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FAQ/Walkthrough by GheddonLN

Version: 1.20 | Updated: 01/13/03

   .            . -####                       ###+, ,    x    #         ####+   ###.
  ##Xx####+ #,  ##  ##x  ##  -####x ##x+#, ,-##-    #    #    # ,       ###   ###x
  #--- =xx# ##=; #  ##   ######.##. ##=  #;+#XX    -#    #    # ##       .   ###
 -+-.   x++ ##-#### ##  =##  =  ##+ #X   #.;. ,##, ;######## #########      ###
  #=    ##;###   ## x#;####     ,##.##. +#++   +###-#    #x  #+  ##       -###
   ###x##+          -#,           =. .+#x    ###=.  ##   ## .##  X##  .;x####
    .=+=            x#                     +#+      ##-  ##  ,   ####+########X   ;==+##=
                    #+                 ##;##,           +##.      -=  #############X++=-
                                        #=-=                            #...+####Xxxx++
                                        .#X#                                    --#--

                  -- S A M U R A I ' S      D E S T I N Y --

                                  ONIMUSHA 2
                             --samurai's destiny--
                              *GUIDE COMPLETED*
                                By GheddonLN
                                Version 1.20
                             Started September 23, 02
                           Last Updated January 13, 03

                               0.TABLE OF CONTENTS

7. FAQ

                               1.VERSION HISTORY

>The first version of this guide. It includes some of the enemies, a few
weapons, secrets and other stuff. The walkthrough is not very complete.

>Added more enemies, items and secret items along with other tidbits of info.
Updated the walkthrough a little bit.

>Updated the walkthrough up to the fight with Ginghamphatts. I've also re-done
the enemies and weapons section. I plan to do the same with the items section
in the next version...

>Updated the walkthrough again. Also, added three more sections. Re-wrote the
secrets section(and I've re-written the "game overview").

>Updated the FAQ a little bit(this version was not released).

>I'm about to finish the walkthrough... updated it, a lot. Also, wrote down
some info on the items section and the phantom realms/necklace sections.
I've missed both Ekei and Magoichi scenarios, so they weren't added.
I may get them in the next version, but who knows...

>Completed the walkthrough and added other things. If I don't get feedback
regarding the items soon, I'll mark this FAQ as final in a while...

>Added Ekei's scenario and Magoichi's.

>Corrected some stuff.

                               2.COPYRIGHT NOTICE

Ekei's and Magoichi's scenarios walkthroughs are copyright of Yuri Hyuga and
Keith Valentine.

This document is copyrighted to José Felipe Vargas, known as GheddonLN. This
FAQ can only be found at neoseekers.com, psxcodez.com and gamefaqs.co. If you
happen to see this document in any other website, please contact the author
via e-mail(yggdrasil_999@yahoo.com) and inform him about it. You're not
allowed to copy or alter this document, whole or part, without the permission
of the author.

 This FAQ is exclusive to the sites mentioned above. Therefore, don't bother
about asking for posting permission, as my answer will be a  no! I want my
FAQ to have some exclusivity. Plus, sending this FAQ to multiple sites
whenever I have to update is a pain. Got the picture? That's good.


 I've never liked survival horror games. However, I consider myself an action
& adventure gamer. So, when I heard Onimusha 2 was about to come out, I got
very excited, as I had heard it was a game full of sword action and lots of
cool enemies. Then I remembered the bad experiences I had had with Onimusha 1:
I was never able to beat it because I was... I was... SCARED OF IT! Indeed,
the first game scared me to hell(see why I don't like Survival Horror games?
I'm a coward 0_0)

 However, I ended up buying Onimusha 2. And I must say I don't regret it.
Although "scary" in some parts, it's not as scary as the first game(maybe
that's a good or bad point, depending what kind of gamer you're...) making
it much more enjoyable for me. Plus it includes some breathtaking graphics
and loads of sword action. Use Jubei's--the game's main character--repertoire
of moves to kill the otherwordly foes you'll face. With a simple control
interface and very addictive gameplay, Onimusha 2 is without any doubt
one of the best games on the PS2.


>Capcom : For developing such an awesome game... and for making it less scary :)
>ROBOT : For doing the game's incredible FMVs.
>CJayC : For posting my FAQs on his awesome site.
>Keith Valentine and Yuri Hyuga : I'd like to thank them for their great FAQ
                                  which I used in some parts of the game. It
                                  was an awesome FAQ! Oh, and I like your
                                  Shadow Hearty names! :)
>Keith Valentine/Yuri Hyuga: Yeah again... I got the Ekei and Magoichi scenarios
                             walkthroughs from their guide. Thanks a bunch!
>ASCGEN: For the awesome ASCII art.
>To me : For writing this thing out!

                                 5.GAME CHARACTERS

Jubei Yagyu

 The game's main character. As you may know, Jubei is a spitting image of the
japanese actor Yusaku Matsuda. Jubei, one day, returned to his home village
just to find it completely destroyed by demons. He engaged fight with them
and beat some of the otherwordly bastards, but in the end, he had to escape
and leave the village completely devastated. He's being followed by a vengeance
ghost which won't go until he kills Nobunaga.


 This is the woman Jubei sees when he first arrives at Imasho. She's using
one of the Oni-orbs Jubei is seeking for as a pendant. You must find here
(you'll have to do a lot of stuff to do so) in order to get your pendant.
She's also a very powerful sub character.


 A total marksman, Mogoichi is a calm guy who's specialized in weapons. He can
kill anything from any distance with that weapon of his. He likes to read books
about history and other interesting stuff. He doesn't like Ekei.


 A fat guy who uses an spear. He once served a feudal lord who lost a battle
that cost so many lives. He now wants to become a feudal lord to atone his sins...
he and Magoichi are enemies, as Magoichi thinks Ekei dream is stupid. Ekei likes
to drink a lot and loves beautiful girls(who doesn't :)).


 A young ninja who'll aid you. He wants to destroy Nobunaga and will ally you
if you're willing to do the same(and you do, so...). He's an expert with


 The game's main enemy. He was once a very powerful lord who died in battle. He
was revived by demons and he knows serves them. He's very powerful and he
commands his very own demon army. Is the game's last enemy.


 A four legged massive enemy. He uses brute force as his main weapon but he's not
very agile. He's the first boss you'll find in the game and because he's
inmortal, you'll find him many times throughout the entier game...


 The legendary demon swordman who destroyed the Oni clan. He's very skillful
with swords and is respected amongst demons. You'll fight him various times
during the game. He looks and talks strangely.


 This thing is ugly damn it! Anyway, she's one of the demons you'll have to
fight. She has an umbrella which has an eye on it.


 A woman with special powers who made part of the Oni clan. She gives you the
power to absorb souls.

                                 6.GAME BASICS


 Onimusha 2 is a survival horror game. This means the game includes creepy
scenarios, enemies and lots of blood. Not to mention hard controls. The
game is focuses on item-collecting and demon killing. Mostly on demon
killing. You go from here to there, slashing demons and absorbing their
souls while getting new weapons and items. The main objective is to get
the five Oni Orbs in order to destroy all of the demons. You'll meet four
friends along the game, who'll help you during certain scenes. You also
get to control them sometime...


>D-Pad: Used to move your character.
>Left Stick: No use.
>Right stick: No use
>R1: Enter attacking instance
>R2: Turn around.
>L1: Block incoming attacks.
>L2: No use.
>Square: The attack button.
>Triangle: Performs magical attack
>Circle: You'll absorb souls that wander around.
>X: Used to open doors, examine things, etc...
>Start: Access the game's inventory,
>Select: Access the game's "pause screen" menu.
>R3: Used to access the map.


 To save your game, you'll require a memory card. If you do have one, look for
a save mirror when playing the game. They're small wood towers with a shining
mirror on it. This mirror, if accessed, can be used to save your progress onto
your memory card.


 Used your hard earned red souls(scroll down to learn more about red souls)
in save mirrors in order to enhance your weapons. If you enhance a weapon
or equipment enough, you will level it up, making it more powerul and durable.


 Attacking in Onimusha 2 is quite simple, yet it requires proper mastering in
order to be used correctly. In order to attack, you must first enter the
attacking instance, which is accessed by pressing the R1 button. Once you do
so, you'll be able to strafe to the left, right, forwards or backwards. Use
the square button to swing your sword and attack your enemies. Use the triangle
button to use your magic attack.


 When you're fighting, you'll find yourself in some situations where evading
is nearly impossoble. Thus, you'll need to block. Press the L1 button and Jubei
will raise his sword so any incoming attacks will be deflected by him. This is
very useful when fighting some enemies, but requires precise timing. Be sure
you master it as soon as you can.


 When you're in attacking instance, Jubei won't walk normally. Instead, he'll
strafe. Use this to dodge incoming attacks. Like strafing, dodging requires a
lot of practice before mastered. You can't just go "I'm dodging everything! I'm
dah bombz!!!!" when you first play the game. You'll have to time out the enemies
attack which requires a lot of fighting and Oni 2 playing.


 Issen is a special one-hit-kill move which is performed in certain situations.
For example, if an enemy is about to hit you, press the Square button just before
he does in order to perform this useful and destructive technique. The Issen
maneuver can also be performed when dodge an enemy attack. Press the attack button
after dodging the attack and Jubei will perform the lethal Issen.


 Souls are inside the game's numerous enemies and are very a focal point in
gameplay. Once you kill an enemy he'll release the souls out of his body. Press
the circle button in order to absorb these souls. The souls are divided in the
next categories:

--RED SOULS: These are the "enhancement" souls. They come in various sizes like
all of the souls. Every enemy in the game, when killed, will release at least
one red soul. The red souls are used in save mirrors to ehance your weapons and

--BLUE SOULS: These are very rare. If you kill an enemy with a magic attack or
with Issen then there is a 80% chance a blue soul will appear. Anyways, blue
souls, when absorbed, will recover you magic points.

--YELLOW SOULS: Yellow souls are also pretty scarce. They will heal you when
you absorb them.

--PURPLE SOULS: The Oni souls. When you absorb five of them, you'll become an
Onimusha. Scroll down for more information about Onimusha.


 In the game, there are certain blue pools which contain blue souls inside. If
you stand near one of these pools and you press the circle button, you'll
absorb the souls inside and you'll recover your health. There are also
"red statues" scattered through the game, which contain a limited amount of
red souls. Use the circle button to absorb them.


 Certain weapons have elemental powers and magic. When you press the
triangle button, you'll perform the magic attack of whichever weapon you
have equipped. Some magical attacks are better than other, obviously.


 Like mentioned above, there are certain special weapons which have elemental
powers and magic. These are the weapons you'll use throughout most of the game,
because of their superior power, overall usefulness and magical attacks. These
special elemental weapons are obtained in certain "shrines" scattered around
the world of Onimusha.

 When you get a special weapon, you'll be able to perfrom magical attacks with
it. Press and hold the R1 button to charge your weapon and then unleash the fury!
Also, if you get certain books, you'll learn new techniques and attacks that
you'll be able to use with your weapons.


 Items are divided in two categories: gifts and normal items. Normal items are
normally herbs, medicines and important documents. These can be used while you're
playing through the game. Just press start and select the item you want to read/
use. Now, there are the gifts. These are also items but you can't use them.
Instead, you can give them to certain persons. If you approach a person and a
little screen appears in the bottom right corner of the screen saying "press
start to give gift" then you know what to do. When you give gifts, you'll get
items in exchange.


 I'm not quite sure about this point but a lot of people talk about it.
Depending who you talk he most or to whom you give the most gifts, you
may get different friends. This affects the gameplay(if you're friend
with Mogoichi he'll help you in certain battles in the game). Sometimes, you'll
be able to control your friend, I think.


 When you collect five purple orbs, you'll transform into an Onimusha demon.
When in the Onimusha form, you'll become invincible and your attacks will do
a lot of damage. You can also do magical attacks when in the Onimusha form.
However, keep in mind that the Onimusha transformation doesn't last forever.
A purple bar in the top of the screen represents how much time you have left.
This bar decreases faster if you use the demon's magic attack.


>Save often! Unless you want to get the "Onimusha" or "S" rank, save as many
times as you can. It's very important to do so, specially after you've done
something special, like getting a hard-to-get item or after you kill a boss
or a tough enemy.

>Enhance! If you've got red souls to spare, enhance away! Ehancing will make
your life much easier. Enhance your weapons first. I'd recommend to enhance
the Thunder Sword as much as you can, as it is one of the best weapons in the
game. Ehancing your other equipments is also very useful.

>Block & Dodge! When fighting, block and dodge as much as you can. Try to time
out the enemy's attack and block/dodge them out. This will save your life a lot
of times.

>Use Magic! If you ever find yourself in a hard situation(you're getting your
ass kicked and there are at least three enemies left...) perform a magical
attack. These normally kill enemies in one hit but they take away a lot of magic
points. Use them wisely.

>Go for one hit kills! If you consider yourself an Issen master, then I'd
recommend you to use it every time you can. Issen not only does kill the enemy
you're fighting in one hit but it will make the enemy you killed release a lot
of souls.

>Give gifts! If you know what a person likes, then give him or her a gift! If
the person liked whatever thing you gave them, then they'll give you something
very nifty in return, like herbs, bullets, arrows and even medicines! Also,
if you give them armor and weapons(which can be bought in Imasho) they'll give
you books that teach you new techniques. Awesome, isn't it?

