the way out so you
will have to take the long way around..

Return back to the area where you left Jubei. On the way there however, near
the drawbridge, you will encounter a green floating Blob, which will grab the
Powder Tube away, and you must get it back. Only way I got it back is by
shooting anything and everything I could see till I got the message that I got
back. Try changing spots when killing Demons or try killing the Blob whenever
it appears.

When you reach Jubei, use the GREAT POWDER TUBE and Jube will be revived as
usual, and Magoichi will leave. You will continue as Jubei and will receive
whatever he (Magoichi) received during his quest except for the Weapon he
found. Return to the save point and save.

Note : Use the GREAT POWDER TUBE (unlimited use) on ALL the statues around
there to revive the men, then talk to them. Same of them will reward you with

Revive the man who is in blocking you from entering the chamber near the Save
point and enter the chamber. You will see the ONI Seal which Magoichi saw
earlier, which means you will not need to return back the Magoichi went. Return
back to the Light and go back up.

Ekei's Side Quest - Find a Key for Jubei
What to do NOW?
- Simple enough, find SNAKE KEY for Jubei.

When you play this - In the bottom of STAR TOWER after finish Oyu's quest to
find SACRED FLUTE. Jubei will come to the bottom of the tower and find the door
is locked. Ekei will past by and Jubei will ask his help. Ekei will agree to
help and you will end up as a really BIG, FAT and BALD man with a Large Spear.

First thing you will notice about Ekei is that he is a bit slow and sloppy
compared to most of the other characters, including Jubei. This is personally
true since Ekei's attack is the only attack, which even Skeleton Warrior could
avoid. But the producers balance his weakness with speed with his strength.
Ekei, in my opinion is
the strongest character around and could kill just about anything easily -
except Ogres and Bull Demons.
As for how to use those Charms he has, I don't usually use them, as they seem
to be useless. Press L2 to throw them at the enemy (which miss most of the
time) and press L2 AGAIN to make it explode.

You start this quest by going through the door at the end (toward the left) of
the Star Tower and enter. Take GIFU CASTLE MAP, break the white box and take
YELLOW BRACELET (which absorbs souls) and proceed forward.

Go through the door at the end of the corridor and you will be on the path
above the pond. Toward your left, there will be a door locked with CRESENT KEY
which you need now. Head forward and toward the white wall. You will find a box
with CHERRY KEY next to the door. Take it and use it to unlock the door. Enter.

Enter GIFU Castle and proceed through the big door. You will find a Robot or
two here and I recommend you do not fight them unless they attack you first. Go
forward and you will face a Plant Creature stuck on the door and some Frog
Demons. Kill them all.

Use the CHERRY KEY on the door to your right and enter (should be the door
which the Plant Creature was guarding), go forward and take NIOH PROTECTOR from
the white box and equip it. Go forward and take CRESENT KEY from the box, HUMAN
AS FOOD recipe book and ARTWORK #12. Return back to the locked door at the
pathway above pond,
which was locked with CRESENT KEY, and unlock it.

Note : You may want to save before going back to unlock the door. The save
point is still where you left it last time.

After using the CRESENT KEY, run forward and avoid any Fish Demons trying to
spray you. It is useless to try and kill them here since Ekei is not fast
enough to take out all the Fish Demons without wasting a lot of time. Enter the
door at the end of the passage and continue toward the other door. Take out any
walking Skeleton Warriors
or any Ninja Demon around, absorb souls from the nearby shrine and go through
the door at the end.

You will be in a tight path going up hill, run up the hill (and you can almost
hear Ekei's heart beating like a war drum) and you will be in a waterfall area.
You will face some Skeleton Warriors here and there will also be some Frog
Demons shooting arrows at you from far. Trying to take them out in the open is
a waste of healing item,
so run forward till you reach a small crevice at the side of the hill with a
white box. Snuffle into the crevice which will give you more protection from
the arrows and break the box to get HALBERD - Ekei's strongest weapon. Equip it
right away and take out the Skeleton Warriors from your advantage point (you
may not deal with the Archers)
before entering the Shack at the end of the path. Save at the save point here
and go down the ladder next to the save point. Take the boat to Gifu Castle.

As soon as you arrive at the Castle, you will notice that there is a Plant
Creature stuck to the door, go up the ladder and some Skeleton Warriors will
come to attack you. Ekei should able to make short work of them due to the
powerful weapon he has and when you finish them, kill the Plant Creature and
enter through the door. Be prepared to
face your Boss fight.

The Boss Ekei will face is a SINGLE Red Bull Demon, armed with an axe, but
don't be so happy because of the single foe. The lack of running space will be
the main problem for you (Ekei's butt and the Demon's butt takes most of the
space in that room) and at the same time, will be the one thing that will help
you defeat the demon.
Be warned that you will not able to block a straight-cut from the Axe, so do
not try to fight the Demon head on. Run to the side and you will notice that it
has just about the same problem as moving around as you do. Keep to the rear
side and hit it as fast as you could. When it dies, you will receive the SNAKE
KEY. Now return back to Jubei
(you may want to save first) and unlock the door with it.

End of Quest.

End of Document.

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