>Save Herbs and Medicines! When you find yourself low on health, don't use a herb
or a medicine immediately. Wait and try to kill a few enemies to see if you get
a yellow soul or two. However, if you find yourself in a "one hit and I'm out"
situation, use the curative item immediately.

>A small tip. Want to Issen somebody real easily?. This method has worked for
me a lot of times, but not always. First off, you must be a little near your
enemy(not exactly in front of him. Near). Then, wait your enemy to perform
his attack. Then, pause the game(press start, not select) and while in the
menu, press down R1 and start tapping down square. Then, press start again(keep
tapping the square button). When the game loads up again, you should see Jubei
issening his enemy! BEST STREATEGY EVA! Anyway, this doesn't work on some
enemies, but you should use it when you can.

>Have fun!

                                 7.FAQ SECTION

A small section in where you can see questions that have been asked to me, some
questions that I have made up, and then some. Enjoy.

#1 - How long is this game anyway?
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
>>I'd say around 10 hours or even a little more.

#2 - Is it worth it?
= = = = = = = = = = =
>>Well, it all depends. I'm liking it a lot, but I'm having trouble with it,
because of its tough-to-master controls and crappy camera angles. Boss battles
are also very frustrating. You may want to rent it before buying it to see
if you can get used to the controls and the battle system. If you can,
go ahead and buy it. Now, if you've been playing a lot of Resident Evil and/or
have played the first Onimusha, then buy Samurai's Destiny ASAP!

#3 - Tell me about the controls/camera
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
>>Ok... well, the controls are easy to get used to. Yeah, yeah, move from
here to there. Nothing special, although the "press-right-to-go-left" thing
is not exactly the best thing in the world. However, once you start combat,
you'll know how painfully hard to master the controls are. Moving, dodging,
blocking and slashing would have been easier if this game supported stick
use(it doesn't) or if you could move more freely. This game will frustrate
you at times, specially boss fights. So, be ready for that.

Camera angles are un-changeable. As simple as that. You cannot move it.
Sure, it seems good at first, but in boss fights and in certain areas of the
game it is certainly something problematic. Also, keep in mind that when you
shift cameras, the control configuration(d-pad wise) will shift. If you were
pressing left to move right, when you shift camera angles, you may end up
having to press right to go right(that's good) or having to press UP to go
right... ah, you understood me. The controls/camera in this game are nothing
excellent, they're bad.

#4 - Is this game scary?
= = = = = = = = = = = = =
>>I wouldn't say such thing. It is not. Yeah, there are some creepy parts(like
the underworld) but they're nothing scary. I'd like to point out that I can't
stand survival horror games. I'm a coward who gets scared easily. Still, I
bought this game and It didn't scare me. Sometimes I felt TENSE or NERVOUS,
but anytime I felt scared. So, if you are a coward(like me ^_^) and you want
to get into survival horror games(like me, again) then this is the best game
to buy.

#5 - What are the magical weapons you get?
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
>>The Thunder Sword, Ice Lance, Wind Lance, Earth Hammer and Rekka Ken(not sure
if the Rekka Ken is magical).

#6 - Why don't you use the REAL names of the weapons?
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
>>I'm too lazy to type "Buriatou" or whatever the hell the Thunder Sword is called
every time. I think that when you try out a new weapon, you'll easily identify
if it is the Ice Lance or the Earth Hammer.

#7 - What about the enemies?
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
>>Don't know their real names :)

#8 - Can I send you the real enemies/weapon names?
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
>>You can't.

#9 - Where I can find ____ item?
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
>>Cannot help you here. You may want to check the walkthrough as I've listed some
item locations there without even noticing it :)

#10 - Where I can find ____ weapon?
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
>>Check the weapons section for more info.

#11 - What are these necklaces?
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
>>Special items. I'll list them soon in this walkthrough, stay alert.

#12 - Phantom realms? What the hell is that?
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
>>A phantom realm is what you'd call a "side quest"(though some of them are
mandatory to finish the game). You'll have to fight through multiple levels
and get items along the way. To get the Rekka Ken, for instance, you'll
have to finish the purple phantom realm.

#13 - Where are they?
= = = = = = = = = = = =
>>Gimme time and I'll put them in this FAQ...

#14 - Are you good at this game?
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
>>No. I don't "suck" at it but I don't "rock" at it :)



 Watch the incredible FMV. After it is finished, you'll take control of Jubei.
There are corpses around. If you're new to Onimusha, take a few seconds to
learn the controls. Once you do, go down the screen and turn right. To the far
right is a save point. Save if you don't want to see the starting FMV again.
Anyway, go down the stairs and you'll find a villagers skewered with arrows.
He'll tell you to leave. Suddenly, a flying blade hits him in the back killing
him. Three Oda Soldiers then appear. Kill them using your sword's combo. After
you kill them, walk along the path and open the door at the end.

 Follow the linear path to a small bridge. There will be more enemies here, and
a dead samurai. Dispatch them and open the little chest next to the bridge to
get the Yagyu village map. Once you do, head into the next area. You'll see a
short cutscene. A few rocks have appeared in the middle of the water and a cave
has opened. Now, before hoping into the rocks and entering the cave, go to the
right and open the chest there to get a herb. To the left is a FROG, which you
can collect. There is also a shrine here. Take note of it.

 Hop into the rock and enter the cave. As you enter, you'll spot a red statue.
Take note of it and walk along the ice path into the next area. A short cutscene
will ensue. A phantom will appear and will give you the power to absorb souls and
will also give you a charity orb. She orders you to collect the five Oni Orbs.
Ok... return to the iced path. Oda soldiers and dead samurais will attck you.
Kill them and absorb their souls. The red statue I told you about before is
a red soul statue. Stand near it and press the absorb button. You'll get a
huge wallop of souls.

 Outisde the cave, hop into the rocks to return to dry land. Do you remember
the shrine I told you about before? Get near and press the X button. Jubei
will use the symbol he's got in his hand and will activate the shrine. You
will get the Thunder Sword afterwards. Jubei then talks with the sky: he will
get his revenge. He will.


 As you arrive, you'll see an old guy appear, screaming he found gold! He
screams he's rich! He is! However, he immediately dies and the people around
steal his gold. Watch the following cutscenes. Now, after you take control of
Jub', turn around and go up the stairs. This is the market area. There is a
chest here, next to the man selling "picks". Talk with the nice people here
to learn more about what are they selling or what are they doing. A few
screens to the north of the marketplace you'll find the stables. There is
a man with a backpack and a straw hat who'll give you the ancient documents.
Next to the stables is the Tengu Mask.

 Return to where you started to play with Jub'. There is a hooker 'round here.
Talk with her. It's very cool to see what she's got to say about your "main
interests". Anyway, enter the inn, just in front of the hooker. Inside, people
eat and have a good time. Once you start to collect friends, they'll come here
and you will be able to give them gifts. In the east part of the bar you'll
find these guys talking about a permit, which you need in order to enter the
gold mine. You can't buy the permit now, but you soon will.

 Now, to the north of the bar is the backyard. Here, open the chest and get
the pipe inside. There is also a blue pool here, which you can use to restore
your magic. Save your game at the save point and enhance your Thunder sword
if you want to. Check the judgment statue if you want to, But it does nothing.
Now, get back to Imasho's main street and head to the north. You should spot
the big house here that's actually a furnace. Enter it.

 Inside, you'll quickly notice you can use your sword. Don't worry there are
no enemies. To the north of the entrance is a lever: leave it alone by now.
South you'll find a corridor blocked with crates and whatnot. Blast all of
the crates away. You should spot a small lift at the end of the corridor.
Now, return to where the lever is and pull it out. Run towards the lift and
hop into it. In the upper level you'll find the bow and some arrows. After
you've gotten them, get down and return to Imasho. Now that we've gotten
pretty much everything here, head to the mountain path, to the left of the


 Just as you head up, you'll find Oda Soldiers and an ocassional dead samurai.
They're easily taken out. If you need gold(you need it...) and if you want
some red souls, fight constantly here until you get around three red soul level...
and then enhance your thunder sword. Keep doing this if you want to. However,
I didn't do it and it was pretty much the same thing. Now, at the end of the
mountain path, you'll find a set of stairs leading up and you'll find this guy
who'll ask for a permit. You know what does that mean, eh? No? Return to


 Head towards the Inn. You'll see a fight between Magoichi and Ekei. It seems
they're fighting for a girl. They'll go outside to fight better, but Jub'
stops them and they return inside, along with you. You'll then see a brief
overview about the gift system. There are special items called "gifts" which
you can give to your friends. Right now, your friends are Ekei and Magoichi.
You can give them any gift you want and they'll give you something in return.
Now, if you give them what they like, they'll give you something really nice.
Mago' likes books, pipes and interesting stuff, whereas Ekei likes food, drinks
and girls.

 If you want a new friend, head into Imasho's main street and head towards the
furnace. Talk with the guys next to it and they'll mention a Kotaro guy. Return
to the bar and go upstairs. You'll be introduced to Kotaro. He'll become your
friend and you'll be able to gift with him. He likes foreign things and valuable
things. By now, you shouldn't have any of these, only the Globe, which is
spanish. Give it to him. Now, you need to get a permit, right. Go downstairs
and talk with the guy in the east corner of the bar. He says he'll sell you
a permit for 100 gold. Buy the permit and return to the mountain path. This
time around, the man will let you pass. After he does, enter the gold mine.


 Just as you enter you'll come across a save point and a bifurcation. Save and
enhance if you can. Now, to the left path, you'll find a treasure chest with
the demon wall scroll, which gives you a brief overview about the demon world.
There is also a puzzle box. To open it, you'll need to move the figurines in
the correct order. To the right there are two arrows and to the bottom there
are two more. Push the bottom arrow on the right side and the bottom left arrow to
to solve this simple puzzle. You'll get a secret technique for your
Thunder Sword.

 Return to the bifurcation and turn to the right. Walk along the path until
you find Ekei. Trade items if you want to and keep going until you see
a cutscene. You'll be introduced to the lizardmen. They use swords and are
pretty easy to take down, specially if you have enhanced your weapons.
After you kill them, keep going. You'll come across a bifurcation again.
Go to the right. You'll be on a small corridor. Now, the north and south
exits will block and you'll have to fight against numerous enemies, along
with one of your friends. It could be either Ekei, Mago' or Kotaro. Once
you've killed all of the enemies that appear, go through the south exit.

 You'll find a shrine. Activate it and you'll get the Ice Lance. Return
to the bifurcation and this time around head to the left. Watch the short
cinema with your friends. Now, you'll have to destroy the ice barrier
here. Use the Ice Lance and hit the barrier and you'll unlock it! In the
next area, get the medicine and keep going until you find a save point.
Be sure to save and enhance the Thunder Sword. If you have the Ice Lance
equipped, equip the Thunder sword again. Put the charity orb in the hole
next to the door which is next to the save point and it'll open up.
Go through it. Enter the Gingamphatts guy. You'll have to fight with


 Ginga' is not very hard. He uses a big axe to attack you. He can do a
vertical or horizontal slash with it. He'll also try to stomp you with his
massive body by jumping. When he jumps, rocks fall from the ceiling so be
careful. Now, start off by using a Thunder magic on him. This will damage him
a lot but will reduce your magical bar. Equip the Ice Lance then and attack
him with magic. The Ice Lance magic attack doesn't take up a lot of magic points,
so you can use it a lot. Once you've lost all of your magic power, return to the
Thunder sword and slash away. If Ginga' is going to slash you, quickly strafe or
dodge if you need to. When I was fighting with the Ginga' guy I got my fifth
purple orb and I was able to use the Onimusha form. I used only magical attacks at
him and a couple of slashes with my thunder sword after the Onimusha form finished.
I took him out fast this way. Anyway, if you find yourself with little health,
your friend will help you. Your friend can be Mago', Kotaro or Ekei.


 After you've finished Ginga', go through the north door. You'll be a on a short
corridor. There is a semi-dead guy here, but you should not talk with him right
now. Take note of the yellow shaft in the floor. Follow the path southwards
and you'll find a small room. Inside, open the chest and try to open the puzzle
box. In order to solve this little puzzle, push the right figurine in the bottom
and then the top right arrow. Afterwards, push the bottom left and then push
the bottom arrow on the right side. You'll get the Ice Lance secret tech. After
you've gotten it, return to the semi-dead guy and talk with him. Watch the
following cutscenes.


 You'll get the red ring after the cutscenes. After you take control back of Jub'
go down into the bar and head towards where the guy who sold you the permit
was and open the door there. You'll be on a small market place. There is this
guy here who needs a melon. Talk to him and he'll give you some chalk. Now, you
can buy things here. After you've done your shopping, return to the bar and give
the chalk to Ekei. He'll give you the Tale of the Heike. Give the Tale of the Heike
to Mago' and he'll give you the emblem. Give the emblem to Kotaro and he'll give
you the melon. Give the melon to the guy who asked for it. He swears he'll give
you something, someday. Later in the game his father will give you the orange
necklace. Return to the Gold Mine then and open the yellow shaft I mentioned before
using the red ring.


 Walk along the path until you find two statues. They'll talk to you and two
pole demons will appear. Block away and slice them. You may want to use magic
if you are having a rough time. Anyway, once you kill them, the door unlocks.
Go through it and go upstairs. On your way you'll find a great swordsmen. Kill
him quickly and head into the next area.


 Just as you enter, a bunch of lizardmen will greet you. There is also an
archer here, who can be a pain in the ass. First, slash down the lizards
and then use your bow and arrows to kill the archer. After you're done with
the demons, open the chests here. Now, you can go through the door to the
north or the door to the left. Go through the door to the left side. Inside,
there will be a puzzle box. You'll have to put the numbers so when you
add them they give 15. Don't understand? No prob. Here is the solution...

                             | 6 | 1 | 8 |
                             | 7 | 5 | 3 |
                             | 2 | 9 | 4 |

 I'm not sure, but I think this can change if you mess up with it once...
anyway, you'll get the right side of a dragon mask. Now, return to where
the lizardmen where and go through the north door. Inside you'll find a friend
fighting some doll blades and a absorber. Kill the doll blades and use a
thunder attack on the absorber to dispatch him. After the fight, talk with your
friend if you want to "gift" with him. Afterwards, open the north door. The
door to the right is locked so don't bother...

 In the next room, just in front of the door is a puzzle box. You'll have to
push the figurines again. Move the bottom figurine on the right side, the top
right figure and the top arrow on the left side. You'll get a power
jewel. If you use the power jewel, Jub's health bar will become longer. Awesome.
Head down and open the door. In the next area, follow the path until you find
a door that's sealed. Use the portion of the dragon mask you just found on it.
You need the other portion. Now, save your game in the save point here and
enhance if needed. Head into the next room.

 Walk along the path and you'll find a staircase. There is a door below the
staircase, but you should ignore it for now. Head up the staircase. You'll
find one of your pals in trouble. Fight the doll blades and the occasional
great swordsmen. After you've killed them all, you'll see a short cutscene.
After it is over, go through the door next to the debris. In the next area,
turn to the left and enter the room here. You should see something bright
in the table. Take it. It's the purify charm. Get the herb which is inside
the chest and kill the doll blade here. Return to the staircase and go
through the door below it.

 Inside you'll find a soul. It asks for something to purify his soul. Give
him the purify charm and he'll give you the other portion of the dragon mask.
YAY! Get the book inside this room and return to the door where you put the
other portion of the dragon mask. Put the left side that you just go and
go through the previously locked door. Inside, you'll see a short cutscene
with Oyu. After it is finished, you'll have to fight two Great Swordsmen.
Kill one with magic and then kill the other patiently with normal attacks.
After you're done with them, go through the door with a demon carved on it.
Inside, you'll have to fight Gogandantess.


 This guy is invincible. In order to finish this fight, slash away at him
and block his attacks. Keep in mind that when you block he may hit you.
Just try to block him and see. Anyway, after a couple of blocks and hits
the fight will end.


 After you take control of Jubei, go up the rope ladder to the north. In the
next area, you should see the spike ball there. Examine it and Oyu will
give you the faith orb. Put the faith orb into the slot the spike ball has
and a mecha horse will appear. That's cool! You'll use it to return to Imasho.


 You'll have a new friend to trade items with. That's awesome, isn't? Now,
go towards the bar and enter it. Inside, go to the shop and talk with the
shop guy. He tells you he'll be leaving. Now, buy all of the items he has and
he'll give you a white necklace. Talk with the father of the guy you gave the
melon to get the orange necklace. Now that you've gotten new items, you may
want to trade some items. Give all of your friends any equipments you bough
for them. Kotaro, like I said, likes foreign things and expensive things,
so if you have any, give them to Kotaro. Oyu likes girly and beautiful
stuff. Be sure you trade items with her.

 Your main purpose is to go back to the market and talk to the women with the
umbrella to progress with the main game. However, before you do so, go to
the mountain path. Lizard Samurais will appear. They're very easy. Kill them
for gold and for souls. Enhance like mad. Spend some time here, leveling up
and getting gold. Inside the mine there is also more gold. Now, talk with
the woman with the umbrella in Imasho's marketplace. She says she will kill
"Takajo". I think Takajo is the woman who gave you the absorb power. Anyway,
you'll be taken back to Yagyu village. Say goodbye to Imasho...


 After you take control of Jubei go up the steps and open the wooden door.
In the next area, advance forwards. You'll be inside a house where Grey
Samurais will ambush you. Kill them and get the Kaliedoscope which is in
the treasure chest inside the small room. Advance down the hallway and try
to open the puzzle box. First, push the top right figurine and then the
bottom one on the right side. This will get you a power jewel. Use it and return
to the small room. There is a passage to the north east. Go through it and
in the next room, get the artwork which is in a bookcase. Now, in this room
there is a scroll picture. Cut it with your weapon and get the Four Guardians.

 Return to where you started but this time around, head down. To the right
is a save point. I'd recommend you to save and enhance if possible. After
you've done so, head down the stairs and you'll find more grey samurais and
some Oda archers. Kill ALL of them and then go through the wooden door to the
north. In this area, head to the bridge and two pole demons along with some
samurai lizardmen will appear. One of your friends will then help you. Let him
do the dirty work and charge your level 2 Thunder Sword. Hit both pole demons
with an attack and then blast their brains out with normal slashes. The
lizardmen are easy. After the carnage, you should have a lot of souls more.
Head into the next area.

 A cutscene will take place. After it, you'll be in the pond area again.
Hop into the rocks and enter the cavern. Walk along the path until you find
doll blades. Ignore them and head into the shrine area. Watch how the demon
woman kills Takajo in one slash. After the emotive cinemas, you should see
something bright in the ground. Pick it up. It's the ring of Tajako. After
you've gotten it, rush back to the save point, ignoring any enemy you find.
After you've saved, you can fight them if you want to. Anyways, head back into
Jubei's house by using the wooden door at the start of Yagyu.

 Inside, slash the paper walls just in front of the entrance and get the
abacus inside. Now, enter the small room where the kaleidoscope was and
slash the false white wall here. Inside the next room, open the chest to
the south to get the fork. Now, go through the door in the upper part of
the room. Advance through the hallway until you find a door. Open it
and you'll see a short cinema. After it is done, examine the GIANT drawer
inside. You'll have to put Takajo's ring on it. After you've done so,
you'll have to solve a puzzle. You must turn the pictures so the gods
are correctly placed. Here's the solution...
                             | BLACK GOD |
  ___________                                     __________
 | WHITE GOD |                                   | BLUE GOD |
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                 ___________         ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                             |  RED GOD  |
 A shaft will open up and a rope will appear. Head down the rope. In the bottom
walk along the path until a pit of spikes appear. Jump across it. To the other
side, keep walking until you find some ropes. Cut them out. This will cause
some swinging blades to appear. Jesus! Return to the pit of spikes and jump it.
Notice that Jubei hangs. Keep hanging until the blades pass. Then, return
to where you cut the ropes and advance forwards to the next area.


 Just as you enter this area, a save mirror greets you. Enhance away and save
your game. Now, head south and kill the lizardmen. You should see a blue
chest but you can't open it. Now, keep heading south until you find a rope
leading up. Kill the lizardmen next to it and go up the rope. Now, walk down,
towards you TV screen and you should see a locked path on your way. Ignore it
and go up the rope to the left of this blocked path. Then, go up the next

 Hop into the bridge and walk through it. You'll have to fight your way along
it, specifically three pole demons. A friend may or may not help you.
Anyway, head into the next screen. Open the chest below the tree, as it contains
a herb. If you're bad on health, use it up. Now, head down and open the
chest next to the rocks. It contains the Fog Valley map. Head towards
the small house to the south that ends up being a shrine. Activate it to get
the Wind Lance. Great. To the left of the shrine there is a save point. Save
your game and enhance. I'd recommend you to enhance the Wind Lance. Now,
do you remember the locked path I mentioned a while ago? You'll have to
return to it. On your way, you'll find two archers, one pole demon and two
doll blades. After you reach the lock, slash it using the wind lance and
get Nobunaga's knowledge inside. Return back to the save point(you'll have
to fight three pole demons on your way) and enter the forest to the left.

 Kill the lizardmen and head into the next screen. Advance forwards and you'll
come into a bifurcation. Now, I'd like to point something out. If you find
the bifurcation, alone, the your friendship level with Kotaro is very high.
Select whichever path you want and Jubei will get lost. Kotaro will help
you. Now, if your friendship with Kotaro is not high, you'll find an
insetc or something in the middle of both paths. Slash it and the correct
path will be shown to you. Keep doing this until you reach the other side.
Now, if Kotaro helps you...


 You'll have to control him! Yay! Now, head south into the next screen and
open the blue chest there to get the blue bracelet, so you'll be able to
absorb souls with Kotaro. Go up the rope to the south and then head to
the left. Get the Red Wedge inside the blue chest and go up the two ropes.
In the next area, you should see a red light next to the bridge. This
is the entrance to the phantom realm. Use the wedge and you'll be able to
enter the realm. Now, you'll have to fight a bunch of enemies. Kill them all
and use the portal heading down(you can go up too). Below, you'll have to fight
doll blades. Kill all of them and use the portal to head down. Fight the
lizardmen(all of them) and open the chest afterwards. It contains a medicine.
Save it for now and head down the portal. You'll have to fight TWO giant
swordsmen and then some lizardmen. For the swordmen, I'd recommend Kotaro's
magical attack. For the lizards, whatever. Head down afterwards. Kill the
giant swordsmen there(magic) and all of the doll blades. Get the shiny thing
which is the red pole and open the chests the the Blue Wedge and Kotaro's
weapon. Afterwards, head up.

Now, head to the dragon shrine and save your game.

Jump up the cliff behind the shrine. In the next area, walk down the screen.
You'll pass near a lake and enemies will appear. Ignore them and open the
blue chest there. It contains Kotaro's best armor. Now, head into the next
screen. Walk southwards(ignore the lizardmen that appear) and head into the
next screen. Go down again and save your game using the save mirror to the
left. Notice the totem next to the save mirror and head to the opposite of
the saving device. Ignore the enemies and go through the wooden door. In
the next area, head to the right and enter the blue phantom realm by using the
blue wedge. In the first floor, you'll have to fight spiked monsters and
blue balls. Damn it. In the second floor, you'll have to fight bug blades.
They're pretty tough. In the third floor, you'll have to fight _three_ pole
demons and a bug blade. Ok, this part is really tough. There will be two
pole demons at first. They're very slow. Now, the best way to kill them is
like this: stand in front of him and wait him to perform an attack. Quickly
dodge it and Issen him! For the other, get behind him, and slash him out.
He dies quickly. When the third one comes, kill him from behind.

 In the next level you'll have to fight a bull, which I call Giant Axemen.
To kill him, it's better to use Kotaro's magical attack. After he's done,
spiked guys come. After you've killed them all, go down to the last level.
A Giant Axemen/bull will be there along with a Great Axemen/Red Bull. Now,
that's what I call toughness... because you've been saving magic, use
Kotaro's magic until it dries out. You should be able to kill them before
it does.

 After the slugfest, get the shiny thing in the floor(blue pole) and return
to the normal world. Return to the save point and save your game. Now, examine
the totem and put both poles(blue and red) into it. Go down the path. In the
next area, two spiked guys and one Giant Axemen will greet you. Ignore them
and head north into the next area. Finally, you're finished. I'd like to
point out, now that we're finished with Kotaro, that going through this scenario
is very rewarding: you get a lot of souls, medicines, nifty armor for Kotaro
and you'll be honing your skills, since you need them all to beat the toughest
enemies that appear in the phantom realm.


 You'll be taken back to Jub'. Watch the cutscene. It's quite fun. After you
take control back of Jubei, you will have all of the souls you absorbed with
Kotaro! That's awesome. Head north into the next area. A cinema takes place.
A long one. After it finishes...


 He's easier this time around. First off, equip your Thunder Sword. If you've
been collecting magic jewels, you should be able to pull out three magical
attacks. After your MP runs out, equip the Ice Lance and perform as much
magic as you can. After you run out of MP with it, equip the Wind Lance and
do magic on Ginga'. Ok, so you don't have any more magic(By the way, absorb
the souls Ginga' releases after you've hit him with magic). Equip the Thunder
Sword and charge it up. Slash Ginga' out(you could do the UP, DOWN+SQUARE
combo, which seems to be effective) constantly. He'll sometimes run into the
woods. If he does, he'll try to ram you. To see where he's going to appear,
take atent note of the leaves that fall. Wherever they fall, that's when
Ginga' will appear. See? Now, if you're hurt pretty badly, a friend may
help you. If you had to do Kotaro's scenario it will be most likely Kotaro.
Keep in mind that when you damage him enough, he'll start doing some unfair
crap, such as attacking around five times in a row non-stop. If you get
caught in this combo, you're pretty much done.


 You'll get Nobunaga's reign. Now, after you take control back of Jubei,
head forwards from where you're standing in. In the next area, save your game
in the save mirror and enhance(you should have a lot of new souls). Enhance
the Wind Lance so it reaches level 2. Enhance the Thunder Sword then. Forget
about the Ice Lance.  Go up the steps to the left of the save point. In the
next screen, slash the thunder symbol to get Nobunaga's dignity. Now, return
to the previous screen(the one with the save point); save your game and
cross the river and then open up the door. In the next screen, head into
the room in front of you. Examine the door there and pull the lever down.
Three statues will appear. You'll have to put the statues you have(dignity,
reign and knowledge) in the order they appear(this is random). Mess up
four times and Jubei will get killed. Once you've put them in the correct
order, go through the door.


 Head northwards and go up the ramp(ignore the archers). Evade the pole
demon and go through the door. In the next screen, go down the path
until you reach a tentacle like thing. Kill it(use magic to speed things
up) and kill the lizardmen. Then, go through the door to the north. Save
your game and enhance if you can. Then, go through the door to the left.
Watch the cutscene involving Jujudormah. After it is finished...


 Ok, it seems she's hard, but after dying fifty times(no joke) I discovered
how to beat her easily. First off, this strategy works if you have the Thunder
Sword magic full or you have it half-full and you have a magic liquid. Let's
rock. First off, have your Wind Lance equipped. Good. Get near Juju(be sure
you evade her butt attack) and perform two tornadoes. Then, switch back to
the Ice Lance and perform three ice attacks. Afterwards, equip the bow and
fire arrows and let Juju have it. Ok, equip the Thunder Sword. If you have
its magic bar full, perform two magic attacks on Juju. If it is not full,
use a magic liquid and then attack Juju with magic. Good. Switch back
to the Ice Lance and perform three ice attacks. Then, equip the Wind Lance
and equip two magic attacks. Now, you should have gotten a few blue souls
throughout the fight. If you've gotten enough, all of your weapons should
have their magic bars full. So, attack Juju with magic again. More blue
souls. Attack her if you can. Also, you may get purple souls. You may
turn into Onimusha. Attack Juju with Oni magic if you turn into Onimusha.
After a lot of magic, she'll go down.


 After the fight, Juju will reveal a switch. Head back to the previous room
and save your game. Now, enter Juju's room again and pull down the switch.
Go through the door. In the next screen, head down. A trap will trigger as you go
Run across the path FAST to avoid too much damage(you'll receive damage no
matter what). Once you reach the end of the path, Jubei will jump down
into the water. Once you get to control him again, head forwards and open
the chest for a document. Save your game too. Then, examine the golden
vehicle next to the save mirror to put the honesty orb on it. Jubei will get
on the vehicle and a FMV cinema will start. After it, you'll be on a beach
and Gogandantess will arrive. Guess what? Time to fight!


 Again, you have no way to kill the legendary demon swordsman. He's got his
blue shield. To finish this fight, slash him constantly 'til the battle ends.
He throws knives this time around, so be careful. Also, he may just let you
slash him a few times and then he'll do a combo on you. So be sure to dodge
after you slash him(use the Thunder's Sword secret tech).


 After the battle, Jubei will be hit by Gogandantess. Oyu will come in and
help him. After the scene, Oyu enters the Oni Sacred Palace.


 The whole thing takes place inside the Oni sacred palace. And it's a long
scenario, mind you.

 After the cutscene with Takajo, you'll get the red bracelet, which allow
you to absorb souls. Good stuff. Now, in this room, there is a door to
the right which is locked, a door to the left which is also locked and a
save mirror. Save up and go down the ramp next to the saving device. In
the next area, head all the way up until two pole demons appear. Oyu is
really fast at dodging, so you should have no trouble killing/issen the
pole demons(Issen is surprisingly easy to do on them). After killing
them, open the chest next to the door to get the key plate. Then, return
to the room with the save point and use the key plate on the dragon shrine
to open it. This unlocks the two doors here. Go through the left one.

 Go down and get the book along the way. Kill the lizardmen and then turn.
Go up the corridor, killing lizardmen. You should see something glowing in
the floor. It is a magic liquid. Afterwards, slash the pipe-like thingie
and return to the room with the save point. This time around, go through
the door to the far right. Spiked guys will greet you. Kill them and follow the
path until you reach a stone-like door. Go through it. In the next screen,
to the right there is a treasure chest with the Oni Palace map on it. There
are also some Grey Samurais here. Ignore them and go through the door at
the end of the path. In the next room, head down and kill the doll blades
and the great swordsmen. Then, follow the path until you find a door.

 In the next room, you'll be standing above a blue, squared corridor. This
is actually an aquarium! Water Snakes will occassionally jump out the
squares, so be careful. Kill a lot of water snakes until the ladder shield
goes out. Then, use it to go down. In the next screen, go down the corridor
and kill the lizardmen. Then, open the chest and get the Adarga. Equip it.
Then, kill the Green Blob. After you've killed it, a blue light will appear.
Examine it and you'll be asked a question. Answer yes. In the following screenS,
run past the enemies you find(unless you want to frustrate you) until you
reach a treasure chest and a save point. Save your game and get the Gradius
in the treasure chest. Equip it and head into the next screen. You'll have
to fight a Giant Axemen(bull) and then a Great Axemen(Red Bull). This is
really challenging. Unlike with Kotaro, Oyu's magic is not very effective
on this guys. So, you'll require huge doses of skill. If you're low on
health, use Oyu's magic to get the bull to spit yellow souls. Otherwise,
just dodge and hit. You may even get an Issen if you're lucky. Daggers
are also very effective on this massive bull.

 Then comes the Great Axemen(red bull). This one is a really tough battle.
He can kill you in one hit(combo, for that matter) and is really resistant.
Daggers(press L2) work well on him, but he easily blocks them. Again, use
Oyu magic to get yellow souls if needed. I don't know if you can Issen
him(never tried), but do your best to do so. This battle is really challenging.
Hopefully you've saved. Now, after the battle, go and get the Sacred Flute.
After you've gotten it, save your game. You must head back to where you
left Jubei. In the meantime, you may want to fight enemies in the fog bridge
until you have around five bars full of souls. Use Oyu's magic if you ever
need to heal(I don't think so, as you'll be getting a lot of yellow souls
as you fight). Once you reach the beach, you'll take control of Jubei again.



 Save up and enhance and get the Earth Hammer from the Dragon Shrine. Go
through the door to the right. In the next room, you'll have to fight
two Great Swordsmen. The Earth Hammer is recommended here. Once you've
beaten them, follow the path to its end until you find a stone door. Go
through it. In the next room, watch the cinema. After you take control
back of Jubei, head forwards and then make a left. Kill the three grey
soldiers and go through the door. In the next room(the aquarium), you
won't need to kill water serpents. Instead, go down the ladder.

 Down, head down the corridor and ignore the enemies. Instead, blast the
earth seal to the left. It's really hard to do so, because when you press
the attack button, Jubei will try to attack the enemies around you. To
fix this up, press UP in front of the earth seal and then push down
square. Or you can kill all of the enemies here. Whatever suits you better.
Now, pick up the shiny thing in the floor(circle key) and go up the ladder
there. Go around the column and kill the enemies there. Then, go through the
door. Follow the path so you reach the room with the dragon shrine again.
This time around, go through the door to the left.

 Follow the path and kill the swordsmen and the lizardmen. Then, put yourself
below the fan here and do wind magic. This will activate the lift here. Use it
to go down. Below, head forwards and open the chest to the right. Then, keep
heading forwards until you find a door. Go through it. In the next room walk
a little and you'll see a cinema. A new breed of enemies will attack you.
Kill them using the earth hammer. Once they die, get away from them because
they'll explode and this explosion can damage you. Once they're dead examine
the big red chest. A puzzle chest. To complete this one, push the top arrow
on the left side, then the middle arrow on the top side and lastly the bottom
arrow on the right side. You get the Tenegashima. Cool stuff. Now, go up the 
ladder next to the chest and climb down once you reach the other side.

 Go through the door and absorb the blue orbs from the blue pond to the
right. There is also an item there. Pick it up(Guildenstern Letter) and then
head down and examine the panel next to the pipe(leave the pipe alone).
This panel is a puzzle, you guessed it. Now, for the solution....

1--15--14--4   Basically, there are four rows and you must put each number
12--6--7--9    in a certain place so when you add 'em up they give 34. You
8--10--11--5   don't understand? It doesn't matter. Just solve the damn
13--3--2--6    puzzle.

 You'll get the Golden Key. Head back to the room where the lift left you(
the one with all the crates moving around) and climb up the ladder there. Examine
the device to the right and put the Golden Key on it. Now, use the crates
to leap across the pit and land on another platform. Examine the door here and
put the Circle Key on it. Now, in the next room get Tokichiro's memo. Afterwards,
examine the glowing statue. A simple puzzle. Put the cards so they match the
symbols above. No solution needed. After you solve this puzzle, stand on the
green light and press X. Say yes.


 Go through the small opening behind you and walk around the bell. Then, go
down. Below, enemies will fire arrows at you. Ignore 'em for now and examine
the red chest to the left; a puzzle box. For this one, push down the
top-right arrow, then the bottom arrow on the right side. Afterwards, the
bottom-left arrow, followed by top arrow on the left side. Then, push down the
top-left arrow and then the bottom arrow on the left side. You'll get
a talisman for your efforts. Now, go down and kill the archers you'll find 
along the way. In the bottom level, get the green wedge from the red chest there
(not a puzzle box). Kill the doll blades and save up. Go through the door 
opposite of the save point.

NOTE: Ekei may help you around here. If he does, read the following strategy.
If not, then skip it up.



  When you try to leave, you see the door is locked, but just your luck Ekei is
  strolling by, he has to help you.

  Ignore the seal, and head left into the building In the red chest is the Gifu
  Area Map, And in the blue is the Yellow Bracelet. Head into the next area, and
  at the end, pick up the Cherry key from the red chest. Head through the door to
  the next area, and take a pitstop at the bone stairwell and at the bottom get a

  Head into the castle and make a pitstop on the room to the left to recharge
  your magic. Then head into the next room. and use your Cherry key on the door
  to the right. Inside you'll find tons of items, in the blue chest a Niuh
  Protector, in the red chest a crescent key, the Document, "Human as food" and
  Artwork #12. Also there is a trick box. The middle arrow on the left side, the
  Left arrow on the top side, and then the Top arrow on the right side. That gets
  you a magic jewel. Now backtrack to where you got the Cherry key, and this
  time, go to the previously locked blue door, and unlock it. Ignore the seal,
  and run straight ahead. Then once in the area with water, keep running to the
  exit on the far side. In the next area, absorb the souls out of the holder and
  push on. In the next screen there is a stone pillar, smack it a few times, to
  release a Medicine. Go onto the next screen which is a giant waterfall. In the
  waterfall cave there is a good spear for Ekei, the Halberd. Head into the
  boathouse next. Pick up the document "Hunting Schedule" and then save at the
  mirror. Go down the steps and use the boat.

  Run up the steps and enter the house, and get your charms ready. Run to one
  side of the house, and unload on the Red Bull. After about 30+ charms, Charge
  your weapon to level three, and hope he does a side slash, backstep and try to
  counter, but if not, just hit him with your charge, and get out of there and
  try again. After he is done, absorb his souls, and get his Snake key. While
  you're in the room grab Artwork #13, the "Documents Fortinbras Book", and
  "Golden Evil Statue"

  Head back to the boathouse and save. And then backtrack to Jubei. Use the Snake
  Key on the door, and you'll resume control of 'the man'


 You'll be on a bridge. To the right is thunder seal. Break it up and enter
the small room. Inside, get Tokichiro's Diary and Artwork 11. Then, you may
want to enter the green phantom realm.

                         ---PHANTOM REALM(OPTIONAL)--- PRG

 If you aren't in the mood to go through this hackfest, then skip this small
part. If you want to fight your way to freedom(what the?) then read on.

 The first level contains a huge group of lizardmen. Easy stuff. Slash them
out with the Thunder Sword and head down. The second level contains doll blades.
Again, slash all of them and head down. Level three is a little more complicated.
It's home of five great swordsmen. If you have a level 3 thunder sword, they
should pose no trouble to you. If you don't have such power, then equip
the earth hammer and blast 'em. Head down. The fourth level is a slugfest with
lizardmen. Samurais, normal lizardmen and archers. Nothing problematic. Kill
them and head into the fifth level.

 In here, you'll have to fight doll blades and those darned soul absorbers.
Kill the absorbers first, and then take care of the doll blades. Once you've
killed them, head into the sixth floor. Nothing here... or so you think. Advance
forwards and a bunch of lizardmen appear. Start killing them. You'll have to
fight off around three groups. Ugh. Go down then. Souls absorbers and spiked
guys. Easy stuff. Head into the eigth floor. This floor contains a giant axemen,
a whole bunch of spiked guys and a chest with a medicine. Fight off the
demons and get the medicine, then, head down. Ninth floor. Almost there. In
here, we will have to fight Great Swordsmen and Doll Ninjas. Doll Ninjas are
a beefed-up version of the doll blades. This level is quite challenging.
Keep moving and slash the doll ninjas until they die(they're pretty weak).
Then, carefully hit the swordsmen and dodge his counter. Hit him and dodge,
hit and dodge... kill any doll ninja that attacks you.

 If you successfully beat the demons in the ninth level, you should now be
in the tenth level, right? Good. This is the toughest level. Three Pole Masters
and a lot of swordsmen. Pole Masters are the toughest pole demons you've
met. They handle a lot like the good ol' pole demon. Slash them from behind
and keep moving. Magic is recommended here, due to the toughness of the level.
Just block and dodge when needed and you should be fine. After the battle,
get the Purple Necklace from the chest, as well as the perfect medicine. Then,
head up.

                      ---END OF PHANTOM REALM(OPTIONAL)--- PRG

 So, you're back... head back to the bridge, but this time around, head to
the left. Open the door there. In the next room, head down and open the chest
there for the East Gifu Map. Follow the path(ignore the sealed chest) and
open the door at the end of the hallway. You'll appear at a pond-like area.
Head down, along the hallway, until you find a doll blade. Kill it and go
up the rocky steps. Open the chest there(Cherry Key) and then
head through the door. Head forwards and then all the way up.
It's Gifu again, if you hadn't noticed. Enter the castle once again
ignoring the giant axemen and spiked guys

 Inside, head forwards and kill the greay samurais there. Go through
the door. You'll be on a small room, along with a Pole Master. Kill him
if you want, and examine the door to the right; use the Cherry Key on it.
Head down the hallway and make a left. Here, there is an open-able chest
that contains the Crescent Key, the "Human as Food" book, and a puzzle
box. For the puzzle box, push the middle arrow on the left side, then the
top-left arrow and finally the top arrow on the right side. Get the
magic jewel off the chest. Pick up the artwork next to the puzzle box, too.

 Head back to the pond area. In the wooden corridor, head to the left
and kill the swordsmen there. There is a locked door here, as well. Use
the crescent key on it to open it. Then, go through it to  appear
on a corridor. To the north there is a door that leads to a shrine-like
area(this isn't related to your weapons, mind you). You can't do a
thing there, so instead, head to the right and blast the ice seal there.
Open the door behind it and, in the next room, go behind the statue.
Pick up the Gourd along the way and go into the light hole.


Magoichi maye help you sometime here. If not, follow the normal walkthrough.



  Head into the next room, and you'll see a scene with Magoichi being saved by
  Jubei, but then being petrified himself. After that, Pick up the Green Bracelet
  from the Chest, and work your way around the cave. When you reach the end,
  you'll find the Great Powder Tube, and the Flame Thrower. On your way back
  across the bridge, an invisible bug will steal your Tube. Let him have it with
  your magic attack, and then the Flame Thrower. Head back to Jubei, and cure


 Save up/enhance. To the left is a path leading down, and next to it a small
alcove in where you can get a medicine. Once you've gotten it, head down. In
the next screen, head all the way forwards(ignore the chest). In the following
screen head forwards. Kill the Pole Master on your way along with the bug blades
and go through the hole at the end of the path. Head forwards into the next room.
Walk through the linear path and kill the lizardmen along the way. You'll have
to deal with a great swordsmen too. Try to beat all of them for their souls.
Once you've killed 'em all, head into the next area.

 Kill the lizardmen and then the green blob. Afterwards, pull down the lever
to lower the bridge. Cross it and head into the next area. A save point. Save
your game/enhance(you should have a whole bunch of souls right now). Head
forwards and pick up Tokichiro's memo along the way and get the demon cave
map that is inside a chest. Then, head into the next room. In here, follow
the linear path until you find a Pole Master, who's conviently placed in front
of the hole you need to go through. Because there are some bug blades around
here, you may want to dodge the pole master and head into the next area
fight-less. If you're feeling good, kill him.

 The next room is what you'd call a battle arena. There a bunch of robotic
structures that blow up when hit, and there are also two Giant Axemen(bull)
and a Great Axemen(Red Bull). They will continously swing their axes, and
if they hit a robotic structure, it'll blow up and it'll damage you. You
can also blow them up, so look before swinging your blade. To kill
these guys, first take care of the Giant Axemen. Slash it three times and
quickly run away. Repeat to take care of both. As for the Great Axemen,
use Thunder Magic and Thunder's Sword secret technique to take care
of it. Once you've killed them, head through the hole at the north of
this room.

 The next room is really dangerous and annoying. There is a great swordsmen
and two archers here. The two archers will fire arrows at you non-stop.
They can quickly kill you and they'll slow you down! Try not to get
frustrated and quickly kill the archers before dealing with the swordsmen.
Then kill him using your Thunder Sword(secret tech). After you've killed
them head into the next area. Follow the path and get the Great Powder
Tube along the way. Keep heading forwards until you come across a wind
seal and some grey samurais. Blast the seal out and head into the next

 Pick up the herb in the chest and try to open the puzzle box here.
The solution is the following: The bottom left arrow, the bottom
arrow on the left side, the bottom right arrow, the bottom arrow on
the right side and lastly the top left arrow. You'll get a Power Jewel for this.
Use it, obviously. Now, de-petrify the guy at the end of the path(use
the great powder) and he'll give you a Secret Medicine. Head into the
next room. You'll be right at where you start: the save point next to
the light path. Use the great powder on the guy here if you want to(he
gives you nothing) and save your game. Use the light path to
head up again.


 Head outside, to the pond-like area, and make a left. Go through the door there.
You'll be on the shrine area I mentioned a while ago. Head to the far left
and kill the absorber there as well as the doll ninjas. Once you've killed
them, go through the wooden door. In here, kill the great swordsmen as
well as the doll ninjas. Get their souls and the souls from the red statue
there. Head through the door next to the statue and follow the path until
you find a pillar in front of a wooden door. Smack the pillar a few times
and get the medicine that was below it. Then, head through the wooden door.

 Follow the path and kill the Pole Master as well as the archer along
the way. There are two archers above the boathouse. You can't kill those two,
so quickly enter the boathouse. Inside, replenish your blue souls using
the pond and save your game/enhance. Go down the stairs and hop into the
boat. When you reach the other side, go up the steps and kill the Green
Blob blocking your way. Afterwards, go through the door. In the next room,
to the left, there are some documents you may want to pick up. To the
right there are two pole masters. Kill them or dodge if you want to
and go through the door.

 Head down the corridor and use the Great Powder on both stoned guys here.
Go through the door afterwards. Head forwards and examine the glowing
statue. Again, you must match the cards with their symbols above. Easy
stuff. Do it by yourself. Afterwards, go through the light path.


 Follow the path and get the Special Magic liquid from the chest. Go
through the door. You will have to fight three Great Swordsmen
in this tight corridor. Quite hard if you ask me. Magic is recommended
here, for the first two. The third one is easily killed with your
Thunder Sword. Then, follow the path and go through the door at the
end of the corridor. Get the map from the chest and use the save
point for your enhancing/saving needs. Afterwards, head towards the metal
door opposite of it and head through it.

 In the next room, we will have to fight three Giant Axemen and some spiked
guys. Easy stuff really, if you have a level 3 Thunder Sword(which you
should). After you've slaughtered some of them, head through the door to
the far left. The next portion of the game is a maze. Yeah a maze. It's
full of pole masters, so if you take the wrong way, you will end up
fighting a lot of them. So, head forwards and make a left. Follow the path
until you can go up or down. Because of the camera, left would be down
and up right. So, head down and follow the path until you find a small
platform you can jump into. Do so and kill the pole master. You should
see a fan here. Use wind magic on it and use the lift to go up.

 After you take control back of Jubei, pick up the shiny thing next to
Jubei(Scarlet Key) and head forwards. Get the artwork to the right and
go through the door. You'll be on a fairly familar room. Head to the left
and go through the door at the end of the path. In the next room,
head to the far left and go through the door next to the save point.
Follow the path down and then to the right. Go up and use the lift to
go down. In the next room, head all the way forwards ignoring the
robot and the archer and go through the door there. You'll be
on the machine room. Go up the ladder to the far south-west part
of the room and follow the catwalk until you reach another ladder.
Go down it and open the door.

 Replenish your magic if you have to and head forwards and then
head right. You should see a glowing fence there. Use the Scarlet
key on it. This will unlock it. Open it and in the next area,
head forwards until a cinema ensues. In this cinema, you will learn
some shocking things about Oyu. After the cutscene, go through
the hole in the wall. To the left there is a medicine and the
"Gogandantess Shield" document. To the right there is a save point.
Save up obviously. Afterwards, go through the door next to the
chest that contained the "Gogandantess shield" document. Watch ythe following


 Start off by using the Sacred Flute to eliminate his shield. Afterwards,
equip your Thunder Sword and do a couple of magical attacks on him. I'd
like to point out that he can escape your magical attacks, so be sure
you hit him when you're near him. After you run out of Thunder Magic(you
hopefully have the purple necklace...), use your other weapon's magical
attacks to kill him. Leave the Earth Hammer as your last weapon: is the
most damaging. If you did good and hit him with most of your magic then
you should kill him after you use the Earth Hammer. If not, quickly heal
and replenish your magic if possible and keep doing magic on Gogandantess
until he falls.


 Gogandantess. The greatest swordsman of all the demons. He's dead. Gather
up all of the souls he leaves behind to replenish yourself and go through
the door behind Gogandantess dead body. In the next area, follow the
path until you find a ladder. Go up it. Walk along the tubes and jump into
the first adjacent catwalk you come across. Advance through it until
you reach a small platform with a ladder. Go up the ladder and examine
the puzzle box. Solution: bottom arrow on the right side, bottom right arrow
top left arrow, top arrow on the left side and lastly middle
arrow on the top side. You get a power jewel. Use it up obviously. After
you've gotten it, return to the tube catwalk and jump into the platforms
to reach a small area with a ladder leading up. Go up then and go
through the door.

 Head forwards and talk to Oyu. Afterwards, use the Orb Gogandantess gave
to you in the hole the white statue to the right has. This will earn you
a cutscene. After it is done, you'll be near a save statue. Save up and
then examine the strange machine in the room. After it, you will have to
do a small minigame. Basically, rotate the left analog stick to the left
and the right one to the right. You must perform this task really fast,
otherwise the "You Died" screen will appear. Once you get it done, watch
the FMV.


 Head forwards and save up. Afterwards, go down the save mirror and head
through the door. In the next area, kill the grey samurais as well as the
Oda archers. Smash the barrels that guard a chest to get a medicine. Afterwards,
go through the door in the leftmost corner of the room. In the following
area, head left and go up the parcels dodging the robots(fight them if
you wish too). At the top, go through the door. Watch the cutscene. After
it, examine the blue control panel.


 Once you take control back of Jubei, head forwards(you want to use a herb
and a magic liquid to heal... but only if needed). Save up. To the left is
a memo by Tokichiro. Pick up and go through the door in front of the
save mirror, to the left. In the following area, head forwards and kill the
doll ninjas. Then, make a left, kill the swordsmen/doll ninjas and go through
the door. Kill the pole master and get the medicine that's next the flight
of stairs. Go up the stairs then and follow the path until you come across
a big double door. Go through it. Inside this room, kill the soul absorbers
and get the souls out of the red statue. Collect everything here: Artwork # 15
and the Purple Wedge. Then, go up the ladder in the back of this room.

 A giant soul absorber greets you. It's hard to kill but it does nothing.
Use some wind magic on it and then blast it with your bow and fire arrow
or the Tenegashima. Wind magic is what works best on him: press R1 to aim
on him and then blast him with the power of wind. It's kinda tough to
beat the bastard. Once you do, you get a lot of souls as well as the gold
scale. Use it on the glowing thing. Now, go down and go out this room to
the corridor outside. Head to the left and get into the "tongue". Follow
the tongue path and enter the demon world. Now, to the right of the
tongue is a small room where the purple phantom realm awaits.

                    ---PURPLE PHANTOM REALM(OPTIONAL)--- PRP

 The first floor is pure lizardmen. Easy stuff. Head down. Two sworsmen
and a whole lotta lizardmne. The lizardmen are easy, the sworsmen are too.
After you have killed them, head down. The third floor contains doll
blades. Slash them and head into the fourth floor, which houses around
five swordsmen. Get a little near them, slash them twice, run away, repeat.
Head into the fifth floor. First thing you'll see is a swordsmen, then
doll blades and afterwards some more swordsmen. Kill them all(heh, Metallica)
and head into the sixt floor where you will have to kill some easy bug

 The seventh floor houses spiked guys. Hahahaha... kill them and head into
the eigth floor in where you will have to fight spiked guys and souls absorbers.
So far it's been easy uh? Well, let's get into the ninth floor in where
you'll have to fight three Giant Axemen as well as some spiked guys. Kill
the axemen the good old way: slash them until they're dead with your Thunder
Sword and then take care of the spiked guys. Head down into the tenth floor:
two giant axemen and a great axemen. Magic is really recommended here.
If you can get to kill the gaint axemen and leave the great axemen alone,
he becomes much easier. Just slash, run, slash. Then, head down into the
eleventh floor.

 Kill the bug blades and head down again. A bunch of Pole Masters greet
you. The usual drill: slash, run and dodge their attacks if you're too
near them. Once they're done, head down... This is when this starts
to get tough. You will have to fight Pole Masters and Bug Blades. These
bug blades ain't the usual easy-as-hell bug blades you've met: these
are much tougher. This level is really frustrating. If you manage to
beat it(The Earth Hammer is recommended here), head down. Fight off
the green blobs(Thunder Sword secret technique) and kill the lizardmen.
Head down again. Robots. Use the Earth Hammer to quickly dispatch them.
Use both magical and normal attacks. Afterwards, kill the lizardmen
and head down.

 You will have to fight Doll Ninjas. Kill them and head down. You'll have
to fight Doll Ninjas and Swordsmen. Same old strategy. Ok, head down.
Here, we will have to fight Pole Masters and Great Swordsmen. Haha, you
thought this had been easy! Well, laugh at yourself, because this will
be tough! Quickly dispatch the Pole Masters using a magical attack
and concentrate then on the Swordsmen. Dodge their slashes and hit
them a few times. Back off and repeat. Keep killing all of the pole
masters/Swordsmen that come. If you get the chance to turn into an Onimusha,
be sure you do so: it'll make your life here longer. Afterwards, head down.

 You will have to kill doll ninjas and swordsmen here. Blast it! When will
this stop! Kill all of them and head down again. Here, you will have to
fight a HUGE group of pole masters and bug blades. This part is REALLY
hard and frustrating. Be sure you have something really strong to
heal Jubei's wounds in your inventory. Continously slash your enemies
until all of them are gone. Afterwards, you get the Rekka Ken(Yes!).
Examine the crack on the floor. Head down and get the Fashionable
Goods from the chest(no fight). You've gotten it all, wise guy. Head
up again to the normal world. You've proved you're worth it.

                    ---PURPLE PHANTOM REALM(OPTIONAL)--- PRP


 To the right there is a save point and a blue pond. Replenish your magic
and save up/enhance. Go up the ladder. Watch the cinema.


 This battle will be tough. I used the Rekka Ken, but if you don't have it,
don't worry, use the Thunder Sword. Start off by using magic on him(a lot)
and slashing him constantly. His attacks are easily dodged, don't worry.
Once you've damaged him enough, he'll split in two. Half of him will walk
around and the other half will fly. The flying part is take care of by
using wind magic, whereas the walking part should we slashed down with
the weapon of your preference. This guy releases a lot of souls, so you
may end up turning into an Onimusha quite quickly. If so, use magic
on him until your Oni bar dies. Keep using Wind Magic on him(use Magic
liquids) and if you run out of it, use magic on the walking part, as if
you damage it, the flying part also takes damage. Once he's done, absorb
his souls.


 Head back down and save up/enhance. Now, go around the big tower-like
structure here. You should see a door. Use the orb you just got on it and
use the elevator. Watch the following cutscenes. Then, prepare yourself
for the final battle.


 This battle will be tough. Really tough. Let's see... Nobunaga will use
different elemental attacks. Most of these are easily dodged, though otherd
require a little bit of skill. Start off by using as much thunder magic as
you can on him. Use magic liquid if you have one to continue the thunder-ing.
Once he takes off, you know you've damaged him enough. Equip the Wind Lance
and press the R1 to take aim. Afterwards, use wind magic on him. As much
as you can. He'll release orbs, so keep hittin him. If you ever get a chance,
use Thunder Magic on him/secret techniques. If you have the Rekka Ken, use it
for normal slashes. For magic, use the Thunder Sword. Heal when needed.
After a lot, he'll go down.


 We're not done yet.

-----------------------------<<<<<<GOLDEN STATUE>>>>>>------------------------

 Well, that Oni orb collection really paid off, it seems. In this battle,
all you'll require is good dodging skills. Also, you must be a good button
masher. For this battle, you only have Jubei's laser cannon. Start off
by pressing R1 and mashing the square button to hit the statue. If you see
fire balls coming to you, mash the square button even quicker in order
to destroy them. Dodge the lasers the statue fires at you, as well as the
spikes it makes to appear on the ground. If you see the statue moving,
quit attacking and run away until you can attack once again. After a lot,
it'll start sending masks at you. These masks are very annoying but easily
dodged. Keep mashing the square button. After a lot, you'll destroy the
statue's head and Nobunaga along with it.

-----------------------------<<<<<<GOLDEN STATUE>>>>>>------------------------



 These are not the real names of the weapons. I know their real names, yes,
but I won't put them here so don't bother about sending me e-mails regarding
this subject.

' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - '
                                FIRST-CLASS WEAPONS
' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - '



DESCRIPTION: A metal sword that's not very long and not very powerful. It's
             your default weapon.
OBTAINED: You start off with this weapon.
MAGICAL POWER & DESCRIPTION: Doesn't have magical attributes.
COMMENTS: You'll use this weapon for around ten minutes :) No, really. You'll
          have to use it against the game's first Oda soldiers(who die after
          a few hits) and then you get the Thunder Sword. In conclusion,
          the Yagyu Sword(Jub's sword) is very useless.



DESCRIPTION: A blue sword charged with thunder attributes.
OBTAINED: You get this weapon in a shrine at Yagyu village at the very start
          of the game.
MAGICAL POWER & DESCRIPTION: Thunder element. When you press the magic button(
                             triangle), Jubei will do a series of slashes(around
                             five, methinks) charged with Thunder power. After
                             the slashes, he'll do a "mighty slash" which is
                             more powerful than the normal slashes.
POWERFULNESS: Extremely strong(if enhanced constantly).
COMMENTS: This is THE weapon of the game until you get the Rekka Ken(and you can
          still use it afterwards). Being a magically-imbued weapon really makes
          it good, not to mention that it's magical attack is VERY powerful and
          useful. The Thunder Sword is the weapon to use against bosses because
          of its overall power and magic attack. Also, if you charge it up(press
          and hold R1) and do its secret tech(UP, DOWN+SQUARE)... well, you know
          what I mean.



DESCRIPTION: A lance with a blade on one of its ends. It has ice power.
OBTAINED: Inside the Gold Mines, in a dragon shrine.
MAGICAL POWER & DESCRIPTION: Ice Element. When you press the magic button, Jubei
                             will stab his enemy with the Lance and will release
                             ice energy, which will hit enemies in a straight line.
COMMENTS: I don't like it. I find it to be very slow and very useless. Its magical
          attack is poor, extremely poor. Yes, if you want to hit a lot of enemies
          then this MAY prove useful. However, againts a boss, using this as your
          primary weapon will get you killed, because it is also pretty weak.
          Charging it up(press and hold R1) seems to work with it. However, it is
          still a bad weapon.



DESCRIPTION: A lance with a blade on both of its ends(it's a twin lance). It has
             wind power.
OBTAINED: At a shrine in Fog Valley, near the haunted forest entrance.
MAGICAL POWER & DESCRIPTION: Wind element. When you perform a magical attack, a
                             tornado surrounds Jubei and hits any enemy that's
                             really near him. Really near. Also, if the enemy
                             is VERY near, you may hit it various times.
POWERFULNESS: Above the average.
COMMENTS: I like this much more than the Ice Lance, but I still prefer the Thunder
          Sword(BEZT WAEPON EVA!). It is also slow(for me) like the Ice Lance but
          is more powerful. However, its magical attack still sucks and big time.
          The Tornado doesn't seem to be very damaging and hits only once... unless
          you're very near your enemy, and that's not recommended when fighting
          bosses. Overall, a bad weapon.



DESCRIPTION: A big hammer.
OBTAINED: At the entrance of the Oni Sacred Palace.
MAGICAL POWER & DESCRIPTION: Earth. Jubei will blast the ground and an expansive
                             wave will hit nearby enemies.
COMMENTS: I'd like to change my opinion about this weapon. I first stated
          that it is not very useful because it is slow. Well, after using it
          quite a lot, I must say is not "slow". Is not fast, but not awfully
          slow. And it is really useful. Being such a powerful weapon, it's
          a great weapon to use when you find something powerful(Great Swordsmen,
          Giant Axemen, etc) and you want to slash through it easily. Once
          you hit your enemy twice with the hammer, is really hard for them to
          escape the harm's way. Overall, the Earth Hammer is a great weapon.



DESCRIPTION: A long fire sword.
OBTAINED: Bottom of purple phantom realm.
MAGICAL POWER & DESCRIPTION: Fire. Jubei creates a circle of fire around him and
                             burns down his enemies. This ring of fire lasts
                             for a while, meaning it will damage enemies more
                             than once.
POWERFULNESS: Extremely powerful.
COMMENTS: Is this worth the 20+ levels of the Purple Phantom realm? Hmm...
          although really powerful(correction: extremely powerful) I don't
          think going through all of that trouble is worth it. Now then,
          it is good, so if you can survive the purple phantom realm, then
          get it. It's magical attack is really powerful indeed, and can hit
          an enemy multiple times. Good stuff. However, normal Rekka Ken slashes
          are a bit slow. This could be a problem if you don't know how to handle

' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - '
                                SECOND CLASS WEAPONS
' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - '



DESCRIPTION: A bow equipped with normal arrows.
OBTAINED: At Imasho's furnace.
MAGICAL POWER & DESCRIPTION: Doesn't have any kind of magic power.
COMMENTS: Something very useless... it will get you killed if you use it against
          normal enemies. However, you'll have to use it against enemies who are
          in higher parts.



DESCRIPTION: A bow equipped with fire arrows.
OBTAINED: The bow is obtained it Imasho's furnace. The arrows are given to you
          or found scattered through the game.
MAGICAL POWER & DESCRIPTION: Hmmm... fire I believe.
POWERFULNESS: A little powerful.
COMMENTS: See above. However, this are more powerful and can burn your enemies.



DESCRIPTION: Long assault rifle
OBTAINED: Oni Sacred Palace, in the machine room.
POWERFULNESS: Good weapon. 'Nuff said.
COMMENTS: This thing is useful for long range attacks... however, you won't
          be using this a lot. It's a good weapon, power-wise, but pretty


 All of these names are made up by me. If you know the real names, don't
bother about sending them to me.



DESCRIPTION: Dead soldiers with blue armors and swords.
WEAPON: Sword.
HARD?: No. They're easy.
RECOMMENDED WEAPON: Yagyu Sword/Thunder Sword.
STRATEGY: They're easy to take out. Just slash away at them with any of
          the recommended weapons until they fall down. They go down



DESCRIPTION: Dead soldiers with red arrows.
WEAPON: Sword.
HARD?: Not really. Just a bit harder than the Oda Soldiers.
RECOMMENDED WEAPON: Yagyu sword/Thunder Sword
STRATEGY: A little tougher than normal samurais. They are taller and hit harder.
          However, it's nothing you can't handle. Slash away at them and blcok
          their attacks to prevent damage.



DESCRIPTION: Dead soldiers with grey armors.
WEAPON: Sword.
HARD?: Yes.
STRATEGY: These are tough! Ok, maybe they aren't, but keep in mind that I'm not
          very experienced in survival horror games. They like to block your
          attacks a whole lot and they come in big groups. So, how do I deal with
          them. Stand near them and slash them a few. Wait for them to perform an
          attack and block it. Keep slashing. Also, I'd like to point out that
          they're easily hit with Issen. You know what does that mean...



DESCRIPTION: Swordsmen with lizard heads.
WEAPON: Sword.
HARD?: Not a chance.
STRATEGY: Easy as hell. Even though they come in groups, a few slashes take them



DESCRIPTION: Purple colored Lizardmen.
WEAPON: Sword.
HARD?: Are you kidding?
STRATEGY: As easy as the normal ones. By the time you meet them, you should have
          a level two Thunder Sword. So, slash them out quickly and get their
          souls. They seem to release yellow souls a lot.



DESCRIPTION: They could be either an Oda Soldier or a Lizardmen with a bow.
WEAPON: Bow and Arrows.
HARD?: No. But they're annoying.
RECOMMENDED WEAPON: Thunder Sword/Bow and Fire arrows(or normal arrows)
STRATEGY: They're normally so well placed you can only kill them by using the
          bow and the arrows. If you can, use fire arrows. Now, sometimes,
          they'll be on range for your thunder sword to hit. Go ahead and slash



DESCRIPTION: Demons with doll masks and blades on both of their hands.
WEAPON: Blade.
HARD?: No...
STRATEGY: They're agile, but once you hit them, they have no way to escape your
          slashes. Kill them quickly.



DESCRIPTION: BIG guys with giant sword and samurai-esque armor.
WEAPON: Huge sword(big-goron sword like---Zelda fans know what I'm talking 'bout).
HARD?: You bet.
RECOMMENDED WEAPON: Thunder Sword(what a surprise).
STRATEGY: Ok, the first tough enemy you'll come across. They're slow but can
          become quick depending on how far you're from them. If you're far
          away, they'll run towards you and slash you. And you don't want that
          to happen because their slashes do a lot of damage. To kill them,
          I'd suggest magic if you're surrounded. Otherwise, go around them
          and slash their backs. When they turn around to hit you, evade them
          and keep slashing their backs until they go down. Also, once you
          get the Earth Hammer, just smack 'em until they die. They won't
          be able to hit you if you use the ass-kicker(earth hammer).



DESCRIPTION: Big Blue demon with a pole.
HARD?: At first, they seem to be. However, they're not.
STRATEGY: When you first meet them, they seem to be very hard. And they're.
          However, when you meet them later in the game, you'll quickly learn how
          easy they're. It only takes a few slashes to kill them(specially if you
          charge up your weapon). They're also very slow and their attacks are
          easily dodgeable, making them good targets for Issen. If you don't
          want to Issen them, try to slash their backs or using magical attacks.



DESCRIPTION: Armadillo-esque guys with spike on their backs and machetes.
WEAPON: Machete/Spikes
HARD?: Hahahahaha....
STRATEGY: These guys are easy. Slash them out and they go down. Easy, huh?.



DESCRIPTION: Big bulls with an Axe.
HARD?: Yesssss...
RECOMMENDED WEAPON: Thunder Sword/?(this could be anywhere from the Wind Lance
                    to the Rekka Ken...)
STRATEGY: Woah! They're very hard. Their attacks do a helluva lot of damage.
          You meet them quite early in the game. When you do, it's best to use
          magical attacks to kill the bull quickly. Also, they're not very
          fast at using their weapons(not very fast but they're fast) so you
          can easily Issen them out.



DESCRIPTION: Huge red bulls with an Axe.
RECOMMENDED WEAPON: Thunder Sword or Rekka Ken or anything that's in level three.
STRATEGY: Well... you meet your first one in the Kotaro scenario, and let me
          tell you, they're tough! The following strategy is for Kotaro: perform
          Kotaro magical attack and slash the bull like a complete madman. With
          Jubei, I suppose that magical attacks(Thunder Sword) and charged up
          attacks would be the best way to deal with this murdering bastards.



DESCRIPTION: Green bug with blade-like wings.
WEAPON: Blade like wings.
HARD?: *Laughs*
STRATEGY: Blast them out with a series of slashes.



DESCRIPTION: White ulgy thing that protects doors.
WEAPON: Claws and mouth.
HARD?: Somehow.
STRATEGY: Do not get near them or else they'll absorb you. Hit them with
          a thunder magic and they won't be able to absorb you.



DESCRIPTION: A blue snake that lurks ponds and lakes.
WEAPON: Hydro cannon and claws.
HARD?: *laughs*
RECOMMENDED WEAPON: Anything(wind lance)
STRATEGY: These things are easy. There are two of them: a small snake and a
          big snake. The biggest of 'em is obviously harder. The small ones
          use their claws and small water missiles. The big ones use their
          claws and a flamethrower-like attack, but with water. Both attacks
          are long range. To kill the snakes, get a little near them and use
          your wind lance. It's easy.



DESCRIPTION: A green, blobby thing with lots of tentacles.
WEAPON: Tentacles and poison bubbles.
HARD?: Yeah.
RECOMMENDED WEAPON: Thunder Sword/Wind Lance
STRATEGY: This thing is really annoying. It normally stands in your way, meaning
          you must kill it in order to advance. Because it has a lot of tentacles
          its hard to attack it without being hit. Its poison bubbles are also
          very annoying. I'd recommend you to kill it fast. You could use magic(
          wind or thunder) but secret techniques and charged up weapons work well
          on him.


#17 - ROBOT

DESCRIPTION: Big, box-shaped robot.
WEAPON: Claws.
HARD?: Actually, not.
STRATEGY: Hmmm... these are really easy. Normall you find them busy fixing up
          stuff, giving you a few free hits at them. Equip the earth hammer
          and blast them. Press the square button like a madman. Before you
          know, the robot will be out. Keep in mind that when it dies, its
          body blows up, so if you're near it you may get hit by the explosion.
          And it damages you, if you didn't know.



DESCRIPTION: Doll blades, but with blue clothes.
WEAPON: Blades
HARD?: Somehow.
STRATEGY: These guys are as easy as the doll blades. They're much faster,
          however. Basically, keep moving around until you get a chance to
          slash them. Then, perform a three hit combo on them. Just repeat
          this strategy until they're out. If they've got company, then
          be sure you hit them only when you can, or else you'll take up
          a lot of damage.



DESCRIPTION: Pole demon with spikes on its head. They're sometimes yellow.
HARD?: Guess what? They're!
RECOMMENDED WEAPON: Thunder Sword/Earth Hammer if low on health.
STRATEGY: They're tough. They're really tough. They are very skillful with
          their poles, it seems, because when they hit you, you take
          insane amounts of damage. And they normallu appear along with
          toughies, such as Great Swordsmen, Doll Ninjas, etc To deal with
          pole demons, it's better to use the Thunder Sword. Be patient,
          and look for a chance to hit the Pole Master from behind. If you
          see it is about to attack you, quickly run away. If you're low
          on health, use magic or the earth hammer to quickly dispatch the
          pole master. They become unable to attack you once you hit them
          twice with the earth hammer, making them easier to kill.


                            -- NORMAL ITEMS --


 The herb is a green plant that is found throughout the entire game. It's
purpose is to heal you, a little bit. Although it is not a very powerful
healing item, it is really scarce. You may find it inside chests and enemies
sometimes drop them after you kill them. You can also get a few of them
by trading items with your friends. Overall, don't rely on them a lot.
It's good to have 4 of them in your inventory(and those may be the only four
you'll get), but yellow souls/medicines are a better way to heal.


 A special liquid with healing capabilities. Once you use one of these,
Jubei regains a lot of his normal health. Medicines are scarce, but you'll
find a lot of them. This doesn't mean you should use a medicine each time
you've been barely damaged. No. Medicines SHOULD be used, but only in
boss fights. Even if you are fighting a Giant or Great Axemen, do not use
a medicine if you're badly hurt. Instead, wait your enemy to drop a few
yellow souls for you to heal.


 A special paper that allows Jubei to enter the Imasho Goldmine. The mountain
permit is a story-driven item.


 A really useful item. This book contains "info" that will make Jubei able to
charge up his weapon. This Tech Book is really useful and you should get it,
because it'll make your already powerful Thunder Sword a better weapon.


 This little book will make your Thunder Sword even more awesome. When you
get this book, you'll be able to charge up your Thunder Sword even more
for a more powerful attack.


 You can charge up the Ice Lance once you get this book.


 You can charge up the Ice Lance even more for a more powerful attack.


 You can charge up the Wind Lance


 You can charge up the Wind Lance even more for a more powerful attack.


 You can charge up the Earth Hammer.


 You can charge up the Earth Hammer even more for a more powerful attack.


 This is a really useful book. Once you get it, you'll be able to perform a
special attack move with your Thunder Sword(a couple of powerful slashes.
This move doesn't take up magic points). Press UP, DOWN + SQUARE to
perform this special move.


 See above, but replace the Thunder Sword and the powerful slashes with
the Ice Lance and a couple of powerful stabs =D


 There are five blue, oni powered orbs scattered througout Japan that you must
collect in order to beat Nobunaga and his army of demons. This orbs are given
to you once you beat a boss or when a certain thing happens in the story. The
charity orb is the first one you'll get.


 Another Oni Orb. Oyu gives you this.


 Oni orb. Given to you by Gogandantess.


 Oni orb. Given to you after beating Ginghamphatts for the last time.


 Yet another Oni Orb. You get this after beating Jujudormah.


 These bullets aren't of any use until you get the Shotgun(I think the Shotgun's
real name is Tenegashina, but I'm not sure). Once you get this weapon,
you'll be able to shoot down enemies with these bullets.


 Once you get the bow, you'll get a few arrows along with it. The bow and normal
arrows are really weak. They don't do a lot of damage and they are slow.


 A great improvement over the normal arrows. These are slow, yes, but they
do more damage and enemies catch fire once hit with them.


 Extremely useful items. The Power Jewels are small, comma-shaped items.
They are very scarce and they are awesome. Once you use one, Jubei's health
meter will increase, meaning you'll be able to take more hits before going
down. A really useful item you should use once you get it. Also, keep in
mind that when you use a Power Jewel, the portion of health you gain
will remain empty. Don't understand? use a power jewel to see its effects
by yourself.


 Well, again, extremely useful. They are scarce, but once you get them, it's
like a bless. When you use one, Jubei's magic meter will increase a little bit.
So, more magical attacks for you! Keep in mind that even if you have your magic
meter full, when you use this jewel, the portion of magic meter you'll gain
will remain empty. Don't understand? use a magic jewel and see by yourself.


 These are SCARCE! Let me get that straight, they're extremely hard to find.
However, like anything hard to find, they're very useful and really good.
These recover a helluva lot of your vitality. Even if you only have a small
bit of health, you'll end up with your health full once you use a secret
medicine. You should save them for the tougher bosses in the game(Nobunaga,
Golden Statue and Ginghamphatts third form).


 Purple liquid inside a silver bottle. This purple liquid heals Jubei's
magical power by a lot. Save them for boss fights, again.


 Again, this heals your magical power, but not as much as the Super M. Liquid.
You may use the normal magic liquids during normal gameplay, if you want to.
But I prefer blue souls.


 A special item you'll need to use to open a door in the Oni Sacred Palace.


 A golden key with an emblem of demons on it. You'll have to use it in order to
stop the crates from moving in the Oni Sacred Palace.


 This flute will make you able to destroy Gogandantess protective aura. This is
used on the third fight against Gogandantess, in order to effectively damage


 Allows you to enter the red phantom realm.


 Allows you to enter the blue phantom realm.


 Allows you to enter the green phantom realm.


 Tough to find, but worth it. The Talisman is a wooden statue that will
revive you once you die. So, what do you think? It'll revive you, FULL
HEALTH and will make you invincible. For half a second, that's it :)


 Allows you to absorb souls. You can pass its contents to somebody else.


 Allows you to absorb souls. You can pass its contents to somebody else.


 Allows you to perform a charged up attack


 This is used to open up a door in the Oni Sacred Palace.


 A golden scale that makes part of a golden fish.


 Allows you to open the Crescent Door in Gifu Castle, Startower(East Gifu).


 Allows you to open the cherry door near the entrance of the Gifu Castle.


 Whoa! This is certainly an awesome item. This little cup that contains
some strange stuff will fully heal you and your magic! Yeah! One drink
and you're full. It's a very rare item(the first one is gotten in the
bottom level of the green phantom realm) and you shouldn't use it unless
you're fighting Nobunaga. Yes, it's that great.


 Allows you to enter the Purple Phantom Realm.


 Jubei's leather costume and sunglasses.

                             -- GIFT ITEMS --


CLOTH: White plain cloth that's useful for mending.


EGG: Just your average chicken egg that has nothing special about it.


GLOBE: A spanish ornament that shows the ocean and lands of the world.


INCENSE: An expensive and fancy chinese pot that diffuses fragance.


MELON: Green fruit from Spain that tastes juicy and sweet.


MIRROR: A copper mirror. It is well polished and reflects objects as clearly
        as the water does.


MUSIC BOX: A rare dutch music box that plays beautiful tunes when opened.


PERSIAN CARPET: A carpet that has been brought from Persia. It's a high
                grade article with a fancy design.


PIPE: A long pipe of portuguese origins. The curl of smoke may relax you.


WIND BELL: An ornament that hangs a glass ball loosely so that it tinkles
           pleasingly when blown.


ROUGE: A red cosmetic in a shell container. It is made from pasted rouge
       taken from safflower.


DUMPLING CAKE: Skewered dumpling cakes. These are not very sweet but you
               may feel thirsty when you eat them.


PIRATES COSTUME: This battle dress is designed to work like an armor.


CHICK: A newly born chicken. It is cute but noisy.


CROWN: A present from a king as a sign of goodwill. It has great value.


HAIR OIL: This bottle contains oil obtained from plants. The oil is
          useful to fix your hair.


ASHURA GARMENT: Garment made of slik that is very comfortable.


CHALK: Chalk which you can use to write on blackboards.


TALE OF THE HEIKE: A tale which may interest Magoichi.


EMBLEM: A very valuable item.


HISTORY BOOKS: These contain information about the japanese culture.


CALIGRAPHY KIT: A set of brushes, ink-stone and paper. These are needed for
                a caligrapher.


GARAISHINKI: You can shoot five needle bullets at a time with this powerful


POCKET WATCH: A rare device of English manufacture. An essential item for a


KALEIDOSCOPE: You can enjoy looking at beautiful shapes inside.


STRATEGY BOOK: An old Chinese strategy book. This shows principles and tactics
               of war. Written by Sun Tzu.


ABACUS: A manual computing device


FORK: An import from France that is made from iron.


UNIQUE MUSHROOM: A plant grown in the mountains. Its shape is unique and its
                 edibility unknown.


PICKLED VEGETABLES: Pickled radish and cucumber. This should increase your


GOURD: A container made from gourd. It is useful to carry water or liquor.

                                   12.PHANTOM REALMS

CODE USING: If you want to know how to beat a certain phantom realm, use the
            codes here. How this works? Along the walkthrough, I've given
            strategies on how to beat the phantom realms. These strategies
            have their "codes", which I've listed here. In order to find
            the phantom realm you need, press CTRL + F and type down the
            phantom realm code in the search box, and then press enter.
            Easy, uh?

LOCATION: Fog Valley/Bridge.
ENEMIES: Doll Blades, Lizardmen, Bug Blades, Great Swordsmen
PRIZES: Red Pole, Weapon for Kotaro, Blue Wedge, Medicine.
STRATEGY CODE: PRRB(under the "Kotaro Scenario" heading).
COMMENTS: Bah. Really easy.

LOCATION: Fog Valley/Enclosed area across the pond(the one next to a save mirror).
ENEMIES: Spiked Guys, Bug Blades, Pole Demons, Great Axemen, Giant Axemen.
PRIZES: Blue Pole.
STRATEGY CODE: PRRB(under the Kotaro scenario heading).
COMMENTS: Not a really challenging phantom realm... until you find the Giant Axemen
          that's it. But he's easily beaten, so it is still an easy phantom realm.

LOCATION: Gifu Castle, star tower.
ENEMIES: Spiked Guys, Doll Blades, Great Sworsmen, Doll Ninjas, Lizardmen,
         Great Axemen, Pole Masters
PRIZES: Medicine, Perfect Medicine, Purple Necklace.
COMMENTS: A really tough phantom realm. Pole Masters and Swordsmen will make
          this phantom realm really hard. They appear in big groups(not HUGE)
          and do a lot of damage. And they normally appear along doll ninjas
          and HUGE groups of lizardmen.

LOCATION: Gifu, final time.
ENEMIES: w00t! A whole lotta of 'em... Pole Masters, Swordsmen, Giant/Great axemen,
         Bug Blades(and their improved versions), Lizardmen, Doll Blades, Doll
         Ninjas... etc
PRIZES: Rekka Ken, Fashionable goods.
COMMENTS: Long and tough. And frustrating. Lots of enemies that come along big
          groups of annoying monsters such as Bug Blades and Doll Ninjas. This
          phantom realm gave me a headache(too long... my eyes were hurting).
          Go through it if you have a lot of time to spare or you aren't tired.


OBTAINED: You must give the man in Imasho's store(the one that's in the back of
          the inn) a melon. Check the walkthrough for more information about this.

USE: Allows you to see "hidden things" :) Just equip it!

OBTAINED: Buy ALL of the items the shop in the back of the inn sells. Then,
          talk to the shopkeeper.

USE: Probably one of the best items you can find. Equip it and stand still.
     Jubei will start regaining health!

OBTAINED: After Jujudormah takes care of Takajo in the Yagyu caves, you may
          find Magoichi standing by the pond. Talk to him and he'll give
          you some bombs. Use them in the stone wall by the thunder dragon
          shrine. This will reveal a hidden room. Inside, you'll find you prize.

USE: This allows you to see hidden treasures. Really useful.

OBTAINED: Oyu will reveal this hidden item once you(Jubei) enter the Oni Sacred
          Palace IF she's your best friend.

USE: Enemies drop a lot of red souls, but no yellow/blue/purple souls. Bah.

OBTAINED: I've read that Ekei gives this to you when you enter the Oni Sacred
          Palace if he's your best friend, but I'm not sure.

USE: Allos you to absorb yellow souls from alive enemies.

OBTAINED: Bottom of green phantom realm.
USE: Magic attacks cost half of what they originally cost. Cool.

OBTAINED: If you have all of the bones your sub-pals give you(Ekei, Mago and
          Kota) then you'll get this on Oni Sacred Palace.
USE: You can perform Issens at the cost of your life.

OBTAINED: Kotaro will reveal its location at the Dark Caverns if he's your pal.
USE: You can absorb souls faster(really useful for the Purple Souls).


 To unlock easy mode, die at least three times. Then, the game will tell you
about the easy mode. When it asks you if you want to load up your game, say
yes. The game will then ask you in which difficulty you want to play. This
includes "easy mode". In easy mode, enemies are weaker and you're stronger.
Weapons take less souls to upgrade. Basically, you'll be kicking ass and
taking names.

 To unlock "Team Oni", beat the game in normal mode. Then, you'll be able
to play this little minigame via the "special features" menu. Basically,
you'll have to beat enemies using Jubei and any sub-character you used
throughout the game. So, if you only used Oyu, then only will help you
and so on. As you progress through this mini game, your small health
bar will start to decrease. Hopefully, there are some vases around
the mini game that contain yellow souls. It's really hard and annoying,
and I wouldn't recommend it unless you want to complete everything in
the game.

 Finish the team oni minigame and this difficulty will be unlocked. Issen
Mode(Critical Mode) is basically normal mode with one difference. You can
only kill enemies by using an Issen on them. Woah, that's tough! This
difficulty is very frustrating, so be sure you're ready for it.

 Finish the game on hard difficulty and you'll be able to play a new game
in ultimate mode. So, what's special about this difficulty? Youb start off
with 10 medicines, 10 talismans, 20 000 gold, maxed out armor(level 3),
unlimited arrows, bullets, magic, the Rekka Ken(oh yeah...). It's really
fun to play, as all the frustration and hard-ness goes away...

 This is a real toughie but it can be done. Basically, get the "fashionable
goods" and finish the game with an S ranking. You'll be able to toggle on
Jub's new outfit in the game's special features.

 Complete all of the sub-characters scenarios to get Oyu's new outfit.

 Finish the game in normal and you'll get to play this nifty minigame.
Basically, you're the Matsuda guy and you must collect "films" on the fly.
It's really hard because our Matsuda friend has very little vitality and
uses a stick as his weapon. And you find enemies such as spiked guys,
oda soldiers, oda archers, giant axemen(oh boy...)...

 Can't get enough Onimusha? Well then, finish the game on normal difficulty
to unlock this FMV regarding Onimusha 3. Now, how many Onimushas do we really
need!? :)



Press and then hold the O button to absorb the souls that emerge after
defeating demons.

Red soul: It will enhance your Weapon and Armor.
Blue soul: It will recover your magic power.
Yellow Soul: It will recover your vitality.
Purple soul: It will transform you into the Onimusha.

Look into a magic mirror and then select "ENHANCEMENT" to enter the enhancement
screen. Here you can use your red souls to enhance your weapons and armor.

After you have equipped a magic weapon, press the Triangle button to perform a
magicl spell. Remember, using a magic spell consumes some of your Magic Power.

Collect five purple souls to become an Onimusha for a small amount of time.

After you have equipped a magic weapon, while tightly holding the R1 button, press
the square button to perform a charged attack.

By obtaining an Esoteric Book or a Book of Secrets, you can acquire a new



 Give a Gift to certain characters and you can expect something helpful in
return. A mark will appear in the lower right side of the screen wgeb you approach
certain characters. When you see this, press the start button to enter the sub
screen and choose a gift. Select give to offer the gift to the character.
Remember, you can only give gift items.



 To find this demon, is to find a mysterious door. The strange and nasty demon
named Mozun guards thus type of door. A pupil of Guildenstern created the Mozun
from bright moss under the ground. There are several types of Mozun and their
sole reason of existence is to prevent an invasion. No human is allowed o
enter through the door which a Mozun guards. However, certain magical weapons
have been known to work well against the mighty Mozun.



 Although Lord Nobunaga was killed in Okehazam, he rose from the dead by the
power of the demons. With the help of Fortinbras, Nobunaga tried to exterminate
the Saito clan of Mino province. But, the Oni warrior, Samanosuke Akechi
stopped this evil plan. When the king of the demons, Fortinbras, met his untimely
fate at Inabayama castle, the schemes of Nobunaga also apparently died. No one
could have imagined that Fortinbras would be defeated, but Nobunaga saved the
demon world.

 Although Nobunaga was originally a human, Fortinbras chose him wisely and
soon Nobunaga created order from the chaos and became the king of the demons.
He destroyed the Saito clan of Mino province and is now ready to conquer the
entire world.



 Somewhere in the ocean lies a solitary island wrapped in dense fog, this is
known as the sacred palace of the Oni clan. There, a floating castle resides
where the Oni clan once thrived. One day, the demons fearing that the
relationship between the Oni clan and Yagyu clan would become too strong,
attacked the Oni clan and finally located the Oni Sacred Palace. A young
swordsman of the demons and three evil soldiers ventured into the sacred
palace and destroyed all of them. After that, it is said that the demons
had been making use of the Sacred Palace by remodeling the inside of the island.
As the waves are violent and its windy, no one can reach the island by ship.
However, there was a vehicle that the Oni clan would ride to cross the sea.
Before the Oni were defeated the predicted that, "A hundred years from
now, a hero of Oni origin will come to the Sacred Palace".



Despite repeated requests, the lift device has not been fixed. This is completely
unacceptable. In fact it's downright outrageous! I told you that the
ceiling fan didn't work because there was no wind! What is the matter with
you?! If Lord Nobunaga hears about this, you'll regret not listening to me!
Now, get to work!

Respectfully yours,
                                                           Tokichiro Kinoshita



 Gogandantess, he is the greates swordsman of all the demons. He moves
gracefully like a dancer, yet strong like a storm. His shield defense is
almost impregnable. Only the sacred flute has a chance to defeat his incredible
shield. And only a swordsman who has the blood of the Oni can play the
sacred flute.



 I am a descendant of Oniichi-Hogan clan, who was famous for their Ying-Yang
mastery and strategy in Kyoto during the Heian period. The Oniichi Hogan
clan has an Oni ancestry and it is said that a founder of the Oniichi-Hogan
clan was entrusted with five orbs of the Oni clan.  The five Oni orbs are
secret orbs that will give a great power to the one who would fight against
the demon.

 The five orbs are Charity, Faith, Honesty, Respect, Strength.

 We, who took over the Oniichi-Hogan clan, have been looking for the five
oni orbs for generations. I finally found the charity orb in this gold mine.
However, the demons are all around me and I will not be able to make it
back alive. Therefore, I have hidden the charity orb, and have left this
memo for a brave warrior to find. You must find all of the Five Oni orbs
and defeat demons..

                                              The thirteenth Oniichi-Hogan



 The birth of the demon clan began many years ago. It is said that the king
of the demons, Fortinbras, was born in the chaos of the universe and that
he created the demon clan. Then, Fortinbras created human to be food for
the demons. Humans call demons words like evil or monster, yet very few
of them know what demons truly are. The demons and humans came to an
arrangement, over time, where the demons provided science and technology
and in return received sacrifices from the humans. There was, however, a clan
of Oni in Zipangu in the Far east, which had lived there before humans were
born. This clan refused the will and ways of the demons. And so, the battle
between the demons and the Oni clan ensued and lasted for a long time. But
in the end, the demons won and the Oni clan was annihilated. However, it is
said that magic weapons, which could destroy the demons, are hidden in
the dragon in Zipangu...



 Creating the best ingredients has been a long and painstaking mission of mine
for many years. However, I have never found a way to evade the cruelty of the
process. It's strange, but if you allow humans to roam in their free space,
they will eventually fight each other over territory and not over food. On the
other hand, it is difficult to raise humans in a small area. What is most
difficult though, is having to eliminate the himan leaders of these fights
in order to preserve our stock of humans. And now, it has come to my attention
that some demons believe that the free-range humans are better than the raised
one. I must admit that I have found a difference in the firmness of the humans
who are captured, as opposed to the ones we raise ourselves. Being an accomplished
cook, I can tell the difference when I slice open the human body.

 As far as I can remember, the bes ingredient I have ever used would have to be
the Tairano Masakado. This human broke his contract with the demons, and therefore
was soon set on the table for Fortinbras to feast upon. I had heard that Masakado
also killed many humans and that it was recorded in human history. Maybe there
is a connection to the quality of the human and their personality. I don't know,
but I will continue to research this possibility.



 As of today, the Golden Evil statue is complete. The statue is made up of
roughly 6,000 tons of gold. When I first saw the design specification, I could
not understand why Lord Nobunaga wanted this statue. But now I understand and
am confident that the statue shines with a dignity that will allow everyone to
worship it. This statue is a testament to the greatest of our Lord Nobunaga.
While Fortinbras tried to rule humans with force, Nobunaga understands that
worship works better. Under his rule, we have enjoyed many ceremonies and
sacrifices. This statue will allow us to gain even more of these ceremonies
and sacrifices from the humans. Lord Nobunaga is a genius.



 January 4th.

 I'm so impressed with what my Lord has done these past few days. Recently,
he has killed not only the monks, but also the women and children at Heizain.
He has no feelings or morals when it comes to the lives of humans. And now,
it is perfectly obvious to me that Odani castle will fall. Who else could
conquer the entier country, except for my lord? I am so happy with myself
for deciding to serve my lord. If I follow my Lord, I will become rich
beyond my dreams.



 Dear Lord Nobunaga,

 I'm wondering if you approve of the Golden Evil Statue that was completed
the other day. As one of the best engineers in the demon world, I designed
and directed it according to your plan. It is my opinion that the late king
Fortinbras would never have thought of such perfect idea. I enjoyed the
project very much. If you have any other requests, please keep me in mind.
I promise that I will devote my heart and soul to any project you send my

Your loyal servant,



 Recently my lord has become extremely busy with managing the demons, planning
human hunts, visiting the workside of the Sacred Palace and constructing the tower
of Gifu Castle. Since I am just a human, it was too difficult to be everywhere with
my lord. But thanks to my Lord's brilliant piece of equipment called the Light
Path, I can insantly travel between the Sacred Palace and Gifu Castle. Now I can
travel and devote my full service to my lord.

                                                               Tokichiro Kinoshita



 The petrification bullet that Guildenstern created is an astounding weapon. Anyone
who is hit by this bullet becomes frozen like a stone statue. Then they can
easily be crushed into pieces and scattered, or they can be displayed like a
nice ornament. As a precaution, Guildenstern created the Great Powder, which
counteracts the bullet's effect. He plcaed the Great Powder inside a bamboo tube.
There is nothing to fear with a weapon this magnificent Guildenstern is a genius!

                                                                Tokichiro Kinoshita



 I am a genius!
 I made the guard on the keep tower have a scale of fabulous fish so that
humans, the Oni clan, and even demons will not be able to enter the demon base.

                                                                Tokichiro Kinoshita.



 So you want to know who the hell is the author of this thing? Well, it is no
other than José Felipe Vargas Casadiego(quite a long name, uh?), a colombian
guy who enjoys writing FAQs, listening to hard-rock music(metal, to be exact)
and playing videogames. He loves RPGs and games that involve death, weapons
and destruction(hahahahaha) such as Red Faction, Metal Gear Solid and Grand
Theft Auto. He's been writing FAQs(his favorite hobby) since October 2001(
it's about to be a year). He likes to play ground hockey--he's pretty good
at it-- and soccer, although he sucks in soccer =P. He's 15 years old(or
was it 14... I can't remember =P) and is the coolest guy in earth, nuyk nuyk.

  _______   _     _   ________   ________   ________   ________   _       _
 |_______| |_|   |_| |________| |________| |________| |________| |_|     |_|
  _         _______   _          _      _   _      _   _      _   _  __   _
 | |  ___  |  ___  | | |___     | |    | | | |    | | | |    | | | | \ \ | |
 | | |_  | | |   | | |     |    | |    | | | |    | | | |    | | | |  \ \| |
 | |___| | | |   | | | |¯¯¯     | |____/ / | |____/ / | |____| | | |   \ \ |
 |_______| |_|   |_| |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯| |_______/  |_______/  |________| |_|    |__|
                        _          _        _
                       |_|        |_|      |_|
                        _          _  __    _
                       | |        | | \ \  | |
                       | |        | |  \ \ | |
                       | |    _   | |   \ \| |
                       | |___| |  | |    \ \ |
                       |_______|  |_|     |__|

 Quite cool, uh?


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